How to arch eyebrows

Like it or not, plucking eyebrows is no easy feat. From creating a flawless arch to framing your face perfectly, learning how to pluck eyebrows takes patience and determination. Not to mention, the process can be pretty painful. And with brows becoming an increasingly important part of everyday beauty looks, you’re surely looking to learn how to groom yours without a struggle. We have to admit, it can be a little intimidating, but with the right tools and tips, you’ll become a pro in no time. Keep reading to learn the ins and outs of how to tweeze eyebrows so you can elevate your beauty look in the comfort of your own home. Happy plucking!


Now it’s time for the reason you’re here: learning how to pluck your eyebrows for the first time! Or the first successful time, at least. Follow our step-by-step tutorial below to work your way to flawless brows.

What you’ll need:


First things first, it’s essential for you to relax. Since you’re going to be plucking your eyebrows, you want to make sure that you focus and take your time. Shake off the jitters—you’ve got this!


Before you start plucking eyebrows, it’s essential to make sure that your skin is nice and clean. After all, you don’t want any bacteria to spread and cause blemishes to occur. Yep, you can totally breakout around your brows! Play it safe and follow your regular skin care routine to get the job done.


It’s time to set the stage! Using your spoolie, start by brushing your eyebrows up and outward.


In order to pluck eyebrows correctly, you’ll need to know your face shape. This helps to determine where your brows should start and end. To determine where the front of your brows should start, place an eyebrow pencil vertically at the side of the top of your nose, and create a mark. Next, align the pencil with the outside of your iris and mark that spot along your brow to define your arch. Now it’s time to focus on the tail of your brows. Line your pencil up with the outer corner of your eye and make another small mark.

Want to stay on the topic of finding the right eyebrow shape for a little longer? Click through to our article, How to Shape Your Eyebrows Based on Your Face Shape, to make sure that you’re on the right track.


Next, you’ll want to create an outline for your brows. This helps you identify which hairs you need to tweeze. Simply draw an outline using your brow pencil, making sure to connect the marks you made in the last step.


Get ready to start plucking your eyebrows! Since you have determined your brow shape, you can easily pull the hairs that don’t fall inside of your outline. Be sure to take your time with this step, as you don’t want to overpluck. Use your fingers to hold your skin taut as you pluck, pulling one stray brow hair at a time to minimize pain and ensure accuracy.


You’re at the finish line! Using your spoolie, start by brushing your eyebrows up and outward again to make sure that you have beautifully shaped brows. Lastly, pick up your clear brow gel and use the angled skinny brush in upward strokes to lock your brows in place. Voila!


Have you come to the realization that you’ve overplucked your eyebrows a bit? No need to fret! Check out the following tips to help you fix your brows.


Part of learning a new skill comes with mistakes, and plucking eyebrows is no exception. For a quick fix, reach for an eyebrow pencil. You can use a pencil with a fine tip to draw on individual brow hairs where you shouldn’t have removed them. Easy, peasy!


Fancy a brow gel? Reach for the L’Oréal Paris Unbelievabrow Longwear Waterproof Brow Gel, which helps to fill in sparse areas in a flash. All you need to do is lightly apply product to fill in sparse areas and use the angled brush to outline and define your brow shape. Comb through your brows with a spoolie, and you’re all set.

Next up: Give yourself a pat on the back! You’re officially an expert on plucking eyebrows! Want to learn more about brow maintenance? Head on over to our article, How to Trim Your Eyebrows, to expand your knowledge.

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If you want perfect eyebrows, you have a few options: you can go to a salon and get them waxed or threaded, or you could can create the perfect shape yourself. First figure out what shape is best for your face, then decide how thick or thin to go and shape your brows using tweezers and an eyebrow pencil. With great eyebrows, you can be one step closer to that movie star look. Grab those tweezers!

There’s no denying that sculpted eyebrows work wonders to complement your face shape and define your features. If you don’t already have full, arched eyebrows to work with, you’re likely looking for a way to make it happen. It’s easy to admit that learning how to arch eyebrows can be a bit intimidating, but with patience and the right technique, you can master this beauty trend like a true pro. Ready to arch your eyebrows to perfection? Keep reading for nine tips to help you achieve high arch eyebrows for a beauty look upgrade.


First things first, before you truly start your journey to scoring arched eyebrows, it’s essential to find the best shape for your face. This helps to determine where your brows should start and end, as well as where that high arch should be.

To get the ball rolling, place an eyebrow pencil vertically at the side of the top of your nose and create a mark. Next, align the pencil with the outside of your iris and mark that spot along your brow to define your arch. Now, it’s time to focus on the tail of your brows. Line your pencil up with the outer corner of your eye and make another small mark.

Need more tips? Head on over to our article, How to Shape Your Eyebrows Based on Your Face Shape, to make sure that your arched eyebrows are the right shape.


One of the worst things you can do when creating high arched eyebrows is to remove too much hair. If you need to tweeze to perfect your shape, first use an eyebrow pencil to outline the desired shape of your brow. Once you have an outline you’re happy with, only remove hairs that fall outside of that line.


If you’re not particularly skilled in the art of creating arched eyebrows, there’s a quick and easy way to fake it ‘til you make it: an eyebrow stencil. Eyebrow stencils are a reliable option that helps you identify where to shade and shape your brows for an arched masterpiece.


Unless you’re blessed with the fullest of eyebrows, eyebrow makeup is a must for getting arched brows. Of course, not any product will do. Find your perfect match below.

L’Oréal Paris Brow Stylist Boost & Set Brow Mascara: This gel-mousse formula is the epitome of simple brow makeup. Designed to boost volume and set brow hairs, this smudge-resistant formula won’t steer you wrong. Simply brush the brow mascara on, and you’re done.

L’Oréal Paris Brow Stylist Frame & Set: Love the idea of a bold arch? Consider it handled with this eyebrow pomade. This lightweight brow makeup formula easily glides onto skin and brow hairs to frame and set your look. Dip the brush into the pomade, then outline and fill in your arches.

L’Oréal Paris Brow Stylist Definer Waterproof Eyebrow Mechanical Pencil: If eyebrow pencils are your forte, this offering will suit your needs. Designed with a triangular tip, this pencil precisely outlines, shades, and evenly fills in brows.

L’Oréal Paris Unbelievabrow Longwear Waterproof Brow Gel: This waterproof gel formula fills and thickens brows for long-lasting wear. Pick up product with the angled brush, then use it to outline your brows before filling them in. Comb through with a spoolie for a natural look.

L’Oréal Paris Brow Stylist Kabuki Blender: Whether you prefer natural or statement-looking brows, this eyebrow crayon will rise to the occasion. Complete with a kabuki blending brush, you’ll be able to achieve arched eyebrows that have a soft finish.


Speaking of brow products, it’s always smart to start light with your brow application. After all, you don’t need to use too much product to bring your arched eyebrows to life. To avoid a heavy-handed look, use a small amount of product and build as needed.

Editor’s note: Keep in mind, it’s best to focus on sparse areas. Applying your product of choice to your full brow can leave you with an overdrawn arch.


The truth is, it can be tough to perfect arched eyebrows without a grooming session. See, when your brows are overgrown, it can be hard to see your natural shape, which can make it hard to sculpt your eyebrows. So, always make sure that your brows are groomed to perfection to help you sculpt high arched eyebrows with ease. This includes doing any necessary tweezing, as we went over, as well as trimming your brows.


Let’s be real: Have you ever seen eyebrows that are one solid shade? If so, you know that they don’t sport a natural-looking appearance. That’s why it’s important to ensure that your arched eyebrows sport a seamless gradient finish. All you need to do is start with less product at the front of your eyebrows, then build with more product as you go. Natural brows have sparser hair toward the front, and this is the look you want to replicate.


Want to give your high arched eyebrows more definition? Consider adding a highlighter into the mix! By simply highlighting directly under your arch, you’ll be able to sport an awake and lifted look. Give it a try with the L’Oréal Paris True Match™ Lumi Shimmerista Highlighting Powder. Dip a fan makeup brush into the powder and gently dust the highlighter under your arch for an illuminated glow.


If you’re wearing any type of makeup, including eyebrow makeup, you want to make sure that your beauty look goes the distance. For your brows, the best way to do just that is with an eyebrow mascara. Swipe on the L’Oréal Paris Brow Stylist Boost & Set Brow Mascara in Clear to lock in your look.

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How to arch eyebrows

Arched eyebrows have a unique appeal. But, not all of us are blessed with the genes of naturally arched brows. Quite honestly, the parlors often do not give us the perfect arches, and we are left wanting for better eyebrows.

A good pair of eyebrows can make or break your makeup looks. While some prefer threading or waxing the brows and nailing them to perfection, tweezing is a more effective way to get the perfect arches you desire. So, here is a quick tutorial on how to arch your eyebrows with tweezers. Scroll down!

How To Arch Eyebrows with Tweezers?

Here‘s a few tips toward getting those perfect arch eyebrows (with less pain, if your trying this for the first time) with tweezers.

Step 1: Use Ice Cubes to Reduce the Pain

How to arch eyebrows

Well i’d say this much that there are two ways and either of you choose it’s gonna lessen the pain, but not be totally pain free, so don’t blame me later. But yes once practice and keep practicing, you will get used to it and pain is automatically reduced, this is my personal experience.

Coming to the methods, well firstly either you can with a warm moistened cloth swipe the area of the eyebrows. This opens pores and hairs come out easily or you may use an ice cube to numb the area, so that when you pull the hairs then the pain is less. You can do either of these, but don’t do both together.

Step 2: Refer This Diagram

How to arch eyebrows

You are confused on which hairs to pull out? Take an eyebrow pencil and draw the eyebrow (the shape you want and according to the arch that is suitable for your face by the measuring technique in the diagram above) now u’ll be able to pull out the hairs at the sides of the shape or any stray hairs here there by following the shape drawn.

“If you get them right, your features look amazing—it’s that simple.”

How to arch eyebrows

“The whole thing about brows is that they frame your face,” makeup artist Nigel Stanislaus said during New York Fashion Week. “If you get them right, your features look amazing—it’s that simple.” Truth, but he failed to mention the flip side: One overzealous tweezing session can spell disaster and result in a painstaking re-growth process that lasts for months.

If you have yet to tap into the face-defining powers of bold, shapely brows (hello, Gigi Hadid and Jourdan Dunn), we suggest backing away from the magnifying mirror and any sharp tools. Next, reach for pencils and products that make an impact and allow for the occasional misstep. Here, a crash course in scoring arches that would make any backstage pro proud.

Hold the freshly sharpened end of a brow pencil (like Maybelline New York Eyestudio Brow Precise Shaping Pencil) vertically against the bridge of your nose and over your nostril to find the starting point for your brow, Stanislaus says. Next, pivot the pencil so that it rests against the outer edge of your nostril and extends past the outer corner of your eye to mark where the tail should stop. Your goal: to make the area between these points look lush. “Do not pluck below the brow to create an arch,” Stanislaus warns. “It can look puffy or like you’ve had too much Botox and you’re permanently shocked.” A “modern brow,” he says, is “quite straight and sharp.”

