How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

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How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

The Spruce / Letícia Almeida

There are many different schools of feng shui, each with different guidelines and perspectives. Sometimes they even contradict each other. For example, you might read somewhere that it’s bad feng shui to have your desk facing a certain way, and then the next day, you might read the opposite.

One area where there are a few different guidelines, depending on the school of feng shui you follow, is the topic of mirrors facing the bed. Some schools of feng shui don’t recommend this.

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The Commanding Position

In some other schools of feng shui, like BTB Feng Shui, we actually suggest placing a mirror facing the bed in certain situations. One instance in which this is helpful is when you need to correct a bed that is not in the commanding position.

When your bed is in the commanding position, you are able to see the door to the room while lying in bed, without being directly in line with the door. This allows you to have the widest view of the room, and the fullest awareness of anything or anyone that might be approaching. This puts you in command and in control of your life. Your bed represents you, so it’s one of the most important pieces of furniture to have in the commanding position. You also spend a lot of passive hours relaxing and sleeping in bed, so the feng shui of your bed really affects you.

Sometimes, it’s not possible to put your bed in the commanding position. Maybe your bedroom is small or an odd shape, or the furniture only fits in the room a certain way. If you have to arrange your room so that your bed is out of command, and you can’t see the door when you’re in bed, this is when a mirror comes in handy. In BTB feng shui, we recommend that you place a mirror in a location that allows you to see the door to your room from your bed, which means that you’ll have a mirror facing your bed. As long as this mirror placement doesn’t bother you or keep you up at night, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this.

How to Remedy the Mirror Facing Your Bed

Regardless of the feng shui school, if a mirror in your bedroom makes you feel uncomfortable or worried, you should pay attention to that. Feng shui, like most things, is not a one-size-fits-all approach, and it’s important to trust your own instincts. A mirror facing the bed may feel great for your best friend, but it might not be the best choice for you.

If you do have a mirror facing your bed that’s bothering you, the best way to remedy this is to move either the bed or the mirror. If you can’t do this because the mirror is a permanent fixture, like a mirrored wall or closet door, do what you can to work with it. You can drape a piece of fabric or a scarf over the mirror while you’re sleeping, or use frosted solar film to cover up the mirrored surface.

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When it comes to mirrors in the bedroom, keep these best practices in mind:

  • If possible, avoid any secondhand or vintage mirrors, as they may have energy from previous owners.
  • Make sure the mirror is appropriately sized for the space.
  • Treat yourself to the best and highest quality mirror you can afford.

The Bottom Line

Though some schools say no mirrors at all in the bedroom, even if they’re not facing the bed, we recommend you go with what your intuition tells you is the best for your situation.

It’s important to remember that just because different feng shui schools may have different recommendations for the same situation, it doesn’t mean that any school is incorrect or invalid. If you’re feeling confused by conflicting advice, the best thing to do is to find a feng shui practitioner that you trust and get their professional opinion for your specific space and circumstances.

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

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How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

Mirrors are one of the easiest ways to add some visual interest while simultaneously making a space feel much more airy and open—but you’ll want to make sure you’ve thought out mirror style and placement properly before nailing them into the wall.

“Mirrors are a must in the bedroom,” says Kathy Kuo, founder and CEO at Kathy Kuo Home. “Not only are mirrors a beautiful accent; bringing in more natural light and opening up a room, but they’re also key to the functionality of the space.”

Whether you’re looking for creative alternatives to full length dressing mirrors or you’re hoping to employ a mirror to open up your small bedroom, here are a handful of expert-approved ideas for putting mirrors in the bedroom.

Get Creative

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“Although mirrors are commonly placed above the dresser—which I do from time to time!—I also try to get creative with how I incorporate them into the bedroom,” says Kuo. “Decorative mirrors are also a beautiful complement to nightstands, placed on each side of the bed and just behind your lamps (this really helps to brighten up the space!).”

It’s All in the Details

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“I really like using mirrors that have beautiful detailing to them, or bring something special to the design,” says Kuo. “For example, textured accents such as a seagrass or hammered metal border could also compliment other elements in your room design and easily serve as a replacement for artwork.”

Don’t Overwhelm Your Space

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You’ll also want to keep in mind the number of mirrors in the space, says Kuo. It is important not to overwhelm the bedroom with mirrors—so if you already have one above the dresser, you don’t also need one above each nightstand, and vice versa. “Be selective with your choices and strategic with the placement. It’s always best to determine what purpose you want the mirror to serve and from there can make your final decision,” she adds.

Be Careful With Placement Around the Bed

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Unless you want to add a sexy appeal to your space, you’ll want to be careful not to place your mirror anywhere suggestive. “Don’t put one where you can look into while you’re laying in bed,” says Beth Halpern Brown, founder of Beth Brown Interiors.

Consider a Statement Frame Above the Bed

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“I love a mirror above a bed but particularly ones that are more frame than mirror (a sunburst above the bed is a favorite) or a convex mirror,” says Brown. Although if you’re planning to hang something directly above your bed you’ll want to make sure it is well anchored!

Ensure the Mirror’s Reflection Is Attractive

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You’ll want to make sure that your mirror reflects a clean area of your bedroom; avoiding placement that puts your dirty clothes hamper or cluttered corner on display. “Make sure you like what the mirror is reflecting—that is what you are going to see!” says Brown.

Layer Mirrors for Additional Visual Interest

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Lucky enough to have a mantel in your bedroom? Consider hanging a mirror over the fireplace. “I like layering mirrors and art or collecting objects on a mantle,” says Brown. Not only does this add visual interest to your bedroom but it also makes the space feel much more open and airy, especially if your mantel is a darker shade than the rest of your space.

Flank the Bed

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If you want to use mirrors in the bedroom, it’s best to add tall mirrors over both nightstands on either side of the bed or on just one side, says Megan Dufresne, member of the American Society of Interior Designers and principal designer at MC Design. Not only will this illuminate the space it will also help create a more layered look to your nightstand.

Hang Them Over the Nightstand

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“I’m mulling over the idea of putting mirrors over the nightstands in my primary bedroom,” shares Susan Peters, designer/owner at 9108 designs. “You can hang them over each nightstand or over just one of the nightstands (and balance the other side with artwork or a lamp). The shape for these can vary as well.”

Consider Placement Inside Cabinet Frames

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“I also like putting mirrors inside cabinet frames on built-in armoires,” explains Dufresne. “This will instantly make a bedroom feel larger.”

Go Full-Length

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“Both of my girls have had large, framed full-length mirrors in their rooms hanging on the wall near their beds,” explains Peters. “You can hang or lean a full-length mirror against the wall.” This is a great option if you’re hoping to use the mirror as a practical accessory for getting dressed in the morning.

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

According to Feng Shui principles, the mirror has the ability to control the flow of qi energy. Ancient science says: our material well-being, health and career success depends on how we hang this household item on the wall. The main rule is that the glass must be intact. Get rid of broken and cracked glass. There are rules you must follow to bring good luck to life. Make adjustments to the interior, based on centuries-old experience of China inhabitants. To make your room look harmonious, before rearranging the furniture, create a visual project in interior design online 3d.

Basic laws of mirrors location

The art of Feng Shui teaches that every zone in the house is responsible for a certain sphere of human life. Every sector has its rules. Here are general recommendations on what mirrors should be and how to arrange them correctly:

  • reflective surfaces shouldn’t be placed opposite windows and doors, otherwise valuable energy will leave your home;
  • everything displayed will be multiplied. Make sure that trash cans, withering flowers and ugly objects are hidden;
  • only new mirrors may be brought into the house, and old ones, even collectibles and art objects, cannot be kept in the living room;
  • mirror must entirely reflect the person’s silhouette.

The last rule is especially important. When buying a mirror, pay attention to its shape and size. Specialists advise to buy large rectangular one, up to the floor. Hang a small round mirror so that every family member could see his whole face.

Nuances by zones

Choose framed mirrors without angles for bedroom. They shouldn’t be hung in front of the bed, because while sleeping, a person is vulnerable and the mirror may harm his health. For the same reason, ceiling mirrors are prohibited. It’s undesirable to have mirrors in the nursery, because babies are sensitive to any energy.

In the kitchen, mirror is mounted above the stove and opposite the dining table. In the bathroom, hang it so that water splashes don’t fall on it – cleanliness is important for managing qi energy. Wipe mirrors regularly.

In the hall, fix the mirror next to the door or directly on it. Try to see only beautiful, whole, inspiring objects in all reflections. This won’t only help bringing energy into the house, but will cheer you up.

Tips from Kay Douglass, Steven Sclaroff, and more designers.

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

No matter where you put one, mirrors are an easy way to reflect light, make a space look bigger, and open up a room. Here are 10 decorating ideas for using them in your house.

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

This mirror makes the porch of a Florida home by designers Courtney Coleman and Bill Brockschmidt feel more like an actual room. An added benefit? “At night it reflects the candlelight so beautifully,” Coleman says. Smith & Hawken sofa; Madeline Weinrib carpet.

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

The mantel shelf of designer Annie Brahler’s Jacksonville, Illinois house, holds one of the her “extreme juxtapositions”: a massive empty picture frame, propped against the mirror, alongside antlers her children collected on hikes.

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

In a late-19th-century Brooklyn townhouse designed by Jonathan Berger, antiqued mirrored glass on cabinet doors enlarges the small kitchen. Granite countertops and backsplash in Imperial White are from E. Stone.

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

In the stair hall of Annie Brahler’sJacksonville, Illinois, house, daylight bounces off a Dutch chandelier and assorted mirrors. “It’s great — you double the size of the space,” she says.

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

A mirror can help focus the eye in a room. In an Atlanta master bedroom, designer Kay Douglass added an octagonal mirror from South of Market in front of a window. “The room needed an end,” she says. “It was almost too large. That window looks out on a forest, and we needed something to stop your eye and make the bedroom feel more intimate.”

