How to alleviate boredom at home

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More and more of us are staying home in an attempt to slow down the spreading coronavirus. But being stuck at home can lead to boredom.

Boredom is a signal that we’re not meaningfully engaged with the world. It tells us to stop what we’re doing, and do it better – or to do something else.

But, as a social psychologist who studies boredom, I know that people don’t always make the best choices when bored. So if you’re stuck at home, dutifully practicing your social distancing, how do you keep boredom away?

About boredom

We can feel bored even with jobs and activities that appear to be meaningful. For example, researchers have found anesthesiologists and air traffic controllers find themselves bored on the job.

What this research reveals is that just because something is objectively meaningful doesn’t mean it feels that way to us all the time. And even meaningful work can be boring if the person performing it finds it too hard or too easy. Once that happens, individuals might struggle to stay focused.

Reducing boredom requires that individuals solve the problems that produced it – not having sufficient activities that are both meaningful and optimally challenging.

However, sometimes people turn to activities that make them feel better in the moment, but that don’t provide long-term meaning or challenge. For instance, studies have shown that people are willing to self-administer electric shocks when bored.

Other behaviors linked to greater susceptibility to boredom include increased alcohol intake and marijuana use. Boredom is also tied to unhealthy snacking and online pornography.

While these may feel good in the moment, they provide only temporary relief from boredom. To prevent boredom and keep it away, we need to find solutions at home that provide lasting meaning and challenge.

1. Remind yourself why you’re doing this

People generally prefer doing something to doing nothing. As staying home is the most effective way to prevent the further transmission of the coronavirus, it is meaningful to socially isolate. However, it may not always feel that way.

Like all emotions, boredom is about whatever you’re thinking at the moment. That means staying at home will only feel meaningful when we’re actively thinking about the greater good it does. For instance, in studies, when students were prompted to reflect on why their schoolwork mattered to them personally, researchers found that their interest in learning increased.

In other words, reframing our activity changes how we feel about it.

How to alleviate boredom at home

Creating simple reminders, such as a note on the fridge, or a morning meditation, can help us keep the big picture in view: Staying home is a sacrifice we’re actively making for the good of others.

2. Find a rhythm

Routines structure our days, and provide a sense of coherence that bolsters our meaning in life. People’s lives feel more meaningful in moments when they’re engaged in daily routines.

We lose those routines when we give up going to the office, or when we are laid off. Even retirees or stay-at-home parents are disrupted by closures to cities, restaurants and schools. This loss of routine can foster feelings of boredom.

By creating new routines, people can restore a sense of meaning that buffers them from boredom.

3. Go with the flow

Figuring out what to do when faced by long days unstructured by work or school can be hard. A recent study of people in quarantine in Italy found that boredom was the second most common issue, after loss of freedom.

One thing that makes such situations hard is that it can be tricky to find activities that are just challenging enough to keep one occupied, without being too demanding. This situation can leave people bored and frustrated.

It helps to keep in mind that what counts as too challenging, or not challenging enough, will shift throughout the day. Don’t force yourself to keep at it if you need a break.

4. Try something new

Boredom urges many of us towards the novel. Embrace that urge, judiciously. If you have the energy, try a new recipe, experiment with home repairs, learn a new dance on TikTok.

Doing new things not only relieves boredom, it helps acquire new skills and knowledge that may relieve boredom in the long run. For instance, we feel a surge of interest when we read an interesting novel or go through complex experiences, but only if we have the capacity to understand them.

Evidence shows that embracing new experiences, can help us lead not only a happy or meaningful life, but a psychologically richer one.

5. Make room for guilty pleasures

It’s okay to binge on television, if that’s all you can handle at the moment.

We sometimes paint ourselves into a box where our most meaningful hobbies are also mentally taxing or effortful. For instance, digging into a classic Russian novel may be meaningful, but it doesn’t necessarily come easily.

Similarly, well-intentioned suggestions for how to cope at home, such as hosting a virtual wine-and-design night, may be simply too exhausting to be pleasurable at a time when many of us are already struggling.

Give yourself permission to enjoy your guilty pleasures. If need be, reframe those moments as much-needed mental refreshment, nourishing and recharging you for a later date.

6. Connect with others

Finding easy meaningful alternatives – bite-sized options that don’t take much effort, but that we find deeply rewarding – can be a challenge.

Luckily one good option is open to us all: connecting with others, whether virtually or for those lucky enough not to be quarantined alone – in-person.

How to alleviate boredom at home

Looking at old photos, or reminiscing with a friend, are simple meaningful actions most of us can take even when we’re not feeling our best. One does not need a reason to call up a friend – our best socializing is the kind that happens casually, in the unstructured time between scheduled activities.

Create room for that virtually as well: Next time you’re pouring a glass of wine or watering the plants, call up a friend while you do it. Make dinner together. We don’t have to be bored, when we’re all in this together.

Boredom itself is neither bad nor good, only our choices about how to counter it make it so.

How to alleviate boredom at home

How to deal with boredom is a question many people ask but don’t have the answers to, even till today. Boredom is the state of feeling disinterested in one’s surroundings; having nothing to do or feeling that life is dull.

It’s a feeling that comes with being idle, not doing anything, apathy, feeling numb, and so on. It can be normal; it can also be classified as an illness especially when the feeling becomes excessive.

Personally, I feel boredom means different things for different people. For some, it’s when they’re idle, not doing anything productive. For others, it’s not having any form of entertainment at the moment. For yet another, it’s feeling disinterested from life itself i.e. apathy.

What is boredom for you?

Now we have all made the statement, “I am bored” at one point in our lives. It’s normal and even an everyday feeling for most people these days. But what exactly is boredom? Why do we feel bored? What situations exactly causes boredom? Is there a way to alleviate it? For us that feel sad or depressed when bored, especially those that lack interest in life, is there actually a way not to feel that way? If that makes sense then let’s discuss the “whats”, “whys”, and “’hows” of boredom.

How to Deal With Boredom in Self: Unproductivity

Unproductive, in this context, does not necessarily mean being useless or worthless. It means more of ennui, a feeling of listlessness and dissatisfaction arising from a lack of excitement. It refers to not achieving up to what you feel you should be achieving.

Most times, we feel a certain lack of enthusiasm when we’re not doing that dream job, when we’re not married to that dream guy, when we’re not studying that dream career. In other terms, when we’re not satisfied with the way things are.

This is actually very simple to tackle. Most people feel weighed down by societal norms and as a result, they find themselves working in a place they don’t like, doing the things they don’t like, leading to a lack of interest in their workplace and professional life as a whole.

For us that go through life like this, the simple solution is Change. Now, before you start thinking “if it’s that easy, why have I not done it since?” Wait let me finish.

I once came across a unique quote, “The only thing constant in life is Change”. I couldn’t understand it at first. But think about it. Everything undergoes change. The way you think now is definitely not the way you thought as a child. I know some of us wish to be children forever.

We are in any situation we are at the moment because we want to be. No one is forcing you to remain in that marriage, in that career, complaining daily how bored you are with the way your life is. No. Change.

Do something that involves not just your body, but your mind, heart and soul. I feel the way to combat boredom is in Doing. Go out there and do. Even continuously doing a particular thing every day is tasking not to talk of doing something you have no interest in or love for every day. It’s bound to have a mental effect. Yes, boredom can also be ascribed to mental stress.

How to alleviate boredom at home

How to Deal With Boredom at Home

This in other words means not having any form of entertainment (the action of providing or being provided with amusement or enjoyment). This could be in the form of not being with friends, not having a book to read, not having any movie to watch, no or slow internet connection, or even not having a place or party to go to. Some people cannot go a week without going to party.

I know someone that also locks herself in her room all day with a book, and she’s happy. As our faces are different, so also our preferences.

Some of us can be alone all day, as long as there’s free internet connection, a book, or a video game, we’re content. Others must be in the company of people, either friends, family or a special someone. Another still has to be outside, under the skies, feeling the wind, either alone or with someone, to feel pleasure.

My point is we all have our ways of having fun. And this fun leads to a sort of relaxation, enjoyment, amusement, and even pleasure. So the question here is, “How should you spend your leisure time?”

For some of us, we want someone to make us do something. A friend invites you to a place you want to go but you say no. That’s why some people say it’s not that you’re bored, you’re boring. I feel most of the time we allow ourselves to be bored.

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This of course might be good, healthy even if it is a once in a while, for self-reflection or meditation. But it should not be so much as to cause weariness or sluggishness or in a more relatable term, melancholy. Go out and have fun, purchase that book online, visit that person, see that movie, go on that vacation or trip.

How to alleviate boredom at home

How to Deal With Boredom in Life Generally

Now this has been rampant over the past couple of years. You hear phrases like, “Life is boring. Life is trying. Life is tiring.” It’s also the cause of many suicide cases lately. A lack of motivation or drive towards life naturally causes depression and an extreme case of sadness. This can also be labelled with one word, apathy. In fact, there are many words for it, unresponsiveness, detachment, lack of concern.

Psychologists say it’s the suppression of emotion caused by a prolonged state of being numb, which is also being bored with life over a long period of time. But let’s not go too far. A lack of interest towards life is mostly due to loneliness. This does not necessarily mean being alone.

Loneliness can occur even amongst a group of people, in a party, a cinema and so on. Why is this? This is because your body is present but your mind isn’t. This leads me to my next point, Boredom is a state of the mind. What you don’t put your mind in, you can’t find joy or fun in it. Some others that fall into this category actually choose to suppress that feeling of excitement. Life is how you make it.

Travel. Move out of your comfort zone. Do that thing you want to do that you are afraid of. Go bungee jumping. Try skydiving. Go on that trip, even if it’s alone. See new faces, new experiences. There are others who eat just to feel filled when they are bored. At the end, they find themselves fat, still feeling empty. Go out and live. After all, Life is only once anyway. You might as well live it.

