How to apply body spray

Using a body spray is an ideal way to add subtle fragrance to the body without going overboard. A body spray is lighter than a perfume or cologne, and it is often sprayed in various spots on the body after showering. Although body spray is applied more liberally than traditional perfume or cologne, it is still important to use in moderate amounts to prevent nasal irritation for others or overwhelming them with intense fragrances.

Use a body spray after taking a shower. Sprays are not meant to mask body odor caused by a lack of hygiene, so use once the body is clean and an anti-perspirant or deodorant is used.

Apply the body spray to pulse points in order to allow the fragrance to last longer. Points include the inside of wrists, knees and elbows, as well as neck, chest and behind the ears. Choose only a couple of these locations to prevent overdoing the fragrance.

Try using various sprays on different days of the week. Choose smells that are appealing from retail stores like Target or Bath and Body Works, where both men and women have an ample selection of sprays and scents.

Use a small amount of body spray, even if it does not seem like enough. As we apply the spray, our noses become accustomed to the scent, which causes over usage. In addition, the scent is never as strong to the individual wearing it as it is to those around her. Only use a few spritzes at a couple select locations on the body.

Never spray onto the face, since the ingredients can cause irritation or dry out the skin.

It can be a bit confusing. It’s not deodorant because it doesn’t stop you sweating. But it can’t be perfume either because there aren’t vague adverts on the tv about it. So, where do you put body spray? What’s the proper body spray application etiquette? Well, we’ve got a lesson for you…

You might be applying Lynx body spray wrong if… you’re spraying it at arm’s length.

The planet smells beautiful enough, so hold your can a bit closer as that way you pick up more of the scent you want. Not too close, though. Holding it too close might mean you’ve got some patchy coverage going on. The best body spray application technique is a short but continuous spray all over your body. Figuring out how to put on body spray might take a bit of practice – but once you’ve got it? You’ve got it good.

You might be applying Lynx body spray wrong if… you’re spraying it below your waist.

Nope. No. Nooooooo. We get it. You don’t know where to apply body spray, so your mind’s gone straight to that, right? Get your mind out the gutter. Maybe we’ve all done that once, but that smell might get a bit distracting. Use some body wash instead. Much safer.

You might be applying Lynx body spray wrong if… you’re overthinking where to spray it.

You might not know how to apply body spray – and that’s cool. You don’t need to give it too much thought. You can spray it onto your skin in the morning, and you can spray a bit onto your clothes throughout the day if you think you’re getting a bit musty – Lynx body sprays are good, but it might be a bit awkward to strip off every time you need a top up of your favourite fragrance.

You might be applying Lynx body spray wrong if… you’re saving it for a special occasion.

You might want to save some stuff for the right time, but body spray? Nah, go crazy. There’s no perfect way for how to apply body spray. Do your thing.

Our body spray top tip is to find yourself a daily fragrance that’s good for school, work, partying – whatever. But then you should grab a special fragrance. A signature scent for dates, nights out, or any other time you want to take it up a level.

So, where do you put body spray? Wherever you want! Whenever you want. Experiment with it; ask your mates what their style is; just go for it. You smell good, you feel good. Now go out there and see what happens!

How to apply body spray

Does anyone else remember dousing themselves in body mist as a teenager, or is that just me? Writing about body spray definitely sparks my nostalgia, but can a grown-ass adult woman still use the stuff? Absolutely! Today, we’re not talking about those hyper-sweet body sprays of yore but about elegant fragrances in gentle mist formats that never overwhelm the nose.

In this article, we cover other important details, like how body mists differ from perfumes and deodorants. To finish things off, we give our tips and tricks on how you should apply a body spray – especially if you want it to last all day long!

In this article:

What Is a Body Mist and Why Do You Need It?

A body mist is a fragrance liquid that comes in a spray bottle. It is usually made with water, alcohol, and a perfume blend that can include both synthetic scents and essential oils. It can be applied all over the body and is best used right after a shower. In addition to giving you a really lovely scent, a body spray can also help lightly moisturize the skin, especially if you’re using an oil body mist.

Body Mist vs. Perfume vs. Deodorant

It’s fair if our description left you a little confused – after all, body mists sure do sound a lot like perfume, don’t they? The main difference is the concentration of fragrance compounds.

Perfumes rarely contain water – instead, they’re made with alcohol and a whole load of whatever clever fragrance the perfume master had developed. Whereas body mists emit a light scent that dissipates after 1-4 hours, perfumes go on very strong at the start, and they gradually fade throughout the day.

Some perfumes will last for up to 24 hours, although most formulas last for 5-12 hours. It’s very easy to over-apply perfume and make yourself a nuisance to the people around you.

Some people are also confused by the difference between body sprays and deodorants, especially because some deodorants come in the form of a spray. The main difference is the purpose.

Whereas a body spray is just supposed to make you smell nice, a deodorant is actually supposed to neutralize the bad odors that pop up as a result of sweat and bacteria. Deodorants are made with both antimicrobial agents as well as pleasant fragrances, while body mists only contain the fragrance along with some skin-conditioning agents.

How to apply body spray


How to Use a Body Mist?

Using a body mist is easy and, unlike with perfume, it’s virtually fool-proof!

  • The best time to use a body mist is right after you get out of the shower. While your skin is still damp, apply either a fragrance-free body moisturizer or a moisturizer with a scent that complements your body mist.
  • Next, before getting dressed, take your body mist and lightly spray it all over your body.
  • Angle it from above, so that you will only need 2-3 sprays to cover yourself lightly, rather than overdoing it by spraying every inch of your skin.
  • If you prefer, you can also focus the body mist on your pulse points like the neck and wrists, although this is often less impactful than it would be with a traditional perfume.
  • Finally, when the mist dries down, you can get dressed and go about your day. You can bring your body mist with you to refresh at the midday mark.
  • You can also spritz your hair, assuming your body mist won’t clash with any hair products that you use.
  • If your skin is sensitive, you can spray the body mist on a jacket or a scarf instead of directly on your skin where it can irritate.

Tips for Making Your Body Spray Last Longer

The fragrance of a body mist tends to dissipate very quickly, but that’s a feature, not a bug. It’s the reason why body sprays are less expensive than perfumes and why they’re frequently given to teens.

Because body mists are so light, it’s okay that they fade quickly. It’s not a hassle to reapply, and you don’t need to worry about overdoing it. Ultimately, the best way to ensure that your body mist lasts a while is to just keep a travel-sized bottle in your purse!

However, you can also ensure that the scent of your body mist sticks around by layering it, which is actually how expert perfumers recommend that it be used. The key to this is to use a wide range of scented body products from the same family.

How to apply body spray


With Dior and Chanel products, for example, you can actually buy sets of body wash, lotion, perfume, and body mist. When you use them all in a row (with the body mist last), the result is layers of scent that gradually fade one by one throughout the day in a lovely and gradual way, but you remain smelling divine for a lot longer than if you were to only use one product.

If your reason for using body mists is specifically to avoid perfumes, just having a base layer of a scented body cream can still help with longevity.

It’s also possible to layer body mists with perfumes that have a different fragrance, but if that’s the case, make sure the two scents pair nicely together. You can even have some fun experimenting with your own scent combinations!

Apply the body spray to pulse points in order to allow the fragrance to last longer. Points include the inside of wrists, knees and elbows, as well as neck, chest and behind the ears. Choose only a couple of these locations to prevent overdoing the fragrance. Try using various sprays on different days of the week.

