How to apologize to a girl for being rude

I recently had an opportunity to contact a highly esteemed professional in my field for helping me with a technical post. We met at a conference that we both spoke at. They provided some feedback, to which I responded without proper manners. I didn’t show enough respect, and they posted something on their Twitter, essentially saying that manners are very important. I feel horrible, really terrible since I respect and like this person a lot, especially given the free help they gave me.

I want to apologize, but I feel like it would be selfish. I already follow their Twitter, but I don’t want it to seem like they can’t rant on their Twitter. Right before they posted on Twitter, I had sent them a note with proper manners thanking them for their help, but I feel like one of my emails was very poor form.

How can I phrase the apology? I know that grammar and professionalism are very important. I want to be sure to take 100% of the blame and make no excuses. This is my fault.

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You should definitely apologize.

I have never apologized sincerely for something and had it back fire. Occasionally someone has tried to rub my nose in it, but when other people see that it usually makes them sympathize with me instead of the person I was rude to. Most people understand that every one makes mistakes. By showing that you are able to recognize your mistake and try to fix it, you show that you are not just likable but trustable.

Just send them an email saying:

I was thinking about my behavior at the conference and I was feeling bad because I was quite rude. I’m sorry that I took offense at your advice. Please forgive me. I highly value the help you gave me and wish that I had shown you more respect and gratitude. Sincerely (your name)

It doesn’t need to be long or rambling.

1) Don’t try to explain yourself it will probably just be seen as an excuse.

2) Tell them your sorry for what you did.

3) Ask him to forgive you.

4) Tell him that you are grateful for his help. This last one is nice because basically you saying what you should have said the first time, ie, “thank you.” It also lets you end the note on a positive emotion instead of a negative one.

You also mention:

I don’t want it to seem like they can’t rant on their Twitter.

Just don’t mention Twitter. It really has no relevance to your apology. For starters they probably won’t realize that you saw their twitter post. If they do for some reason think that your apologizing because of the twitter post then they will probably be pleased that it actually affected you. I can’t read this persons mind (and neither can you) so don’t worry about it. Just do what you know needs to be done and apologize.

How to apologize to a girl for being rude

I suggest you apologize to your colleague and reiterate how valuable his/her comments are to you. The shorter your email, the better. Here is an example.

Dear Colleague,

I am writing to apologize for the rudeness of my reply to your comments. I hope you will forgive me and that we will keep exchanging views.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Warm regards

Unless you dropped the f-bomb, then don’t apologise.

How can I phrase the apology? I know that grammar and professionalism are very important. I want to be sure to take 100% of the blame and make no excuses. This is my fault.

This is classic social anxiety.

It’s precisely the same reason why when you fall over and everyone looks at you. three hours later you’re convinced people are still thinking about how ridiculous you looked, because you still are. The thing is, they thought about you for 5 seconds, then moved on. You may be the centre of your world 24/7, but you aren’t the centre of everyone else’s world 24/7.

I recently had an opportunity to contact a highly esteemed professional in my field for helping me with a technical post. We met at a conference that we both spoke at. They provided some feedback, to

If they’re as important as you say they are, then they have forgotten all about you. This is because they’re important, and talk to 20 people a day.

Now, if you are “completely and utterly convinced” that you have offended them, then get somebody whose judgement you trust to read the exchange. Ask them: “On a scale of 1 to 10, how rude do you think I was? Would you apologise?”

The best thing to do is get an outside opinion. 90% of the time, it’ll be all in your head.

We have just been friends for like 2 weeks now but we both knew we liked eachother. A couple of days back I was kinda angry and very sad and suddenly she wanted to meet me. For the first time through my friend’s advice and my mood i acted rude to someone for literally the first time and it broke her. I never wanted to do this but i got manipulated by one of my best friend’s advice and now i regret it. The sad part was she believed that it was something she did and being a dick that day i agreed to it. It was so bad that for the first time i told someone that we should stop talking but just after a few hours i texted her about my feelings about her as i thought it was the end. she also confessed that she like me too. the next day she didn’t texted me till late night where she texts me a long message telling that she likes me but she had a bad past relationship and because of that she doesn’t want to do it. Me going through alot at the time texted the same friend about it and he suggested to go all out on her and i did. This is really completely opposite of what i am but now i have messed up hard. I told her that i wanna meet and talk to her about it and have apologised for it while texting. I just want that we forget about this and be back as friends i don’t think she will like me now but i just want to be friends again. Another best buds of mine who introduced her to me tells me that she still likes me and will forgive me. How do i apologize to her? Can i win her back as a friend ever again?

Update Time: Well she is ignoring me so i decided to apologise through text and told her that i am gonna stay away from her life if she doesn’t want me. She again has ignored it but at least she has read all of it and that is all that matters. now I am moving on and taking it as a lesson. Thank you guys for the help. All your advices helped me in shaping up the apology now its time for me to move on thank you help

How to apologize to a girl for being rude

If your behavior was bad and you have really hurt someone with your behavior, apologizing can save the relation. In such a situation, you can write an apology letter and ask the recipient for forgiveness for whatever happened.

An offensive behavior is what nobody tolerates. When you get so rude and annoying because of any reason, you really make the others feel bad. Writing the apology letters can help you say sorry for unpleasant behavior.

There is no justification for behaving poorly. No matter what caused you to behave offensive, it is always advisable to express your guilt by writing an apology letter. When you have done a mistake and hurt someone’s feelings, you can calm down the other person by apologizing.

What is an apology letter?

An apology letter is a formal letter which is written by a person when he/she feels regret for whatever unpleasant happened because of their mistake.

An apology letter is a very effective letter when you are serious about transforming your negative act into a positive change. You can build a good relationship with the recipient by apologizing.

Tips for writing apology letter:

It is important for you to know what to include once you have decided to pen down your feelings of guilt and regret. There should not be such wording in the letter that makes the recipient feel more annoying.

For example, you should not give justification for your bad behavior. You should tell the recipient that you have no reason for behaving like that. The letter should be able to show your feelings of regret. For this, choose natural tone and words. Make the reader feel that it was not purposing to disrespect him. Show the respect and value of the recipient through apology letter.

Apology letters are written in almost every organization. Students write these letters when they misbehave with their teacher or principal. The employees also write an apology letter to their employer.

It is important to keep the relationship positive with the people who you work with. A relationship can be strengthened with the help of an apology letter.

1- Apology letter for rude behavior with the boss

I am apologetic for my behavior on [date]. I did not mean to be rude; however, I was not in the right state of mind at that moment due to some personal issues that I am suffering from. Therefore, when you said ‘xxx’, unintentionally I took it personally, which I should not have.

2- Apology letter for rude behavior with colleague/co-worker

I am writing to apologize for my rude behavior on [date]. I had been having a rough day and when you made a joke, I lost my cool for a moment. I later realized that my answer was a tad rude, hence apologies for that.

3- Apology letter for rude behavior with manager

This is to apologize for my behavior in Thursday discussion. I did not intend to enter into a disagreement with you. While I know I should have tackled the argument more maturely, I would like you to understand my mental condition given the recent death of my mother. I am still unable to handle the loss and my emotions are not stable.

4- Apology letter for rude behavior with a friend

I am truly sorry for my rude behavior with you in our last meet up. I was having a bad week and my nerves were already on edge. Unfortunately, my responses were not appropriate, and our discussion turned heated. Therefore, I am writing to say sorry to my dear friend.

5- Apology letter for rude behavior with a family member

I am writing to apologize for my rude behavior at the family dinner last weekend. As you know, I have been through a bad breakup recently; your opinions hit a raw nerve in me and I became angry. I did not mean to lecture you.

6- Apology letter for rude behavior with a neighbor

I am writing to offer my sincerest apologies for my behavior yesterday. My comments were totally uncalled for and I should have restrained from passing judgments on your decision. I hope you can forgive me for overstepping my toes.

7- Apology letter for rude behavior with girl/boyfriend

I am sorry for my behavior at last night’s party. I love you. I was unreasonably jealous of your friends. I have realized my mistake and want to apologize by taking you out for a 2-day trip. I hope you can forgive me and let me make it up to you.

8- Apology letter for rude behavior with a teacher

Dear Ms. Florentine,

I am sorry for my behavior in yesterday’s class. I should have been respectful and behaved better. You shall not see me repeating such rude behavior again.

9- Apology letter for rude behavior with a class fellow

I am sorry for misbehaving with you. I was not feeling well and became short-tempered. You were right about me being irritable and I lashed out at you. I apologize for my behavior.

How to apologize to a girl for being rude

We live in a weird period where everywhere you turn, someone is being rude to another person, whether on social media or in real life. It’s therefore crucial that you know what to say when someone is being rude, to either de-escalate the situation or set that person straight.

It’s important to have a strong backbone when someone is being rude, or else you risk the person walking all over you. It’s not always easy to know what to say, but once you read this article, you’ll know exactly what to say when someone is being rude to you.

What to say when someone is being rude to you: The reason this happens will determine your response

How to apologize to a girl for being rude

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An important factor in figuring out what to say when someone is being rude to you is finding out why this is happening. Note that it is not always intentional and you should think before you react.

In some cases, it might be a result of something you did wrong. Try to think back to what took place before the person was rude to you. These things can happen accidentally, and you may not notice your wrongdoing in the moment. Where you realize that the fault was your own, take the opportunity to be the bigger person and apologize.

In other cases, people are rude simply because they are jealous. This can take the form of nitpicking the things you do or making demeaning comments. It can also take the form of being spiteful or overt bullying.

Other times, the person is simply unhappy with themselves or a situation and is taking out their grievances on you.

Have you ever heard the saying that goes something like “the way people treat you is a reflection of how they feel about themselves?” Some people try to mask their insecurities by egging on others and trying to make them feel just as bad.

It may also be a result of a personality or culture clash, as some people were brought up in an environment where being rude was the norm or a necessity. Sometimes people are rude because they believe they are better than the other and as a result, can be demeaning or condescending.

When a friend is being rude to you

Your friends can be rude to you when they think they are being playful, or perhaps because they are a frenemy. Once you determine the reason, you can figure out what to say when someone is being rude when that person is a friend:

Dos & Don’ts when dealing with the friend

How to apologize to a girl for being rude

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01 Do ask for clarification

Often, misunderstandings occur that break up friendships. You will also look crazy going off on your friend for no reason.

02 Do make it clear that you are offended

If you let your friend know that you are hurt by the comments, and he/she meant no harm, an apology will likely follow.