How to alleviate boredom at home

A person can choose to be in her room all day and be happy, another can choose to go out all day and be sad. A person studies Medicine and is content, another study it and feels uninterested in general. My point is it all boils down to you as an individual. What makes you bored? In what area of your life do you find yourself lacking, or do you want to run away from? Can you do something about it?

When we start asking ourselves these questions, we find out that boredom is not such a big thing to be worried about. Life is so much more interesting than we make it out to be.

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How to alleviate boredom at home

I don’t believe boredom is caused by a lack of things to do. I don’t think that it is even caused by a lack of things you want to do. Rather I’ve found boredom is usually mislabeled to disguise a different problem. This is why most attempts to stop boredom don’t work, because they don’t address the real problem.

Here are some tricks I’ve found to help expose the real culprit behind a feeling of boredom and get back to your normal self:

  1. Figure out what you really want to do. Boredom often masks a problem where you want to do a particular activity but something is preventing you. This could happen when you want to watch your favorite television show, but the cable is out. When this happens, the first step to killing boredom is to simply recognize the activity that you truly want to be doing.
  2. Nuke procrastination. Procrastination can cause boredom if there aren’t any distractions available to take your mind off your task. If this is the case, try one of these tips to eliminate the wait and get busy again.
  3. Get your compass straight. Boredom can just as easily be caused by a lack of direction. Spend a few minutes identifying your goals, desires or passions. Sometimes simply bringing up these can get you motivated again.
  4. Socialize. Get out and meet some friends, or make some new friends. Boredom can often disguise a lack of social energy. Even if you can’t see how to meet new people in your area and your friends are busy, go to an online forum that shares one of your interests or pick up a phone.
  5. Put off your boredom. Take a look at your to-do list. Commit to doing just one tiny task on that list before you find something fun to do. Often putting off your boredom for a few minutes by being productive can kick the feeling.
  6. Learn something new. Perhaps what you need is some mental stimulation. Here are some fast things you can do to start learning something new:
    • Read a book
    • Research a topic your interested in online
    • Write a short story
    • Pull up photoshop (or download GIMP if you don’t have it) and practice your artistic skills.
  7. Cut off distractions. Boredom can happen when you are doing a low value task, like random internet surfing or watching television shows that don’t interest you. Distractions can be a black hole, sucking you into a prolonged state of disinterest. Turn off the television or computer and start moving around until you find something better to occupy you.
  8. Fill schedule holes. Too much time is often worse than no time at all. It can be difficult to adjust to the boredom when you suddenly have a schedule vacuum. I often find myself getting irritated during holiday periods where my normally busy schedule empties. Spend a few minutes to fill schedule holes to prevent boredom in the first place.
  9. Become your own cheerleader. I’ve been bored due to a temporary lack of confidence. Who wants to work hard towards a goal when you’ve been dealt an upsetting blow to your belief that you will succeed? Take some time to review your wins and high points so that you can restore some confidence and keep moving.
  10. Meditate. This has become my default activity in cases of extreme boredom. Check out the popular article I wrote for ZenHabits about how to do it (and why).
  11. Journal. Open up a word document and just start writing. This works similarly to meditation, although it is a bit more active and less imaginative.
  12. Add a new challenge. If you find yourself consistently bored, this usually means you have a section of time where you don’t have an activity that meets your needs. Add a new goal, challenge or hobby to fill up the time.

These are just a few of the methods I use regularly when I have to combat boredom. But these are just suggestions. The best way to combat boredom is to understand why your bored.

Why Do You Feel Bored?

I’ve found that boredom usually has one of these five root causes. Know the cause and your closer to a cure:

  1. Procrastination – You aren’t bored, just procrastinating. Figure out what tasks you are putting off and nuke the procrastination.
  2. Lack of Useful Energy – Boredom isn’t the same as exhaustion, but it occurs when you have an abundance of one form of energy but are exhausted in the energy you would find useful. I’ve had this happen when I can’t get myself to keep working, but I don’t feel physically tired. Find an activity that will use the energy you have an abundance of. This could mean doing something physical after spending all day writing or doing something creative after an entire day of churning out boring code.
  3. Schedule Gaps – Your schedule has suddenly changed and you don’t have the flurry of busyness to protect you anymore. Sometimes the answer is to quickly add more tasks. Other times you need to settle into the discomforting quiet and use this time for some reflection.
  4. Environmental Obstacles – Waiting in line, taking a long plane ride, forced away from an internet connection for a week. This kind of boredom usually just requires you to be creative until the situation changes.
  5. Lack of Motivation – You don’t have the motivation to do what you should do to eliminate boredom. In short periods, this problem can usually be overcome by using a simple motivation trick. In longer periods, this needs to be addressed with some serious reflection, goal setting and reestablishing your priorities.

You can use the first tips I suggested for overcoming boredom, or you can devise your own once you know the root of the problem. What are your tips for overcoming boredom?

How to alleviate boredom at home

It is very important to avoid boredom and loneliness especially if you have been diagnosed with depression or are trying to quit smoking or other addictions. Staying busy and distracted is very important in order to avoid thoughts and actions that lead to cravings, negativity and other harmful behaviors. So let us take a look at some ways to overcome boredom at home, when alone.

1. Change your daily habits

Do something different. You need to first identify your daily habits that lead to those depressive thoughts and harmful habits such as smoking or alcohol intake. Realizing those triggers is essential to quit those sad habits. Separate the habits and you will successfully be able to curb those harmful actions. Try and replace all bad habits with permanent good habits to delete the bad consequences that follow.

2. Indulge in hobbies and crafts

This is the best way to beat boredom at home alone. Here are some activities you can take up:

  • Cake decorating
  • Calligraphy
  • Model building- airplanes, boats etc
  • Painting
  • Scrapbooking
  • Woodworking
  • Playing an instrument

We have discussed some great ideas in our article on 35 Easy ways to beat boredom

How to alleviate boredom at home

3. Play indoor games

If you are feeling bored with life, indulge in some card games (Solitaire), darts, board games, video games, word games, handheld games/mobile apps, logical games, pool, etc. Shoot some hoops and lose weight in the process.

4. Take action

  • Exercise
  • Do yoga, tai chi, meditate
  • Dance
  • Clean and re-organize the house
  • Sing
  • Take a tub bath/spa
  • Give yourself a pedicure
  • Gardening
  • Play with pet
  • Ride a bike,
  • Cook

5. Call up someone

Talking to someone who uplifts you is the easiest way to overcome boredom and depression. Let them speak about themselves instead of you telling them about your life. Often, hearing about other people’s problems gives you a different perspective and makes you feel better about your situation. Rely on friends, family and other supportive relations. You may be having friends who make you feel sadder or angrier. It is best not to talk to them when you are feeling low or bored and depressed.

6. Manage stress

Manage stress before it manages you! Alter, avoid and accept your stressors. Change your perception about stressors by changing your thoughts and attitude. Build your resources and strengths. Exercise is the best stress-beating activity. You can take up the following:

  • Cycle- burn 250 calories in one hour
  • Jump rope- 900 calories in one hour
  • Swimming- 275 calories in one hour
  • Walk- 2 mph will help burn 240 calories in one hour
  • Tennis- burn 400 calories in one hour

7. Massage

Arrange with a partner, spouse or friend to give each other massages. A back rub a couple of times a day is the ideal remedy to beat stress and overcome boredom and loneliness. If you can afford professional massage therapy, go for it.

8. Journal

How to alleviate boredom at home

Journaling is a great way to let out the positive and negative feelings. Write down your feelings in a private diary or notebook. Not only is this harmless, it is also therapeutic. The technique is also a great way to come in touch with your feelings.

9. Find meaning to your life

Ask questions like ‘who am I?’ and ‘why am I here?’. These questions can help you find meaning and purpose in life. Many find the answers to this through religion, meditation etc. Repeatedly ask yourself this until you find meaning to your life.

10. Learn to enjoy your own company

We come here alone and we go alone. The best way to not be bored at home alone is to learn to enjoy your company. Notice the good things about yourself instead of seeking perfection. Treat yourself with love, respect and kindness.

11. Rest

A well rested body is resistant to stress, boredom and depression. Sleep at a reasonable time and wake up at a reasonable time. If you have trouble sleeping, take a bath or a short walk before bed. Visualize your body and mind healing and feeling happy and energetic before you sleep.

12. Take up a charitable cause

Often when we constantly think about our worries, we fail to notice other people’s problems. Invest your time meaningfully in a church or other community service. Do something for Mother Nature. Kids and teenagers can do something for their school.

13. Nourish your body

Eating a healthy diet is also important to have positive and happy thoughts. In many people, underlying nutritional deficiency can lead to depression. Cut your alcohol and caffeine intake and instead focus on vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Limit intake of salt and sugar.

14. Divert your thoughts

How to alleviate boredom at home

Go see a movie. Get a hobby as suggested above and do it often.You can also join a club or read a great book. All these can prevent boredom loneliness and depression.

15. Keep a gratitude list

List down 20 things you are grateful for. Fill up your life with those things. Repeat the list when you feel low.

16. See the humor in every situation

In tense situations (especially when alone and bored), try seeing humor in it. Humor and imagination combined together make up for great distraction and uplift the mood.

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Learn A New Skill

The first thing to say is that you should not feel pressured to learn something new or be productive. It is up to you if you want to relax or not. But should you actively want to use your new free time to do something productive, you have a wealth of options. First off, why not prepare for that next foreign holiday, whenever it may be, by learning a new language? There are a wealth of learning tools out there, many of which are free, at least for the basics.

