How to ask a girl to prom

How to ask a girl to prom

These days it doesn’t just take courage to ask a girl to prom, it takes music videos, presents, and the help of all of your friends. Prom-posals have gotten bigger and bigger over the years, but that doesn’t mean you have to come up with some over the top spectacular way to pop the question. There are plenty of creative and cute ways to ask a girl to prom! If you’re wondering how to attract a girl, we’ve got the answers!

By now you should know that treats are always a good way to a girl’s heart: Hershey’s Kisses, pizza, donuts, In-n-Out Burger, and her favorite candy are all good answers to that eternal question: how to ask a girl to prom. But the real art is how you use these things to get her to say yes. You don’t have spend a lot of money, some of these ideas will cost you as little as the price of a Frappuccino! PS these ideas are also cute ways to ask a girl to homecoming, so don’t feel like these are only prom asking ideas. If you’re looking for unique, great, and amazing ways to ask your girlfriend or that cute girl from fourth period, try one of these!

You could also enlist the help of friends: your friends, her friends, Bryan Cranston? Or become a star yourself by filming a YouTube video asking a girl to prom! Bottom line: the important thing is that you just ask. Chances are she’s hoping you will. This list is filled with the best ways to ask a girl to prom! Let us know which ones you’d say yes to, and which ones would leave you dateless.

Posted on Published: June 18, 2019

How to ask a girl to prom

Prom is a big moment for both guys and girls. When it comes to girls, all they need to worry about, is their dress and looking pretty.

But when it comes to guys, asking a girl to prom can be gut-wrenching especially if you do not know how to ask a girl to prom.

Let’s look at some creative ways to ask a girl to prom. But, before we do that, let’s discuss some things you will need to pay attention to before you pop the question!

Things to Pay Attention To:

01 If she likes you or not

The first thing you will need to pay attention to is whether this girl likes you or not. If she has shown no signs of interest, it is probably because she isn’t interested. Don’t embarrass yourself

02 If she has a lot of suitors

Popular girls often have a lot of guys asking her to go to prom. This means you will probably have to compete against many guys who are probably a better fit for her.

03 If she has a boyfriend

If she has a boyfriend, asking her to prom will likely result in a no because she clearly, already has a date.

04 Her personality

If she is a shy girl, you probably should stay away from grand romantic gestures that will bring a lot of attention to her.

If she is outgoing and loves The attention, make sure you woo her with something over The top.

Now that you know what to pay attention to, you can browse this list of 15 suggestions for how to ask a girl to prom:

15 Most Pratical Ideas for How to Ask a Girl to Prom

01 Use Your Friends As Walking Billboards

If you struggle with how to ask a girl to prom, then maybe you should enlist the help of both your friends, and hers!

What are friends for if not for walking billboards? Using your friends as walking billboards is a great way to get her to say yes!

All you have to do is get a group of friends to wear signs that say ‘[her name]’, ‘Will’, ‘You’, ‘Go’, ‘To’, ‘Prom’, ‘With, ‘Me’ and ‘?’. Just make sure they stand in the right order!

She is guaranteed to say yes because she will feel comfortable being around all her friends! She will also say yes because you went through all that trouble to organize everyone (especially if she knows it would not have been easy).

How to ask a girl to prom

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Don’t End Up Dateless On Prom Night – Here’s How To Ask Her The Right Way

Spring is here, and the big moment is on your heels. You know what we’re talking about: prom.

You don’t want to screw things up. You’ve been eyeing someone — say, Michelle in Physics — all year. But asking someone out on a date is one thing — prom is another. So how do you pull off the perfect prom proposal — or, as the kids call it, promposal?

Not to worry! We have got you covered. Take it from us, girls yearn for a good guy who can show them love, affection, and maybe a little flair. Done right, the promposal can put a girl over the moon.

Here are some of the Dos and Don’ts of promposals, and some fun ideas for hooking that special someone to spend the most memorable night of high school with you.

1. Promposal Dos

You want to have a great time at prom with the date of your dreams, right? So, listen up! Here are some foolproof tips on how to have a great promposal:

Personalize It

Your date will really appreciate you going the extra mile to personalize your promposal idea, so if you have inside jokes, references or things you both love, make use of them! If you know your loves pandas, incorporate the furry li’l guys. There’s nothing worse than a highly elaborate, but extremely impersonal promposal. Match the promposal to the person. If the person you’re asking likes big surprises, surprise her. If she prefers something small and intimate, make it a private affair. Above all, be thoughtful and show you put time and effort into every last detail.

Be Romantic

Don’t be afraid to infuse some romance. But, only it’s a romantic situation, of course. Bring her red roses, or daffodils, or carnations. whatever her favorite flower is. (Don’t know? Ask her best friend). Bring a baked good. Draw her name in chalk. Play her favorite song (or “your” song) on the stereo (the 80s are back, guys).

Have A Backup Plan

This is a must. What if something goes wrong? What if the marching band doesn’t show up on time? Always have a backup plan when dealing with grand gestures and a bunch of moving parts. Bring flowers and a card to do a quick and easy promposal. Something is better than nothing.

Let Your Creativity Shine

Show off your creative side. Make something for your date or bake something or create something. Nothing says “I love you” like a homemade card or cake. Go out of your comfort zone and come up with something original. Fill her room with balloons (you’ll see a great idea below) or rent a pony.

Consider Checking In With Her Friends

It might be a good idea to run your ideas past her friends. Like: Will she say yes? That’s the first step. If you’re not sure, ask her friends this crucial question. If they confirm she’s likely to say yes, run some of the ideas past them. If you don’t already know these things, ask what her interests and favorite foods, flowers, etc. are. It’s important to have all of the facts, here, so go right to the source. Her BFFs know best. Trust us.