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

In a New York loft that lacked closet space, designer Steven Sclaroff added a mirrored wardrobe. “It’s a welcome hit of muted traditionalism,” he says. “It kind of looks like its own freestanding dressing room.” Having the mirror framed and broken up in panels lightens its weight.

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

Designer Carrie Hayden took the homeowners’ bedroom dressers and connected them with a mirrored vanity table for a glamorous bathroom update. “It’s more Old World than Old Hollywood,” she says. “The mirrors on the vanity are antiqued, so it’s a softer look.”

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

Designer Benjamin Dhong transformed the living room of a San Francisco row house by replacing cabinets with “the relaxed elegance” of a custom banquette in velvet and antiqued mirrors. The space becomes intimate for entertaining — “I think it’s geared to Champagne and cocktails, flirting and seduction,” he says. “You’re enveloped, floating inside the cloud with the silver lining.”

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

In her modest 1950s Birmingham, Alabama, house, designer Lindsey Bond placed a mirror next to the bed to hide an awkwardly placed window.

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

After his client downsized to a smaller house in Summit, New Jersey, designer Kevin Isbell accommodated her 12-foot-long sofa in the living room by putting it against a wall with a doorway. To “defuse the fact,” he hung her showstopping 19th-century sorcerer’s mirror above it, creating the feeling of a solid wall. “The room beyond is the family room, and we thought, ‘Why do we need two entries with this compact floor plan?'” he says. “We discovered this mirror and realized it was wide enough to span the doorway. It draws you in, expands the space, and adds shine.”

This tried-and-true accessory has never steered us wrong. Use mirrors to reflect your style, bounce light around a room and instantly make a space feel larger. Here’s how.

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Reflect Your Style

Though functional in nature, mirrors can (and should!) be fun . Use them to glam-up a boring wall, open up a small room, reflect natural light — the design opportunities are plentiful. Ahead, w e have some of our favorite mirror decorating ideas. For a preview, just check out this layered look by homeowner Kylie Truman.

Hang a Mirror In Your Entry

Greet guests with a familiar face (theirs!), and give yourself a spot for a once-over before you walk out the door. A small mirror over a table will do the trick, but if you have the space, go for a full-length stunner to get a glance at your whole outfit. Here, shape, color and size give a foyer mirror an art-like look.

Add Interest to an Awkward Space

Ho-hum stretches of wall or odd pass-through spaces can leave us feeling stumped . Spice up a bare hallway, the empty space above your stove or the lone wall in your living room with an ultra-reflective mirror. Fit it to the size of your space (or hang it above a table or credenza). Instant d esolate-to-designer.

Float Mirrors Off Windows

Don’t let a window stand in the way of great design. Here, a vanity featuring a trough sink runs under expansive windows. Frosted panes provide privacy, while a pair of sleek mirrors reflect all the light (and create an extra-functional spot for your morning routine).

Float Mirrors Off Mirrors

This pretty bathroom boasts a layered look. Octagonal mirrors from RH hang over the preexisting sheet mirror. Sconces by Visual Comfort make it glam. Even cooler: lavender vanity cabinets.

Float Mirrors Off Bookshelves

We have one more vertical surface you can float mirrors off of: floor-to-ceiling shelving. Books, vases, globes and figurines sit cooly behind gleaming twin mirrors in this chic sitting room. Try this technique in home offices, too.

Clone Your Amazing View

Reflection is a mirror’s main function, as well as its superpower. Take into account what your mirror will reflect, then use it to your advantage. The coolest feature of this urban abode: catching the awe-inspiring city skyline out the window and on the living room wall.

Repeat a Striking Element

Why settle for one when you can have two? Trade in the look of one large mirror or slate of glass over a vanity or dresser for a matching duo. Here, deep-set mirrors surrounded by reclaimed wood establish warmth in a cool blue bathroom.

Hang Three in a Row

Tired of two? Gor for three. This design by August Black Interior Design proves a trio brings more life to a space — especially when the mirrors are as pretty as these bead-framed metal versions by Noir.

Try a Convex Mirror

Moody and dark, this living room is a modern cave centered around a sleek fireplace. A cool convex mirror hangs over the mantel, opening up the room while elevating its cozy design.

Match Your Style

A coastal-cool seashell mirror is a nod to this cottage’s beachfront location. Blue and white patterned wallpaper and a sleek midcentury console pull the themed look together.

Create a Gallery Wall

The more, the cuter. Designer El Co Home spray-painted this hodgepodge of flea market mirrors white — 18 total, collected over time — and hung them in a random pattern. For extra quirk, one mirror hangs lower than the others. Another kept its original teal color.

Layer Up

Don’t want to make holes in your walls? Display your mirror collection in a different way. A mantel is the perfect spot to show off mirrors of all kinds — just lean them all up against the wall. Here, an overlapping look adds to the lived-in design.

Upgrade Your Vanity Mirror

The unofficial term for pairing a wood vanity with rich colors and texture? Ooh la loo ! Rather than settling for the vanity mirror your home came with, make a stylish statement. Los Angeles blogger Kelly Mindell of Studio DIY poshed hers up with shimmery green terra-cotta tile, matte pink concrete sinks from Nood Co. and gleaming accents. “There’s no reason even the most utilitarian items can’t be special,” she says.

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

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How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

The Spruce / Fiona Campbell

The most serene bedrooms share several things in common: a soft color scheme; a pampering, luxurious bed; soft but adequate lighting; and growing greenery just to name a few. But one thing you’ll never find in a tranquil, calming bedroom is clutter. Disorganization is the enemy of relaxation; it’s hard to drift off into quality sleep when reminders of all the things you haven’t gotten to yet are surrounding you. Your bedroom is the last thing you see before falling asleep at night and the first thing to greet your eyes in the morning, so shouldn’t that space be as appealing and welcoming as possible? If your bedroom needs a little bit of help in the organization department, the following nine tips will help you whip things into shape.

Make Your Bed

It costs you nothing, takes only a minute or so in the morning, and is the most powerful tool in your organization toolbox when it comes to making your bedroom look better. When the bed is rumpled and unmade, even an otherwise gorgeous room looks messy. And conversely, when the bed is neatly made, your bedroom looks better even if other areas of the room could use a little decluttering. So take those extra seconds each morning to straighten your pillows, pull up the sheets, and smooth out your comforter or duvet. Voila, your bedroom just became more organized.

Time for the Purge

You knew it had to be said; before you can get organized, you need to get rid of all those things that aren’t needed, aren’t loved, or aren’t usable. So gather up the clothes and shoes that don’t fit or flatter, the books you’ve already read, the collectibles that you don’t treasure, the treadmill or exercise ball you swore you’d use every morning but now serves mostly to hold clothes that belong either in the dresser or the laundry hamper. Let Goodwill benefit from your cast-offs because it’s to your benefit as well. Once you get rid of the things you don’t need, it’s far easier to organize what’s left.

Take Advantage of the Space Under Your Bed

You’ve got several square feet of real estate underneath your bed—why waste it? That space is a prime storage area for shoes, seasonal clothing, sporting equipment, extra linens, and other bulky items. Make it easy with under-bed storage boxes, preferably clear so you can see what’s inside without having to open the box, and with handles for easy access. If necessary, elevate your bed a few inches with bed risers. Now you have more clearance for storage.

Conquer the Closet

Make your mornings easier by sorting out your closet. First, get rid of anything that doesn’t belong in the bedroom, along with clothes and shoes you no longer wear. Then invest in a few closet organizers—a shoe rack is a must. Hanging organizers and shelf racks are also useful for sorting accessories, sweaters, and purses. Arrange your clothing by type or season—whichever best suits your needs.

Bedside Storage

While a nightstand that is a small table can certainly add a touch of beauty to a bedroom, it’s a waste as far as organization and storage go. Save the table-style nightstands for the guest room, and choose a model with drawers for your bedroom. Now you have a spot to stash all the sundries that tend to clutter up the bedside area: Kleenex, lip balms, books, pen and paper, hand cream, and the like.

Give Jewelry a Home

A traditional jewelry box makes it easy to sort and store your bling, but it’s not the only option. If you have a large collection of jewelry, show it off on a small, framed piece of pegboard hung on the wall. Store rings and earrings in mismatched china cups or on a pretty tray atop the dresser.

Don’t Forget the Doors

Install hooks on the backs of your bedroom and closet doors, and use them to hang your bathrobe, jacket, purse, scarves, hats, and belts.

Add a Trunk

If you have enough room, a trunk or storage bench at the foot of the bed is a great spot to stash extra linens or out-of-season clothing. Plus, it provides a convenient spot to sit and pull on your shoes in the morning. But be careful; don’t let the top of the trunk become another magnet for clutter.

Style Your Dresser Top

Dresser tops have a way of becoming clutter catchalls. Nip the problem in the bud by placing a few baskets or decorative boxes on your dresser to corral small items. Watch for the tendency to dump folded laundry atop your dresser; it only takes a few minutes to put clean clothes away, so make it a habit.

After spending a tough working day, bed room is the place that serves you with great coziness. It’s the place of dreamy world and you might love the most in your entire home. May be it’s completely organized and appealing for you or not; make up your mind to create a super-comfy bedroom with cost effective DIY ideas and modern products by Fab Glass and Mirror.

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

1- Accommodating Bedside Tables

For wider space in your bedroom or to move freely there, side table is best to replace. Go for a small side tables to pair with your bed which is ideal add to your small area.

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors2- Useful Wall Decoration

It’s not to abundant walls with lots of pictures, you may also embellish one wall with a decorative wall mirror and also utilize its existence while embellishing yourself.

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors3- Convenient Glass Shelves

Whether it’s a need of bed-time reading or you want accessories easy-to-get, install a low cost and elegant glass shelf to place your books, decoration pieces and things to pick quickly.

