How to apply for a criminal record check online

Due to supply chain issues related to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we may experience delays processing Certified Criminal Record Checks. We are actively addressing the situation and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

For Permanent Residence Applicants: If you have made a request for a Landed Immigrant Status Certified Criminal Record Check and you have yet to receive your RCMP certified criminal record check product, please contact Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for more information concerning your submission deadline.

Permanent Residence (PR) applicants that require a RCMP fingerprint-based criminal record check will receive instructions from IRCC. Do not apply for an RCMP criminal record check unless instructed by IRCC.

A criminal record check will determine if you have been charged or convicted of a crime. If a name-based criminal record check does not provide a definite way of confirming your identity, you may be asked to provide fingerprints. The use of fingerprints is the most accurate way to confirm a person’s identity. They ensure that individuals cannot evade their criminal past, and protect individuals from being falsely associated with a criminal record that is not theirs.

How to apply for a criminal record check online

Where to go

Find out where to go to get a criminal record check.

Types of checks

Find out the difference between a Criminal Record Check, a Police Information Check, and a Vulnerable Sector Check.

Steps for getting a certified check

You may be asked to provide fingerprints to complete your criminal record check. Find out about the steps in this process – this is for all Canadians living in or outside of Canada.

Processing times and fees

Find out about processing times and processing fees for certified criminal record checks and vulnerable sector checks at CCRTIS.

Why get a criminal record check

A criminal record check may be needed for various reasons and may be required every so often. Find out more.

When you need a basic criminal record check (i.e. name and date of birth check—no fingerprints required), the most convenient, most discrete and fastest way is to apply online.

Step 1: 15 Minutes to Verify Your Identity

The online application process takes less than 15 minutes. You will be asked to fill out an online form and pay via credit card or PayPal. To verify your identity, Electronic ID Verification (eIV) will ask you four questions about your credit history. Developed by Canada’s major credit bureaus, eIV is used by most major financial institutions.

Your application will be submitted automatically through a direct and secure connection to our police partners.

Step 2: Get Results Within 15 minutes

Criminal record checks using name and date of birth are processed within 15 minutes between 8am and 8pm EST Monday to Friday, excluding holidays. Once processed, you will receive your results by email.

When You Need to Visit an Office

If you do not (or cannot) answer the questions about your credit history to satisfy eIV requirements, you will be required to present your identification in person at one of our offices or a participating Canada Post outlet.

Likewise, if a name and date of birth check matches another individual after you complete your online application, fingerprints will be required. We can help.

Canadian vs. International Requests

This online criminal record check service is intended for persons living and working in Canada only.

If you are working or residing outside of Canada and require a certified criminal record check with fingerprints, we offer an international fingerprinting service with digital conversion of ink fingerprints and a courier service.

Although it is rarely requested, we can also assist with basic criminal record checks as an international service but the application must be done through one of our agents. Please email us at [email protected] or call 613-231-6462, ext. 366.

Certified Criminal Record Checks with Fingerprints

If you need to apply for a certified criminal record check with fingerprints, Commissionaires is accredited by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) to capture fingerprints and submit them directly to the RCMP’s Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services (CCRTIS) for processing.

All digital fingerprinting is supervised by knowledgeable security professionals who will answer questions and help guide the process in a confidential setting.

It usually takes about 10 minutes to complete your application and submit to the RCMP. Results will be mailed to you.

Mobile Services (for Group Processing and VIPs)

Did you know that Commissionaires offers mobile criminal background check and digital fingerprinting services? We can come to your location!

For group processing needs, we have operators supporting various federal, provincial, crown corporation and private industry partners across Canada.

NOTICE: Halifax Regional Police has implemented a number of precautionary measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and protect the wellbeing of our community. Check here for the latest information on temporary changes and/or alternate arrangements to access our non-emergency services.

You can apply for a criminal record check from Halifax Regional Police online or in-person.

Regardless of the application method, all criminal record checks are completed by Halifax Regional Police and there’s no difference in the cost. Call Halifax Regional Police at 902.490.5016 if you have questions on criminal record checks or want to check on the status of your criminal record check.

Criminal record checks are usually processed in two to three business days. A rush option where the record check is completed within 24 hours may be available for in-person applications depending upon service volumes.

If you require clearance to work in a vulnerable sector, allow one week for processing, two weeks if fingerprints are required.

Fees for criminal record checks


Criminal record check: $50

Criminal record check for volunteer positions: $30 (Requires a memorandum of understanding between the volunteer organization and Halifax Regional Police.)

Students who require a background check for their program of study: $30 (Proof of enrollment is required)

You can pay with cash, debit card or credit card (Visa, MasterCard) when you apply in-person.


Criminal record check or vulnerable sector check: $50 + service fee + tax.

You must use a credit card to pay online.

How to apply for a criminal record check in-person

You can apply in-person for a criminal record check Monday to Friday between 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the following location:

  • Halifax Regional Police Headquarters 1975 Gottingen Street, Halifax

You must present two pieces of identification (hard copies) with your current address. The address must be within Halifax Regional Municipality. Accepted identification includes:

  • Nova Scotia Driver’s License or Nova Scotia ID Card
  • and one other of:
    • health card
    • birth certificate
    • passport
    • social insurance number card

    If you are a new resident to the Halifax-area and you ID has your old address on it, you must bring some form of proof of residence, e.g. a tenant agreement.