Have Fun

This should be fun for you. Yes, it will be nerve-wracking. But try to set back and enjoy this surprise you’re putting on! It’s a memory you will want to remember positively. It’s not just a promposal for this girl you adore, but a special moment for you as well.

2. Promposal Don’ts

Here are some of the absolute don’t’s’ when it comes to promposals. Avoid these mistakes and you’ll be in the clear.

Don’t Under-Deliver

You want to make sure you deliver what she expects. Or, better yet, exceed those expectations. A common mistake in promposals is the under-delivery. Don’t get caught underwhelming and disappointing.

Don’t Ask The Wrong Person

This one is simple and self-explanatory. Don’t be that guy! Use last names if this is a public affair!

Don’t Ask Someone Who’ll Say No

This one also seems self-explanatory, but do not ask the most popular girl in school if it’s more likely than not she’ll say no. This might be controversial but, avoid the awkwardness. Ask that girl who will say yes. she’s probably nicer, anyway.

Don’t Involve Other People Unless You’re Sure

Involving other people can be can be a terrific asset to your promposal, especially if the girl in question loves her friends and big surprises. One note of caution: do not involve people if you don’t know for certain the answer will be yes. Otherwise, you will be living down that shame for the rest of your life.

Don’t Involve Her Parents

Keep this to everyone under 22. No girl wants her parents watching when her boyfriend, or the guy she has a crush on, or a cute boy from 4th period asks her to prom. Involve the parent’s on prom night, sure, but keep them at a distance for the promposal.

Don’t Publicly Surprise A Shy Person

Know your audience. If your prospective date is a person who will love a big, public surprise, then great. But if she’s more introverted and fears public displays of affection, do something thoughtful and intimate. Ask her in a classroom with a sweet card rather than with a huge flash mob.

Be Sensitive To Allergies

Check your facts. Don’t make silly mistakes that will bring the whole promposal down. Something as simple as a peanut allergy, met with a promposal gift of peanut M&Ms, will stick you in the ER, not her good graces. If you’re doing anything with food (or pets), make sure beforehand that you’re in the clear.

Don’t Overdo It

It’s true — bigger isn’t always better. Sometimes, a promposal can be too much. Use your own judgement on this, but, remember, bigger is most definitely not always better. Again, read the room.

3. Promposal Inspiration

Still looking for ideas? Check out some of these epic viral promposal videos for inspiration:

TV Inspiration

Calling all Grey’s Anatomy fans! In this viral promposal, a boy dresses up as McDreamy in this successful attempt at winning his prospective date’s heart. Watch below:

Go Big Or Go Home

This boy proposed to his girlfriend by filling her room with balloons. Talk about a grand gesture. Here’s hoping they had fun with the helium after:

Food For Thought

Who could say no to a promposal pizza?! I mean, c’mon. It even has the word prom spelled out in tiny pepperonis.

Being “Punny”

This boy got creative with his grammatical functions and used puns to seal the deal with his gal. He made a shoebox with running shoes and ran with a pun about running (see what we did there?). This is oh so cute!

A post shared by Soccer? Soccer. (@thoseperfectcleats) on Mar 19, 2014 at 8:14pm PDT

Celebrity Treatment

Even Emma Stone has gotten a promposal! And she turned it down in the cutest, most sincere way possible, calling it the “greatest proposal” she’d ever received and sent her love from London where she was shooting. Video of the boy’s proposal to Emma can be found here:

Suppose you want to impress your date; there are several cute ways to ask a girl to prom. These include learning a song with your guitar or arranging for a friend to play it. You can also write a romantic poem and tuck it into her locker or backpack. She will surely love this thoughtful gesture! Listed below are some ideas for a fun proposal. Just make sure you are original and creative when planning your proposal.

Ideas for a fun promposal

If you want to impress your beloved, try using some of the many ideas for a fun proposal. One of the most romantic ideas is to pop balloons at her door, and she will be thrilled. Similarly, using cake is a romantic way to propose. A cake is sure to impress, and the words “prom” will be spelled out in balloons. You can also make your card for the proposal.

If you’re single and don’t know where to begin, consider asking your cousin or best friend. You’ll have more fun and unique proposal ideas than you can imagine! A country love promposal is an excellent way to cheer up a girl who’s been through a breakup. Chocolate kisses thrown on the ground make for a memorable experience, and you can eat them afterward.

Another creative idea for a fun proposal is to create a snow sculpture. You can also use this idea for homecoming! Puppies make the cutest props for prom, and there are many ways to dress up your puppy! You don’t have to spend a lot of money, either, since there are many different ways to dress up a puppy. And if you’re still not convinced, try using a giant plastic ball to spell out your message.

Although there’s a fine line between cute and creepy, there’s always a way to cross it. Some proposers have crossed it before, and you can learn from their mistakes. Proposing pizza and chocolate is a better option than traditional rose and chocolates. You can dress up as a character from Grey’s Anatomy. There’s nothing creepier than getting caught in a murderous crime and putting your girlfriend in harm’s way.

There are many other fun ideas for a fun proposal, from a mixtape to a surprise proposal. A mixtape can contain popular songs in today’s culture and age. Providing the mixtape to her on her prom night will be a wonderful surprise for her. It will surely draw attention to your proposal. There are many other creative ways to propose, and it may be a great way to spice up a dull day at work!

Boardgame ideas

Before making your proposal, consider some board game ideas for asking a girl to prom. For example, you could have her piece together a puzzle with your question, and then she can answer by handing you the finished puzzle. Other games you could play involve rigging the game, so she gets specific letters. Another fun game to play would be Scrabble. You can ask her to spell out words for you while you play, and when she’s finished, she can give you her answer.