No matter, if room is wide or even small, above suggestions are brilliant to make your bedroom accommodating and appealing and of course, budget friendly too by choosing modern glass products by Fab Glass and Mirror, because we tend to let you enjoy dreamy & sound sleep, refreshing morning and a cozy sitting in living space.

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How to arrange your bedroom mirrors


How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

Whether you practice feng shui or not, there’s no denying the benefits of a great room layout or a space that just seems to flow well. Not every interior designer actively practices the ancient Chinese art, but most probably unwittingly abide by its principles—at least in part. That’s because oftentimes, feng shui is common sense as it pertains to the natural flow and clutter-free layout of your home. However, there is one item in particular that mystifies feng shui experts everywhere—and not all agree on its best use and placement. Mirrors are viewed as having the property of reflecting (and effectively multiplying) things in your home.

So, how do you know if you’re using mirrors correctly in your home, according to feng shui principles? Follow these rules from to the experts and you just might feel all the bad vibes exit the building. After all, making sure that your space reflects what you want to attract in your life isn’t too far off from having a well-organized and nicely decorated home.

Place Mirrors Perpendicular to the Front Door

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Generally speaking, feng shui experts do not recommend placing a mirror directly across from the front door, but rather on a wall perpendicular to it. “The front door is very important in feng shui,” The Holistic Home author Laura Benko tells MyDomaine. She suggests that when you hang a mirror, connect it to an intention, like expanding the opportunities in your life.

Use Mirrors on Any Dining Room Walls

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Experts believe that the best room to hang mirrors in is in the dining room, which represents your capacity to hold wealth—a thing we would all want to reflect a little more in our lives.

Avoid Mirrors in the Kitchen

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Blue Copper Design

Conversely, feng shui guidelines generally advise against placing mirrors in the kitchen—especially if they’re facing a stove—because such placement is believed to host negative energy. So if you’re contemplating a mirrored backsplash, you may want to rethink things.

Place Mirrors Opposite Beautiful Views

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Most experts will warn you to be mindful of what your mirror reflects both inside and outside the home. “Mirrors in feng shui are like aspirin,” says Benko. “They’re prescribed often to treat many ailments. They’re a quick adjustment when you want to expand a space and bring in more light.” Just make sure they’re reflecting a beautiful view and not a stack of bills, she added.

Hang a Mirror Almost Anywhere in the Hallway

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Design: Blakely Interior Design, Photo: Andrea Pietrangeli

According to feng shui, mirrors placed in the hallway are generally seen as a positive. However, when they’re placed at the end of a hallway, they can slow down the flow of energy in your house. On the other hand, they can be great on landings of small staircases to help widen the space.

Hang a Mirror Near Your Desk

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Just like a mirror reflecting a stack of bills can introduce negative energy, a mirror facing your desk will work against you, effectively doubling your workload. Besides, no one really wants to look at themselves while they work, right?

Opt for a Mirror in the Living Room

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In the living room, mirrors are believed to make gatherings feel more festive by doubling the number of people present in the room. However, they can also amplify bad energy if your guests are negative—so be careful who you invite over, or kindly tell your guests to leave the drama at home.

Avoid Placing Mirrors Above Beds, Sofas or Chairs

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Design: Katie Hackworth, Photo: Belathée Photography

One place where feng shui experts warn against hanging a mirror is behind a sofa or a bed. Certified feng shui expert Marianne Gordon also advises against the weight of objects above sitting spaces. She says, “Feng shui is all about feeling safe and secure in your space,” and it’s hard to feel safe with something heavy hanging directly over your head.”

Feng shui is all about feeling safe and secure in your space.

Utilize Mirrors in the Bedroom

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“If you have trouble sleeping, let’s talk about why that mirror on your bedroom wall might be the culprit,” says the founder of Simple Shui, Amanda Gibby Peters. She suggests a quick test to see if your mirror might be affecting your sleep. “Cover the bedroom mirrors for a couple nights and notice if your sleep improves,” she advises. “If you sleep soundly with them covered, consider replacing them or moving them to a wall that’s not facing your bed.”

On the other hand, mirrors should be used carefully in the bedroom, says NYC-based feng shui consultant Laura Cerrano. “It’s believed that mirrors have the ability to activate the energy within a room. Clients I work with will sometimes choose to keep a mirror in their bedroom and tell me that they sleep soundly. Some clients love the idea of no mirrors in the bedroom or may just place a long mirror inside the closet door. If you do that, just make sure the closet is organized, because mirrors double what they project,” she says.

Opt for a Mirror Far From the Toilet

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In the bathroom, feng shui experts suggest avoiding hanging a mirror directly across from the door or the toilet. Aside from the fact that mirrors placed directly opposite doors are generally viewed as a bad idea in any room, one could also argue that it’s never comfortable to be looking at yourself on the toilet.

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

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Mirrors reflect light, which is a useful trait when decorating your home. The reflective qualities of mirrors may change the overall appearance of a room by bringing in more light or creating the illusion of more space. While mirrors come in many shapes, round and rectangular mirrors are the more common ones. Both may suit your home well, although one shape may be better than the other, depending upon your decorating plans.

Creating Space

One of the best uses of decorative mirrors is to make a room seem bigger than it actually is. Putting large mirrors over significant items in a room, such as couches, headboards, dressers or fireplace mantels, not only focuses attention on the item, but the reflection of the opposite wall creates the illusion of space. Round mirrors are good if you want one mirror; since furniture typically is square or rectangular, the round mirror adds visual variety. If you want to make a full mirrored wall to use this technique for the maximum effect, you’re probably better off with rectangular mirrors. You don’t have to use one big mirror, which can be expensive; group together a number of smaller rectangular mirrors.


Use mirrors, usually rectangular ones, to enhance your furniture. Add mirrors to the front of a dresser or cabinet; this adds light to the room and makes your furniture brighter. Another good place to add extra mirrors is inside of display cases and cabinets, or on the back of bookcases, especially if you use the bookcase to display a collection rather than books. Not only does this make the room brighter, but it illuminates a collection of items in particular. As a bonus, the mirror makes it possible to see the back of your items.

Enhancing Light

Another great use for mirrors is to bring more light into a dim room. A mirror reflects light back into the room. Look for good sources of light, such as large lamps, windows or open doorways, and put a mirror directly across from the light source. Round mirrors are a good choice if you want just one mirror, because the shape usually adds variety to the room. However, if you use two or more rectangular mirrors close to one another, it can give the feel and illusion of having windows inside of a room.


A mirror by itself may be attractive, especially if it has an ornate frame, and may be used in a similar manner to other wall decorations, such as paintings. In artistic compositions, horizontal and vertical lines, such as those in a rectangle, bring a feeling of stability. Curved lines, such as in a circle, are softer than rectangles, but may be energetic and focus attention on an area. You may use this to your advantage when deciding what shape is best for your room. You also may use a mixture of both for visual variety. For instance, you could display two round mirrors on either side of a rectangular mirror for a balanced and symmetrical display. You also could use a collection of round and rectangular mirrors together, with the varying shapes adding variety to the overall display.

LIVING ROOM MIRROR IDEAS – Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the prettiest of all? Well, that may depend on mirror size and style in a living room. The saying has been held by many women to show how much they depend on the mirror.

While we mainly put a mirror in a living room to check our appearance, a mirror now has a new role to play. Many house owners now place a mirror as a room decoration. There are various mirror styles that you can choose to beautify your living room.

Pendant Mirror in Artistic Living Room

The mirror that hangs in one part of the living room’s overall wall seems unique. Not only the mirror provides maximum reflection, but it also contains aesthetic purpose. The metallic rope and the metallic edges of the mirror hold the essential key.

They provide strong support for the living room’s total artsy feeling. Specifically, the space brings in a gleaming tone with the presence of many metallic materials used in the furniture. The pendant unique lighting and the natural stone wall play a big role, too.

The choice of large mirror size suits the space that seems large with high ceiling installation.

Square Mirror in Classic Sitting Spot

This mirror style is no special at a glance. Unlike the first style that requires extra hunting time, this time around, you can find it in many stores. The mirror’s ordinary design somehow becomes essential when putting in the red-themed classic sitting area like this.

The mirror has fair, intricate designs on its edge. This makes the mirror “qualified” for the overall vintage look that emphasizes on antique, wooden furnishing. As you see from the picture, the living space owns the classic chair with ottoman and storage.

The mirror provides the slight vintage tone for the whole space.

Mirror as Wall of Living Room

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

Installing a mirror as a wall of a living room like this one is a good option for creating free-feeling. This especially helps those of you who have small or limited living space. You will feel roomy thanks to the mirror

The large size of the mirror helps you look at your whole body or from head to stomach. With that, you can check up your appearance then see if you miss out something. Some women prefer large mirror like this for optimal body checking.

They can examine clothes, makeup, and headscarf by looking at just one mirror.

Artistic Mirror Wall Decoration

As we mentioned in the introduction, we bring for you here an artistic mirror as wall decoration. There hangs a small, rounded mirror with sun-inspired edges. The whole mirror looks bright and fits in with the living room’s overall elegant tone.

Aside from the aesthetic role, the mirror helps to reflect all items in the space. It reinforces a shiny atmosphere already filling up the room. We believe the mirror doesn’t help family members checking out their facial or outer appearance.

It is hanged too high up there.

Classic-Designed Oval Mirror

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

This oval mirror enhances the classic feeling that intensely surrounds the living room. The mirror has the royal-like design with gold color as seen from the mirror’s edges. The mirror looks beautiful and sophisticated.

The mirror is a proper decoration as it hangs above-opened fireplace here. You can still reflect on the mirror but not for the whole body look given the mirror’s medium size. Thus, we can conclude the mirror is more as an ornament.

The space itself feels very regal with the bulky armchairs and the ottoman, among other furniture.