Things To Do To Alleviate Boredom – Revamp your CV

Searching for a new job? The employment market will be unknown after some sort of normality returns. But many of us will be reassessing our lives right now and will either need to look for work or consider a change. If you now possess some spare time, why not give your CV a makeover? Make sure that it is all is up to date with your latest achievements and experience. For bonus points, you could give your LinkedIn a makeover, too, which is what I did last week for the first time in five years!


Things To Do To Alleviate Boredom – Exercise

For your physical and mental health, it is vital that you get some exercise. We are all allowed to leave the home for such purposes, as long as we are sensible. Just a short walk round the block every couple of days can make all the difference.

Check In with Friends

It’s great how difficult times can bring out the best out of people, and have unforeseen bonuses. It has made me embrace video calls, checking in with friends and being more sociable. Long may it last.


Utilise a free online course

Of course, one of the most productive things to do when bored has to be cooking. However much you cooked before, consider improving your skills. It is fun, and you reap the rewards yourself of any improvement

Things To Do To Alleviate Boredom – Read

We all have a pile of books that we’ve never touched! If you’re stuck for something to do, crack on with your ‘must read’ list. Dedicate just 30 minutes a day to reading. Bonus: Research from Kingston University suggests that reading may make you kinder.

Make Some Plans

Where do you see yourself in five years? Now is a good time to decide what lies ahead. Make the most of a bad situation and aim for better times ahead.



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How to alleviate boredom at home

“I’m bored” is one of that phrases parents dread to hear from their kids. Children bored soon especially during their vacation time as there’ no school to occupy their time.

Looking for things to do when bored for kids? How to overcome boredom? Many parents are finding it frustrating in keeping their child busy “avoiding boredom”.

Searching activities that help keep your child busy or engaged for long on the Internet can help the majority of the stuff listed is “boring” for your kid.

We parents will always provide some immediate solution to our kids when they are bored, offering them some gadgets to play, or some other structured activities. Have you ever thought the reason behind your kid developing boredom? Why are they restless most of the time?

From where does this boredom among kids erupt?

Boredom is a common feeling in kids. To feel irritated, unsatisfied or uninterested by any activity can lead to boredom. Boredom occurs when your kid feels energetic but has no idea where to direct his energy. Boredom is a common complaint among children

You or child may become bored while engaged in an activity, due to:

1. loss of interest
2. confusing instructions
3. fear of making a mistake
4. repetition of the activity for too much time
5. feeling unable to try new approaches to the activity

A bored child may want to be engaged and may be easily engaged when you offer something “fun” for them to do, whereas a depressed child may avoid it.

Some children bored can’t adequately describe their feelings hence can figure out the interesting activities that help in dealing with boredom.

How should parents handle boredom in children?

You can help your child cope up with boredom feelings by engaging in various summer activities for kids. So, when they come complaining to you about feeling bored, cheer up them, engage them into some kind of conversation.

Try to understand why they are feeling this way and address it without questioning their feelings. Take time to help them recognize the causes of their boredom and find creative solutions.

For the best results:

  1. Never question your bored child
  2. Avoid responding to your child’s complaints of boredom by getting angry, impatient or rudely.
  3. Choose to ask open-ended questions to stimulate their creativity in finding interesting solutions to overcome their boredom.
  4. Recognize that your child’s complaint of boredom could be temporary. It may be their way of trying to seek your attention or asking to participate with them to play.
  5. Help your child recognize other kinds of emotional issues or feelings which he might have mistaken as boredom.
  6. Help your child find an engaging activity or one you can participate in together.

How to alleviate boredom at home

image source

15 Fun activities for kids at home & outdoors:

1. Put out a play:

This is a great boredom buster activity. Your children can choose to create simple age-appropriate plays to act. Gather a couple of his friends to make it more interesting.

You can help them with the costumes by using some of your clothes from your wardrobe get it temporary crafted from the paper materials. It will turn out to be a major fun and engaging for your kids.

2. Ask them to make a gratitude board:

This is a new concept that you can put to practice with your kid. Ask your kid to make small cuttings for the things they are grateful in life. The board will come up really creative and will make great craft masterpiece for their room.

3. Drawing murals on your outside wall:

For an art enthusiastic kid, this can be a great engaging activity. Allow them to have their flow of creativity drawing murals on the walls. Your outdoor home walls are perfect to the chalkboard and can be cleaned with water easily.

4. Encouraging them to write letters:

In this online world where everything is communicated through emails, writing letters can be an awesome idea. Let your child choose a family member to write a letter. This not only encourages them to have creative writing skills but they will learn and value this old-fashioned communication.

5. Make a “when I Grow Up” poster:

Ask your child to think about what he wants to be when he grows up. Once he has decided on something, ask him to make poster/banner about the career he chose to go with. Encourage your kid to use a computer, or a smartphone to look up facts about the career she’s chosen.

6. Making your own lunch:

If you have an 8 year or elder kids, they can definitely participate in this activity. Ask them to make their lunch; you can help them with the basics like cooking, chopping, etc.

7. Create snack art:

One of the best summer vacation ideas and pretty engaging. Give your kid a few snack items and encourage them to use their creative skills to make snack art.

8. Collecting rocks & painting them:

Yeah, it is fun. You can ask your child to collect different shaped rocks or if you are staying near the beach have them collect the shells and paint them, help them to get ideas from the Internet.

9. Ask them to fix stuff:

When their toys break, ask them to fix them. When things become too old to use, take them apart and see how they work. Be careful when dealing with electronic devices. And keep any parts that may be used for something else. Younger kids need a little more help in fixing things than older ones, which is fine. Get them involved in the process.

10. Do some Yoga:

There are different types of kids’ yoga available on YouTube. Make a playlist ahead of time so that it’s ready to go when they choose this option.

11. Bake cookies:

Either you can help them yourself or get them enrolled in the kid’s baking classes which nowadays are very much in trend.
Kids love baking and this is another activity that helps them feel doing something with their skills.

12. Have a dance party:

Call your kid’s friends for a dance party at your place. It will fun and energetic. Create a playlist with your kids ahead of time. By the time they’re done dancing and singing along to their favorite songs, they’ll be exhausted.

13. Making handmade birthday cards:

Birthday cards are essential things which are needed often. Ask your child to pour their creativity by making colorful birthday cards. Buy them different craft stuff to get started.

14. Getting the blog on:

This activity is slightly for older kids who are well-versed with technology. A kid must be 13 years or older to start his own blog.

Having a blog is a great way to share one’s interests and initiate interaction. You as a parent need to help your child make decisions like what sorts of interests do you and your kids have in common? What kind of blog can you start together and work on as a family?.

Closing thoughts:

When you look at the list of 14 ideas mentioned in this article, what do you observe? None of them have anything to do with going to the mall to buy stuff. These awesome fun summer activities ideas you and your kids can easily put to use, using the resources you already have at home.

How to alleviate boredom at home

Overcoming boredom can feel frustrating, especially for home-bound people who are still practicing strict social distancing. Without limited options in the outside world, finding interesting activities to do online beyond scrolling through your feed is a must to add some color to your virtual habits.

If you’ve exhausted your favorite Netflix shows, and have no more new books to read, the list below explores some game-changing activities that can exercise your creativity and turn a dull situation upside-down. The internet is a rabbit hole for thrilling activities and watching iconic cat videos are just the beginning.

Tip #1: Travel the World While on Lockdown Using Google Street View

Who says you can’t visit your dream destination during the quarantine period? If your wanderlust is at an all-time high, you can explore hidden gems and awe at different wonders of the world using Google’s street view.

Nothing beats flying to the country yourself but touring the hottest spots in popular destinations makes for an interesting compromise. You can even tour London’s government headquarters if you enter “10 Downing Street,” so hop online and travel the world within Google’s boundaries.

Tip #2: Play the Wiki Game

People often associate Wikipedia as something that delivers information when you’re curious, but searching through different pages doesn’t have to be a boring experience. If you want to spice up your browsing history, try your hand at the trending Wiki game!

It’s an addicting game that generates two random Wikipedia entries, and the goal is to jump through hyperlinks to find the fastest path to reach your intended search destination within Wikipedia’s rabbit hole. You can go from world history to top then anime deaths listicles so long as you know the right link to click.

Tip #3: Make Your Bathroom Visits Interesting by Playing

Older generations spend hours obsessing over the game “Snake” on their flip phones, but smartphones offer a more immersive, interactive, and dog-eat-dog experience: It pays homage to Nokia’s iconic Snake game but adds technicolor and multiplayer twist to make this casual game a glorified time waster.

For those looking to pass the time in high spirits, playing will surely have your blood pumping.

The Bottom Line: Different Ways to Make Life Interesting When You’re Bored

Now that most people worldwide are spending their days locked indoors to curb the spread of the pandemic, finding ways to alleviate boredom and feel productive can be tricky. Social media and Netflix aren’t enough to ease the growing cabin fever, so the guide above should help make life feel like an adventure at home.

How Can We Help Kill Your Boredom?

Are you looking for things to do when you’re bored ? If you’re looking to have some fun online and take a break from your routine, browse our site for some of the funniest, weirdest, and exciting content to alleviate your boredom!

It can sometimes be helpful to think about the vast, empty expanse of pandemic life in the same terms as Hugh Grant in About a Boy.

“The important thing in island living is to be your own activities director,” Grant ponders. “I find the key is to think of the day as units of time, each unit consisting of no more than 30 minutes. Full hours can be a little intimidating and most activities take about half an hour.”

In 2021, every unit is another incremental step towards a tantalizingly close future: vaccinated grandparents, herd immunity, easing restrictions, and, eventually, if we’re lucky, the chance to experience the unfettered pleasure of the long office commutes once more.

But we’re not there yet. Different parts of the world are on very different trajectories — while some are making significant progress towards what might pass for normality, others are held back, including by current failures to ensure COVID-19 vaccines are distributed equitably.