You could also ask her to take a puzzle. Many places sell puzzles in various shapes and sizes, and you could paint over the pictures with your message. This way, your proposal will be memorable, and she’ll have a great time. You could also make her a personalized cookie with the question and possible answers and serve it to her as a dessert. Your date will enjoy it!

If you’re unsure what to ask her, consider doing a scavenger hunt. Create clues that lead to her final destination. Although this game requires some thought and preparation, it’s a lot of fun for your date. After she says yes, you can use the recording as a keepsake or send her a series of images via text. Once she says yes, you’ll be surprised by her reaction!

A scavenger hunt might be more romantic, especially for a bit of shyness. Scavenger hunts are fun because they can lead you to a nice place to propose. It’s a great way to include friends and family in the proposal, but it’s essential to keep things simple for safety. After all, you don’t want to risk causing a scene she’ll never forget.

When planning a proposal, make sure to customize it to your date’s interests. A girl will be more likely to say yes when she’s surrounded by people who know her well. Also, by making the whole experience as fun as possible, she’ll feel secure and comfortable about asking you out. And don’t forget that girls respond to confidence. And don’t forget to get her a gift she’ll be sure to cherish.

Fortune cookie

One of the most memorable high school events is the school dance. If you want to make the your occasion even more memorable, you can ask your date to the dance uniquely, such as with a fortune cookie. To create a fortune cookie invitation, place it in a microwave and heat it for 30 seconds. The heat will soften the dough. Alternatively, you could give her a fortune cookie from a nearby Chinese restaurant.

Besides the fortune cookie, you can also create a personalized pizza box with the prom question. You can even have your friends help you make the pizza box and put it inside. Once you are done, you can serve it as dessert. It’s a perfect last-minute proposal, and she’ll be surprised and happy to be asked to the dance. A Fortune cookie is also a great way to propose to a girl – it’s both sweet and classy!

If you’d instead not create your fortune cookie, you can get a giant one from a bakery. The message is printed on a 12-inch circle, just the right size for a girl’s hand. Personalized fortune cookies can also be slipped into takeaway bags. You can even write your target’s name on the cookie and deliver it to her at the dinner.

Another way to ask a girl to the prom is by using a fortune cookie. These can be customized with a picture, a clever verse, or a list of reasons. The poem should also include your contact information. If you’re a poet, consider asking her to be your prom date by writing a poem in her favorite language. Then leave it on her car mirror, in her room, or even at home! Some guys even leave them at her locker for her to find.

Scavenger hunt

Why not use a scavenger hunt when asking a girl to go to the prom? This fun date activity can be the perfect invitation for the big night. Make sure to include clues along the way that lead to the destination. A scavenger hunt can take a lot of planning and time but can be a lot of fun for the two of you.

If you have friends, you can also find out her locker combination and place her invitation there. This way, she’ll think she’s found a treasure and is excited to go on a romantic date. Another way to make your proposal extra special is to bake a sweet treat and place it inside a crackerjack prize. Then, you can deliver it to her and ask her to answer the question.

If you’re worried about making your date laugh, you can turn this sweet activity into an adventure. Try taking her to a restaurant that serves her favorite dish. When she gets there, ask the owner to display the food in a fun way. You’ll be surprised by the result! Whether it’s a delicious meal or a cute photo, she’ll love the surprise!

Another idea for a scavenger hunt is to put clues around her home. For example, you can place a clue in her locker or even in a secret place in her room. Just make sure each clue leads to the next clue, which will lead to your proposal. While this tactic is not as sexy as the first one, it’s sure to impress her and make her smile.

While traditional methods may be more romantic, there are many modern ways to surprise a girl at the prom. Some people like to go all out and buy expensive props, while others turn to social media memes for prom suggestions. While these ideas are fun, they’re not the only way to propose to your girlfriend! So, start planning for her proposal today! Enjoy the memorable night of your dreams!

So, I’d suggest that no more than eight weeks and no fewer than six weeks before the big night is ideal. If you invite someone to prom too far in advance, say three months or more, you risk losing interest in each other (believe me, I’ve seen it happen). And if you don’t give her a chance to say yes or no within the recommended time frame, you’ll have to make the decision on your own – which isn’t fair.

Also, try to avoid scheduling her trip to attend your school’s prom as it could hurt her chances of being asked by another boy. Finally, don’t feel like you need to send her a gift to show her how important she is to you – just go together as a group of four and have some fun!

Now, if you really want to show her how much she means to you, then take her out for dinner or go see a movie after the prom. But first, let her know that you’re interested in taking her out by sending her a text or email saying something like “I thought about you last week at the prom and realized I haven’t taken you out to eat since before school started. What do you say we go out tonight?”

She should be able to say yes or no without feeling forced, so don’t string her along for longer than two weeks.

Table of Contents

  1. When should I ask my girlfriend to prom?
  2. How early should I ask a girl to prom?
  3. When should you start planning for prom?
  4. What should I do a month before prom?
  5. Are you supposed to pick up your prom date?
  6. Is it weird to ask a boy to prom?

How early should I ask a girl to prom?

Six to eight weeks is usually a good amount of time to allow you enough time to plan and enough time to stay engaged. Your prom is probably six months away at this time. If she says no, that’s fine! You don’t want to rush things.

As long as you are giving her a reason why you need more time (like school activities or a job) then she should understand. She may even help you out by not asking any questions about what happened during that time.

Prom dates are typically set between the end of your junior year and the beginning of your senior year. So, if you haven’t asked her yet, do it now! Even if you think she’ll say no, go for it anyway! The more people who know they’re going together, the better.