03 Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself

Do not let anyone walk over you, despite the history you may have. Always be prepared to respond to a frenemy and set things straight.

04 Don’t escalate

You might be tempted to tell off the friend if you are offended but try to maintain the peace as best as possible.

Best responses/comebacks when a friend is being rude to you

How to apologize to a girl for being rude

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When your partner is being rude to you

How to apologize to a girl for being rude

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Usually, a partner will come off rude because they feel offended or hurt by your actions. Ideally, your partner should be able to communicate what you have done wrong, but we are all human and sometimes emotions get the better of us.

Preserving peace is key here to avoid sabotaging the relationship, and is an important factor when considering what to say when someone is being rude. Here are some more dos and don’ts when dealing with a partner being rude:

Dos & Don’t when dealing with your partner

01 Do listen

Your partner may be saying all sorts of hurtful things, but between the lines, there are usually clues as to what you did wrong. As hard as it may be, try to not focus on the disrespect, and instead try to interpret what your partner is trying to say.

How to apologize to a girl for being rude

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02 Do empathize

It isn’t you versus your partner in a relationship. It is always you and your partner versus the problem. While listening, do not try to fight your partner on how he/she feels. Instead, empathize and make it clear that you are actively listening and understanding how he/she feels. This will help to de-escalate the situation.

03 Do appeal to your partner

If your partner respects you, making it clear that you are hurt by his/her words will likely de-escalate the situation.

Apology letter to your boyfriend for being mean : I’m sorry for hurting you

I think it’s time I wrote you a letter because it seems like lately I don’t talk anymore, but that I only bark. I would like to apologize. Apologize for my attitude, for what I’ve done, for what I’ve said. Apologize for always being a pessimist and for seeing evil everywhere, for always being mad at you, for hurting you.

The worst part being that I never thank you. I always pretend you’re the bad guy. A loveless monster that abandons me. When in fact I am the problem. When I never have enough, am never satisfied, am always asking for the impossible. If you gave me the moon, I’d grow tired of it soon. I’m a bitch and as I write to you today, I am ashamed of it. From the bottom of my heart, I wish to tell you what an exceptional person you are. I can’t explain how I managed to find such a rare gem as you. After everything I made you go through ; the tantrums, the shouting, the hysteria, paranoia and jealousy… you remained an angel. You always try to understand me, to put a smile on my face, to make me happy. And I never thank you enough. I never thank you for your daily presence, for putting up with me when I have mood swings or when I’m feeling blue, for putting up with me at all. I never thank you for your smile, the joy of living you wear like a crown you would gladly share with me. I never thank you for loving both me and my flaws.

You are my magic potion, my Fairy Godmother. With you, every problem finds its solution, every tear drop evaporates into a smile, and every fight is the foundation of something better. But the cruel claws of the future won’t hurt us. Because even though I don’t look it, since the very first day that I’ve been at your side, I know we will be stronger than the rest of the world.

I want us to run on the beach holding hands, to wet our socks, to jump in puddles, to race our bikes on cobblestones, to make out against a wall, to ride the subway in endless laughter, to drink till our heads spin, to dance on the river banks, to pick wild flowers in the woods, to not give a damn about other peoples woes. I want us to make love in a field, to play hide and seek at Ikea, to always agree and to always love each other like crazy, like we are crazy. I wish I had some innocence.

I will stop writing after this cliché sentence that summarises my thoughts entirely : “I love you”.

Did you miss work? Rude to your boss? Here’s how to apologize at work (in person, and via email too).

How to apologize to a girl for being rude

How to apologize to a girl for being rude

The 4-hour meeting week and 25 other secrets from innovative, fast-moving teams

We all make mistakes—it’s part of being human! But messing up at work can feel especially stressful. While your job may not be on the line, your reputation may be if you aren’t prepared to apologize professionally.

Despite the discomfort of saying “I’m sorry” to your boss, colleagues, or customers, it’s much better than the alternative. Avoiding an apology after making a mistake only makes matters worse. Instead, demonstrate your ability to communicate at work by owning up to your mistakes and acknowledging their effect on others.

Not sure how to get started crafting the perfect apology? Below are a few situations you may find yourself in, and some thoughts from supervisors in various industries about how to apologize like a professional.

How to apologize for missing work

Talk about awkward!

Whether you overslept, misread your schedule, or were dealing with a personal emergency, missing work often leaves your team members to pick up the slack. This can seriously strain work relationships and ding team culture.

Sincerity is very important here. Absence can be taken as a sign that a team member doesn’t care about their job.

If that’s not the case, your apology for missing work will serve as damage control. Explain your absence honestly without making excuses, apologize for it, and if applicable, offer details about how you will prevent it from happening again.

“Own your mistake. Don’t make excuses for yourself, just say you’re sorry.

If it’s a situation that allows for you to actually fix the problem, let them know how you plan to fix it and then get started on that plan ASAP.”

—Heather West, Program Director, Louisiana Outdoor Outreach Program

How to apologize to your boss

Of all the potential apologies to make at work, apologizing to our bosses might just be the toughest. Supervisors are some of the people who gauge our performance, professionalism, and talent in the workplace. It’s understandable that we want to maintain a good impression!

Make that impression with a genuine and professional apology. Own your mistake, apologize to your boss for it, and either get to work on fixing it or ask for help to do so. During this process, be open to feedback, but also keep in mind your value to the team.

“Don’t let failure be an opportunity for someone to demean you. If your boss is so heavy-handed that you aren’t allowed the space to make mistakes and learn you aren’t being valued.

Make sure to have a good understanding of your strengths in these times because if you aren’t being supported work will feel like hell.

Know the value you bring to the table and don’t let them take that from you.”

—Mike McKeon, District Coordinator, San Mateo County Office of Emergency Services

While you’re feeling apologetic, also consider whether anyone else was affected by your actions.

“Usually, if you need to apologize to your boss, there is someone else who really needs the apology.

Did you miss a goal, deadline, lose an account? Then you owe an apology to yourself too.

“I’m sorry I let you and myself down.” Is there a customer who is dissatisfied? “I’m sorry I disappointed you and Ms. Jones.”

—Kathy N. Barenbrugge, Sales Training Manager, Marriott International

Including all affected parties demonstrates that you’ve really reflected on the situation and are offering a sincere, professional apology.

How to apologize for being rude

Being rude in the workplace seriously erodes your professional image. More importantly, it can damage relationships with coworkers and supervisors that affect your work environment.

To rectify this, apologize for being rude as soon as you reasonably can. Don’t give bad feelings and impressions time to fester and set in. Not making excuses for yourself (“I didn’t know,” “I was having a tough day,”) can be extra difficult, but important, here. Acknowledge that your words and/or actions were unacceptable, or at least unprofessional. Promise to do better, and then follow through.

Don’t be surprised if it takes others a while to feel comfortable around you again, depending on the situation. Your apology for being rude will need to be followed up with consistently better behavior to be meaningful for affected team members. That being said, don’t overdo it by gushing affection.

How to apologize professionally in an email

The art of the apology email is especially important for those of us working from home. Without the tone and nonverbal communication of a face-to-face apology, saying you’re sorry through written communication can be particularly challenging.

Knowing how to apologize professionally in an email might be the difference between relationship building and bungling. Here are some tips:

  • Explain what happened simply. While there’s no need for a detailed play-by-play, your recipient does need some context about what happened.
  • Acknowledge your error. Don’t tiptoe around this. You messed up—it happens. Take responsibility
  • Apologize. Use “I apologize for my actions,” “I’m sorry I didn’t meet expectations,” or any variation of those phrases appropriate to your situation.
  • Commit to doing better. In the future, what will you do to prevent this from happening again, if possible?
  • Close gracefully. “Thank you for your understanding,” “I appreciate your understanding,” “Thank you for this opportunity to learn and grow,” are just a few options to wrap up your email.

Whatever happened to require an apology, always remember that you are not your mistakes. You are the person who comes out on the other side of your mistakes more knowledgeable and more prepared for challenges to come. Apologize professionally, and demonstrate that you are capable of handling hiccups with grace.

Even in agreement, there will be a time of disagreement, that’s the reason for these messages. Learning to say sorry whether you think, you are right or wrong makes relationship bloom and grow, pick any of these short apology letters to say simple sorry to your man. Apologies matter Every time.

Letters of Apology to Boyfriend for Being Rude

When you need to apologize to him for being rude or mean, these apology love letters will be perfect to be sent to your boyfriend. Best of apology letters to boyfriend for being mean.

1. I’m Sorry, I Was Rude

I’m sorry for being rude to you dear, it was momentary and I regretted I said that to you. You remain the lover of my life and the one who makes my heart beats wildly. Please forgive me, Honey.

2. I’m Sorry I Hurt You Feelings

I have carried this heavy load in my heart because I love you so much, I know I did so many wrong things to you at once, I’m sorry, I did what you didn’t want. I’m so sorry that I hurt your feeling. Pls, forgive your love.

3. I Feel Terribly Sorry

I feel so bad that you treat me as a stranger and I know that I caused that, but I’m sincerely sorry for what I did. Baby, I’m really sorry for causing this misunderstanding.

4. Please, Forgive Me, My Love

Baby, people quote that what makes a perfect relationship is in its imperfections, this is a flaw on my own side and a challenge on our part. Please forgive and forget my act, I’m deeply sorry dearie.

5. I’m So Sorry, Dear

We find strength in each other, we strengthen each other; I understand that there was a clash between us and I’m pleading my case before you. I’m so sorry, honey.

6. Honey bunny, I now know that what happened was a misconception, I shouldn’t have reacted that way, it was a momentary action dear and I’m sorry, I didn’t listen to you before judging. Forgive me pls.

7. I thought you took my weakness for granted, and it hurt my feelings but now I realized you have me in mind and wanted good things for me, I’m sorry I didn’t trust you, I’m sorry I didn’t listen to your words.

8. Discussing our misconception outside pained me, that I had no choice but to take that step, but I know it was stupid of me to assume such thing happened. Baby you are the one for me and I’m sorry I did that to you. Forgive my stupidity.

9. My rude remark to you was uncalled for, I was too sensitive to what he said about me. I’m sorry for talking to you like that, deep inside of me I regretted saying you were unreliable.

10. My thought was that you will find for me, that you will guide me against those people, I didn’t know you didn’t do a thing because of me, I didn’t know you had me in mind, I’m sorry for counting you as unreliable type, please find a place in your heart to forgive me and remember that I love you.

Heart touching I’m Sorry Letters to My Boyfriend for Hurting Him.