    The results of your criminal record check will be shared with you and then you can decide whether you want to share it with the organization requesting the check. Halifax Regional Police won’t share the results of the criminal record check without your consent.

    How to apply for a criminal record check online

    Before you apply online, make sure the organization requesting the record check will accept an electronic copy of the results. Some organizations may not accept online criminal record checks.

    The online criminal record check process is convenient and easy:

    1. Set up an account with BackCheck.
    2. Choose the type of check you need, either a criminal record check or a vulnerable sector check. You’ll have to provide personal information and answer questions relating to your credit history to verify your identity.
    3. After a few days, view the results in your account. If you have requested a vulnerable sector check, Halifax Regional Police will email the results directly to you and you can share them with the organization requesting the check.
    4. If the organization has a Memorandum of Understanding with BackCheck, you can share the results electronically with the organization requesting the check. Results will not be shared without your consent.

    Your criminal record check will be completed by Halifax Regional Police.

    Do I need a criminal record check or a vulnerable sector check?

    Different employers or institutions require different types of background checks.

    A criminal record check simply verifies whether or not you have a criminal record.

    A vulnerable sector check is a special type of criminal record check required for situations where you will be in a position of trust or authority over children, the elderly, the disabled, or another vulnerable group.

    LAST EDITED: 26th February 2021

    Anyone having spent time in Spain (resident or non-resident) has the right to apply for a certificate detailing their Spanish criminal record file (Certificado de Antecedentes Penales).

    An example certificate can be viewed HERE:


    For those living in Tenerife (or Spain in general), you can apply for the certificate in three ways: 1) online, 2) in person at a designated office, or 3) by post.

    The three options/procedures are detailed below.

    For those living outside Spain (or those unable to apply online or in person) the application can only be made by post.

    N.B. The standard certificate is no longer valid for any position/role working with minors. In such instance, the applicant will require a

    Sexual Offences Certificate – For information on how to obtain this, click: HERE

    1) ONLINE – Personally applying Online for your own Certificate

    The application for the certificate can be completed online HERE together with payment of the fee:

    N.B. Online applications will require that you have a ‘Digital Signature’ installed on your computer or device, or be registered for the [email protected] online system. Information and instructions on obtaining a Digital Certificate in Spain can be found HERE:

    2) IN PERSON – Applying for your own Certificate by Appointment

    Typically when applying in person, the certificate is issued ‘while you wait’. However, in very busy periods, it may not be ready for up to 3 working days, in which case a return visit to the same office may be required. Under Spanish law, the certificate must be issued within 10 days at the very latest.

    In Tenerife, personal applications can be made by advance appointment at:

    Gerencia Territorial de Justicia

    San Antonio 24

    Santa Cruz de Tenerife


    Tel: 922291634

    Fax: 922291964

    email: [email protected]

    A map showing the approximate office location can be found here:

    N.B. The fee must be paid on the 790 Application Form at a participating Spanish bank prior to the appointment (currently €3.78 as of January 2021).

    3) BY POST – Applying by post / applying from outside Spain

    Applicants by post within Spain (or by non-Spaniards living outside Spain) will need:

    1. A legalised/apostilled photocopy of your passport (the photocopy must first be certified by any Notary before it is legalised – see below);

    2. Completed Payment Form 790;

    3. Pay the application fee (currently €3.78 as of January 2021)

    The application fee must be paid in advance in one of two ways. It can be paid by bank transfer to the government’s Spanish account, or it can be paid in person at an overseas branch of a Spanish affiliated bank. Full details of the options and the payment/proof of receipt procedure can be found HERE:

    To legalise a copy of your passport, first take the original passport to any local Notary in your own country, who will certify a copy. Then send that copy off for Legalisation. Links for legalisation options in the UK and Ireland can be found here:

    Once everything is ready, the application, legalised ID, plus payment receipt must then be posted to:

    Oficina Central de Atención al Ciudadano del Ministerio de Justicia

    Sección de certificados de penales

    Calle de la Bolsa 8

    Madrid 28012


    N.B. If the certificate is required for use outside Spain, then it must first be legalised/apostilled in Spain. The procedure for legalising a Criminal Records Certificate in Spain can be found in English HERE:

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    Who can apply, how to apply and contact details for criminal record checks overseas.


    Guidance on the application process for criminal records checks overseas

    Countries A to F: applying for a criminal records check for someone from overseas

    Countries G to P: applying for a criminal records check for someone from overseas

    Countries Q to Z: applying for a criminal records check for someone from overseas


    The application process for criminal records checks or ‘Certificates of Good Character’ for someone from overseas varies from country to country. You’ll have to apply in the country or to the relevant embassy in the UK.

    Please read the guidance document if you have any queries. If you have any questions on applying for a criminal record check in the UK, please contact the Disclosure & Barring Service.

    All Tier 2 (General) visa applicants who want to work in specified health, education or social care sectors must provide a criminal record certificate.