Additionally, is perfume used on clothes or skin? Perfume sprayed directly onto clothes can cause water marks which look unseemly, particularly if you are going out to a nice dinner date. Perfume also works much better on “pulse points” rather than clothes, because the molecules interact with direct contact with skin.

Similarly, should Deo be applied on body or clothes?

Body sprays are like perfume in a spray bottle; you can spray it on your body, your clothes, the walls, whatever. It will add a nice smell, but it won’t prevent your natural odor. Deodorant sprays (or sticks or gels or whatever form it comes in) are applied to the underarms, to attack odor at it’s source.

How long does scent last on clothes?

If all interference is kept to a minimum (hand washed, low detergent level, air dried or not contaminated with dryer anti-static fabric softening stuff) the scent of a woman will typically last two weeks maybe slightly more depending on other variables not germane to this topic of conversation.

I officially have 2 teen boys in the house and one thing I’ve always had them promise me is that they’d help to keep their bathroom clean and not smelling like a locker room. Funny thing is, to me a locker room either smells like wet towels and dirty boys or like an over spray of body spray or cologne. When AXE asked to sponsor a post, I knew instantly that I wanted to share a fun “locker room” printable AND how to keep your bathroom from smelling like a locker room by showing you how to teach your teens to use AXE body spray (properly, too!). I’m sure your sons love the product as much as mine!

How to apply body spray

First of all, do your kids know the difference between body spray and dry spray? AXE has both products and they are awesome for different things. Body spray keeps you smelling fresh and the dry spray helps you stay dry.

How to apply body sprayHow to apply body spray

We got a few new products to try out here in our locker room – AXE YOU Body Spray, AXE Signature Gold Dry Spray, and AXE Signature Night Dry Spray. My boys get the dry spray and spray it under their arms in place of antiperspirant sticks. They never sprayed too much there. For the body spray, I think they watched their friends spray on a little too much after gym class because we ended up working out a simple way to put it on without over spraying (I know you know what I mean).

How to apply body spray


  1. Grab the AXE body spray of your choice (not dry spray, that’s for under the arms).
  2. Twist the top to reveal the button and nozzle.
  3. Spray over your chest in the shape of a “7” only long enough to say the word “AXE”.

Here is a fun video for your boys to watch to teach them the difference between dry spray and body spray AND how to apply it :

How to apply body spray

So simple, but SO effective! Now getting ready in the morning, I don’t have to worry about the boys (or the bathroom) smelling like a locker room of kids spraying way too much. As for the wet towels… we’re still working on that.


I made up a fun “locker room” sign for the boys’ bathroom and thought I’d share it here as well. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to mount it on wood or frame it, so for now I just added it to a steel memo board where they can add on reminders for the morning as well.

How to apply body spray

I think it will look great framed above the bathroom door, so that may be where it ends up, but for now we’re liking it here!

How to apply body spray

How to apply body spray

Now your teens are ready to stay fresh, dry AND know how to use AXE properly. They’ll be more “in the know” than most young guys since 64% of them think body spray and dry spray are the same thing and 1 in 2 guys think that they should apply body spray to their underarms. Knowledge is power everyone 😉

*Ipsos Body Spray Drivers and Barriers, 2017 or Ipsos, 2017

How to apply body sprayHow to apply body spray

  • This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of AXE.

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How to apply body spray

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How to apply body spray

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How to apply body spray

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How to apply body spray

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How to apply body spray

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Wearing fragrance is easy—a little spritz, and you’re done. But wearing fragrance well requires a little more skill and finesse. For example: Did you know that correct placement depends entirely on both the environment in which it’s worn and the outfit for which it accessorizes? And that tendency you have toward dressing your wrists and then rubbing them together? “Very bad,” says award-winning French-Armenian perfumer Francis Kurkdjian, the nose behind such sophisticated olfactive hits as Christian Dior Eau Noire, Carven Le Parfum, and those from his own eponymous line out of Paris. And, sure, while a bottle of Chanel No. 5 may look like the perfect prop for any chic bathroom vanity, the daily stream of steam from the shower may be curbing its freshness (and, in turn, yours). Fortunately, a few simple tweaks can set you back on the right olfactory course. Here are five common mistakes women make when it comes to buying and wearing perfume—and how to fix them in a flash.

Don’t Rub—Just Spray
That almost unconscious application habit—misting a little scent on your wrists and then pressing them together before reaching for your neck—is actually “very bad,” says Kurkdjian. Why? The friction created by rubbing, he continues, “heats up the skin, which produces natural enzymes that change the course of the scent.” Most impacted are the top and middle notes, along with the dry-down, or the last and longest period of your fragrance’s unfolding. “With a floral, for example, [heat] warms up everything, ultimately [causing it] to lose its crispness,” he explains. To preserve the integrity of your fragrance (and also ensure it lasts longer on your skin), spritz both wrists lightly, let the liquid sink in, and then do absolutely nothing at all, says Kurkdjian.

Environment Is Key
When it comes to storage, perfume is almost like a living organism—it’s extremely sensitive to environmental changes. “Perfume doesn’t like going from cold to hot,” Kurkdjian says, adding that such shifts in temperature “set off unexpected chemical reactions within the natural ingredients, and therefore age the perfume faster.” Leaving a citrus scent in the steamy bathroom, for instance, “affects the freshness” and can make a raw material, like patchouli, smell a little off. Ultraviolet rays can also alter a perfume’s color—turning amber tones into green, he warns. “You’d never leave a bottle of Champagne in the sun,” he says. Surprisingly, the best place to store fragrance is the box it originally came in, and at room temperature (or 70 degrees Fahrenheit). If you want to go above and beyond, consider treating it like a great cellar wine: “I know people who store one or two bottles of their signature scents in the refrigerator,” he says.

The Best Perfumes Come in Small Packages
Precious as it is, perfume should be consumed at a brisk pace. Keeping a half-used bottle on your shelf allows oxygen (the “natural enemy of perfume,” says Kurkdjian) to slowly break down the scent’s molecules, altering its composition. Of course, if you mist on your signature scent daily, a large 6.8-milliliter bottle likely won’t go to waste, he says, but in all other instances, Kurkdjian prefers smaller vessels (in the range of 2.4 to 1.2 milliliters) because they can remain fresh for up to three months. And if you’re faced with only one, rather generously sized bottle at the perfume counter? Assuming it has a screw cap or stopper, you can always decant the liquid into smaller vials or tuck your half-empty fragrances in the fridge to maintain their bloom, he says.

Learn how to apply deodorant the best way with our simple step-by-step guide.

When was the last time you thought about your technique for applying deodorant? Probably not since puberty when someone showed you the basics. Since then it’s become a part of your morning routine. But what if there was a better technique that could make your deodorant more effective and leave you smelling fresher, longer?

The Best Way to Apply Deodorant

  1. Wash your skin: Shower or bathe with a gentle cleanser to effectively get rid of sweat, concentrating on the underarms and any other places you tend to sweat.
  2. Dry your skin completely: Antiperspirants and deodorants should be applied to completely dry skin because wetness can make the formula less effective.
  3. Apply deodorant anywhere you tend to sweat: While some deodorant brands are meant only for armpits, most can be applied anywhere you sweat (like behind the knees or inner thighs). If you want to keep other areas of your body fresh and dry, check the label first to make sure your deodorant is safe to use anywhere.
  4. Apply deodorant to underarms: Apply deodorant to your underarms using 2-3 upward and downward sweeps. This technique helps ensure you’re covering all of your sweat glands. If you have hair in your armpits, you may need to apply more pressure when putting on deodorant.
  5. Let your deodorant dry: Give your deodorant several minutes to dry before dressing. This will give it time to set and also help you avoid deodorant from getting on your clothes.
  6. Bring your deodorant with you: Deodorant can be reapplied throughout the day if you need to freshen up. For best results, use a cleansing cloth and then dry your underarms before reapplying.