If you wait too long and she says no, that’s okay. You can still have a great night by going with a group of your friends or planning another event with your class. Just make sure you don’t take her answer too seriously. Sometimes girls just want to be asked by several guys so they can’t choose one.

When should you start planning for prom?

It may sound simple, but you should start planning your prom date at least four months in advance. If you don’t have a partner, plan on attending with a group of girlfriends, or indicate to your guy friend (or crush!) that you’d love to go with him—boys want to know you’re interested!

The more time you spend planning and preparing, the less likely it is you’ll run into problems during the night. Opting for a local event vs. one held far away from home can help you avoid expensive travel costs. If you do choose to go out of town, be sure to ask about additional fees that may not be included in the original price tag.

Some schools have formal dress codes for students, while others don’t. If yours doesn’t require a specific style, then feel free to wear what you want to school – as long as it’s comfortable and fits well. You may want to consider wearing something nicer than your everyday clothes if you plan to attend with friends or family members who aren’t responsible for buying you a tuxedo.

If money isn’t an issue for you, then go ahead and buy gifts for your dates early on. This will give you time to look around for something unique and meaningful, instead of just picking up the first thing you see at the store.

What should I do a month before prom?

The month before prom is when you should focus on the most important details, such as finding your dress and scheduling any hair and beauty appointments. The Previous Month

  • Get your outfit together. That means prom dress, shoes, accessories, jewelry, and, yes, even underwear.
  • Book appointments.
  • Get your tickets.

Are you supposed to pick up your prom date?

Even if you purchase ahead of time, you should aim to pick up your order no earlier than the day of prom. The corsage can also be made the day before prom. If you plan to give a corsage that needs fresh flowers, then do so the morning of the event.

Prom dates are an important part of the evening, and who you choose as your date will certainly influence how much fun you have. You should both try to find something special about each other’s dresses that makes you smile. If one of you picks out a dress with a lot of tulle, for example, be sure to tell her how much you like fluffly things. And don’t forget to kiss! Even if it’s just on the cheek, your date will appreciate the attention.

After you pick up your order, you should deliver it to the hotel or restaurant where the event is being held. If you have any questions about what kind of food to get or which flowers look best on your dress, for example, ask before you leave home.

When you arrive at the event, let your date lead the way. She will want to show you around so she can explain different parts of the venue to you. And when it’s time to eat, make sure you sit together.

Is it weird to ask a boy to prom?

It’s less stressful than asking him out on a regular date (truly!). You’re just asking for one night, not a lifetime. Inviting him to prom now will allow you to practice being forceful in your dating life (and, you know, increase the chances of you going with a date you want).

It’s not that weird. It’s called asking someone to the prom. If you really want to make sure he’s into you, then ask him straight up. There’s no need to beat around the bush – tell him what you’re thinking and do so in a nice way. Maybe follow this up with a date/romantic dinner somewhere special if you two connect well enough.

The only real downside is that he has to say yes. If he doesn’t want to go with you, there’s no changing his mind once the invitation has been extended. This is your chance to find out if he’s really into you or not, so don’t waste it by asking someone you aren’t compatible with.

Prom dates are a big deal because it’s an opportunity for you to show off your skills as a dancer, singer, actor, etc. If you can’t come up with any ideas of your own, think about who else might have a fun idea that could use some executing. Has he ever done anything crazy before your date? Does he have any ideas about how to make the night unique or interesting? Never fear asking for help!

What do you say when you ask a girl to prom?

How To Ask A Girl Out (To Prom) –

Is it OK to just ask a girl to prom?

How can I ask a girl who I have feelings for to prom without making her feel uncomfortable? As long as you ask politely and respectfully and respect her decision if she turns you down, you should be fine. Just ask her if she has a date for the prom, and if she says no, ask if she would like to go with you.

How do you ask someone to prom casually?

Ask them to prom.
Just look them in the eyes, smile, and say, “Will you go to prom with me?” Depending on the person, you can even say something really casual like “Want to go to prom together?” If they say no, smile, say you understand, and thank them. It doesn’t have to be awkward. You can still be friends later.

How do you get a prom date if you’re a girl?

7 not-so-terrifying tips on how to get a prom date

  • Think about what you want out of the night.
  • Don’t get too caught up in expectations.
  • Get friends to help you feel out the person.
  • Drop some hints.
  • See if your friends know of anyone who’s looking for a date.
  • Have a back-up plan.
  • Just ask!

How do you know if a girl likes you?

Signs a Girl Is Attracted to You

  1. Smiling at you.
  2. Shooting short glances your way.
  3. Darting her eyes away when you look at her.
  4. Making prolonged eye contact with you.
  5. Running fingers through her hair.
  6. Licking her lips.
  7. Exposing her neck.
  8. Tilting her heads towards you.

How can I Prompose a girl?

10 CUTE PROMPOSAL iDEAS | How to Ask a Girl to Prom 2018

Over the last few years, asking someone to prom has become more complicated than it used to be. Unlike a few decades ago, it takes more than courage to pop the question. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to come up with something absolutely spectacular to get a yes. More than often, all it takes is the help of your friends and a couple of presents.

Here are a few ideas to help you out. Bear in mind that these are not just for the prom, but can also be used for any dance.

1. Place signs on the drive home.

This can be one of the most feasible and cute ways to pop the question with a definite “yes” for an answer. You just need to find out the route she takes on her drive home, then get creative and make a few lawn signs that are readable.

The best part is you don’t have to be accompanying her in the car. You can even hold the last sign yourself to make it more meaningful.