11. For the past few days, I’ve been thinking if you still love, if you can forgive my nonchalant attitude. It is killing me already, not knowing what you feel and you not calling me is making go crazy. Pls forgive me and pick my call.

12. I sincerely don’t think what I said yesterday was worth the try, I shouldn’t have mentioned that you are stupid, it was uncalled for, it was unnecessary, I know I bruised your ego. I’m sorry for hurting you, love.

13. It was never my intention to hurt you, I never thought this will occur to us and I’m sorry it had to come from me, let it go baby and I promise it won’t repeat itself. Forgive me.

15. I know, I can be too immature in many cases, and I brought up this fight just because of insecurity. I’m sorry for being a scum and for depleting your love for me, I’m indeed sorry, forgive me, love.

16. I know right now, you feel wronged than angry at me, and I apologise for being rude and mean to you, I’m sorry honey, I promise I won’t talk that way again, it won’t ever happen again.

17. My Ignorance has given birth to this fight between on and the blame is on me, I took you for granted and I’ve realized I was wrong. I’m sorry honey for making you mad, I’ve been down since yesterday cos I know you are not happy, please forgive me and let happiness flow from you.

18. I never had the intention of lying to you, I didn’t know he was gonna show up now. I’m sorry for not telling you sooner, it’s only you I love and I never meant to be rude, I thought you wouldn’t listen and understand me, but I was wrong. I’m sorry and I love you for believing me.

19. I’m meant to be a source of strength to you, but I stressed you today because of my unruly behaviour. I’m so sorry for being mean to you, forgive my unloving act.

20. Truly, I did date him but that was before you came into my life, when I saw him with you, I thought you were heading to his nonsense but I judged wrong. I apologise dearie for believing in the worst, forgive me.

I’m Sorry Quotes to Boyfriend for Hurting Him

Most touching I’m Sorry Quotes to Boyfriend for Hurting Him.

21. All I can think of saying is I’m sorry, cos I was wrong this morning. How could I be so stupid to think you were double dating, I. Sorry I said that it was just a spur of the moment and now I regretted I said those words to you. Can you please find a place in your heart and forgive me.

22. I was brought up with the sentence, men will always be cruel, and that was my thought about you even though I love you. I’m sorry I assumed the worst and I’m greatly sorrowful that I accused you of doing such, pls let it go for the sake of love.

23. I wish I could rewind to yesterday, so I can undo my wrong, it was sincerely uncalled for and I’m sorry I reacted that way. Baby you know I love you, that was what led to me getting angry that she was close to you, I’m sorry for being rude to you and your sister.

24. How I wish I could word my apology, I am sorry for embarrassing you for what you didn’t do at that. Please, my dear, forgo my childish act and look at me, talk to me. I promise I would do no such thing again.

25. In fact, I was stupid and childish today, I can’t believe I screamed and poured water on you. I was destabilized after hearing her out, not knowing that she was lying, I’ve learnt my lesson and such won’t happen again, I will never hold stranger’s words over yours.

26. I do not her visiting you again, I acted rudely because I felt insecure, to me, you were too cosy to be just friends. All I can think of saying is, I’m sorry for being too blunt and rude, will you please forgive your lady.

27. What. Today was a bad day, cos instead of me acting cool after I saw you guys, I loosed it and caused a drama, I can attest that it was embarrassing. Baby forgive me, I didn’t know you already texted me that you were back, I’m sorry.

28. I’m sorry, I hurt you and your friends, I thought she came to see you, and I got jealous, it was just an act of you love, I didn’t mean to embarrass you. Can you please, forgive me and at least reply me.

29. I did wrong, I was wrong, I shouldn’t have screamed, I shouldn’t have shouted at you. I’m sorry I did all those, it was due to anger and I have vowed to always check it. I’m sorry boo.

30. Baby, please talk to me at least, I sincerely apologise for acting rude to you, you didn’t tell me she was your sister, so I assumed a lot. The deed has been done now but it won’t repeat itself again. I’m sorry for the silly assumption and funny accusation, forgive me, sweetheart.

Apologizing to another person is often difficult because it requires humbling ourselves and admitting that we did something wrong. When we offend or otherwise hurt a friend it tests the durability of the friendship. However, apologizing for a wrongdoing, if done quickly and correctly, can actually strengthen your relationship.

Personal relationships are probably the most important thing that we have in this life, and they must be treated with great care. When you realize that you have damaged a relationship and need to apologize to your friend, you should:

1. Recognize that what you did was wrong, and take full responsibility. Before you can apologize, you must first recognize that you have hurt or wronged your friend. No matter what the circumstances were, acknowledge that you made a mistake, and take responsibility for your actions. Don’t try to share the blame with others or make excuses.

2. Act quickly. Once you realize that you have harmed your friend, it is generally best to make amends as soon as possible. Though you may feel it wise to let your friend have a little bit of time to cool off, you don’t want to wait too long. The longer you wait, the more difficult it will likely be to apologize. Moreover, by waiting, you might rationalize that what you did wasn’t that grievous after all, and you might convince yourself that you don’t really need to apologize. Not apologizing, however, could put a real wedge between the two of you, and it could eventually ruin your relationship completely.

3. Put your apology on paper. Write out your apology on paper so that you can gather your thoughts and express your feelings. This exercise will help you figure out what to say (and possibly what not to say) to your friend.

4. Practice your apology. Once you have written out your apology, practice it. Read your apology out loud so that you can hear how it sounds. Stand in front of a mirror, if you want. Read over your apology several times so that you are comfortable with what you are going to say (though you don’t have to memorize it—unless you want to). As you read your apology, if anything sounds awkward or if you just don’t like how something sounds, then change it.

5. Apologize in person. In many situations, it is best to apologize in person, if you can. In a face-to-face apology you can answer any questions your friend has or explain anything that you need to, and you can adapt your apology, as necessary, to fit the needs of the situation. In most cases, you will want to apologize to your friend in private, so go somewhere quiet where the two of you can be alone and where you feel comfortable to talk about this sensitive matter. If, on the other hand, a public apology is more appropriate, still make your friend feel as comfortable as possible, given the circumstances.

If apologizing in person is not possible (either because of distance or because you are afraid to meet face to face), use a letter, rather than a phone call or e-mail. Take your time and write a well-crafted, sincere apology letter.

An obvious exception to the guidelines outlined above would be in cases where you have an online friendship with someone. In such instances, it is perfectly acceptable to apologize via e-mail or over the phone, rather than in person or with a letter.

6. Ask for forgiveness. After offering a sincere, heartfelt apology, humbly ask for forgiveness. Assure your friend that you won’t make the mistake again. Tell your friend how much he or she means to you and how much your relationship means to you.

7. Make restitution, if possible, and assure your friend that you won’t make the mistake again. Tell your friend what you are going to do (or what you have done) to make up for the mistake. If you were apologizing for losing your friend’s favorite CD, for example, then you could make your apology with a new replacement CD in hand, and you could offer it to your friend as you apologize. Obviously, in some cases the damage cannot be undone. In such instances, tell your friend what you will do to ensure that the mistake won’t happen again, and promise that you won’t repeat the error.

8. Listen. After apologizing and asking for forgiveness, listen quietly to your friend’s response. Allow your friend to express the pain or anger he or she has felt. Again, do not retaliate or try to share the blame.

Realize that your friend might not be ready to forgive you yet. And, depending on the offense and its effects, he or she may never be ready or willing to forgive you. Just know that you have done your best.

9. Take the next step. Consider further mending the relationship by offering to take your friend out to lunch or dinner, going to a movie, going on a walk or hike, giving him or her a small gift, or making some other gesture of goodwill.

10. Let it go. Once you have thoroughly and sincerely apologized and done all you can to rectify the situation, don’t dwell on your mistake. Let it go so that your friend can let it go, as well. Your bringing it up after the matter has been resolved won’t help and may even cause new pain.


The suggestions above will help you to successfully apologize and mend your relationship, but remember that, ultimately, you are the one who best understands the complexities of your relationship with your friend, so do what you feel is right. Figure out what you would want someone to do to make amends if he or she had harmed you in the same way you have harmed your friend, and then follow through with that action.

To my dear friend who I hurt terribly and miss so badly. I just want to say I’m sincerely sorry for putting you through my overdose. I know I made it seem like your fault, but it was never your fault, I was lying to myself and it was easier to blame you than to realise that.

I can’t believe I did that — after the overdose everything just fell apart, we argued and argued and argued.

I know I’m probably the last person you want to hear from, but please hear me out. I don’t know where to start so I’ll start with this; I’m really upset that our friendship is gone and it’s made me miserable for the past couple of months.

Every time we fought it hurt me more, and now we’re not even talking anymore, let alone friends. I’m really struggling without you now, we used to be best friends and you mean a lot to me, more than you know.

I hate fighting, especially with you. My mistake ruined our friendship and I don’t know how to make things right between us. Knowing that I did this to my best friend kills me. I don’t know what I was thinking and I hate myself for it.

Our friendship is too valuable to me to end over this. To find another friend like you would be impossible, you’re caring, patient, funny. I can go on and on, and it doesn’t feel right without you anymore.

I didn’t mean for things to be like this and wish I could take everything back to when we were close friends, I know I can’t but I can show you that this will never happen again and I’m still the guy you trusted and thought of as your best friend.

I keep apologising because I’ve been completely in the wrong to be so inconsiderate and act like I have, I wasn’t the friend I should have been but I don’t want to lose you because I think you’re worth holding on to, I don’t know why, but whenever I had a bad day, or week you always made me feel better, you were one of the few who could do that.

I’m honestly heartbroken things are like

this, I don’t want my mistake to ruin our friendship and it would mean so much to me if you could give me a second chance.

You genuinely mean the world to me and I can’t believe how much I miss you. I know you find it hard to trust and I’ve made it even harder for you to trust me and it’ll take time for you to feel ready to talk.

I’m ready to wait until you can talk to me. A lot of people walk in and out of my life but you’re one of the few I ever really wanted to stay, and until I make things right with you, you’re going to be constantly on my mind.

I really do miss you so much and I don’t want to lose you. I made a mistake, and I really regret it. I don’t think it’s worth ending our friendship over though, I hope you think that too.

I haven’t changed, I know I seem like I have but I really haven’t. You did see something in me and I hope I get the chance to show you that it is still here and prove to you I’m still someone you can trust.

I’ve been a terrible friend for the last few months, but I think I was a good friend before, couldn’t we try and go back to that?