Should I Apply Deodorant Before or After Exercise?

You can apply deodorant before or after exercise, but it will be less effective if you’re currently sweating. Though sweat itself doesn’t smell, that all too familiar funk begins to waft up to your nose when it mixes with naturally-occurring bacteria on your skin.

Unfortunately swiping, rolling, or spraying on more deodorant won’t undo the bacterial breakdown or stop you from sweating (and smelling). To prevent stink, apply deodorant to dry skin before you exercise. You can also take a shower after exercising and apply deodorant again once your skin is completely dry.

Tips for Applying Different Types of Deodorant

Antiperspirant Deodorant

Roll-On Deodorant

For roll-on deodorant, roll your deodorant across each underarm a few times for even coverage. Be sure to apply to clean, dry skin and allow the gel to set for a few minutes before getting dressed.

The iconic Ban roll-on antiperspirant deodorant is America’s #1 roll-on—and it should be—we literally invented them in 1954. The Ban roll-on uses roller ball technology, modeled after a ballpoint pen, to contour to the armpit for precise coverage. This allows the product to glide on smoothly and easily. Ban roll-on antiperspirant deodorant uses odor-fighting ingredients and Kihada extract to target and help eliminate odor, not just cover it up. The clear formula won’t leave white marks on your clothes or under your arms. Ban roll-on antiperspirant deodorant rolls on wet—so you can stay dry all day.

With such a wide range of fragrance options to choose from, it can be easy to let new fragrance trends pass you by. You might say: “I already have a perfume. What do I need a body mist for?” We’re here to help you answer that question.

Body mists are a crucial component of fragrance layering . For those who want that long-lasting and fresh-from-the-shower all-over scent, they are indispensable. They are not a replacement for perfume (unless you’re looking for an extremely subtle signature scent). Rather, they are a complementary scent—one that is bound to elicit compliments.

What is a body mist?

In terms of fragrance content (i.e., the concentration of the fragrance-producing compounds), body mists are a ways down the totem pole. They’re tamer, softer, and lighter; they give the wearer that pleasant all-over scent, but they don’t announce your presence in the same way as a perfume will.

They are not particularly long lasting, so you’ll need to re-apply your body mist throughout the day to maintain that all-over scent, but the resulting subtle fragrance boost is more than worth the added effort.

They’re also significantly less expensive than perfumes, but remember, while body mists can be the only weapon in your fragrance arsenal, the scent savvy use them as complementary scents. They provide a light and breezy touch that works in unison with your signature scent.

How do you use body mist?

Body mists help hydrate the skin, so, like perfume, they should be applied directly to the skin. Preferably, the skin should be clean, so most people who use body mists do so immediately after showering or bathing. With their light and pleasing aroma, they are a great way to smell great around the house. You might consider applying body mist shortly before bed.

If you’re using a body mist as part of a fragrance layering regime, you’ll need to re-apply throughout the day. As a general rule, re-apply your body mist 2-3 times in between perfume re-applications. This will keep your scent fresh and perfectly layered throughout the day.

Other applications

In terms of other applications for body mists, the sky’s the limit. Thanks to its light fragrance and its low concentration of perfume oils, you can spray body mist on even the most delicate of fabrics.

Whenever you change your sheets, give the bed a good misting. You’ll be curling up each night in scented bliss. You can also give your clothes a gentle spray either before you put them on or before you fold them and put them away. The scent won’t be particularly strong, but you will notice it.

Finally, you can use body mist in the car, either to get rid of unwanted odors or to give the car a touch of your unique scent.

However you plan to use it, make sure you find a scent that dovetails neatly with your other perfumes. Don’t just grab the first bottle you find. It’s got to complement your other scents. If it doesn’t, you’ll be creating scent confusion—definitely something you’ll want to avoid.

I know this might be very a individual preference but what is the best way to apply perfume to make it last the longest? I want to maximize wear and minimize product needed.

Base of the throat. Each side of the neck. One on each wrist (I do back of hands because I wear things on my wrists). If it's not as strong, also one to the chest. And if it's hot out and I'm wearing short sleeves, I'll do inside the elbows. I'm not worried about minimizing product, I'm worried about projection and people being able to smell it. If they can't, then I'm wasting the bottle anyway. Ive heard people say they don't want to spray too much because it's expensive. But if you aren't spraying enough for them to smell it, you're really wasting your money.

For casual / work: after I shower and use Ivory soap ("unscented" – which is actually a scent, btw) and dry off I do one spray on my chest, then after I am dressed I do one spray on the back of my neck and then one in the air at about 3/4 arms length out and walk through it.

For going out: I do one on the chest, one behind each ear / along the neck and then maybe walk through two sprays in the air.

There is no best way, to my knowledge. The where and how much you apply depends on how your skin reacts to it and the strength of the fragrance. Not formula strength as in parfum, EDP, EDC, EDT, — how strong the fragrance projection, longevity, and scent trail are.

I have a group of fragrances I apply sparingly, and away from my nose, 2 sprays tops. There are some I spray like a madwoman and carry travel decants. And there are some in between where I can spray closer to my nose and maybe three or four times without chemically changing the atmosphere.

My two spots are chest and back of neck. How many sprays depends on the strength of the fragrance and the situation I find myself in. For instance, my go-to at the office is usually Green Irish Tweed and that gets one spray on the chest and one on the back of neck. If I were doing the same at an outdoor festival or event, I'd probably do 2 on chest, 1 on back of neck, or even 2 and 2.

Other weaker EdT strength fragrances that I have like a 125 ml bottle of Polo Blue I spray more indiscriminately. Two or three on the chest, two or three on back of neck, and it never seems to project wildly or choke anyone out.

Lastly, on occasion I'll give a half spray on the back of my hand so I can track the development of the fragrance on my skin (top to middle to base notes, and how long it takes to become a skin scent). Once I know how a fragrance performs on me, I'll usually skip that step though. Hope that helps!

EDIT: Forgot one thing – using a lotion or moisturizer on skin prior to spraying has anecdotally extended longevity of fragrances for me.

How to apply body spray

Do you have cologne? Do you know how to use it and how to apply it? A problem most guys have is that they think they can wing anything. A lot of times, they’re right, but when it comes to cologne, they tend to be wrong. We’re here to help you learn how to apply cologne so that you can prepare yourself for your next outing.

Really think about it for a moment. How many times have you smelled a guy who went way too strong with the cologne? How many times have you smelled a guy who should have gone stronger? And, how many times have you come across a guy who got it just right?

That last one is rare, and it’s because not enough guys know the secrets of how to apply cologne. We’re determined to end that right here and now.

Where should you place your cologne?

The general rule is to apply cologne to pulse points. These are areas on your body with high blood flow. As such, they’re warm, and they actually help to project the scent of the cologne.

Some of the best pulse points for cologne are the wrists, chest, neck, and inner elbows.

But, when you have a good cologne, you don’t need to apply too much of it. That can get overbearing. Instead, pick the pulse points that feel right for what you’re trying to accomplish. If you tend to get a little bit of natural musk during the day, use pulse points in proximity to the source of musk. If your pits get sweaty, use cologne on your elbows.

