How to announce pregnancy to a one night stand

If you just learned that you’re pregnant and the father is someone you barely know, telling that person can be the hardest thing ever. You’re not sure how he’ll react, heck, you’re not sure how you want to react. But, that doesn’t make the situation disappear. The best thing you can do before telling that person is take some time to decide what you want to do.

Will you continue on with the pregnancy, or will you terminate it? Regardless of what you decide, it’s your choice and it’s best that you’re firm on your decision before sharing this news with the father.

Once you’re firm in your choice, and if your choice is to terminate the pregnancy, there may be no need to share this news with the guy you had casual sex with. This can save you a lot of frustration. However, if you want to ask him to help you pay for the procedure, you will have to share the news with him.

If you decide to go through with the pregnancy, here are steps you can follow:

Don’t rush and tell him right away. Like mentioned earlier, you want to make sure you’re confident in your decision on how to proceed with the pregnancy. Keep in mind that the father may very well have a negative reaction.

Ask yourself these questions:
1 – Can you depend on this guy to help raise this child?
2 – How stable is he mentally, emotionally and financially)?
3 – Are you willing to have a life long relationship where you have to deal with this man?

When you reach out to him, he may want to blow you off. If you haven’t talked to him since that night, keep in mind that he may think you want to call and follow-up about that night. And while that is true, his mind is nowhere near what you’re about to tell him, so he may ignore you at first. Or, he may be really glad to hear from you.

When you talk to him, don’t get emotional right away. If you’d prefer, ask him to meet you in person because you want to talk to him about something totally unrelated to being in a relationship. If he agrees, great, but if not you’re gong to have to tell him over the phone.

Start the conversation cordially. Then ease into what happened that night. Let him know that you felt like he had a right to know. Then see what he says next, but be prepared for anything.

If he’s hostile, aggressive, or says he wants nothing to do with you. Don’t shout back. Remember, he’s feeling the shock you felt when you first found out. Give him some time to process the news. Let him know you’re sorry he feels that way and that he can contact you at a later date once he’s had time to process everything.

If he’s accepting, then the two of you will go from there making plans about the new responsibility you’re about to bring in to the world.

I met a guy on a dating website where I was totally attracted to him. bad boy Harley riding and tattoos. he had just moved here from LA f or work in Chicago. we went out n had lots of drinks and ended up at his house and had sex i hardly remember. woke up at 5 am and had sex again. he got me an uber home. we continued to talk for that week after. I was totally in to him and I couldn’t go see him until the weekend because I have a 6 year old and 2 year old. he started to just get distant and fewer text messages. he eventually started to be wierd n say he had to go back to LA where his life and friends and happiness is. he said he was having problems living here n it wasn’t for him (he has family here.) I told him I was pregnant the day he got back to LA. he reacted poorly, and doesn’t know why I would keep the baby when he’s never moving back here. the talk didn’t go well. I left him alone because he said for him to process it. he never called or texted. follows me on instagram for 3 months seeing things I post n never said a word. decided to text him the pic of my 16 week ultrasound n no reply. I reached out a few weeks later asking why he’s ignoring me. he told me he doesn’t know what to say . I said it’s killing me we don’t talk. he ends up agreeing to talk to me if I don’t argue with him. he calls, and is in complete denial of it all. says he doesn’t even know how this happened and it’s all his fault for taking me out. says I have no idea what he’s going thru in Cali( from the looks of it on instagram he spends plenty time on his motorcycles.) he had long pauses and sighs when I said tell me if I should leave u alone or keep trying. he was very arrogant and never acknowledged its a child. smirk laughs. hes even seen it was a girl on instagram, n said he saw it n hasn’t given it much thought. says can we talk about this tomorrow. I said ok and when I gave him a call the next day, no answer. that was my last try with him. I thought ide do it for my daughter so I can atleast tell her I tried 🙁 now plz tell me what I should do? should I be sad that my daughter won’t have a dad when my other 2 go with their dad. should I be glad he’s not tryns take her to cali..should I nip him in the bud and file for child support. i only know his name and phone number nothing more..he’s an analyst and makes good money. I jsut don’t know what to do.

I'm a 20 year old college student. The girl is 19 and goes to the same school that I do. I got her pregnant from a one night stand. She told me she was on birth control at the time, which is the only reason we had sex without protection. She thinks that the antibiotic she was on at the time counteracted the birth control (side note: is that a thing? I've always taken her word for this). The baby is definitely mine (we took a prenatal paternity test) and she has decided to keep it (she is in the second trimester now, so it isn't on the table anymore anyways).

The mother had no intention of telling me. I found out because her mother saw that my Facebook profile picture had my ex girlfriend in it and thought we were still dating. She thought I had cheated on my girlfriend, so she created a fake Facebook account to message my ex and tell her about the situation. My ex then sent screenshots of the messages to me. hell of a way to find out you're going to be a father.

I have been in touch with the soon-to-be-mother since, and we are on good terms. I have let her know that I am here to support her in any way that she needs. She has brought me to multiple doctors appointments, sends me videos of the baby kicking, and all around has been really good about involving me.

As supportive as I'm trying to be, I had no desire to have a kid at this stage in my life. I would have chosen abortion, and I kindly let her know this back in the first trimester, but she said that wasn't an option. (No, she isn't Catholic)

I have a couple things I want to get some advice on:

First, should I pursue a relationship with this girl at all? I know we shouldn't force anything, and if we weren't a good fit I wouldn't push it further. But I'd like to at least try, because it would be best for the kid and would allow me to be more involved with its life. I honestly feel like me and this girl have pretty good chemistry. We slept together for a second time the day after I found out about the pregnancy, but since then she has been friendly but withdrawn and I feel as if she has closed the door to any type of relationship between us. Her mom got pregnant at 19 and her biological dad has been pretty removed from her life, so I have no doubt that has impacted her view on the situation and of me. Obliviously a forced relationship could just lead to more emotional struggle, but do you guys think it's at least worth the attempt?

If not, how do I be the best father I can when the two of us aren't together?

Second, I'm not really sure what to do about my career. I am fortunate to have an internship for next summer at a company I really want to work for, and if I don't mess up this internship should convert to a full time offer. The thing is, the hours are famously terrible in this industry, especially at the junior level. I'm talking 80-100 hour work weeks, weekend work, little vacation time, etc. for at least the first two years. After that, it gets slightly better but is still highly demanding. For that reason, most people don't start a family in this industry until their 30s – which is exactly what I intended to do before this happened. I will also be working in a different city from where the girl and my child are for at least 2 years, so I won't really be able to see the child at all. I don't want to be a shitty dad, but I also don't want to sacrifice my career at this stage of my life either. If I don't follow a certain path in my early 20s, opportunities that I really want to have later in life will be closed off forever. That's just the nature of this industry.

And it's not like she is making any career sacrifices. She still plans to graduate college, and then at some point she still wants to go to law school. Her parents are supporting her in this plan. There's obviously a lot that can change and there's a good chance this might not ever happen, but the point is that she chose to have this kid, and right now she isn't planning to sacrifice anything. It's hard for me to feel like I should sacrifice my dream career when she doesn't intend to.

I'll also only see the kid a fraction of the year anyways unless me and the mother live together, so giving up the job I want to still only be a part time father is a hard pill to swallow.

I know that if I did start a relationship with this girl, this career wouldn't really be conducive to maintaining it. But my kid would be in my own home so I could play a much bigger role in their life. I'd also put more consideration to switching careers if it meant seeing my kid every day instead of just every other weekend.

The upside of my career is that it's pretty lucrative. I should be able to fund my child's education and give them whatever they want – which I fully intend to do. But I feel like money is no substitute for being a father.

Should I switch jobs to something with less hours? If not, how do I make the most of being a non-custodial parent working a highly demanding job?

I have a million other questions, but this post is already long. I'll accept any advice relative to this situation even if it doesn't have to do with the two above points. I really, really want to get this right, but it also doesn't feel fair for me to sacrifice my dreams for a kid I had no say in having, and one that I still wouldn't even know about if not for the girl I got pregnant's mother.

TL;DR: I am having a child at 20 with a girl I barely know, and I'm looking for any advice for how to handle this situation.

How to announce pregnancy to a one night stand

Pregnancy announcement ideas range from funny t-shirts to creative social-media posts to the simple group text. However you do it, announcing your pregnancy may be one of the most meaningful, memorable, and just plain fun parts of your 9-month journey. Find out how and when to announce your pregnancy, and get creative ideas for revealing your big news. Cute ways to announce pregnancy abound, whether you’re sharing your joy with your partner, your friends, future grandparents, or your broader contacts.

How to announce your pregnancy

Pregnancy announcements vary from an artfully staged photo on social media to a group text, with or without emojis. Some expecting moms go old-school by writing a card or letter to loved ones, while others stage a surprise involving creative props or gifts.

Many expecting parents announce pregnancy on social media to make sure they have everyone covered, including acquaintances. One thing to watch out for: Make sure you’ve told all the super-important people in your life about your pregnancy beforehand. Otherwise some may be hurt that they found out at the same time as 800 of your closest “friends.”

Different approaches work best for different people when it comes to announcing pregnancy. So give it some thought, discuss it with your partner, and in the end, go with what you think will work best for both of you.