” title=”1. Measure” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/steps-for-arched-7F963C.gif?resize=480:*”>

How to arch eyebrows

Hold the freshly sharpened end of a brow pencil (like Maybelline New York Eyestudio Brow Precise Shaping Pencil) vertically against the bridge of your nose and over your nostril to find the starting point for your brow, Stanislaus says. Next, pivot the pencil so that it rests against the outer edge of your nostril and extends past the outer corner of your eye to mark where the tail should stop. Your goal: to make the area between these points look lush. “Do not pluck below the brow to create an arch,” Stanislaus warns. “It can look puffy or like you’ve had too much Botox and you’re permanently shocked.” A “modern brow,” he says, is “quite straight and sharp.”

How to arch your eyebrows with an eyebrow razor is not difficult to do, and you don’t even need a great deal of product. Basically, you’re going to use a narrow-toothed eyebrow brush, along with the tweezers you usually get with eyebrow threading or eyebrow shaping.

The tweezers can be shaped in such a way as to make them resemble a comb, as well as shaped like a pair of scissors.

Using the tweezers, you are able to arch your eyebrows, by pulling the skin up from your forehead and down on either side of your nose. You’re essentially doing the same thing that someone would do if they were trying to straighten their hair – only a little more inconveniently.

There are some other steps involved with learning how to arch your eyebrows with an eyebrow razor, but they’re not crucial to the whole process. One of the first steps that you’ll want to take when learning how to arch your eyebrows with an eyebrow razor is to apply the gel to your upper and lower lids.

How To Arch Your Eyebrows Using An Eyebrow Razor As A Beginner?

If you are searching for how to arch your eyebrows using an eyebrow razor as a beginner, you should start with your eyebrows. Eyebrow arching is a very common problem that most people have and the first thing that comes to your mind is to go out and get a clipper or an eyebrow board to fix the problem.

However, these things do not address the source of the problem and once you remove the unwanted hair with a clipper you are left with an unnatural looking arch.

When you have a natural arch in your eyebrows, it looks like you have some sort of natural arch at the base of each eyebrow. You can achieve this type of arch when you learn how to arch your eyebrows using an eyebrow razor as a beginner.

The biggest mistake that people make is removing too much hair at once, which is what you want to avoid if you are serious about getting that natural look.

How to arch eyebrows

Is an Eyebrow Razor the Only Way to Arch Your Eyebrows?

Having sensitive or crooked looking eyebrows can make anyone feel self-conscious about their appearance. However, there is a quick and easy solution to straightening or arching eyebrows that many people don’t even consider.

Eyebrow shaping tools are not always cheap, but they can give you back your youthful appearance if you are willing to invest in them. However, if you are like most people who have crooked or sensitive looking eyebrows you may want to think twice before you shell out any of your hard earned money on one of these inexpensive devices.

One of the simplest methods for straightening or curling your eyebrows without using any type of devices is to apply eyebrow wax. You will need to find a good eyebrow wax that is designed for the purpose of removing eyebrow hairs.

You will also need a circular eyebrow brush, which you will use to apply the wax all around your eyebrows in a circular motion. The only tricky part about this method is that you will need to be sitting still for the duration of the procedure so keep this in mind if you plan to take a few laps around your bathroom.

How Can You Arch Your Eyebrows Naturally?

If you are one of the many people wondering “can you arch your eyebrows,” the good news is that it is not nearly as difficult to do as it may seem. Many people are so used to straightening their eyebrows that they have literally trained themselves not to arch their eyebrows.

The result is a crooked, permanently droopy set of eyebrows that can be extremely unattractive. Here is how you can achieve the same effect without having to resort to surgery with an eyebrow razor.

First, when you are sitting in a chair or on a bed, pull your eyebrows back so that they are pointing upwards and away from your forehead. The next step is to use a small and narrow razor blade to arch your eyebrows.

Begin by lining the blade up against the side of your nostril, making sure the blade is centered with your iris. You will want to use a very steady grip and do not move your head in any direction while you are doing this.

When you have reached this point, take a step back, rest your chin on your hand and pull your eyebrows toward your forehead again. This will give you a neat arch that looks very natural.

Should You Sharpen Your Razor Before Arching Your Eyebrows?

Many people think that they should arch their eyebrows before using a brow brush. Arching your eyebrows means curling or stretching the hair to create a curl in your brows.

This is a very unappealing look and can be quite unattractive if done incorrectly. If you really want to try this method, you should use a good quality eyebrow brush and clean, fresh water to wash your brows thoroughly.

If you are going to arch your eyebrows, then you are going to have to start in the crevices of your eyebrows. Use your eyebrow brush to get into the crevices of your eyebrows. Then use a mild amount of shaving cream on the area to get a close shave.

Once you have removed all of the excess moisture from your brows, you should apply a moisturizer to restore the moisture. This will help keep your skin hydrated and will prevent the area from cracking or drying out.

When you are finished shaving, you should follow up with a hydrating mask to seal the moisture into your skin and to lock in the color you have applied to your eyebrows.

How to arch eyebrows

Is it Safe to Arch Your Eyebrows With an Eyebrow Razor?

Eyebrow shaping, which is the process of relaxing your brows and drawing attention to your eyes, is often done by using products that claim to be safe to arch your eyebrows with. The truth is, there are some risks when you use products that claim to be “ideal for eyebrows” to reshape them.

First, if you do not have good skin or a good underlying tissue, it may take longer than expected to see results. If you have both, it’s harder to get rid of the extra skin or tissue.

Second, you need to ask yourself if you really want to go through all that pain. It may feel like a lot of work, but if you truly want to get rid of those eyebrows’ irregular shape, you can’t put up with such pain. The last thing you want to do is get a product that doesn’t do its job properly. If it doesn’t seem to work for you, move on to something else.


So, is it safe to arch your eyebrows with an eyebrow razor? The answer is yes, as long as you’re doing it right. There are certain steps that you need to follow to avoid any damage.

Apply a small amount of liquid beforehand so that you can get the best effect. Get used to the product by wearing it for a few days and testing the results. You may be surprised to notice how much easier it is to align your eyebrows after using this technique.

How to arch eyebrows

Mastering the art of a perfect arch can be intimidating. How do you locate this elusive feature? Is it safe to tweeze around it? To get to the bottom of all our burning brow questions, we checked in with eyebrow guru Malynda Vigliotti (aka Boom Boom) of NYC’s Boom Boom Brow Bar for all the eyebrow-raising details.

Find Your Arch

Boom Boom says there are three steps to defining your brows. “The space between the brows should be equal to or a little wider than your eyes,” she explains. “Use a makeup brush or pencil to assess.”

1. Hold the makeup brush parallel to the side of the nose, where the brush meets the brow. This is where the brow should begin.

2. Now hold the brush parallel to the outside edge of your iris (the colored part of the eye). Where the brush meets the brow is where the highest part of your arch should be.

3. Extend the brush diagonally from the nostril, following the outside edge of the eye toward the brow. Where the inside edge of the brush hits is where the brow should end.

The Mistake You May be Making

When it comes to shaping your brows, Boom Boom says you may be making an all-too-common error. “Most people remove the hair on the brow bone before the arch to try to create an arch, but that’s a big mistake,” she says. “It creates the dreaded ‘rainbow brow,’ which is a very dated look. If you accidentally tweeze in to the arch, it brings it down instead of lifting it up.”

Maintaining the Arch

Because they’re such a prominent feature, brows require a certain level of upkeep. Boom Boom says to stick with less permanent solutions—think product—rather than taking matters into your own hands with a set of tweezers. “You really don’t want to touch your arch after a professional shaping,” she says. “Use Boom Boom Brow Boostier powder ($22) to fill in the brows so they look thicker and bolder. You can also use the matte side of the Boom Boom Push-Up Brow Highlighting pencil ($19) to hide stragglers in between visits.”

Trending Topic

While eyebrows are a highly personal feature (some people like a thinner line, others are looking for a more lush look), there are beauty trends you may choose to follow. “The trend right now is toward a longer brow with a straighter arch,” says Boom Boom. “It will make you look younger.”

Arching your eyebrows can instantly open up your eyes, giving you more room for eye makeup, which you can use to accentuate your eyes. Arched brows look neat, groomed and give women a youthful appearance. Arching your eyebrows at home is a cost-effective way to brighten up your face. Spa and waxing brow treatments can be pricey. You can do it yourself at home with the right tools. Take your time and go slow; overzealous tweezing can immediately ruin your look.

  • Lash or brow comb
  • Brow scissors
  • Pencil
  • Brow pencil
  • Slant-tipped tweezers
  • Needle-nose tweezers

Brush your eyebrows up towards your hairline with the lash or brow comb.

Trim the ends of any of the extremely long hairs that stick up above the rest with brow scissors. This will lessen the bulk of the brow and make it easier to sculpt the brow. If you do not have a pair of brow scissors, you can use a small pair of grooming or haircutting scissors.

Place the pencil next to the side of the bridge of your nose. The top of the pencil should rest on your brow bone. The inside edge of your brow should start at this point. Mark this spot with a brow pencil.

Move the pencil to angle diagonally from the side of your nostril to the outside corner of your eye. This is where your brow should end. Mark this spot with a brow pencil.

Look straight ahead and line the pencil up with the middle of your eye so your iris (the black part of your eye) is behind the pencil. Roll the pencil slightly towards the outer corner of your eye until the pencil lines up with the edge of the iris. This is where your arch should be. Mark this spot with a brow pencil.

Repeat Steps 3-5 for the other eye.

Start tweezing your eyebrows from the bottom of the eyebrow. Use the slant-tipped tweezers for the thicker hairs. Tweeze the shorter and hard-to-get hairs with the needle-nose tweezers. Go slow and tweeze one row of hairs at a time. Tweeze the hairs to gradually arch towards the spot you marked above your eye.

Remove the hairs to the right and left of your eye. Use the spots you marked at the corners of your eye as a guide.

Tweeze the hairs in between your eyes to finish the clean look.

Hold your skin taught when tweezing stubborn eyebrow hairs. This will alleviate the pulling of the skin while plucking.

How to arch eyebrows

When Friday (#bellaTGIF) rolls around, we start thinking about the weekend and going out. How to create the perfect eyebrow arch is one of the most requested how-to’s ever at Bella Reina’s famous pink makeup box. When it’s time to get dressed up on the weekends, we can spend hours on our hair and makeup. Making your eyebrows look perfect means creating the perfect eyebrow arch, with the right color, the right shape, and the right width. It’s really very easy, just follow along.

How to Create the Perfect Eyebrow Arch

When you are looking at a person’s face, you don’t know if the eyebrows are the most important feature or is it their eyes. If the eyes are more important then the eyebrow becomes lighter and vice versa. Here are some eyebrow basics that will get you the perfect arch.

Eyebrow Color

– Eyebrows should not be extremely light or dark. A hint of color like brunette or neutral brow tint can change the look of your entire face. If your hair is dyed -Never, yes I said never, let them dye your eyebrows the same color. Lighter brow shades tend to soften the face, while darker brows will give you a “harder” or more sharply defined look.

Eyebrow Shape
– The arch of the eyebrow can be very tricky. From the start of the arch to the end of the “rainbow”, the arch must have symmetry and flow, just like the shape of your eye. Before shaping, measure the brow and mark with an eyebrow pencil, especially where the arch should be. Then you know exactly where to start shaping. The brow end closest to the nose should align with the upper bridge of the nose. In shaping the eyebrow, fill in voids or thin areas before you shape by plucking. Unless you have very few hairs, waxing, threading, or tweezing the eyebrows is the most popular option. If you are going to trim the brows and trim the hair below the brow only. The suggestion to our spa clients is to have eyebrows shaped every 3 to 4 weeks, and initially, less is better.
Eyebrow Width

Fashion trends have a bearing on eyebrow width but base your eyebrow width on the shape of your face. Thick eyebrows will overpower a small face. A larger face shape and thin brows will make you look like your eyebrows were lost. Everything must be in proportion. In order to get that proportion, use an eyebrow pencil (use very short strokes) followed by a clear gel brow mascara to perfectly fill in and define the brow.