2. Send her on a scavenger hunt.

If you want to make it fun and cute at the same time, you can set up a scavenger hunt for her. This can be arranged anywhere from around your school or neighborhood.

You just need to set up a number of notes and mention that “X marks the spot” for the final question. Then let her find her way to the last note.

3. Let the cookies do the talking.

Get in touch with a baker who can make custom cookies for you. Or even better, you can ask your mom for help and bake the cookies yourself. One cookie can be printed with the question and others can be printed with possible answers.

Take her on a creative date and have the cookies served to your table for dessert. You can also personally deliver the basket to her house.

4. Stuff her locker.

For this one, you will need to ask her friends’ help. You will have to ask them to find out the combination to her locker. Then you can decorate the locker with a few streamers and place a teddy bear holding a sign asking her to prom. This will be a great surprise when she goes to grab her books!

5. Decorate her room.

This one requires a little creativity with some help from her parents and friends. You will have to ask permission from her parents, which is a plus because they may now feel more comfortable with you taking their daughter to prom.

Decorate her room with balloons and flowers with a giant sign asking her to prom.

6. Say it with a puzzle.

This is another fun way to pop the question. Gather a few cute pictures of both of you together and get them printed on puzzle pieces with the big question in the center. Then let her put together the puzzle to find out the question at the end. You’ll have to make sure the puzzle is not too complicated for her to solve.

7. Hire a limousine.

Hiring a prom limo can also come in handy for the big night, but you can even use this idea to pop the big question.

You can book limo services for her ride home from school and arrange all sorts of pleasantries inside like flowers and chocolates. Treat her like a queen through the ride and ask her the big question at the end.

8. Put it in a fortune cookie.

Place an order for personalized fortune cookies with the fortune: “I see you going to prom with (insert your name)”. Take her out to the Chinese restaurant and have the cookies served at your table.

9. Try it with pizza.

Everybody loves pizza. You can never go wrong with that one. Order a pizza or make one yourself with the question “Prom?” written on it in pepperonis.

Use the lid of a pizza box to write “I know this is cheesy but…” or if you’re making one yourself, you can place a sign next to the pizza bearing those words. Then, all you’ll have to do is invite her over for an unforgettable meal.

10. Make a candy card.

This can be the ‘sweetest’ prom-posal. Find out about her favorite candies from her friends and use those bars to come up with a cute little story that ends with the big question. You can give this to her on a date or simply place it in her locker.

11. Ask with a balloon.

This can be used as a last minute idea as well because it doesn’t require too much work, and it will still be cute.

All you have to do is stuff some confetti with a note bearing the question inside the balloon before getting it filled with helium. Then write, “Pop me” on the balloon and leave it on her locker, or have it sent to her house.

12. Use delicious donuts.

Who doesn’t love donuts? Order a box of customized donuts with the letters of her name on each donut. Then write “I donut want to go to prom with anyone else” on the lid and hand it over to her with flowers.

13. Starbucks can do it for you.

This is another one of the simple and cute ways to pop the question. Take her out for coffee to Starbucks and have “Prom?” written on her favorite drink.

14. Create a flash mob.

This one requires quite a considerate amount of hard work and a fair number of people, but it’ll be totally worth it. You can ask your friends to participate and ask around to see if anyone else wants to join in.

Prepare a combination on her favorite song, something that isn’t too complicated for everyone to follow. Then pop the question at the end of the dance sequence.

15. Just ask.

Sometimes, it’s okay to be simple. Prepare a meaningful speech and just ask her. If you say the right words to make her feel special and pick the right time, you can’t go wrong. Preparing the speech beforehand and acting out the scene in front of a mirror is highly recommended.

Now that you have some cute and creative ideas it’s time to start planning! These can obviously be used for any couple dynamic. Whoever you’re asking to prom, these are the perfect ideas for you.

Prom or rather the promenade dance is the event of the year. Every student is excited about their high school years, or at least they should be, right?

Is how to ask a guy to prom the proverbial question around campus lately? That one night means everything.

Those who attend prom want the best dress, best partner, best dance and of course, everyone wants to be Prom King and Prom Queen. It’s a matter of pride for every high school graduate.

But before the main event is the waiting game; the anxiety of who is going to ask whom to prom. Prom proposals or “promposals” become the real struggle once you decide on the perfect prom partner. Now, you must decide to ask a guy to prom or not.

Some people win over their crush and sadly, some aren’t so lucky. It’s all about the presentation for some. The promposal must be unlike any other… it must be smart and witty.

Funny proposals sweep anyone off their feet and who knows you may land your crush depending on how you ask him to prom.

Usually, the guy makes the first move and ask a girl to prom but we’re dealing with Millennials who want to know how to ask a guy to prom . This is unconventional but it’s way cool. However, if you still feel awkward about popping the question, keep reading.

Ask a guy to prom ideas

If you don’t know how to ask a guy to prom that you don’t know, here’s what to do. Chances are low he will deny your promposal using these tips, so go introduce yourself at least two weeks before prom night.

Strike up some friendly conversation; know each other’s interest, exchange text messages, etc., get to know him better. If you feel chemistry from his side, pop the question.

Prom pizza at his doorsteps

If he is a big fan of pizza like most people are, he’ll love the idea of writing “PROM?” on a pizza box and have it delivered to his doorsteps. However, this is basic.

You must do something extra special with this concept like meeting the pizza guy there dressed in a teddy bear costume. How can any guy refuse a cuddle bunny… and pizza?

How to ask a guy to prom with cookies

Another interesting way to ask a guy to prom is by using food. Is he tempted by glazed doughnuts or freshly baked cookies? Just four doughnuts with frosting and the word “prom” written on them, delivered to his doorsteps by a limo driver would do the trick.