    This must be from any country (except the UK) where you have lived for 12 months or more (whether continuously or in total) in the last 10 years, while aged 18 or over. This will also apply to any adult partners, whether they apply with you or make a separate application to join you if you are already in the UK.

    This will not apply if you are making an application for an extension of stay in the UK.

    If you don’t provide a certificate or a satisfactory explanation about why you have not provided one, your visa application will be refused.

    1. 30 March 2022

    Updated change to highlight that the National Police Certificate should only be used for immigration purposes for the Republic of Korea (South Korea).

    Updated guide on the application process for criminal records checks overseas to include care workers and home carers in the standard occupation codes list.

    Details for Iceland updated.

    Updated information on criminal checks in Singapore.

    Details for Antigua and Barbuda updated.

    Updated the occupation codes list.

    Updated address and added link to online application form for Croatia.

    Information for Costa Rica added.

    Details for France updated.

    Updated contact details.

    Guides for countries A-F and Q-Z updated.

    Updated guidance on the application process for criminal records checks overseas.

    A criminal record check (also called a national police check or police clearance) is provided by the Australian government, through an Accredited Body or police agency, that lists any disclosable court outcomes associated with an individual. Also known as a National Police Check or a National Criminal History Record Check, you are most likely to be asked to provide a copy of this before undertaking a new employment or volunteer opportunity. When you apply for your criminal record check through Checked, you’re offered access to a completely online application process as well as a fast-tracked option, returning your criminal record check in as little as an hour, not weeks. Our express service, in most cases, will deliver your criminal record in this timeframe, however, if delays do occur then we will refund your express service fee.

    Given that manual review is not required, a process that allocates a potential match in the central database, the criminal record check can return in as little as an hour. Traditional application processes can include trips to the post office, formal signed sightings of your identification, potential mistakes on your paper forms which leads to additional time and possibly more money spent on a new application, as well as the standard waiting times of many weeks for your certificate to arrive by mail. We offer fast, convenient and affordable criminal record checks for both individuals and for our corporate clients.

    How can I check my criminal record online?

    If you are an individual and would like a copy of your own criminal record check, then you need to apply for a copy of your National Police Check (NPC) issued by a registered provider. There are a couple of ways in which you can apply, such as through your local post office.

    Using Checked, you access a fast-tracked process which can return your certificate to you in a matter of minutes, and not weeks. Our process is fast, efficient, convenient and affordable. You can complete everything you need through our online process, including verification of your identification with VerifyID™. Our system is a secure online portal with formal accreditation by the Australian government to collect and process applications for criminal record checks. Once your application is received, you’ll receive email confirmation letting you know that your application is being processed. If you do choose to apply for your criminal record check in person, you will not be able to speed up the process once your application has been submitted.

    What is included in my criminal record check?

    This check will list any disclosable court outcomes received across all of the states and territories of Australia up to the issued date of the certificate, as determined by the relevant police agencies. The most common reason for a national police clearance is in relation to employment requirements for businesses, departments and organisations. You may also be requested to provide a criminal record check if you intend to serve as a volunteer for an organisation such as the Rural Fire Service.

    Some positions and departments which require a criminal record check will arrange to have this done on your behalf. If you have been instructed to provide your police clearance before you commence work, or you have an offer of employment pending your clearance certificate, then you are going to want to have your criminal record check ready to send. That’s where we can help. We can deliver your criminal record check to you faster than if you applied via the paper forms on your own.

    Another reason you might want to arrange your criminal record check is if you intend to apply for a role as a house or pet sitter. Anybody who will need to commit their property to your supervision while they’re holidaying or travelling for work will feel a lot better with an official copy of your criminal record that you are willing to provide. Our affordable police checks are easy to obtain, and the turnaround time is reliably fast. Ensure you can take advantage of a great opportunity in time with our help with a fast criminal record check, right when you need it.

    If you have been asked to provide a criminal record check in relation to your immigration or citizenship status, then you will need to obtain your certificate from the Australian Federal Police (AFP). The AFP handles criminal record certificates associated with immigration and citizenship. If you are unsure whether we can help you obtain the right record check, feel free to jump online and chat with a locally-based, Australian consultant. We will ensure you know exactly what kind of certificate you require and point you in the right direction.

    How long does a criminal record check last?

    There is no specific period of time that your criminal record check is actually valid for. The check provides any disclosable history obtained in NSW, WA, VIC, SA, QLD, NT and ACT up to the point in time that the certificate has been issued. For example, if you are a resident of New South Wales or Western Australia but were convicted of a traffic offence in Victoria six years ago, your criminal record check may include the details of that offence.

    Pending disclosable court outcomes may be listed on the criminal record check. For this reason, most organisations which request an initial criminal record check will likely have a protocol in place which mandates regular, updated criminal record checks. This might be every six months, every twelve months or every two years. Checked takes the hassle away by offering you an affordable, accessible portal where you can arrange for a police check online, in your own time.