If you use every pulse point, it’ll be too much fragrance for most people around you. Instead, pick one point (or one pair of points), and you’ll be good to go.

How to apply body spray

When is the best time to apply it?

There isn’t a universal answer to this. Really, you should apply cologne when you want to smell good.

On an average day, it can be part of your morning routine. If you shower in the morning, once you are dry, put on a little cologne and then get dressed. This allows you to maintain a subtle but pleasant scent throughout the day.

If you’re getting ready for a special occasion, then put on a dab of cologne while you get ready. It’s the same idea, but refreshing the cologne before going out is never a bad idea.

How often should you use it?

You can definitely wear cologne on a daily basis — especially days where you go to work or go out. Basically, if you’re going to be around people, a proper splash of cologne is a good thing. It makes you smell nice, and that helps you to be more appealing to the people around you. It certainly beats smelling bad.

If you’re going to have a day where you don’t leave the house, then it makes sense to skip the cologne. Even if you’re working from home, having a chore day, or otherwise avoiding the general population, it’s really up to you. You don’t need cologne on those days, but if you think you benefit from it, there’s no shame. So if smelling nice is good for your mentality, then go ahead and apply a little in the morning. We’re all about what helps your mental health, even if it’s just a spritz of cologne.

How to apply body spray

How do you layer cologne?

Layering cologne is something a lot of guys don’t really understand, and there are a few reasons for that.

Sure, every eighth-grader thinks they’ve mastered the art when they get their first bottle of cologne or body spray, but you know better than that by now.

The thing about layering is that it only works when you have multiple scented products that are designed to work together. If you’re splashing Aqua Velva on top of a heavy dose of Old Spice deodorant, you’re not creating good layers. Those smells are going to duke it out like a title fight in the UFC.

You want scents that complement each other, and for that, you really need to stick to a product line. That’s what makes MANSCAPED™ so great for this. There’s an entire line of Ultra Premium™ products that are built from the same cologne-quality scent : Refined™ . Your body wash , shampoo , deodorant, and all the rest stem from this same fragrance. So, when you use the products together, you build a symphony for the nostrils. No competition is necessary.

Here’s the ultimate tip. Use each product as directed. The engineers already optimized everything for you. Your pits, junk, and other smelly parts will instead be pleasant, and the cologne will carry lilting aspects of your signature scent across a room. It will be light and delightful—a veritable symphony of scent.

How to apply body spray

How much should you use?

This is actually the easiest part. You don’t need a close, direct application of large volumes of cologne. This stuff is made to waft, and it’s good at it. Instead, you won’t even spray the stuff directly at your skin.

Actually, let’s clarify that statement. You want to aim the sprayer at the pulse points you choose, but you shouldn’t spray it point-blank. Instead, give yourself four to six inches of space between your flesh and the bottle. That allows the cologne to spread out a little and saturate the pulse point. It also prevents the stuff from saturating too strongly in an area. This gives you a light aroma that is present without being forceful.

There’s also the question of why you are wearing cologne. The light spray for your average workday is one thing. A subtly stronger dose before a romantic evening is another. Really, it’s the freshness of the cologne that changes. The amount you spray should stay relatively the same. If you have a big date, just refresh when you’re getting ready. That will be enough.

Therein lie all of the key secrets to using cologne. You’re now part of the elite club of men who know these things, so use this power wisely.

How to apply body spray

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How Do You Use Body Powder?

Can you use body powder in your hair? Can you use body powder as a deodorant?

These are all good questions when considering using body powder. There are actually quite a few reasons and ways you can use body powder.

The most popular and common use is the absorption of sweat and moisture. Body powder is regularly used in deodorants and can be used in and of itself for the same basic purpose. Apply in areas where you sweat regularly and watch them stay dry and smelling nice.

Powder for the body also helps with chafing. If you’re feeling itchy due to the clothes or shoes you’re wearing, using body powder helps protect your skin.

Body powder can also help with acne. Acne is caused by an excess of oil, and the substance helps with moisture (like powder foundations for oily skin, for example). Powder is also antibacterial as it can fight off the bacteria that, along with oil, causes acne breakouts.

Powder also helps keep your feet and shoes dry and relatively smell free. It can be used as a fragrance and is also very effective as a dry shampoo.

How to apply body spray

Ora’s Amazing Herbal Body Powder

What Types of Body Powder Available?

The traditional body powder everyone is familiar with is the talc variety. But after some cautionary recommendations from government agencies (There are some concerns when it comes to talc or talcum powder, which is a key component in body powder so make sure to research the facts to remain safe), many manufacturers began looking for alternative powders.

How to apply body spray

This led to new body powders being made with arrowroot, rice, baking soda, corn starch, and some clays. These give the same effect of absorbing odor and moisture and so mixing them with fragrance can improve the formula. All that being said, no matter what powder the product is made with, the application can be very messy.

So how do you apply body powder without making a mess? There are tips and tricks you can use that will allow you to benefit from using the powder.

That is what we will be discussing in this article.

How to Apply Body Powder Without a Mess

Baby powder is made of fine particles and is easily distributed with a simple gust of wind.

That doesn’t mean that with a little care and the right tools, you won’t be able to apply it neatly.

How to apply body spray

Woods of Windsor Body Powder for Women (with puff)

What Tools Do You Need?

Like powder foundation, the application of baby powder can be made using traditional cosmetic tools. Things like cotton balls, powder brushes, or puffs are perfect for application.

Each will have their pluses and minuses and are suitable to be chosen by the individual’s preference.

How to Apply Powder On Yourself and Others

Where you are using the body powder may determine the application process. In general, though, you should start by sprinkling the powder onto your hands. Then, using your chosen tool, apply the powder to the area you are looking to apply it.

Unless we are talking about your feet, in which case, sprinkling a little in your socks before you put them on as well as in your shoe is the best way to use body powder. For your back or body, one of the best tools to use is a cosmetic puff.

Now let’s take a look at some tips and tricks that may help you keep the mess down to a minimum as well as get the most from your body powder.

Tips and Tricks for Mess-Free Body Powder Application

Apply After a Bath/Shower

Like with lotion, the best time to apply your body powder is after you have taken your shower.

Make sure to dry off thoroughly so that it doesn’t just soak up the moisture.

Sprinkle Into Hand, Then Apply

In order to keep from a wide spray of powder, you should sprinkle the powder in your hand or a small canister.

This will decrease the chance of making a mess as well as preventing you from wasting powder.

Don’t Mix with Moisturizer

Moisturizer is, obviously, to moisturize your skin, so therefore using body powder after a moisturizer will not work very well.

There’s a high possibility that you’ll create a paste-like mess. While powder and liquid together is possible, body powder and body moisturizer (such as lotion) may not achieve what you want.

Use in a Ventilated Room

In order to keep from experiencing breathing problems, you will want to use a well-ventilated room for application. You want to try as hard as you can not to inhale the powder. Another good rule of thumb is to keep it away from your eyes or any open wounds.

These are just some of the tips and tricks you can use for application and keep from creating that mess you dread so much. But what do you do if you do happen to make that mess?

What to Do When You Make a Mess

If you do make a mess, don’t stress out, as cleaning up is not as hard as you may think. You can use a vacuum to suck up the excess powder. Whatever is left, you can then take a damp cloth and wipe the area down.