When to announce pregnancy

There are no hard and fast rules about when to announce your pregnancy. Many expecting parents wait until late in the first trimester, but it’s up to you. Some couples announce pregnancy right away to close friends and family members, but wait to tell their coworkers and broader community.

A potential benefit of announcing early is that you’ll get support and comfort if there are complications. Another plus is that you’ll have more time over the course of your pregnancy to celebrate with loved ones. And you won’t have to make excuses for why you may be feeling sick or avoiding some foods and drinks.

Still, some expecting parents prefer to keep things private for longer. Some wait until the risk of miscarriage drops at the end of the first trimester. Others choose to announce pregnancy after milestones like hearing the baby’s heartbeat or getting results from prenatal tests.

Some moms-to-be prefer to keep their pregnancy news quiet so they don’t have to deal with unsolicited advice or opinions. Others want to avoid fallout in their professional lives. While some workplaces and supervisors are supportive, others aren’t.

Pregnancy announcements for your partner

Since you’ll probably know you’re pregnant before your partner does, you can use this knowledge to spring a surprise on him or her.

Some moms-to-be put the positive pregnancy test to use by wrapping it up as a gift, taking a photo of it and sending it to their partner, or just leaving it on the counter with a note.

One mom told her partner she was making something for him and to go peek in the oven – she’d put a single bun inside. Another wrote, “Hi Daddy, I can’t wait to meet you!” on her belly with a washable marker. And another purchased prenatal vitamins and left them out, which was enough for her husband to get a clue.

You can also play to your partner’s hobbies or interests. “We’re big readers, so I gave my husband a children’s book called Does a Duck Have a Daddy?” one mom says. Another plans to order her husband a NASCAR onesie. Another’s husband loves cupcakes, so she plans to bake a dozen and frost them all in blue and pink, then ask him why he thinks they’re decorated that way.

Pregnancy announcements for grandparents

Your pregnancy is big news for your parents and in-laws as well. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with just calling them up or arranging a video chat and saying, “Guess what?”

Or, you can make your announcement more elaborate. Says one mom: “I set up a lunch date with my mom, and when we met at the restaurant, I said, ‘We’re so glad to see you!’ She was confused and said, ‘We, who?’ All I had to do was smile and put my hand on my belly. She got it immediately.”

Another says: “I sent six blue and five pink carnations to my parents and my in-laws with a note attached that said, ‘Some are pink and some are blue. The color there’s more of is your clue.’ His parents got it right away, but I had to explain it to mine.”

Giving your parents little gifts is another fun way to go. “We gave my mom and mother-in-law copies of Goodnight Moon with a sticky note saying, ‘Something to read to your grandchild,'” one mom says. Other gift ideas include bibs, booties, and pacifiers. Or you could give them something they’ll wear themselves – like a shirt or hat that says “World’s Best Grandma” or “World’s Best Grandpa.”

Sending a card via snail mail works well, too. “We sent my parents and in-laws a card meant for grandparents instead of parents, and inside we wrote my due date,” says one mom.

Surprise pregnancy announcement ideas

You may want to announce your pregnancy to friends and family members on video chat or in person so you can witness their reaction firsthand.

Try recording the moment for posterity. Says one mom: “I told my friends I wanted to take a group photo. I selected the video function on my camera and said, ‘Okay, everyone … 1, 2 … Guess what? I’m pregnant!’ The reaction was priceless and I have it on video!”

To make your pregnancy announcement with gifts, you can do as this mom did: “We made shirts for all of our close friends that read ‘Auntie so-and-so’ or ‘Uncle so-and-so.’ Then we had everyone over for dinner and had them unwrap their presents at the same time. The reaction was fabulous!”

Or keep it simple: Throw on a “Mommy-to-Be” shirt, invite your friends over, and watch their faces light up when they walk in.

How to announce pregnancy to a one night stand

When I first saw those two pink lines appear on a pregnancy test, I couldn’t have been more excited after a few months of trying with no success. I immediately ran to our spare room (and future nursery) to show my husband the test.

How to announce pregnancy to a one night stand

“Wow!” he said, grabbing me and squeezing me hard. “I’m excited and nervous!”

I was elated. I couldn’t believe it was finally happening. I immediately called my doctor’s office (well, after they opened) and calculated my due date. The baby would be here a few days before Christmas, which felt like the most magical thing to me — especially because we had recently found a “baby’s first Christmas” sweater in storage that had belonged to my husband as a child. It felt like a sign.

But two weeks later, just days away from our 3rd anniversary, I started spotting. After a traumatic visit to my OBGYN, where an ultrasound revealed an empty uterus and my doctor ordered bloodwork to confirm if my HCG levels were falling as she suspected, I miscarried on the drive to our anniversary getaway spot.

Three months later, when I repeated the early morning pregnancy test and it came up positive, I was filled with more excitement — but also a growing sense of dread. I rushed to show my husband and his face broke into a huge smile. “Here we go again!” he said.

Although he didn’t mean his words to hurt me because he was nothing if not excited, I couldn’t help but think about how my last pregnancy ended. While he meant to convey his excitement over being pregnant again, all I could hear in my head was, I hope this pregnancy doesn’t end the same way.

Those words rang in my head for the next week while I waited to see if my period would come. When it didn’t, I finally called my doctor and she sent me for bloodwork immediately — something not done last time — to see if this pregnancy (and the subsequent HCG levels) were progressing normally. After a few days of anxiously waiting for news, I found out that everything seemed to be going well. My HCG levels had tripled in 48 hours (they only had to double to confirm a pregnancy) so my doctor scheduled me for my first appointment, which would be…one month later.

As any first-time pregnant person knows, waiting for that first doctor’s appointment can be pure torture. Since my pregnancy was planned, I was hyper-aware of everything from the timing to the early symptoms. As the days ticked on, I tried to notice if anything was different. I tried to figure out if this was a viable pregnancy. Most of all, I tried to calm my anxiety, which seemed to be reminding me every minute of my blood-soaked panties from last time.

I knew that one in five known pregnancies ends in miscarriage — so what had happened to me the first time wasn’t exactly unusual. I tried to take comfort in the fact that many women experience miscarriage and go on to have perfectly normal, healthy babies (Beyoncé immediately came to mind, so I spent most of my early pregnancy listening to her Homecoming album). And I tried to remind myself, with the help of my therapist, that recurring miscarriages are much rarer — but the fear was still there, and it was all-consuming.

Finally, I decided to do something about it.

When I was pregnant the first time, I had only let a couple of close friends and my parents know that we were expecting before the miscarriage at six weeks. This time, at five weeks, I decided to tell the world.

When Mexican actress Lyn May announced on Sunday that she was pregnant at the age of 68, it’s fair to say that there were as many questions from fans as there were congratulatory messages.

Taking to Instagram, May posted a series of photos of herself in the arms of a fresh-faced man as she wrote in Spanish: “I am very happy to announce that I am 3 months pregnant and @markosd1official is very happy that he will be a dad.”

Yet in an interview with Newsweek, Markos D1—the 29-year-old singer she named as the father of her child—has admitted that he was as baffled as everybody else when he was made aware of the star’s headline-making social media post.

Markos, real name Marcos Hernandez, says that not only was he unaware of May’s purported pregnancy, but that the baby would have to have been conceived naturally during a drunken one-night stand in Mexico City earlier this summer—the sole occasion they were intimate and the last time they spoke.

“We never had an actual relationship,” he tells Newsweek from his Southern California home. “It was kind of curious to me, because I did go to Mexico to the Pepsi Center, to an event that we were invited to. We drank—I drank so much that I don’t even know what happened that night. It was just crazy.

“And then she never told me anything. I was just getting [messages] on my Instagram, like, ‘Happy that you’re gonna be a dad,’ and it just went crazy.”

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Markos reacted to May’s post by sharing a picture of himself with the Ficheras cinema star, alongside the hashtag “#2019″—his way of discreetly letting his Instagram followers know that the loved-up pictures are actually two years old.

“I met Lyn May in 2019, when I was touring in Mexico and I invited her to [be in] one of my music videos, called Borracho—which is Drunk in English. In the music video we get married, so it was a huge scandal. People thought that we were getting married in real life.”

“A lot of the pictures that she posted, they’re old pictures from when we went to a red carpet [event] in 2019,” he says, adding: “[After] the whole video thing, people made it seem like we were going out for real.

“But in all my interviews I said, ‘No, we’re not in a relationship. We’re good friends.’ Lyn May, obviously, is iconic. She has a beautiful body for her age. I’m a fan and I was so happy for her to accept to be in my music video. That’s where our relationship started, but it was all for a music video.”

Noting the increase in negative comments on social media in recent days, Markos says: “The thing is that people don’t know the real story, so people are really thinking, ‘Oh, he wants a sugar mama,’ or commenting things like, ‘He’s with her for the money.’ People don’t know that there’s actually not a relationship.”

“I was so drunk, to be honest”

While Markos marvels to Newsweek about May’s looks and accomplishments, he admits that embarking on an intimate relationship with the woman he describes as the “Mexican Cher” was something he hadn’t considered before their fateful night together—even though he struggles to recall details of it.

“We went to a television show and then we went to a red carpet [event],” he recounts. “So I was just drinking there and they were bringing me more drinks and more drinks. And then around midnight, she told me she can get her a ride or we can catch an Uber together.