    If you are a corporate client in need of fast and reliable criminal record checks for your employees, we can provide you with a cost-effective solution that helps you to streamline your business or organisation’s security obligations. Checked is about offering all of our clients reliable and secure access to a faster and more convenient way of obtaining their up-to-date criminal record checks at an affordable price. Save time by using our completely online application process which is available to you 24/7. Don’t stand in line at the post office trying to get your photocopied ID approved following weeks waiting by the letterbox for your certificate to arrive. Choose Checked for the fast and easy option and complete your application online in as little as 5 to 10 minutes.

    We are pleased to announce that the customer service counter at Toronto Police Headquarters has reopened to the public effective March 21 st , 2022. Our hours of operation are 7:00am to 4:30pm, Monday to Friday, excluding statutory holidays.

    All Criminal Record Checks and Criminal Records and Judicial Matters Checks can be applied for online using the online application portal. Alternatively, you may book an appointment to apply in person.

    Please note, we are providing a digital copy of the Criminal Record Check or Criminal Record and Judicial Matters Check. Please only order 1 copy as this will be emailed to the email address provided. Please ensure the correct email address is entered on the application. The document emailed is the official results and no hard copy will be issued.

    Criminal Record Check Process


    • Two pieces of government issued identification
    • One must contain a photograph and signature
    • One must include your full name and date of birth
    • Processing fee is CA $20.00, which can be paid by Visa or MasterCard (this administrative fee does not apply to individuals under the age of 18, or volunteers with accompanying letter)
    • Letter must be from the sponsoring agency, on official letterhead, and specific to the applicant.
    • The processing fee is NON-REFUNDABLE. Please ensure you have read and understand the full terms and conditions prior to accessing the online application form.
    • 7 to 10 business days, but may fluctuate due to volume and time of year

      You can choose to pick up your completed letter from one of our designated locations:

    Due to supply chain issues related to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we may experience delays processing Certified Criminal Record Checks. We are actively addressing the situation and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

    For Permanent Residence Applicants: If you have made a request for a Landed Immigrant Status Certified Criminal Record Check and you have yet to receive your RCMP certified criminal record check product, please contact Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for more information concerning your submission deadline.

    Permanent Residence (PR) applicants that require a RCMP fingerprint-based criminal record check will receive instructions from IRCC. Do not apply for an RCMP criminal record check unless instructed by IRCC.

    From outside Canada

    To submit fingerprints to the RCMP’s Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services (CCRTIS) from outside of Canada, you must first contact the local police of jurisdiction where you are staying outside Canada and who can provide you with a copy of your fingerprints. Ensure you get the name and address of the police agency as well as the signature and name of the official taking the fingerprints. Also ensure all ten fingers are taken with black ink.

    Next, you must contact an accredited company within Canada who can convert the paper fingerprint forms taken outside of Canada and submit them to CCRTIS electronically.

    From inside Canada

    Criminal record checks that involve the use of fingerprints are known as “certified criminal record checks.” If the local police or your employer request fingerprints for your criminal record check, two steps are involved:

    Step 1: Have your fingerprints taken

    Contact your local police service or an accredited fingerprinting company to have your fingerprints taken. You will be asked to review information on your application form prior to the police agency or authorized agency submitting it to the RCMP’s Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services (CCRTIS).

    Ensure all information is accurate and complete prior to submission to CCRTIS in order to avoid having to re-submit your application and further processing fees.

    Step 2: Provide the following information to the person taking your fingerprints

    Inform the local police agency or accredited fingerprinting company of the reason for the certified criminal record check. It can include:

    • Adoptions – Canadian and International
    • Foreign travel – Visas, U.S. Waivers, Border Crossing
    • Employment – specify the job title and the name of the employer (do not use abbreviations)
    • Volunteer work – specify the job title and the name of the business/organization
    • Applications for immigration to Canada
      – In the “Name and Address of Contributing Agency/Department” portion of the form, you must include the name and address of the Canadian Immigration Center, Embassy, Consulate or High Commission handling the case.
    • Applications for Canadian Citizenship
    • Applications to obtain criminal record to apply for a record suspension
    • Name change
    • Permanent residency in foreign countries (all countries except Canada)
    • Requests under the Privacy Act (criminal record report will not contain the RCMP seal)
    • Indicate the reason for the criminal record check because the release of information may differ depending on the reason for the check.
    • If you require criminal record checks for different reasons (e.g. Visa, Record Suspension) then a separate submission and fee is required for each.
    • If you are applying for a vulnerable sector check, you must also provide the name of your employer, the title of the position and the description of how the position deals with vulnerable persons.

    Optional: Verify the status of your application

    Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services (CCRTIS) receives a high volume of requests and replies to them in the order they are received. Contact us only if your application has taken longer than the processing times indicated. Provide the following information:

    Applications for Police Information Check (also referred to as Security Clearance or Criminal Records Check) can be completed at any Edmonton Police Service (EPS) divisional or community station, although application processing will take longer. Listed below are two ways to obtain a check:

    1. On the spot processing – available when a Police Information Check is required for obtaining new employment. This service enables citizens to receive a completed Police Information Check in single visit to the Police Information Check office (pending there is no information to disclose on your Police Information Check).
    2. Express processing – available for those not requiring their Police Information Check for immediate employment purposes and who wish to drop off, pay and wait for their completed Police Information Check. These checks can picked up in person or mailed.