Following these eyebrow basics will be one of your best beauty tricks, plus you will look simply marvelous for #bellaTGIF!.


A well-defined brow does wonders for your face. It can brighten your eyes and draw attention to your other facial features. But plucking can be painful and if you wax, you’re basically watching money drip from your wallet. One economical way to get great eyebrows is grooming them with an archer tool. An eyebrow archer’s razor can create a smooth brow arch that features a perfectly plucked look — minus the pain. Simply locate your arch and use a few brow-shaping rules to get the most from your archer.

Brush your eyebrows upward using a brow brush. Snip any long hairs that extend above the brow line. Brush the eyebrows over and down in the direction of hair growth. Cut any stray hairs that fall below the others. This takes off added weight and length so you can begin to see your brow’s natural shape. Repeat on the other brow.

Place a pencil vertically on the side of your nose bridge. This is where the inner edge of your eyebrows should start. Mark the area with a brow pencil so you know where you’ll be trimming. Repeat on the other side.

Look straight ahead. Place the pencil parallel to the outside of your iris. Mark the spot with your pencil. This is where your arch should be. Move the pencil diagonally toward the outside corner of your eye. Mark the spot with the pencil. This is where your brow should end. Repeat these steps on the other eye.

Place the eyebrow archer onto the area between the eyes and shave the hairs outside the pencil mark above the nose. Use a light touch and carefully shave in the direction of hair growth. Repeat on the other side.

Locate the hairs you marked near the arch. Carefully shave two rows of hairs in that area using small, quick strokes. Stand back and look at the brow. You should see an arch forming. Fine tune the arch, shaving one or two hairs at a time. Repeat on the other side.

Celebrity brow expert Sania Vucetaj shows us how to shape and fill to perfection.

How to arch eyebrows

If you’re having flashbacks to your high school tadpole brows, fear not! Shaping your eyebrows has evolved past the over-plucking of the early aughts. The once-scary DIY beauty project is easier than you think. We’ve ditched thin and angular for eyebrows that are bolder, freer, and fuller.

As someone who never really touched her brows as a teen (shoutout to my mom for forbidding me!) I thought mine were in pretty decent shape—until I visited Sania’s Brow Bar in New York City to see expert Sania Vucetaj. Vucetaj, who has groomed the iconic eyebrows of celebs like Sarah Jessica Parker and Rihanna, immediately noticed that my brows were not living up to their fullest, fluffiest potential. The culprit? My skincare routine.

“Don’t get any creams, lotions, moisturizers, foundation, sunscreen, serums, oils, anything on the brows,” she cautions. “That suffocates the follicle. That’s why you’re getting shedding, and they’re falling out. They’re getting lighter in color.” If your brows are recovering from any thinning or over-plucking, Vucetaj advises the same. “You have to go around your eyebrows [with the product]. It takes six months to a year to grow them back.”

Ahead, Vucetaj breaks down how to get your dream eyebrows at home.

How to arch eyebrows

Stick to the natural shape of your eyebrows. Using your tweezers as a guide, hold them up to your eyebrows to measure where to begin. “The top bridge of your nose, you align it with your tweezer,” Vucetaj says. “It’s not [at the widest part of your nose]. A lot of people think it’s there, but it’s the top bridge.” For the tops of your brows, Vucetag recommends holding the tweezer and angling it the same direction up to the peak.

The easiest way to find your arch? Take one finger and lightly pull up. “With the arches, you just lift slightly the arch,” Vucetaj says. “It can help you figure out how much or how little of an arch you want. If you want higher, you know to do that.”

How to arch eyebrows

For removing stray hairs, tweezing is the way to go. “The whole point of tweezing is that you’re pulling by the root and the hairs grow back later over time,” Vuetaj explains. “A razor is just an easy fix for a day. Waxing stretches your skin. Threading breaks the hairs, so you get snapped hairs and ingrowns. So there are reasons why I stick to just the tweezing technique. The precision is everything. Every last hair makes a statement.”

Sania’s Brow Bar Slant Tip Tweezers, $25.00,

Tweezerman Classic Slant Tweezer, $23.00,

How to arch eyebrows

Shaping comes down to a few simple guidelines: your natural brow shape, enhancing what you already have, and never over-doing it. “The rule of thumb is every four to six weeks to tweeze. No more than that,” Vucetaj explains. “People are trying to figure out shapes too much, and the best bet is stick close to what you have. Just a cleaner, tidier version of it. Make sure you like the shape, and then tweeze just a few strays outside of the shape. Less is more.”

Most importantly: step away from the magnifying mirror! “Get rid of any magnifying mirror, worst thing ever,” she adds. “You see too much. It’s playing games with you. You’re sacrificing the shape for the sake of a few hairs that people normally wouldn’t see.”

How to arch eyebrows

Only trim if you need to! Vucetaj barely used her scissors on my brows. “Trimming is last,” she says. “You have to be careful to get the right scissors. It’s important that the blade is long, because if they’re too short, you have to keep stopping and chopping, and that’s how you get them uneven. We brush them up very lightly and trim only where needed. You don’t trim the arch at all.”

Anastasia Beverly Hills Scissors, $22.50,

Tweezerman Brow Shaping Scissors and Brush, $14.86,

Sania’s Brow Bar Precision Blade Scissors, $28.00,

How to arch eyebrows

And finally, it’s time to fill ‘er up! To keep the look natural, avoid a heavy hand when filling in the center of your brows. “Wherever it’s more sparse, you just add a little more pressure,” Vuectaj says. “Trace the top of the brow and trace the bottom. If you want a little more prominent arch, just add a little more color and brush it through. Lightly fill in the middle. That’s how you keep it from looking like a tattoo.”

How to arch eyebrows

Vucetaj always recommends using a brow pencil or powder for filling in your brows. “Once you find the color that you like, fill your brows to wherever you think they’re good. Step back. Maybe take a picture, make sure they look even, and then you can proceed to tweeze just a few hairs and fill with the pencil. That’s what I always tell my clients.”

How do you tweeze a perfect arch?

Tweeze away all stray hairs that extend from the brows towards the ears and also the hairs in between. Now start with tweezing the hairs (always in the direction of growth) below the eyebrow.

Where should the arch of your eyebrow be?

Determining the Arch ” Your arch should be just outside of where the pencil hits your brow,” she advises. Don’t worry about having a sharp arch versus a subtler, more rounded one — your natural brow’s shape is the general silhouette you should follow.

How do you shape your eyebrows without an arch?

SHAPING BROWS WITH NO ARCH Even if your natural eyebrow shape is flat, it may be possible to create a little lift at the arch. It will involve creating a new brow shape, meaning you’ll have to remove some hair from below the arch and balance it out by growing in some hair above the arch.

Is it haram to pluck eyebrows?

Shaping the eyebrows by trimming, shaving or plucking their edges in order to appear beautiful, as is done by some women nowadays, is haraam because it involves changing the creation of Allaah and following the Shaytaan in his tempting of mankind to change the creation of Allaah.

What eyebrow shape is most attractive?

Because of your delicate facial structure, you need a delicate brow; full, heavily structured or highly arched eyebrows will appear overwhelming on your face and draw too much attention to the forehead. Soft brows with a low to medium arch height and a curved or soft arch shape will be the most flattering on you.

Are high eyebrows attractive?

Our data demonstrate that, of the three tested variants of eyebrows, the population in general judges high -positioned eyebrows with a maximum in the lateral third as the most attractive type.

How do I fix my eyebrow shape?

Comb your brows straight up with a spoolie eyebrow brush like Tarte’s Fill Service Brow Brush and Spoolie, then use eyebrow scissors — we love the Arches & Halos Surgical Stainless Steel Brow Scissors — to trim only the longest hairs, staggering the length as you go.

Is waxing eyebrows Haram in Islam?

Removing facial hair and trimming eyebrows for a woman is haram in islam. Removing facial hair and trimming eyebrows for a woman is haram in islam.

Is waxing Haram in Islam?

Darul Uloom also said that shaving and waxing are not considered under Sharia law. “The fatwa is absolutely correct and is according to the Sharia law. It should be noted that Darul Uloom has called the practice khilaf-e-adab and has not declared it haram,” Maulana Salim Ashraf Qasmi told TOI.

Is music haram in Islam?

The question of permissibility of music in Islamic jurisprudence is historically disputed. Imam al-Ghazzali, writing almost a thousand years ago, reported several hadith and came to the conclusion that music is permitted, saying: “All these Ahadith are reported by al-Bukhari and singing and playing are not haram.”

Take a Good Look

How to arch eyebrows

The first rule in how to shape your eyebrows: You can only work with what you have.

Use the eyebrows in this photo to see an example of how to shape them. These eyebrows are fairly thin on the ends and are rather straight. They can be shaped up a bit but won’t have an extreme arch.

You can remove hair or use a pencil to make them look fuller, but you can’t instantly grow them or make them into a shape that is not natural to you. The following shaping tips for women will help you decide how much hair to keep and how much to remove.

Where Eyebrows Should Start: Option 1

How to arch eyebrows

Draw an imaginary straight line from the outer sides of the ball of your nose to your brows. A good way to see this is to hold a tweezer with the open side down from the ball of your nose to your brows. This is the generally the place where eyebrows should start on most people, with some exceptions.

This is definitely where eyebrows should start if you have wide-set eyes because it makes eyes appear closer together. A large forehead also benefits from this spacing because leaving too much hair in between the brows makes the forehead look even bigger.

Where Eyebrows Should Start: Option 2

How to arch eyebrows

The general rule of thumb for eyebrow shaping has been that if you took a ruler to the inner corner of your eye, that is about where the brow should begin. But this is the farthest in you should go. If you’re unsure, it’s better to leave more brow. It’s easy to remove hair instead of waiting for hair to grow and penciling them in.

This positioning is attractive if your eyes are very close together since starting at the inner corner of the eyes makes them seem to be farther apart. Women who have small foreheads, narrow faces, and small facial features also benefit from starting their brows at the corner of the inner eye,

Where to Arch the Eyebrows

How to arch eyebrows

The arch of the eyebrow is one of the most important features of designing its shape. Place a ruler or eyebrow pencil on the tip of your nose and take it to the spot on your brow just over your pupil. This should be the peak of the arch. Aim over the middle of the pupil for a medium arch and the far side of the pupil for a high arch.

Where the Eyebrow Should End

How to arch eyebrows

Place one end of a ruler or an eyebrow pencil at the outer side of your nose and the other end at the corner of the eye. This is where the brow should end. Most women’s brows end right about where this line is.

Most of the time, over-plucking has resulted in brows not meeting this endpoint. If that’s the case for you, use a brow pencil like Billion Dollar Brows Universal Brow Pencil to fill in your brows until they grow out. If your brows are sparse because of stress, aging, or thyroid issues, try an eyebrow revitalizer.

Perfectly Shaped Brows

How to arch eyebrows

You can see the perfect eyebrow shape on this model, with the three lines used in her design. When brows are shaped correctly, the eyes are framed nicely. If the first thing you notice about someone is their eyebrows, they’re not the right shape. They should enhance the face and especially the eyes but not steal the show.