Large Mirror with Exposed Wooden Edges

The sixth of our whole living room mirror ideas resemble the third strategy. We provide another alternative for those of you who have long, limited space for a living room. This time around, you can select a large, rectangular mirror style.

Specifically, choose the mirror design with exposed wooden edges like this one. The overall mirror look gives you the wider sense. The mirror design also feels simple and traditional. The mirror type fits in with the space’s fairly classic ambiance.

The large size of the mirror reflects your upper body.

Rounded Mirror in Open Space Living Room

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

Rounded mirror in an open space living room as seen here carries a certain purpose. With the sectional sofa and one of the chairs that oppose the glass doors, the rounded mirror can tell house owners who will enter the house.

They can simply look at the mirror before turning over their heads or bodies. You can also use the mirror to see your upper body appearance before leaving the house. The mirror fits in with the space’s airy atmosphere as the mirror has glass-made edges.

Foldable Long Mirror

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

Functional and beautiful. Our next mirror idea gives you total body checking thanks to its high shape. The mirror unit comprises of some smaller mirrors that allow all family members checking their appearance at the same time.

Interestingly, the mirror unit can be folded. With that, you can utilize it as a partition between the grayish living room in the picture and the dining room, for instance. The mirror unit can also look beautiful as you can partially fold it all as seen here.

That in itself is a room decoration.

Plenty Small Mirrors with Black Edges

Don’t waste corroded mirrors right away. You can reuse small mirrors with black edges as a room decoration for shabby chic living room like this. Place the small mirrors, particularly with different shapes above the cushy, aged couch as viewed here.

The overall mirror part seems lovely despite aged edges. And of course, you can still look at your beautiful faces in them all.

Square Mirror with Beautiful Border Design

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

Let us shift our focus into materials that wrap up a mirror. This last idea shows how certain material can contribute to overall beauty for a mirror. The white material bolsters the beautiful edge design of the mirror.

That whole mirror reinforces the old and modern tone that feels in this living room. The mirror size corresponds with the length of the couch here. You can get proper reflection timing in front of the mirror and provide more art elements for the space.

Typically a final pit stop to check your look before you run out the door, mirrors serve an important function in most homes. They can be simple and subdued, or artful, ornate statement pieces. We asked some experts for advice on making the most out of them.

Get the full experience. Choose your plan ArrowRight

To maximize a mirror’s impact and create a focal point on a wall, consider a large mirror. “I would go one size larger than you would originally expect,” says Utah-based interior designer Andrea West, owner of Andrea West Design. “When you go a little bit larger in your scale, it makes it look so much more dramatic, continues the line of vision and it really visually expands the space.”

To open up a small, cramped bathroom, West installed floor-to-ceiling mirrors, drawing the eye upward to create the illusion of sky-high ceilings. However, when positioning a mirror over a piece of furniture, West recommends expanding up but not out: A mirror should not be wider than the piece it’s hanging over.

If a large mirror doesn’t work, smaller mirrors can be beautiful and striking. Tricia Huntley, founder of D.C.-based firm Huntley & Co. Interior Design, says a single small mirror on a wall can have a strong impact and create an intimate experience. If this is the effect you’re after, she cautions against crowding the surrounding wall space with other objects. “Multiples don’t make a small space feel bigger,” she says.

Mirrors can help make spaces feel larger because light reflects off the glass and back into the space. Huntley likes to hang mirrors opposite windows to take advantage of natural lighting, but if you don’t have a window in your room, positioning a mirror near a light fixture will achieve a similar effect.

West advises positioning mirrors opposite a room’s entryway. This “greeting technique” is commonly deployed to make small and narrow entryways and hallways feel more expansive. Be sure to hang the mirror opposite something you would like to see reflected back. “Put it opposite the reflection of something that would normally make you really happy,” Kim Vargo, co-founder of the Yellow Brick Home blog, says. “You probably wouldn’t want to bounce it off your closet doors if you just have bifold doors.”

Although you might want to draw the eye upward to make ceilings appear higher, you don’t want people craning their necks to look into the mirror. “When it’s too high it makes the room feel more disconnected,” West says. “When you bring it slightly lower, you feel more intimate in the space.” The size of the mirror, not its height, is what makes a room appear taller, she says. Scott Vargo, co-founder of Yellow Brick Home, hangs mirrors at about eye level, with the center of the frame about 48 or 50 inches from the floor.

For a pulled-together look, Jackie Harris, who runs Puckhaber Antiques in London with her son Martyn Fowler, advises against cluttering and leaving large gaps between a furniture piece and the mirror.

There are no unbreakable rules when it comes to decorating with mirrors. To achieve a personal, collected look, West considers a room’s existing furnishings. She tends to go for opposites: In very angular spaces, she chooses rounder mirrors. “When you do have a lot of clean lines in your furniture, I would bring in a more ornate mirror that adds more personality and detail,” she says.

If you don’t find a mirror you love in stores, try a yard sale. Picking up interesting frames and pairing them with newer glass is a relatively cheap DIY project that the Vargos have used to create several custom mirrors in their home. If you find a great antique frame, Harris recommends an aged mirror plate to complete the look. (Check antiques stores and garage sales and contact glass shops.)

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

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It’s not as common to see CDs in a home as it used to be. The digital era has changed things a lot, and things like CDs, cassette tapes, and records are all starting to disappear. But today, we’re going to show you how you can use all those old CDs to decorate your mirrors!

CDs have two sides, but the one we care about here is the shiny, reflective one. Combining that look with other things in your house can give your space a creative, original touch. So before you throw anything out, give CDs a second chance.

Have some fun and decorate your mirrors with CDs

Firstly, there are several ways to decorate a mirror. It also depends a lot on what kinds of mirrors you have. There are circular ones, triangular ones, rectangular ones, and square ones. Framed and unframed. Small and extremely big.

First, choose the mirror or mirrors you want to decorate. Study the mirrors well and pick out the CDs you don’t use anymore. There are also two ways to use the CDs: whole, or broken up into pieces.

The most common choice is to break them up and use the small pieces. Still, we’re going to give you tips on how to use CDs both ways to decorate your mirrors.

Whole CDs

If you want to decorate your mirrors unbroken CDs, you need to have one that’s big and unframed. You want it unframed because you’re going to make a frame out of CDs, placing them all around the outer edges of the mirror.

CD pieces

Breaking your CDs and using the pieces to decorate is the most common option for mirrors. This is a great way to get some use out of a CD with lots of scratches, too. The best part is that there are lots of different ways to do it.

Unframed mirrors

If you have a mirror without a frame, you can do the same thing as with you would with whole CDs. Instead, you’re just going to use the pieces for the frame. You can also use a combination of medium and small shards. Stick them to the wall with glue, press them down for a couple seconds, and let dry.

The only downside to this option is that it can be a major headache to get them off if you want to change your mirror or have to move. Think long and hard before you take this path.

Framed mirrors

This is a much easier option because you don’t have to deal with the headache of taking off all the tiny bits of CD off your wall if you want to make a change. If you have framed mirrors, all you have to do is decorate them with the broken up CDs like you would with an unframed mirror.

If you want, you can play around with the other side of the CD. But we usually prefer to use the shiny, reflective side. It looks beautiful on its own and can make your mirror look like a mosaic.

If you’re a music lover, you can even do this in your bathroom

Are you a huge music fan? Do you like vintage things? Well then, CDs are a great way to decorate all the mirrors in your house, including your bathroom.

If you have a tall bathroom mirror, you can combine whole and broken up CDs. But test this out first, because if you don’t have enough to cover the entire surface, it will look empty and asymmetrical. You also need to make sure not to cover up the surface. This is meant as a decoration, and you don’t want to make your mirror smaller.

There are lots of great options for all kinds of objects and spaces. Using CDs for your mirrors is just one of the many things you can do with them. So, use your imagination and maybe you’ll think of an even more decorative idea!

You’ll see, CDs are good for all kinds of things. Recycle, reuse, and take this opportunity to hold onto a few of yours before they disappear completely. They’ll remind you of being a kid or teenager and all the bands you listened to. Besides decorating your house, you’ll be having fun and helping save the environment!

No renovations needed.

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

Brightening up a dark space is a common challenge when designing a room. While a major renovation can certainly correct the issue, knocking down walls or adding windows are thankfully not the only options. In fact, there are foolproof tricks that the pros use to add light through details. From painting the ceiling to layering in accessories, we rounded up our favorite tips to help you let the light in.

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

While dark rooms are cozy, adding vibrant artwork will elevate the mood and look of the space. A bold painting in yellow and turquoise pops against travertine tiles in this Manhattan apartment.

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

The many facets of a crystal chandelier will reflect other light sources, including the sun and lamps, throughout a space. In this Lebanese mountain home, a Turkish chandelier is centered in a room with oversize windows.

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

A tried-and-true trick to making a dark space feel brighter is to fill it with the colors of the sun, like reds, yellows, and oranges. ED A-List designer Jaques Grange covered the walls in this Venice apartment with custom Marmorino Venetian plaster.

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

Blue skies brighten the world. By painting the ceiling a light blue, designer Rodney Lawrence created an optical illusion that opens up this Quogue, New York, living room.

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

If an all-neutral room is not your style, there’s no need to worry. Going for a bold accent wall and a palette of daring hues, like this design by Mary McDonald, can energize a room and make it appear brighter.

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

One of the best ways to bring more light into a room is with a high-gloss paint color, and a ceiling is the perfect spot to experiment with this design choice. A glossy ceiling finish reflects light well, and it adds an unexpected element to a room.

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

When a space is in need of additional light, it’s best to choose light wood flooring to brighten up the room. Light stains are also perfect for high-traffic areas, since they’re better at masking scratches.

One trick to make a small room seem larger is to use mirrors. Adding mirrors to small interiors gives a cheerful and spacious vibe, and spreads light evenly in an organic fashion. Today we take a look at how you can tap into this power of mirrors with ease. Step in for an easy and instant home upgrade with plenty of dazzle!