This wasn’t easy for me to write, and I hope this letter helps show you just how I feel, how much you mean to me and how sorry I am. Whatever you decide I’ll always treasure our friendship and the good times we had. We went through a lot together, and you’re one of the few people I trust. You’re very special to me; I’d go through hell for you. I hope you know that.

Please accept this apology and I hope you can forgive me; I can’t help believing everything will turn out okay, because I find it hard to think of my life without you in it anymore, and I’ll always be there for you. Please text or call me if you decide you can give me a chance.

Thank you for being my friend.

Wishing you well and waiting for your reply,

Comments for My Apology Letter to a Very Special Friend

Dear bsf, I want to apologize for hurting you. I really missed you. I’m sorry for putting you through my bs, I know I made you feel horrible while you were near me.

I’m sorry I made you worried about me many times over, and over. You’re a very independent strong and smart person. I might be the last person you want to hear from but please hear me out.

I don’t want to fight anymore. I’m sad we don’t even text anymore. Without you I feel alone again. I’m struggling without you now, you mean a lot to me. I hate fighting with you.

My mistake ruined one of my favorite friendships. I don’t know how to make things right with you, knowing that I’ve been very mean. I wouldn’t forgive myself either.

I don’t know what I was thinking to hurt you like this. It kills me inside knowing I did this.

I hope this letter finds you well in your dream. I’m sorry for all the pain and misery that I have caused you when we were younger.

I know that my behaviour was unacceptable towards you, and I know saying sorry will not make the pain I have caused you go away. I wish I could meet up with you and apologise to you in person for what I have caused but I wouldn’t be able to remember your face even if we met.

I only remember your childhood face and so much must have changed now. Back then, we were young. After I got older, I realised that Karma is real and what goes around comes around.

When I was at primary and secondary school, I did not have a good primary and secondary school life. What I did to you, did happen to me when I was at school and it made me think of the pain and emotions you’ve felt.

All I can say is, WOW! When I found this letter it hit home. I lost my best friend because I fell in love with him.

I reacted emotionally to something he said and I blew up his phone. I’m not going into detail but I’ve tried everything in hopes he’ll talk to me again.

I’ve already texted similar apologies to him in much smaller form. It’s just how this is worded, it’s perfect.

How to apologize to a girl for being rude

You have gifts to share with the world and my job is to help you get them out there.


How to apologize to a girl for being rude

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I’m still buzzing from the music high of seeing Lady Gaga in concert this weekend at the Staples Center.

Yup. I wore a blonde wig, a cape and some funkytown glasses!

Whether you’re into Gaga or not, she’s an amazing performer. Her dancers are beyond (smokin’ hot, diverse in shape and color, talented, committed, expressive, unique) and she leaves it all on the floor, without apologies.

That type of grit and bold self-expression is incredible to witness.

One of the most inspiring moments of the night was when she paused on stage and said, “Five years ago I was still waiting tables in New York City. Don’t ever give up on your dreams.”

And with that, let’s roll into this week’s new episode of MarieTV.

Have you ever said something stupid; something you wish you could take back?

Stress can turn us all into “little monsters” (ha ha) who say some nasty things we later regret.

But is it possible to prevent those “foot in mouth” moments from happening in the first place? And if the damage has been done, what’s the best way to clean it up?

Watch this week’s episode to learn a simple, but effective practice to stop stupid things from flying out of your mouth, no matter what’s going on.

And for those times you just can’t stop yourself, use my word-for-word scripts to undo the damage in a straightforward, honest way.

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How to apologize to a girl for being rude

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Is something creeping?

Everyone watching in this episode, my hair is going to creep. Because it creeps. Yeah. Mark my words. Hello, hello, hello. It’s Marie Forleo and you are watching MarieTV, the place to be to create a business and life you love. And this is Q&A Tuesday. And today’s question, it comes from a woman named Veronica. And Ms. Veronica writes, “Hi, Marie. I’m in desperate need of help. I realized that sometimes I sound like a crazy person when I’m under a lot of stress. Once in a while, I say things I don’t mean and make myself out to be one of those insecure crazies, when I’m really not. What do you do after situations where you goofed and weren’t thinking straight when apologizing just doesn’t seem like the appropriate thing to do.”

Girl, what are you thinking? I’m just kidding. That’s a great question. Veronica, this is an awesome question. All of us have said stupid things. We’ve done things we later regret and we say things we wish we could take back. Now, before we go into the answer to this question, I want to dial it back a little bit and see if we can train ourselves to not even go there in the first place. Here’s what I mean. I think it’s possible that we can prevent at least 90% of the crazy messes that all of us get ourselves into. Look, when we human beings get stressed out and emotional, we almost always say and do things that we’ll later regret. That’s why it’s vital you put a new standard in place where you check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Here’s what I mean. When you’re frustrated or upset, do not respond to anyone. And I’m speaking from experience here. You need to zip it and cool off emotionally, so you don’t say all the crazy things that you’re actually thinking in your head. Oh, my God. Are you really that stupid?

Will you quit asking dumb questions and just do the work already?

To be honest, I even have a 24 hour rule for myself. If I’m pissed or upset, I wait at least 24 hours before I respond to anyone. I invite you to try this one for yourself because it really works. But let’s say you forgot to zip it. Something stupid popped out of your mouth and now you need to clean it up. Here’s what you asked me in your question. You wrote, “What do you do after situations where you goofed and weren’t thinking straight when apologizing just doesn’t seem like the appropriate thing to do?” Here’s the thing, Veronica. I can’t think of any situation where apologizing is inappropriate. If you think you goofed, then say you’re sorry. And as Lynn Johnston said, and it’s a Tweetable, “An apology is the superglue of life. It can repair just anything.”

If you want a quick tutorial on how to apologize the right way, you need to check out one of our first ever MarieTV episodes right here. Now, if you’re talking about a situation where you didn’t directly offend someone, but you think you made a bad impression in your stress filled state, here are two go-to scripts you can use. “Hey, I’m feeling self-conscious about something I said yesterday, I think I came across like an insecure crazy person. What I really meant to say was. ” Or, “Please disregard that little outburst, I was under a lot of stress and talking out of my you-know-what.” As a rule, if you suspect that you offended someone or came across as crazy town, you can never go wrong addressing it. Don’t wonder if they noticed or wonder if they’re mad, be proactive and take control of the situation and your reputation.

Veronica, that is my A to your Q. Thank you so much for asking it. Now, I want to hear from you. Have you ever said or done something you later regret? No, not you, right? Of course, you have. Well, what did you do and how did you undo the damage? I want to hear about it in the comments below. As always the best stuff happens after the episode at So go there and leave a comment now. Did you like this video? If so, like it and subscribe and share it with your friends. And if you want even more awesome resources to have a business and a life you love, plus some personal updates from me that I only share in email, get your butt over to and sign up for email updates.

Stay on your game and keep going for your dreams. The world needs that special gift that only you have. Thank you so much for watching and I’ll catch you next time on MarieTV. B-School is coming up. Want in? For more info and free training, go to I’m going to try it again, without so much pointing in your face. We’ve all done things we later regret. I love that this one is about, “I made a mistake and said something stupid,” and that’s all we’ve been doing for the past four minutes, just saying really stupid things.

listen on the marie forleo podcast

DIVE DEEPER: Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself to live a more full life. But it isn’t easy. Here’s how to forgive when you can’t (or shouldn’t) forget.

Now unless you’re from another planet, I know you’ve had your own “foot in mouth” moments in life.

What happened and how did you undo the damage?

Relationships are the cornerstone of success in business and life so share your best advice in the comments below.

Your story could help heal a marriage, reconcile a mother and daughter, or simply help someone regain their dignity and confidence after making a misstep in business.

As always, thank you so much for reading, watching and sharing your genius.

People walk in and walk out of toxic relationships every day. You just need to know the right time.

Snr Written by: Himanshu Sharma Published at: May 09, 2016 Updated at: May 10, 2016

How to apologize to a girl for being rude

Yesterday I was sitting in a restaurant and there I saw a guy literally getting scolded. I know the story of that table but then I overheard a few people. As per some women, the guy was at the fault and got what he deserved. I wasn’t mad at the women, who blamed the guy who was doing nothing but getting humiliated and scolded in public.

I know the stereotypical reasoning of people. All of us have a common notion that a guy at receiving end is a guy at fault but it isn’t the truth always. I was in a relationship, I liked the girl very much and I believe she too was into me. We got along very well, I mean way too well. It seemed too good to be true. And then one day, I woke up from the dream that I was living all these days with her.

I proposed her and she said yes but I did not want to hide anything from her so I decided to tell her about my ex. At first she seemed quite alright about it but then she started acting weird. And from then, she started bringing up my ex, in whatever conversation she could. I apologized for hiding about my past but then her attitude suddenly became overbearing. She would shout at me in public, start fighting over anything and the nucleus of all the fights would be my “lie”.

How to apologize to a girl for being rude

I knew that I lied and never told her about my ex but I think I told her just in time. No matter how much I apologized, how much I tried to justify, my words would fall deaf on her ears.
The girl that I met was no more there, she was just one rude, eternally cranky and always ready to fight girlfriend and I was suffering.

Then a point came, where it was way too difficult for me to bear her. I wanted to call it off but right when I was about to call it off, a friend of mine came ahead to save me and my relationship. And god, I was relieved after I went by his tips to deal with rude girlfriend.

If you too are going through the same things, do try these tips to deal with your rude girlfriend.

Know whether she still loves you or not

Try and know whether she is still into you or not. It so happens that people get over their lovers and then there is no love or no respect left, just fights that often take a nasty turn. A relationship dies when respect and value dies.

Be a man and take charge

Well, we are not asking you to hit her to prove your bravery. Whenever she starts shouting in public, make her realize that washing dirty linen in public is of no use and will only make things worse. You must instantly show your disapproval for the raised voice, Go ahead and tell your rude girlfriend to lower down the volume in a very stern way. Draw a line and tell her that this attitude isn’t acceptable. Not your fault, nobody likes a disrespectful girlfriend or boyfriend.

Apologies always don’t work

Know when it is your fault. Your apologies won’t be of any use if you are not at fault. Please, note this thing down that you are not supposed to apologize for no reason.

Value yourself

Respect yourself, value yourself and then maybe you will be able to stand against what’s wrong. Yes, not respecting yourself is also wrong.

People walk in and walk out of toxic relationships every day. You just need to know the right time.