And if you’re in one of the many countries in the world in lockdown — you’re probably facing a lot of time to fill.

Assuming you’re still in a full time job, there’s approximately 10 of Hugh Grant’s units to complete every evening, before confronting themes of mild peril as we attempt to fill up between 50 to 70 units at the weekend, depending on how far you can stretch a lie-in.

So how to do it? Once you’ve binged Bridgerton, consumed all the hot takes on influencer activism coming out of Instagram, and completed Twitter — where do you scroll next? After you’ve replayed all your childhood video games, baked every last loaf your over-carbed body can take, and called your mum (again) — how do you pass the time?

Just channel your inner Grant — “this crying in the morning thing, this depression, let’s get that fixed” — and read this. That, at least, will be almost another unit of time you no longer have to think about.

1. Cook across cultures — four units.

You’ve already cleared through all your cookbooks, run out of restaurants on Deliveroo, and gorged on every season of Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown.

So why not have a go at Migrateful: nightly virtual cooking classes run by refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants from 25 countries that funds integration and employment access. You pay £20 (about $27) per household, learn some new skills, make friends, share cultures, and have something yummy to show for it afterwards.

It’s a tasty tonic to a world seemingly indifferent to the plight of refugees during a pandemic: where the world’s largest refugee camp burns to the ground, leaving thousands in poverty; as Rohingya Muslims are forcibly removed from Bangladesh, a supposed sanctuary; or when the UK’s home secretary describes desperate people crossing the English Channel as a “plague”.

With cuisine ranging from Syrian to Nigerian, Iranian to Ukranian, Migrateful will expand your palette and open your mind.

2. Adventurous exercise — two units (daily).

We all tried jogging, for a while. There was a brief dalliance with lifting heavy objects; a thrilling few weeks fumbling around with a NutriBullet; perhaps a brand new bicycle so we, too, could draw funny faces along our long, sprawling Strava routes.

That was in the first lockdown. Now, we’re at the “throw baseball against wall” phase of the pandemic. In the UK, for example, a University College London study found that 40% of people are doing less exercise than in spring 2020, while 30% are less engaged with their hobbies. More of us are watching TV. Perhaps we are starting to care less about that shapeless blob we used to call free time?

This might help: an app called Walk to Mordor that tracks the distance you walk, run, or cycle — measured against the progress made by Frodo and Sam on their summer vaycay to Mount Doom in Lord of the Rings. There’s no need to emerge from your cave with the complexion and social skills of Gollum. Get those boots on and start the 2,863km to Mordor. Who knows, maybe the taverns will be open in Bag End by the time you’re on your way home.

3. Read a book before bed — one unit.

There’s a scene in Buffy the Vampire Slayer where Dark Willow steals dozens of books on black magic, hovers her hands over them, and just sucks all the words out.

Imagine if you could do that — but for the powers of good! All those ideas, limitless different ways of seeing the world, all ready to be slurped up and shared down the pub in a few months time. We’ve got the time: you could finally get round to all the reading lists that came from the rise of Black Lives Matter movement; lose yourself in transgender stories in honor of the UK’s LGBT+ History Month; or educate yourself further on climate justice.

One way to get started: leave your phone in another room before bed. It’s astonishing the amount of time you get back when you cut out mindless doom scrolling. Here’s a few more ideas from us on books you can get stuck into.

4. Watch life-changing TV — ten units.

You might have seen the viral tweets, the thinkpieces, the feature interviews, the fan art, or the t-shirt that raised £20,000 for the Terrence Higgins Trust, a UK HIV charity, within 24 hours.

It’s a Sin — streaming on Channel 4 and on HBO Max from Feb. 18 — is many things: a snapshot of pure joy, a devastating account of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the 1980, and a vehicle for the heaviest, ugliest, most cathartic cries you’ve had in ages. And like Years and Years, the previous creation from writer Russell T. Davies, its characters are just the most wonderful conduits for empathy, in all their flaws, all their beauty, all their humanity.

We’ve all watched so much television. But as pandemic fatigue sets in, and we’re numbed to the grim reality that’s set upon our mental health like a dense mist, the answer must be more empathy, not less — stories that set our human-ness alight, that show us truths both beautiful and terrible about the world, that offers hope and, hopefully, a killer disco soundtrack.

Here’s a list of some movies and TV shows that do just that.

5. Embrace digital activism — two units.

Lock the windows and bolt the doors. The last year has been a weird paradox: that for the first time, the best way to help other humans has been to shut ourselves away. But if One World: Together At Home showed us anything, it’s that solitude doesn’t have to exclude solidarity.

The pandemic doesn’t stop for the climate crisis, misogyny, poverty, or injustice. All these movements must move forward — and a great deal of positive change can still happen, even when activism is limited to online spaces.

In the time it takes to make a coffee, you could share a video explaining why farmers are protesting in India, send a tweet urging European leaders to get the COVID-19 vaccine to the world’s poorest countries, or read up about the people making a difference in sustainable fashion online. Head here to find out how to take action right away.

And outside of Global Citizen, Choose Love are calling on people to write to their MPs to ensure refugees in the UK have access to safe accommodation; the Climate Coalition are making noise about the immediate health impacts of the climate crisis that need amplification; while Gal-Dem just published an investigation into transphobia in the gender-violence sector that’s well worth a share. You could try veganism, volunteer at a food bank, or check in on your neighbours.

The best time to become an activist is today. While the world goes on, so must we.

How to alleviate boredom at home

Loneliness is a big issue for older adults, and failing to address the issue could lead to dangerous health consequences. However, stimulating activities can keep seniors engaged, happy, and socially active. Below are some things family caregivers can do to prevent their senior loved ones from becoming bored.

Discourage Procrastinating

Procrastination can slow seniors down and stop them from completing daily tasks that enhance their wellbeing. Putting off duties can increase the risk of isolation and boredom. Encourage your loved one to create a schedule and stay committed to completing the tasks and projects on his or her calendar to remain active and boost his or her sense of purpose.

Prolonged or frequent bouts of boredom can result in mental, emotional, and physical challenges for aging adults, but seniors don’t have to manage them alone. In Altamonte Springs, elder care agencies can be a great boon to seniors. With the help of the caregivers at Home Care Assistance, your aging loved one can lead a happier and healthier life. We offer a revolutionary program called the Balanced Care Method, which encourages seniors to eat nutritious foods, exercise and socialize regularly, and focus on other lifestyle factors that increase life expectancy.

Encourage Volunteering

There are a variety of organizations the elderly can volunteer with, giving seniors a sense of accomplishment and feelings of joy. The advantage of volunteering is that your loved one can go at his or her own pace instead of committing to a set schedule. While volunteering, seniors can do therapeutic activities, such as helping out at an animal shelter, reading to children at the local library, or assisting with home improvements for low-income families in the neighborhood.

Schedule Visits with Family and Friends

Isolation is common among older adults. They often shy away from family and friends or community gatherings due to their health limitations. Living a lonely life can increase stress, promote boredom, and damage physical and mental health. However, staying connected with friends and family could enhance your loved one’s mood and provide the companionship he or she needs. Even a simple conversation can alleviate boredom and increase the number of endorphins released in the body.

For seniors with mobility issues or other health conditions that make it challenging to leave home on their own, a professional caregiver can be a great asset. Orlando elderly home care experts are available to provide high-quality care to seniors on an as-needed basis. From assistance with mobility and exercise to providing transportation to the doctor’s office and social events, there are a variety of ways professional caregivers can help your aging loved one continue to live independently.

Suggest Joining a Club

Meeting new people and building social networks can prevent boredom in older adults. One of the best ways to meet people is by joining a club. There are a variety of clubs and organizations seniors can participate in, including sports clubs, garden clubs, and cooking groups. If your loved one enjoys reading, he or she can join a local book club or sign up for an online club with other readers. Being a part of a club gives adults a social outlet. As a result, they can enhance their mental and emotional health, prevent boredom, and reduce the risk of isolation. Look for senior-friendly clubs based on your loved one’s abilities and interests.

Provide Arts and Crafts Projects

In some cases, boredom can inspire creativity in seniors, stimulating their minds and giving them a form of expression. Find arts and crafts for your loved one to do in the comfort of home or enroll him or her in an arts and crafts class at the local senior center. Some fun arts and crafts projects for seniors are:

  • Homemade greeting cards
  • Rock painting
  • Collages
  • Ornaments
  • Sewing

If your loved one usually relies on you to alleviate boredom but you need a break now and then, consider having a professional caregiver take over for you. Caring for a senior loved one can be rewarding, but it can also be overwhelming for family caregivers who have other responsibilities they need to focus on. For these families, the perfect solution is respite care. Windermere families rely on our caregivers whenever they need time to rest, work, run errands, and even go on vacation. If your loved one needs assistance with the challenges of aging, reach out to one of our knowledgeable, compassionate Care Managers today at (407) 232-7155.

How to alleviate boredom at home

Most of us, at some point or the other, have used the phrase “God! I’m bored”. We often wonder how we can lead different lives – maybe surf in Hawaii or do bungee jumping or even sit astride a camel watching the pyramids in Egypt. Boredom is indeed one of the major things affecting society, and in particular, the youth of today. Life gets stuck in a rut and one tends to feel trapped. But in the majority of cases, boredom is self-inflicted. Ask any New Age Guru and she or he will likely say to you: “Open up to the phenomena called life and there will be no room for boredom!” Humans are thinking beings and that is why the issue of boredom arises. So today, we will discuss some easy ways to solve that problem in a fun and creative way.

1. Sing your ABC’s

Only backwards. Or, simply learn to say your family members’ names –backwards as well! This is actually fun and easy way to prevent boredom which is also good for your brain.