Trimming Your Brows

How to arch eyebrows

If you want to learn how to shape your eyebrows like the pros, trim them first if they need it. When the eyebrow hair is long, sometimes women end up taking out too much hair when they really needed to take out length.

Here’s how to tell if you need to trim: Brush your eyebrows straight up, and if there are any long hairs coming out of your natural shape on top, trim it. Use a fine-tooth regular comb or an eyebrow brush to push the eyebrow hair up and then trim what is outside the shape you want with small scissors, preferably eyebrow scissors.

Tweezing Your Brows

How to arch eyebrows

Choose exactly which hair you will be removing. Outline the shape you want with an eyebrow pencil or put concealer or white eyeliner on the hairs that need to go: underneath, the middle, and on top, so you don’t wander off course.

Often, you just need to remove strays from underneath your eyebrow. Be careful if you tweeze above the brow; you’ll find very few strays there. If you do take a few hairs off the top, maintain the main shape of your brow.

Always tweeze with a regular mirror, not a magnifying mirror, which could cause you to remove too much hair. And do it in natural light so you don’t go overboard.

When we say we want perfect brows, what we really mean is we want flawlessly arched eyebrows. The kind that lift your entire face, making you look like you might actually get eight hours of sleep. That’s the power of strong brow game, but how do you achieve your most flattering shape? Keep scrolling for your ultimate eyebrow-arching 101…

1. Measure Your Brows

Before you get your arches on point, you need to measure the shape. This means figuring out where the beginning, tip and highest point of the arch should be. Use a brow pencil, like Brow Pro Microdefiner Pencil, to help you, first brushing with the spoolie end to sweep your eyebrows into their natural shape.

Mapping the beginning: Hold an eyeshadow brush vertically from the dimple of your nose (over your nostril), so it crosses through your brows, indicating where your perfect eyebrows should begin. Then, use the pencil tip to mark where the brush and brow meet.

Mapping the end: Pivot the makeup brush so it leans against the outer edge of your nostril, reaching up to the outer corner of your eye and beyond. Where this diagonal line meets your eyebrows, add a little dot with your eyebrow pencil. This is where the tip of the brow should be.

Mapping the arch: Your brows should peak in line with the outer side of your iris. Again, use your makeup brush to measure out the spot, then dot with your pencil to mark that arched brow.

Top tip: Don’t forget to remove the guide lines with a gentle makeup remover when you’ve completed your arched eyebrow look.

2. Tweeze Under the Arch

Now all your dots are in place, lightly tweeze your brows to enhance the shape. You only want to tweeze from underneath your brows, and you don’t want to overpluck. Simply target any strays that sit below the arch area, and any unruly strands that sit outside your ‘beginning’ and ‘tip’ markings. Don’t go too deep into the arch, though; you don’t want to look permanently shocked. Just aim for a gentle lift to get the most flawless finish.

Top tip: Does plucking your eyebrows sting? Try doing it after a hot shower, as the warmth and steam will loosen up the strands, making it easier to tidy up your arches. You can also soothe plucked brows with an ice cube if your skin is prone to swelling and redness.

3. Fill Sparse Arches

If your arches are looking sparse, reach for Brow Pro Microdefiner Pencil to fill, using it to flick, flick, flick in some ultra-natural-looking definition. Start from the base of the arch and sweep the pencil up in the direction of the temples, opting for short, sharp strokes instead of a ‘drawing on’ technique. It’s this motion that will give you a soft, subtle arch instead of a heavy finish.

Top tip: If you’re a beginner with the brow pencil, choose one a shade lighter than your natural brows and apply with a light hand. You can always build the colour up.

4. Set in Place

You’ve got two options when setting your arches. If you’re already happy with the depth and shade, simply use the spoolie of your pencil again and mist it with Insta Fix & Go Setting Spray. Brush brows upwards, then across into their newly arched shape.

For extra fullness, use Wonder’Full Brow in a shade that closely matches your brows, and sweep it through from start to tip, adding more volume through the arch.

Top tip: Want extra staying power? Once you’ve completed your makeup look, close your eyes and finish with one extra spritz of setting spray.

5. Complete with Concealer

Use a concealer, like Match Perfection Concealer, to enhance your arched brows even more. The brush tip allows you to glide it right under the arch, creating a lifted effect. And… you’re done.

Top tip: For a super-sharp brow finish, trace the upper edge of your brow, too. Slay those arches.

Looking to ace your brow kit? Discover the best eyebrow products for every brow shape.

The majority of women who like to make up complain about how to make eyebrow models. Feeling difficult when making or finished but looks strange and inappropriate when looking in the mirror. Well, one way to get the right eyebrow shape is to pay attention to the eyebrow model according to your face shape. Adjusting the shape of the eyebrows to the shape of the face can shape or frame the face well. For that you must first know this 6 ways to shape eyebrow model.

With proper adjustments, the balance between the face, eyebrows and other parts of the face will be right and the face will look better. However, before you can make an eyebrow shape according to your face, you should know first how to make the right eyebrow tutorial with satisfactory results. For that, in this review we will discuss the eyebrow model according to the face. Here is a tutorial for making eyebrows according to oval, round, oval, square, and heart face shapes:

How to arch eyebrows

1. Eyebrow model for round face

A round face can be seen from her chin which is curved and soft. This face shape has broad cheekbones with a wide face too. A simple rule in making eyebrow models for round faces is not to make round eyebrows on round faces. Otherwise, the result will be even more rounded.

In order to make the appearance of the face balanced and fit by making gently curved eyebrows. Add height to the arch of the brow shape for the round face you drew. Then extend it extra at the tail to get the illusion of a longer face too. High arch eyebrows are the most suitable shape for round faces. You can see how to use an eyebrow pencil for a round face at the end of this review.

2. Eyebrow shape for oval face

An oval face has a forehead that is no wider than the chin. The chin of the owner of an oval face looks soft with a slight curve to the side of the face. The shape of the eyebrows for an oval face is actually quite a lot. People with this face are very flexible in choosing the shape of the eyebrows. The tip is not to make the eyebrows too sharp. Keep your eyebrows soft and impressive characteristics and reflect your personality. One of the eyebrow models that suit oval face shape is soft angled.

3. Eyebrow shape according to square face

Square faces are characterized by firm and strong angles. The sides of the face are fairly straight with the jaw line. The shape of the eyebrows according to the face of the box is to make eyebrows that curve to the top and lengthen. You can just make a flat eyebrow shape so that the square face will be more suppressed. On the other hand, a round eyebrow arch will not support the appearance of a square face.

4. Eyebrow shape for long or oval face

The characteristics of this face shape are similar to the square face, which is firm and strong. The only difference is the length. This shape has a length that is longer than its width. The forehead, jaw, and cheeks are the same width as the chin is curved and tapers. The shape of the eyebrows that suits this long face shape is to provide additional elongated eyebrows at the ends of the eyebrows. It also maintains the illusion of a wider forehead. Make a corner to support your personal characteristics. You can also make eyebrows flat or flat.

5. Eyebrows for a heart-shaped face

The hallmark of the heart face is a small and tapered chin. While the forehead looks broad. To balance the proportions of the face, you can do a way to make eyebrows that can reduce the forehead and make the chin less sharp. That is by making a soft line with a slight curve. Eyebrows are made short and close. The goal is to draw attention directly to the center of the face.

6. Eyebrow shape for a pear-shaped face

This pear shape is also known as a triangular face. Characterized by a jaw that tapers to the hairline. The right eyebrow tutorial is to make eyebrows that are long enough to be curved. And avoid drawing flat and short eyebrows

that’s 6 ways to form an eyebrow model according to the shape of the face so that it is naturally beautiful, hopefully this article can help 😉

  1. How to Fix Low Heavy Eyebrows
  2. How to Shave Eyebrow Lines
  3. How to Use a Brow Shaver
  4. How to Thin Out Your Eyebrows
  5. How to Put Cuts in Eyebrows

How to arch eyebrows

Transform bushy and overgrown eyebrows into beautiful, feminine artwork for your face. Treat eyebrows as an accessory to achieve your best look. When deciding how to feminize your eyebrows, look to your center arch as a starting point. Feminine eyebrows are always arched, and while most people are born with the arch, some have to create it themselves. Once your arch is in place, it is up to you to decide if you want a thin or thick eyebrow line.

Groom your eyebrows before you begin waxing or tweezing. Use an eyebrow brush to brush your eyebrow hair upward. Trim the hair that extends beyond the natural upper brow line with a grooming scissors. Repeat on each side. Brush the eyebrow hair downward in the same manner and trim any long hairs with the grooming scissors.

Hold a pencil next to the bridge of your nose so it extends upwards, toward the eyebrow. The inner eyebrow corner should not extend past the pencil. Make a mark on your eyebrow if the line extends past the pencil to trim. Use an eyebrow pencil to make any marks along the eyebrow line.

Place one end of the pencil at your left nostril. Angle the pencil at a 45 degree angle toward the outer edge of the left eyebrow, so the pencil is directly over the pupil of the eye. The pencil should lie against the outer eyebrow point, which is typically in line with your outer corner of the eye. Repeat with the right eyebrow.

Hold the pencil straight up and down over the pupil of the left eye. This is where your arch should go in your eyebrow. Repeat with the right eye.

Use tweezers to remove any stray hairs under the natural brow line. Pull the hairs in the direction they are growing to prevent irritating the skin or creating ingrown hairs.

Make the arch higher in the center by removing one or two rows of eyebrow hairs with tweezers. Pull the eyebrow taut and grasp the eyebrow hair. Squeeze the tweezers and pull the hair in the same direction as the hair growth. Holding the skin tight will help reduce pain and ensure a secure grasp on the eyebrow hair.

Apply aloe vera to the eyebrows after grooming. This will help reduce swelling and prevent infection in the hair follicles.

Meet the beauty product you never knew you needed.

How to arch eyebrows

Look, I’m not going to pretend that I’m a natural when it comes to shaping my eyebrows. Even though I’m a beauty editor who can help you find the best brow pencil of your freaking life, I’m far from a pro when it comes to the actual, uh, application (shout to my extreme laziness! And my shaky hands!). The only thing that makes filling in my brows a biiit easier? Using an eyebrow stencil.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, eyebrow stencils are itty-bitty templates that you stick or hold on top of your brows to prevent you from “coloring” outside of the lines of your brows with your powders, pencils, or gels. Basically, they’re a total game-changer for folks like me who can’t freehand their eyebrows. So if you need a little assistance, do yourself a favor and shop one of the seven best eyebrow stencils, ahead. Promise you won’t regret it.

Sure, eyebrow stencils might sound like something you’d see on a late-night infomercial, but they’re actually legit. And even better, they’re pretty freaking easy to use (as is evident by this quick YouTube tutorial from LakiaStar). Start off by finding a stencil that matches your aesthetic (do you want something full and defined? Low-key and soft?), lining it up with your natural brows, and gently holding it in place with your thumb and index fingers.

Then, using your free hand, fill in your brows with whatever products you usually use (making sure you don’t get anything outside of the stencil), and repeat on the opposite side with the same stencil. When you’re all set, remove the stencil and prepare to admire the sh*t out of your work. Easy, right?

K, now what you really came here for—keep reading for the best eyebrow stencils to shop RFN.