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How to apologize to a girl for being rude

How to apologize to a girl for being rude

How to apologize to a girl for being rude

How to apologize to a girl for being rude

How to apologize to a girl for being rude

How to apologize to a girl for being rude

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Difficult to count the number of times a guy has screwed up and has to make it up to her girlfriend. Even though they have tried really hard to make it up by saying sorry like a million times or even do unimaginable things to ask for forgiveness, it just doesn’t work and is not easy for the girls to forgive us. Some guys have thought of the traditional style to ask for forgiveness by simply writing a funny apology letter to his girlfriend because as we all know humor is one of the best solution to close the gap between a couple.

How to apologize to a girl for being rude

Scroll down to see some of these funny apology letters sent to girlfriends which are ridiculously hilarious.

An example of a letter to send to her:

I am sorry about getting into an argument about putting up the Christmas lights. I guess that sometimes I feel like you are pushing me too hard when you want something. I realize that I was wrong and I am apologizing for being such a hard-headed guy. All I want is for you to be happy and be able to enjoy the holiday season. Nothing brightens the Christmas spirit like Christmas lights! I took the time to hang the lights for you today and now I will be off to the hockey rink.

Again, I am very sorry for the way I acted yesterday. I’ll be home later.

Thank you for that heart-felt apology. I don’t often get an apology from you and I truly appreciate it. I also felt bad about the argument and wanted to apologize. I realize that I can sometimes be a little pushy. I will try to respect your feelings from now on. Thank you for taking the time to hang the Christmas lights for me. It really means a lot. In the spirit of giving, I washed your truck for you and now I am off to the mall.

How to apologize to a girl for being rude

Some funny apology letters to send to your girlfriend or wife whenever you have screwed up:

Give up more You Tube!

How to apologize to a girl for being rude

From your Rice Crispy Loving Husband

How to apologize to a girl for being rude

I confirm they are the best!

How to apologize to a girl for being rude

I am Sorry I kept You Awake

How to apologize to a girl for being rude

If these apology does not work, you can try sending your girlfriend these funny sorry cards .

Want to improve this question? Update the question so it’s on-topic for Interpersonal Skills Stack Exchange.

Closed 2 years ago .

I was wrong to a person via instant messaging. She blocked me on social media.

Two months have gone by, I’ve done some soul searching, and I miss talking to her.

I have her phone number. I could call, but I feel like the block is a boundary saying that I should stay away.

I live in the United States

Is getting into contact with her appropriate?

3 Answers 3

I think that wanting to reconnect is appropriate, but you have to give your friend the space to refuse your overtures if she wishes. Texting or email are therefore preferable to calling, because she can easily refuse to acknowledge the contact. It gives her control over the communication.

If you do contact her (whatever the method), the two most important points for you to make are that you recognize that you were wrong to treat her the way you did, and what you are doing to avoid treating anyone that way again.

An apology is a good thing. I think a lot of people really don’t think of how to do one, however. For the sake of other readers here, I’ll outline the process.

  1. Approach this with humility.
  2. Say “I did this. I was wrong”
  3. Acknowledge that you and your actions have hurt the person.
  4. Say “I’m sorry” and mean it.
  5. Allow the person to respond and if they don’t within a few seconds, graciously walk away. They may need time to process your apology. Adding “Thanks for hearing me out” (and meaning it) may be appropriate.

DO NOT explain why you did what you did. DO NOT say “I’m sorry you. ” or apologize for them. DO NOT lay responsibility on any other person, circumstance, place, thing, mystical being, whatever. You did it, now own up to it like an adult.

You don’t need to beat yourself up or do anything foolish but you do need to be sincere. Doing this in person is harder but it’s also more personal and more effective than via e-mail, text, letter, etc.

How to apologize to a girl for being rude

Although I’m not from the USA, I have a little bit of idea of the US culture, having stayed there for a few years.

A year or two ago, I made a similar mistake. I had a really close friend, and I dumped my emotional baggage on her, just like you. What’s more, I even snubbed her when she was trying to help me get over it.

She got angry, stopped talking to me, blocked me on social media, yada, yada. Exactly how it happened for you.

One fine day, I decided to make amends (again, just like you!). But I didn’t have Interpersonal.SE back then. I had to figure things out by myself.

I tried many things; some worked out, some didn’t. At first, I asked one of our mutual friends to talk to her first, so that I would at least know whether she’d want to even talk to me. (This went off very badly, don’t even think of doing this. ). I’d suggest a sorry email or message the very first time you try reconnecting, if there’s no way for you two to meet in person. For me, it happened at school, so there was no issue with meeting her.

A day later, I went to her myself, and tried to grab her attention. She looked at me in the eye, and called me a jerk in front of everyone else. That day, I was really angry at her too. I thought that there’s no use going and apologising to her anymore, and since there was no love lost between us (figuratively), there’s no reason why she would forgive me.

Although I thought and felt this, my mind had plans of its own. I was always sulking, and low, because at the back of my head, I knew that I was responsible for this whole mess, and it was completely wrong of me to have gone and behaved how I had with my close friend.

When my mom asked me why I was feeling low, I told her the entire story. She told me to try and apologise again, with just a note, rather than saying it to her directly, as she didn’t want to talk to me.

I wrote a sorry note, which was something along the lines of: “I’m truly a jerk. I should have never spoken to you like that. I’ve realised my mistake now, and if you can forgive this poor jerk that I am, I’m ready to be friends again”. I handed it to her one day when she was passing me. I gave it to her, and smiled at her once, before walking away.

The next day, I got a message from her, saying “Forgiven. What next, jerk? ;)”.

Now, what I’d suggest to you is, go and talk to your friend directly first, or is that’s not possible, call her first, don’t send her a note/email immediately. Her calling you a jerk, or whatever, is an important part of the process. Preferably, don’t get angry back at her, because it’s actually her turn now, after your emotional baggage found it’s way to her. You should apologise to her the very first time you talk, be it in person or not. If things don’t work out, if your friend isn’t as understanding as mine was, maybe it’ll be the last time you talk to her, but at least you can say that you tried. There is nothing wrong with trying to contact her, but if she doesn’t like it, you should not push it any further.

How to apologize to a girl for being rude

A high school teen, Luke, told me about a mean drama queen in his class who constantly creates problems for others. Mia lies to her teachers, and she tries to get other people in trouble and have them sent to the office. She has double standards. She gets nasty towards other kids and then plays the victim with the circumstances that she created.

Mia’s family is from China, and she claimed she spoke Mandarin several times in class. Luke spent the time to learn a few words in Chinese, and he went up to her and said, “Hi, how are you?” She turned around and told the teacher that Luke racially stereotyped her by speaking to her in Mandarin. She then lied and said he swore in Chinese. Luke, who was trying to be nice, was sent to the school counselor and forced to apologize to her.

There is nothing worse than a mean girl with a bunch of followers who can’t think for themselves and who go around terrorizing others and making their lives miserable.

How to apologize to a girl for being rude


Ever feel like you don’t know what to say to challenging people? Grab our FREE starter guide, so you know not only what to say- but how to say it. Discover the secret of shutting down rude people.

Some of these mean girls have nothing better to do than sit around and create drama. Talk about First World problems!

Top ten comebacks for mean girls who create drama

  1. Some people create their own storms and get upset when it rains.
  2. Congratulations on your ability to create drama out of absolutely nothing.
  3. Is your drama going to have an intermission soon? I’ve got stuff to do.
  4. You don’t like drama? Funny how your name comes up as executive producer on every single episode around you!
  5. What else do you do in your spare time other than sit around and think of the past and try to start drama?
  6. Your life has more drama than a van filled with drag queens.
  7. You don’t like me? That’s a shame. I’ll pencil in some time to cry about it later. Right now, I’m busy enjoying my life.
  8. Congratulations on your ability to create drama out of absolutely nothing.
  9. I love when you blame everyone around you for being dramatic and starting problems. However, I see one common denominator, you!
  10. Is your drama going to have an intermission soon? I’ve got stuff to do.
  11. Sorry, I think your drama is largely self-created.

How to apologize to a girl for being rude

Kylie Jenner has experienced bullying from mean girls who create drama

How to apologize to a girl for being rude

Kylie Jenner via Wikipedia

Kylie Jenner, of Keeping up with the Kardashians fame, shared via Snapchat that she had been bullied since she was 9 years old.

We look at people like Kylie Jenner and think that they have had it easy, but there is a dark side to being famous. Celebrities have to deal with online trolls who slam their appearance and criticize every move they make.

” I think that I’ve done a really great job at handling all of this. But there’s bullies everywhere. This isn’t a pity party though … This is so that others with bullies out there know that you’re not alone.

Honestly, I feel like at this point I’ve gotten so numb to it. I still do my thing and people still love me…It doesn’t really affect me.

I feel like people want to see me have a cool hair color and dress a certain way and have pretty makeup and heels. If they were to see me in public, they would expect me to look like that….it’s also exhausting for everyday life.” – Kylie Jenner

This is really interesting. There’s much younger than I am woman in my life. I was actually friends with her mom first. I began chatting with her and her friends politely over about a year. I like her lot. She seems intelligent. And then one day about a year and half ago she started getting bitchy kind putting up a wall. I thought the intensity of it was a bit much for the amount of interaction we had had, which had fairly friendly up until then. I had a suspicion it was something like this. The change was sudden and big. I don’t remember doing or saying anything that warranted it.

So the question I have is this. If this is the case, she is really attracted to me but hiding it for some reason, and I suspect it’s the fear of rejection thing, how do I get her over it? So far I’ve just more or less ignored her bitchiness, even though I wanted to react with a little shit of my own back, I knew that wasn’t the right thing to do. So I just don’t let it get to me. I’m just polite and friendly when I see. Keep the chat light, nothing personal that will embarrass her. But lately she’s started kind of ramping it up, making a point of showing she doesn’t like me. A couple times when I was more or less ignoring her because that’s the message she’s sending, stay away.

As I said, she’s intelligent and I find her attractive. I likely would be interested in some kind or relationship with her, even just friends because I do like her, maybe more than lot of women I’ve met. But I think more than that this suspicion I have about what’s really going on bugs me. I want her to get over whatever it is so we can at least talk about what she feels or at least come to some different detente without having to talk about what she feels. I think it’s not good for her to be like this, especially if it’s a low self esteem thing. There’s nothing wrong with her except maybe the background she came from, which is the same as mine.

Maybe her mom is jealous too and some kind of shit went on I don’t know about when she and I started getting too friendly. Ah women!

How to apologize to a girl for being rude

Apologies play a huge role in keeping relationships happy and healthy — hey, we all screw up from time to time, right? — but saying sorry is usually much easier said than done. It can be difficult to admit when you make a mistake or hurt your partner, but knowing how and when to apologize in a relationship is crucial if you want to be able to successfully navigate conflicts and resolve problems without building resentment.

