How to ask a boy to dance with you at a middle school dance

Teenage days is the time when love starts to bloom. Everything is your firsts, which make every moment more heartbeating than they should be. Liking a boy in school provides you extra energy to attend class everyday and make up your mood at school. But liking him alone is not a good thing. Because if you haven’t know anything yet, it’s better if he likes you back.

As clueless as you might be, a big help is now right on your way. No more flustered moment which increase the awkwardness between you two, here are the most useful ways to get a boy to like you in middle school.

1. Dress Nicely at School – As you are a middle schooler, you must have see him a lot at school. Make sure you dress nicely and properly. If your school doesn’t have a uniform, make sure you wear a decent clothes.

2. Never Let a Single Strand of Hair Escape – Who in the world would like to see a girl with messy hair? Check your hair situation often, never let the escape from the place where they should be.

3. Use a Nice Fragrance – Choose a perfume or light smelling cologne suitable for your age. He will stick with you because of your smell. Anyone would love to be with some good smelling girl.

4. Keep Your Hygiene – He pays attention to you a lot, so always mind your cleanliness. When you are eating on the cafeteria and he’s around at the time, make sure you don’t spill your food on the table, or even worse, on your clothes.

5. Smile When You Walk Past Him – Smiling is a signal means thousand of things. If want him to notice how fond you are to him, give him a simple smile every time you accidentally walked pass by each other. It could be good Ways to Get Your Crush to Breakup with His Girlfriend.

6. Steal a Glance in Class – Once or twice a day, look at him in the middle of the class. Then looked away when he noticed! Gosh, it’s a cute thing happened in middle school. And also it is a Signs of a Shy Girl Crush on You.

7. Use a Minimalist Make Up – Not only for young girls, even adults look better with minimal make up. Don’t use any heavy make up. He might mistaken you with a clown!

8. Style Up Your Hair – Don’t make him bored with your look. Don’t be afraid experimenting different hairstyles everyday. Braided for today, ponytail for tomorrow, untied for the next day, and he will be curious to see what kind of hairstyle you might have every other day.

9. Say Hello First – Don’t be shy to start a conversation first. If you are too awkward or nervous, say hello to him with intention of making friends. It will make you more comfortable and relaxed.

10. Laugh When He Jokes – Let him know you notice him! Boys love to make jokes and would be very happy if anyone laughing out off it. They think it makes him cool somehow.

11. Try to Get His Number – Pretend to have some extra class or you’d like to ask him some help or anything. Just get his number. This way you can bigger chance and soon he’ll realize you send him the Signs That a Girl Likes You Through Texting.

12. Play Around with Him – Laugh a lot and joke a lot with him. Tease him one at a time, but not to make him ashamed. The presence of light and happy feeling makes him notice you from then on.

13. Touch Him Lightly – Gather your courage and try to touch him lightly. Brush your arms when you walk past each other and slap him lightly on the shoulder when you laugh at his jokes.

14. Make Friends with His Friends – Old tricks work better than you think. Since you are young, it’s good to make as many friends as possible. And once you win his friends, you are halfway to win his heart.

15. Do Homework Together – The advantage only students can have, doing the homework together. Pretend to have some difficulty with the task and you request an extra meeting after the class. Things are better if he’s the one who asks you first!

16. Join the Club He’s in – You have to find out what club he’s in. Whether it’s drama, English club, or the Math club. You can join them as well to get close to him. But if join some manly club like soccer and basketball, make sure you become his hardest fan.

17. Studying Together – Another useful ways to get a boy to like you in middle school besides homework: studying together. It would advantageous as well for your school, and make sure you did this near the exam. Even though it’s a motive it has to be make sense as well.

18. Make Sure He Doesn’t Like Anyone – It’s not worth to fight over a boy while you are still at school. It affects your relationship with your friends and is not good for your social life later.

19. Ask Him to Eat Together – When the lunch break comes, brace yourself and ask him whether he’d like to eat together with you. It’s a good Things to Say to Flirt With Your Crush.

20. Ask for Help – This is How to Make a Guy Crush on You, ask help from his friend or your own friends to set you up together. You can start with a group hangout over the weekend.

Can’t get enough of those useful ways to get a boy to like you in middle school? You can try your own tricks if you have one. Don’t stress over it too much because love in middle school is something to enjoy. Make sure it doesn’t affect you grade as well. School have to absolutely come first.

Middle school activity will always conduct a party at the end of semester. This is to celebrate that all of schools members do the job correctly. Usually this party is before holiday.

How to Get a Girl to Ask You to a Dance in Middle School Party

This activity brings students to find their girl or boy friend to join the party to dance together. The way how to find the close friend to dance together, you can also follow those tips. Here they are:

  1. Make sure that she is still single

Before inviting her to dance together, we must sure that she is still single. She has no boyfriend. So it is safe to invite her because when we invite girl to dance together, in other side, she has boy friend, it will make a conflict among them.

We can make sure by asking her close friend about her or you can contact other friend to help you to find out about her truth status. You may also do your own project to find out her truth status. So, we must respect every condition that she will meet. Also read: Disadvantages of Dating in High School for Young Lovers.

  1. Send her text to invite to the party

We live in the digital era. So it makes us to be easier to send the message to others. You can use your cell phone with all of text application in it. When we send the message to the girl, don’t forget to use simple text but meaningful in order to invite her to dance to the party. We also must be careful about the politeness of the language that we use. This determines her will to join in dancing with us.

You can text “to celebrate our school party at the end of semester, would you like to accompany me to dance to the party?” or you can elaborate any other text content to send to her. If you want to be politer and meaningful, you can use letter to invite her. Don’t forget to decorate the envelope with small pita. You can choose the pita with red color. Red means the true of love after that don’t forget to send that letter to her. Also read: Signs of a Bad Boyfriend in High School

  1. Learn how to dance well

If we invite girl to dance together, we must prepare about the movement in dancing. We must learn how to put her in right position and make something special to her that touches her heart. So she will not forget that moment. You can also buy or download some dance techniques which are romantic.

On Youtube, or other website, we will find many dancing techniques which are appropriate to dance romantically with girls. This will help us to solve our confuse how we move correctly and romantically with girl in dancing during the school party Also read: You’ll Marry Your High School Sweetheart

  1. Don’t forget to buy flower especially roses

How to get a girl to ask you to a dance in Middle School Party? If we invite the girl to join in dancing in school party, don’t forget to buy flower because it is as a sign that we love her. There are many flower, we may buy rose because rose as a symbol of a true love. However, it depends on us which flower will be bought. Also read: Reasons Why Your High School Best Friends Are For Life

  1. Prepare the party outfits

We must be careful about our clothes that we will wear in the party because it will determine us how girl respond towards us. We must wash the clothes that we will wear, then drying it after that wearing it and adding perfume. So we will look so neat and smell good.

  1. Say greeting when we will start dancing in school party

If she agrees to join to the party, she will go to the party and dance with us. We must say greeting as first respond toward her coming in school party. Give her your best smile and attitude. Treat her as queen at that time. This is very important to attract and trigger her interest to dance together with us.

  1. Discuss about the school party while dancing together

When we invite girl to dance together in part, don’t forget to discuss something special at the moment, therefore we must prepare the talk material in home. So we can use it while dancing with her. School party always opens for all schools members. You can also use other topic in your talking with her such as talking about her preparation in holiday, what her dream, what he think about her dance, or others unique experiences

  1. Don’t be nervous

We invite her to dance together; it will be funny if we look so nervous beside her. Therefore, we must prepare our mental, keep calm, stay cool and be romantic. Show up your positive attitude at the front of her. Therefore, we must learn dance directly and try to influence our mind by saying “I am ok, I am not nervous in everything, I am blessed” or we may use other positive suggestive. Also read: Reasons Why You Should Marry Your High School Sweetheart

  1. ask her if she looks tired in dancing

How to get a girl to ask you to a dance in Middle School Party? We must be careful about her respond. If she looks so tired after dancing at that time, we must ask her to sit while drinking beverage to make her be relax. We must take a beverage for her, let her sit and we accompany her to sit together. If she is not feeling tired, you may continue dancing with her until the party is over.

  1. Say thank you at the end of dancing activity

We can dance together with her; it will be meaningful moment for her and us. Therefore, we must make something touching heart by saying thank you so much to accompany us to dance together. It will bring us to best positive value at the front of her.

Those are tips to invite the girl to dance together in the school party. You can apply those tips step by step and be sure that every single tips which you do. If you apply those tips, she will agree to join dancing together with you. Those tips are very helpful if you are still confusing on how to invite the girl in school the party.

Puberty hits you. Your body is changing and you don’t think of boys as gross or rude anymore. You change those words with. attractive or maybe cute. Your heart starts to pound when he is across the room, hanging out with his bros while you’re sneaking a glance at him while chatting with your friends. Accurate? I guess so cause I’ve experienced it too.

Of course it’s a puppy love. A kind of intense love but at the same time is a shallow romantic attachment, typically happens when you were a child or an adolescent. And you’re experiencing it right now! Sometimes the feeling is unbearable and you want to show how you feel about him. There are a few hints and ways that you can give.

1. Say “hello” and wave to them

Say a simple “hi” or “hello” when you see him. Show that you notice his presence. No matter how nervous you feel, don’t forget to wave and smile. If you see him in the class or hall, you can say, Good morning! How’s it going?” This will help your crush notice and remember you. Also read: How to Get a Girl to Ask You to a Dance in Middle School Party

2. Pass a note

When I was in middle school, passing notes was very popular especially when you’re gossipping and of course when you’re trying to sneak your crush a cute note. I remember vividly when I asked my friend to passed a note to my middle school crush. We sneak the note behind our teacher during class. My crush opened the note and smiled and glanced at me. Maybe he will come to you after the class and ask you for a date. Who knows? Also find out about: Signs You’ll Marry Your High School Sweetheart

3. Sit near them

How to ask a boy to dance with you at a middle school dance

Find an excuse and a right reason to sit near him at school. Maybe during lunch or class. You can come up to him and ask him is the sit is taken or not. Also find out about: Signs of a Bad Boyfriend in High School

4. Ask them about school project

This is a classic way to break the ice when your crush is in the same school especially in the same class. You can ask them to help you out in doing a homework or maybe ask them to join your group when you’re having a group project. Don’t forget to smile when you asked him and say thanks after they help you out. Also find out about: Reasons Why You Should Marry Your High School Sweetheart

5. Talk about something you have in common

You can look for common interest, hobbies, or practices through conversation, ask his friend, look at his social media bio or find it through his activities. Relate it with your interest. If you heard that he’s into music or books, maybe you can start the conversation by talking about the song or book that you recently read and discuss it with them.