“But she doesn’t live in Mexico City, she actually lives on the [outskirts] of Mexico City. So she asked if she could stay with me and I said, ‘I have two beds.’ And when we were there, I was so drunk, to be honest, I don’t even know what happened that night.

“In the morning, when I woke up, she was in her bed, I was in my bed. We just had breakfast and she caught her Uber and since then we haven’t spoken.”

How to announce pregnancy to a one night stand

As excessively imbibing vodka Red Bulls led to a blank spot in his memory, Markos, who says that he isn’t a drinker, woke up the following morning feeling somewhat sheepish.

“I was just kind of embarrassed the next morning, because when you’re drunk, you don’t know anything,” he tells Newsweek. “You wake up and you’re just, ‘Oh my gosh, I was drunk. What did I do last night?’

“I didn’t say anything to anybody, and I don’t think she ever mentioned it to anybody. That’s why it was kind of shocking to see that post.”

“If she is pregnant, it’s literally like a miracle”

Of course, there is the not-so-minor detail of May being 68 years old—an age widely deemed to be beyond the threshold of natural conception.

Given that no in vitro fertilization would have been involved, does Markos truly believe he got May pregnant? While it has “crossed [his] mind” that she could be joking, he says: “Well, honestly, we really don’t understand. the woman’s body and how all that works. I’ve seen people saying it’s impossible for her to have a baby. But if she is pregnant, it’s literally like a miracle.”

Addressing accusations of the whole story being an elaborate hoax, Markos adds: “She is Lyn May and she is a person who likes publicity, but I don’t think she needs that kind of publicity, because she’s been a diva since the ’50s.”

Markos, who tells Newsweek that he and May were dating other people at the time of their tryst, has been struggling to get in contact with the actress since her baby news was shared.

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How to announce pregnancy to a one night stand

Mexican actress Lyn May, 68, is getting a fair bit of attention around the world now.

On Aug 9, the former exotic dancer made a surprising claim on her Instagram account. Posting a picture of herself being embraced by Los Angeles-based recording artist Markos D1, she wrote in Spanish: “I am very happy to announce that I am three months pregnant and Markos D1 is very happy that he will be a dad.”

The statement not only surprised netizens — who marvelled at Lyn May’s ability to conceive in spite of her age — but also the alleged baby father, who turns 30 in end August.

'I don't even know what happened that night’

The musician, whose real name is Marcos Hernandez, told Newsweek that he was unaware of Lyn's pregnancy and only found out via Instagram, like the rest of the world.

“I was just getting [messages] on my Instagram, like, 'Happy that you're gonna be a dad,' and it just went crazy," he said.

“It was kind of curious to me, because I did go to Mexico, to the Pepsi Center, to an event that we were invited to… we drank — I drank so much that I don’t even know what happened that night. It was crazy.”

Recounting the events that night, he said Lyn May suggested catching a ride together.

"But she doesn't live in Mexico City, she actually lives on the [outskirts] of Mexico City. So she asked if she could stay with me and I said, 'I have two beds.' And when we were there, I was so drunk, to be honest, I don't even know what happened that night.

"In the morning, when I woke up, she was in her bed, I was in my bed. We just had breakfast and she caught her Uber and since then we haven't spoken."

He added the two don’t have an “actual relationship”.

On social media, he responded to Lyn May’s announcement by posting a similar picture, captioning it "#2019" — indicating that the photos she posted are at least two years old.

‘We’re good friends’

Further dispelling rumours that the two are romantically involved with each other, Markos said that he met Lyn May back in 2019 when he invited her to be in one of his music videos, Borracho — which means Drunk in English.

How to announce pregnancy to a one night stand

He also mentions that he and May Lyn got married in the video, which caused a stir as people thought that they were getting married in real life.

"[After] the whole video thing, people made it seem like we were going out for real. But in all my interviews I said, 'No, we're not in a relationship. We're good friends.' Lyn May, obviously, is iconic. She has a beautiful body for her age. I'm a fan and I was so happy for her to accept to be in my music video. That's where our relationship started, but it was all for a music video,” he clarified.

Unanswered calls to the actress

Since the baby announcement, Markos has reportedly tried to reach out to Lyn May but to no avail.

He said: "I guess everybody has been calling her, so I can't get in contact with her. Her phone is turned off, so there's no way I can [speak to her].

“Basically, I said [in a message], 'What's up? Hey, just give me a call when you get a chance, when you're free, or when your phone is on, or when you're more relaxed.' Just to communicate, because when the news broke, I'm sure she's been [inundated with calls], so I'd like to give her some time to tell me what's the deal."


Thus far, there has been no confirmation from either party about the purported pregnancy. However, Markos made an Instagram post on Aug 14 with a photo of Lyn May, asking fans to vote for her on Venga la Alegriatva, a Mexican television show that the actress is currently appearing on.

Although he praised her as an “icon of [their] culture”, Markos also hashtagged “#friends” in the caption, which leaves netizens questioning and wanting to know more about the alleged baby.

It might make sense to announce your pregnancy to different groups at different times. You may want to first tell a few close family members and then some friends before you announce it publicly on social media or tell your co-workers.


Consider telling only your family to start. Your pregnancy will be major news for your parents, especially if this is their first grandchild. You might want to think of a creative way to tell your mother, father, and siblings so you can be there to witness their reaction firsthand.

If you choose to announce to just your family early on in your pregnancy, you’ll have plenty of people to celebrate with, but you won’t have to explain things over and over again if something does go wrong.


You’ll most likely want to tell your closest friends first. Then, whenever you feel more comfortable, you can broaden the group, or make an official announcement on social media. But be aware that the news might slip out of even the most well-meaning friend or relative.

Social networking is probably the easiest way to get the news out to friends and family who live far away. Posting a picture online of your ultrasound can get the news out in an instant.


You will have to tell your employer sooner or later, especially if you’re going to be taking parental leave or time off work. As mentioned above, it’s a good idea to tell your workplace right away if your job involves physical labor that might be dangerous.

Once your employer knows of your pregnancy, you’re protected against discrimination under the Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978. Your employer is required to provide you with reasonable accommodation if you’re unable to perform your work activities safely while pregnant.

If your job doesn’t involve physical labor, you can wait until you’re comfortable letting them know. Just make sure you give your employer a reasonable amount of time to prepare for your time away.

You will most likely want to tell your direct manager first so you two can plan together how to tell others you work with. It’s completely fine to ask your manager to keep this information confidential until you’re ready to tell others.

If you don’t want to inform your immediate superior right away, feel free to meet with your company’s human resources department to discuss your options. Be prepared to discuss their concerns about how your pregnancy will affect your job.

Being professional and prepared will help reassure your workplace of your commitment to making this a smooth transition.

How to announce pregnancy to a one night stand

Most experts recommend waiting until your pregnancy is well established — that is, sometime after your first trimester when the risk of miscarriage declines. If you’re having prenatal screening or testing, you may want to wait until you get the results from those tests.

It’s also a good idea to wait until you’re starting to show. Your child may have a hard time imagining that there’s a baby growing inside you if your body still looks the same. She’ll be able to see what you’re talking about once you have a little bump.

You’ll probably want to let your child know at about the same time you announce your pregnancy to the rest of the world. Once you’ve told her, she’ll want to share the news (and you don’t want to have to ask your child to keep a secret).

And once you’ve told all your friends and family, it’ll be much harder to keep the information from your child because people will want to congratulate you and talk about the pregnancy. It’s best if she hears about a new sibling from you and not from the neighbors.

If you have to explain why you’re nauseated, achy, or fatigued before you’re ready to announce the pregnancy, it’s fine to just tell your child that you’re tired or not feeling well. In any case, it’s better not to attribute your symptoms to the pregnancy, so your child doesn’t blame the new baby for Mom feeling bad or not being able to play.

When you’re ready to tell, choose a time to talk about it when your child is relaxed and not dealing with any other stressful changes, such as starting school or getting over a cold. Find a calm period when your child will have time to process the news and ask questions — avoid transition times like bedtime or before school. If possible, have both parents there.

Check out our collection of Parents’ Voices to see how other parents handled this situation. See what happened to those who told right away, those who waited, and those who felt they broke the news too soon.

What if I have a miscarriage after I’ve told?

In the unlikely event that you lose the pregnancy, you can explain to your child that this baby wasn’t able to grow big enough to be born and later on you might try to grow a baby again.

It’s fine if she sees you crying a little or looking sad. She may also express sadness or confusion, which is normal. You can help her manage her feelings by listening to her and taking care of yourself emotionally and physically so that she can see you feeling better.

How should I break the news?

Weeks before you tell your child about the pregnancy, it’s a good idea to start laying the groundwork. You might want to start reading her some of the many children’s books about siblings. Or you might talk about some of your child’s friends and their little siblings and then say, “Someday you may have a little brother or sister, too.”

Children love to hear about what their parents were like when they were little. You might tell them about how you felt about your siblings when you were a child: “When my mom and dad first brought my brother home, I wasn’t too sure about it. But then I was happy to have someone to play with.” (Make something up if you don’t remember and keep it generally positive.)