Once that is done, take a clean, dry towel and run it over the area to pick up any excess water and leftover residue.

How to apply body spray

Frienda Bamboo Powder Kit

Powder it up!

When it comes down to choosing the tools and methods that we think are the best, there is only one answer. We like the puff for the tool. It carries a good amount of powder and disseminates it evenly.

For the method, the best and most effective way to apply body powder is to sprinkle some into your hand or on a pad and then apply with the puff from there. Another method we like is to do the application in the shower; that way you can rinse the residue down the drain when done.

Body powder can be a great addition to any routine. You can use powder to help you manage your sweat and moisture, as well as your smell.

Even if you’ve mastered fragrance hacks to make you smell your best, you may be overlooking where to spray perfume. You see, knowing how to apply perfume is about more than just giving your neck a quick spritz, and you’re done—it’s all about strategically placing your fragrance of choice to ensure you smell amazing all day long, no matter the angle. As it turns out, there are actually 11 places to spray perfume—yes, 11! Read on to get the lowdown on this fragrance beauty tip for your best scent yet.


You probably already know that you should spray perfume on your neck, but it’s still worth mentioning! Beyond simply spritzing your skin, you may also want to consider wearing a necklace that contains a fragrance. These are specially made to contain an aroma and leave your neck smelling good all day long.


Ever wonder how to make your mane smell great? Perfume is the answer—or, more specifically, hair perfume! Misting a fragrance onto your strands will help spread your favorite scent—especially with every gust of wind. Just be sure to use a formula that’s specifically made for hair as not to damage your strands!

Editor’s tip: If you’re a beauty minimalist, you can also get hair that smells amazing with the right shampoo and conditioner. We love the L’Oréal Paris EverPure Repair & Defend Shampoo and Conditioner for their fresh aromatic fragrance.


Pulse points are key to focus on when applying your perfume, as these areas emanate heat, which allows your fragrance to smell stronger. One pulse point you may be overlooking is the inside of your elbows.


Another pulse point to focus on is behind your ears. After all, we’re sure that you’d like your fragrance to be focused around your face, especially if you’re headed on a date. Spritz your perfume behind your ears before heading out the door.


We aren’t done with pulse points just yet! We’d be willing to bet that when you’ve considered where to spray perfume, your knees have never crossed your mind, but it’s time they did! The back of your knees is a pulse point, so when wearing shorts or a dress, spritz a bit of your favorite fragrance behind your legs.


Speaking of your legs, you should also mist a bit of perfume onto your ankles. This is especially true during the spring and summer months when your legs are more likely to be on display. Not to mention, using perfume in this area can help detract from smelly feet.


If you aren’t spraying perfume on your clothes before going out, you’ve been missing out! Fabric can typically absorb and sustain fragrance longer than your skin, so it’s definitely worth giving yourself an all-over spritz before heading out the door. Just be sure to avoid spraying perfume on fabrics that stain easily like silk.


Aside from your neck, your wrists are one of the most common answers to where to spray perfume. They’re another pulse point that will help your scent go the distance. Just be mindful not to wash your fragrance away when washing your hands!


One more pulse point for you—your throat! Yup, you shouldn’t just be applying perfume to your neck, but specifically to the center of your throat. Since it’s a pulse point, your fragrance will smell extra strong in this area.

#10. CHEST

If you’re wearing a low-cut top, consider misting perfume over your chest area. While this isn’t a pulse point, it’ll still help to give you a pretty, all-over fragrance.

#11. TORSO

Similarly to your chest, your torso doesn’t hold fragrance as well as other areas of your body, but that doesn’t mean you should pass it up when making perfume rounds! You’ll definitely want to spritz here if you plan on wearing a cropped top, or if you simply want another area on your body to help boost your overall smell.


Before we leave you, let’s make something clear: Just because there is quite the multitude of spots to spray perfume, that doesn’t mean it’s correct to spritz them all. Rather, you should pick a few to focus on depending on what you’re wearing and doing that day. If you hit all 11 spots, it’s likely your scent will end up being overwhelming. Try spritzing your neck, elbows, and knees or behind your ears, chest, and ankles to spread out your scent and make sure you smell good from head to toe.

Next up: Just because you want to smell good doesn’t necessarily mean you want your beauty products to be scented. If you prefer fragrance-free skin care, here are Our Best Fragrance-Free Skin Care Products.

A lot of women worry about wearing too much perfume, which I think is foolish. Your fragrance reflects your personality. Choose something that suits you and allow it to become a part of who you are.

Start the day. I prefer to wear daytime fragrances lower on my body. As the perfume evaporates, it rises up, so you continue to smell it all day. I spritz behind my knees, on my wrists, and a little on my skirt before I leave the house.

• __ Spray it high.__ When you put on an evening fragrance—which is anything that makes you feel more sensual—spray it behind your ears and around your neck so that it envelops you right away, rather than rising up slowly. I spritz a little in my hair, too. (Of course, I'd take this approach any time you have a lover calling, day or night.)

• __ Let it develop.__ Hold the bottle five to seven inches away from your body and spray each area once. The fragrance should mist onto your skin—if the area feels wet, you're holding the bottle too close. Fan your wrists through the air a few times, then move them toward your nose. You will begin to smell the fullness of the fragrance on your skin within a few minutes, which is the time it takes for the alcohol solution to develop and release the top notes. At that point, if the scent isn't strong enough, spritz again. If it's overwhelming, go into the fresh air and move around a little. The excess will evaporate.

• __ Be decadent.__ If you can afford to go through perfume bottles quickly, then apply your fragrance the way Mrs. Estée Lauder did: She would spritz an area in front of her body, then walk through the fragrant mist so it settled lightly on her skin and clothing.

When was the last time anybody actually showed you how to wear deodorant? It seems self-explanatory: Take lid off. Wipe onto pit. Put lid back on. Smell good.

But are you really doing it right, in the way that it will be the most effective in keeping you dry and smelling fresh and fine? And how do you know?

We asked Janyl Plante, a research scientist at Old Spice’s product research department who works to develop new lines of deodorant, antiperspirant and body wash for Old Spice, exactly how to do it (and when is the best time of day to put it on).

What is the best way to apply deodorant on the armpit?

First, it is important to know the difference between antiperspirants and deodorants. Antiperspirants work to reduce both sweat and odor from your underarms, while deodorants only help reduce odor. The choice of which type of product to use is purely up to each person’s personal needs and preferences.

Is there a specific angle that works best?

The armpit has many angles of its own, so there is no one angle of application that is best. What is important is thorough application to the entire underarm area. Many people quickly make a couple of straight swipes and go. The best method, whether using deodorant or antiperspirant, is to slow down and be sure to give the entire underarm area a uniform coat of product (for men, that means applying enough pressure to get through the hair that most guys have in their underarms).

If using a soft solid, the kind that clicks up through the applicator, how much needs to be applied?

This depends on the shape and size of the product applicator itself because different products would dispense different amounts with each click of the applicator wheel. Also, application amount depends on the size of an individual’s underarm and their personal needs. [At Old Spice,] we recommend 2 to 3 single clicks per underarm. The great thing about this is that each person can personalize application amount to their personal needs.

How do you know how much is too much, and when should you reapply?

This comes down to personal preferences, but if you notice a lot of residue on your clothes you may want to reduce the amount applied. We recommend daily application of antiperspirant for best protection. If you are a deodorant user, you would additionally want to reapply after every shower.

What is the best time of day to first apply (is it really better to do it at night before you go to bed for the next day)?