Maybe you can tell them that you’re interested in looking for new books or songs recommendations and ask him what kind of music or book that he find interesting. Also find out about: Ways to Make a Guy Notice You in School

6. Compliment them

How to ask a boy to dance with you at a middle school dance

Giving a sincere compliment after you crush achieve something is usual. But a compliment on regular things is superb. You can compliment on their personality, traits, skills, or even how they look that day. For example, “Wow. You’re good in playing guitar. Where did you learn it?”. But don’t give them too much compliments as it’ll feel not genuine and uncomfortable.

7. Laugh at their jokes

If your crush in popular with his witty humor, laughing at his jokes will be one of the best way to show that you’re interested in what he’s saying. It also shows that you have the same sense of humor. Some of my friends told me that they can only initiate conversation and form bond with people who laugh at their jokes. It applies to any relationship and of course in your case too! But don’t laugh at his failure, it is considered as humiliating rather than entertaining.

8. Dress up!

You’re still in the middle school so it’s better not to cake your face up with make up. Choose the best style that suits you. And of course, last but not least, the best thing a girl can put on her face is a genuine smile. Wear something cute, you don’t have to look sexy cause it’s way too much for your age. Maybe you can put on that cute floral dress and a little bit of hair accessory like head band. Don’t try too hard to impress him, though. Show him the best version of your look naturally.

9. Follow his media social accounts

Millennials.. it is common for you to approach someone through social media. Add his account so you can have a picture of what he usually does, who his friends are, or his hobbies and interests. Don’t only collect information from his social media, but contact him first! Discuss or ask about things he has mentioned in his account. He’ll notice that you pay attention to his posts.

10. A playful manner

Not in a perverted way, but in a playful manner. Touch his shoulder or upper hand when you joke around or when he talks. But please be gentle, you don’t want to hurt him or make him feel uncomfortable just because you’re getting over excited.

11. Confess your feelings

You have given your crush the hints that you like him and now it’s the last stage. You can tell him by saying that you think of him as more than a friend (saying ‘I like you’ directly might scare him). You can tell him in person, by text, by cards, or notes. Anything but friends.

Never let him know your feeling from the mouth of another person other than you. After telling him about your feeling, you can ask how he feels about you. But if you’re too shy or too afraid of rejection, you can look for hints that they might like you back. You can ask your friends or pay attention to how he treats you.

This is The Love Tips for You!

To guide you, here are some questions that you might ask to yourself. Maybe you’ll have the idea of reciprocation.

  • Does your crush initiate conversations sometimes? Or are you the one who start the conversations all the time?
  • Does your crush reply your text immediately?
  • How often does your crush text, call, or message you?
  • Does he show positive body language when he sees you?
  • Does he help you with small things without your request?
  • Does he remember small things that you’ve mentioned in the past?
  • Has he asked you about something personal?

In brief, if he likes you back, he’ll show his interest in your personal life. First or foremost, before you confess you feeling, make sure that you’re prepared to hear the result. Even if you’re rejected, it’s better to remain friends with him.

We all have experienced for having a crush in school. At that time back, maybe some of us were actually able to get in touch with their crushes and some of us were not.

If you still stuck in this situation and was trying something that you think was right but still does not work, I will give some information for you so you know how to get your crush to notice you at school and knowing the right steps on how to get closer to your crush in school.

Tips to get your crush’s attention

To get your crush’s attention, you don’t have to do a big thing to impress him. Instead, small and consistent things about how to get closer to your crush in school that I share with you below can help you to get his attention.

1. Make more friends in school

Get close to someone will take some time. And your approach should be to his friends first before you are trying to get to close to him. To make your friends circle grow bigger, know the ways to make new friends at school and start to get close to your crush’s friends.

2. Be kind and approachable

One tip on how to get your crush to talk to you at school is by being a kind and approachable person. It will be useless to be only a kind person, but he is not able to approach or making contact with you. For example, you are there when he is confused about the group project, etc.

Being approachable will let you and him to have a contact. And after the contact happened, you only need to make sure that you guys are keeping contact to each other to get to know each other better.

3. Show confidence and interest

If you have to choose something, and someone who force you to make a decision seems lack of confidence, you surely will have a lot of doubt. This is the thing that you need to learn. Try to have more confidence in you, after you know that you are getting closer to him, show your interest to him. Slow but sure.

Having more confidence will help you in a lot of things both to help yourself development and get to know more friends.

Reason why your crush doesn’t like you

Somehow, just because we have tried our best this does not mean that everything we tried will resulting something as what we were expecting. We need to do a reflection of ourselves and see whether what we were doing was right or not.

Just because we like someone, it does not mean that the person we like will like us back, and they have their own reason. It can also be you who are causing the failure to be with that person.

1. You were in a rush to get to know him

You and him have your own timing. Maybe for you to get to know him for months is enough, but for him, maybe you have to take more time. Time will reveal your and his personality and shows whether you guys can be together.

Indeed, not all people will reject someone just because you are being in a rush to get to know them. But, to build trust and comfort will take some time and it is not instant. For this, you need to know and see the signs a man is emotionally connected to you so you are able to take a decision of what to do next.

2. He feels no chemistry between you and him

People are often misunderstanding their own feelings once they see someone that they like. Sometime you feel like you like someone and want to get to know them better because you see that person is honest and kind. But, just because they have the character that you like, this does not mean that they will feel compatible to you. There is no chemistry that he is looking for from you.

Also know about how to get a girl to ask you to a dance in middle school party, because every occasion in school will be a great facility to get to know someone you like. So this is the end of our topic today which is about how to get closer to your crush in school. Thank you for giving your time to read this article and I hope you can learn something by keep reading other articles from our website.

Check to see if he attempts to touch you. If he touches you or reaches towards you while you’re chatting, it’s likely that he enjoys your company. If he’s tickling you, poking you, embracing you, or patting your shoulder, it’s an indication that he wants to be more than just buddies. If you don’t want him to touch you, don’t be hesitant to express your dissatisfaction.

  • What is the best way to tell whether your middle school crush likes you? Check to see if he attempts to touch you. In the event that he touches you or reaches towards you when you’re conversing, he is most likely interested in you!

How do you get your crush to like you in middle school?

Invite them to a party at your place, or invite them to join you on the dance floor during a class party. Keep your buddies and your crush’s pals around for the first few days to keep the atmosphere light. Gather the guts to ask your crush out on a date. When you have the idea that they are interested in you, you should approach them about a date with you.

How do you know if a girl likes you but is hiding it in middle school?

Take a look at her body language.

  • Check to see whether she twirls her hair or looks down at her feet while you’re talking. This indicates that she is feeling self-conscious and apprehensive about speaking with you since she likes you. Check to see whether she shuffles her feet or if she fiddles with her hands or jewelry. Check to see if she breaks eye contact. Take a look at her smile.

Is it normal to have crushes in middle school?

“You’re too young!” says the teacher. I try my best to reassure parents that these crushes are a typical part of a child’s growth during middle school. There is nothing parents can do to restrict, force, or legislate these good sentiments. It’s a difficult lesson to learn, and it’s one that I had to learn the hard way with my own children.

How can you tell if a 13 year old boy likes you?

How to Tell If a Guy Is Interested in You

  • He is putting his hands on your shoulders. In your talks with him, he recalls minor facts about you.
  • You and he are social media friends.
  • He puts an effort in the chats you have with him.
  • He displays “alpha” body language.
  • He inquires as to whether or not you have a partner. When you engage in conversation with other men, he becomes envious.

Is it normal to have a crush at 13?

During the adolescent years, it is totally common for boys and girls to begin to develop feelings for one another. Because it is very new, it may feel awkward or weird at first. It’s also OK if children believe they are too young to participate in this lovey-dovey activity.

How do I get a girlfriend at age 11?

  1. Try to keep your gaze fixed on her during the conversation.
  2. Don’t be nervous while you speak with her! Keep your pressure off and wait till she is ready. Resist the need to be afraid of being rejected. Don’t flaunt your abilities all of the time. Please don’t disregard her. Please don’t argue in front of the person you adore because she will leave you.

How do girl act when they like you?

If a female likes you, she will either maintain her focus on you for a few seconds or look away as soon as your eyes make contact with hers, depending on how she feels about you. Either of these reactions might indicate that she has a soft spot for you. When a female likes you, her pupils may dilate, albeit it will be difficult to discern whether this is the case.

How do I test her feelings for me?

How To Tell If A Girl Likes You: 25 Tell-Tale Signs She’s Into You | How To Tell If A Girl Likes You

  1. You catch her looking at you.
  2. And she goes on a search for you.
  3. She begins to treat you differently.
  4. She responds to your messages.
  5. She appears nervous.
  6. She is touchy-feely.
  7. She makes plans.
  8. Her friends act differently.

Can a 10 year old have a crush?

Love and crushes for children ages four to eleven. It is not uncommon for first crushes to be “romantic.” Always remember to keep youthful crushes in perspective—and to avoid conflating them with romantic love. Romantic love occurs much later in life, despite the fact that children may express their sentiments in this manner. 12 year-olds are more likely to experience genuine sensations of love.

Why do kids get crushes on teachers?

Love and crushes for children aged four to eleven. In the true sense of the word, first crushes are not ” romantic.” Always remember to keep youthful crushes in perspective—and to avoid conflating them with romantic feelings. Despite the fact that children may express their affections in this manner, romantic love is a far later stage of development. 12-year-olds are more likely to experience genuine sensations of love.

How do I know if I like someone in middle school?

You should make eye contact with him and offer him a modest grin if you realize he’s staring at you. He may reciprocate with a smile or perhaps a goofy face, which might be an indication that he is interested. “Stop it!” or “You’re so odd,” for example, to see whether he laughs or attempts to respond with anything of his own.

Is he into me or just being nice?

If you’re having a conversation with a man and he establishes direct eye contact with you, it’s a solid indication that he’s interested in you. If he’s just being kind, he might pay attention to what you’re saying, but his gaze will most likely be elsewhere. True, sustained, and regular eye contact from a male, on the other hand, is a definite indication that the man is passionately interested in you.

How do u know if a boy likes u over text?

To tide you over until that day arrives, here are a few expert-approved techniques to discern if someone is interested in you through text.

  • It takes them little time to respond.
  • Their texts are interesting.
  • They inform you when they will be unavailable.
  • They apologize for their absence. “We” is introduced
  • compliments are lavished upon you
  • you employ nicknaming conventions.

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Just be nice and be yourself and take things slow don’t rush or do anything really gross.

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Well you have to see if he behaves similarly or the same towards you and other girls. That requires observation.


If youre worried about what others think or say here, then you are not ready for a relationship .


Don’t think you really have to ask, just go to the group and say hey what’s up. :).

OK, so you really like this certain guy – but does he like you back? This is such a normal thing to wonder about! The answer you’ve been waiting for is revealed now! This test will be 100% accurate for middle school girls who take it. I hope you all get the answers you want. Good luck!