When you’re ready to tell your child about the pregnancy, keep the language positive, simple, and straightforward. For example, “Right now, there’s a baby growing in Mommy’s tummy. You are going to have a little sister (or brother) next spring.”

For more tips on explaining pregnancy and birth to a child, see our piece on how to talk to your child about how babies are made.

Keep in mind that your child may not understand how long it will take for the baby to arrive. You can associate the time of the birth with something that’s familiar to her, such as the season or a holiday or some other event, but she may not fully understand the pregnancy timeline.

How is she likely to react?

Your child may not have much of a reaction to the initial announcement or she may be quite excited or a little anxious. If she’s excited, you may want to suggest that she be the one to tell Grandma and Grandpa or some other important person. Even if that person already knows about the pregnancy, your child will feel like she has an important role in letting the rest of the world know about her new sibling.

If your child seems confused or upset about your news, say “It looks like you’re feeling confused or upset. Do you want to tell me about your feelings?”

Let her know that sometimes people feel both happy and sad about having a baby. If you accept your child’s difficult feelings, it will be much easier for her to discover that she also has excited feelings.

After that, let your child decide how much more information she wants. You don’t need to overload her with facts if she’s not interested.

But be prepared for her to ask how the baby got in there. (See our piece on talking to your child about how babies are made for tips.)

For advice on how to manage your child’s anticipation, involve her in the preparations, and lay the groundwork for acceptance of the new baby, see our piece on preparing your preschooler for a new sibling.

After reading our tips about how to write an announcement, you’ll be able to write any kind of announcement with style and ease. Take a look at the following guidelines from WhiteSmoke, the all-in-one writing software, see the sample announcement letter, and then write the best announcement you can imagine! Include the right information in fine style, and then proofread your announcement with one click using our innovative software for a perfect finished product to send.

People write announcements for many reasons. Just some types of announcements that people write include public service announcements, high school graduation announcements, college graduation announcements, engagement announcements, marriage and wedding announcements, pregnancy announcements, birth announcements, adoption announcements, baptism announcements, save the date announcements, moving announcements, business announcements, job announcements, promotion announcements, retirement announcements, and funeral announcements.

No matter which kind of announcement you need to write, you will find the following tips useful. Remember to tailor the tips to the specific announcement you need to write, and get on your way.

Tips on How to Write an Announcement:

  1. Be direct and concise in your announcement. Your reader will be able to understand the information quickly and can refer back to it easily.
  2. Write a short, friendly announcement that’s to the point when you’re sharing positive news. Written in the right tone, an announcement can show a wish to keep up a business or personal relationship. It can also build on positive feelings like confidence, allegiance, and helpfulness.
  3. Recognize what others have achieved in your announcement, and motivate your reader to reach similar goals.
  4. Present your information in a plain and complete way, so your reader will understand you the first time (and not ask questions later).
  5. If the news you are announcing is bad, write it in a direct statement. Add a message of understanding and optimism to your announcement, in a respectful tone.

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Engagement Announcement Letter Sample:

We are thrilled to announce the engagement of our daughter, Becca Jo, to her long-time love, Beau Jackson. After dating for many joy-filled years, Beau Jackson asked for Becca Jo’s hand in marriage. Of course Becca Jo said yes!

We hope to share more happy news with you in the future (like a wedding announcement), and that you are also experiencing joy in your lives.

How to announce pregnancy to a one night stand

Wedding planning is stressful enough—then, tack being pregnant on top of it all and it’s no surprise if you’re feeling completely overwhelmed. As if there wasn’t already so much to plan for your nuptials and the celebration following it, you now have less than nine months to prepare for a life-long parenting journey.

First thing's first: don’t panic. Whether your pregnancy was planned or a total shock, it’s undoubtedly a doubly exciting time in your life. And, you totally can and (likely will) have the wedding of your dreams and take the expressway to parenthood with grace—although, you will probably hit a few speed bumps along the way.

To help ensure you arrive to both destinations safely and with your sanity intact, here is a step-by-step guideline of what to do in the months leading up to your wedding date and due date.

Plan for the Unexpected

This is a fundamental rule of wedding planning in general. Try as you might, you can’t control every little detail. Certain things might go wrong, but the end result will be something you’re happy with as long as you plan properly. As soon as you find out you’re pregnant, it’s smart to consider how your due date will affect your wedding date. How close are they? How far along will you be on your wedding day? “Becoming pregnant a few weeks before your wedding should barely change anything the planning, but becoming pregnant 8 months before you wedding may require you to move your wedding date to sooner or later,” says Jodi RR Smith, etiquette expert and owner of Mannersmith Etiquette Consulting in Marblehead, Massachusetts.

Decide Who You Want to Tell

If you’re not yet showing by the date of your wedding, you may choose to keep your pregnancy news under wraps until you’ve returned from your honeymoon at least—or are three months or more along. If you’re further along than that, you may choose to announce your pregnancy publicly. “Younger brides with first pregnancies often do not really show until much later in the gestation, allowing flowing gowns and big bouquets to mask the pregnancy,” says Smith. “If the bride is already showing, however, it is better to allow for a iu and end the gossipy speculations.”

Stay as Organized as Possible

With twice the amount of to-dos on your plate as a non-pregnant bride, it’s more important than ever that you stay organized. Danielle Lee, co-owner of My House Social, suggests creating a master schedule with timelines and deadlines that outlines all your to-dos for the wedding. “This should include all vendors that need to be booked, when contracts need to be signed and what you need them to provide,” she says. “Being as organized as possible will alleviate stress and you can maintain control of the big picture.”

If you don’t feel that you can handle everything, it’s worth at least considering the idea of hiring a wedding planner. “Having someone else, not to mention someone with experience, manage your wedding plans while you focus on some of the more important changes going on in your life, will help everything go more smoothly,” says Jennifer Borgh, owner of Borghinvilla Wedding Venue in Jamaica.

Delegate and Ask for Help

Now is the time to ask for help when you need it—even if you think you might not! Cosette Taillac, L.C.S.W., Vice President of Kaiser Permanente National Mental Health & Wellness, recommends making a list of the top five most important tasks for your wedding and the top five people you can rely on to ask for help. Then, deliberately match up tasks to people and ask for detailed and specific help.

“Be direct: Instead of saying, ‘I could use help with my wedding planning,’ say ‘I want to have a rustic menu of simple sliders and sides, can you please research three possible catering options for me in the next two weeks?’ she says. “People appreciate having clear direction for how they can be useful.”

Bump Up the Self-Care

Your main focus throughout your wedding—and baby-planning processes—should be caring for yourself and your baby-to-be. “Planning a wedding means a lot of time at tastings, fittings, meetings, and so forth, which can mean a lot of hours sitting (not good for swelling or varicose veins!),” says Melanie Tindell, owner and event planner at Oak & Honey Events in Northeast Ohio. “Not only can exercise boost blood circulation, but it also helps keep your energy levels up, eases any bodily tension, and helps alleviates stress.”

Make sure you’re sleeping a solid seven to nine hours each night, fueling your body with a healthy balance of vitamins and nutrients, and exercising on the regular—even when pregnancy symptoms have you craving your couch.

Do Wedding-Dress Damage Control

If you already purchased your wedding gown before becoming pregnant, call your tailor as soon as you’re comfortable to discuss a game plan. Depending on the style and features of the dress, it may be easy to let out or redesign. If you’ve yet to purchase your dress, you’re in luck. You’re ahead of the curve and can now select your sizing according to how far along you will be on your actual wedding day. “Sizing up is the safest way to go, as it’s always easier to tailor a larger dress down to fit perfectly,” says Patrice Catan-Alberty, bridal designer, wedding dress expert and founder of Catan Fashions. “Opt for silhouettes that include A-line, high-waisted gowns and light fabric for a flattering look."

Carefully Consider Your Menu

Whether it’s a brunch buffet or a plated three-course meal, Tindell urges brides not to forget that they may need to alter their wedding-day menu, not just for food, but for drink also. “Ask your bartender to craft a special signature mocktail that can be ‘spiked’ for your imbibing guests,” she says. “And talk to your caterer about the importance of using pasteurized cheeses and fully-cooked meats, too.”

Keep Things Simple and Meaningful

It’s easy to get caught up in the latest wedding trends and spend your limited time, energy and budget on things that you probably won’t think twice about after your big day, but Taillac recommends keeping things simple. “Forgo the multi-day wedding events that are so popular today such as pre-wedding welcome parties, big rehearsal dinners and next-day brunches, and, instead, focus on making your ceremony meaningful for you and your partner and creating a comfortable experience for your guests,” she says. “Remind yourself that the tradeoff for adding more is added stress for you and your baby.”

In a Reddit post, a woman claimed that she publicly confronted a “toxic” guest at her friend’s engagement dinner. According to the woman, the guest—under the moniker “N”—used the dinner as an opportunity to announce her pregnancy. The confrontation left N in tears, but the bride-to-be, and hundreds of Redditors, applauded the woman, who provided N with a much-needed lesson in etiquette.

The post, which has received 9,500 votes and 850 comments, was published by u/fuziz in Reddit’s popular, “Am I The A**hole” forum. She wanted to know: “AITA for ruining an engagement dinner?”

“My friend [Sarah] invited my boyfriend and I [f] to a dinner where she had announced her engagement with her now-fiancé,” she said at the beginning of the post. “There were many of her closest friends there with their significant others.