2. Balance an object on your head

It could be a pillow, a book or magazine or anything else lightweight. You can either sit on your couch while you balance it or even time yourself to see how long you last without it falling off. Alternatively, you could try walking around the room for a while with the thing on your head.

3. Trick your mind

Meditate in a certain fun way. Close your eyes and try not to think of-A monkey hanging on a banana tree- Come on! We told you not to think of a monkey hanging on a banana tree-but you are just doing that, aren’t you! Seriously-try and meditate without thinking about a monkey hanging on tree.

4. Write a song

But here’s the catch-you have to only sing it by using a tune of another song which is already well known. Use this as an opportunity to write a prize winning number.

5. Play the TV Remote game

This next one is for all those couch potatoes out there. Take your TV’s remote control and go through all the channels. See how fast you can do that. Also count how many channels you actually have. Do not count channels that are blank. This activity will take you through the day-who knows? You might even find something fun to watch.

6. Play the Punching bag game

This will also help you release stress and anger. Take a cushion and punch the hell out of it. You are even allowed to think of someone you are angry with when you do this. Go ahead- punch, kick, yell and scream. Release all the stress with this activity and see how much lighter you will feel afterwards. (Best done at home-when no one else is present!)

7. Visualize

Imagine the life you want to live, say, 10 years from now. Perhaps you are a millionaire-sitting on the beach sipping martinis. Close your eyes and feel the surf, sand and sun on your face. Do this for at least 10 minutes and see the boredom run away.

8. Write in dust

If there is dust on the furniture around you, write in the dust using your fingers. You can draw, write poetry-the works. If you hate getting your fingers dirty, use a tissue paper. After the activity is over, you can use the tissue paper/your hands to dust the whole surface. You will end up with clean furniture.

9. Count backwards with a twist

Count backwards from 800 by fours (800, 796, 792….till 0). This can also help you fall asleep when you are unable to do so at night.

10. Clean and groom the pet

Have a pet? Bathe and groom it! You will end up with a cleaner pet and it will easily keep you occupied for at least an hour.

11. Blow bubbles

This activity is not just for kids but for all those adults researching easy ways to not die of boredom. Spend happy hours blowing bubbles-it is highly therapeutic too.

12. Build sandcastles

If you live near the beach then we recommend you go out and build a sandcastle.

13. Play with blocks

Build with Lego blocks-fun and easy way to not get bored.

14. Clean

Clean the house top to bottom-especially the bathrooms; good way to burn some calories.

15. Knit without needles

Relax with some knitting-but with your hands and without using needles.

16. Do a secret service for a neighbor

No explanation needed!

17. Decorate your bike or car

Go ahead and be as creative as possible!

18. Make collage stories

Cut pictures from a magazine and write a story based on it.

19. Color

Adult coloring books are fun and popular. They are easily the best ways to not die of boredom.

20. Make a memory box

Decorate a shoe box and store all your favorite things/photos in it.

21. Start a bug collection

This is for the not-so-squeamish and the brave-hearted people.

22. Noodle-Doodle

Glue noodles on a paper and make a design.

23. Race

Have paper airplane or paper boat race with neighborhood children.

24. Fruit art

Make and eat fruit salad. Cut the fruits in fun shapes.

25. Learn a poem

Make sure you pick a really long one.

26. Arrange for a treasure hunt for your friends/kids

Hours of fun that will keep you and your kids entertained all day long.

27. Improve your aim

Play kick the can or practice throwing a ball in a wastepaper basket.

28. De-weed

Pull weeds from the garden – this is a therapeutic and productive way to keep yourself busy.

29. Perform an act of kindness

Surprise a neighbor you don’t get along with by doing a kind deed. Sweep his yard, mow his lawn or weed their garden.

30. Go bird watching

Better yet-imitate a bird call.

31. Vacuum the car

Vacuum everything-especially the car.

32. Write a letter

To a pen pal staying in another country…..preferably in a foreign language.

33. Write a story

Make sure it is a sci-fi story.

34. Write a review

Write a movie or book review

35. Take up a social cause

Write a letter to the editor of a popular daily about an issue that most concerns you. Not exactly fun but a way to give back to society.

We hope we have covered some tips that will help you avoid dying of boredom and have some fun instead. Good luck!

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It is very important to avoid boredom and loneliness especially if you have been diagnosed…

Anyone can write a song; one need not be a virtuoso for it. However, so…

A CV or curriculum vitae is a comprehensive statement of a job applicant’s educational background,…

I used to be pretty good and truth or dare. And, YES, I have done (and still do) several of these dares! Pretty fun!

1) Run one lap around the office at top speed.

2) Ignore the first five people who say ‘good morning’ to you.

3) Phone someone in the office you barely know, leave your name and say, “Just called to say I can’t talk right now. Bye.”

4) To signal the end of a conversation, clamp your hands over your ears and grimace.

5) Leave your zipper open for one hour. If anyone points it out, say,
“Sorry, I really prefer it this way.”

6) Walk sideways to the photocopier.

7) While riding in an elevator, gasp dramatically every time the doors open.

1) Say to your boss, “I like your style” and shoot him with
double-barreled fingers.

2) Babble incoherently at a fellow employee then ask, “Did you get all that? I don’t want to have to repeat it.”

3) Page yourself over the intercom (do NOT disguise your voice).

4) Kneel in front of the water cooler and drink directly from the nozzle (there must be a ‘non-player’ within sight).

5) Shout random numbers while someone is counting.

1) At the end of a meeting, suggest that, for once, it would be nice to conclude with the singing of the national anthem (5 extra points if you actually launch into it yourself).

2) Walk into a very busy person’s office and while they watch you with growing irritation, turn the light switch on/off 10 times.

3) Announce to everyone in a meeting that you “really have to go do a number two.”

4) After every sentence, say ‘Mon’ in a really bad Jamaican accent. As in “The report’s on your desk, Mon.” Keep this up for 1 hour.

5) While an officemate is out, move their chair into the elevator.

6) In a meeting or crowded situation, slap your forehead repeatedly and mutter, “Shut up! All of you just shut up!”

7) In a colleague’s DAY PLANNER, write in the 10am slot: “See how I look in tights.”(5 Extra points if it is a male, 5 more if he is your boss)

8) Repeat the following conversation 10 times to the same person: “Do you hear that?” “What?” “Never mind, it’s gone now.”

9) Come to work in army fatigues and when asked why, say, “I don’t want to talk about it.”

10) Posing as a maitre d’, call a colleague and tell him he’s won a
lunch for four at a local restaurant. Let him go.

11) Speak with an accent (French, German, Porky Pig, etc) during a very important conference call.

12) Hang a 2′ long piece of toilet roll from the back of your pants and act genuinely surprised when someone points it out.

13) During the course of a meeting, slowly edge your chair towards the door.

14) Arrange toy figures on the table to represent each meeting attendee, move them according to the movements of their real-life counterparts.

And if that wasn’t enough for you.

How to keep a healthy level of insanity:

1) At lunchtime, sit in your parked car with sunglasses on and point a
hair dryer at passing cars. See if they slow down.

2) Tell your children over dinner. “Due to the economy, we are going to have to let one of you go.”

3) Every time someone asks you to do something, ask if they want fries with that.

4) Put your waste basket on your desk and label it “IN”.

5) Put decaf in the coffee maker for 3 weeks. Once everyone has gotten over his or her caffeine addictions, switch to espresso.

6) As often as possible, skip rather than walk.

7) Ask people what sex they are. Laugh hysterically after they answer.

8) Specify that your drive-through order is “to go.”

9) Sing along at the opera.

10) Go to a poetry recital and ask why the poems don’t rhyme.

11) Put mosquito netting around your work area. Play a tape of jungle sounds all day.

12) Five days in advance, tell your friends you can’t attend their party because you’re not in the mood.

13) When the money comes out of the ATM, scream “I Won! I Won! 3rd time this week. “

14) When leaving the zoo, start running towards the parking lot yelling, “Run for your lives, they’re loose!”

Boredom is possibly the number one cause of behavior problems in the house. Dogs are notorious for getting into all sorts of mischief as soon as their human family has left for the day. And can you blame them? Would you enjoy hanging around the house all day, every day, with nothing to do? (TV doesn’t count; you need opposable thumbs to work the remote!)How to alleviate boredom at home

  • For some dogs, a food bowl in the morning is waaay too easy! We work for our meals; why shouldn’t the dog? There are a variety of food dispensing toys out on the market. “Buster Cube,” “Kibble Nibble,” and “Tug-A-Jug” are a few of my favorite good-quality products. They hold your dog’s kibble meal and dispense it slowly as your dog manipulates the toy. If your dog is like mine and he’s not particularly motivated to work for his own kibble, buy some small sample-sized packages of a different brand of kibble and feed that instead, or mix it with your dog’s original food – the novel smell will suddenly make his or her meal much more worth the work!
  • Hire a dog walker. If you don’t want to pay a professional, there are quite a few responsible 13 year olds out there who would be willing to work for less. Ask for babysitter referrals in your neighborhood – if they’re willing to watch a 5 year old human for $10 an hour, often they’re willing to take your dog for a walk, or play fetch in the backyard, for a similar price.
  • Rotate your dog’s toys. A couple times per week, pick up some of your dog’s toys and put others down. Repeat. Old toys are boring. New toys are cool! Now there are new toys all the time! Bonus points if you trade toys with another dog owner!
  • Exercise your dog before leaving him for the day. It releases endorphins and burns off excess energy. Chances are you need it, too. It’ll be easier for your dog to settle in to his KONG or chew toys (instead of your couch) if he’s not vibrating with pent up energy.
  • Use a KONG toy (the original dog babysitter!)

How to stuff a KONG toy:

Easy: Put a milkbone, piece of freeze-dried meat, or similar hard cookie in the KONG. Baby carrots and other veggies work well too. Make sure it goes in easily. Allow your dog to knock it out and eat it. Many dogs need to get some easy success at the KONG so that they understand the point of playing with it, and this is a good way to start.