Well, maybe save the limo until prom night, but you can bake cookies for him and write the message on the cookies or doughnuts yourself which is a deliciously sweet promposal!

Poem to ask a guy to prom

In case your friends don’t have a crush on the same guy as you, involve them. Ask each of them to hand over pieces of a poem asking him to prom providing a sense of mystery to his prom proposal. This surely will peak his imagination as he tries to guess who the real girl is!

Quotes to ask a guy to prom

Prom banners with comical or humorous messages are one of the most popular and effective ways to ask a guy to prom.

“I’ve never asked anyone to prom before, so I’m going to wing it… Will you go to the prom with me?”

is a tasty idea especially, if you attach it to a plate of wings with his favorite dipping sauce. Forming the word prom using ties and poster board is a unique way to ask a guy to prom.

How to ask a girl to promThere are lots of ways to ask a guy to prom, but dare to be different!

For the guy who is into baseball, the caption can read “Can I steal you for prom?” Yeah, I know; it’s a corny idea, but somebody’s going to love it! Any message that will make your crush burst into laughter is a winner and he won’t be able to resist the offer.

Should I ask him to prom in a sporty way?

Write the word “Prom?” on several post-its and stick on his sports car. You can also write racy messages on different posters alongside the road or a banner in an obvious place. Put a catchy message on a race car banner to grab his attention.

Puzzles to ask a guy to prom

Play a puzzle game with him where you put words of a sentence into the puzzle like “Will you go to prom with me?” Each word will be a puzzle and as he solves it, he will get the final question. More interesting the question is more fun this will be!

Send a prom basketball

How to ask a guy to prom casually? Gift wrap a basketball with the message “Let’s have a ball this prom?” written on the ribbon. Another option is to nonchalantly challenge him to a game and throw the ball to him with the message written on it. You may even score a 3-pointer with this shot.

Use air balloons to ask for a date

Tie an air balloon to his locker with a post-it saying, “ Prick me.” Once he pricks it, another handwritten note saying “PROM?” will fall out of the balloon. A wicked and flirtatious style of sending a promposal!

Take him to court

Who doesn’t love a baller? Guys love competition sports, so an exciting way of promposals can be a way of tricking him. Make a guy ask you to prom by challenging him to a game of tennis. If he loses the game, he will have to take you to prom .

If he wins, you must ask him to prom. Or you can simply take several tennis balls to create the word “PROM?” Either way, it’s a win-win situation for you.

Is it cool to ask a guy to prom over text messages?

One of the oldest and lost styles of communication are letters. Since people don’t write letters anymore, you could text him. Don’t pour your heart out into a text message, but let him know why you will be his perfect prom date.

Text messages are a popular means of communicating these days; however, they are not as touching and sensitive as a handwritten letter sent to the post office. Give it a try; this simple way may melt the heart of your crush.

These are modest and effective ways to ask your guy to the prom date. Generally, text messages are deal-breakers for something this meaningful but in case you ask a shy guy to prom, it’s the perfect opportunity for him to communicate.

Unconventional, flirty and humorous promposals are the best ways to ask a guy to prom. In case your prom is over and you’re getting ready to graduate, don’t leave without sharing your cute ways to ask a guy to prom stories with us; we would love to hear from you!

So, prom is approaching and you have to ask someone special to be your date. This may seem like a daunting task as you want to impress and surprise them while hoping they say yes. There are so many amazing ways you can ask someone and we have found 43 of the best prom proposal ideas. Whether you want your proposal to be cute, creative, romantic, fun or with a theme, there is an idea for you. Take a look, you will soon be taking your dream date to the prom. We promise!

1. Cute Candle Prom Proposal

First up, we have this super cute candlelit proposal. For this idea there are tealight candles placed on the floor in a heart shape and they spell out ‘prom?’. The proposal has been finished off with a single rose and an adorable dog, too. Your perfect prom date will love to be asked to the prom like this!

How to ask a girl to prom

2. Creative Lucky Duck Idea

Looking for a fun and unique way to ask someone to the prom? Then this idea is for you! For this promposal a small pool has been filled with ducks and there is a sign that reads “I would be one lucky ducky if you would be my date”. This is such a cute idea and it is definitely something your date will remember.

How to ask a girl to prom

3. Prom Proposal Flowers

Flowers never fail to impress. That is why our next prom proposal features a stunning floral idea. Here we have a vase of beautiful flowers with Scrabble themed signs that read “Will you go to the prom with me?”. You can choose any signs and flowers for your proposal. Maybe choose the special person’s favorite flowers or their favorite color for the flower arrangement.

How to ask a girl to prom

4. Cheesy Pizza Prom Proposal

Our next idea is perfect for anyone who loves pizza. This proposal features a pizza with a cute message inside. Not only does the special person get a nice surprise, but a free pizza too! Make sure you choose their favorite topping and you can personalize the message.

How to ask a girl to prom

5. Baseball Proposal Idea

Maybe you want a simpler idea or maybe you both like sport? If so, try a proposal like this one. Here we have a baseball with the message “Might strike out asking, but will you be my ‘catch’ to prom?”. An idea like this is easy to do but meaningful too. You can create a message like this one any sports ball. Maybe a football for a football player and so on.

How to ask a girl to prom

6. Unique Tree Proposal

Next, we have a unique idea. Here we have a prom proposal that has been carved into a tree. This is so unusual and something like this would definitely be remembered! Now carving a tree might be a little difficult but you could always put up a sign instead.