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

The mirror knows some of our deepest, sincerest secrets and our mirror image has been our best friend through many stages of our continuously changing bodies and personalities, despite our deep probing questions never being successfully answered to the trivia of who’s fairest of all. And while we would never want the mirror to visually enlarge or expand our bodies (unless it’s muscle mass), but it can make a small living room seem larger than life! Oh yeah baby!

Do mirrors make a room bigger?

If you have ever been through a house of mirrors you encounter a futuristic world where human cloning is the norm. Everywhere you look as you walk down the halls of this house with your friends are optical illusions that trick your eye and your mind into seeing way more of you than there is. This theory translates very well and positively when adapted to our homes…in a less freaky way, of course.

A mirror can do three things for us when strategically implemented in our home décor.

  • Brighten Things Up — The sun will be illuminated and catch the silvery reflection from sunup to sundown
  • Liven Things Up — A mirror is no longer just a slab of silvered glass; they are artistic engineered designs that can often replace our other mundane and expected ornamentation. There is a reason the term gilded and mirror often go hand in hand
  • Broaden Things Up — Create the optical illusion of more space by correct placement. You can easily make a room seem twice its size thus allowing for more elbowroom.

The Sun is Always Shining: Brightening things Up

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

Mirrors automatically reflect natural and artificial light, and by catching the sunlight at its best you can amplify on the natural light. This will brighten the atmosphere up in your home notably aiding you by bouncing light in hidden haunted corners making them seem harmlessly large. To release this magic within your four walls hang your mirror in such a way that it faces or is angled from your natural light source, -window, door, sunroof- to fully capture the light and spread its warm goodness in your room.

The House of Mirrors: Livening Things Up

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

Place a large wall mirror on the wall against an adjoining room where the party often is. If you know people are mingling on the opposite side of the room, when you glance up and see a reflection of bodies mingling in your room you will trick your mind for a few seconds into thinking the wall was taken out and replaced with one long extended group hall. By doing this you will create the effect an interrogation room does with it’s one way glass walls but hopefully your room will encompass more joy than the good cop bad cop routine that takes place in the this maximized security room.

Bigger is Better: Broadening Things Up

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

Flow is a good thing in a room. It represents a clutter free approach to life and relaxation. A good way to associate this idealism in your room and help to broaden things up is by using furniture with mirrored panels or doors. Glass or silvery tabletops will also contribute to the open flow vibe and as always hanging mirrors. Leaning them on a mantle pieces, or above your wet bar, it instinctively will make you feel you are in a room of more open spaces as mirror reflects and shares rather than captures like a cherry cabinet panel would.

To keep this river of mirrors flowing maintain a habit of cleaning them to keep them to their crystal clear perfection. Next throw a big house party to test the waters. You’ll find the rumor mill buzzing with tales that the house of mirrors is now located at your address!

See these decorator tricks for hanging the perfect mirror gallery wall! A simple gallery wall layout idea and the BEST way to hang mirrors without damaging your walls, no tools required!

Creating gallery walls can be intimidating but this design is simple and easy to make. I’m sharing two helpful design tricks to arranging and hanging mirrors in a beautiful gallery wall style!

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

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How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

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How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

Click on the images below to shop the look! Scroll using the arrows to see all the items.

What Is A Mirror Gallery Wall?

A mirror gallery wall is an intentional, balanced arrangement of mirrors hung on a wall. By ‘intentional’, I mean that it’s planned and measured…it’s not mirrors hung willy nilly in a random fashion.

You can read all about these 65 plus Gallery Wall Layout Ideas for inspiration! My Gallery Wall Of Botanical Prints is another way I’ve decorated my home with a gallery wall.

The number and size of mirrors can vary and the arrangement style can vary too.

The mirror finishes can all be the same or be mixed. For example you can use all silver mirrors, black framed mirrors, gold mirrors or a mix of metallic finishes.

The mirrors can be the same shape or vary in shape. They can be all sunburst shape, all rectangle shapes or all round shaped or a mix of shapes if you are looking for an eclectic look.

They can be hung in a grid style or a loose, organic arrangement.

Why Create One?

I LOVE gallery walls! Do you? Wether they are art gallery walls or mirror gallery walls – they are all gorgeous!

So why would you create a mirror gallery wall?

  1. They add lots of impact and drama to a room!
  2. They’re a great way to display a collection of mirrors.
  3. They really can make a small room feel larger.
  4. They add brightness in a dark room that gets little light.

What Rooms are Perfect for Gallery Walls with Mirrors?

A mirror gallery wall looks beautiful above a sofa in a living room, in a dining room above a buffet, in an entryway, on a blank wall in a hallway, in a dark basement or above a headboard or dresser in a bedroom!

Taking the Mystery out of Creating Mirror Gallery Walls

Mirror gallery walls can seem really complicated to arrange and hang but this one is so quick and easy to create!

Can you believe I created this beautiful mirror gallery wall in our entryway in just one afternoon?

(I love decorating ideas where you can enjoy the end result quickly and get instant gratification!)

I’m a firm believer that an entryway makes the first impression of a home and I also love our foyer to welcome myself and my family like a big hug!

I love having a mirror near the door so I can check my hair and makeup before I leave the house – do you?

I decided to hang a series of decorative mirrors, gallery wall style, in our entryway to add some interest, bounce the light into the space on gloomy days to make it feel brighter and so we can do that last minute check before we head out the door!

Supplies To Create a Mirror Gallery Wall

  • Several mirrors that will fit your wall space – I used 6 small mirrors that came in 2 packaged sets from HomeGoods but you can buy them online here, here and here!
  • Paper ( I like to use the white wrapping paper from the Dollar Store)
  • Painter’s tape
  • These velcro Command strips

Directions To Create One and Hang Mirrors!

1. First I used this paper template method to figure out where to place each of my mirrors on the wall.

I spaced the 6 mirrors out so that they hung in the middle of this narrow wall width wise.

I hung the bottom one first – so that it hung just above my lanterns.

Then I hung the top one just about at the top of door frame.

Next I spaced the rest of the mirrors evenly down the wall in between the top and bottom mirrors.

2. I hung the mirrors with the awesome velcro Command strips! I use these Command strips all the time instead of nails. They hold really strongly and remove cleanly from the wall if you want to move the mirrors later on.

(this is a great idea to hang mirrors or art if you are renting your apartment or home, in a dorm room or you’re staging a home to sell!)

I also used these velcro Command strips to hang the wall art in our guest bedroom! I just love them so much!

(Don’t forget to use Command strips that are the correct size for the weight of your mirrors!)

I love how this mirror gallery wall looks in our foyer!

Check out all the views of my entryway with these gorgeous mirrors!

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

Click on the images below to shop the look! Scroll using the arrows to see all the items.

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

Click on the images below to shop the look! Scroll using the arrows to see all the items.

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

Click on the images below to shop the look! Scroll using the arrows to see all the items.

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

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How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

I hope you enjoyed this design lesson on creating Mirror Gallery Walls!

Where would you like to create one in your home?

Mirrors are multitaskers. Not only do they make sure that you look good, they can also make your rooms look bigger, brighter, and better.

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

Mirrors are multitaskers. Not only do they make sure that you look good, but they can also make your rooms look bigger, brighter – and better. Here are a few ideas on how to use mirrors to transform any room in your house:

Create A Window

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

If you have a small room without windows, use a mirror that’s cut and framed to mimic a window. This will open the space and prevent a sense of claustrophobia. The window-mirror will also serve as a focal point in the room. (Image via

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

As this artistically cut mirror demonstrates, the mirror doesn’t need to be framed in order to create the impression of a window. (Image via

Get this look: Arch’s Glass, 8079 La Plaza, Cotati.

Let The Kitchen Shine

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

Mirrors in the kitchen? Yes, indeed! A well-placed mirror can create a sense of space in what is usually one of the smallest rooms in the house, while turning the chore of cooking dinner into a delight. That being said, if my kitchen looked like this one I’d never complain about cooking again. (Image via

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

A mirror in the kitchen can help a cook keep a look out for what’s happening in the dining area behind them. It can also create the illusion of a window that opens onto the room beyond. (Image via

Get this look: Premier Bath & Kitchen, 3201 Cleveland Ave., Santa Rosa.

Stand Tall

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

A tall mirror draws the eye upward, instantly making the room feel more spacious.

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

There’s a multitude of neat optical illusions that can be created with tall, slender mirrors. This mirror has been strategically placed in a small alcove. By reflecting the stone work across from it, the mirror creates the illusion of a doorway leading to another room.

Get this look: Sonoma Country Antiques, 23999 Arnold Drive (Hwy 121), Sonoma.

Highlight The Hallway

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

The hallway tends to be the narrowest, dimmest part of any house. This artistic collection of hexagonal mirrors effectively transforms what could otherwise have been a dull and plain part of the house. (Image via Levi Hobbs)

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

This hallway mirror welcomes visitors by the entry, making it a useful addition as well as an aesthetic one.

Get this look: Williams and Sonoma, 605 Broadway, Sonoma.

Practice Multiplication

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

If mirrors happen to be your favorite collectible, display them together to add character to a room and to reflect light in different directions. (Image via Flikr)

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

This collection of round mirrors plays off the round bed as well as the dots on the blanket, making the room into a work of art – no need for pictures or paintings.

Get this look: Favorite Things, 1500 4th St, Santa Rosa. (707) 541-7380

Illuminate Your Dining Space

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

A mirror in the dining room works especially well together with a chandelier; the mirror will reflect the light and make the room feel larger and more formal. (Image via

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

A large mirror in a small dining area can create the illusion that the room is twice its actual size. (Image via HGTV)

Get this look: Perkins Glass and Screen, 957 West College, Santa Rosa.