Medium: layer the inside of the KONG with peanut butter, canned dog food, plain yogurt, or similar soft, sticky medium. Jam various treats, cookies, kibble etc. in there tightly, layering with your sticky medium as needed.

Hard: See above, except squeeze the sides of the KONG so that the opening becomes wider in one direction. Work some treats in through the hole that don’t fit through the hole unless the KONG is squeezed (dried chicken strips or heart-shaped dog cookies are great for this). They won’t fall back out until your dog has either softened them up, or crushed them inside the KONG.

Time-delayed, for the dog with a KONG-PhD: Plug the KONG’s small hole with peanut butter or a green pea, then turn it upside down in a cup. Fill with canned dog food (the canned food will be “pourable” if you mix it with a bit of water. Otherwise just jam it in there with a fork.) Freeze. Deliver to the especially KONG-savvy dog for a satisfying challenge.

Finally, consider hiding several KONGs around your house or yard to keep your dog busy for hours. Keep an eye on the rough amount of calories you feed your dog while you’re away, and remove them from his dinner, so he doesn’t get fat. Try to use healthy treats, too.

Have an idea for a Training Tidbit? Let me know! I’d love to hear from you!

Samuel Johnson wrote, “It is by studying little things that we attain the great art of having as little misery, and as much happiness as possible.” Little things make us happy, and little things can drag us down.

One “little thing” that can be a source of unhappiness is boredom. Sitting in traffic. Doing laundry. Waiting in a long line at the grocery store.

I’ve found that the more I focus on my boredom or irritation, the more I amplify that feeling. Here are six strategies I use to “re-frame” the moment; even if I can’t escape a situation, by re-framing my emotions about it, I can transform it.

Put the word “meditation” after the activity that’s boring you. (This is my invention.) If you’re standing in a slow line at the drugstore, you’re doing “Waiting in line meditation.” If you’re cleaning up after a party, you’re doing “Cleaning meditation.” Just saying these words makes me feel very spiritual and high-minded and wise.

-– Dig in. Diane Arbus wrote, “The Chinese have a theory that you pass through boredom into fascination and I think it’s true.” If something is boring for two minutes, do it for four minutes. If it’s still boring, do it for eight minutes, then sixteen, and so on. Eventually you discover that it’s not boring at all. In my life, I’ve found that if part of my research isn’t interesting to me — for example, studying the Dardanelles campaign for Forty Ways to Look at Winston Churchill — I read a whole book about it, and then it becomes absorbing. The same principle holds when doing boring or irritating tasks, like washing dishes.

Take the perspective of a journalist or scientist. Really study what’s around you. What are people wearing, what do the interiors of buildings look like, what noises do you hear? If you bring your analytical powers to bear, you can make almost anything interesting.

Find an area of refuge. Have a mental escape route planned. Think about something delightful or uplifting (not your to-do list!). Or maybe review photos of your kids on your phone; studies show that looking at photos of loved ones provides a big mood boost.

Take your time. I realize that when information bores me, like trying to understand a change-of-service notice from the cable company, I try to rush through it. This makes things worse, though, not better, because I feel not only bored, but also impatient and confused. Now, when I have to make sense of something that’s both boring and bewildering, I deliberately slow myself down and take all the time I need. My resolution to Put myself in jail is helpful.

— Most important: always have something good to read!

How about you? Have you found strategies to deal with boredom?

* I love the internet! My friend Delia moved to London, but through the wonders of technology, I can read her blog — Real Delia, “finding yourself in adulthood” — and keep up with her from a distance. She just moved, and I got a big kick out of her post about Living with mess: radical acceptance.

* It’s Word-of-Mouth Day, when I gently encourage (or, you might think, pester) you to spread the word about the Happiness Project. You might:
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Thanks! I really appreciate any help. Word of mouth is the BEST.

How to alleviate boredom at home

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Boredom is not a disease but it is a prelude to many ailments which may follow if proper caution is not taken. Everyone at some point in life feels clueless and begins to drift away from their own set of comfort zones. For the boredom begins to creep in. Let us know about how to cure boredom herse, for staying happy and healthy is the only secret to living a long life.

Many times we feel like wasting our life despite our routine schedule staying put. Being bored is a horrible situation and the quicker you pay attention to it, the better it will be. Boredom can be just induced for, we look at others and think of their lives as extremely interesting. Specially in this digital age everything you do or are a part of gets shown differently on social media. And somehow you may not find that same spark in your life and begin feeling bored with your own life. This may not be actually depressing instantly but if continued, it may cause unnecessary stress and anxiety. So we need to pay attention to it.

Some ways to cure boredom and become happy again:

Boredom is not just a mood swing but a more serious issue where your mental situation is vulnerable and it may prompt you to take up addictive things which may get worse for your health and wellness. So check some tips on how to cure boredom easily at home:

1- Switch on some entertainment on your devices:

How to alleviate boredom at home

Get involved in some entertainment stuff on your devices. Play games, watch movies, join some play groups or even binge watch TV shows. Pick what interests you and go ahead with it. Try to make your environment as conducive as possible. And continue further with your entertainment streak.

2- Read a good book:

How to alleviate boredom at home

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Pick the genre which inspires you and that keeps you interested all through the read. Reading can become a fixed schedule for you and within a few hours you would begin getting interested in your book. This will help you get over your momentary boredom from life. Continue reading more and more books, this will keep you happy and healthy too.

3- Listen to some soothing music:

How to alleviate boredom at home

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Pick the playlists that you created for yourself and get nostalgic by listening to them. Or download some interesting music and listen to them on repeat. Music not just soothes you but brings you a new refreshing and rejuvenating realization.

4- Play free online games:

How to alleviate boredom at home

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Specially Sudoku, Mindbender, spellathon or puzzles. All of these games need a little challenging streak and presence of mind to begin playing. And if you have mild interest also, you must begin playing these. Continue exploring other games which inspire and interest you to keep yourself occupied and stay off your boredom.

5- Join a hobby class:

How to alleviate boredom at home

Image Source:

Anything from art, craft to music or even running, join a class and meet like minded people. Share your ideas and get enriched to get over your boredom.

6- Meet friends:

How to alleviate boredom at home

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Go out and meet old friends and get drunk. Party hard and get personal, share everything you wish to and see how easy and lighter you feel.Old friends are probably the most cherished of all relationships we hold. Have them dig deeper into your life and boredom, and trust when we say this will not bring any change in terms reinventing your life but somehow you will begin feeling better with your life.

7- Start blogging:

How to alleviate boredom at home

Image Source:

Writing is probably is the best medicine to get over your mood swings and boredom. It actually helps you connect with your deeper self. All the things you had but never knew about just begin to pour out and you start feeling the fuel to continue to pen down your thoughts.

8- Read opinion based articles or motivational messages/ quotes:

How to alleviate boredom at home

Image Source:

Motivation, quotes and articles which inspire you, would be a perfect read for you may be missing that spark from your life currently. It is there but just that it needs a little dusting to come out and guide you further again.

9- Volunteer for a bigger cause:

How to alleviate boredom at home

Image Source:

You may feel bored but if you start supporting and volunteering for a cause it gives you all the reasons to smile and shine. You suddenly start thinking good about your life for you are doing your part and paying our bit to the society by serving a bigger cause in life.

10- Go for a backpacking trips:

How to alleviate boredom at home

Image Source:

Go ahead and plan an impromptu hiking, trekking, backpacking trip. Even better if you could join a bigger group. Make new friends, explore the wilderness and stay focused to come out happy and inspired.

If your dog was a child and summer vacation had just kicked off, chances are he would say, “Mom, I’m bored!” even though you just went out for a romp in the yard. Do dogs get bored? Yes, just like humans do!

When dogs get bored, though, they may turn to bad behaviors like:

Why do dogs get bored?

Tips To Alleviate Boredom

If you feel that your dog is bored and if you notice behaviors he wasn’t exhibiting before, you will want to find ways to keep him happy and engaged.

– Switch up your dog’s toys. Do you want to read the same book or play the same game every day? Probably not. Your dog can quickly get bored of playing with the same toys. If you have a bucketful of toys, take some out and put them away. A few days from now, swap those toys out for new/different ones. This will keep your pet engaged because he will think they are new toys! Dogs love catnip and our Doggijuana toys offer a great “mouth feel” for your pup. Plus, you can stuff them with ‘nip – win-win!

– If you are back to work and your dog is home alone after having had you home with her during the pandemic, she may be bored with being alone. The isolation and boredom could manifest in destructive behaviors or nonstop barking. Alleviate this by leaving your pet home with a food puzzle toy to keep her engaged mentally and physically. Consider having a pet sitter or friend or family member stop by and play with her or take her for a walk.

– Take a different route. If you only walk your dog in the same space in your yard, he is going to get bored. Dogs live by their noses and they want to sniff new and exciting things regularly! Take a walk on a new path or a new or different route. Hop in the car and take a walk in a new neighborhood. Even if you like a brisk walk, give your dog some time to sniff the new scents!

What do you and your pup to do make sure he’s not bored?

We would LOVE to know how your dog gets his or her Doggijuana fix! Share photos or videos on our Doggijuana Facebook page.

Article by pet parent Robbi Hess who shares her life with high-energy poodles and three kitties and truly understands how catnip for dogs helps her pups chill!

How to alleviate boredom at home

Disclaimer: This site contains affiliate links from which we receive a compensation (like Amazon for example). But they do not affect the opinions and recommendations of the authors.

Wise Bread is an independent, award-winning consumer publication established in 2006. Our finance columns have been reprinted on MSN, Yahoo Finance, US News, Business Insider, Money Magazine, and Time Magazine.