The best time of day to apply antiperspirant for wetness protection is before bed. That’s because while your body sweats all of the time, the rate at which you sweat at bedtime is the lowest. This is important because lower sweat rates form better, more effective plugs that help reduce underarm sweat.

The least effective time to apply for wetness protection would be when you are profusely sweating as the plugs would not form in the sweat ducts.

How to apply body spray
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The magnesium oil used in magnesium sprays is a concentration of magnesium chloride, sourced from 1,600 metres below the seabed. This provides a pure and natural solution that is free from man-made pollutants.

Magnesium sprays are a quick and effective way to replenish your magnesium levels. Designed to be taken on the move, they come in a number of varieties and can be used for relaxation and muscle relief among many other applications.

How do they work?

BetterYou’s are designed to be sprayed directly on to the skin, where the magnesium immediately begins to absorb. This is known as transdermal absorption.

This is incredibly effective as the magnesium goes straight through to your blood vessels and muscles rather than having to be absorbed by your digestive system.

For more information on transdermal magnesium, see our transdermal magnesium information page.

Benefits of magnesium sprays

Magnesium has many benefits, especially when in spray form:

  • A quick way to replenish your body’s magnesium
  • Can be used on the move
  • Helps bones absorb calcium
  • Relieves muscle tension and speeds up recovery time
  • Allows for a restful sleep

Types of magnesium sprays

Magnesium Oil Body Spray

  • Highest concentration of magnesium
  • Purest magnesium spray available
  • Endorsed by the Informed-Sport initiative

Magnesium Sleep Body Spray

  • Naturally aids restful sleep
  • Contains essential oils that relax the senses
  • Promotes overall wellbeing

Magnesium Sensitive Body Spray

  • Dermatologically tested
  • Specially designed to be gentler on sensitive skin

Magnesium Muscle Body Spray

  • Supports working muscle
  • Speeds up recovery
  • Improves performance
  • Relieves muscle tension
  • Tops up magnesium lost through sweat and exercise

Magnesium Joint Body Spray

  • Magnesium combined with glucosamine and menthol to aid joint flexibility
  • Formulated to support joints and muscles
  • Cools and calms muscle tension

How to use magnesium sprays

Our magnesium oil sprays could not be easier to use. Simply spray on to your body and massage into your skin. You can use the sprays on almost any part of your body.

For the best results:

  • apply to clean skin—ideally after a warm shower or bath
  • concentrate on joints, muscles and areas of concern
  • avoid broken or delicate skin

When to use magnesium sprays

The best time to use magnesium spray depends on the type of spray you have:

Magnesium Oil Body Spray

  • After shower
  • Before sleep

Magnesium Sleep Body Spray

  • After shower
  • Before sleep

Magnesium Muscle Body Spray

  • After exercising and showering
  • For training support—spray at least 10–20 times morning and night
  • For recovery—apply to muscle area and thoroughly massage into the skin Repeat as often as required to keep skin warm

Magnesium Sensitive Body Spray

  • After shower
  • Before sleep

Magnesium Joint Body Spray

  • After shower

How much magnesium spray is too much?

There isn’t an upper limit for transdermal magnesium products. The only risks come when you take magnesium in the form of tablets, as large doses can have a laxative effect. Toxic symptoms from excess magnesium are rare because the body naturally gets rid of any magnesium it doesn’t need.

Where on my body should I spray magnesium?

You can use magnesium spray all over the body. If you are using our Joint or Recovery sprays, apply them to the areas that feel sore. Avoid spraying on broken skin, near the eyes or around any sensitive areas.

Why does magnesium spray itch and sting?

A slight itching or tingling feeling is most likely an indicator that your body has a magnesium deficiency. This sensation will pass the more you use the spray, as your body increases its magnesium intake.

You can initially soothe the sensation by towelling your skin after massaging in the magnesium.

How to apply body spray

Perfume can be of the most playful and intoxicating aspects of your beauty routine, as scent unleashes sensual memories and can define your signature sense of style. Yet, there’s an art to applying perfume that’s rooted in chemistry and based on tried and true techniques. Ahead, perfumers and fragrance experts share tips on how to apply perfume correctly, and some things to avoid to preserve the integrity of your scent.

Do: Apply Directly to the Skin

Your skin provides the perfect canvas for your favorite scent. “In order for perfume to truly unravel itself in the most divine way, it needs a proper medium to anchor itself,” says Matthew Milèo, a chemist, former in-house fragrance expert for Chanel, and founder of the luxe oud-based skincare line, Milèo New York. “The lipophilic (oil loving) properties of skin make it the perfect medium for the oils of perfume to attach to,” says Matthew Mileo. Additionally, “the warmth of the skin starts the unraveling process and the scent is free to fully express itself.”

For an even more powerful scent-to-skin adhesion, try layering perfume over body lotion or oil. “Fragrance binds to the oils in your skin, so applying it after your body lotion or oil creates a better surface for the scent molecules to bind to,” explains Melina Polly, CEO and Co-Founder of Henry Rose. “Fragrance lasts longest when your skin is hydrated, making the best time to spritz right after your shower or bath.”

Don’t: Apply to Hair

"Don't use an eau de toilette in your hair," says Senior Creative Director at Bvlgari Parfums, "An alcohol based formula tends to dry and damage the hair." However, if you're set on spritzing your tresses, after all who wouldn't want their hair to smell intoxicating, be sure you're using a non-alcohol-based scent.

“Since our Catbird perfumes are water based I love spritzing a bit in my hair,” says Rony Vardi, Founder and Co-Creative Director of Catbird, the Brooklyn-based jewelry line that launched its own scent last fall.

Do: Dab On Pulse Points

When applying perfume correctly, you want to hit all the right spots. "It’s important to select the areas of the body that are naturally warm and moist, like the insides of the elbows, back of the knees, chest, and the sides of the neck," says Milèo. "These areas allow the perfume to be truly enjoyed. If not, the top notes tend to fly away too quickly, and you can be left with a heady scent, or a scent that can smell stiff and lifeless."

Greta Fitz, Founder of Ascention, encourages people to use a gentle application technique. “Try dabbing your fragrance on pulse points. Your body heat will activate it throughout the day as a natural diffuser.”

Don’t: Rub Into Skin

Resist the temptation to rub perfume into your skin. “Fragrance application can be delicate,” says Carina Chaz, who grew up in a lab, and founded her unisex scent line, DedCool in 2016. “Fragrance should sit on skin in order to mix with your natural oils. When wrists are rubbed together, top notes will fade and evaporate.”

When you rub your fragrance, adds Fitz, "You're then missing out on the overall experience since you're rubbing away, or drying out a lot of the scent."

Do: Walk Through a Fragrance Cloud (But There’s a Catch)

"Some users may love walking into a sprayed cloud before putting on clothes. This allows oneself to feel really immersed in the fragrance," says Pallez. This can be a romantic experience for the wearer, and can make your morning routine more enjoyable. However, make sure your scent is nontoxic.

"You never want to inhale fragrance as traditional fragrance is a pollutant. If you do want to walk into a fragrance cloud," advises Chaz, "make sure that you’re using a biodegradable fragrance."