    Security clearance checks obtained from the EPS will be processed through several indices:

    • Edmonton Police Service local records;
    • Justice Online Information Network (JOIN) – Alberta court records; and theCanadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) – National police records.

    For more information, please consult the Edmonton Police Service website or community station.

    The University of Alberta, its buildings, labs, and research stations are primarily located on the traditional territory of Cree, Blackfoot, Métis, Nakota Sioux, Iroquois, Dene, and Ojibway/Saulteaux/Anishinaabe nations; lands that are now known as part of Treaties 6, 7, and 8 and homeland of the Métis. The University of Alberta respects the sovereignty, lands, histories, languages, knowledge systems, and cultures of First Nations, Métis and Inuit nations.

    Provide our simple form
    to your applicant for completion.

    How to apply for a criminal record check online

    Begin check by providing ECRIS
    with a scan or a picture of the form.

    How to apply for a criminal record check online

    Post the signed, hard copy application form to the ECRIS office.

    That’s it!
    Receive your report
    via email or post.

    Application with subject’s details is submitted to the National Criminal Register (NCR).

    Depending on regulations in your country you can use the certificate for employment or for any other purpose allowed by the law. This could mean running a criminal background check on:
    – Job candidate
    – Employee
    – Vendor
    – Nanny
    – Tenant …
    or more.
    If you are a job applicant show your employer that you are proactive by taking out your own ECRIS report.
    Find out more.

    – The application process and reports are standardised making it very simple.
    – Easy and transparent process.
    – Short and predictable turnaround times.
    – Information is official and sourced from public records. No third parties or private databases are involved.
    – Guaranteed authenticity of information.
    – Fully legal and compliant ECRIS certificates.
    – Flat and competitive pricing for all target countries.

    All certificates are obtained from central criminal registers of different EU member states in an official and transparent manner. What makes our service unique is that instead of approaching countries directly we initiate all criminal records checks through the inspectorate of just one country, which requests criminal information from its European counterparts on our behalf. As a result you benefit from much quicker turnaround times and will receive a standarised certificate. All this thanks to utilising a recently introduced pan – European system of criminal information exchange (European Criminal Records Information System).
    The application is made with the applicant’s full awareness and explicit consent. The certificate you obtain is state issued and authenticated by relevant seals.

    Criminal record check is a general term with a broad meaning. It is commonly used as a name of the service offered by various vendors. It is hard to define without a thorough insight into the service description. Among all possible manners it can be completed by obtaining a criminal record certificate, which is an official document providing exhaustive information on the following:

    -name of the source of information

    -complete subject’s identification details

    -details of the information request (inquiry time and date, inquiring party indication)

    -document protection measures (e.g. seals, stamps or headed paper in case of hard copy documents and digital signature or online verification facility for electronic documents).

    Most of the criminal records certificates are obtain within just a couple of days. Some countries take it longer to issue a certificate. Please see a full list of countries for current average turnaround times. The process is extended by the postal delivery of the completed application forms (We can initiate the check only upon receipt of the hard copy, original forms).

    We are a specialist provider of European criminal records certificates .

    Legislation varies across the EU which means that obtaining criminal record certificates in a compliant manner can be complicated, time consuming or even sometimes impossible. We discovered, that by utilising an EU program called European Criminal Records Information System, we can address all of those concerns and offer easy yet compliant access to state-issued certificates.

    We’re here to make obtaining criminal record checks quick and easy.

    Disclaimer: Although our brand name is similar to the EU project – European Criminal Records Information System we are a company offering commercial services. The purpose of this similarity is to highlight we utilise the EU structures to access information on criminal records.

    How to apply for a criminal record check online

    Performing a criminal record check in Edmonton, Alberta is easy.

    As long as you have the correct set of documents prepared and are ready to answer personal questions, record checks in Edmonton can be conducted quickly.

    That said, three criminal record checks can be requested of you in Edmonton, and it’s essential to be sure exactly which one it is — a criminal record check, a certified criminal record check, or a vulnerable sector check.

    What Is a Criminal Record Check?

    A criminal record check, or police information check, is a named-based check — meaning only personal information is required. They are also known as police checks or police certificates.

    More important, a record check in Canada will provide any criminal convictions, police involvement, or findings of guilt regarding your name.

    How to apply for a criminal record check online

    How to Perform a Police Information Check in Edmonton, Alberta

    Police information checks are name-based and only require personal information, therefore they can be completed entirely online.

    As a result, police information checks are commonly performed by using accredited websites.

    Or, if an in-person application process interests you, your local Edmonton police service will offer in-person checks.

    Step-by-Step Instructions for a Police Information Check in Edmonton

    1. Visit Instant Record Check‘s website or the Edmonton police service for your police information check.
      • If you’d like to go through the Edmonton police service, contact them to book an in-person appointment or ask if they offer an online option.
    2. Once you get to your appointment or start the process online, you will be asked to provide the following personal information:
      • Your full name
      • Place and date of birth
      • Legal address
      • Photo ID
      • Facial recognition scan (online only)
      • Additional document verifying your identity

    Note: At least one of the documents needs to be government-issued, such as a driver’s license, passport, birth certificate, or identity card.