“Once Sarah announced her engagement everyone was congratulating her and everything. We were stoked and just having a good time,” she continued.

That is until N announced that she and her husband were expecting.

She explained in the post that Sarah looked “really upset” as her guests started to congratulate N and her husband on their news. When she asked Sarah if N was allowed to announce her pregnancy, Sarah responded: “No.”

In defense of Sarah, the poster decided to confront N in front of the other guests.

“You weren’t given permission to announce your pregnancy here. Sarah and her fiancé gathered everyone here and are paying for our meals,” she said. “The night is about them. not you.

“If you wanted a pregnancy announcement dinner you should have held it on your own time but you wanted to take the attention from Sarah and her fiancé away so badly that you’re ruining their engagement dinner,” she continued. “You’re toxic.”

Though the confrontation left N in tears, some experts would agree that N’s announcement was inappropriate.

  • Reddit Backs Bride Billing Family Who Hijacked Engagement Party
  • Internet Supports Bride Who Uninvited Mom From Wedding Over ‘Cruel’ Gift
  • Internet Split Over Bride Asking to Exclude Child With ADHD From Wedding

According to Very Well Family, someone else’s “big moment,” is not the time or place to announce a pregnancy.

“While it might be great to make your news known at a family gathering where everyone is present, it is key to ensuring that you aren’t stealing someone else’s thunder,” the article read.

“So hold your tongue if someone else has just made a big announcement, like their engagement or their own pregnancy,” the article continued. “The same holds true for making the announcement at someone’s wedding.”

A writer for Love to Know also encouraged guests to “refrain from making non-related announcements at the [engagement] party.”

The poster’s boyfriend tried to convince her that she’d ruined the dinner, but at the end of the night, Sarah texted the poster to thank her for what she had done. Many Redditors also applauded the poster for defending Sarah.

“NTA [not the a**hole]. I wish you were one of my friends, that’s awesome,” said u/verminousbow. “Edit: N ruined the dinner. You put her in her place and stood up for Sarah.”

“OP [original poster], I love your shiny spine,” commented u/PrideofCapetown. “You’re a true friend and I’m sorry your BF either can’t see or can’t appreciate that. You redeemed the night, you didn’t ruin it.”

“NTA. You stood up for your friend. Your friend thanked you,” added u/patjames904. “Your boyfriend seems like the type who does not like to make waves. Fine for him but he doesn’t have the right to tell you how to act. People need more friends like you!”

Your baby’s little features – eyes, nose, mouth, and ears – are starting to look more defined. Arm and leg buds are growing longer.

Testing decisions

First trimester prenatal testing options include the NIPT blood test, the NT ultrasound, and CVS. If you’re having trouble deciding which tests are right for you, talk to your healthcare provider and other people you trust.

Foods to skip

Some foods to avoid now : Swordfish, cold deli meats, raw oysters, homemade cookie dough, bean sprouts, extra-large coffees, unpasteurized juices, and queso fresco.

7 weeks is how many months?

Baby development at 7 weeks

Your baby’s eyes

The main parts of the eye that allow your baby to see – the cornea, iris, pupil, lens, and retina – start developing this week, and they’re almost fully formed just a few weeks later.

Your baby’s digestive system

Your baby’s stomach and esophagus start to form. The esophagus is the tube that moves food from your baby’s mouth to the stomach.

Your baby’s liver and pancreas are also starting to develop this week.

Brain development

The neural tube that becomes your baby’s spinal column and brain has formed and closed on both ends, with your baby’s brain at the top. It’s now made up of three areas (forebrain, midbrain, and hindbrain). Amazingly, your baby’s brain gains 250,000 cells per minute, on average, throughout the course of pregnancy.

Your baby is about the size of a blueberry

Pregnancy symptoms during week 7

Pregnancy symptoms to watch out for

Your body changes so rapidly during pregnancy that it’s hard to know whether a new ache or symptom is “normal,” or if you should call your healthcare provider or even head to the emergency room. Check out our rundown of symptoms you should never ignore. And remember the bottom line: If you’re worried, trust your instincts and get help.

Heightened sense of smell

Many newly pregnant women find that they’re overwhelmed by gag-inducing smells. This may be a side effect of rapidly increasing levels of estrogen in your system. You may even discover that your partner, pet, or home smells unappealing now. But take heart, this heightened sense of smell is temporary, and will likely fade after early pregnancy.

Food aversions

You may suddenly find that certain foods you used to enjoy are now completely repulsive to you. Food aversions are another side effect of rapidly increasing estrogen levels. They often start during the first trimester and go away by the second, though it’s possible that your appetite could be out of whack until your baby is born.

Frequent urge to pee

Needing to pee more often is one of the most common early signs of pregnancy. At this stage it’s likely caused by hormonal changes that make your blood flow to your kidneys more quickly, filling your bladder more often.

Mood swings

Many pregnant women find that moodiness flares up around 6 to 10 weeks. Ricocheting emotions are likely caused by stress, fatigue, and hormonal changes. There’s also the range of feelings you may have about becoming a parent.

Excessive saliva

You’re not imagining it – it’s normal to have more saliva when you’re pregnant. You may be producing more or swallowing less – or a combination of the two. Hormonal changes, nausea, and heartburn can all cause you to salivate more during pregnancy. To cope, try brushing your teeth more often, eat small and balanced meals, and drink plenty of water. Also, sucking on hard candy or chewing gum may help you swallow.


Up to half of women experience constipation at some point during pregnancy. This happens because pregnancy hormones relax smooth muscles in the body, which means food moves through your system more slowly. You can combat constipation by eating high-fiber foods (like whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and legumes), drinking plenty of water, exercising, trying a different prenatal vitamin, and always going to the bathroom when you feel the urge.


Heartburn (also known as acid indigestion or acid reflux) is a burning sensation between the lower throat and the bottom of the breastbone. It’s very uncomfortable and unfortunately unavoidable for some expecting moms. There are a number of things you can do to reduce heartburn: avoid food and drinks that upset your stomach, eat smaller meals, drink water in between meals instead of with them, chew gum, sleep propped up, and don’t eat within two or three hours of bedtime.

No pregnancy symptoms?

By next week, 90 percent of expecting moms feel some pregnancy symptoms. But that’s not everyone! If you don’t feel pregnant (or have symptoms that come and go), rest assured that if you’ve had a positive pregnancy test, you’re most likely pregnant. No one knows why some women have no pregnancy symptoms, but it doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with your pregnancy.

Don’t see your symptom?

Wondering about a symptom you have? Find it on our pregnancy symptoms page.

How to announce pregnancy to a one night stand

OK, this one is boring, but it’s the most basic, so a good place to start. Also, its history is a little surprising: when pregnant first entered the language over 600 years ago it carried a now-archaic meaning of “cogent, convincing.” It didn’t take long, though, for the English word to take on the meaning of its Latin root, praegnans: “carrying a fetus.” These days that’s the main meaning of pregnant in English, and it’s the main word that is called on to describe a person (or animal) with a bun in the oven. The word still carries other meanings, the most common of which is “rich in significance or implication,” as in “a pregnant pause.” We note that pregnant pauses don’t deserve the sympathy due to those suffering swollen ankles and sleepless nights.


How to announce pregnancy to a one night stand

This synonym of pregnant makes it sound like there’s a big party at the end of it all rather than hours of excruciating, uh, discomfort. When expectant came into the language in the 14th century, it was with a general “characterized by expectation; waiting” kind of meaning. It didn’t describe the particularly expectant person who is anticipating giving birth sometime soon until the early 19th century. Expectant can describe either parent, but it’s especially used of the one who might also be expecting some unpleasant bouts of heartburn and maybe a charley horse or two. (Sorry!)

Expecting is used in the same way, but it lags significantly behind expectant, and we don’t expect that to change.


How to announce pregnancy to a one night stand

Caught doesn’t have the most charming ring to modern ears, but it had its time—mostly in the fast-receding past, and especially in the passive voice in phrases like “was caught” or “got caught.” Queen Victoria was caught nine times between 1839 and 1857, and the earliest known use of this sense of caught is found in a letter she wrote to her daughter:

Think of me who at that first time, very unreasonable, and perfectly furious as I was to be caught, having to have drawing rooms and levees and made to sit down—and to be stared at and take every sort of precaution.

Poor Vicky: the levees of which she writes are not the kind to which you drive your Chevy with the good old boys. We wish we could have taken her out for a mocktail and cheered her up a bit.


How to announce pregnancy to a one night stand

Let’s face it: pregnancy can leave a person feeling a little less than elegant. This synonym of pregnant is just what the midwife ordered: enceinte is French in origin, and retains its French pronunciation in English, making it sound très sophisticated. (Click here play for some audio coaching.)

Enceinte is thought to descend from the Latin incient- or inciens, meaning “being with young,” and earliest known evidence of it in English use dates to the early 17th century, making it a century older than the unrelated noun enceinte, which refers to a line of fortification enclosing a castle or town, as well as to the enclosed area itself. That word is also Latin in origin, coming from in- and cingere, meaning “to gird or encircle,” which frankly sounds like a sly allusion to matters involving the abdomen as well.