How to ask a girl to prom

7. Prom Proposal Cookies

Make your prom proposal sweet with cookies like these! There is a box of cookies that are have a prom theme. One of the cookies asks the question and there are cookies with answers on. This is such a cute idea and it will be delicious too. If any of you like to bake then try to create the cookies yourself to make the proposal extra special.

How to ask a girl to prom

8. Sport Themed Proposal

Our next idea is another sports theme. For this one there are tennis balls placed on the ground to spell out ‘prom?’ and there is a heart shape underneath made out of baseballs. This is the perfect proposal for anyone who loves sports.

How to ask a girl to prom

9. Funny Vegan Idea

Is your perfect prom date a vegan? Then this is perfect! Here we have a funny and cute proposal idea. Someone has dressed up as an avocado with a sign that reads “I can’t vegan imagine prom without you. Will you avocago with me?”. This is unique, awesome and will make the occasion happy and full of fun. Dressing up is optional!

How to ask a girl to prom

10. Beautiful Floral Proposal

Next, we have another floral idea. Here we have large lettered sign that spells out prom. Each letter is covered in sunflowers. This is a beautiful way to ask someone to the prom. You can make something like this yourself if you like crafts. Also, try to choose the person’s favorite flowers to create your sign.

Prom season is upon us. If that realization puts a nervous lump in your throat, you’re not alone. Yes, prom is supposed to be the best night of your teenage years/your favorite memory from high school/#magical (although, don’t worry if it’s none of that). All things considered, the buildup to that night can be stress-inducing. You have to think about the outfit, the fancy transportation, the ticket cost — and who you’re going to ask to go with you. Asking someone to the prom is probably the most nerve-wracking part of the whole prom procedure. And if you need some guidance in this area, if you’re wondering “How do I ask a girl to prom?”, let us be your fairy prom-mothers.

You’ve probably heard the term “promposal” at least once during your high school career. If you haven’t, a promposal is exactly what it sounds like: a proposal to ask someone to prom. Some people go all out for the promposal, enlisting the help of numerous friends, buying loads of props, or crafting an hour-long, town-wide scavenger hunt that ends with the entire cheerleading squad spelling “PROM?” in pom-poms on the football field.

If you’re sweating bullets thinking you have to live up to all that — don’t worry. Extravagant promposals are fun, but are in no way mandatory. Instead, think small, sweet, and meaningful.

For example, if the boy or girl you’re asking to prom is one of your best friends, or someone you’ve been dating for awhile, think back to memorable moments in your relationship and use those memories for inspiration.

Take the person back to where you had your first date or prepare their favorite meal. Stash a “prom?” message under the table or beneath the bench where you shared your first kiss — and voilà! The task is complete and you have a happy date on your hands.

If your goal is to ask a person you’re not that well-acquainted with, you might have to get a little more creative. Try to ask them face-to-face before resorting to texting or messaging — it’s always best to keep things personal. Find the person at their locker at the end of the day or, if you’re feeling brave, approach them during lunch. Yes, they’ll be seated with friends, and this might make the interaction more awkward than anticipated.

But sometimes, you have to take a deep breath and get on with it. Otherwise you’ll be wondering “what if?” for eternity (or at least until graduation)!

The most important thing to remember is to be as confident (not cocky) and respectful as possible. And hey, if you get rejected, it’s not the end of the world. Don’t pester the person again and again, because then you’re toeing the line of harassment, and that’s a huge no-no. Ask someone else or head to prom stag alongside your best friends. Even if you’re dateless, you can still have the best time at prom.

Whether you plan a fun promposal or ask someone on a whim — you’ve got this. We have faith in you! Go out there and get ’em, tiger.

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When should you ask a girl to prom?

So, I’d say that no more than eight weeks and no less than six weeks before the big night is just the right amount of time. If you ask someone to prom with too much time in advance… say three months or more, you’ll run the risk of losing interest in each other (trust me, I’ve seen this happen).

Where is PROM used?

PROMs are used in digital electronic devices to store permanent data, usually low level programs such as firmware or microcode. The key difference from a standard ROM is that the data is written into a ROM during manufacture, while with a PROM the data is programmed into them after manufacture.

What are the types of prom?

One type is called EPROM, or Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory. This type of memory uses floating-gate transistors and can be erased by strong ultraviolet light. The other type is EEPROM, or Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory.


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What prom date means?

A prom is a formal dance at the end of a school year. The word dates from the late nineteenth century, an American English shortening of promenade, which means “to stroll,” but also “to dance in couples with joined hands.”

What does a prom committee do?

Prom committee is completely responsible for the planning that goes into a prom. The committee must fund raise money to pay for necessities such as the DJ, venue, catering, and decorations. They are in charge of all details of prom including the theme, name, and much much more.

Why is it called ROM?

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How does prom work?

Prom is a dance and is usually the last dance of a senior’s high school career. It is one last chance to get together as a class, have fun and celebrate their accomplishments. A typical prom is held on a Saturday evening for about two to four hours between 7 p.m. and 2 a.m.

Does going to prom mean you’re dating?

No, prom is just a social situation where everyone needs a date. Some people go to prom with a friend, some go with a girlfriend, some go with a girl as a date.

What do you give a girl for prom?

It is customary to give your date a corsage or boutonniere for prom. Most girls opt for wearing a wrist corsage with a flower, while guys wear a single flower (known as a boutonniere) that is pinned on their suit. Guys can also surprise their date by bringing a bouquet of flowers or roses.

What does prom dance stand for?

What age is prom?

What is the meaning of proms?

1 : a formal dance given by a high school or college class. 2 British : promenade sense 2. prom.

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How can a girl get a prom date?