My crush likes me but I’m scared to ask him out 😐

Do you guys have any suggestions how to ask him out ❤️🔥

so the boy who probably likes me is the pasters son he always stares at me and he soooooo polite I mean like he is never like that to me but I mean me of course is cute LOL anyways I think he does because he always looks at me like a smile or a smirk and try to confront me but I don’t like him sadly I like some else I think he really wants to tell me but IDK. I am in 8th grade and he thinks I like him his sister is 8 and she said that he likes me IDK though that’s the thing but here is the deal I think he does though because he smirks try to talk to me and keeps blushing anytime he see s me I am popular at school so I think that’s why I am nice and kind and I am cute LOL JK anyways whats your Idea hashtag #Cute if you think he likes me LOL but anyways bye!

How to ask a boy to dance with you at a middle school danceUsually a guide is full of guidelines, but in the case of the Middle Schooler’s Guide to Dating (#MSG2D), everything really boils down to just one guideline.

Actually just one word!

“One word,” you ask? “Can it be true?”

Yes it can. And it is.

Here’s that one one-word guideline for all middle schoolers hoping to date:

Thar she blows! That’s it! It’s as simple as that. Just don’t.

Good lands! The reasons are practically endless, but How to ask a boy to dance with you at a middle school dancebottom line, 12 is too dang young. You aren’t even ready to handle a motor vehicle. How could you be ready to handle someone’s heart?

Have you ever thought of how tender and fragile your own heart is. (Yes young men, even yours.)

That’s one of the reasons you want to date, isn’t it? You think it will give you value and fill your soul with so much meaning you could write your own hit pop song. Maybe even two! Am I right?

It’s OK to be honest. I felt that way when I was your age (and I was a guy). Heck, I wanted to be dating in THIRD GRADE. And in hindsight, I can’t tell you how thankful I am I couldn’t get a girlfriend until my Junior year. Of COLLEGE!

It was perfect timing.

Middle school? Not perfect timing. Perfect way to get your heart broken.

How to ask a boy to dance with you at a middle school danceMiddle school men: If I know you at all (and in addition to having once been in middle school myself, I have three boys who either are or were middle school men) this is your idea of an amazing middle school dance.

How to ask a boy to dance with you at a middle school danceBut the reality of the middle school dance is this.

How to ask a boy to dance with you at a middle school dance…compared to this.

But of course, their mom wouldn’t let them, so they put on the bow tie and hang out by the snack table. Like they say, you can dress up the middle school boy, but you can’t make him dance.

So, to all you middle school men of valor, I urge you: DON’T!

Just don’t. Don’t date. Not now.

Have fun being one of the guys, but more than that, learn how to relate to other guys about topics other than sports or girls. I’m talking about friends your own age, teachers, pastors, coaches, and especially your Dad if he’s around)

Speaking of, don’t look to a girl to make you a man. Real men are called up to manhood by other real men, so stop looking for a main squeeze and grow your guy friends. Real men, by the way know how to relate to the fairer sex, and they can teach you, but not if you’re off writing your own rules through trial-and-error, based on ideas you got from movies and the Disney Channel.

And to you noble maidens of middle school, I beseech thee: DON’T!

Just, no. No no. Don’t date. Enjoy your girlfriends, even dance with them, but learn how to grow in relationships with your own gender about topics other than fashion or boys. (Again, I’m talking about your friends, but also your mom and other wise female mentors)

And here’s an important truth to grasp: being desired by a boyfriend doesn’t make you special, because desire is not the same thing as love. That middle school boy also desires pizza and ice cream (and possibly sex).

You are not an ice cream cone. You are a young woman. Let the wise women in your life teach you who you are, and how to recognize a real man when you see one.

I hope this helps!

For more guidance I encourage you to consider walking through our Relation^ology online class where you’ll learn truth for thriving in relationships. Even better, grab some same-gender friends and watch the videos and read the posts and discuss. Here’s the first video in the series.

Still set on pursuing that dating relationship? At least visit our hot topic page dedicated to dating and learn more about how to navigate the dating world with greater maturity and clarity.

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What is one thing that you like about yourself?

How to ask a boy to dance with you at a middle school dance

The Allstate Foundation champions SEL and service-learning programs to ensure youth reach their full potential and have the power to build the just, equitable and healthy world we all deserve. Learn more >>

Connecting with teens and getting them to trust us should be at the heart of every lesson. Whether kids are in a classroom or learning remotely, these 50 prompts and questions for middle and high school students will help kids think about who they are and learn how to share their characteristics and thoughts with others.

Here’s how you can use these SEL prompts and questions for middle and high school students throughout the year:

  • Pull one card up each week before class and have students reflect and share with you or with a small group to spark discussion.
  • Share a card in your online classroom app along with a link to a Google form for student responses.
  • Use cards one-on-one for a check-in of each student’s social and emotional learning skills bank.
  • Pair students up to share their reflections on a card. Teach them how to empathize, appreciate diversity, and consider another perspective, as they share.

Want this entire set of questions in one easy document?

Think he’s got it for you? Finding it difficult to unveil his exact feelings? Not any more!

Think he’s got it for you? Finding it difficult to unveil his exact feelings? Not any more!

How to ask a boy to dance with you at a middle school dance

There are times when you feel that a particular guy really has it for you. But how can you ever be sure if he doesn’t say it? Those stolen glances tell you that there is something, but what exactly? Your friends catch him staring at you all the time. His interest in your activities and your life is clear, but is that just because he’s a good friend? That’s a lot of confusion to sort out, isn’t it? But if there is this one guy, who you think likes you, and somewhere you like him too, it’s time you find out for sure.

Deciphering His Feelings

Exclusive Attention

The best way to know if he likes you is to notice if he gives you undivided attention all the time. If you and your friends are discussing something, he’ll be more attentive when you talk. If you want to talk to him about something, he’ll never say no. He’ll listen to you complain, rant, and chatter away to glory, without any objection. Basically, he’ll always give you attention―whether you expect it at that moment or not.

Special Gestures

Special gestures include all the obvious signs that he shows. He will get you flowers on all occasions such as Friendship’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Rose Day―whenever he sees an opportunity. He’ll always ask you if you need help with homework or a project. He might help you with something when you haven’t even asked for his help in the first place. He might offer to drop you home on his way or wait with you till your bus arrives. His chivalry will be extremely opportunistic.

Stolen Glances

In between all those classes, in the corridors, and in the canteen, you’ll see him steal glances now and then. He’ll be looking at you every chance he gets and the moment you look at him, he’ll look away. You might see his friends tell him of your (much awaited) presence in the class. If you do happen to catch him look at you, he might just smile shyly and look away.

Flirting Signs

He’ll try to flirt with you every chance he gets. He’ll shower you with compliments and might even slip in his feelings while in conversation. He might have those witty comments ready every time you both happen to talk. He might ask you out for coffee often. He’ll try to compliment you in a way that the compliments will make you blush.


He’ll always want to know more about you and your life. He’ll ask you who your closest friends are and what your parents do. He’ll want to know the people you don’t like and what kind of people you like. He’ll also want to know what you do all day and what hobbies interest you. He’ll try to have as much information as he can. You’ll get a feeling that he wants to know everything about you.

It’s not very complicated, is it? Understanding whether he likes you or not, isn’t very difficult to conclude, really. However, if he’s not confessing his feelings for quite some time now, there might be a possibility that you misinterpreted something.

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How to ask a boy to dance with you at a middle school dance

Getting a guy to like you in middle school can be a daunting task. Keeping a positive outlook and being proud of who you are is a great way to build up the self-confidence you will need to get a guy to like you.

Keep an optimistic outlook. If you try to find the joy in life and enjoy yourself, your positivity will make you all the more attractive to the opposite sex.

Get to know the boy you like. If he is in a class of yours, talk to him between classes. You can try talking to him about the class to open up conversation because it is something you already have in common. This can lead to more conversations as you two get to know each other.

Invite the guy you like to hang out with you and your friends. This way he will get to know you and how great you are.

Be confident in who you are. This does not mean that if you are shy you have to be the most outgoing person in the world, but if you exhibit a level of self-confidence he will get to want to know you and what you have to offer.

Find things that you two have in common. This will give you things to talk about and help you feel comfortable around each other.

Do not feel you have to look or act a certain way to get the boy to like you. Focus on keeping yourself likable by grooming yourself well and taking good care of yourself to look more attractive, but do not forget how important it is to have a beautiful inner self as well.

Middle school men:. If I know advice at all and in addition rules having once been in date school myself, I have three boys who either are or were middle school men ideas is your ideas of an amazing rules school dance. Senoritas of ideas school:. But the reality of the middle school dance is this. Well, the simple answer is what I just pointed out. The apps most middle school dances wind up with a bunch of girls dancing alone together, is because the ratio of girls to guys at date school dances looks a lot like this….

Have fun being one of the guys, but more than that, learn how to relate the other guys about topics other ideas sports or girls. Real men are called up to manhood by other real men, so stop looking for a main squeeze and grow your guy friends. Just, no.

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No no. That middle school boy also ideas pizza and ice cream and for sex. You are not an ice cream cone. You are a young woman. Let the wise women in your life teach you who you tips, and how to first a real man when you dating one.

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Even better, grab some same-gender friends and watch the videos and read the posts and discuss. Still set on pursuing that dating relationship? At least visit our hot tips page dedicated to date and learn more about how to navigate the dating advice with greater maturity bases clarity. Be a good friend and share with your friends on the social media platform of choice:. Instagram , Youtube , Facebook , or Twitter. Want to good beyond what a blog post can accomplish? And would like to learn how to better build healthy relationships in activities meantime. Check out all three study guides in our store. Even better? And ask a schoolers couple you respect to lead it! Actually just one word! Good rules is.

Thar she blows! Yes young men, rules yours. It was ideas timing. Middle school? Not perfect timing. Perfect way to ideas first broken.

Have you learned date yet? So, to all you middle school men of valor, I middle you:. Date now. And to you noble maidens of middle school, I beseech thee:. I hope this helps!

I can’t stress enough how important it is for you to NOT CONCEAL A THING!! I’m SO not saying to tell him you like him immediately, but seriously, be yourself. I really like this guy, and my locker’s next to his. I started talking to him, being friendly, etc., and now I think he may like me 🙂 And I think he’s getting jealous of the two guys whose pics are in my locker (though they’re just friends). Be open, be yourself, and don’t deny you like someone if he asks who or if, just respond a little teasingly and flirtatiously a) “Why would I tell you ?” b) “Wouldn’t you like to know?” It’s okay to be flirty and fun. Laugh when you think you should, not at bad jokes. If he does tell a bad one, make a gentle joke! Both of you laughing at and with him (or you) is better then not laughing at him (or you)!

Call him immediatly

Ask for his number right away

Act like you think he’s hott right away

here is the right thing to do.

Act innocent, and give them the impression of a ‘good girl’

Ask them personal(but not too personal) questions about themselves

Show him you are funny (in the haha way, not the weird way)

Give them the idea you might like them, but don’t actually say it

When You’ve known Him Here is the wrong thing to do.