Like many news outlets our publication is supported by ad revenue from companies whose products appear on our site. This revenue may affect the location and order in which products appear. But revenue considerations do not impact the objectivity of our content. While our team has dedicated thousands of hours to research, we aren’t able to cover every product in the marketplace.

For example, Wise Bread has partnerships with brands including, but not limited to, American Express, Bank of America, Capital One, Chase, Citi, Discover, and Amazon.

If I have a free day with absolutely nothing to do, my first impulse is often to go shopping. I could just take a walk, window shop, and peruse my favorite stores without feeling the need to buy a thing. Unfortunately, my wallet is no shrinking violet.

The good news is that there are a lot of great ways to battle boredom and keep your spending under wraps. And you don’t even have to resort to doing laundry or balancing your checkbook (although that’s not a bad idea either). Here are a few of my frugal (and 100% fun) favorites. (See also: Mommy, I’m Bored: 25 Frugal Things to Do With Kids)

1. Find Friends

If you have good company, you’ll never be bored. Seek out a good friend and spend some time catching up.

2. Make a Theme

I’ve held a few parties, and the best ones always have a theme. So pick a theme you think you and your friends can get into, and invite a crowd over to celebrate the 80s, ugly Christmas sweaters, or any other theme that makes you smile. If it goes over well, make it an annual function. Better still, make it BYOB (bring your own beer). Check out some unique party ideas.

3. Cook a Feast

Have you ever cracked open Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking? Many of those recipes take hours to prepare, but if you have time on your hands it’s a great opportunity to put together the kind of meal you’d find at a fancy restaurant — for less than you’d pay at a greasy spoon.

4. Take a Nap

I can’t say there’s anything that makes me happier than taking a nap on a Sunday afternoon. Studies suggest that many people don’t get enough sleep. This is your chance to catch up! Plus, a short nap is one of life’s great (and free) luxuries, and it can do wonders to reduce stress and increase alertness.

5. Take a Short Trip

I’m often amazed by how many parts of my city I rarely visit or have never even seen. If you have time to kill and feel like getting out, go for a drive or ride your bike to an area you’re unfamiliar with. If you’re lucky, you’ll find a new store, park, or coffee shop you can make plans to visit again.

6. Read a Book

A good book — or even a trashy magazine — can transport you anywhere you want to go. Pick out a few good volumes at the library, then spend an hour or two curled up in your favorite chair.

7. Do Something You’ve Always Meant to Do

Many people have a “bucket list,” but it often consists of big-ticket items such as traveling, running a marathon, or learning a language. You may be able to begin to tackle some of these in your down time, but if not, consider having a mini bucket list of simple activities you’re always meaning to do, but haven’t gotten around to.

8. Write a Story

More than a 100,000 people run a Google search on how to become a writer each month. If you’re harboring a desire to put pen to paper, skip the search and start putting your thoughts on paper.

9. Visit an Ethnic Food Store

Visiting a local ethnic food store will introduce you to a whole new world of foods you may never have even heard of and provide you with key ingredients to cook some authentic cuisine from another part of the world. It’s way cheaper — and way more fun — than takeout.

10. Call Your Mother (Father, Grandmother, Great Aunt)

A busy day-to-day life can often get in the way of relationships. If you’ve been thinking of someone, give that person a call and find out how they’re doing.

11. Play at the Park

I’m about 20 years past my prime park-playing days, but I don’t let that stop me from taking a ride on the swings now and then. If you think you’re too old for the park, bring some kids — they’ll provide encouragement.

12. Indulge Your Dog

The dog park is one of my favorite places in the world. Give a dog some space to run, and it will respond with pure, unadulterated, tongue-lolling joy. Sometimes, it does the same for me (minus the tongue).

13. Learn an Old-Time Skill

It’s getting increasingly hard for many people to imagine, but there was a time before TV, which can often become crutch we use to make time pass rather than spend it doing something we enjoy. Consider taking up an old-time hobby such as knitting, collage, listening to music, or playing cards. Some of these activities involve an initial investment, so start small to see how you like it.

14. Start Up an Old Hobby

The older I get, the more I feel like doing the things I loved when I was a kid. Maybe you collected stamps, built model airplanes, or played guitar. Whatever it was, think about some of the hobbies that made you happy in the days when you had nothing but time.

15. Play a Board Game

If you haven’t played a board game lately, you might think they’re a thing of the past. No so. In fact, manufacturers are coming up with new games all the time, and you’ll find that most of your old favorites are still available too. Check out the list of best-selling board games in 2011 for some ideas. These games can be pricey, but they last for years. Choose one you love, and invite your friends to play rather than going for dinner. It’ll pay for itself in no time.

The opposite of earning money doesn’t have to be spending it. The next time you’re feeling bored, look for a way a valuable way to spend your time, rather than spending your money. And, if I’ve missed your favorite cure for boredom, send it my way — I’d love to hear them!

Disclaimer: This site contains affiliate links from which we receive a compensation (like Amazon for example). But they do not affect the opinions and recommendations of the authors.

Wise Bread is an independent, award-winning consumer publication established in 2006. Our finance columns have been reprinted on MSN, Yahoo Finance, US News, Business Insider, Money Magazine, and Time Magazine.

Like many news outlets our publication is supported by ad revenue from companies whose products appear on our site. This revenue may affect the location and order in which products appear. But revenue considerations do not impact the objectivity of our content. While our team has dedicated thousands of hours to research, we aren’t able to cover every product in the marketplace.

For example, Wise Bread has partnerships with brands including, but not limited to, American Express, Bank of America, Capital One, Chase, Citi, Discover, and Amazon.

How to alleviate boredom at home

There’s no reason to be bored if you find yourself with extra time on your hands!

So it looks like we’re going to be stuck indoors more than we’d like in the coming weeks (thanks fifth wave!). It’s all for the greater good, but that doesn’t make it any less hard, especially when we’re all so used to heading out for dinner, day trips and beach days galore on a daily basis. This got us thinking about what we could do to help alleviate cabin fever – let’s face it, Hong Kong flats aren’t the biggest, and there’s only so much Netflix one can binge. So, after a quick brainstorming session in the Sassy office, we realised there are plenty of productive ways to beat boredom and keep ourselves busy within the comfort of our own four walls. Here’s our top 16 to try out the next time you find yourself twiddling your thumbs, or are stuck at home due to circumstances outside your control!

How to alleviate boredom at home

When You’re Feeling Productive

  • There’s no time like the present to learn some new skills that will help you in both your professional and personal life. Get yourself a free trial of LinkedIn Learning and take your pick from a wide range of business (which includes Excel tips and critical thinking), technology (think HTML training or Blockchain basics) and creative courses (including Graphic Design tricks and InDesign Secrets). Also check out our guide on where to upskill in Hong Kong – many of the courses featured are available to complete online.
  • Speaking of new skills, why not try your hand at learning a new language? We love Duolingo’s free language learning resources. You can unlock rewards as you go to help keep you motivated, and if you get your friends to sign up too, you can chart your progress against each other. There’s nothing like some healthy competition to spur you on! Also don’t forget to read our guide to where to learn Cantonese and Mandarin in Hong Kong. , designed to increase both our happiness and productivity(that’s something we can get on board with!).
  • If you’re anything like us and can’t resist snapping foodie-grams, cheers boomerangs and hike views, then it’s likely you have a vast collection of digital images stored on your phone. If these could do with some sorting through (we’re guilty as charged), why not use this time to organise your photos properly and free up some space on your phone by deleting the ones you have duplicates of and just keeping your favourites!
  • Ok, we get that tidying up may not be the most exciting way to beat boredom, but it will certainly give you a real sense of accomplishment afterwards. So channel your inner Marie Kondo and get tackling that wardrobe and drawers you’ve been vowing to sort out for months! And don’t forget to check out our guide to donation resources in Hong Kong so your second-hand items get a new lease of life. or two. If you sign up for an account you’ll be sent recommendations based on what interests you, or just take a look at what’s currently trending and the Editors’ picks section for inspiration.
  • Did you know that on average, women earn better investment returns than men? Yet few women actually take the plunge and invest. Now’s the time to rectify that. Check out our easy guide to investing and get started on building your long-term wealth.

When You’re Feeling Creative

  • It’s the perfect time to take up a new hobby, whether you’re keen to learn the ukulele (you canpick one up from any Tom Lee Music storefor under $400), or check out some of the free online tutorials from Skillshare, like this one on Hand Lettering. You don’t even need any specialist tools to get started – a sharpie or thick markers will do nicely!
  • Stay-at-home days are also an ideal time to try out a new recipe. Our Cook Like a Pro articles walk you through recipes from some of our favourite Hong Kong restaurants. Think Bakehouse, MONO, Club Rangoon and more. Or, if sugar calls, whip up some no-bake sweet treats or your very own bubble tea from scratch!
  • While we’re talking about cooking, get ahead with some meal prep. You’ll feel very virtuous when you realise how much money you’ll save by not eating out every day.

How to alleviate boredom at home

When You Just Want To Relax

  • It’s no secret that Sassy HQ is full of bookworms, so days of uninterrupted reading is our ideal way to beat boredom. Ask your friends for inspiration (book swap anyone?), or if you still haven’t managed to get through some of last year’s most popular reads, now is the time! For bonus point, why not get a head start on this year’s most anticipated titles?
  • Missing your regular pampering appointment? Take matters into your own hands with these DIY beauty treatments – light some candles and transform your living room into a makeshift spa.
  • Exploreunfamiliar cultures, catch a West End show, roam world famous museums and galleries, all from your living room. Yes, we’d much rather be out in the world doing the real thing, but until that day comes, these virtual experiences will keep you more than occupied as we ride this fifth wave.
  • All Netflixed out? Why not try a podcast instead? One of our favourite discoveries is locally-founded HomeGrown, which documents the Black expat experience in Hong Kong. Alternatively, catch up on these best podcasts from the past year. We recommend plugging yourself in while getting stuck into some household chores – productivity at its finest!