“Being mature enough to take responsibility for your actions and understand the pain it can cause your partner is key empathy that a relationship can’t be without,” Dr. Jill Murray, Licensed Psychotherapist, Author, and Relationship Expert, tells Bustle. “You should always apologize for hurtful behavior, even if you think that the person feeling that pain doesn’t have a right to feel it, or that you wouldn’t have been hurt by it.”

If you do or say something hurtful, you can help to make it better by showing empathy and genuinely apologizing to your partner. But it’s also important to remember that you don’t have to apologize for every little thing in your relationship — because believe it or not, there is such a thing as apologizing too much.

“At some point, too much apologizing leaves your partner with the impression that you are too passive and accommodating,” Rhonda Milrad, LCSW, relationship therapist and founder of online relationship community, Relationup, tells Bustle. “It feels to your partner that you cannot tolerate them having upset feelings and you are using apologies to placate them and smooth things over. Ultimately, your apologies become a tool to manage them and their feelings due to your own discomfort.”

Should you say you’re sorry if you genuinely mess up? Of course. But you shouldn’t use those two little words as a catch-all solution to any problem that pops up, minor or major. Plus there are some things that you simply don’t even need to say “I’m sorry” for in the first place — here are seven things that you should never apologize for in your relationship.

Your Hobbies Or Passions

You don’t have to share all the same interests as your partner to have a happy relationship, but you should both be supportive of one another’s hobbies, even if they don’t interest you.

“[Your hobbies] are pieces of your self-identity puzzle, and partners must learn to embrace each other and compromise when needed,” Justin Lavelle, dating expert and Chief Communications Officer of online background check platform BeenVerified, tells Bustle. “Instead of apologizing, show your partner what makes you tick and encourage them to seek hobbies and passions of their own.”

Asking Repetitive Questions

When you’ve been dating someone for a long time, it’s normal to feel like certain aspects of your relationship are repetitive. And sometimes, the day-to-day questions (like “what should we do for dinner?”) can be annoying — but you should never apologize for asking them.

“If it’s something that needs to be discussed and you can’t get around it, there’s nothing to be sorry for, even if it annoys your partner,” Vikki Ziegler, renowned divorce attorney and relationship expert, tells Bustle. “Keeping open lines of communication are essential, even when they may feel repetitive.”

Your Natural Quirks

In a relationship, you should feel free to be your most genuine, authentic self at all times. We all have quirks, and if your relationship is healthy, you should never feel like you have to apologize for being yourself.

“You can’t change your core, and if you have some quirks that your spouse or partner doesn’t like, you can’t keep apologizing for them,” Ziegler says. “You are you, and you should never apologize for that.”

Expressing An Opinion

You’re not always going to see eye-to-eye with your partner, but the foundation of any good relationship is respect — which includes respecting one another’s opinions, even if you don’t agree with them.

“You should not apologize for having and expressing an opinion, whether your partner agrees with it or not,” Janet Zaretsky, confidence and business coach/consultant, tells Bustle. “Each of us has a right to have and express opinions, and when we apologize for having them, we rob ourselves of power, and we are unconsciously communicating that our opinions don’t matter.”

Needing Alone Time

We all need a little alone time to relax and decompress from time to time, and you shouldn’t have to say you’re sorry or feel guilty for asking for space from your partner.

“Doing something independent of your partner is healthy for the relationship and for you as an individual,” Milrad says. “You don’t need to apologize for wanting your independence and space and have a life separate from your partner that can also have the effect of enriching the relationship.”

Something You Didn’t Do

It can be tempting to say “I’m sorry” just to avoid a fight. even if you didn’t do the thing you’re apologizing for. But ultimately, that empty apology has no merit, and will do more harm to your relationship than good.

“Many people apologize as a way to get a partner off their back,” David Bennett, certified counselor, relationship expert, and co-owner of The Popular Man, tells Bustle. “If you didn’t do anything wrong, and find yourself only apologizing to get someone ‘off your back,’ avoid apologizing.”

Trivial Mistakes

Mistakes happen every day, but not all of them warrant an apology. If you have a minor, trivial mess-up in front of your partner, so long as it wasn’t harmful to the relationship, don’t feel obligated to say you’re sorry.

“If your partner loves the dinner you cooked them, then why apologize that the side dish was slightly burnt?” Bennett asks. “That’s an example of apologizing for something that didn’t inflict any harm or your partner didn’t even care about.”

How To Break The Habit Of Over-Apologizing

It might sound strange or counterintuitive, but it can actually be harmful to your relationship if you say “I’m sorry” too often, and for things that don’t require an apology. And according to Murray, feeling the need to apologize for every little thing in a relationship can even be a sign that you — or the relationship — isn’t healthy to begin with. So what can you do to break the habit of always saying sorry?

“Being mindful of your reasons for over-apologizing is a good step,” Murray says. “Are you doing that because it’s habit? Because you don’t think much of yourself? Because if you don’t apologize for things you haven’t really done, there will be an argument or the disagreement will never end so it’s just easier to apologize? It’s important to look at the reasons behind the need so that you can decide if you need to do some work on yourself or need to end an unhealthy relationship.”

In a relationship, a well-placed, genuine apology can be healing, validating, and peace-bringing, but an unnecessary or insincere apology can have the opposite effect. So next time you’re about to apologize, take a minute to reflect on whether you really need to say “I’m sorry” — and if you do, always make sure you mean it.

Whether it’s friendship or a committed relationship, an apology has great healing powers. It gives the message that the person is willing to kill his ego to save the relationship. Apologizing to someone is not all that wrong and we should not be ashamed of taking the initiative to apologize. If you don’t want things to get worse in any relationship, you should apologize and clear the air. Here are some ‘sorry for being selfish’ quotes that will make your heart melt.

20 Quotes to Say You Are Sorry for Being Selfish

I’m sorry for being selfish because I got insecure.

My anger led me to say things I didn’t mean to.

How to apologize to a girl for being rude

A person becomes overprotective when their love is selfish, you need to give space to the other person.

How to apologize to a girl for being rude

I just wanted you for myself.

How to apologize to a girl for being rude

I’m so sorry that my selfishness is the reason why you’re sad.

How to apologize to a girl for being rude

Selflessness is the only way we can procure happiness.

How to apologize to a girl for being rude

Thank you for bearing with my selfishness even though I didn’t deserve it.

How to apologize to a girl for being rude

My childish behavior may have led me to be unjust.

How to apologize to a girl for being rude

Jealousy and selfishness come hand in hand.

How to apologize to a girl for being rude

I just don’t wanna break your heart into pieces.

Sorry for being so selfish that I didn’t care about your feelings but only acted upon my mood swings.

How to apologize to a girl for being rude

Loving the other person so much that your fear of losing them makes you selfish.

How to apologize to a girl for being rude

I just get overprotective of you.

How to apologize to a girl for being rude

I just don’t want you to be with someone other than me and for that I’m sorry.

How to apologize to a girl for being rude

I’m sorry for ignoring you and taking you for granted.

How to apologize to a girl for being rude

Your love didn’t deserve this.

I’m just highly insecure about you.

My selfish mind is to blame for all this.

Sorry for being selfish and focusing on my own needs and feelings only.

How to apologize to a girl for being rude

One message from these sorry for being selfish quotes is that, sometimes we can’t control how we really feel.

How to apologize to a girl for being rude

Arguments are a normal part of relationships, but sometimes they go too far and you say or do things that really hurt the girl you care about. This doesn’t have to mean that the relationship is over. Instead, you can get her to like you again by asking for forgiveness and showing her you understand her feelings.

Forgive Yourself

When you’ve hurt someone you care about, it’s natural to feel guilty. It’s even good to feel guilty because it helps you maintain good relationships. But guilt has definite downsides. It can make you avoid the girl you’ve hurt, which makes it impossible to get her to like you again. In her article “How to Give a Meaningful Apology” for UMass Amherst, psychotherapist Beverly Engel points out that even if you do approach someone you’ve hurt, guilt can make you focus more on your feelings than hers. Therefore, the first step in getting her forgiveness is forgiving yourself.

  • When you’ve hurt someone you care about, it’s natural to feel guilty.
  • It can make you avoid the girl you’ve hurt, which makes it impossible to get her to like you again.

Use Your Words

John Kador, author of the book “Effective Apology: Mending Fences, Building Bridges, and Restoring Trust,” points out that it is often difficult for people to apologize even if they know they’ve done something wrong. In his Affluent Magazine online article, “Why Is Apology So Difficult?” Kador states that many people prefer to wait and let the situation blow over on its own. However, an apology is part of the path to true forgiveness. Be specific and let the girl you’ve hurt know that you understand her feelings. For example, say “I’m sorry that I lied to you. I know that makes you feel disrespected.”

  • John Kador, author of the book “Effective Apology: Mending Fences, Building Bridges, and Restoring Trust,” points out that it is often difficult for people to apologize even if they know they’ve done something wrong.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Although it is important to say that you’re sorry, it’s even more important to show that you are sorry and that you have changed. To get a girl to like you again, you have to prove to her that you aren’t going to hurt her in the same way you did in the past. The best way to do this is through action. Pinpoint exactly what you did that hurt her and decide how you are going to avoid doing it in the future. If you were late for an important event, for example, make sure you are punctual or even early from that point on. If you can show her that you are committed to change, she is more likely to see you in a new light.

  • Although it is important to say that you’re sorry, it’s even more important to show that you are sorry and that you have changed.
  • To get a girl to like you again, you have to prove to her that you aren’t going to hurt her in the same way you did in the past.

Give Her Time

Forgiveness takes time. The girl you’ve hurt can’t truly get over it until she has time to process the pain you’ve caused her and admit the depth of her anger. Depending on how seriously you’ve hurt her, that process can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few years. However, it’s important to give her that time without pressure. Don’t apologize over and over again and don’t keep asking her if she’s forgiven you yet. Instead, be patient and let her work through her emotions at her own speed.

How to apologize to a girl for being rude

I am sorry messages for mom: Have you hurt your mom by being rude or doing something that you shouldn’t have done? Make it up to her with by writing a sweet quote on a greeting card. It will be the last thing she expects and such a cute apology will make her forgive you in a jiffy. From funny Facebook posts to tweets to handwritten notes – do everything it takes to apologize and show your mom how bad you feel about the way you behaved. She will instantly forgive you and give you a warm hug because at the end of the day, a mother’s love for her children is truly unconditional.