Call him every night

change the way you act toward him

Here is the right thing to do.

Answer when he calls, don’t be afraid of your phone

Try to be yourself

Ask if he like somthing, like a band ect. to get a convo started

Because if you teach middle school, you’re going to need all the help you can get.

How to ask a boy to dance with you at a middle school dance

It takes a special kind of educator to be a middle school teacher. As eighth grade teacher David Yancey says, “When you first decide to teach middle school, you do everything you can to get through that first year. And then you realize—you need help.”

We recently interviewed David for a Facebook Live event to talk about creative ways to reach middle school students. David teaches social studies at Edwards Middle School in Conyers Georgia. He integrates rap into his lessons, rewriting the lyrics to popular songs to teach key concepts. His video of one such rap, “Mad and Losing,” went viral earlier this year.

Watch the Facebook Live video for more tips from David on working with middle school students, and to hear him give a live rap demo at the end! During the event, several other middle school teachers chimed in the comments to offer their tips and advice. Here are some of our favorites on creative ways to reach middle school students.

1. Find ways to show you care

How to ask a boy to dance with you at a middle school dance

“Kids don’t care what you know until they know you care,” –Rocky B.

You might be tempted to pass all of your knowledge on to your students, but if they’re not listening, it’s going to get lost. Plus, teens and tweens can naturally be a little skeptical, so look for your own way to show them that you really do care.

2. Add a little song and dance

How to ask a boy to dance with you at a middle school dance

“In the classroom, everything’s better with a song and dance party.” –Mary E.

Take a lesson from David and create your own musical lesson in the classroom. Teacher Deborah H. wrote that her students rewrote the words to “All About That Bass,” to talk about the different phases of the moon. Even if music is not your thing personally, you can still use the lessons of others. Look on YouTube for educational materials or teachers sharing their content. Here’s another teacher who uses hip hop in her classroom to inspire you.

3. Get to their level

How to ask a boy to dance with you at a middle school dance

“You have to come to their level and understand them.” –Leslie G.

This doesn’t mean that you talk down to students or have to let go of your lesson. It just means that it’s important to speak to them in a language they understand … and that they want to hear. Leslie says teachers have a role as an authority figure in the classroom, but she also believes that middle school teachers have to offer friendship to connect.

4. Hop on trends and cool tech tools

How to ask a boy to dance with you at a middle school dance

“I use fidget spinners to teach scientific method. They love it.” –Deborah H.

The whole “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em,” mantra can really ring true with middle school students. Whether it’s trends like fidget spinners or looking up the latest YouTube star to incorporate in your lesson, you will reach your students this way. You don’t even have to do much research. Just ask … you’re pretty much guaranteed to get answers.

5. Grab their attention

How to ask a boy to dance with you at a middle school dance

“You have to be able to grab their attention, and you have to know them in order to do this.” –Denise S.

Use the above tip about trends to reach your students in a whole new way. Once you know what your students find interesting, entertaining and funny, you can then figure out how to use those things to really grab their attention. Denise writes, “I do whatever I have to do keep it fresh and interesting. What makes them tick? Figure it out, and then use that to reach them.”

For groups, this might mean pop culture references or trends. But if you’re trying to reach an individual student, take notice of what they’re into to show another level of engagement.

6. Be genuine

How to ask a boy to dance with you at a middle school dance

“Love your students, and they will conquer the world.” –Marie J.

Kids of all ages know when an adult is being sincere. Teachers agree that you if you show your students you really and truly care, then they trust you. Then you can reach them in whole new ways. Janine N. writes, “Love, listen, validate their feelings, and stretch them to grow and believe in themselves and appreciate others.”

7. Join in the fun

How to ask a boy to dance with you at a middle school dance

“I love to get down on the floor with my students. I talk to them about travel or just life issues.” –Valerie O.

Valerie has been teaching eighth grade geography for more than 20 years, and she says when they are coloring or labeling maps, she always joins in. By getting involved and being hands-on, her students trust her and talk to her. Another teacher, Gerald J., says they use the Wii Dance game to interact with high school students with autism. “We hook it up to the smartboard, and the kids dance, Gerald says. “The kids, we teachers, general ed students, and admins stop to join in.”

You definitely develop a whole new relationship with students once you share candid, honest moments. Be brave and be that middle school teacher who goes out on a limb with your students. You’ll experience teaching in a whole new way.


Harrison: So, a lot of you kids in high school, you probably know, you know like, you’re getting a little hot and bothered. Where you going to take this? You know, so what’s a place that you used to go to when you were in high school to make out?

Maya: Well, assuming I had any physical interactions when I was in high school, I probably would have wanted to be discreet about it. I hear closets are good for this.

Maya: That’s the word on the street, a little janitor’s closet action.

Harrison: You know what?

Harrison: Take photography because there is a darkroom.

Maya: There is a darkroom.

Harrison: Darkroom, also.

Maya: And that is saucier and less creep than a janitor’s closet.

Harrison: Exactly. You might even get a Vicki/Christina Barcelona scenario with, you know with Scarlett Johansson and Penelope Cruz.

Maya: They might come out of the blue.

Harrison: They might just come out of nowhere and just start making out.

Maya: Where there’s a darkroom, there’s those two.

Harrison: Exactly. Other than a darkroom, some more you know, logical place would be you know, like under the stairwell. That would be easy. That’s quick. There’s a lot of them usually. Maybe the library, in the stacks.

Maya: Oh, yeah that is a sultry move being surrounded by literature. No, it’s really, it’s good. Because it’s quiet. There’s a lot of little corridors and small spaces.

Maya: It’s easy to do the whip-around if someone should come by.

Harrison: Exactly, yes.

Maya: Maybe the gym sometimes, because that’s not utilized.

Harrison: Exactly, not during a basketball game, though.

Maya: Yeah. Well, yeah. That would be less than discreet, but a little bleacher action. It’s a very zesty approach.

Harrison: So I would say go to your local high school, unless you’re not in high school, and you know.

Maya: Or I mean if only to make out somewhere.

Harrison: Well, you might become a sex offender. But I just think, just go to your local high school and when you’re in class, try these out if you have a girlfriend or someone you like to kiss. Then you can experience what we’re about to experience right now.

Maya: Let’s say we’re under the bleachers.

Harrison: All right.

Maya: Rah, rah, rah. Sis, boom, bah.

Harrison: Oh yeah, I’m going to get some popcorn.

Maya: I feel so naughty.

Harrison: I know, right? I can’t believe I’m kissing a cheerleader.

Does your middle school crush like you back?

Have a crush on that one cute boy, but don’t know if he feels the same? Take the accurate quiz to find out! (For middle school girls only)

Has he ever complemented you on your looks at all?

He does it every once in a while

He doe sit constantly

Has he ever talked to you?

Oh, we talk all the time.

We sometimes talk

No, we never made actual contact

How well do you know him?

I know everything about him

I only know a little

Don’t know anything

Do you guys ever hang out?

We always hang out! Its so fun.

We sometimes hang out.

Have you ever touched each other before?

We touch each other all the time.

I can’t believe I’m saying no again!

We barely touch.

Can you imagine a future with him

No not at all, based on how things are going.

Kind of, but I’m not focusing on that now.

Does he seem to be interested in anyone else?

Not that I know of.

Final question, doe she ever try to flirt with you or impress you in any way?

He definitely likes you! He is very passionate about you and you should ask him out! You go girl! You guys will make a great couple.

He doesn’t like you.

He doesn’t like you.

I’m sorry, but it doesn’t seem like he like you. : ( But don’t feel bad! Go to him and get to know him more, and when your good friends you might be able to get him to develop feelings. If it all doesn’t work out, there are plenty other people out there!

You don’t need to helicopter to help your middle-schooler make friends. In fact, too much interference can do more harm than good. Follow these strategies to boost your tween’s confidence.

How to ask a boy to dance with you at a middle school dance

Verified Updated on September 15, 2020

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How to ask a boy to dance with you at a middle school dance

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You learned that your middle-schooler is skipping lunch to avoid the cafeteria. Should you address it head-on, giving her advice that she probably won’t listen to, or demand that she go to lunch? It is hard to know.

Social struggles are not restricted to school. Children have the same deficits at home, at stores, on the ball field, and in every life setting. Many kids want to improve their friendship skills, but don’t know how. That’s where you come in.

Working with your child to meet social challenges leads to behaviors that your child can use everywhere. The following strategies will help your child make friends – and move through the socially difficult years of adolescence more easily.

How do I help my son stop avoiding the school cafeteria?

Children avoid the cafeteria because they are bullied, but also because they don’t know how to interact with peers, join a conversation, or even where to sit.

Debrief your child.

Without telling your child he is doing anything wrong, ask open-ended questions to find out what he thinks is happening. Ask about whom he sits with, when he feels uncomfortable, or if there are friends he would like to sit with.

Practice skills.

Nothing is tougher for kids than joining a conversation that is in progress. Suggest a little detective work. Ask your child to go to lunch, listen to what everyone talks about, and report back. You and he can role-play conversations that build on the topics the group talks about most often.

Get outside help.

Avoidance is not a plan, so if your child can’t navigate social situations, have her work with a professional social skills group.

How can I help my child when she isn’t invited to class parties?

If a child isn’t invited to birthday parties, concerts, or other peer activities, it is time to team up and find out what might be causing the problem.

Discuss things, without blame, to help your child diagnose why she isn’t fitting in.

Walk her through her day at school and ask her to recount one or two of the social interactions she had – what she said to a classmate, how that child reacted – and discuss what she thinks she could have done differently.

Talk about different types of friendship.

Many children with social challenges try to make friends with kids who do not share their interests, or they misinterpret social cues and think any friendly person wants to be friends. Help your child understand different kinds of “friendships”: There are people you say hello to, acquaintances, people you interact with, and real friends. Brainstorm with her about ways to befriend children with whom she shares interests and who treat her well.

Find ways to meet others with similar interests – social clubs, youth groups, and other interest-based activities.

These places give your child a chance to socialize by talking about things the kids like in common.

How can I make group projects less intimidating for my daughter?

Group projects are tough for her because she has to contribute, advocate for her ideas, participate in the discussion, and present a final project. The following case study shows how to make group projects less challenging for your child.

Ali is 12 years old, and she hates group projects. She and her mom write the teacher asking for advice about what she can do better in the next group project. The teacher says Ali should speak up more and identify a role she would like to take on in the project.

Ali’s mom understands the unspoken social dynamics in play – children meet in large groups, and assumptions are made about Ali and what she might be able to do on the project. Ali is left out of the decision-making because she doesn’t speak up. Ali and her mom discuss the personalities within the group, their likes and dislikes, and so on. Ali puts together a social database about her partners in the group project, so she can talk more comfortably with her peers.

Ali does better socially when she has a plan. She and her mom look at the project rubric and discuss which components seem interesting and manageable to Ali, and decide what Ali would like to take on. They rehearse possible scenarios. Role-playing, and learning how to ask open-ended questions, helps Ali build the confidence to speak up during the group’s discussions.