Go Big

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

The oversized mirror is the favorite “weapon” of many interior designers. As can be seen in this space, the large mirror complements the décor, while seamlessly making the room appear much larger. (Image via

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

Larger mirrors don’t necessarily mean more work when it comes to hanging them up; they work just as well being leaned against a wall or placed in a corner.

The main challenge when living in a small studio apartment is space. It is important to furnish and decorate your space in ways that make the space seem larger while still allowing the home to serve you efficiently. These hacks will make studio/bedsitter apartments much more comfortable spaces while maintaining the aesthetics you want. One does not need to compromise style for functionality.

1. Introduce partitions
Do you loathe seeing the bed from the living area, or would you just like to have more privacy in the bedroom area since you host a lot? Partitions are the way to go. While partitions are cool, the best way to do them is to use materials that provide separation and privacy while maintaining the open feel of the room. Having a very solid partition will look like a wall and make the ‘rooms’ created feel small.

How to arrange your bedroom mirrorsPhoto by, Gurav Dhiman, Unsplash

2. Furniture
Most furniture has been created based on the standard sizes available in the market. When you have a small space to work with, every inch counts. Here are simple hacks for some furniture pieces.

a) Reading desk/Study desk
The easiest way to do this is to create a cantilever shelf that is supported off the wall. This desk should only allow you to work on it and should not be used for storage as you would typical study desk. The desk can also hang off the existing wall.

b) Shelves are your friends
Since the floor space is limited, the only way to get space is to go up. Use shoe racks, book shelves, shelves for plants, shelves for clothes storage where appropriate. Try to use as much vertical space as possible.

How to arrange your bedroom mirrorsPhoto by, Malar Shalaby Unsplash

c) Design furniture for the odd spaces
We have all seen rooms with weird corners that no standard furniture can fit. If you find that you will stay in an apartment for some time, why not design quirky furniture to fit? Triangular corner stool? Why not. Note that while doing this, design things that you will still be able to incorporate after moving out.

d) Design/Buy multi use – furniture
If you don’t mind having a sofa that converts to a bed at night? Why not do that? Throw pillows that convert to floor pillows? Go ahead. Beds and tables that also double up as extra storage? Sure. You do not have the luxury of having single use items in the house.

e) Go for Mini – everything

Standard sofas don’t fit? Why not have a loveseat and a standard two seater sofa? Do you really need that big bed? If you are comfortable on a smaller bed, go for it. Do you need the big refrigerator? If not, get the mini. Mini oven, 2 burners in place of 4 burners etc. Save space wherever possible while keeping it efficient.

How to arrange your bedroom mirrorsPhoto by, Andrea Davis, Unsplash

3. Use tones to make your house look big
The wall paint to the decor choice should flow. When well done, the room should feel bright and airy. If you are not entirely opposed to it, consider having a plain white room. Keep the colours neutral as much as possible. For example, Grey, beige, white.

4. Use the Mirror trick
If you want to make a place feel bigger, add a mirror. Locate the mirror somewhere visible and where a lot of time is spent. This dramatically increases the feel of the size of the room. Especially when coupled with the neutral colours.

5. Use the curtain trick
Do you want your home to feel large? Use full length curtains for your wall. These run from the curtain rods to the floor. They create a feeling of grandiose and trick the eyes to make you feel like the room is larger than it actually is.

How to arrange your bedroom mirrorsPhoto by, Sven Brandsma, Unsplash

6. Declutter
Last but not least. Have a space for everything. Disorganisation is your enemy! With the smaller space, an unmade bed looks like the end of the world. Dishes in the sink are a calamity. Keep your space neat and organised and it will automatically look bigger and nice.

I hope this reading has been useful. Are you looking for a studio apartment/bedsitter or choosing a design for one? Here is how to choose a good bedsitter design. What you need to know.

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How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

Building a makeup vanity is a great way to cut costs and get the exact aesthetic you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking for a simple way to store a few lipsticks or require a serious organizer for your makeup hoarding ways, one of these beautiful DIY makeup vanity and mirror ideas is sure to satisfy your needs. These are vanities makeup artists would be ecstatic to have!

Table of Contents

Why Build Your Own Makeup Table?

  • Small bathroom with no space for your skincare or makeup products
  • Better lighting in your bedroom
  • Creating a YouTube channel and need a professional vanity
  • Save money by skipping the expensive store-bought vanities
  • Have a large amount of makeup and skincare products (don’t we all?)
  • Don’t like sharing the mirror with others (hehe)
  • You just enjoy the aesthetic of a beautiful dressing table

What Should go Into Your New Makeup Storage

Skincare Products

Store your eye cream, makeup remover wipes, face moisturizers, body lotion, lip conditioner, toner, serums, and masks.


Grab a cute organizer for your eyeshadows, lipsticks, blushes, eyeliners, mascara, bronzer, and lip liners.


Use an organizer to hold your makeup brushes and a second organizer for your hairbrushes.

Nail Polish

If you have a ton of nail polishes, your DIY vanity is the perfect place to store them.

Hair Tools

Flat irons, hairdryers, curling irons, etc should be stored here.


You can use your favorite perfumes as decoration.

Candles and Diffusers

Create a relaxing spot to take your makeup off at night by placing your favorite candle or essential oils on your vanity.

Decorative Accents

Personalize your new space by adding a bouquet of flowers or your favorite book.

DIY Makeup Vanity Ideas

Here are some of the best DIY makeup vanity ideas on Pinterest. You’ll find cheap floating vanities, IKEA hacks, vanity organization ideas, and tables converted into makeup vanities. To top it all off, be sure to try some of the DIY makeup vanity mirror ideas. It’ll help you complete the look! Time to learn how to build a makeup vanity.

DIY Floating Makeup Vanity With Gold Circle Mirror

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

This simple DIY makeup vanity idea from Wellesley and King is the perfect way to organize your cosmetics in a small room. By using a hanging countertop, you avoid trapping yourself in the tight corners of your room. The plastic chair helps to keep your room feeling open. This is my favorite DIY makeup vanity for small spaces in this list as it’s so affordable to make! You can have this DIY vanity under $50 if you get your supplies from the right place.

Black and Gold Floating Makeup Vanity With Drawers

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

If you had plans to go for a more glam and dramatic look, you can still make a statement without taking up much space. This hanging vanity idea from Rain on a Tin Roof is sure to add some personality to your bedroom! Add a touch of contemporary to your small bedroom with this modern makeup vanity DIY.

Since it’s a floating desk, this is a great option if you’re looking for a DIY corner makeup vanity. Be sure to click the link above to see the tutorial so you can DIY one yourself.

Glass Top Vanity

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

When it comes to vanity makeup table organization, Liz Marie really knows her stuff! If you love being able to see your entire collection of makeup at all times, check out her tutorial. You’ll be able to place your lipsticks, makeup brushes, blushes, foundations, manicure and pedicure supplies, skincare, and more in storage containers.

DIY Wood Makeup Vanity

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

Rock my Style truly understands how to make minimalism look warm and inviting. By adding warm wood elements to your vanity, you can avoid the coldness and emptiness of traditional modern design. I’m really loving this small space beauty station!

DIY Makeup Vanity IKEA

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

Loads of people have been into the classy airy grey home trend and this desk vanity nails it! It’s easy to make a makeup desk DIY type like this by using IKEA furniture. Check out Angela Marie Made to find out how to make this lovely DIY makeup vanity desk.

In case you are the type that prefers video instruction, we’ve got you covered. Here are my favorite YouTube tutorials!

Want more IKEA ideas? Check out my favorite IKEA furniture hacks!

Dollar Tree Vanity

IKEA Vanity Dupe

Vanity With Lights

DIY Vanity Mirrors With Lights

No do it yourself dressing table is complete without a glamorous mirror, right? See below for our favorite DIY vanity mirror ideas!

$70 Hollywood Style Vanity Mirror With Lights

Easy DIY Vanity Mirror Under $20

Which DIY makeup desk is your favorite? I’m loving each small makeup vanity on this list! Let us all know in the comments!

The focal point of any bedroom is the bed, which is typically arranged so it’s the first thing you see when you walk in the room. Make that focal point even more dramatic by hanging some artwork above it.

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

Q: What should I hang above my bed?
A: The bedroom is one of the most personal and private places in your home, so select something that brings you joy. Use a grouping of pictures, or focus on a single large piece. For the subject, select something that brings a sense of calm and serenity, from photographs to abstracts.

Q: What size of artwork should I choose?
A: Whether it’s a single piece, or a gallery of images, a good rule of thumb is that an arrangement that is at least ⅔ the width of the bed will look the most balanced.

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

Q: How do I align my artwork horizontally?
A: This is one case where there really only is one answer: align the artwork with the middle of the bed for a symmetric, balanced look. Tip: you can use a small piece of masking tape to mark the center of the headboard, and then mark the center of the bottom edge of the artwork. Using the Hang & Level™ picture hanging tool it’s quick and easy to align those two visually and hang it in the middle without any calculating or marking up your walls.

Q: How high above the headboard should I hang my artwork?
A: Generally speaking, the bottom of your artwork should be 8-10 in above the headboard. Any higher, and the artwork will start appearing to float on the wall (see the example below).

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

Q: What should I use to hang my artwork?
A: When hanging something above your bed, safety is the top priority. Make sure to use a hanger that will hold weight well above the weight of your pieces for extra security. Our DécoNails™ are designed specifically for hanging pictures up to 20 lbs securely in drywall, and our DécoScrews™ were designed to hold artwork up to 30lbs. Once you have hung your artwork, use our AnchorPoints™ on the bottom corners to make sure it never moves on the wall.

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

Q: What if my bed doesn’t have a headboard?
A: Take your pillow and prop it up flat against the wall. A typical headboard would extend around 6 inches higher than the pillow. So you could then measure 14-16 inches above the pillow and this is where the bottom of your arrangement would be located.