How to arch eyebrows

This pack of five eyebrow stencils from Anastasia Beverly Hills is a great starting point for first-timers. You get a variety of sizes (think: petite, medium, full arch, etc.) and the thick plastic means you can clean and re-use them as much as you want. Psst: You can even use these bbs to help pluck your brows.

How to arch eyebrows

Gone are the days of sifting through your makeup bag to find your brow pencils and powders—this contour kit has every brow product you could possibly need in one convenient palette. In addition to five eyebrow stencils, it also comes with six brow powders, a highlighter, a cream concealer, setting wax, tweezers, and a brow brush/spoolie. Yeah, consider your brows handled.

How to arch eyebrows

Don’t feel like dropping a lot of cash on an eyebrow stencil? No prob—this drugstore option from Ardell is just as good as its pricey counterparts. The $4 pack comes with four stencil shapes (delicate, elegant, glamorous, and classic), and the plastic is lightweight enough that it won’t stick to your skin or mess up your foundation.

How to arch eyebrows

If you have a hard time holding your eyebrow stencil steady, you’ll love the genius little handle on this guy. It comes with eight reusable styles and a flexible handle that sits right over your nose (which, IMO, lets you spend more time focusing on the actual shaping of your brows).

How to arch eyebrows

And if a bulky handle isn’t really your vibe, your next option is this pack of eyebrow stencil stickers. The adhesive is super gentle (so much so that you can peel ’em off and reuse them), but they stay on long enough for practically hands-free application. This kit comes with 36 stickers and a multi-use brow pencil.

How to arch eyebrows

Nope, you aren’t imaging it—these eyebrow stencils are literally $2. Whether you use them daily or only once in a blue moon, you can’t really go wrong with this affordable kit from Elf, which includes four shapes that are all reusable.

How to arch eyebrows

Don’t need all the bells and whistles of a contour kit, but still want a little extra something with your eyebrow stencil? Yeah, you need this brow powder and stencil combo, which comes equipped with four stencils, a brow brush, and a universal brown powder. Score.

How to arch eyebrows

Not everyone has naturally bold arches like model Jourdan Dunn. But you can fake it until you make it with the help of perfect grooming. Mimic the exact angles of her arches without professional help in four simple steps, and leave the rest to brow filler.

Step 1: Get your mirror in hand and find some flattering natural light, which will help prevent over-plucking. Next, you’ll need a long eyebrow brush (or any straight edge). Place the end in a straight line from the side of your nose to the inner corner of your eye and the beginning edge of your eyebrow. Pluck anything that is too far into unibrow territory.

Step 2: Angle the brush from the edge of your nose towards the outer corner of your eye. This should create a perfect diagonal to the end of your brow. It’s likely you won’t have to pluck any fine hairs at the tail of your brows, so you can mark the point for perfecting the shape later using a brow pencil.

Step 3: Finally, mark the highest point in your arch. Move the brush to create a diagonal that runs from the edge of the nose through the center of your iris. This marks the top of the arch.

Step 4: Place the brush horizontally from the front to the end of the brow. This line should be straight. You’ll want to pluck stray hairs underneath in a curved fashion, but keep the width of the brow the same throughout with a slight taper at the ends. Keep in mind that the thin and rounded arches are best left in the past.

How to arch eyebrows

Eyebrow arching is one of the most common techniques used by women to beautify their facial appearance. Eyebrow arching is achieved either by waxing which is usually given in salons, or by tweezing which is easier and may be done at home by oneself. If somebody opts for the ‘tweezing method’ to arch her eyebrows then she would need a mirror, a tweezer and a ruler. One should also discuss one’s desired shape with a friend or a beautician to avoid any regret that may arise after the arching is done. If you have a plan to arch your own eyebrows then you may go through the below mentioned guideline.

Things required:

– Mirror
– Tweezers
– Ruler

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Firstly, figure out the inner edge (fringe) of your brow. You can achieve this by holding a scale or ruler against the left side of your nose. Now, with the help of a mirror note or dot the exact point where the ruler crosses the left brow. The inner edge of the brow should not go beyond the point where the ruler cuts across the brow. Now take out the hair between this crossing-point and the inner edge (fringe) of the other brow with a tweezer.

How to arch eyebrows

Next, find out the arch point of your brow by placing the ruler on the left side of your nose and angle it so that it passes over the outside of your left pupil. Note the point where the ruler intersects with the brow. This point will actually become the highest point of the curve. Now create a brow line with your tweezers that slowly shrinks from the inner edge of your brow towards this point.

How to arch eyebrows

Now, find out the outer edge of your brow by placing the ruler against the left side of your nose and slowly angling it across the outer corner of your left eye. The point at which the ruler crosses the brow is exactly the point where it should end. Now take your tweezer to extract any hair that are grown beyond this very point. Now form a tapered line that goes down from the top of the brow arch to the outer edge of the brow to complete the arch shape. You may use a tweezer for this purpose. Now use a cloth or towel to wipe off any loose brow hair.

How to arch eyebrows

Next, redo the same procedure for the other eye and you will successfully manage to arch your eyebrows.


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  • April 21, 2016
  • 4 min read

Eyebrows have come center stage in the world of makeup; a full, defined brow is in demand more than ever. Perfectly groomed, shaped eyebrows frame the face, and if done correctly, can act as an instant eye-lift. They set up your eye area making any eye shadow, liner and or mascara pop, ensuring your eyes become the focal point. To achieve your perfectly defined eyebrows, follow these quick steps on how to shape, measure and line your eyebrows up. First things first, put down and step away from the tweezers. Over tweezing leads to overly thin and misshapen brows, which require more work on your end to make them full and beautiful again. If any tweezing will take place it should occur at the end of grooming your brows to clean up excess hair. Remember, we tweeze our brows, we do not pluck them.

How to Shape Your Eyebrows

Brow shape is unique to everyone’s face. Eyebrows are not a one size fits all situation; what looks stunning on your best friend or favorite celebrity, may not be the best shape for you. Here are three steps to help you find the most perfect brow shape for your face:

How to arch eyebrows

  1. To find out where your brow should begin (point A), align the flat edge of a straight makeup brush to the outside of your nose/inner corner of your eye.
  2. Your true arch (point B) is found by taking your brush and laying it diagonally from your nostril to the outside edge of your iris.
  3. Determine where your brow should end (point C) by using your brush to create a line from the outside corner of your nose diagonally to the outside corner of your eye.

The Perfect Brow for your Face Shape

  • For a Round Face: To minimize the curve of a round face, direct the outer third of your brow towards the top of the ear.
  • For a Square Face: If the face is square, direct the outer third of your brow toward the middle of the ear. This helps balance the face.
  • For a Long Face: If the face is long, keep the brow more straight across, directing the outer third above the ear.
  • For an Oval Face: An oval face already looks balanced, but to enhance this harmony, you can direct the outer third towards the ear lobe.

The Perfect Brow for your Eye Shape

  • For Wide Set Eyes:Make sure the inner corner of your brows are closer together. First, mark where your brow should begin by using the Eye Pencil in Taupe to make a small line towards the center of your nostril. Then, use all your other angles to determine where the brow should arch and end.
  • For Close Set Eyes: Try not to make the mistake of over tweezing the area between your eyes; this will throw off they symmetry of your face. All you need to do is use the Retractable Brow Pencil to extend the true arch point out further, to give the eyes more of a wide set appearance.
  • For Hooded Eye Lids:Your ideal brow is thinner. This will open up the eye area and it appear larger and wider. Try to avoid a large, heavy brow because it will create the illusion that the eye is being pulled down further.
  • For Deep Set Eyes: Your goal is to offset any of the shadows seen around the whole eye area. Too dark eye brows will make your eyes appear deeper set than they really are. So, try working with a lighter brow shade, and keep your brow shape more angular. If the brows are too round in shape, they can actually accentuate dark circles.
  • For More Mature Eyes: The trick is to not drag the end tail of your eyebrow down; no need to assist gravity. First, find your true arch. Then, slightly lift the tail of the eyebrow as you create the end point. This will create an illusion of a more youthful eye.

How to Define Your Eyebrows

  1. Once the eyebrow shape is determined, brush the hairs up using a little bit of Clear PureBrow Brow Fix Gel to show you what is going on with your brows, where you need to fill, and so on.
  2. Fill in any gaps and define your brows with the GreatShape Eyebrow Kit. Use small upwards strokes with the angle brow brush included in the eyebrow makeup kit to create lift and the illusion of natural hair.
  3. Seal your work with eyebrow gel to keep everything in place.
  4. Once your perfectly groomed eyebrows are filled in, you can tweeze away whatever is left over. This way you don’t risk over tweezing!

Share your beautiful brow looks with us on Instagram! Tag @janeiredale #BeautyWithBrilliance. Now that you’re done with your eyebrows, learn how to flawlessly apply eyeshadow.

Shop the Look

How to arch eyebrows

How to arch eyebrows
GreatShape Eyebrow Kit

How to arch eyebrows
Retractable Brow Pencil

Chelsea began her beauty journey in 2010 as a fashion and beauty freelancer at Ladies’ Home Journal magazine. There she had the chance to test and review hundreds of products while quickly falling for the benefits the clean makeup she tried. After leaving the magazine industry, she worked as a publicist for international fragrance and beauty brands until 2016 when she landed at jane iredale. Here, she has discovered liquid eyeliner doesn’t have to burn her eyes, foundation doesn’t have to feel heavy, and that the jane iredale Global Educators truly have the best beauty hacks. Since then, she’s shared her 10+ years of experience with you on The Good Glow Blog.

How to arch eyebrows

How to arch eyebrows


How to arch eyebrows

@tylauren / Design by Camden Dechert

We provide the professional tips on how to pluck eyebrows and get the beautiful or groomed shape that you’re looking for. While using tweezers is more time-consuming than, say, waxing your brows, you do have more control over the hairs you take and keep, which makes for a very precise look. It’s also a very affordable do-it-yourself option that can last for weeks at a time.

Difficulty: Easy

Time Required: 10 – 25 minutes depending on the thickness

What You Need:

  • A good pair of tweezers
  • A mirror

Buy a Good Pair of Tweezers

If your tweezers are sliding off or breaking hair, it’s going to take you a lot more time and give you less than desirable results. My pick: Tweezerman Slant Tweezer ($18).

Decide on the Shape of Your Brows

Refer to choosing your eyebrow shape and the men’s eyebrow grooming guide if you need help figuring out which hairs to take and leave.

Pull or Pin-Back Hair

Use a scrunchie or some hair clips to get your hair out of your face. You want to see your eyebrows clearly so you can get the best results.

Trim Eyebrows if Necessary

Brush your eyebrows straight up, and if there are any hairs longer coming out of your natural shape on top, then you need to trim. Use a fine-tooth regular comb or an eyebrow brush to push eyebrow hair up, and then just trim what is outside the shape with small scissors (preferably eyebrow scissors). If you have long or very bushy eyebrows, they may need more bulk removed, see the step-by-step to trimming brows.

Wash Face with Warm Water

You want skin nice and clean, and warm water helps relax skin and hair follicle for easier removal. Wipe off and pat dry to remove moisture. (Cleansing the area and toning before and after tweezing is a good idea as well.)

Select the Hairs You’re Removing

Apply white eyeliner on the hair that needs to go on both eyebrows: below, above and in-between.

Start Tweezing the Arches

Hold skin taut and begin removing hairs making the arch by grasping clean tweezers near the base of the hair, pulling in the direction it grows removing the large, dark hairs first (you’ll get fine hairs a bit later). Before removing any more hair on the first brow, put the second brow’s arch in.