With all the prep at home, Ali slowly overcomes her social struggles and plays an important part in the group. And she has a plan she can use for the next group project.

My son has lots of virtual friends, but how do I encourage him to develop friends he can talk with one-on-one?

Connecting to other people, adapting to their needs, and engaging in the give-and-take of friendship are important skills all kids need to learn.

Let him have virtual friends.

Facebook friends and Twitter buddies may be your son’s only friends right now, and you don’t want him to lose them.

Talk to him about why he needs other friends.

Ask your child what he likes about the virtual world. Find another activity that he may like – a course in robotics or computer coding – in which he will interact with people.

Work on social strategies.

Whether it’s engaging in chitchat, turning an acquaintance into a friend, or arranging to see people outside of school, it is essential that your son knows how to approach people. With consistent practice, he will get what you and every child wants: good friends.

Thank you for reading ADDitude. To support our mission of providing ADHD education and support, please consider subscribing. Your readership and support help make our content and outreach possible. Thank you.

April 12, 2010 by Roger Lee

The Pressure is on for the Young Male Dancer

As the curtain rises on the brightly lit stage, the young male dancer is exposed to the audience. His head spins as he worries about the costume he is wearing, the big power-lift with his female counterpart and what the audience will say about his masculinity. These fears are not only a part of the young male dancer’s performance experience– they are his reality each day in rehearsals. In fact, the male dancer faces similar fears outside of the dance studio. In essence, the young male dancer has a lot to worry about as he enters the world of dance.

How to ask a boy to dance with you at a middle school danceJust as the discouraged young male is ready to quit dance and throw in the towel, he should remember that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It is a light worth dancing towards. I know from personal experience that dancing towards the dream is easier said than done. The dream lies at the end of a tunnel filled with obstacles along the way. The struggles the young male dancer faces only makes him stronger if he can endure the not so easy early years of dance training.

Through my own personal account and the stories of 3 successful male dancers at different stages in their careers, I will describe the common struggles young male dancers face, tips for survival and why dancing towards the dream is well worth the fight!

My Introduction to Dance

Reflecting back on my pre-adolescent years, I can recall my first formal dance class. After spending some time on a hip-hop dance team that performed regularly for local news, I was no stranger to commercial dance. I grew up watching the greats—Michael Jackson and James Brown. I tuned in to Soul Train and was surrounded by dance music. It was only natural that I entered the world of dance. Once I was chosen for the hip-hop dance team, I was embraced with open arms by my fellow dancers! The young ladies on the team loved having a male around and would often ask me to assist them with the unfamiliar hip-hop vocabulary they were being taught. As a young male, I felt that I had it made. I was naive and believed that all dance environments would be as accepting of male dancers. Boy was I wrong!

Stories of Struggle

Early obstacles

When I finally took my first ballet class at a dance summer camp for ages 9-17, I was surprised that I was the only male in the class. The young ladies had a ball laughing, pointing out my flaws and lack of training. My masculinity was questioned, my dance ability was challenged, and my dreams of becoming a serious dance student were slowly diminishing.

A similar story comes from male dancer Ibn Snell, a junior at the Philadelphia High School for Creative and Performing Arts. This young male dancer felt the need to hide his passion for dance while in middle school. He admits, “I had troubles of people judging me in middle school. My mom would tell the principals about my dance competitions and saying vote for me and I didn’t want my friends to know.” Ibn’s story has an unexpected outcome. However, you’ll have to wait for the conclusion in the follow-up to this article.

Lost Potential

Ursinus College alum and UNC Graduate Student Nik Stasulli says, “There were definitely kids that would make fun of me when I was younger, but my real friends didn’t care and encouraged me, especially the girls that I danced with that were my age.” Nik encourages young male dancers to surround themselves with positive people who support their dream. He also encourages young dancers to follow their own heart’s desires and not listen to the negativity around them. Nik remembers a potentially brilliant male dancer from his studio who gave into the pressure. “He got made fun of a lot for it and he eventually quit because of it and i always thought that was a shame. He had so much potential, but he let the negative people around him get to him too much and he quit.” The moral of the story is to never let people destroy your dream.

How to ask a boy to dance with you at a middle school danceFellow dancer, Micheal Meadows recalls his introduction to the world of dance. He says, “I started dancing at the age of 18 in high school and got asked by teachers to dance for our school’s team.” Michael was the captain of the snowboarding team and found difficulty in getting support from his fellow athletes. “If you feel like you are ready to quit take a deep breath and realize your potential.” A young male dancer with potential to become amazing at his craft, must hold on tight and look beyond the negative comments that are thrown his way… Remember that lost potential is something you cannot get back in life.

Strength, Courage, and Thick Skin

“Being a male dancer shows character and being able to stand above the rest. The industry is lacking strong male dancers, so there is a definite market for males in the dance industry,” says Michael. Indeed, it is my experience that being a young male dancer takes strength and courage. It teaches you a lot of hard life lessons while thickening your skin and preparing you for the real world.

Catch Part II of Roger’s article, Surviving and Thriving, tomorrow on the blog!

Are you a young man who dances? Have you had similar experiences?

Have you witnessed the taunting of boys in dance class?

You should make eye contact with him and offer him a modest grin if you realize he’s staring at you. He may reciprocate with a smile or perhaps a goofy face, which might be an indication that he is interested. “Stop it!” or “You’re so odd,” for example, to see whether he laughs or attempts to respond with anything of his own.

How can you tell if a 13 year old boy likes you?

How to Tell If a Guy Is Interested in You

  • He is putting his hands on your shoulders. In your talks with him, he recalls minor facts about you.
  • You and he are social media friends.
  • He puts an effort in the chats you have with him.
  • He displays “alpha” body language.
  • He inquires as to whether or not you have a partner. When you engage in conversation with other men, he becomes envious.

How do you know if a boy likes you at school?

If he is gazing at your lips, it is a clear indication that he is interested in you and wants to know more. Other indicators, such as whether he attempts to touch your arm or speaks with you one-on-one, should be observed in order to assess whether or not he is interested in you.

How do you get a middle school guy to like you?

Is it normal to have crushes in middle school?

“You’re too young!” says the teacher. I try my best to reassure parents that these crushes are a typical part of a child’s growth during middle school. There is nothing parents can do to restrict, force, or legislate these good sentiments. It’s a difficult lesson to learn, and it’s one that I had to learn the hard way with my own children.

Is he into me or just being nice?

If you’re having a conversation with a man and he establishes direct eye contact with you, it’s a solid indication that he’s interested in you. If he’s just being kind, he might pay attention to what you’re saying, but his gaze will most likely be elsewhere. True, sustained, and regular eye contact from a male, on the other hand, is a definite indication that the man is passionately interested in you.

Is it okay to have a crush at 13?

During the adolescent years, it is totally common for boys and girls to begin to develop feelings for one another. Because it is very new, it may feel awkward or weird at first. It’s also OK if children believe they are too young to participate in this lovey-dovey activity.

How do you know if a 14 year old boy likes you?

The following are the most often used indicators:

  1. There are many times when he stares at you
  2. his body language is open and adjusted to your direction
  3. he discovers subtle ways to touch you. He chuckles and grins while he is in your company. In addition, he is constantly available and appears to show up at activities where you are also present. When he talks about you, he tells his buddies about you.

How do you get a boy to have a crush on you at school?

If you have a crush on a boy at school, there are a few things you may do to persuade him to reciprocate your emotions. If you spend time getting to know him, discovering shared interests, softly flirting with body language, and communicating your sentiments with him, you will have him completely sucked in no time.

How do you know if he has a crush on me?

If a male has a genuine romantic interest in you, he is likely to devote all of his time and energy to you. The way he will behave is that he will turn his body toward you, make eye contact, and not look around for his other buddies or text them throughout your chat (unless, maybe, his phone is used to crutch his nerves).

How do you get a boy to kiss you in middle school?

Close your eyes and lean in for the kiss if your spouse tilts to the opposite side of the bed or couch.

  1. With your mouth closed, gently but forcefully push your lips against your partner’s lips in a gentle but strong manner. Because having your eyes open might create the idea that you’re lying, you’ll want to close them before you kiss.

How do you make your crush fall in love with you in middle school?

Alternatively, you may invite her or him to your house for a party or ask her or him to dance with you at your class party. Keep your buddies and your crush’s pals around for the first few days to keep the atmosphere light. Gather the guts to ask your crush out on a date. In the event that you have the sense that he or she is interested in you, you should approach him or her and ask for a date.

How can I get over my middle school crush?

How to Get Over a Crush: 9 Practical Steps to Getting Over It

  1. Try not to obsess over it.
  2. Don’t stalk their social media accounts. Talk it out and let it go. Recognize your worth and devote your time to what you like. Learn everything you possibly can. Recognize that this is a temporary situation and that you are not alone. Make a list of everything in your journal. Meet New People.
  3. Make New Friends.

What do you do if you have a crush on a girl in middle school?

Make Her Feel Special by Doing the Following:

  1. Please provide a hand. Obtain her phone number and text her to let her know that you are thinking about her. Purchase her favorite candy bar and send it to school with her. enlist her assistance with a project
  2. Focus your attention on her face and into her eyes. Inform her that you are pleased to see her or that you appreciated your conversation with her.

I know you. I’ve been you. I’ve walked your halls. I’ve taught in your classrooms. I’ve graded your dog-chewed homework. I know your smells of too-fruity perfume and not-yet discovered deodorant. I’ve seen your slow dance: awkward, gawky, spinning. Just like you. Arms out, braced against the weight of everything you don’t know, everything you want to know.

I’ve watched you watch that one girl. The one with the perfect everything. The perfect nose, the perfect laugh. And that other girl. The loud one. The sad one. The annoying one always answering, answering, answering because knowing things is all she has.

I know the boys. The sport. The bully. The pudgy one, all pimples and jiggle belly and glasses sliding down, chubby middle finger pushing them up again and up again. Why the middle finger? Doesn’t he know? And the funny boy. So funny, so indifferent, so secretly and deeply unsure.

I’ve seen the new kids. New to this town from places that are bigger, warmer, shinier. New from places that are worse. Forsaken places, half a world from here with refugee camps and wars fought by stolen children. Girls in sequined hijab and long skirts with bold patterns. Boys with velvety smiling eyes.

I’ve been to your cafeteria with its noisy chatter rising and rising. With its caste system. No, you can’t sit here. Don’t try. Yes, sit with us. Yes, you belong here. Thoughtful lunches in neat containers pulled from cooler bags hiding secret sticky-note I Love You’s. Free lunches on clattering trays, free breakfast, every meal here at school and summers hungrier.

I know you’re vulnerable. I know you’re strong. I’ve watched your athleticism untangle itself, your wit find laughter, your voice fill space. I know this in-between place. These years that build you, break you, define you, defy you.