How to announce pregnancy to a one night stand

We recommend trying this word for “pregnant” out in several accents to determine which feels most appropriate. If you want to go for historical accuracy, try British and several centuries ago. Childing dates back to Middle English (English as it was used between the 12th and 15th centuries), and it’s sure to catch modern listeners completely off guard, which makes it just the word to bring out when someone makes an unwelcome remark about your pregnant personage. We mostly have evidence of it modifying the word “woman,” but we think the phrase “one childing badass” as a self-descriptor could be quite effective.

In addition to meaning “pregnant,” childing can also mean “productive, fruitful.” It can also describe flowers producing younger or smaller blossoms around an older blossom, which is a kind of floral maternal badassery.


How to announce pregnancy to a one night stand

This synonym of pregnant is appropriate especially when it feels like gravity has taken on new and specifically perinatal meaning. Like the word gravity, gravid comes from the Latin word gravis, meaning “heavy.”

While adjusting to newly acquired weightiness can make even walking down the hallway a bit complicated, we note that what is weighty also has significance: this fact is reflected in the original meanings of gravity, which are “dignity of bearing,” “importance,” and “significance.” Gravid can also imply a fullness of import, which we think is appropriate.

Knocked Up

How to announce pregnancy to a one night stand

Wasn’t there a movie? Yes, in 2007. The movie is a comedy, and this (by some accounts vulgar) synonym of pregnant is best used for the same effect and only by the pregnant person herself. Green’s Dictionary of Slang traces the use of knocked up to the mid-19th century, when it entered the American English vernacular after previous life with such “hilarious” meanings as “tired, jaded, used up,” “bankrupt, impoverished,” “dead,” and “drunk.”


How to announce pregnancy to a one night stand

Preggers is a playful synonym of pregnant that’s newer than all the others we’ve covered so far: it’s a mid-20th century coinage that still carries hints of its origins in British English. Preggers is of about the same vintage as another British term that may beckon to your cravings or aversions, or to both, depending on the day: bangers and mash refers to a dish of sausages and mashed potatoes. Since such matters are well outside the purview of a dictionary, we will close only by saying that some are of the opinion that preggers people should be given all the bangers and mash they desire and that we do not disagree.

How to announce pregnancy to a one night stand

Cardi B became the talk of the BET Awards on Sunday night when she dropped a baby bombshell on stage during a surprise appearance alongside husband Offset, using her racy outfit to reveal she is pregnant with their second child.

In typically dramatic fashion, the rapper let her clothes do the talking as she joined Offset and his rap group Migos to perform their track Type S**t.

Walking out on stage Cardi sported a stunning rhinestone covered black bodysuit with a sheer panel on the front that stylishly revealed her growing baby bump.

It will be the second child for the couple who are parents to three-year-old daughter Kulture. Offset is also dad to daughter Kalea, six, and sons Jordan, 11, and six-year-old Kody from previous relationships.

Their baby news was acknowledged by BET Awards host Taraji P Henson who later quipped: ‘Cardi B and Offset, giving us life – literally.’

The Bodak Yellow rapper, real name Belcalis Almanzar, posted a pregnancy shoot on Instagram later in the night with the caption ‘#2!’.

How to announce pregnancy to a one night stand

How to announce pregnancy to a one night stand

In the striking image a heavily pregnant Cardi poses completely naked with her torso covered in white paint, her hands gently resting on her bump.

Cardi and Offset have had a turbulent relationship since secretly tying the knot in 2017 and came close to getting divorced last year, with the mum-to-be telling fans she was ‘single’ in October.

However they later reconciled and while the musician apologised to fans for taking Offset back, she was wasn’t going to let criticism stop her.

She told fans on social media: ‘Listen y’all, I’m just a crazy b***h. You know how I be arguing with y’all on social media? That’s exactly how we are, between me and my man. So when people be saying I be doing s**t for attention, with this and that, no, I’m just a crazy b***h.

‘One day I’m happy, the next day I wanna beat a n**** up. I just be starting to miss [him]… It’s hard not to talk to your best friend. It’s really hard not to talk to your best friend. And it’s really hard to have no d**k.’

perfect time. Just like there isn't a perfect time to have your first child, there isn't a perfect time to have your second. Regardless of when baby #2 joins your family, it's going to be crazy, messy, and more than anything else, incredible.

2. Know that, like everything with motherhood, you have no control. While it may have taken you years to conceive your first child (or no time at all), that may not be the case with your second. Having a go-with-the-flow attitude when trying to conceive your second baby will be good for your sanity—and good practice for when you have two kids.

3. Your second pregnancy won't be like your first. When you're pregnant with your first, you have the time to take care of yourself, because—hello!—no kids. With your second, you've got a toddler to run after, so don't be surprised if those daily pregnancy smoothies you used to enjoy become more of a monthly thing this time around.

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4. Nothing will be able to prepare your older child. Just like no amount of reading or classes can prepare you for a baby, same goes for your eldest. He will get through it and eventually love his little sibling, but it may be a bumpy start. (When in doubt about how to handle things, extra snuggles are always a good idea.)

5. You won't be treated the same way you were the first time around. When you're pregnant with your first, the world all but rolls out a red carpet for you and your baby-to-be. With your second? Not so much. Just like you may be feeling a little "been there, done that," so does everyone else.

6. It'll feel different. You may have felt absolutely awful with morning sickness the first go-round, but don't let that scare you off from getting pregnant again. Just like no two children are alike, no two pregnancies are alike.

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7. You'll start showing earlier. While you may have been able to keep your first pregnancy under wraps for months, chances are, the same won't go for your second. Two words: Flowy tops.

8. There will be times when you freak out. Even if there wasn't a bone in your body that didn't want another child, there will be times during your second pregnancy when you'll think, "OMG! Was this a bad idea?!" Chalk it up to the hormones and the wild toddler you've got on your hands—but rest assured, everything will be fine.

9. You'll probably feel a little extra weepy about your first. No matter how many years you've had to dote (solely) on your first, you'll feel a little sad about the fact that it won't be just the two of you anymore.

10. You'll forget you're pregnant sometimes. Yes, really. You can thank your oldest and the lack of sleep for that.

11. Your labor will be faster. Good news, mamas: Labor is often swifter with baby #2—so don't go too far from home towards the end of your pregnancy.

12. You'll be much more laid back. When you get pregnant for the first time it's only natural to worry about (and Google) every little thing. Chalk it up to a lack of time or the benefit of experience, but you'll be much more at ease the second time around.

13. You'll be half as prepared. Before you went into labor with your first, your hospital bag was packed and the nursery was done down to the last stuffed animal. When it's go-time with your second, odds are you'll grab a toothbrush and your phone and be on your way. Also: What nursery?

14. You'll wonder on numerous occasions how you'll ever be able to love another child as much as your first. But once she's born, you'll see: Yes.

Your partner may share many of your emotions, or none of them. We’ve spoken to thousands of women about how they felt after a miscarriage. Some of the women who have shared their stories with us have talked about emotions such as grief, guilt, emptiness, fear and loneliness. You may find it reassuring to read about other women’s experiences.

There is support available if you’re finding it difficult to cope with your feelings. Your GP will be able to help you access the support you need.

You can also talk to a Tommy’s midwife free of charge from 9am–5pm, Monday to Friday on 0800 0147 800 or email them at [email protected] . Our midwives are also trained in bereavement support.


You may not have been able to meet or hold your baby but that doesn’t mean your grief is any less real.

Some women and couples don’t feel comfortable with this grief. They may feel it’s unjustified because they never met their baby. It doesn’t matter how far along you were, nothing should stop you from grieving for the baby you made. No matter how many people say, ‘it wasn’t really a baby yet’, you may feel in your heart that it was a baby the moment you conceived and no-one can take that away. Many women start imaging their baby’s future from the moment they knew they were pregnant. You may need some time to mourn your baby and all the hopes and dreams you had for them.

“I am a mother of three – the unusual bit is that our three are not with us…I’d had hope and dreams for all my little ones, I’d loved them fiercely and wanted to protect them.” Sarah’s story. Read more.


Miscarriage can come as a huge shock to some couples and it is natural to need time to make sense of what has happened. Some women don’t even have any symptoms and sadly only discover the loss when they attend a routine antenatal appointment for an ultrasound scan (a missed miscarriage).

Whatever your experience of miscarriage, it’s completely understandable to be in shock. This is not how anyone expects or hopes their pregnancy to end.

One minute we were sitting happy and excited in the waiting room, ready to see our baby for the first time. The next we were being ushered to a different unit in the hospital to discuss how to have our baby removed. Shock doesn’t begin to describe it. I hadn’t had any indication there was anything wrong. I’d never even heard of a missed miscarriage. It didn’t feel real.” Marta

Failure and guilt

You may feel like you’ve failed as a mother. The idea that a baby in your care, inside you, could stop growing can be very difficult to face. You might feel terrible guilt that you are responsible in some way for your baby not being born. You might question all the things you’ve done over the last few weeks and wonder whether there was something you did that caused your baby’s brief life to end.

It is important to know that miscarriages very rarely happen because of something you did or didn’t do. The most common cause of early miscarriage (the most common type of miscarriage) is chromosomal abnormalities in the baby, and these happen by chance.