1) I will be your strength, not your weakness. I will be the reason for smiles, not fights that are endless. I will be a beacon, not a cause for stress. Sorry mom.

2) Dear mom, it has taken me a long time to realize what you mean to me, but it won’t take me long to say that I am sorry.

3) I apologize to the person who taught me how to apologize and I seek forgiveness from the person who taught me how to forgive. Sorry mom.

4) I can’t believe I made the same woman unhappy who gave up all the happiness in her life just so that I could be happy. Sorry, ma.

5) I hate myself for being rude to a woman who never hated me despite the fact that I hated her. Mom, I love you and I’m sorry.

6) I was born to spray a dash of vibrant colors in the canvas of your life, but I washed out everything with the dull tones of sepia. Sorry mom.

7) You came to heal me with a balm, but I retaliated and lost my calm. I apologize, mom.

8) I regret my mistakes but I will never let them cause regret in your heart. I am sorry mommy.

9) Sorry for causing all this trouble, sorry for reducing your life to rubble. Forgive me mom.

10) Instead of making your life a bed of roses, I made it a blanket of thorns with my painful words. Sorry mom.

11) The cycle of the perfect apology starts with a Mistake followed by Regret, followed by a Sorry, followed by Forgiveness. I did the first three, please complete the last. I am sorry mom.

12) You are the most beautiful mother in the world, but I am like an ugly scar on your face. Sorry.

13) I never meant to insult you but my worlds let me down. I never meant to be rude but my actions let me down. I’m sorry mom, I promise to keep my words and actions in check next time around.

14) Mom, I know it seems that I hate you. I know it seems that I want to do everything you tell me not to. But deep down inside, I know that you mean the best for me and my heart knows that no matter how much we fight, I will love you forever. I’m sorry.

15) I wasn’t myself yesterday, but I want you to be your forgiving self and pardon me. Sorry mother.

How to apologize to a girl for being rude

16) You filled my soul with love and care, but I left your heart glum and bare. You filled my life with all things nice, but I filled yours with worries and cries. Sorry mom.

17) I am not sorry for not being perfect, but I am sorry for always being incorrect. Forgive me mother.

18) I came to you only when I was blue. But you always stood by my side, proving that your love for me is unconditional and true. Sorry for being selfish.

19) From the day I was born to this present day, I have not been the son that you deserved. But I promise that tomorrow will be the magical day when your son will be reborn to become the child you truly deserve. I am sorry mom.

20) Don’t worry ma, I’m not a bad son. The last few months were just a bad phase. I am sorry.

21) By hurting you, I was scathing myself. By being angry at you, I was disparaging myself. By criticizing you, I was relegating myself. Sorry mother.

22) You have always accepted me for what I am, whether good or bad. Now I will start accepting myself for what you want to me to be. Sorry for everything mom.

23) Instead of giving you the asset of a great life as a parent, I gave you liability by being a stubborn daughter. Sorry mom.

24) I am the superlative of horrible but you are the superlative of nice. Let’s strike a balance. Sorry mother.

25) I will make you heave a sigh relief, by showing you that your daughter has turned a new leaf. Sorry mom.

26) Throughout my teenage years I have called you many names including Annoying and Irritating. But now I realized that it was me who was being all that and a lot more. I am sorry mom.

27) Don’t lose your faith in me, ma. I will pull myself out of the mess I’ve cause and I will rise above. Nothing can stop me as long as I’ve got your blessings. I’m sorry.

28) Don’t worry mom, everything will be alright. I know I have made a few mistakes but I promise to fix them and become a better person. After all, I have grown up in the arms of a mother who has given me nothing but the best values of life. I am sorry.

29) The best mom of the world did not get the best son of the world, but she deserves the best apology of the world. I am so sorry.

30) Instead of targeting darts of love at your heart, I aimed arrows of hate. Forgive me mom.

How to apologize to a girl for being rude

31) I meant to give you happy memories, but I gave you dreadful nightmares. I aimed to give you sweet moments, but I gave you frightening thoughts. I wished to make your life heaven, but I made it hell. Sorry mom.

32) I want to be grounded, scolded and punished so that I can turn a new leaf and be complimented, applauded and loved by my favorite person in the whole world, my mother. I am sorry mom.

33) Dear mom, sorry for thinking that I was always right. Sorry for not considering your insight. Sorry for always using my might. Sorry for making you love me in spite.

34) I never knew how much I hurt you all these years until I became a mother myself. Mom, I know this is late but I mean it from the bottom of my heart – I am sorry for being such a brat throughout my teenage. I want to make up for all the lost years by making sure that I give you more reasons to smile than the way I made you frown earlier.

35) Mum, you are awesome. Mommy, thanks for being there for me. Mother, like you there is no other. I am sorry.

We’ve all been there, whether it’s because they have a similar name, you’ve had someone else on your mind, or you just are tired and slipped up. It’s always horrible calling a friend the wrong name (even worse when it’s the same of someone you both know).

How should I respond or deal with calling someone the wrong name? Should I own up, or should I try and pass it off as something else?

Also, for more detail, please assume this question applies to the following – if this makes the question too narrow for the site, please let me know so I can widen it;

  • This is referring to an online messaging system in such a way that the messages cannot be deleted before the recipient has the possibility to see them.
  • I am calling them the name of someone whom they do not know
  • You can also assume (however if it’s easier to answer ignoring this you can) that I am able to say/do whatever I need to say/do before they read and reply to the message.

Here is an example of a possible way this can occur:

Me: Well, I think it’s time I head of to sleep

Friend (Clara): Well goodnight!

Me: Goodnight Alice!

How to apologize to a girl for being rude

How to apologize to a girl for being rude

3 Answers 3


A quick and honest apology has worked best in my experience

Amount of apology is case-by-case, person and context dependent

Some self deprecating humor goes a long way towards dispelling awkwardness

Generally this mistake is not a big deal, so continuing the conversation after the apology/recovery is a good way to smooth things out and make the slight quickly forgotten

As somebody who makes this slip up a lot in face to face conversations with people, my go-to strategy is immediately apologizing and trying to convey my embarrassment, probably with a laugh and some comment/excuse along the lines of “This happens to me with everybody, I’m terrible with names”. After that I let it drop, and usually a quick laugh at my expense has patched any momentary offense the mistake may have caused. I feel that apologizing more than necessary can end up implying that a person should be more offended than they are, which doesn’t lead anywhere good.

Most of this approach is directly transferrable to text communication, the caveat being you won’t be able to gauge body language/facial expression right after the slip up to figure out the necessary level/intensity of the recovery. You’ll have to make a judgement based on context and the potentially offended party, and their initial response to your mistake. If you and this person have a deep relationship and have been talking intimately about heavy/important things when you mess their name up, slightly more groveling and patching up may be needed than during smalltalk with an acquaintance. Acknowledging your mistake before they do can also go a long way towards minimizing offense caused.

Me: Well, I think it’s time I head of to sleep

Friend (Clara): Well goodnight!

Me: Goodnight Alice!

Me: Whoops Dx, my bad Clara, maybe I should head to bed as well

In most cases a quick apology and a lighthearted conveyance of embarrassment will smooth things out best. Keeping the conversation moving past the mistake will also combat the potential awkwardness of dwelling on the mistake.

In my experience, this is an extremely common mistake among people, so it rarely causes a lot of offense.

As an aside, I tend to avoid using peoples names in communication to avoid this exact issue, if you find this being a mistake you make often, changing your communication style to reduce the use of people’s names is one way to just sidestep the problem entirely.

How to apologize to a girl for being rude

In 2001, I was an undergraduate student learning the basics of Chinese and looking forward to spending my junior year in China.

You may remember that in the spring of that year, American and Chinese military aircrafts collided in the South China Sea, in what became known as the “Hainan Island Incident.”

For a few days, relations between China and the U.S. got a little tense. I panicked, worrying that it might escalate and put my plans to go to China in jeopardy!

Eventually, after days of diplomats grasping for the right words, the U.S. issued a letter that was accepted by the Chinese.

How to apologize to a girl for being rude

It included the use of the word “sorry,” and things finally cooled down, much to my relief.

That letter actually brought about several wins for all involved. The U.S. got its plane and crew back, and could say that it was merely expressing regret over the fact that the incident happened at all, without actually taking blame for it.

On the other side, China was able to interpret the “sorry” as an actual apology, claiming the U.S. conceded that it was in the wrong all along. Both sides managed to save face.

But more importantly, back in my little Chinese-learning world, I also got a couple of big “wins” from that letter.

First, my upcoming year in China was no longer in jeopardy. Hurray!

And second, my Chinese teacher used the international incident as a “teachable moment” to point out that the word “sorry” in English is actually pretty ambiguous, and could be translated into Chinese in a number of different ways.

What I learned turned out to be very useful when I was a student in China, because I often needed to express an apology or regret for one thing or another.

Save this handy infographic to remember how to say ‘I’m sorry’ in Chinese, the right way in the right situation. Then read below for a more detailed breakdown of each expression:

How to apologize to a girl for being rude

(Tip: If you want to make sure you pronounce the pinyin for these apologies correctly, use Yoyo Chinese’s video-based pinyin chart. It has audio demonstrations of all Mandarin sounds and video explanations for some of the more difficult sounds: link ).

1. If you want to express regret or pity, use “yí hàn (遗憾)”

How to apologize to a girl for being rude

This is the idea that the U.S. claims it meant by the two uses of “sorry” in that infamous letter.

In everyday life, “yí hàn” is especially useful when you have to turn down an invitation, say you’re sorry for missing some event, or deliver some bad news. For example:

I’m sorry/regret I can’t attend the dinner on Friday.
Hěn yí hàn wǒ bù néng cān jiā xīng qī wǔ de wǎn cān.
很遗憾 我不能参加星期五的晚餐。

I didn’t make it on time to watch your performance. Really sorry/Such a shame!
Méi lái de jí kàn nǐ de biǎo yǎn, zhēn yí hàn!

I’m very sorry to tell you that you failed the test.
Hěn yí hàn de gào sù nǐ, nǐ kǎo shì bù jí gé.
很遗憾地告诉你, 你考试不及格。

2. If you want to say sorry for something that is a little embarrassing or creates a socially awkward situation, use “bù hǎo yì si (不好意思)”

How to apologize to a girl for being rude

This is a phrase that you can use a lot in everyday life for small situations when you might say a quick “oops, sorry about that” in English.