I wanted to say something to you, Middle School. I wanted to say something to my daughter as she enters 6th grade. I wanted to say something so true and complete that it would usher her through these years unscathed, unfazed. Only, I don’t know what that would be. I can’t find those words. I don’t have that magic. But I do know this much:

  1. Whining will get you nothing good. Work hard. Try again. No whining.
  2. Find something you love and practice it every day. Writing, math, music, skating, drawing, building, telling jokes. Return to it when you feel unsure about who you are. Which you will.
  3. When someone is mean to you, it’s because they feel badly about themselves. From now until forever, this will always be true.
  4. Your starry soul, your powerful mind — these things are housed in your body. You will be repeatedly sold the lucrative idea that your body is not good enough. Yes it is. Listen to me: YES IT IS. It’s a revolutionary act of rebellion to love your body and to love yourself. Be a rebel.
  5. Physical activity is really, really important for your mental health. Be active.
  6. Believe in something good. Stand up for it. Stand up for yourself.
  7. Participate in the educating of you. Understand how you learn. Ask for help. Be eternally curious.
  8. The only way out is through.
  9. Music will help get you through. Laughing will help. Friends will help. Gossip won’t help.
  10. Everyone is special and no one is special. Have empathy, feel love.

And finally, this: Remember me. Remember my face. If you hurt my girl, forget everything I just said, I’ll be waiting for you on the playground after school.

Does your middle school crush like you.

Find if your middle school crush likes you back. This quiz is only accurate for Middle school girls.

How often does he talk to you?

Does he ever go out of his way to socialize in any way with you.

Yes! All the time

Does he ever try to impress you?

Yes its really cute

Is he nice to you?

Sometimes, he’s kinda mean

Never, he’s a jerk

Most of the time, he teases me a little

Does he ever get shy around you?

How often does he stare at you?

Hes crazy about you.

Hes crazy about you.

He definitely has a crush on you. Know all you do is wait until High School and hope he still has a crush on you then.

He has a small crush on you

He has a small crush on you

He likes you a lot but more as a friend. Get out of the friend’s zone! By that I mean try to talk to him more and get to know him in order to see if he is the right guy for you in the future.

Your Stuck in the friend zone

Your Stuck in the friend zone

He likes you but just as a buddy, you should get to know him better. Who knows this may just be a sign that he is not he’s not the right guy for you

The fire is extinguished

The fire is extinguished

Sadly, he doesn’t like you in that way, you might want to get to know him first and if he still doesn’t like you, then you’re not meant to be ( if you were you would find that he talks to you and is around you every chance he gets a lot more.)

Get to know your students and foster classroom respect.

How to ask a boy to dance with you at a middle school dance

Ask around and you’ll quickly learn that most teens think the first few days of school are a complete waste of time. “All we do are the same dumb games we did in elementary school!” Or, “It’s just seven periods of my teachers reading me the syllabus!”

So, how can we make those first few days meaningful? Here are real middle school icebreakers that are perfect for high school too! They allow you to build classroom community while getting to know your students in fun and meaningful ways. Plus, check out four free 15-minute icebreakers to try today.

1. Honesty builds community

Secondary students are like sharks. Well, not exactly—they can’t smell prey from thousands of feet away, but they can smell stale lesson plans with shocking speed and accuracy. Instead of doing something you’ve done before, start the year by being honest.

Tell them that the first few days are about getting to know each other. That this year is obviously very different. That you know they didn’t get to say goodbye to their teachers last year.

As part of your middle school icebreakers, tell them you want to get to know them, and they need to know you so you all can have a positive year. Here are a few things you can be honest about with them:

  • What behaviors/attitudes really get under your skin.
  • What you expect from them as they enter your classroom each day.
  • Your hopes and your fears for the school year.
  • What personal goal(s) you have for the school year.
  • What you are most looking forward to this year.

2. Try a few getting-to-know-you challenges

While you may not want to risk a trust-fall activity just yet, physical and mental challenges are often really great ways to learn about your students’ personalities. Who is going to be a leader in class or who might need encouragement to speak up? Look at who treats teammates with respect and take note of who gets frustrated along the way.

These are all truly useful pieces of information you will learn when you watch your students work through a challenge. Need some ideas for these middle school icebreakers?

  • Tarp Flip Challenge: Spread a few tarps on the floor. Get groups of students to stand on them. The challenge? They have to flip the tarp completely over without stepping off of it. (You’ll need some volunteers to watch to keep the groups honest.)
  • Build a Boat: Divide your class into groups or allow them to choose their own for a good look at who’s friends with whom! Give each group one bag of drinking straws and one small roll of duct tape. Inform students that they have 25 minutes to construct a boat using only the straws and the tape. Have a tub or classroom sink filled up with water and ready to go to test the boats and declare winners.
  • Balloon Launch: Break students into groups of between four and six students and give each group a few balloons in the same color. Each team should have a different color. Have students blow the balloons up as much as they want and hold them without tying them closed. Have students stand in the front of the room and let the balloons go. The team with the balloon that flies the farthest wins.
  • Two Truths and a Lie: Have each student come up with two truths and one lie about themselves. They can state them or write them on the board and then the other students vote what is the lie!
  • Scavenger Hunt: Group the students together and then provide each group with a list of items they need to find in the classroom. They will have to work together to see who can find and show their items the fastest.
  • Would You Rather: Have the students show a thumbs up or thumbs down to choose their “would you rather.” Need ideas, check out this list.

How to ask a boy to dance with you at a middle school dance

3. Try student-to-student interviews

Putting one student in charge of interviewing another student can be an amazingly powerful tool. As a class, brainstorm a list of unique but revealing questions and then ask each student to pick three or four they’d be comfortable talking about with someone else.

Give students time to interview each other and then write a short piece about the peer they interviewed. Display the papers to give students ownership in the class. Possible revealing (but not intimidating) questions might be:

  • What is one of the biggest problems facing the world today? How do you think we should deal with it?
  • Whom do you respect most and why?
  • If you could be someone else in the world, whom would it be and why?
  • What makes you happiest?
  • What’s tough about being a teenager?

4. Give your students a say and then sit back and really listen

This one is often difficult for teachers. We want our classrooms to run smoothly, and we want them to run the way we plan them to run, so handing control over to a pack of middle or high school students can feel like an invitation to chaos.

But when we give our students some (managed!) choice over the way their classroom works, it often increases their feeling of agency and control in the room. Since they made the decisions, they’re more invested in making sure those decisions are abided by. Here are just a few things you could try leaving up to the students:

  • Seating arrangements: With the understanding that seats can be changed by you, if necessary.
  • How or when music is allowed: By having this conversation with them, you can voice concerns about work being done while still respecting their desire to listen to music at appropriate times.
  • Beginning-of-class procedures: Ask them how they feel students should enter the room and get to work.
  • Procedures for restroom use, water fountain use, etc.: Even though they’ll probably come up with something that you’d choose yourself anyway, it’s amazing how much more seriously they’ll take it when it’s their idea.
  • What should be done with cell phones: You can begin by saying that having them out on desks at all times is a definite no, but you might be surprised by how strict they can be on each other on their own.

Middle and high school students want the additional responsibilities and privileges of being older, more experienced students. When we show them that we recognize that during those important first few days of class, we begin to foster a classroom culture of respect and caring. Taking the time to do activities that are engaging and meaningful will help ensure we have a great school year!

May 4, 2021 By Morgan Last Updated: May 4, 2021

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This clean playlist of dance music for kids will be a hit with all ages without the worry of anything inappropriate. Destress and get rid of some restless energy by having a family dance party with your kids! We’ve collected a playlist of songs for kids to boogie to that the whole family will love.

How to ask a boy to dance with you at a middle school dance

This post was originally posted on August 14, 2018 and has since been updated to improve user experience.

Kids dance songs = parenting done right

It’s probably my number one parenting method. Kids go crazy, I put on the dance music. The crazy thing is – it works.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been on the edge of losing my cool, navigating a mess house, barking dog, and crying kiddos.

Then I’ll stop, take a deep breath and ask if they want to dance. Smiles erupt and a chorus of “YEA!”s can probably be heard from across the street.

Each kid gets a spoon “microphone”, I put on a playlist and we twirl for an entire 5 minutes, Inevitably, they then lose interest, calm and ready to take on the world of matchbox cars and little brothers.

Meanwhile, my own anxiety level is back down to a relatively neutral level.

The power of a dance party, people.It’s actually been proven by science, too!

The Ultimate Playlist of Clean Kids Dance Songs

You’re sold, right? You want to give it a shot? I’m here today to give you the most important aspect. That is, of course , the best playlist of clean songs for kids to dance to!

Just like I did in my Kid-Friendly Songs, country songs for kids, rock and roll songs for kids, Songs for Daughters, Girl Power Songs and hip hop songs for kids posts, I’m sharing a solid dance party playlist that is high energy to get wiggles and bad mood out any day of the week and that you won’t mind shaking your groove thang to either.

Shake It Off – Taylor Swift

Does it get any more dance worthy than a song literally telling you to shake off the haters? The music video is silly and always makes my kids giggle. Be prepared to get this one stuck in your ear for days, though,

Dynamite – BTS

If you turned on the radio in 202, chances are you heard this poppy. upbeat song that makes you want to dance! Bonus, it’s totally clean for little ears.

Rain on Me – Lady GaGa and Ariana Grande

This dance worthy song screams fun 80s vibes and is impossible not to want to shake it to. Your kids will love hearing these recognizable powerhouses and you’ll want to pump up the volume when it come on.

Magic – B.O.B

A little bit of a hip hop song for kids, part pop hit, this one is fun to bop around to. Bonus: if you’re an OG Weezer fan, Rivers Cuomo sings the chorus.

Thunder – Imagine Dragons

My 3 year old bops to this song all day and demands the “lightning thunder song!!” It’s a perfect song for kids to dance to, stomp their feet, and shout at the top of their lungs. Lyrics about exceeding expectations and following your dreams never hurts either.

Party in the USA – Miley Cyrus

I don’t care who you are or how you feel about the former Hannah Montana – this song is fun. Not only is it a totally clean dance song, but it’s got such a happy, catchy tune that is infectious

Happy – Pharrell Williams

Got a Despicable Me fan? They probably already love this song! If you don’t do a little hip twist every time this song come on, I’m not sure if we can be friends. With lyrics like, “Because I’m happy/Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth” you can’t go wrong.

The Greatest Show – Panic! at the Disco

Confession: I have yet to see this movie mostly because I know how I can get with musicals. But I am a forever P!ATD fan, so this cover is a favorite in my house. The original is also a great dance song for kids, but this one have a bit more oomph, if you ask me.

Roar – Katy Perry

Even if this clean song didn’t have a great beat and amazing lyrics for kids, (“Dancing through the fire/’Cause I am a champion, and you’re gonna hear me roar.”) Your kids will absolutely ADORE any excuse to “ROAR” every time it comes on. The music video is extra fun as well!