Don’t: Be Afraid to Layer Scents

Layering scents is an art unto itself. “We can layer with a complimentary scent to refresh the scent without overpowering,” says Fitz. “Single note fragrances are the best for refreshing our olfactive pallet to our favorite fragrance, like a powdery musk. Avoid layering a big fragrance with another big fragrance as that is just too much and it can cause headaches for you and those in your environment. If you love big fragrances, but want a new take on them, layer them with single note woody or musky fragrances to wrap the fragrance with earthy undertones. I would stay away from anything strong fruity because fruits can be overpowering or volatile based on what they are layered with.”

Do: Apply to Clothing

Lots of people love to apply fragrance to clothing. "During the winter I like to mist my coat every once in a while to combat that winter mustiness," says Leigh Plessner, Co-Creative Director of Catbird. If this sounds like you, just be mindful of the clothing's composition.

"Rule of thumb, if you can wash the fabric, then spritz away," says Fitz, adding that you should avoid materials like silk, that can be easily stained by perfume oils. "Make sure you wave the fabric in the mist for even coverage."

Also, note that you might not experience the full accord of the perfume if you spritz clothing. Milèo says, "Because of the nature of the fabric, it only catches some parts of the perfume and not the entire accord — which is why fragrances can smell more powdery on clothes." So, feel free to mist clothing with your signature scent, with full knowledge that it's a different olfactory experience than when you correctly apply perfume to your skin.

Body mists help hydrate the skin, so, like perfume, they should be applied directly to the skin. Preferably, the skin should be clean, so most people who use body mists do so immediately after showering or bathing. With their light and pleasing aroma, they are a great way to smell great around the house.

Additionally, is body mist better than perfume? Most notable difference between perfume and body mist is that body mist is having lighter scent rather than the perfume. Water addition is one of the main reasons that perfume is strong enough rather than mist. According to the studies says that body mists are water based but with the alcohol.

Keeping this in consideration, how do you make body mist spray?

Another way to make a body spray is to mix together 2 tablespoons distilled water, 1 tablespoon of witch hazel, 1 tablespoon of vegetable glycerin, and 15-20 drops of essential oil. You can use any essential oil you like, and you can even mix a few different ones to make a unique scent.

Can you use body mist on clothes?

For men, apply the body spray on your chest and neck, and under your armpits. For women, apply the body spray on your pulse points, clothes and hair. For long lasting results, apply the body spray after you shower and layer fragrances.

How to Apply Cologne the Right Way A good cologne should make a man feel both confident and attractive. But did you know that most men aren’t applying their fragrance properly? When done incorrectly, the scent can either be incredibly overwhelming or dissipate almost immediately. Knowing how to use cologne effectively is truly a developed skill, not an afterthought. Read on to learn how to apply men’s cologne with the exceptional finesse of a true gentleman.

How to Put on Cologne

When tasked with how to wear cologne properly, most men fear overapplying their fragrance and becoming “that guy.” The key to applying a men’s fragrance, like our No. 77 Cologne, is being strategic about it so that the scent lasts all day, without being overpowering. The following are a few easy steps for how to properly apply cologne for just the right strength and staying power.

1. Apply Your Fragrance After Showering

In terms of when to wear cologne, you’ll want to apply your scent to dry skin immediately after showering. Bathing helps to wash away any lingering scents on your body while opening up your pores. This allows your skin to better absorb the scent.

2. Focus on Your Body’s Hot Spots

One of the most common questions when it comes to using men’s fragrance is where to apply cologne for the most impact and lasting scent? You’ll want to apply cologne to the warmest or most heated areas of your body. This helps diffuse the scent throughout the day. Plus, it allows the cologne to interact with your unique body chemistry to develop a truly signature scent. Hot spots can include your chest, forearms, inner elbows, lower jaw, neck, shoulders and wrists. We suggest choosing just one or two locations to apply your cologne to to ensure your scent doesn’t become overwhelming.

3. Spray Cologne from the Right Distance

When applying the cologne, be sure to hold the bottle 3 to 6 inches from your body. Any closer and you risk overapplying. Any farther and the scent will dissipate too quickly, and you’ll wind up under-applying.

4. Begin with a Light Application

How many sprays of cologne is enough? As we’ve previously mentioned, you never want to apply cologne to every hot spot on your body. Start light by choosing one or two spots and applying just a single spritz. If you notice that the scent seems to fade quickly, choose another hot spot area and spray the cologne there next time you apply. We tend to become nose-blind to scents we wear often, so don’t be afraid to ask a close friend or family member if the strength of the scent is appropriate.

5. Reapply as Needed

Depending on the strength of the scent, or if you’re going from day to night, you may need to reapply your cologne. When doing so, simply dab a small amount onto your pulse points (the neck and/or wrists).

Common Mistakes When Applying Cologne

As we’ve alluded to, there are some common mistakes men can make when applying cologne. This can cause you to waste precious product and prevent you from getting the most out of your fragrance. So, when applying your St Johns cologne, be sure to avoid the following:

Applying Too Much Cologne

A man’s cologne should be subtle and understated. Men’s fragrances, like Vetiver Cologne, should complement and enhance one’s image, not overpower it. When it comes to cologne, less is more. As we’ve stated, start light and reapply as needed.

Rubbing the Cologne into Your Skin

When applying cologne, you never want to rub it into the skin. This can actually make the scent fade faster. If your fragrance doesn’t have a spray applicator, be sure to gently dab the cologne onto your skin as opposed to rubbing it in.

Splashing the Cologne Onto Your Skin

When using a cologne that does not have a spray nozzle, you’ll want to avoid splashing it onto your skin and overapplying. Instead, place one finger over the opening of the bottle and carefully tip it upside down and apply it to your skin using a dabbing motion. This gives you much more control over the amount of cologne you’re applying.

Walking Through the Scent

Another all-too-common mistake is spraying a mist cloud of your fragrance and quickly walking through it. While it would seem like this prevents overapplication, it actually is incredibly wasteful with very little payoff. Cologne needs to be applied to the skin to be used correctly. By spraying it in the air, most of the scent will simply wind up on the floor.

Spraying Cologne Onto Your Clothing

As we’ve said, cologne only works when it’s on your skin. By spraying it onto your clothing, you’re preventing it from mixing with your natural oils, which is what gives scents their unique quality. Plus, simply spraying cologne onto your clothing prevents the scent from going through its natural scent stages, meaning you wind up with a flat, single-note scent. And what’s more, cologne can be harmful when sprayed directly on some fabrics.

Men’s cologne is a luxury and should be treated as such. Mastering the art of applying cologne is not difficult and simply requires a little thought, patience and practice. You’ll soon find that you can pull off fine fragrances with the best of them — no Don Draper attire required.

Find Your Perfect Fragrance at St Johns Fragrance Company

Knowing how to apply cologne starts with choosing the right fragrance. At St Johns, we’re committed to being an essential part of every man’s grooming routine. There’s a reason we’ve been the go-to fragrance company for men for over 70 years. From aftershave cologne to fragrance gift sets, you’ll find everything you or the modern man in your life needs for that iconic and unmatched scent. And don’t forget to check out our other signature scents, soaps and popular bay rum aftershave to build out your collection of colognes and fragrance products. Have a question or need additional information? Reach out today!

Lenzetto contains the hormone estradiol, which is the main type of estrogen in our bodies. It is derived mainly from the yam, a root vegetable, and is a body identical type of HRT. It is packaged in a pump­action bottle called a ‘pump pack’.

How does Lenzetto work?

The spray is replacing the estrogen hormone ­ the most important hormone for women and the one that reduces significantly during the perimenopause and menopause. In most cases, replacing estrogen improves symptoms such as hot flushes, night sweats, mood changes and vaginal dryness.