Sorry for showing up late.
Bù hǎo yì si lái wǎn le.
不好意思 来晚了。

Sorry for interrupting you.
Bù hǎo yì si dǎ duàn nǐ le.
不好意思 打断你了。

Sorry for disturbing you.
Bù hǎo yì si dǎ rǎo nǐ le.
不好意思 打扰你了。

Sorry for making you wait so long.
Bù hǎo yì si ràng nǐ jǐu děng le.
不好意思 让你久等了。

Sorry I dialed the wrong number.
Bù hǎo yì si dǎ cùo le.
不好意思 打错了。

3. If you want to apologize and take the blame for something big or small, use “duì bu qǐ (对不起)” or “bào qiàn (抱歉)”

How to apologize to a girl for being rude

This is how the Chinese side wanted to interpret the word “sorry” used in that letter issued by the U.S. Both “duì bu qǐ” and “bào qiàn” mean “Sorry (it’s my fault),” although “bào qiàn” is more formal.

You can use either one for apologizing for screw-ups both big and small. For example:

I’m so sorry this is all my fault.
Dùi bu qǐ, dōu guài wǒ

Sorry, please forgive me.
Hěn bào qiàn, qǐng yuán liàng wǒ.

I said the wrong thing, I’m sorry.
Wǒ shuō cùo le, duì bu qǐ

So there you have the most common ways to say “sorry” in everyday life.

But actually, the word that the Chinese side in the Hainan Island Incident kept using was “dào qiàn (道歉)”, which is the verb that means “to apologize” (and admit you were in the wrong.) They wanted the American side to “dào qiàn” and take responsibility for the crash.

As I understand it, in the end, the official Chinese version of the letter that the U.S issued actually translated the word “sorry” as “wǎn xī (惋惜)”, which is a lot like “yí hàn” in meaning and usage, and doesn’t necessarily imply responsibility for what happened.

Meanwhile, the media in China did their own version of the letter, using yet another translation for the word “sorry,” “shēn biǎo qiàn yì (深表歉意)”, which is a very formal phrase used mostly in written Chinese that means something like “express my deepest apologies.”

The original meaning may have been intentionally lost in translation in this case.

I suppose that’s part of the art of international diplomacy. But in everyday life in China, in order to avoid confusion, it’s best to know your various types of “sorry.”

So try to keep the three categories mentioned above separate in your mind. That way, if you do have to apologize, you can say it like you mean it!

Every once in awhile you approach a very attractive woman at a club, a bar, on the street, wherever, who is all dressed up in a manner which clearly invites male attention.

When you approach and try talking to her, surprisingly she blows you off in a harsh and rude manner — “Get away from me, perve!”, “What do you want from me?”, “Leave me alone!”, etc.

The worst thing you can do in such cases is taking her response seriously, and subsequently change your style and behavior, withdrawing from showing your social skills and not being outgoing with other people and other women.

Don’t let her change your life and the way you go about interacting with women!

Keep in mind one crucial fact — the more intelligent, the cooler, the more “quality” a woman is, the less likely she is to be rude or negative toward you, even if she is not interested in seeing you.

Ironically, you will find it to be a rule that the trashy bitches who have the least to offer, have the biggest ego, thinking that they are the shit, while the coolest, most fun-to-be-around women will in fact talk to you.

So, how should you respond to the bitch?

You should smile or laugh because what happened is truly entertaining. Inside, you should feel sorry for her.

Most likely, she has been surrounded by ghetto boys and cheeseballs all her life and has never met a normal man such as yourself. So, she is simply not ready to meet a cool guy at this point, and it might take a while (if ever) before she is ready to step up to a plate.

In fact, you should be more concerned if a bitch likes you. That would be a reason to worry about what kind of man you have become that the girls of the lowest caliber like you.

So, cheer up and be happy that you have only wasted 1.5 minutes on a woman who hardly deserves your attention and become stronger and more proud of who you are.

A misunderstanding can lead to a serious rupture in relationships if they are not cleared up quickly. In one apology, take responsibility for your part of the misunderstanding without judging or blaming the other person. The only behavior you can change or control is your own. Suggest a way that future misunderstandings can be avoided. An apology letter for misunderstanding are given below:

Sample apology letter for misunderstanding

I feel terrible. I could have sworn you said you’d pick up the kids after the school basketball game­-I guess I was wrong and I apologize. It’s a good thing you had the foresight to make sure that your son Robby always has enough money for a phone call. Thanks for dropping everything at the last minute and driving over to the school to pick up Robby and my boys.

What do you think about the idea of making up a carpool schedule for the rest of the games? That way we’ll always know whose turn it is to pick up the boys. Let’s talk about it, okay?

Once again, thanks for filling in for me.

Apology letter for misunderstanding

Misunderstanding can ruin a relation. It’s very harmful to any relation. If your relationship is in trouble, you have to deal with it very softly. You need to express your feelings to your loved ones. If you can’t express your love, the gap between you and your loved ones will increase day by day.

If you haven’t any courage to face them, give them a lovely letter which will contain full of your feelings. You have to apologize for a wrongdoing. If it is done quickly and correctly, it can actually strengthen your relationship. The letter which is provided on the page will help you to solve your problem.

A sample apology letter to a friend is provided here on this page so that you can get an idea of how to apologize to your loved ones for misunderstanding.

Dear (Your wife/ husband/ boyfriend/ girlfriend name),
I am extremely sorry. I know that sorry is not just enough to end up this misunderstanding. I don’t understand where to start and where to end. I let my fears ruin our relationship, our bond, and the best relationship I ever had. I have been thinking a lot about what I’ve done and how I have acted toward the breakup. I was extremely immature. I want to apologize to you for this letter.

I know I hurt you very badly. But believe me, I didn’t want to do that. When we started our journey together, I promised you that I never let you cry. But it is a matter of sorrow that I didn’t keep my promise. I hate myself. I don’t have the courage to face you. If you think that I am a coward then I am a coward. Last night’s incident wasn’t let me sleep. Your eyes just across my mind full night. The full night I just thought that how could I do this to you? How could I? How can I let you cry? How could I hurt your feelings such badly?

Honey, you are my life. I can’t see your sad face. Please always keep a smile for me. I love you a lot. Always be happy for me.

“Busy” is a popular English word — but not in the way that many learners think.

For example, “busy” has become a common response to “How are you?” (“I’m doing well! Just busy studying for my exams”). Research has even found telling people about what keeps you busy has been common in Christmas greeting cards.

But if you use this word to tell a coworker why you can’t take their call or your boss why you can’t attend a meeting, what you’re really saying, according to the BBC, is “‘I’m not very good at prioritising my time and, at the moment, you’re not a priority at all.”

So it’s safer to avoid using the word “busy.” It’s blunt and often just not the right word. Below are 10 English expressions that’ll do the job much better.

1. I’m preoccupied.

Imagine someone knocking on your office door while you’re having a meeting. Or imagine getting a call while you’re driving to work. In either case, you can say you were “preoccupied,” because you were already (“pre-”) occupied (busy doing something).

  • Sorry, I’m a little preoccupied at the moment. Can I call you back later?
  • No worries about the late reply. I understand you’re preoccupied with more pressing matters at the moment.

2. I’m tied up.

Think of each task you need to work on as a rope. Each time you take on a new task, another rope is tied around you until you’re all “tied up” and not free to work on anything else.

How to apologize to a girl for being rude

  • “I’m all tied up with this project. Try asking Janet for help.”
  • “Sorry I was unable to return your call today. I was tied up in meetings all day.”

3. I have a lot on my plate.

If your plate is full, there’s no room for you to put more food on it. In the context of life, this means you can’t take any more work.

How to apologize to a girl for being rude

  • I’d love to help, but I’ve got too much on my plate right now.
  • That’s a nice idea, but our team already has so much on our plate right now, I don’t think we’ll be able to work on it until at least next year.

4. I’m juggling a lot right now.

“Juggling” takes a lot of energy and focus and it’s easy to make mistakes. So if you’re busy with a lot of things, it can feel like you’re “juggling” them.

How to apologize to a girl for being rude

  • I’d love to help, but I’m juggling two jobs on top of taking care of my newborn son right now. Sorry!
  • No matter how much stuff I’m juggling, I always have time for online English lessons, because I can take them anytime and anywhere.

5. I don’t have the bandwidth.

“Bandwidth” is a technical term that has become a popular way to tell someone you don’t have the time for something.

  • “Tim, I don’t have the bandwidth right now, sorry!”
  • “I don’t have the bandwidth to handle that right now. You could try asking me about that again in October though.”

6. I’m spread pretty thin.

If you only have a little butter to spread on a piece of toast, it’ll become a very thin layer of butter. So if you’re “spread thin,” it means you’re spreading your limited time and energy among a lot of tasks.

How to apologize to a girl for being rude

  • I’m sorry, but I’m afraid I can’t take on another commitment this semester. I’ve already spread myself too thin with two part-time jobs on top of my extra courses.
  • I realize that your resources on your team are spread thin at the moment, but please do keep this initiative in mind.

7. I’m swamped.

It’s easy to get stuck in a swamp or even sink into one! If you’re “swamped” with work, it’s like you’re stuck in a pile of work or sinking into it.

How to apologize to a girl for being rude

  • We’re launching our marketing campaign this week, so I’m really really swamped. But starting on Sunday, I’ll be quite free.
  • It’s my first day back at work, so I’m swamped. Can I get back to you on this next week?

8. I’m buried in work.

Imagine you’re buried in piles and piles of work and you can’t escape.

How to apologize to a girl for being rude

  • Our team is low on manpower, so we’re constantly buried in work.
  • There’s no way I can take a vacation right now. I’m buried in deadlines.

People also say “I’m drowning (in work)” or “I’m snowed under (with work).”

9. I’m up to my ears.

Think of a pile of work that is stacked all the way up to your ears and giving you anxiety.

  • As a secretary, I’m always up to my ears in paperwork.
  • We’re up to our ears in work before the holiday season.

You can use this one for many situations. For example, you can be up to your ears in laundry (if you haven’t washed your clothes in a while) or debt (if there’s a lot you need to pay off).

10. Things are really hectic.

“Hectic” means that there are a lot of things going on that are difficult to control. Imagine all your tasks frantically flying around you, and you have the right idea.

  • My schedule is quite hectic these days, but let’s catch up next time you’re here.
  • I realize things are really hectic on your end with the PR scandal, but I must remind you that your payments are weeks overdue.

Keep in mind you can’t say “I’m hectic.” “Hectic” describes a schedule, your life, and things in your life. It can also describe periods of time, such as a day (“it’s been a hectic day”) and a week (“this week has been hectic”). But hectic never describes people.

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