Q: Where else can I hang artwork in a bedroom?
A: The other place to consider is the wall opposite the bed. When you are in bed reading, or just getting up, it’s natural to be looking straight across at the wall, and that’s a perfect opportunity to hang something that gives you happiness or inspiration.

For more tips on hanging décor in a bedroom, check out this related blog post “What to hang above a headboard”. Have any other decorating questions? Email us at: [email protected] and we’ll do our best to help you Create the home you love™

At Under The Roof Decorating our mission is to design innovative products that help you Create the home you love™.

We believe everyone should have a home they love that reflects who they are. Our passion is to design products to help you quickly and easily decorate your home—all on your own. Discover the joy of creating spaces you love, and the satisfaction of doing it yourself.

Our products are available online and at many retailers in the USA and Canada, including Target, Lowe’s and The Home Depot.

“How to paint a mirror?” This might be a frequent question you keep asking yourself if you are the kind of person who love to always check your reflection in the mirror. Some people possibly think that these questions might be out of the box but it is really possible if you want your mirror to be out of the ordinary and also be as beautiful as you do.

There are actually several ways to paint a mirror. It is very easy and you can do it yourself. There are some things you can use in painting the surface of your mirror and reviving its old crystal clear reflection. Basically the paints that you are going to use are that of the painting glasses.

Definitely, you would like to get creative and would want to try it, so below are the basic steps to remember on how to paint a mirror.
How to arrange your bedroom mirrors
• Be Creative. Choose the design for your mirror.
Make a draft of your design. Every work before starting needs a plan. One advisable way to get creative or to arrive on a good design is to browse on books or any online crafts website. You can get various tips and a wide arrange of ideas in several coffee table craft -books and in any website.

• Wipe it Clean.
Make sure first that the reflective surface of the mirror is free of dirt and grease. You can also use a rubbing alcohol to wipe greases or some suggest in using warm water or vinegar. Because of the natural oils from our hands, it is suggested or you may be required to put on latex or surgical gloves while handling glassware. Your mirror needs to be dry and you can wipe it with a clean cloth or towel.

• Paint It!
You can use markers, acrylics, glass paints, leading strips, artists’ oil or any medium you would like to use. Acrylics and glass paints are the most suggested medium to use on painting on a mirror or to any glass wear because they dry quickly. Allow time to let it dry and there you go, you have your mirror painted. It is suggested that you do not use window cleaner on the painted portions if ever you attempt to clean the mirror as it can damage the paint.
How to arrange your bedroom mirrors
If you want the paint designs not to be permanent, you can use a pretty mix thick of powdered tempra. It will stick to the glass and can easily be removed either through washing it off with water or through using a scraper. Anyone can paint a window or mirror for any room in your home as long as you read, as long as you are being resourceful – knowing some paintings tip, widening your imagination and engaging to arts. Painting on mirrors is just like basically painting on a canvas that you will certainly enjoy!

If you’re discouraged by a small closet, take heart: There are plenty of ways to make your space more streamlined and organized—and even make it seem bigger. With the right organizing products, a few decorating tricks, and a little patience, you might find that tiny closet is actually just right. (Major bonus: these ideas won’t cost a fortune.) Here, three experts open the doors.

Related Items

1 Throw Out Clothes That Don’t Fit

After tossing the pieces you no longer wear or haven’t used in a year—and the ones that long ago went out of style—zero in on the clothes that are too tight. “People think hanging on to smaller sizes will inspire them to lose weight, but you can only wear the size that fits you right now—you never change a size overnight, says Julie Morgenstern, a professional organizer and author of Organizing from the Inside Out. If you have diet plans, store your tighter clothes elsewhere and put them back after you reach your goals—the act of swapping out larger sizes for smaller ones might even make you feel more accomplished.

To help you store those aspirational pieces of clothing you’ll soon be wearing pick up a few durable storage containers like the MISSLO Oxford three-piece set. The set’s durable design, with metal zipper and airtight closures, means no dust, dirt, or mold can enter while your goods are stored. And, the set’s fabric designs means you can collapse them when you’re done using them.

To buy: $24 at

2 Remove the Clutter

And yes, that may mean more than clothes, shoes, and accessories. “Remove those plastic coverings that come with your dry cleaning,” says Lisa Zaslow, an organization and productivity expert and owner of Gotham Organizers. “They actually don’t protect your clothes because they trap the dry cleaning chemicals. It’s also shocking how much space they take up.” Since you want to maximize every last bit of space, opt for thinner hangers and remove excessive amounts of empty ones, while leaving just a handful in one spot so they’re easy to find and use. You might be tempted to try stacking or “cascading” hangers, but they can be hard to maintain. Before you invest in this type of product, make sure you can easily grab clothes from them.

For the best bang for your buck, order a set of 50 hangers from Amazon. Though they are part of the “basics” collection they are anything but, as the hangers are made from no-slip velvet material to keep all your garments safely in place. And their ultra-thin design means you can hang even more clothing inside a wardrobe.

To buy: $22 at

3 Remember the Floor Space

“If you have lots of long-hanging clothes, the whole bottom of the closet can become a no man’s land,” says Morgenstern. “Group your short-hanging pieces at one end of the closet and your longer-hanging clothes at the other—that will open up lots of floor space, where you can place a little dresser or a stacking shoe rack.”

Once you can see your closet floor, treat yourself to a Birdrock three-tiered bamboo shoe rack. The rack is not only environmentally-friendly but can also hold up to 12 pairs of shoes. And thanks to its compact design, it can fit in just about any closet you’ve got.

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

Today we often face a lack of space in our homes, we can get small bedrooms, nurseries, mudrooms, bathrooms and entryways but we can also face having a small living room. Yet a living room is a cozy space where we spend our nights, invite family and friends and it’s important in any home. How to decorate it so that it would accommodate everything necessary without looking too small?

Use Neutrals

Neutral and just light shades will expand the space visually, soft hues also tend to illuminate a room by reflecting light. In addition to enlarging an area, a neutral palette imparts instant sophistication and creates a calming environment. Go for neutral walls, floors, ceiling and of course, furniture upholstery.

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

a neutral color palette with warm shades makes this living room cozy and visually bigger

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

off-white and beige is right what you need for a small space

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

comfy white and neutral living room with lighht brown floor

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

light shades and neutrals create a visually bigger space

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

light grey is another awesome shade to rock in a small space

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

Scandinavian-inspired living room in light grey and white

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

a turquoise rug is the only colorful piece here and it makes a statement

Choose Space-Saving Or Small-Scale Furniture

Try small furniture or just appropriate in size for your living room because if you place a large corner sofa, it’ll take the whole space. place a love seat instead and you’ll get a perfect look. space-saving solutions with additional storage or those that can be hidden in the walls or else are welcome in any small space, including small living rooms. Of course, the more light-weight your furniture looks, the better, it’s an important point.

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

as the space is small, furniture is also appropriate in size

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

keep in mind that bulky furniture will clutter the space and choose light-weight

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

neutral colors and a medium-sized sofa make the space look bigger

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

small sofa and light-weight furniture make this space awesome

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

furniture here looks small and light, which makes the living room airy

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

minimalist white living room with furniture on thin legs is a great idea

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

such a simple to seta sofa is enough for a small space

Place Mirrors And Lights

Mirrors will make your space feel larger and will also reflect the lights to illuminate it better. That will create a nice cozy ambience, and we all know that the more illuminated the space is, the bigger it looks.

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

shabby wooden frame mirror that cover a whole wall

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

an old window turned into a wall mirror with a retained shabby chic frame

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

whole wall mirrors to maximize the light and space

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

stylish framed mirror composition for enlarging the space

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

framed small mirror in a living room as decor and a means to expand the space

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

stylish large round mirror is a great accessory for a modern living space

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

Today I want to talk about a challenge that I encounter frequently – designing a living room fireplace with built ins on each side, specifically the fireplace with TV above it on in cabinetry beside it.

This feature wall may seem like a straightforward solution to the issue of multiple focal points (TV vs. fireplace), but many times it isn’t. These walls can be super tricky! Often the fireplace wall is adjacent to a wall with large two-story windows, and that complicates the living room layout even further.

If you are building a new home and still in framing or hopefully haven’t broken ground yet, this article is for you. Stop what you are doing and insist that your builder, architect, or designer draws a floor plan with furniture of your living room that shows the depth of the fireplace wall.

You will also want to see an elevation of the fireplace wall that indicates the height of the television if you are planning to hang it above the fireplace. And, you will need an elevation of the window wall to understand how the fireplace and built-ins affect your perception of the windows and how they are balanced in the space.


In two new construction homes I’ve worked on recently, the person who created the house plans (not me!) designed the window wall to be symmetrical with equal amounts of drywall on either side. Great!

Actually, it’s not great. In the first house, the plans didn’t account for the depth of the fireplace or built-ins on the fireplace wall. So, once the fireplace was framed out and the built-in cabinetry installed, we had two feet of drywall on the left side of the windows and about 6″ visible on the right. If you are a highly symmetrical person like me, this will drive you crazy.

This house was more transitional, and the clients didn’t want a ton of built-ins or a completely built-in cabinetry look on their fireplace wall. They wanted something more simple and modern. I designed the wall with two smaller niches for some built-in storage and display, but we left the drywall exposed so the paint color continues back into the niche.

The second house didn’t account for the built-in cabinetry depth either. It was the same problem but much worse. There were only 20″ from the fireplace wall to the first window opening. When the trim was completed, there was no wall space between the built-in cabinetry and the window trim.

I bring this issue up because clients often have a vision of how a room will look based on the floor plans and the inspiration images they’ve gathered. If the floor plans aren’t fully developed with all of the elements before construction starts, they might be disappointed when it doesn’t look the way they pictured it in their head.

Issue #2: Television Height

I have been surprised at how passionate people are about incorporating a raised hearth into their fireplace design. I am not a huge fan because they jut out into the room and make furniture placement difficult. I’m also a clumsy person and often bang my shin on their sharp corners, so maybe I am just biased.