“What if there is something I can do next time to tip the odds in my baby’s favour? Because right now, if someone with a medical qualification told me I had to spend my entire pregnancy hopping on one foot while only eating broccoli and wholemeal bread, I’d do it if I thought it would raise my chances of giving birth to another healthy baby.” Catherine’s story. Read more.


Many women say they have changed after getting pregnant. They have a new identity as a mother. For this to be taken away for no apparent reason can leave you feeling empty. Partners may feel this loss of their new identity as a parent too.

“When you get that positive pregnancy test, you are a mother-to-be. Whether it’s 5, 10, or 26 weeks, you are changed.” Louise’s story. Read more.

Loss of control

One of the most overwhelming things about parenthood is that so much is out of your control. You cannot always control when you get pregnant, and it is out of your hands whether that baby will grow into a little person. All you can do is follow advice and prepare your body as best as you can. Still, this doesn’t guarantee anything and this can be very hard to accept.

Most women and couples never find out why they miscarried. It can be devastating when something like this happens and you don’t know why.

“The worst part for me is the not knowing why. Why did my babies die? How could I carry a perfectly healthy child the first time and not the second or third? Why can’t they test me to find out? Why? Why? Why?” Leanne

You may find yourself overcome with fear and anxiety that you might have another miscarriage or other complications in pregnancy if you’re thinking about trying for another baby. This is a natural reaction, particularly if you don’t know why you miscarried or if this isn’t the first time it’s happened.

These anxieties may get worse when you get pregnant. It may help to talk to someone about how you feel now. Your GP will be able to help you access the support you need.


You may find yourself feeling envious, resentful or unable to be happy for someone else when they announce their pregnancy or the birth of their baby. It can be particularly difficult if the timing coincides with important dates for you in relation to your own loss.

Try not to be hard on yourself because there are many women who feel the same way.

“But it just hits you from nowhere. I walked into a toilet last week in a restaurant, smack bang into a pregnant lady. It almost ruined my day. I see friends get pregnant and I resent them.” Read more.

Actress and comedienne Amy Schumer announces her first pregnancy with Chris Fischer on Instagram.

Amy Schumer may not be the most liked actress in the industry right now, but it looks as though her future is bright nonetheless. Schumer has recently announced that she and her husband Chris Fischer are expecting a baby!

At this time, Schumer and Fischer have not revealed how far along in the pregnancy they are, but it certainly seems too early for them to be able to identify the gender. However, the way that Schumer announced the pregnancy was incredibly clever. She first took to her own Instagram and posted a clearly photoshopped image of Prince Harry and a pregnant Meghan Markle with the faces of herself and Chris Fischer over the faces of the royal couple. She captioned it with a tease that some exciting news would be announced on the Instagram of political journalist Jessica Yellin.

Yellin shared a few images on her Instagram story shortly after, including a long list of political candidates that she suggested people should vote for next month. However, the list ended with “I’m pregnant-Amy Schumer.” While this was certainly an odd way for Schumer to announce her pregnancy, it certainly was done in a shocking way that blindsided almost all of her fans, while also bringing attention to an important subject.

Schumer has been happily married to Chris Fischer since February earlier this year. Unlike many other celebrity couples, Fischer isn’t actually a well known face in Hollywood. Instead, he is a critically acclaimed cookbook author that also owns a few restaurants. Both Schumer and Fischer are incredibly successful, so it’s safe to say that they both are in a financial state to bring a child into the world.

Though many people tend to hate on Schumer, her career has been wickedly successful since 2015 when she starred in the first feature movie that she ever wrote, Trainwreck. As both a stand-up comedian and a movie star, Schumer has made a name for herself, for better or for worse. She brings a level of sexuality to her comedy routine, which has made her stand out in recent years, especially considering that Schumer has also become a bit of an icon for plus sized women.

Some of Schumer’s biggest hits at the box office have been Snatched, Trainwreck, and I Feel Pretty. Her comedy routines also tend to rake in a large number of viewers on streaming services like Netflix. However, it seems likely that Schumer will be taking a break from acting and from doing stand-up routines in order to raise her kid. Given how much she has made in recent years, there is no doubt that this is something that Schumer will be able to do.

Since Amy Schumer’s Instagram first announced her pregnancy last night, a number of people have taken to the Internet to criticize Schumer, telling her that she will be a horrible mother and calling her fat, rather than celebrating the fact that this is great news. Regardless of your opinion Schumer, there is no denying that this announcement is a good thing, and will start a great new chapter in Amy Schumer’s life. We hope that Schumer will have a happy and healthy pregnancy.

How to announce pregnancy to a one night stand

What does it mean that the Lord will come “as a thief in the night”? Study the Bible verses and the meaning of this phrase.

“Thief in the Night” Bible Verses

“For you yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so comes as a thief in the night.” (1 Thessalonians 5:2 NKJV)

“But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night, in which the heavens will pass away with a great noise, and the elements will melt with fervent heat; both the earth and the works that are in it will be burned up.” (2 Peter 3:10 NKJV)

1 Thessalonians 5 ‘Like a Thief in the Night’ Meaning

The Thessalonian Christians had been speculating about the return of the Lord and making their own predictions. Paul tells them, you have no need (1 Thess 5:1) for that kind of information (because it is not available.) “But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, but my Father only.” (Matthew 24:36)

Does a thief in the night announce his coming? The disciples had gotten the same kind of answers to their questions on the Second Coming from Christ Himself (Matthew 24:36, Acts 1:6-7).

And suppose we knew the end; what is this to us? Christians are called not to set dates but to make themselves ready to meet the Lord by being watchful and sober. Our place is to be ceaselessly aware of the primacy of God’s Kingdom and to have full control over our spiritual faculties.

How to Await His Coming

“But concerning the times and the seasons, brethren, you have no need that I should write to you. For you yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so comes as a thief in the night. For when they say, “Peace and safety!” then sudden destruction comes upon them, as labor pains upon a pregnant woman. And they shall not escape. But you, brethren, are not in darkness, so that this Day should overtake you as a thief. You are all sons of light and sons of the day. We are not of the night nor of darkness. Therefore let us not sleep, as others do, but let us watch and be sober. For those who sleep, sleep at night, and those who get drunk are drunk at night.”

Purified by Waiting

But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night, in which the heavens will pass away with a great noise, and the elements will melt with fervent heat; both the earth and the works that are in it will be burned up. Therefore, since all these things will be dissolved, what manner of persons ought you to be in holy conduct and godliness, looking for and hastening the coming of the day of God, because of which the heavens will be dissolved, being on fire, and the elements will melt with fervent heat? Nevertheless we, according to His promise, look for new heavens and a new earth in which righteousness dwells.

2 Peter 3 Meaning

Because this world will pass away, we ought to be holy and godly, living as citizens of the new heaven and earth. Christians can actually hasten the coming of that day. Through evangelism (Mark 13:10), prayer (especially the Lord’s Prayer), holy living (1 Peter 2:12), and repentance and obedience (Acts 3:19-21).

The new heavens and earth will be the same ones transfigured for the better. For a beautiful prophetic description of the new heaven and earth see Revelation 21 and Revelation 22.

The New Heaven and Earth

“For behold, I create new heavens and a new earth; And the former shall not be remembered or come to mind. But be glad and rejoice forever in what I create; For behold, I create Jerusalem as a rejoicing, And her people a joy. I will rejoice in Jerusalem, And joy in My people; The voice of weeping shall no longer be heard in her, Nor the voice of crying. “No more shall an infant from there live but a few days, Nor an old man who has not fulfilled his days; For the child shall die one hundred years old, But the sinner being one hundred years old shall be accursed. They shall build houses and inhabit them; They shall plant vineyards and eat their fruit. They shall not build and another inhabit; They shall not plant and another eat; For as the days of a tree, so shall be the days of My people, And My elect shall long enjoy the work of their hands. They shall not labor in vain, Nor bring forth children for trouble; For they shall be the descendants of the blessed of the Lord, And their offspring with them. “It shall come to pass That before they call, I will answer; And while they are still speaking, I will hear. The wolf and the lamb shall feed together, The lion shall eat straw like the ox, And dust shall be the serpent’s food. They shall not hurt nor destroy in all My holy mountain,” Says the Lord.”

Bible Verses about Thieves and Night

Let the thief no longer steal, but rather let him labor, doing honest work with his own hands, so that he may have something to share with anyone in need.

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How to announce pregnancy to a one night stand

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Ask any woman what is some of the greatest rudeness she has ever known, she will tell you it was when she was pregnant. Strangers, coworkers, family, and friends—people will say the most amazingly impolite things when you are expecting, and that, of course, is aggravated by the fact that every man, woman, and child seems to have stronger opinions these days on motherhood, medicine, career, and parenting than they do even about politics.

Just ask Marissa Mayer. The news that she is taking the top slot at Yahoo has been overwhelmed by the media response to her announcement that she is six months pregnant and plans to return to work quickly. “Get Out of Marissa Mayer’s Bedroom, Already!” declared the Huffington Post,defending Mayer’s right to enter motherhood her own way, and some of the other high-profile women whose baby bumps currently are the subject of great public fascination (Reese Witherspoon, Claire Danes, and Gisele Bündchen) can no doubt relate. There’s only one polite thing to say when someone tells you she is pregnant: Congratulations.