    Did you know? According to the John Howard Society, 23% of Canadian men and 4.3% of Canadian women have a criminal record. This means 3.8 million people in Canada have a criminal record.

    What Is a Certified Criminal Record Check?

    How to apply for a criminal record check online

    Certified criminal record checks require all the same information as the name-based police information checks — except for one crucial component.

    Certified checks require the documentation of fingerprints for absolute identity verification.

    This requires the applicant to visit an accredited fingerprinting company or the Edmonton police service to document their fingerprints.

    For a list of accredited fingerprinting agencies in Canada, contact the RCMP’s Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services (CCRTIS).

    Step-by-Step Process for a Certified Criminal Record Check

    1. First, book an appointment with an accredited fingerprinting company or your local Edmonton police service.
    2. Then, gather all your required documents, such as:
      • Two different government-issued documents that include a photo of you. For example, your driver’s license, identity card, or passport.
      • Any documents or letters from the company requesting your criminal record.
    3. When you get to your appointment, you will provide the same personal information needed for a police information check.
    4. Next, the professionals will use an optical scan to document your fingerprints. These optical scans provide quicker and more accurate results than ink fingerprinting.
    5. Once your fingerprints have been verified, your accredited company will use your information to directly request your criminal history from the RCMP’s Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services.
    6. Similar to a police information check, you won’t receive your results immediately:
      • If your record is clear, you will receive your certificate within 3–7 business days.
      • If your record is not clear, it could take up to 120 business days to receive your results.

    Sounds like a lot? You can also contact Instant Record Check for any questions or concerns you have about this process.

    What Is a Vulnerable Sector Check?

    A vulnerable sector check is a police information check plus a scan for any sexual offence. It is a check into local police records for any pattern of behaviour that may harm the vulnerable.

    Ultimately, only a person who meets the requirements for a vulnerable sector check can have one performed on them — it’s an offence to run a vulnerable sector check on someone who doesn’t meet the requirements.

    Vulnerable sector checks are governed by the Criminal Records Act and were created in 2000 to protect our youth and other vulnerable people.

    That said, a person must hold a position of authority and trust with children or other vulnerable people to meet the check requirements.

    Step-by-Step Process for a Vulnerable Sector Check in Edmonton

    1. Vulnerable sector checks can only be completed by the Edmonton police service — contact your local police department and book an appointment.
    2. The professional performing the check needs to know information about the position you are acquiring and the company you are working for, such as:
      • The name of the company or employment organization you are working for.
      • A detailed description of the working position.
      • A description of the children or vulnerable people you are working with (age or any factors that demonstrate how they are vulnerable).
      • If you are acquiring a volunteer position, a letter will be needed stating that you will not be paid for this position.
    3. After you have provided the previous information to the professional, they will decide if you meet the requirements.
    4. If the professional does decide a check is required, a name-based check with police records will be conducted, and, in some cases, fingerprints will be required.
    5. After your information has been obtained, the Edmonton police service will send your information to disclose with the organization that put in the request.

    What’s the Next Step?

    How to apply for a criminal record check online

    Moving forward, it might be in your best interest to understand how to run a criminal record check on a potential employee.

    In fact, if you know what shows up in an online police information check and choose to utilize these tools, you can avoid hiring a person who might cause more harm than good for your company.

    For further reading material, we encourage you to browse Instant Record Check’s website and blog.

    In order to minimize wait times at the Customer Service Unit, record check applicants are encouraged to apply online. When applicants select Express Pick-up at the Community Resource Centre, located at 10720 Yonge St., Richmond Hill, police record checks will be available the next business day, excluding weekends and holidays. At all other locations, record checks will be available for pick up in seven to 10 business days.

    Apply for an online record check now

    Why do I need a record check?

    A police record check is a tool to help employers or other agencies determine an applicant’s suitability for certain types of opportunities. Record checks are just one available resource and may be used in addition to interviews, reference checks and verification of credentials/licences.

    Agencies can only request one type of record check from an applicant specific to the opportunity. They are not permitted to ask applicants for any additional police records.

    What is a Criminal Record Check?

    A Criminal Record Check is a search of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) databases and is usually required for bylaw licences, employment or immigration purposes. It is not intended for individuals seeking employment or a volunteer position working with children or vulnerable persons.

    All applicants applying for a volunteer position must provide a letter from the agency where they intend to volunteer. The letter must be printed on the agency’s letterhead and include the applicant’s name and volunteer position, stating the position is a “volunteer non-paid position.”

    Download the Criminal Record Check form. Please complete prior to attending our Customer Service location.

    What will a Criminal Record Check provide?

    A Criminal Record Check will provide the following information:

    • Criminal convictions from the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) and/or local databases
    • Summary convictions for five years
    • Convictions where a records suspension has been granted, if authorized under the Criminal Records Act or another act or regulation.

    Application Fee

    Information Services and Legal

    Criminal Record and Judicial Matters Check

    Online Criminal Record and Judicial
    Matters Check

    How long will it take?

    We strive to complete requests while you wait; however if you have a criminal record, require fingerprinting or we have to confirm any information with another police service, additional processing time will be required.