My lack of grace aside, a hearth creates a fresh set of problems for mounting the TV over the fireplace, as if there weren’t already enough (more on that another time).

A seat-height hearth, which seems to be what most clients are after for the “cozy” factor, is around 18″ high. Then the fireplace sits on top of the hearth. A large fireplace box is 42″ high. I like to have the same amount of stone (or other fire retardant material) around the top of the fireplace as the sides if possible, so that’s another 6″ at least. If you are keeping track, we are already at 66″ from the ground.

Once we add the mantel, which is probably another 6″ high, and some space from the mantel to the bottom of the TV, we’ve gained another foot. So, the bottom of our TV is now at 6’6″ from the ground, and the top is around 9’6″. That is pretty high considering the optimal TV viewing height is eye level when seated – around 30-36″.

If you are going to mount your TV above the fireplace, making it the focal point of the room, consider buying one that looks fabulous all the time, like the Samsung Frame.

If I wanted to surround myself with mirrors how would I need to arrange them so that if I stood in the middle of them I couldn’t see myself in any reflection?

For simplicity let’s just say we only do the sides, not the ceiling and the floor.

How many panels would I need and in what configuration?

It seems to me that only a star formation could work, where all the mirrors are angled slightly outwards from me, but I’m not sure that at some point I would be reflected.

Is this even possible? Any ideas?

Based on all the responses below I believe the problem is that I cannot have any angle facing me that is at 180 degrees or less.

For example, this is at about a 30 degree angle and doesn’t work (thanks @mmesser314):

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

And this one is exactly 180 degrees and obviously will not work:

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

But from 181 degrees onward light is reflected away, like this:

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

So if we could figure out a configuration where I cannot see any angle that is less than 180 degrees I should never be able to see my reflection. This is what I came up with. Can anyone tell me if this (or some variation of it) seems valid?

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

3 Answers 3

This would work, but you might think it is cheating.

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

If there can be no gaps, I would guess it is not possible. Your star idea won’t work. Light that leaves you will bounce up the V and back out. The ray shown misses you. But if you look at a fan of rays, some will go to the left of you and some to the right. There is always one that will hit you.

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

If you use a smooth curve instead of planar mirrors, you cannot avoid seeing at least a point. This shows a ray that goes to the left and another that goes to the right. Some ray in between will hit you.

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

You might try to avoid it by putting mirror in the way to block that ray. But that piece has the same problem.

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

You might try to make a mirror where all the rays are deflected to the left. But that is a spiral, not a closed curve.

Here I’ll show that in 3d configuration, it is impossible. However the argument could be adapted to 2d also, if we used 2d black-body radiation instead.

The proof is by contradiction, using thermodynamic arguments. Assume there exists some finite solid angle in which direction you wouldn’t see yourself. Now this would imply that if you send light in this direction from your eye, it never reflects back to your body and never gets absorbed. Suppose now that your body (including your eye) is perfectly black, and it has a constant temperature $T$. Then some of the radiation emitted from your eye will never come back, implying it remains in the chamber. As more and more radiation will be compressed in the room, the radiation intensity at least at some place must diverge to infinity. This could be used to heat a hotter body with a colder one. Contradiction.

Unless you use methods that you might consider cheating, it’s almost certainly impossible. The reason why is that the Law of Reflection states that $\theta_i=\theta_r$. This means, in words that when a ray of light hits a reflective surface the angle that the ray of light makes with the surface before it hits (the incident angle, or $\theta_i$) is equal to the angle that the ray of light makes with the surface after it is reflected (the reflected angle, $\theta_r$). Out of convention, these angles are measured normal to the surface of the mirror. The diagram below shows reflection of a ray of light at some arbitrary angle.

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

Here’s the kicker though: If the ray of light hits normal to the surface (perpendicular to the surface, then $\theta=0$, so the ray of light reflects straight back, retracing its path. In this thought experiment of yours, any ray of light that leaves your body and strikes a mirror normal to the surface like this will be seen my you. (More or less. I am treating you as a point particle, rather than a person with dimensions. This is ok because seeing your own eyes still counts as seeing you).

So now let’s view the last paragraph in the negative. In order to not see yourself, there can not be a single ray of light that leaves your head and strikes a mirror perpendicularly. Try to imagnine being in a room that satisfies that criteria. A mirror sphere wouldn’t work. A mirror cylinder wouldn’t work. A regular polygon won’t work. Even if you try to imagine some spiky, star shaped wall of mirrors, I believe the vertices still would likely act as corner reflectors. Unless I’m missing a shape really, really outside the box, the answer is no.

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

1. On the Floor

No one says you have to hang a mirror, so go for the unexpected by placing it on the floor and leaning it against the wall; for contrast and definition, pair it with a chic rug. You can also layer three or four mirrors to create a bold, eclectic gallery!

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

2. In the Entryway

There is no easier way to make an entryway feel open and relaxed, but also pulled-together, than with a crisp, stunning mirror. Pair it with a vase full of fresh flowers and opposite a large window for an effortless way to reflect the energy of natural daylight and sweet botanicals.

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

3. In a Row

A living room mirror doesn’t have to be a single, traditional mirror – it can be three! Opt for surprise style and a pulled-together, symmetrical aesthetic by styling three small mirrors in a row. To seal in the modern look, consider ‘art mirrors’ (mirrors decorated with bold shades and patterns).

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

4. On a Rope

Embrace ‘country-chic’ by hanging a mirror on a rope! Bonus points if styled with rustic décor – like a bold ram skull! – and above a warm leather loveseat.

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

5. Above a Mantelpiece

Placing a large mirror above a mantelpiece is a timeless classic – but it does not have to be boring! Go for a trendy shape – like an oval or hexagon – to open up the room while creating a sleek point of focus for chic style.

Bedroom mirror ideas

Shopping for bedroom mirrors is often more of a necessity than a style inquiry. If you’re looking to bring one home, measure the space above your dresser, then get down to your style preferences. Wood frames, unpainted, offer rustic-chic vibes, especially if it’s a lighter wood such as ash or birch; metal frames, on the other hand, offer more industrial or glam vibes.

Mirror frame ideas

For any room of the house, a mirror is the one decorative staple that offers more value than all other decor types combined. Mirrors are tools for reflection-checking, light-enhancers for dark rooms and style accessories; while the first two depend on the mirror itself, the third depends on the frame. Look for frames that enhance your aesthetic by opting for texturized woods, glossy metals, tilework or mosaic artistry and more.

How to make a mirror wall

The perfect mirror wall should feel like an art gallery. It should be filled with unique pieces that are visually striking and blend in with the surrounding scenery. To make your own, mix and match frame styles. Woods with metals, circles with squares – the more different each piece is from the others, the better!

Mirror frame decorating ideas

A growing trend is the “shelf mirror,” wherein the mirror’s frame is composed of small shelves or compartments. These types are designed to let you customize the mirror with your own decor; fill such a design with small figurines, bottles, decorative boxes and picture frames. (For a bolder look, fill in any empty spaces in a frame with small mirrored tiles – for a ‘mirror within mirrors’!)

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

6. In the Furniture

Break all preconceived notions of what a mirror should be – by choosing mirror furniture! Whether it is a mirrored nightstand or desk, or even something as simple as a coffee table tray, mirrors in unexpected places bring a touch of glamour – and a whole lot of charm. To complete the feminine aesthetic, style it next to a soft floral rug or a dainty gold stool.

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

7. As “Mirror Art”

A mirror doesn’t have to be just a tool for reflection – it can also be a stunning work of art in and of itself, as demonstrated by the mirror panel (a wall of mirrors) pictured above. For a vintage-inspired mirror gallery wall vibe, opt for distressed finishes and slender iron frames.

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

8. Above a Daybed

There is nothing quite as rustic or charming as a good old-fashioned daybed, and a strong mirror to go right above it. The mirror pictured above, crafted from organic wood, offers an easy point of contrast from the patterns and colors of the walls and rug.

Round mirror decor ideas

Round shapes are gentler and more freespirited than angular. Take a cue from curved edges by incorporating soft, natural colors and boho-inspired decor to match these shapes. Prime example: arrange cream-colored vases brimming with greenery on a console table under a circle mirror with a rattan frame!

How to decorate a wall mirror

Whether round, square, oval, hexagonal, octagonal, pentagonal, triangular (you get the idea) . . . mirrors have a way about them that enhances the decor that surrounds them. Sometimes, though, a particular mirror frame clashes with a nearby color, material or pattern, so stick with similar aesthetics and styles to make sure everything matches and creates a smooth vibe. A wood frame over a wood console table or a metal frame over a metal console table is always the safe way to maintain style (and, not to mention, looks effortlessly beautiful).

9. With Wood and Metal

For an industrial look with a bit of an edge, look for a mirror frame made of organic materials like wood and metal. Pair it with a black leather side chair and a matching bookcase for a cohesive aesthetic.

How to arrange your bedroom mirrors

Mirror art ideas

One of the more unique trends we’re seeing this year is mirror art, which entails artwork painted over a mirror, with bits of the mirror peeking through brushstrokes. These designs are mostly used for art alone and not as practical mirrors. While you can invest in a piece by a professional artist, the other route is to make your own, which can actually be quite easy with a little practice. (To DIY, start off small: use mirror-safe paint to apply a couple of flowers or other pretty symbols along the sides of a mirror, with or without the help of printout pattern or template!)

How to decorate a mirror with flowers

If you want to use real flowers, decorating a mirror is basically about the space above and below the mirror. Below, arrange an accent table with a vase, in which the flowers will go. (This is the easiest way!) Above the mirror (the harder but more worthwile way), use wall decor to bring out the mirror’s frame: a string or garland of flowers floating above the mirror or forming to the mirror’s shape is a fresh additon to the aesthetic.