Can’t Stop the Feeling – Justin Timberlake

So, my kids know all of the words to “Bye, Bye, Bye” and “Tearing Up My Heart” so the fact that JT made such a fun, kid friendly dance song makes my soul happy. This song from the “Trolls” movie is all about feeling happy and dancing it out! It’s one of our favorite upbeat kids songs.

Don’t Stop Believing – Journey

Not everyone will find this classic to be an essential, but I grew up on Journey and this song is. my. jam. Also, hearing little kids scream, “DON’T STOP BELIEEEEEVINGGGGG!” is funnier than I can explain here.

Dynamite -Taio Cruz

If you can hear this clean hip hop song and not start bopping around, I can’t help you. My kids love that this one has a fun beat that is easy to shake it to. Just make sure you get the radio edit version.

Better When I’m Dancing – Meghan Trainer

Bonus, with this song for kids to dance to – the music video features the Peanuts and Snoopy! This Meghan Trainer song has the same, fun beat as “All about that Bass” but way more kid friendly . Because, really, everything is better when you’re dancing, right?

What Makes Your Beautiful – One Direction

Okay, okay – hear me out. Yes, it’s a notoriously obnoxious song. BUT it’s so catchy, totally kid-friendly, and it can’t help but put a smile on your face.

The Man – The Killers

Okay, so this one might not be what you’d expect to see on this list, but it’s Ryan’s all time favorite song ever. It’s fun, got an awesome rock beat, and is HILARIOUS to hear kids sing. “I got gas in the tank/I got money in the bank/ I got news for you baby, you’re looking at the man.”

I Got a Feeling – Black Eyed Peas

This is a fun throwback, but I’m pretty sure it’s against the law NOT to dance to this clean song. OG Black Eyed Peas are known for great dance tunes and good times and this is the perfect example. My kids adore it!

Life Changes – Thomas Rhett

I’m a big fan of country songs for kids, but even wholesome country boys can sneak in some naughty language. Thomas Rhett is definitely one of them (see: Vacation and T-Shirt) but this song is not only sweet, but a clean dance song for kids.

The best part of a dance party is that you really don’t need much – a playlist, some way to play that music, and room to shake it is really the basic necessity.

Turn up these clean dance songs for kids and start shaking away all of the stress and bad mood!

Okay so tell me – does your family enjoy family dance parties? What are you favorite kids dance songs?

  1. Signs That a Woman Likes a Man
  2. What Are Some Really Sweet Things to Brighten a Girl’s Day?
  3. Signs a Girl Is Trying to Flirt
  4. How to Know If a Girl With a Boyfriend Likes You
  5. How to Read Body Language While Dating

How to ask a boy to dance with you at a middle school dance

You don’t have to be an expert at dating to figure out if a woman you are interested in might be crushing right back on you. All you have to do is take a deeper look at her actions and responses when she’s around you. From her body language to the way she speaks to you, there are several indicators of whether a woman has a genuine interest in you.

She Flirts With You

If a woman you know is always subtly flirting with you, she’s trying to let you know she’s into you. Look for clues in her body language. She’ll smile and make eye contact a lot. She’ll hold your gaze for a few seconds before looking away. She may give you a demure look, bat her eye lashes, turn her body towards you and lean in close when the two of you speak. She’ll make any excuse to touch your arm, shoulder or leg, such as when she’s laughing at your joke. You also want to look out for her stroking her neck, which is a way to subtly draw attention and subconsciously tease you a bit, according to dating expert and author Tracey Cox.

She Compliments You Often

If she’s giving you a lot of compliments, especially on your physical appearance, it’s a good sign she’s at least attracted to you. She might smile and tell you that she loves your curly hair or squeeze your biceps and act impressed. If she is connected to your social media page, she may comment on posted pictures by writing “you look hot.” Compliments about your successes, such as a promotion at work, can indicate that she cares about you on more personal level.

She Is Curious About You

A woman who has a crush on you is likely to pepper you with questions about everything from your job to your family to your food preferences, according to relationship expert Janice Hoffman. It’s her way of getting to know you better and determining your potential as someone she’d like to seriously date. She’ll also remember things you’ve said in previous conversations and follow-up with you. If you’re uncomfortable with her grilling you, Hoffman suggests turning the tables and asking her a bunch of questions about herself, which she’ll be eager to answer if she’s interested in you.

She Teases You

Nothing has changed from your playground days. Guys and girls still tease those they like. She might make playful jokes about the hole in an old T-shirt you’re wearing or tease you about being a player or a heart breaker. She might playfully push your shoulder or lightly punch your arm, which is just the adult version of the “I like you” shove from childhood. If she really likes you, none of her teasing will be hurtful or mean. It is simply a way to grow chemistry and a rapport with you.

She Is Always Around

A girl who likes you will always find a way to be around you. If you work in the same building, you might find that she conveniently seems to have the exact same lunch break as you and — what a coincidence — she’s ordering sushi from your usual spot. If you offer a general hanging-out invitation to a group of friends, including the woman you suspect has a crush, you can bet she’ll show up. If she asks you to “hang out” one-on-one, perhaps to check out the new downtown bar or to go hiking, she really is into you.

How to ask a boy to dance with you at a middle school dance

This year I’m teaching seventh-graders on Sunday mornings at our church. That’s significant because I’ve never taught middle schoolers before; I’ve always taught senior high. So going into the new ministry year, I was much more aware than I normally would be about how I was going to approach Bible study for middle schoolers. I wanted to make extra sure I was prepared to open up Scripture to them in a way that was engaging and transformative in an age-appropriate way.

I decided to focus on accomplishing three main goals in every Bible study for middle schoolers. I didn’t reinvent the wheel. My guidelines aren’t rocket science. In fact, they’re pretty basic. But they’re simple, they allow for a lot of flexibility, and they help me make sure I offer middle schoolers concrete information while making the Bible come alive.

Here are the 3 main things I try to accomplish in every Bible study for middle schoolers:

1. Reinforce the story of Scripture.

I want to make sure this is the year these middle school students grasp the narrative of the Bible. I want to make sure they don’t think of the Bible as a random collection of stories mixed in with verses here and there that help us know what not to do. So I’m taking the time to place what we’re studying in the context of the Bible’s big-picture narrative.

How do I do this? The first week I taught a Bible study for middle schoolers, we were in the Gospels. During the first five minutes, I drew a timeline on the board that started with Creation and hit all the major highpoints in the story of the Bible from Genesis until Matthew’s Gospel. I did it with a lot of energy and a ton of interaction. (I was a little surprised at how well the students could help me fill in the gaps. It’s going to be a good year.) I won’t do the full timeline every week, but I will reference it, and I will place every lesson within the greater context of the story.

2. Emphasize one main thing.

When I taught on the Transfiguration, I took a pretty exegetical approach, going through the Bible passage almost verse by verse. I was very interactive, as always. The middle schoolers helped me look at the historical context. We talked through the details of Peter’s response. Even did a Greek word study. It was good Bible study. But as we ended, I made sure I wrote the phrase “One Main Thing” on the board. I then wrote the word “IDENTITY.” I wrapped up the Bible teaching time by showing middle schoolers that this passage is all about the identity of Jesus.

I expounded on it a bit more, but the point is this: After some good interaction and learning, I made sure I landed the plane with one main idea so middle schoolers would have no doubt what the key focus was on. I wrote it on the board. In big letters. It was concrete. It said, “When you leave here, remember this thing.”

3. Leave middle schoolers with one key takeaway.

I teach in a large-group format where we divide kids into small groups for the last 15 minutes of our meeting time. This is where application of the lesson takes place in dialogue with a small-group leader. I make sure to equip our small-group leaders with questions that flow out of one main application point (I call it the One Takeaway). My One Takeaway for the Transfiguration lesson was something like this: “Because of Jesus’ identity, because of who he is, he can’t be just one part of our lives. As God’s only Son, as the Messiah, as Savior, Jesus should be at the very center of our lives.” The small-group interaction focused on fleshing out this One Takeaway.

To summarize: In every Bible study for middle schoolers, show the big-picture story of Scripture, drive home the one main thing, and leave kids with a key takeaway. That’s a solid guideline for teaching younger teenagers.

The key is to define these, in solid terms, helping students make the right connections and challenging them to be changed by the Truth.

What do you think? When leading Bible study for middle schoolers, what do you add or do differently?

This story discusses suicide. If you or someone you know is at risk of suicide please call the U.S. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255, text TALK to 741741 or go to

You can find additional information and resources at the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention website.

Parents may feel wary about talking about mental health and suicide with their children, but experts say it’s important. Death by suicide has increased every year since 1999 in people age 10 to 74. Talking about it makes a huge difference.

“It can go a long way to feel supported by other people,” Thea Gallagher, clinic director at the Center for Treatment and Study of Anxiety in the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, told TODAY Parents.

What’s more, discussing suicide doesn’t encourage it.

“You can’t prompt suicide by talking about it or asking about it,” Gallagher said.

How to talk to kids about suicide

How parents address suicide with their children varies by age. The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Psychiatric Association recommend that parents do not talk about tragedies until children are 8 years old.

“If this isn’t going to touch your kids, you don’t need to address it,” Dr. Deborah Gilboa, a parenting expert, told TODAY. “If you think they are going to hear about it — even with the youngest kids — then you should talk about it.”

Parents shouldn’t avoid this conversation just because it is tough.

“It is incredibly important because of the stigma around mental health; it is a reason people give for not getting help,” she said.

Talking about suicide with children is important for three reasons, said Gilboa.

  1. Children deserve the truth: Lying or hiding the truth from children often backfires. What’s more, it can ruin the relationship between child and parent.
  2. Mental health is genetic: Mental illness runs in family and affects almost every family. Sharing accurate information about mental health and suicide gives children information accurate information about it.
  3. Even if it doesn’t happen in your family, hearing about it provides parents a good starting point for having a candid talk about suicide and its impact on others.

Preschool-Kindergarten: Stick to the basics.

If a young child asks about suicide, Gilboa recommends keeping it simple.

“You could say ‘This person died and it is really sad,’” she said. “’They had a bad disease and it just took over.’ Just exactly like you would talk to your kids if someone had cancer.”

Gallagher agrees that giving children basics works best.

“Follow the lead of the child,” she said. “Gauge where they are developmentally and cognitively.”

Ages 7 to 10: Give short, true answers.

From 7 to 10, it’s still important for parents to emphasize the death is sad and that the person died from a disease.

“With any scary topic we are going to give short true answers and see if the child asks follow-up questions,” Gilboa said.

Parents could say something like: “Uncle Tom had an illness called depression for many years. He died from his illness, but I wish he had been able to get more help.”

But Gilboa says it is preferable that children guide the conversation with their questions. That way parents don’t provide too much information children might not want.

“Then you are not overwhelming them,” she said.

Ages 11-14: Be more concrete.