    Please note: Based on results of the Criminal Record Check, fingerprints may be required to confirm the identity of the applicant and a fingerprint fee will be charged. For applicants who decline fingerprint submissions, the check will indicate that the document is incomplete and no refunds will be issued.

    In compliance with the RCMP ministerial directive, applicants with a criminal record outside of York Region will be required to submit their fingerprints in order to have the Criminal Record Check completed.

    If fingerprints are needed to complete the Criminal Record Check, processing time will be required and the check will not be produced while you wait.

    Who can apply?

    Anyone can apply, regardless of where they currently reside. If an applicant has a criminal record exists with another police service, he/she must be fingerprinted in order to verify the information.


    A volunteer is someone who performs a service but receives no compensation for doing so, other than an allowance for expenses or an honorarium. This excludes anyone receiving some other form of credit, such as academic credit or fulfilling a sentence requirement.

    All applicants applying for a volunteer position must provide a letter from the agency where they intend to volunteer, indicating that the position is a volunteer, non-paid position. The volunteer letter must also:

    An Alberta criminal record check is generally conducted at a detachment of the local police. This could be the Edmonton or Calgary police or a detachment of the RCMP depending on where you live. There is also third-party background checking companies that will conduct a simple name-based criminal record check. However, this type of check will not be acceptable in all circumstances.

    Due to COVID19, a criminal record is having adverse affects on the lives of almost 1 in 8 Canadians, and 1 in 3 Americans who carry a record to their name, and the public health crisis, COVID19, is making it more difficult for people to move on from their past. Employment, housing, and volunteer opportunities are now harder to come by and public health orders have slowed down services within fingerprinting and police agencies, courthouses, and the Parole Board of Canada. the Parole Board of Canada currently has limited capacity to process Record Suspension, Expungement and Clemency submissions, and are currently facing a 3 month delay in the processing of all applications. To learn more about how to clear your record during this time, visit our resource page here.

    You may need a criminal background check or police information check for:

    • Employment
    • Volunteering
    • Licences
    • Record Suspension
    • US Entry Waiver
    • Travel
    • Educational programs

    Don’t let your criminal record hold you back.

    Your next steps start here.

    Criminal Record Check Alberta

    A criminal record check is the standard name for a simple name-based check. This check will search the national repository, which is maintained by the RCMP. If you have a criminal record, you can declare it before submitting your check and will receive a confirmation that the information you provided matched the check. If you do not declare it, your record check will come back as “not clear.” In this case, you would need to get fingerprints taken in order to reveal the details of the record. As well, if your name and date of birth are similar to a person in the national repository, your record check may come back as not clear. You may need to get fingerprints to confirm that it is not you.

    If there is no matching information, your criminal record check in Alberta will come back as clear.

    Police Information Check

    A police information check is more detailed than a criminal background check in Alberta. You need to attend a police station to get a local police check.

    If you do not have a criminal record, some locations can do “on the spot” checks. If you don’t have time to wait, or don’t want to go to a location with “on the spot” checks, you can leave your application and payment and it will be sent to you.

    If you have a criminal record, your record check may take longer and you may have to attend a specific location. For example, in Edmonton, you should go to the Police Information Check Section. Check your local police service or RCMP detachment for specific information about locations, fees and hours.

    A police information check will search:

      (the national repository)
    • The Alberta courts database
    • The local police database

    Vulnerable Sector Check

    A Vulnerable Sector Check is a more in-depth screening and is intended for people working with children, the elderly, or people who are vulnerable due to disability or disease. In this case, pardoned offences can be revealed if they could pose a risk. This usually means sexual offences can be disclosed. Not all employers can request this type of criminal check in Alberta.

    A Vulnerable Sector Check can only be performed by police.

    Getting fingerprints

    If you need to access the details of a criminal record from the national repository, you will need to get fingerprints taken. These can be done at a local police station or an accredited agency. The standard process is to get electronic fingerprints, so it is best to confirm with the police detachment that they offer this before going attending. If you are pursuing an application with AllCleared, we will provide a list of locations.

    If you are applying for a Record Suspension (pardon) or US Entry Waiver, you will need to get fingerprints.

    How To Get A Criminal Record Check in Alberta?

    If you have a criminal record, you could be shut out of jobs, educational programs, volunteering, travel and other opportunities. Contact AllCleared for a free consultation about sealing your record or travelling to the United States with a criminal record at 1-866-972-7366.

    You may need a criminal history check for many purposes, including when you are:

    • starting a new job
    • travelling overseas
    • attending court
    • working with children

    There are different types and levels of criminal history checks. Which type to apply for depends on what you need it for.

    The 2 most common types are:

    • a National Police Certificate—often sought for general employment, study or overseas travel
    • a Queensland Criminal History (copy of own)—often sought for court-related purposes.

    Learn more about documents available for purchase from the Queensland Police Service (QPS).

    Australian Federal Police checks

    The Australian Federal Police (AFP) provides national criminal history checks when you are:

    • seeking employment with the Commonwealth Government
    • requiring a check under Commonwealth legislation
    • seeking Australian immigration
    • currently residing overseas

    If you are currently residing overseas, you must apply directly to the AFP. Learn more about police checks from the AFP.