Work on Top

If you’re removing any hair from the top of the brow, be cautious. Only take what fine hairs are outside the shape, on the first brow and then the second.

Work on the Middle

Now remove the hair from the middle of the two brows that need to go.

Stand back and Fine Tune

Take a look, standing at a distance from the mirror to see if the brows are looking visually balanced so far. Take out any hairs that are necessary to making brows even. Once the shape is in, get close to the mirror and remove any fine, light hairs. Dust any hairs off of your face with a towel.

Soothe Skin

If skin is red or irritated, you can apply a soothing facial moisturizer or toner with a cotton swab or reusable bamboo pad. Be sure not to get product directly in eyes to avoid stinging and burning.

Tweezing once per month will keep the shape in place and make it easier to see which hair needs to be removed as it grows in. It’s great to do after a bath or shower when skin and hair is softened from the heat and steam.

How to arch eyebrows

How to Arch Eyebrows the Right Way

We live in a time where first impression counts and since facial hair could make or break the look of someone, everyone wants to know-men and women-how to arch eyebrows correctly. There are many ways on how to arch eyebrows. If you want to remove unwanted facial hair to reveal a good arch, here are some of the things you need to do:

How to Arch Your Eyebrows

When it comes to eyebrow arching, you need to know which works best for you and your skin. To get the perfect eyebrows, you need to consider that there are methods that can help you achieve one. You need to do is to look at the mirror and see what kind of arch that would work for your brows. Arched eyebrows can boost someone’s character as well. Going for a pointed arch can be condescending, and provides a lasting impression if the person carries this type of arch very well. When removing unwanted hair, you can use an eyebrow pencil to mark the shape that you plan to make. You will need to know the path of your eyebrow if you want to know how to correctly shape eyebrows. To find the end of your brow, you will need to diagonally extend the brush from your nostril, and then working to the outside part of it.


Using a razor for this can be quite difficult since you will need to shape the brow, so in order to make it easier, use a razor blade. But you need to be careful in handling a razor blade since this is very sharp. You get a clean cut if you use this tool, but you need to consider that you’ll get mini stubbles as soon as the hair starts to grow.


Using thread is one of the earliest forms of removing unwanted hair. When you plan to use thread for your eyebrows, you will have to seek the help of an expert. The concept of using thread to remove the hair can appear simple to the expert, but if it’s your first time, threading will just frustrate you.


Using tweezers is the most popular alternative to using a razor blade. Tweezers are safer to use and you can remove the hair easily. One of the tips you need when shaping your eyebrows is to use petroleum jelly. Use a finger to dab the jelly onto the brow, and once the focused area is covered with jelly, just pluck the hair off.

Wax is similar to tweezing; the only difference, you will remove the unwanted hair all at the same time pantai sanur. Before you put the wax onto the area, make sure that the wax has the consistency of honey and you have put some baby powder on it. Apply the wax and with one quick motion pull it off.

Learning how to draw eyebrows on evenly is one of the most difficult makeup tricks. How many times have you heard the expression “eyebrows are sisters, not twins!” I’m guessing if you’ve ever had a brow wax or threading appointment or your makeup done at a beauty counter, then the tech or makeup artist has said it and with good reason.

The main concerns I hear from my clients is that they have lived for years with over plucked, misshapen eyebrows and more often than not, one eyebrow is higher than the other, which can make it trickier to learn how to draw eyebrows correctly.

With the help of this very famous and gorgeous family, i’m going to show you that this is actually a very common phenomenon and actually, not necessarily a bad thing. Take a look at the photos below of Kris, Kendall, Kim, Kylie, Khloe and Kourtney. What’s the one thing that each one of them has in common? (apart from their millions of dollars and exquisite style). They all have one eyebrow ever so slightly higher than the other and I’d bet without makeup it’s even more apparent. Now you’ve seen it, you won’t be able to unsee it!

Kim Kardashian West

The anatomy of the face is very complex and perfect symmetry is virtually impossible to achieve. The hours I spent as a beginner, drawing on eyebrows, thinking i’ve got them perfectly matched only to find that from a slightly different angle, one looks rounded and the other looks flat! Imagine my frustration.

After doing a bit more research into the anatomy of the face, it is clear now why eyebrows never look exactly the same. The bone structure, muscles and skin all play a part in how our brows appear and the facial muscles on each side of the face work independently. I’m a perfect example of this, I have a VERY strong and active muscle on the right side of my forehead that seems to have a mind of it’s own and ALWAYS looks slightly higher and more arched. If you ever come into the clinic to see me – promise not to stare at my freaky eyebrow!

How to draw eyebrows:
Symmetry Is Overrated!

Take a look at Angelina Jolie in the photograph below, easily considered one of the most beautiful women in the world but when you look closely, you can see that even she is not completely symmetrical. Her right hand side is slightly higher than the left and the right side of her face is slightly shorter than the left.

Due to most people having asymmetrical bone structure, almost everyone has a flat side and a rounded side of the face. Again, if you look at the photograph of Angelina Jolie above you’ll notice that her right brow is slightly higher than her left brow, meaning her right side is more rounded and her left side is flatter, making her left brow appear slightly lower.

If I collected a pound from every client that says “I just can’t get my brows even!” i’d be on a beach somewhere right now. So, in summary, whilst we strive for symmetry when drawing our brows, it is almost impossible to achieve perfection. Bear this in mind when pencilling in your own brows (and stop giving yourself a hard time!)

How to Draw Eyebrows:
The Golden Ratio

Here I am going to show you the three most important measuring points and how to draw eyebrows on yourself using these three points. These points are known as the golden ratio and work with your natural features and symmetry. First, a basic lesson in eyebrow anatomy and terminology.

THE BULB : The front of the eyebrow closest to the nose.

THE ARCH : The highest point of the eyebrow.

THE TAIL : The end of the eyebrow and also the narrowest part of the eyebrow.

How to arch eyebrows

How to Draw Eyebrows: Step by Step.

When measuring and drawing your own eyebrows, look straight ahead at the mirror.

1 First, measure where the BULB should start. To find this measuring point, imagine a line running straight up from the tear duct. This should ideally be in line with where your brow starts naturally but not always. You can use a pencil, a piece of string or your finger to check this. Make a little mark with your brow pencil to show where the bulb should start.

2. Next, measure where the ARCH should be. To find this measuring point, imagine a line running from the crease of you nose, through your pupil. This will show you where the highest point of the brow should be to fit your natural features. Make a little mark with your brow pencil to show where the arch should be.

3. Then measure where the TAIL should end. To find this measuring point, imagine a line running from the crease of you nose, through the corner of your eye. Make a little mark with your brow pencil to show where the tail should end.

Top Tips on How to Draw Eyebrows

1. Using the golden ration, ensure you measure your bulb, arch and tail and check that your brows are balanced throughout the drawing.

2. Choose the best brows for your face shape by checking out this blog post and learning about how brow shapes and face shapes work together.

3. If you want to add height to your arches, add from above and check for balance on both sides. Remember, plenty of us are asymmetrical so don’t stress if you can’t make this perfect.

4. If you want to create smoother, flatter eyebrows, add volume to the arch from underneath, this will flatten the shape and create the look you desire.

5. Drawing away from th nose tends to create ore rounded shapes than drawing towards the nose,. Depending on what shapes you’re trying to create, if you’re aware of your hand movements and you’ll find that half the battle is won!

Thanks for reading and if you enjoyed this post (and even had some A HA! moments) be sure to share!

Celebrity Eyebrow Expert Anasatia Soare Shows You How to Get These Bold Brows!

The latest trend in beauty confirms that bigger really is better. Gone are the days of tweezing and minimizing your eyebrows, ladies! Thin brows are out and now we are bringing out the bushiness!

Distinct brows are making a comeback in a very big way. Paying homage to stars such as Brooke Shields and Cindy Crawford, celebrities like Cara Delevingne and Lily Collins have put this look back on the map and now women are trying to recreate their signature style any way that they can!

When we wanted to learn how to create the perfect brow, we knew exactly who we wanted to talk to! Eyebrow expert to the stars Anastasia Soare has been in business over 25 years and worked with stars such as Madonna, Sharon Stone and Jennifer Lopez.

As if her clientele isn’t A-list enough, she has been doing Oprah’s eyebrows for over 10 years now. Yes, the Oprah. She has been shaping this trend (literally) since before it even hit the runway!

We stopped by Anastasia’s salon in Brentwood to get a step-by-step tutorial on how to create the best eyebrows in the comfort of your own home! Here’s a hint: It’s all about “The Golden Ratio.”

1. Assess Your Brow. “The most important thing to know is the shape of your natural eyebrow. Balance and proportion are what the human eye perceives as beautiful. In order to make sure that my clients have the absolute best eyebrows given their face shape, I have created The Golden Ratio.

To measure the starting and ending points of the brow, simply take the brow brush and align it vertically from the middle of the nostril to the brow bone. This is the starting point of your brow.

Then take the brush and align it from the tip of your nose through the center of the iris and onto the brow bone. This is the highest point of your brow arch.

Finally, hold the brush from the corner of your nostril to the outside corner of the eye and onto the brow bone. This is where your brow should end. After I have all three points, I know how to align my stencil.”

2. Follow Your Guideline. “Once you have the correct stencil based off of your eyebrow assessment, it is time it fill in! There are many different ways to fill in eyebrows, but my current favorite product is my new dipbrow pomade.

Once your pomade is set, blend it with an eyebrow brush to ensure precision application. Small strokes are key in order to properly blend the color into your brow while still looking natural.”

We’ll take these timeless eyebrow styles over trendy shapes any day.

How to arch eyebrows

How to arch eyebrows

With so many wacky brow trends making the rounds these days, it can be tough to figure out what eyebrow style will be most flattering to your face. How do you choose the right eyebrow shape, especially if you don’t have access to a pro? To take the guesswork out of finding the best eyebrow shape for your face shape — including round, square, oval, heart and more — we’ve put together this expert guide breaking down all the different eyebrow styles and names. These options are classic and flattering, with easy upkeep that won’t have you raising your brows at the cost of maintenance.

How to arch eyebrows

Best for round faces, this shape features an arch just before the outer corner of the brow. “If you have a round face, you want to try and give yourself an arch so you don’t have a round brow on a round face,” says Kelley Baker, celebrity brow expert and founder of Kelley Baker Brows in Venice California. But as you can see, this classic brow silhouette looks phenomenal on almost any face shape.

How to arch eyebrows

If your brows naturally arch more toward the center than the ends, you can totally work with that. Ask a salon pro to clean up stray hairs under the highest part of your arch without creating a peak, which could result in a “constantly surprised” look.

How to arch eyebrows

How to Get Perfect Eyebrows with Arch?

You can often see the arched eyebrows on the faces of stars in fashion magazines or on TV. It is perfectly presented on most types of faces, emphasizing and opening up the appearance, making it expressive.

I believe most people want to have those arched eyebrows like celebrities. For people who are born without thick eyebrows, wanting to have such eyebrows sounds like a fantasy. In fact, it is not difficult to achieve this form, you only need to adjust the eyebrows correctly and use cosmetics to create them. And here are some handy tips for reference.

What are arched eyebrows ?