I asked some pregnant or recently pregnant friends, however, for some of the best-worst remarks they’ve ever heard, and here is their list:

—Was it planned?
—Do you want it?
—How long have you been married?
—How did he react when you told him you were pregnant?
—Were your in-laws pleased?
—I don’t care how pregnant you are, I insist you still be a bridesmaid at my wedding.
—We’re waiting until the economy stabilizes before we start our family.
—What sex is it?
—Are you sure you’re not having twins?
—Will you breastfeed?
—Overpopulation is a real global problem, so we want to adopt.
—Are you coming back to work? Really? I bet you won’t.
—It takes a long time to stop feeling guilty when you come back to the office.
—I could never be a stay-at-home mom.
—You’re awfully skinny for someone so far along.
—It’s going to be a long, hot summer for you. You don’t know what you’re in for.
—Don’t worry. Your face will be the first thing that slims down after the baby.
—White jeans? That’s bold.
—You still haven’t had that baby?
—I hope you’re not going to have that baby here! (Usually said in elevators.)
—That’s nothing. When I was pregnant . . .
—We have two nannies, morning shift and night shift, and that way if one of them is sick the other one can cover.
—How much weight did your doctor say it was okay to gain?

Then there are the people who want to touch your belly. Some of them will ask first, but some will just reach out and pat your sweater. This is a real don’t. “I have never felt compelled to rub another person’s belly, pregnant or otherwise, so I just cannot understand the eagerness those have to rub mine,” says Moda Operandi cofounder Lauren Santo Domingo, who is expecting her second child this fall. “I recently had an intoxicated woman poke around at my stomach as if it were some sort of party trick,” she adds. “Many act as if pregnancies are public events in which all are allowed to take part, comment upon and discuss. Call me old-fashioned, but for me, being pregnant is highly personal, somewhat sentimental, and not at all for public consumption.”

Before we propose some appropriate responses to any and all of the above offenses, let’s step back a minute to remember, as Lauren’s comments point out, that at the crux of pretty much all our Modern Manners dilemmas is privacy. What we most often consider rude is when someone fails to respect our boundaries and personal space. And in today’s high-speed world, the lines between what’s public and what’s private are constantly blurred. I told a male friend I was writing about the rude things people say to pregnant women. “Why can’t you ask a pregnant lady questions?” he asked. “It’s in the public domain.” Really? I don’t think so. A woman’s body isn’t public, and pregnancy isn’t a public event unless she chooses to make it one. The model Adriana Lima likes taking to Twitter about being pregnant with her second child while newly pregnant Giselle Bündchen isn’t commenting. We should respect each.

Of course, it goes both ways. Where pregnant ladies are sometimes rude is when they offer too much unsolicited—the key word here is unsolicited—information. It’s one thing to tune into **Kelly Ripa’**s show when she is interviewing a certain pregnant reality-television personality and get an earful. What did you expect? It’s quite something else to make a business call to and receive a full-blown account of a recent trip to the ob-gyn. The same goes for that expectant coworker whose constant conversation is more medical chart than business-as-usual.

Perhaps you never talked about having a baby with your partner, or maybe you vaguely mentioned wanting kids “someday.”  You might’ve even agreed to try getting pregnant at 25 (or 30 or 35). But now one of you is ready to move ahead with conception—and the other isn't so sure.

This common scenario was brought up in a May 2019 Reddit thread. Thirty-year-old user aed89 has been dating her 29-year old boyfriend for nine months, and they’ve lived together for three months.  However, they had unprotected sex while aed89 was ovulating, which resulted in an unplanned pregnancy.

“He was not happy and kept saying that he’s not ready to be a dad, and he doesn’t want anything to change between us and essentially this will ruin what we have,” she says. “He wasn’t mean about it at all and he seemed to be in shock, as am I.”

Immediately after learning the results of her pregnancy test, aed89 knew she wanted to have the baby, but she doesn’t want to “force a child on this man that I love that he doesn’t want.”

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She adds that, “ultimately it is my decision, and I think that if I go through with terminating this pregnancy I will regret it and resent him. If I have it, he will resent me and the child. I feel very irresponsible and overwhelmed.”

So what should aed89 do? We spoke with Austin E. Galvin, CSW, a New York-based psychoanalyst, about this tricky situation.

Finding the Underlying Problem

According to Galvin, ambivalence about making the leap into parenthood is extremely common. Concerns like finances and house size aren’t usually the core issues. Lack of time, lack of money, and other external barriers are almost always fabricated resistances, he says. Therefore, Galvin suggests that the person voicing the concerns needs to break through to an understanding of the real, internal resistance.

Talking through things is usually the best way to identify the problem, but Galvin doesn't necessarily think couples should approach every issue together. He recommends that the resistant partner needs his/her own safe and objective sounding board, such as a therapist or a nonjudgmental friend, who will offer valuable insight and advice. 

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Here are some potential reasons why one partner doesn’t want a baby when the other does.

Fear of Responsibility: The ambivalent partner may be questioning his/her own ability to remain in the relationship or parent a child. A baby makes things real for people in a way that can be very overwhelming, Galvin notes. More than any other decision in life, a child—and a relationship with the person who shares the child—lasts forever.

Relationship Woes: Galvin notes that when one partner is suddenly desperate for a baby, it may have more to do with the relationship than the desire to be a parent. The baby-wanting partner might hope to solidify a shaky relationship by drawing his or her spouse in more deeply. Maybe on some level, there's a hope that the baby will provide a level of intimacy that's currently lacking in the marriage.

Childhood Issues: If the baby was planned and one spouse suddenly starts throwing up roadblocks, there could be childhood issues at stake. Galvin notes that the resistant partner may need to work through unresolved feelings about his or her own parents.

Finding a Compromise When One Partner Doesn’t Want a Baby

When Galvin encounters this situation, he asks the couple to talk about the feelings and incidents that led to their current dilemma. "Even if they agreed in the past to have a child, either partner can change the rules," he says. But it's important to understand what's at stake, so couples can feel responsible for their decision and its consequences.

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Galvin asks each couple, "How important is having a baby to you? Are you willing to give up this man or woman over this issue?" Unless the relationship is in serious trouble, they always say no, he says, and once they've strengthened their commitment to being together, they're able to negotiate a solution.

In many cases, the best advice may be to keep working through the ambivalence—which can be a lengthy process—while at the same time trying to conceive. Galvin points out that the most resistant spouses often become doting parents. He's had clients who felt extreme anxiety throughout the nine months of pregnancy, but he's never had anyone hold their baby in their arms and then come back and tell him it was a mistake.

Find inspiration in our curated catalog of announcement letters. Each sample letter comes with guidelines and advice to help you find the right words.

How to announce pregnancy to a one night stand

Announcement letters are letters that notify or give information about a certain occasion, special event, or occurrence that people are required to be aware of. They could be for a concert, a special sale, or even a graduation party. Announcement letters are usually informal and state clearly and concisely what the event/occasion is and what further actions the recipient should take. Announcement letters can be used in many personal and business situations. In personal situations these letters may be used, for instance, to announce a birthday, death, wedding, or graduation. In the business world, such letters may be used to announce a new policy, change in management, financial summaries for investors, grand sale, or actions against a customer due to nonpayment.

Announcement letters should be written in a straightforward manner stating all the necessary facts. Clearly state why you feel the occasion is important. If you are delivering bad news, be optimistic for the future. Bold and highlight the points that need focus so that the content is clear to the reader. Add any information which you think your reader might want to know and do not miss out any important detail. End the letter on a positive note.

Things got a little awkward Wednesday on Fox News’s The Five, when Dana Perino coaxed co-host Jessica Tarlov into announcing her pregnancy that, up until then, had not been made public. At the time, they were talking about new things they had all done during the pandemic. Jesse Watters spoke about having a baby and writing a book. Then Perino turned to Tarlov.

“Jessica, you try anything new?” Perino asked. “I mean, you got something new coming.” “Yeah, and now the audience knows,” Tarlov responded, clearly shocked as her co-hosts began to laugh while Perino appeared confused. “So, I’m pregnant,” Tarlov finished.

I love this woman! ⁦@JessicaTarlov⁩
Let me be the one to accidentally spill the beans. But they are such good beans!!

— Dana Perino (@DanaPerino) September 8, 2021

But Perino appeared to genuinely not know that the pregnancy was a secret.

“You could have said anything,” Perino said. “First of all, I thought people knew. I am so sorry.” “It’s totally — I, yeah,” Tarlov said, searching for what to say before going on. “I also learned how to make sourdough bread, like everybody.” “OK, OK. That would have been a great answer,” Perino responded. “Can we congratulate Jessica all together?”

Things then took a weird turn when Dagen McDowell joined in the conversation, which again, was originally about new things they tried during the pandemic.

“I can’t top it other than — the only thing I can top it with is, like, partner swaps or orgies,” McDowell said to laughter from the table. “No,” Perino replied, “and even that is not topping the news that we have that I thought was old news.”

Perino was clearly embarrassed, but also thrilled for Tarlov, and ended the segment with her head in her hands as they cut to commercial.

Watch Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez respond to Gov. Abbott's 'disgusting' comments about rape and abortion: 'Ignorance that is hurting people':