    How to apply for a criminal history check

    National Police Certificate

    You can apply for a National Police Certificate (NPC) conducted by the QPS online.

    Online applications include online payment, ID verification and delivery. If your ID cannot be verified online, you can attend your local Australia Post outlet with a copy of your online application form to finalise the request.

    If your application does not require any further investigation, it can be completed within an hour.

    Copy of own criminal history

    • provide identification, such as a current driver licence, passport or other photo ID
    • pay an application fee.

    Fees and payment

    There are different fees and payment methods depending which type of criminal history check you apply for. Current fees are located at QPS Fees Charges.

    Applications for an online NPC are paid via credit card, with those lodged in person at an Australia Post outlet paid via cash or EFTPOS.

    Other documents available for purchase at your local police can be paid by:

    • EFTPOS (if your local station has EFTPOS facilities)
    • cash
    • cheque
    • money order made payable to the Commissioner of Police.

    Blue card screening

    You may need a blue card to work with children and young people as a:

    • paid employee
    • volunteer
    • student
    • business operator.

    When employers must check records

    Some employers and licensing and registration bodies are legally permitted (with your consent) to check your criminal record when you apply for a job, licence or registration with them. Examples include:

    • working with children (i.e. blue card screening)
    • government positions (e.g. teacher, police officer)
    • the gaming and racing industry
    • public passenger drivers (e.g. bus drivers, taxi drivers)
    • working in Correctional Centres.

    Employers and licensing and registration bodies must follow the law when determining suitability for a job, licence, or registration.

    Old (spent) convictions

    Each state has different laws about old convictions (also known as ‘spent convictions’). Under spent conviction laws, employees and job applicants don’t have to disclose old convictions to anyone unless the law specifically requires them to.

    In some cases, you must disclose old convictions, such as when you apply for a blue card.

    Police will not give your employer information about a spent conviction unless they are legally required to do so.

    If your employer finds out about a spent conviction by other means, such as word of mouth, they are not allowed to consider it when deciding whether to offer you a job.

    AdvisoryCommunity How to apply for a criminal record check online

    The Regina Police Service is happy to announce that, effective immediately, Regina citizens seeking a personal criminal record check can explore using an online service available through the RPS website at Although it won’t entirely replace the in-person process, online criminal record checks will provide a convenient and efficient option for many Regina residents. Please note: the Regina Police Service does not process online criminal record checks for people who do not live in the city of Regina. This process is for Regina residents only.

    In recent years, more and more businesses and organizations: sports teams, community associations, school boards, charities, and non-profits, are requesting that their employees and volunteers obtain current police record checks. We recognize that it takes time and effort to physically come in to Regina Police Service Headquarters to obtain this important documentation. In order to improve service and efficiency for Regina residents, we have introduced the option of using an online solution. To begin:

    1. Go to
    2. Look under “Resources” for the words “CRIMINAL RECORD CHECK”; or
    3. Scroll down to “Helpful Links” and click on “CRIMINAL RECORD CHECK”; or
    4. Click on the “Search” function and type “criminal record check” into the blank field. Hit return.
    5. Follow the prompts to access the appropriate webpages. Please read the webpages carefully to ensure you meet the criteria, before starting the application process.

    It is important to note that some types of police record checks cannot be completely carried out using the online option. For example: if the online criminal record check returns a result that requires fingerprinting, then the applicant has to attend Regina Police Service headquarters, in person, to complete the process. As has always been the case, additional fees may apply when fingerprinting is required. Still, in most typical criminal record checks (volunteering or employment), you may want to save yourself the trip and the time by using the online option.

    It is also important to note that added convenience comes with added cost. In this case, the online service provider attaches an additional cost to the existing fee structure for criminal record checks. One of the best ways to know if an online criminal record check is for you is to visit the website. Take the time to browse through the FAQs and the other information provided about the online process. Read all the information thoroughly, because once you have paid, you cannot opt out and obtain a refund.

    The process of online criminal record checks has three main steps, each handled by a different partner:

    1. Accepting/processing/transferring payment – This step is carried out by a Canadian financial technology company called Moneris. Its parent companies are Royal Bank and Bank of Montreal.
    2. Verifying identity of the applicant – This critical step is handled by TransUnion, an international credit reporting agency. Identity is verified through a series of questions posed to the applicant. NOTE: There is a reasonable time limit placed on each of the identity questions. It is possible an applicant may take too long to answer and the verification of identity is suspended. In those cases the applicant can revert back to the in-person process and simply come in with receipt (from Step 1) and two pieces of identification; we verify identity in person and hand over the criminal record check document.
    3. Search of Records – This part is still carried out by the Regina Police Service, once we know the online applicant has completed identity verification and payment. Once the online process is complete, the Regina Police Service will mail the completed criminal record check to the address provided by the applicant.

    Online criminal record checks are used by many police services in Canada. The results reported by other police services indicate people appreciate having a choice to apply online instead of making a trip to police headquarters to obtain this documentation. Visiting us in person is still an option, of course, but even those who choose to come in person to obtain a criminal record check, find there are shorter wait times for service, which makes the online option beneficial for all.

    Questions about Regina Police Service online criminal record checks may be directed to: [email protected] .