If you still have your womb (uterus), you should also take a type of progestogen ­ either as a capsule, tablet or have the Mirena® coil inserted. A progestogen is needed to stop the lining of the womb building up, which can occur if only an estrogen treatment is used.

How do you use Lenzetto?

The spray should be applied to clean, dry, healthy skin of the inner forearm, in areas that do not overlap. If that is not possible, it should be applied on the inner thigh. Absorption is lower if you apply it to your abdomen, and it should not be applied to the breasts or any area near the breasts.

Let the spray dry for at least 2 minutes before getting dressed and at least 60 minutes before bathing or washing. There is no need to rub the spray in. If you get Lenzetto spray on another area of your skin like your hands, wash that area of your skin with soap and water right away.

The sprayed area should be covered with clothing 2 minutes after application of the spray and normal activities can resume. It is usually advisable to wait for more than one hour before using other creams on the area, including sun cream ­ as it may decrease the absorption of the estradiol.

Do not allow other people or pets to touch the area of the skin where the spray was applied for at least 60 minutes.

The most common dose for Lenzetto is between one and three sprays a day. It can be very common for younger women to need higher doses of Lenzetto and this is safe.

If you forget to use Lenzetto at your normal time, use the spray as soon as you remember, and then use it as you normally would the next day.

If it is almost time for your next dose, just wait and apply the next dose as you normally would. Do not use a double dose to make up for a forgotten dose. Forgetting a dose may increase the likelihood of breakthrough bleeding and spotting.

What are the advantages of estrogen spray compared to taking tablets?

The absorption of the spray is more reliable than taking it as a tablet because it goes straight into your bloodstream through your skin. There is no risk of blood clot using estrogen as a spray, whereas there is a small increased risk when taking estrogen as a tablet. In addition, women who have a history of migraines can still use estrogen as a spray (or gel, or patch) ­ in fact, they should not take it in tablet form.

Many women enjoy the flexibility of changing the dose depending on their symptoms. Often people find that their need for estrogen can increase or decrease with time ­ the dose of spray can alter accordingly. Changing the amount you spray should only be in consultation with your menopause doctor or GP.

How to apply body spray

Available in 10 shades, this perfectly-portable body foundation stick is ideal for smaller areas and tattoos.

  1. Use short strokes to apply over the target area.
  2. Tap to build coverage to the desired level, then blend edges into surrounding skin.
  3. For 16-hour wear, apply a generous amount of Loose Setting Powder and leave on for two to five minutes before gently buffing off excess.

How to apply body spray

Leg and Body Makeup:

Available in 12 shades, this hydrating liquid body foundation provides complete, buildable coverage for larger areas along with broad-spectrum SPF 25.

  1. Apply in long strokes in the direction of hair growth.
  2. Use a tapping motion with a makeup sponge to blend and allow to dry for one to two minutes.
  3. For more coverage, apply another layer using the same technique and allow to dry for three to five minutes.
  4. For 16-hour wear, apply a generous amount of Loose Setting Powder and leave on for up to 10 minutes before gently buffing off excess.

How to apply body spray

Make the most of your Dermablend body makeup

Beyond following the proper application steps, you can take your body foundation to the next level with these professional makeup artist tips.

  • Be sure to use a tapping or stippling motion—and avoid rubbing—when blending body makeup to prevent smudging.
  • Give body foundation a chance to fully dry before applying a generous amount of setting powder, especially if multiple layers are applied.
  • For an instant self-tanner effect (especially on the legs), use a body foundation that’s one to two shades deeper than your natural skin color.
  • Dermablend’s body makeup can be used for creating the illusion of muscle definition and other body contouring.
  • If skin gets wet while wearing Dermablend body foundation, gently blot to dry—don’t rub.
  • If you’re in a pinch, Quick Fix™ Concealer can be used on the body as well. (Just be sure to follow the above application tips for longest-lasting wear.)
  • With 21 available shades, Cover Creme Foundation can be used on the body, too—especially if you can’t find the perfect Leg and Body Makeup or Quick Fix Body match.

Enhance your Dermablend body foundation

Once you have your application down pat, kick your skin up a notch with these extra body makeup moves.

Stop putting on way too much of your signature scent.

How to apply body spray

We do a lot of things to smell better.

Deodorants, body sprays, and most commonly, cologne all work together to combat odor. When applied way too heavily, though, cologne can actually end up being worse than foul odor itself.

How? Well, heavily-applied colognes or perfumes can lead to coughing, trouble breathing, headaches, or nausea. Often, the trouble stems from wearing way too much cologne in the first place.

According to the NPD Group, most men are shopping for long-lasting colognes that can be worn every day as well as on special occasions. Even more importantly, though, it’s reported that men are looking for colognes their partners approve of.

Here’s what your partner does not approve of: smelling your cologne so heavily that it feels like they’re being choked. In a 2016 survey, found that too much cologne was reason enough for a breakup.

Luckily, there are strategies for how to apply cologne and how to know when you’ve gone overboard, so you won’t have to worry about ending up smelly and alone.

How to apply body spray

How to apply body spray

How to apply body spray

How much cologne should you spray?

Spoiler: it’s probably a lot less than you’d think.

According to the majority of r/AskReddit commenters, it should never be more than two.

The Wall Street Journal is in agreement. The Journal reports that you should “stick to two” spritzes, “one on the neck and the other in the center of your shirt.” Those points are chosen based on where you’re likely to perspire.

Similarly, Lifehacker recommends that you “apply cologne or perfume on your wrists and rub it in, and maybe apply any excess behind your ears”

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Question: What are your thoughts on Dolphin glaze over my runs and then sand down?

Dolphin glaze is just a polyester glaze putty, and he wants to know if he can use it over his runs so he can see how much he’s sanding.

You can do that if you prefer it that way. Otherwise, you can go straight with the block. Alternatively, you can hit it with a light coat of 1k primer on top of it, use it as a guide coat then sand it.

I don’t like using the polyester putty, but I feel like there’s so much more material to cut off. It’s just more sanding.

If you’re sanding with a block, you’ll see what you’re cutting. You can go a couple of strokes then see where you are. Then, constantly feel it because your hands will feel high and low spots, which is why I don’t like wearing gloves when doing bodywork.

Question: What conditions would you use or not use a sealer?

If I’m doing a $15000 custom paint job, I might use a sealer, but I don’t normally use one. You don’t sand when you’re using a sealer. You just need to spray it on before your basecoat or single-stage.

It doesn’t come out flat and has a sheen to it. It’s supposed to help with paint reactions and help you with doing a uniformed paint job.

I usually go with a primer-sealer. You can add about 5-10% of reducer to a 2K filler primer for it to become a primer-sealer.

A 2K filler primer is a perfect foundation to paint base. It will stop the bleeding such as your glaze putty coming through.

Hence, I prefer using a primer-sealer when doing bodywork. You just make sure that it’s covered well then, block that out with 400-grit and you’re ready for paint. This is a perfect foundation.

If you are doing car show projects, you can spend the extra money on a sealer over your base coat clear coat. Then again, it is not necessary for you to do that to get a good paint job.

Question: How do you paint bare parts?

Bare parts should be primed and put a good 2K filler primer, sand it down and paint it. If you’re painting over E-Coat, which is a special coat that goes over metal, you can sand it down with 320-400 grit, then put a 2K filler primer on top of it, wash it down with 400-grit and you’re ready for paint.

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How to apply body spray

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