As the name suggests, arched eyebrows mean that your eyebrows are arched. The arch of different eyebrows should be determined by the face shape. A high bow usually means more angular eyebrows. Arched eyebrows will make the eyes look more open, playful, and surprised. Most stylists and makeup artists often create such eyebrows on the faces of models, actors, and celebrities. This is why arched eyebrows are so popular. Arched eyebrows can be designed in many styles, all of which bring a sexy or cat-eye expression to the face.

It is said that the personality type of a person with high bow-shaped eyebrows is relatively firm and decisive, which will make others feel that he/she is very expert and can make anyone fascinated and curious to talk to him/her. Of course, this is just a physiognomy argument and cannot be used as a standard.

Benefits of arched eyebrows:

  • Let your eyes magnify visually;
  • Make facial expressions playful and flirty;
  • Give symmetry;
  • Visually reduce the parameters of diamond, oval, and round face types.

Who is suitable for arched eyebrows?

Arched eyebrows could be chosen by those who possess the following characteristics:

– Flat forehead with bright eyes and a less beautiful lower chin.

How to get your eyebrows to have an arch shape?

Before you correct your brow arch, you need to prepare some necessary tools in advance.

The following accessories will be helpful for the correction.

– A eyebrow pencil.


Step 1. Using a hot cloth to relieve pain

You may choose to wipe the eyebrow area with a warm, damp cloth, which will open the pores and allow the hair to come out more easily.

Step 2. Drawing a perfect arched shape

Find some YouTube videos to learn how to draw lovely arched eyebrows, or read some of the excellent guides on the Internet, which suggest which arches are suitable for different shapes of face.

In order to find your perfect shape, you need to follow a simple formula. Here are some tips for you.

The starting point: Place the brush on the nose so that it crosses the eyebrows. The intersection point will be the starting point.

The high point of the bend: Place the pencil in the center of the pupil.

Tip: It is necessary to treat the Tweezers, hands, and future contact areas with an antiseptic at the beginning of the work. This method will minimize the possibility of infection since the removal of excess hair is an invasion of the skin.

Step 3. Tweezing eyebrows

Use tweezers to remove all stray hair outside of the drawn shape, including hair that extends from the eyebrows to the ears and between the eyebrows. Always use tweezers in the direction of hair growth.

Some useful correction tips:

  • Before starting work, comb your eyebrows with a brush;
  • Start at the bottom of the eyebrow shape, do not remove the upper eyebrow first;
  • Do not over tweeze;
  • Keep two fingers between the eyebrows;
  • Pull out the eyebrows in the direction where the eyebrows grow.

Get perfect arched eyebrows easily with fake eyebrows

After talking about specific ways to groom arched eyebrows, I know that some people still can’t get a perfectly arched eyebrow especially those who are new to makeup, have sparse eyebrows, or have no eyebrows. So here come fake eyebrows .

Eyebrow Stickers

How to arch eyebrows

Appearanz 4D Waterproof Eyebrow Tattoo can definitely save you from that awkward moment of lazy mornings. Designed for people with no eyebrows or sparse eyebrows, the Appearanz 4D Waterproof Eyebrow Tattoo gives you the illusion of perfectly shaped eyebrows quickly and effectively.

Four different arch-shaped eyebrow styles at one super low price give you.


– Suitable for everyone

– 4 sheets with 40 pairs in total

– Last up to 5 days with proper care

– Super easy application

Stick On Eyebrow Wigs

Made of human hair, Appearanz Fake Eyebrows are professional quality handmade eyebrows designed for people who have lost their eyebrows. Appearanz Eyebrows wigs can be worn for a week at a time without the need to take them off and put them back on. They can be applied with wig glue or enhanced by modifying the color or shape with an eyebrow pencil. Two different colors are available, meeting any of your requirements.


– 100% human hair attached to the micro net

– Reusable and super easy to apply

– Comfortable and light to wear

– Does not harm your natural hair

– Can be trimmed as you wish

– Ideal for people with hair loss

Take away

Arch-shaped eyebrows are the trend nowadays and can decorate almost any look. Even if you don’t have such a shape, you can have it with makeup or tools. Of course, all eyebrow shapes have their charms. It’s not that arch-shaped eyebrows are the best. It is important to choose the eyebrow shape that suits you best. Let’s create the most attractive eyebrows together.

Do you like arched eyebrows? How do you shape your eyebrows? Comment below and share your ways and tricks with us.

How to arch eyebrows

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, the eyebrows are the frames to those windows. Just as you wouldn’t want to ignore the frames of windows at home, you wouldn’t want to do the same to your eyebrows. This is why we would like to present an eyebrow shaping tutorial, which includes correction, alignments, and coloration techniques. Hence pay very good attention to this post on eyebrow shaping tutorial, which tells you how to keep the eyebrows in good shape. Let’s get started with how to shape eyebrows.

Eyebrow Shaping Tutorial

The eyebrows as mentioned are the frames of the eyes and they help set an expression on the face and provide balance to the facial structure too. When you have to shape your eyebrows, solo or with the help of the parlor lady, ensuring that the shape is closest to the natural touch should be the norm. This means, removing or tweezing away any stray hair strands in the direction of hair growth. Read on to know more on eyebrow shaping techniques.

How to arch eyebrowsSource:

How Do You Determine The Shape Of Your Eyebrows

  1. Grab hold of a pencil and align the pencil from the inner eye all the way to the inner corner of the eye. If you see any hair strand growing outwards from the tip of the pencil, where the inner corner of the eye begins; the hair needs to be removed.
  2. Now take the pencil and place it vertically. It should be aligned vertically towards the iris of the eye. The place just above the iris of the eye where the tip of the pencil stops forms the arch zone, or the apex. This is where the highest point of the eyebrow should be.
  3. To determine the length of the eyebrow, you would now place the pencil at the tip of the nose side and place it forty five degrees towards the outer corner of the eye. The place where the tip ends, this would be the minimum length of the outer taper point or the eyebrow. Any hair after that should be tweezed off.

How to arch eyebrowsSource:

Important To Know

With the eyebrow shaping techniques explained you should also focus on three things;

  1. Shaping of the eyebrows
  2. Filling of the eyebrows and
  3. Balancing of the eyebrows

How to arch eyebrowsSource:

Shaping helps provide a very uniformed look, while filling ensures a natural finish to the brows. In the end, one would look at balancing the eyebrows, which would be using the pencil once again to see where the stray hair strands are and getting them removed.

To Get Natural Looking Brows

Everyone wants or aspires to have natural looking brows, but very few of us have it or are blessed with it. Here are a few eyebrow shaping tips, which we would want to share with you today.

  1. Always tweeze after you’ve finished a warm or hot shower, because the hair tends to pull out faster with minimal pain
  2. Tweezing should be done in the direction of hair growth, only
  3. While tweezing and shaping the eyebrows, the natural shape of the eyebrow and the eyes should be in sync
  4. When choosing eyebrow filling colors, it is important to keep the shade and the hue of the tint as close to your natural head hair, as much as possible. If you choose a filling shade darker to what your natural shade is, the eyebrows would look very stark.
  5. If the eyebrows are widely spaced, you would need to get it filled to do away with the vacuous stare
  6. If the eyebrows are thin and with a stark arch, you would always have a surprised look on your face. What you can do here to soften the arch is to reduce the arch with soft brush filling touches.
  7. With the help of a pencil or a filler, you can fill in the sparse eyebrow sections
  8. Never draw hard outline sections on the eyebrow, which would make the look very artificial and horrible and the alignment never would come through.
  9. For a softer look to come through, always use an eye shadow.
  10. When filling the eyebrows, you should always use upward strokes or strokes in the direction of the hair growth.

How to arch eyebrowsSource:

We hope these guidelines on Ways to Shape Eyebrows, align and fill them comes in handy? If you have more questions, do write in and we will try to help you with how to shape eyebrows more clearly!

A guide to trimming, tweezing and touching up your arches on your own, with some creative direction from the experts.

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How to arch eyebrows

Eyebrows have been a subject of obsession for centuries. During the Tang dynasty in China, women painted their brows to resemble the wings of butterflies, and in the Middle Ages, Europeans plucked every last hair to achieve what was considered a youthful-looking bare forehead. Our arches are no less important today and indeed seem to have become newly conspicuous during the past several months, exposed above our face masks or reflected back at us during Zoom calls. “I consider eyebrow grooming to be an art, and there are many ways of going about it,” says Jimena Garcia, a brow sculptor and specialist at Atelier Beauté Chanel in New York City, who, along with many others in her field, has started offering virtual consultations for clients. But no matter how advanced your instruction, fine-tuning your brows at home requires a bit of firsthand experience — and restraint (the temptation to over-pluck is the greatest challenge, Garcia cautions). In the end, the result should be both an expression of your personal style and a shape that best complements your features, she says. Here, an expert guide to brow pruning.

Find Your Shape

Everyone’s eyebrows are unique and there’s no one perfect shape. But, in general, “brows should start just above the nostril line, have a slight arch above the far side of the pupil and end on an angle, slightly above the outer corner of the eye,” says Gina Daddona, an eyebrow specialist at Serge Normant at John Frieda salon in New York City who is also seeing clients by virtual appointment. You can play around within those loose rules, though, enhancing your natural shape to make it a bit thicker, thinner or more angled. The British makeup artist Hannah Murray is a fan of “full, handsome, brushed-up brows” that recall an ’80s-era Brooke Shields, while Garcia insists that a unibrow can look good on the right person. She suggests experimenting to find a shape you like by filling in your brows with a makeup pencil and using that outline as a guide.

Tidy Up

Once you’ve decided on a shape, dip a spoolie (or a clean mascara wand) in soap or hair spray for hold, then brush your brows in an upward motion so you can see hairs that extend above your penciled-in outline. Working your way from the inside of the brow (the part closest to your nose) to the arch, trim these hairs carefully, using a pair of cuticle or brow scissors with sharp, pointed tips. Snip each hair individually on an angle to create a soft, not blunt, end (this will prevent over-cutting and patchy brows). Repeat this process by brushing your brows down and trimming hairs that hang below the lower edge of your outline. Leave most hairs from the arch to the end of your brow alone, so you have hair to work with later, says the Manhattan-based eyebrow and lash artist Soul Lee.


Next, remove any outlying hairs between your eyes or under your arch. For a brow-scaping novice, tweezing is the safest method, as wax or gel strips can rip off too much hair at once. Pluck in the direction of hair growth with slanted tweezers (Garcia is a fan of Tweezerman’s Ultra Precision Mini Slant Tweezer, $20), removing only a few hairs at a time. Then step back and consult a full-length mirror for perspective (small makeup mirrors can lead to tunnel vision). To finish, dab on cool rose water or antibacterial witch hazel to reduce redness and calm inflammation.


From here, you can sculpt and shade your brows to further refine the shape. Fill in any empty spaces with a hard-wax brow pencil in brown (it looks more natural even on dark brows), such as Hourglass’s Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil ($34), or a liquid pen, like Milk Makeup’s Kush Triple Brow Pen ($22). Apply with short, light strokes and blend with a brow brush, says Daddona. To create a fuller effect, sweep on a powder — Lee is a fan of Anastasia’s Brow Powder Duo ($23): “It has different shades you can blend to match your brow color,” she says. For a bolder, brushed-up effect or a feathery, side-swept style, consider gels: Garcia likes Chanel’s clear Le Gel Sourcils ($32), while Daddona is partial to Beautycounter’s Brilliant Brow Gel ($24) in tinted shades that also help conceal grays. To tame thick or super unruly brows, Murray likes a strong-hold pomade, such as Glossier’s Boy Brow ($16), along with a touch of concealer under the arch, which she says “creates more of a lift.”