“You have to be more concrete,” Gilboa said. “We must be talking to our pre-teens about the warning signs of suicidality.”

By middle school, one in three children have experienced mood dysregulation that scares them, Gilboa said. This doesn’t mean that pre-teens will go on to experience a mental health condition. But it does show that at a young age, children are grappling with complicated emotions.

Start the conversation with questions.

“The best entry way is to ask them what they heard. ‘What have you heard about this person? What have you heard about suicide? What are your beliefs?’” Gilboa explained.

Gathering information allows parents to be on the same page as their children. Most people tune out conversations that are too basic for them and providing too much information could be too stressful.

“Enter the conversation where they are,” she said.

This also gives parents the chance to correct any misinformation their children might have heard. If your pre-teen says, ‘Weak people die by suicide,’ then a parent can explain that the person died because of an illness, not weakness.

“Someone dying of a heart attack isn’t the person’s fault. The disease was stronger than the treatment,” Gilboa said. “People who have depression sometimes die.”

Parents should ask their children if they have thought about suicide or if any of their friends have.

“Ask clear questions and don’t dance around it so they know it is a safe place,” she said.

High school: Not if. When.

Parents of high school students can have the exact same conversation with their teens as they would with middle schoolers with one notable difference. Instead of asking if their teens or their friends have experienced mental health conditions or thought of suicide ask when.

“We are not going to say ‘if.’ Not ‘What would you do if you were worried about this.’ But, ‘What will you do when you are worried about yourself or your friends?’” Gilboa said. “It is nearly impossible for a child to get through high school without knowing someone with a mental health condition.”

Gilboa recommends that parents address this with teens as if they would talk about suicide with another adult because teens want to be addressed like an adult.

It’s also important that parents reassure teens that having a mental health condition is perfectly normal and they should ask for help.

Gilboa suggested saying: “I am not going to consider it a fail if you have mental health problems.”

College: Check-in.

Parents should touch base with young adults, too, especially if they experienced suicidal ideation or know someone who has died by apparent suicide.

“This can be a trigger,” Gilboa said.

If they respond that they are fine, Gilboa urges parents to press them.

“I would suggest they would reach back one more time: ‘I am glad to hear that. That answer is you supporting me. Is there anything I can do to support you?’” she said. “Call it out in the nicest way possible.”

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101 Ways To Kill Your Teachers
*don’t try this at home*
*try it at a friends house or at school*

1. Poison their coffee/tea

2. Ask them to help you, when they bend over, stab them

3. When they are on duty ‘accidentally’ throw a rock at their head

5. Hide at the back of the classroom and shoot them

6. Poison their apple/lunch

7. Shoot them with a poisonous dart

8. Put a length of wire on the door when their about to walk in

9. Put a guillotine on their office door

10. Do a project on the guillotine and ask the teacher to help demonstrate how it works

11. Push them out of a window at the top H or M block

12. In science ’accidently’ spill deadly poison on them

13. In science ’accidently’ set them on fire

14. In Society and History make a model catapult and practice aiming

15. Practice archery in class

16. Practice your new circus act “knife throwing” and ask for a volunteer

17. In PE – Baseball

18. Accidently stab them in the eye with a pen when asking for help

19. Be good – it will give them a heart attack

20. Place a bomb in their office and claim it as science homework

21. Take the brakes out of their car

22. “Fix” the light switch so when flicked they get electrocuted

23. Shove them in canteen oven – on high

24. Drop something heavy out the window as they walk past

25. Stab them in the back – literally

26. Drown them in Mr. Stranger’s fish tank

27. Push them down the hill

28. Lock them in the library and let them starve – no matter how many A+’s they offer

29. Hypodermic needle – like bee sting

30. Ask for bus money – then shove it down their throat

31. Sing in your worst voice until they shoot themselves

32. Ask so many questions that they commit suicide

33. Ask for after school help.

34. When alone creep up behind them and strangle them

35. Follow them home.

36. Fry their brains with today’s rap music

37. Go on an excursion – somewhere with water

38. In PE – Javelin throwing

39. Feed them chocolate until they pop!

40. Play air guitar and hit/fall back into them

41. In music bash them over the head with a sax

42. Set the mafia on them

43. When alone lock the door.

44. Make them read a Frerard.

45. Put a retractable spike in their chair

46. Put a letter bomb in the class roll

47. Push them down the H block stairs

48. Trip them – make sure they land on a brick

49. Push them in front of a bus

50. In Design in wood. Use the sharp objects

51. Scream rape in class – rot in prison

52. Do a project on the hangman’s noose and ask the teacher to help demonstrate and ’accidently’ let them drop

53. Become a vampire

54. Hire a hit man

55. Give them AIDS

56. On their birthday give them a box.

57. Place a bomb to go off when they start their car

58. Follow them home and film – place on YouTube – die of embarrassment

59. Bring your poisonous pet spider to school

60. Lock them in a room and set fire to it

61. Run them over

62. Contact a terrorist

63. Set the emo’s on them

64. Tell them your deep dark secret

65. On camp while chopping fire wood.

66. Creep up behind them and snap their neck

67. Scream out they have chocolate or coffee to share – watch the kids trample them

68. Excursion to the zoo – feed teacher to lions

69. Paralyse them and lock them in the school

70. Ask them out repeatedly

71. Bring hair straightener to school – burn or strangle

72. Help them fix the roof.

73. Hang an axe over the door

74. In robotics’ program the robot to take over the world

75. “Fix” computer to blow up when logged on

76. In drama ask for a volunteer for death scenes

77. In cooking ask for help chopping.

78. Give them a bunch of poisonous flowers

79. Crucify them for the school play

80. Set off deadly gasses in science

81. Tie them up and put them in their car’s boot

82. Make them do PE

83. lock them in a room with the school chaplain

84. Knee cap them then when their down.

85. Blow up their house

86. Visit the science store room.

87. Make the lights fall on their head

88. Stab them in the neck with a compass

89. In PE – shot put aiming

90. Hit them in the back with a chair

91. In sewing shove knitting needles in their ears

92. In sewing there are a lot of very handy pins.

93. Suffocate them

94. Tape a plastic bag over their head

95. Learn hypnosis.

96. Challenge them to a fight to the death

97. On camp find a handy cliff.

98. Shove them in the freezer

99. Slam their head against a wall

100. Impale on flag pole

101. Smash their head into a computer

How to ask a boy to dance with you at a middle school dance

Elaine Hinzey is a fact checker, writer, researcher, and registered dietitian.

Choosing appropriate consequences is an important part of shaping your kids’ behavior. But choosing consequences that are just right for each situation—without being too lax or too severe—is difficult, especially when you’re parenting on your own. If you worry that the discipline strategies you’re using right now aren’t working, then it’s time to rethink the consequences you’ve been trying.

How to ask a boy to dance with you at a middle school dance

Types of Consequences

Appropriate consequences teach children that they’re in control of their own behavior—even when we’re not there to nag them. They’re also tailored to match each child’s developmental stage, so we’re never expecting more than kids are capable of.

These kinds of effective consequences can be divided into two categories: natural and logical consequences.

  • Natural consequences are things that happen on their own as a result of the child’s behavior. For example, losing your cell phone means that you no longer have a cell phone to use. Forgetting your homework means getting a zero.
  • Logical consequences are steps that we take, as parents, to help our children see that choosing poor behaviors comes with some unpleasant side effects. These aren’t punishments because they’re not punitive. Logical consequences aren’t physically or emotionally damaging. An example would be having your children go to bed early the evening after they refused to go to bed on time. The consequence is related to the behavior, and it makes sense for the situation. It’s also unpleasant enough that they won’t want to suffer the same consequence again and again, so it serves as a motivator to changing their own behavior.

In both cases, you want your children to see that they really choose their consequences themselves the moment they choose their behavior. You can do this in two ways:

  1. Communicating with your kids upfront about consequences. What you’re going to do when your kids misbehave should never be a mystery. They should have a pretty good idea of what’s coming, based on clearly defined family rules. This way, they can see how avoiding the negative behavior is beneficial to them, because they know upfront what it will cost them.
  2. Remaining calm when your kids misbehave. When we get angry at our kids for their behavior, we make the issue about us instead of about them. Doing everything we can to stay calm actually shocks them, which demonstrates the seriousness of the issue. And it also eliminates the power struggle that distracts our kids from focusing on what really initiated the consequence—their own behavior!

Age-Appropriate Consequences

Effective consequences changes as kids grow and learn. Consider these examples of consequences that are appropriate at different times in your child’s life.


Infants don’t need to be punished, ever. However, there will be times when you will want to change your baby’s behavior. For example, let’s say they’re grabbing a toy out of your older child’s hands or throwing their spoon on the ground in an effort to make you pick it back up—for the one-hundredth time! Here are some steps you can take:

  1. Change your tone of voice. Your baby is very sensitive to the tone of voice you use. To change their behavior with your voice, speak in a different, deeper, tone. A simple “no” will usually suffice in combination with redirection.
  2. Redirect your baby to a different activity. This means helping your baby focus on something else. For example, when they are trying to grab a toy of your older child’s hand, give them something else to play with.


In addition to the consequences listed above (for infants), you can add a time-out to your repertoire when your child becomes a toddler. This means putting your child in a separate location, such as a special chair or step, for a few minutes.

Time-out doesn’t have to last long to be effective, either. The trick is to stop engaging with your child while they’re in time-out. You have to ignore them in order for it to work! Aim for the number of minutes equal to your child’s age. So a three-year-old would be in time out for no longer than three minutes.


For preschoolers, you’ll want to use the same tactics you used when your kids were toddlers, while adding a twist on the traditional time-out: Try putting toys or privileges in time out.

This will work best if the toy is in time-out for a limited amount of time, or in the case of losing privileges, the loss is short-lived. Preschoolers aren’t old enough yet to be motivated by something that’s days away.

School-Age Children

In addition to the tactics you used for preschoolers, for school-age children you’ll want to choose more impactful privileges to take away. For example, leaving a playdate early or losing TV time or computer time.


In addition to all of the consequences you’ve been using up to this point, you’ll want to hone in on consequences that will really matter to your tween. This might mean the loss of cell phone or video game privileges, or time with friends.


As with tweens, you’ll want to tailor the privileges you choose to take away to the situation and to what makes the most difference to your teen. Some examples include temporarily removing social media or driving privileges, moving your teen’s curfew up, and limiting the freedoms they’ve earned up to this point.

You only need to choose one consequence at a time for it to be effective. In situations where your teen doesn’t seem to be getting the point, it may be helpful to write a contract that lists the types of consequences they can expect for various infractions.

Positive Reinforcement

Establishing a set of appropriate consequences won’t do the trick unless you also let your kids know what they’re doing right. So make sure that you’re intentional about using positive reinforcement to celebrate the behaviors you want your kids to repeat day after day.

Believe that they really do want your approval, even if they never show it, and look high and low for things you can genuinely praise and acknowledge.