7 not-so-terrifying tips on how to get a prom date

  1. Think about what you want out of the night.
  2. Don’t get too caught up in expectations.
  3. Get friends to help you feel out the person.
  4. Drop some hints.
  5. See if your friends know of anyone who’s looking for a date.
  6. Have a back-up plan.
  7. Just ask!

Who invented ROM?

Is it OK to not go to prom?

I don’t regret skipping prom, even after all these years.” Her advice: “Prom is not necessarily a defining or crucial experience in high school, and it’s totally OK to skip out on that for whatever reason. Don’t let anyone pressure you into going strictly out of fear that you’ll regret it.”

I’ve written a lot of stories on this blog. Some are basically true with a little bit of embellishment. Some are made up with bits of truth thrown in. Some are completely made up but might sound true because I’ve written the stories in first-person point-of-view.

Looking back, I wonder if I should have made it clear where each story stood as I wrote them. Sometimes authors get into trouble when they lie in their memoirs: I don’t want to be known for lying on my own blog. So now I’m going back to some stuff that I’ve written and being clear about what’s true, what’s embellished a bit, and what is completely made up.

The first one is…

Awkward Moments in Dating: Asking a Girl To Prom (first published in Dysfunctional Literacy on February 21, 2019):

At the time, I thought that Francine was the right girl to ask to senior prom. I’d known her since elementary school. We’d always been friends. Even when I’d been at my social low point in junior high, she’d hang out with me at lunch sometimes. She’d laugh at my jokes, and she was as vulgar and sexist and bigoted as any junior high boy back in the early 1980s, so anybody could say anything around her and she didn’t care.

Francine became more attractive in high school (she was never ugly, but you know), and had a couple boyfriends (not at the same time) and had just broken up with some guy. Since I was an old friend and had a car, I drove her home after school a few times a week. We had an easygoing friendship. I knew that asking her to prom, however, could mess that up. I didn’t want to risk an almost lifelong friendship by asking her to prom.

On the other hand, it was senior year. The best time to potentially destroy that friendship was the end of senior year. I didn’t want to be a senior guy going dateless to prom, and I didn’t want to go with a sophomore girl who would go only because she’d be able to brag about going to prom as a sophomore.

My mistake was telling Keith and a bunch of friends on a Saturday night at a diner a few weeks before the big event. Keith had announced his intent to ask Karla, and I’d agreed that was a good choice. I didn’t want to reveal my own plans, but I guess peer pressure got to me (you can read more details here), and I messed up.

“I think I’ll ask Francine,” I said.

Keith stared at me, and then glanced around the table. “That’s brilliant,” he said.

At first, I couldn’t tell if he was being sarcastic, but he continued.

“She’ll go,” he said. “And you two will have a good time.”

I nodded, relieved that he understood.

“You’re not gonna get any, but you’ll have a good time,” he said.

I grimaced. “I know. I’ll have a good time, but not THAT good of a time.”

Keith grinned and then turned to some other guy at the table, peppering him with another round of prom questions. I let out a breath, glad to be done with my social interactions for the night.

The next day (a Sunday), I planned out how I’d ask Francine. My best chance to ask her was when I was driving her home from school, but I’d wait until I pulled my car into her driveway. That way, she wouldn’t feel pressured to say yes just to get out of the car safely. I didn’t want her thinking that I’d plow the car into a tree or steer into opposing traffic if she said no. I was pretty sure she’d know that I wouldn’t do that, but people did crazy stuff for prom.

I wrote out a mini-script with several variations and memorized them. I was ready to ask her on Monday, just in case I drove her home that day. I never knew ahead of time if she’d need a ride, so I wanted to be ready, just in case. But that Monday, she didn’t talk to me, not even in the classes that we shared. That was alright, I though. I’d see her sometime during the week.

But nothing happened on Tuesday either.

Thursday, I started to get anxious. Three days in a row without talking to Francine was really unusual. It could be a coincidence that this drought happened right after I’d told Keith about my prom plans, but I doubted it. Most coincidences are intentional, I thought. There was no way to prove it, but I was pretty sure this was no coincidence.

Anyway, that Thursday I was hurrying down a crowded hallway on my way to class (I don’t remember which one) when I spotted Francine walking side by side with a friend of hers. We didn’t exactly make eye contact because I didn’t have time to, but I was aware of her amidst all the other students moving around me. Her friend (I watched her from the corner of my eye and this happened quickly) looked right at me, said something to Francine while looking right at me, and then Francine… Francine… Francine…

Francine fake cried on her friend’s shoulder.

Her friend fake hugged her in consolation, and I rushed to class, pretending I hadn’t seen anything. Aaaargh! I was socially awkward, yeah, but I knew what that melodramatic hallway act had meant.

Francine knew I was going to ask her to prom.

And Francine was going to say no.

Even worse, the story isn’t over yet.

I hate admitting this, but I barely knew the girl I asked out to prom. There was a girl whom I occasionally drove home, but she was probably a little rough for a prom date. The girl I asked was almost random, just somebody that I got along with in a few classes. I added fake details into this story because I don’t remember much about the real girl. Maybe I should have just admitted that in the original version, that I chose to ask out a girl I barely knew.

I also don’t know why I picked Francine for a name in this story. I don’t think I’ve known anybody named Francine. I don’t even have an opinion about the name Francine. I don’t want to use real names because I don’t know how the people involved (if they’re still alive) would feel about these stories being told.

Most of the dialogue is made up. My friends discussed prom plans, and a friend who was NOT named Keith (though I had a friend named Keith) dominated the conversation with his plans for prom domination. Haha! None of them worked out.

What do you think? Should I have been more honest about the details in the original version (even though the details make for a boring story)? When is it okay to make up details in a supposedly true story?