Garcia recommends grooming brows every six to eight weeks. In between, care for them by lightly exfoliating with a gommage or facial scrub to remove dry flakes, patting on nourishing castor oil and using a facial roller (such as Skin Gym’s Rose Quartz Mini Eye Roller, $24) to stimulate circulation and encourage new hair growth. To keep the follicle healthy, Lee also brushes her brows nightly with a clean spoolie that she keeps next to her bed. “It’s like a little massage,” she says of the ritual. “I find it very relaxing.”


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  • June 04, 2015
  • 3 min read

Every makeup artist I have ever spoken to says eyebrows are the most important facial feature. All angles of the face are determined by the brows: they can lift the eyes; narrow or widen the face. While there are a lot of opportunities here, it is important to let your natural shape be your guide. It is probably close to optimal for your face and anything too drastic can look unnatural. Here are some techniques from our team of fabulous makeup artist educators.

Basic Eyebrow Shaping Techniques

  • The inner edge of the brow should line up with the outside of the corresponding nostril (A).
  • The highest point of the arch should be just at the outer edge of the eyeball. (B)
  • The outer brow should taper off to a point that intersects with an imaginary line drawn from the outer nostril past the outer edge of the eye (C), and you thought geometry wouldn’t be useful later in life! It sounds complicated but just follow the drawing.

How to arch eyebrows

Advanced Eyebrow Shaping Techniques

  • You can lift an experienced eye with strategic eyebrow shaping! With an experienced eye, the lid has a tendency to be heavy. Extending the brow down to the “D” line can drag the lid down and make the eyes look tired. Instead, try feathering the brow upward and out from the arch to just above the outer corner of the eye (E). Please keep it natural, we don’t want to create wings here!
  • To minimize the curve of a round face, direct the outer third of the brow towards the top of the ear.
  • If the face is square, direct it toward the middle of the ear. This helps balance the face.
  • If the face is long, keep the brow more straight across, directing it above the ear.
  • An oval face already looks balanced, but to enhance this harmony, you can direct the outer third towards the earlobe.

How to arch eyebrows
Eyebrow Makeup

No matter how full and perhaps even unruly your eyebrows are (hello!), a little eyebrow makeup works wonders for your look.

    • At the very least groom them. Every morning when you do your makeup, run a Deluxe Spoolie Brush through them (it works much better than an old toothbrush, believe me, I have tried them both).
    • A bit of eyebrow wax will hold them in place beautifully.
    • Most brows have some thin places that need to be filled in. Try the brow powders in our GreatShape Eyebrow Kit, any appropriate shade of PurePressed Eye Shadow or your shade in our Retractable Brow Pencils. Comb the brows down and apply the color directly to the sparse patches on the skin. If the brow needs lengthening, apply the color with light feathery strokes.
    • Brows can be colored and held in place in one step with PureBrow Brow Gels. Lightly stroke the wand into the hairs, using a little at a time. Smooth with your Deluxe Spoolie Brush.

Pick Your Brow Filler

How to arch eyebrows

How to arch eyebrows

How to arch eyebrows

Pro Brow Tips

      • If you want to preview a new brow look before you commit to plucking, use White or TaupeEye Pencil (depending on your skin tone) to color over the places you intend to pluck out.
      • Beware of over plucking, as too-thin brows can actually age you (gasp)!
      • Nobody’s eyebrows are totally symmetrical. Be careful of using stencils, as they can make your brows look unnatural.
      • The hair and brow color should match pretty closely. PureBrow Gelscan change the color of your brows if you want. When my blonde sister goes very strawberry, she reaches for Auburn; or try the Bitty Brow Kit in Blonde.
      • For silver-haired lovelies, try Longest Lash Thickening and Lengthening Mascara in Slate Greyon your brows. Or if you prefer powder, try Slate BrownPurePressed Eye Shadow.

Now that you’re done with your eyebrows, learn how to flawlessly apply eyeshadow. So tell me, please! How important is brow maintenance to you? Do you DIY or do you have them shaped professionally? Do you wear eyebrow makeup? Pencil or powder?

Chelsea began her beauty journey in 2010 as a fashion and beauty freelancer at Ladies’ Home Journal magazine. There she had the chance to test and review hundreds of products while quickly falling for the benefits the clean makeup she tried. After leaving the magazine industry, she worked as a publicist for international fragrance and beauty brands until 2016 when she landed at jane iredale. Here, she has discovered liquid eyeliner doesn’t have to burn her eyes, foundation doesn’t have to feel heavy, and that the jane iredale Global Educators truly have the best beauty hacks. Since then, she’s shared her 10+ years of experience with you on The Good Glow Blog.

How to arch eyebrows

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Arches inside a home add an interesting architectural element that can elevate the home from typical to special. An eyebrow arch uses a softer curve compared to a half-round arch. Most arches look difficult to create, but with modern materials, that simply isn’t true. You can create an eyebrow arch using metal framing arches and install a drywall arch in a short time. Pick the eyebrow arch you want for the width of your opening. For niches you may cut a longer arch to fit your stud framing.

Measure the width of the niche opening. Select a metal drywall arch with the eyebrow-shaped curve that you want. The arch should be the correct size to fit the opening or longer. Cut the arch to the correct size using a hacksaw so that the tips of the corners overlap the studs on each side.

Position the metal arch against the side studs and top cross framing of the niche. Measure down along each side stud and adjust the arch so that it is the same distance from the top cross framing on each side.

Screw the metal arch to the rough framing at the center top and using one drywall screw through each corner. Hang the drywall sheet that will cover the niche using standard drywall hanging techniques. Use self-tapping screws to attach the drywall to the metal framing. Make a hole in the drywall at the niche location and cut around the inside edges of the niche using a drywall saw.

Measure and cut a piece of bendable drywall to fit the curve at the top of the niche. Screw the drywall into the metal arch using self-tapping screws. Measure, cut and screw drywall to each side and the bottom of the niche.

Attach drywall paper tape to the inside corners. Measure, cut and attach metal exterior corner to the outside corners. Use tin snips and drywall or self-tapping screws. Bend the metal with your hands to follow your arch.

Apply joint compound to cover your screw divots, tape and corners. Smooth the compound away from the corners. Cover and smooth the compound so that all of the seams are covered. Allow the compound to dry. Sand with a drywall sanding block and apply a second coat.

How to arch eyebrows

Over the past few years, getting perfect eyebrows has become more and more of a beauty craze. The “in” shape may change, and one year they might be bushier and thicker than others, but one thing is for sure, perfectly shaped eyebrows can make a huge difference for your face, and everyone has taken notice.

Even though I’m a brunette, I’ve always had really light body hair, including my eyebrows. In the summer they get so light that they almost disappear. If you’re like me, eyebrow pencils, powders, and gels are your absolute best friend, especially when your days are spent in the sun. Learning how to shape and fill perfect eyebrows isn’t easy at the start, but with practice it will become second nature.

Some tips to keep in mind: Go about two shades darker if you have light eyebrows, and two shades lighter if you have dark brow hair. Trying to match it tends to make your brows look less natural, and if you have dark hair already, using a dark shade will make them look really harsh.

But I’m no eyebrow expert, so I’ll leave it to the pros! Check out these 9 eyebrow shaping tutorials for beginners and get the brows you’ve always wanted!

1. How to Shape Perfect Natural Eyebrows by mirellabellebeauty

If you’re looking for a tutorial that focuses fully on eye brow shaping, rather than filling, this is the one for you. You’ll learn how to achieve a natural brow shape that fits your face and makes your eyes pop! As she explains in the video, filling your brows in is more so when you have the hair already there, but this tutorial is geared at those of you who have over-plucked or may not have a lot of hair to fill in. She uses the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Whiz in Dark Brown, as well as the Brow Powder.

2. How to Get Perfect Brows: How to Tweeze, Trim & Shape Your Eyebrows: 2 Methods by Kandee Johnson

In this tutorial, you’ll learn two methods for shaping and maintaining your eyebrows. You’ll need an all-white eyeliner, such as the Jane Cosmetics Eyeliner in Pure White, Tweezerman Tweezers and Cuticle Scissors, Tinkle Razors, and a makeup brush. Once you’ve shaped them to your desired look, use the Anastasia of Beverly Hills Dip Brow to fill them in.

3. How To: Change The Shape of Your Eyebrows by MakeupandArtFreak

Your natural eyebrow shape might be gorgeous how it is, but sometimes it’s fun to switch it up a little. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to change the shape of your eye brows, whether you want them straighter, or with more of an arch. When creating your desired brow shape with a pencil, she cautions not to use a color that is too close to your natural brow color. If you have black brows like she does, use a dark brown shade like the NYX Auto Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown. This will make it look less artificial.

4. Basics: Perfect Brows Tutorial by From Head to Toe

For this brow shaping tutorial, you’re going to need a few things. She recommends products such as the Sephora Angled Liner Brush to get your desired brow shape, plus the Lioele Auto Eyebrow Pencil in Grey Black and an Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Palette. She shows you how to shape them after they’ve grown out to get the brows you’ve always wanted!

5. Easy Eyebrow Tutorial by mayratouchofglam

If you have barely-there eyebrows, this tutorial demonstrates how to fill and shape them. Unlike most eyebrow tutorials, she recommends using eye shadow to fill in your brows, rather than an eyebrow pencil or palette. She uses Makeup Geek in Mocha. If you have really thin eyebrows, she shows you how to make them look thicker, and how to define and blend them for a natural look.

6. Eyebrow Shaping by TheMakeupChair

You’ll learn to get a gorgeous, arched eyebrow shape with this tutorial. Using a business card and a white eye pencil, you’ll learn exactly where to draw lines for the right brow shape. She provides you with tips for plucking your brows, and suggests using Witch Hazel afterwards if you want to sooth the skin. From there, she shows you how to lengthen and fill in your brows in a way that creates the illusion of hairs.

7. Eyebrow Shaping Tutorial for Beginners by WISHTrendTV

This video covers four basic eyebrow tutorials for beginners, plus four different looks depending on the brow shape. There are also tons of tips thrown in throughout the video, so it’s definitely worth a watch! She explains why different brow shapes work for different face shapes, so you can figure out which one will work best for you. You’ll need an eyebrow pencil such as the Etude House Drawing Eye Brow to create your desired shape and fill in your brows.

8. Brow Shaping for Beginners by OliveSkinBeauty

With this tutorial, you’ll learn how to get the perfect eyebrow shape using an eyebrow stencil such as the Absolute New York Stencil Kit. She demonstrates a unique way to use the stencil, which is great if the stencil doesn’t fit perfectly to your eyebrow. You’ll also need an eyebrow angle brush and comb, as blending is a big part of this technique. The Anastasia Duo has both!

9. Perfect Eyebrows in 3 Minutes by Tina Yong

In just three minutes, you can get perfectly shaped eyebrows using the techniques in this tutorial. Before shaping them, it’s important to brush your brows into place. Use a tool such as the Maybelline New York Brush ‘n Comb in order to see any gaps you need to fill in. She also uses the Benefit Hoola Bronzing Powder along with her brow pencil to give her brows a more natural shade.

If you’re just getting into shaping your brows, these tutorials will get you started on the right foot. They’re easy to follow, and whether you want a straighter look or brows that are more curved and angled, there is something in here for you!

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How to arch eyebrows

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