When You’re Feeling Restless

  • When you’re cooped up indoors, it can be easy to forget that movement actually makes us feel good. Maybe not whilst we’re in the middle of it, but definitely afterwards! Like with everything, starting can be the hardest part. This guide to integrating active movement into your daily routine is a good place to begin, or check out these online fitness classes we love.
  • Just want to chill out? Download one of these apps for meditation and mindfulness. We also recommend getting some breathwork training in. If you want more meditation inspiration, read our guide to 5 Simple Practices To Try At Home.

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in February, 2020, and was most recently updated in February, 2022.

Hero image courtesy of Anastasia Shuraeva via Pexels, image 1 courtesy of Cliff Booth via Pexels, image 2 courtesy of cottonbro via Pexels.

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How do you alleviate boredom?

Yes, I really am so incredibly bored today that I’m making a thread asking others how they alleviate their own boredom.

So, what do you do on those dull as mud days to keep yourself entertained? What keeps you preoccupied when you have nothing else to do, just to pass the time? I shall answer myself later, as soon as my brain decides to wake itself up properly.

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How to alleviate boredom at home

As part of Singapore’s fight against Covid-19, the population has been strongly advised to stay at home from Apr. 7 – May 4, 2020, only going out when absolutely necessary.

The “circuit breaker” move aims to stem the number of locally-transmitted cases, which has seen a sharp increase in the past week.

If you are in dire need of stimulation during this period, here are 12 sites that you can visit.

1. Harry Potter At Home

How to alleviate boredom at home

The project, which J.K Rowling was involved in, was specially made for this period.

Fans can do quizzes, read articles by Rowling pertaining to the magical world, and learn more about the franchise in general.

2. The Wiki Game

How to alleviate boredom at home

Compete with other players to reach a specific page on Wikipedia. It’s harder than it sounds.

In the example above, you have 60 seconds to get from the “Chris Paul” article to the “Distillation” article.

The winner is the one who reaches the end page in the least amount of time and clicks.

How to alleviate boredom at home

3. Cards Against Humanity Online

How to alleviate boredom at home

It’s a dupe of the game. meaning you get fresh cards!

You can also join rooms that are already available, or start your own game with friends.

Plenty of packs to choose from too.

4. The Evolution of Trust

How to alleviate boredom at home

A 30-minute game/lesson on Game Theory that explores the epidemic of distrust among humans.

5. Geo Guesser

How to alleviate boredom at home

Get shown a photo on Google Maps and try to guess its location.

If the global map is too daunting for you, there are themes like Famous Places, United States, and more.

Non-subscribers get one free game a day. To play unlimited games, you can pay $1.99 per month for 12 months.

Another option is a 10-day trial which you can cancel anytime.

6. Club Penguin

How to alleviate boredom at home

A nostalgic multiplayer game that uses penguin avatars. We’re in.

7. Pixel Space

How to alleviate boredom at home

Travel the solar system in this “tremendously accurate” scale model, where the moon is only one-pixel big.

8. Stars Chrome Experiment

How to alleviate boredom at home

Programmed by some space enthusiasts at Google, visitors can explore and learn about the stars in the galaxy on this interactive website.

You can also choose the “take a tour” option.

Here are more Chrome Experiments.

8. Bored Button

How to alleviate boredom at home

Clicking the bored button will bring you to a random website, specifically designed to alleviate boredom.

Note: Press the red button, not the “start” button below.

9. Super Cook

An app/website that gives you a recipe using whatever ingredients you have in your fridge.

10. Radiooooo

A music time machine that lets you listen to songs from all over the world, sorted by decade.

If you prefer not to jump around on your own, you can choose the shuffle mode (created by curators), taxi mode (select your own decades and countries), or island mode (thematic playlist).

11. Colour your own Mucha

Colour the works of Alphonse Mucha, a Czech painter, illustrator and graphic artist who lived through the 19th and 20th century.

Sometimes when working out, you wind up being bored. This is just something that does happen once in a while.

So don’t feel bad about being bored. Here are five ways to alleviate boredom in the gym and to help you get back on track with your workout.

1. Find the Issue

Sometimes motivation can be the issue. Other times it is a stale exercise regimen. These are but two of the troubles that can cause boredom.

No matter what the issue, you need to eradicate it by finding out what the problem is regarding your boredom and your exercise routine.How to alleviate boredom at home

2. Have a Workout Partner

When working out, sometimes working out alone can lead to boredom. This is a time when you would need to get a workout partner. This will help you to maintain focus, knowing that you are not exercising alone.

A workout partner can also be the best medicine for the gym blahs. You have someone to cheer you on as you cheer them on.

3. Setting a Goal

Workouts can be boring, but if you set a fitness goal to reach, then the anticipation will build and you will be able to go at it for longer.

If you have a goal such as a healthy body, this will also inspire you to keep with your workouts. When you have a goal in mind, then the exercise gets easier.

4. Play with Exercise Toys

This might sound a little silly, but sometimes playing with some exercise toys is all that it takes for you to become motivated (exercise motivation) enough to go back into the gym.

Try a Swiss Ball (ball exercises), if you haven’t tried it before. Sometimes a different approach is needed. By using toys to exercise, you may begin to find the inspiration for exercise returning.

5. Compete in a Charity Event

Competing in a charity event serves two purposes. The first purpose is that you are helping others while you participate in the event. Second, you get in shape for the event and develop a healthy attitude. It is often more fun to exercise and will also foster a sense of accomplishment that is long lasting. Not to mention the motivation that you receive prior to competing in an event.

These five tips can help you to get into the gym and banish the boredom associated with it. Sometimes, however you just need a break.

After spending years in office, working a full-time job, many aging adults are faced with free time after retirement. Unless they start some socialization or engage in fun-filled activities, seniors often feel unproductive. Here is a list of seven effective ways to cure post-retirement boredom.

1. Volunteer

Helping a community or volunteering in a cause can prevent boredom and provide a great way to socialize. Several organizations offer opportunities for elderly people. Your aging loved can take part in a project that matches his or her skills.

2. Start a Hobby

Post-retirement period offers many chances to devote free time to venture into something exciting or perhaps start a new hobby. The possibilities are virtually limitless. Whether your senior loved one is interested in home decoration, wildlife exploration, or woodwork, find a suitable activity for him or her. Hobbies provide a great chance to connect and socialize with others, and seniors can also turn their favorite pastime into income opportunities. Make sure your senior loved one has the support required to live a healthy lifestyle. Choose a reliable Denver home care to hire a professional caregiver.

3.Pursue Education

While working and raising a family, many older adults have had desires to continue learning and pursue education. After retirement, they have free time and a perfect chance to accomplish these goals. Seniors can complete a degree or take a single class.

4. Get in Shape

By spending extra time to maintaining overall health, older adults can set and meet their fitness goals. Encourage your loved one to participate in a sport with the approval of a physician or start an exercise regimen. Several communities conduct recreation classes for seniors.

5.Work Part Time

Seniors can enhance their finances by working part time while using their skills. Depending on the nature of employment your loved one prefers, he or she can also learn a new skill. Working for a limited number of hours or a few hours a day each week also provides healthy interaction with others. Seniors can consider participating in community cleanup or working at a department or local retail store.


Discounts are offered throughout the year, and seniors are privy to discounts related to entrance fees, lodging, or transportation. Family members and friends can also accompany a senior, which provides the chance to reconnect. Older adults can take an extensive trip to foreign destinations or weekend excursion to a nearby place.

7.Learn New Things

Brushing up on history, learning about technology, or taking up a new language are a few things your senior loved one may enjoy doing after retiring. Encourage him or her to take courses online, join a community college, enroll in a dance class, or learn to play an instrument. It is a great way to stave off post-retirement boredom, and it also enhances a quality of life. Such activities can also keep your elderly loved one’s brain active, which helps reduce memory loss chances.Denver, in-home care providers can also help in finding activities your senior loved one can look forward to after he or she has retired.

I often tell people I have a low boredom threshold. I can get bored even when I’m trying to avoid it. I will start reading a book, find myself 30 pages in, and then have to start all over again because I recall nothing I have read until that point. If I’m feeling bored and restless I might go on a long bike ride only to find myself riding past miles of boring fields. (At least I addressed the ‘restless’ part of the problem.) Like water through a pile of rocks boredom seems to find a way. There ARE times when I can address it. Ironically the times when I’m best able to navigate it are when undertaking those activities when it seems most inevitable.

I have read articles suggesting boredom is a recent phenomenon; maybe that’s why the word bore can only be traced back to the mid 18th century, and the word boredom to the mid 19th. Apparently we can blame modern technology for making things so easy for us. Until recently there was just too much for us to do to get bored but the industrial revolution has given us more free time. I don’t hold with this notion. If the ancient Sumerians wrote not in Cuneiform but instead used C++ or Python then humanity might have been playing Candy Crush during moments of boredom thousands of years sooner.

The things that we did before technology became our savior can be just as boring – chopping wood can get boring, standing guard can get boring. Boredom is the result of repetitive, unengaging, familiar tasks. It’s a familiar failing for us to think modern humans are a bit more special than our forebears. It’s also an arrogant one. I’m sure the ancient Greeks and Romans got bored. The Latin word, taedium, gives us tedium. Why create a word you would never use? That would be otiose.

Many of us have seen or felt the downside of boredom. I recall being in classes at school when bored classmates would act out through boredom. This prompted the teacher to punish the entire class with detention, meaning ALL of us became bored. Never fear though, scientists have boredom in their sights.

In a study conducted with 47 Irish students two groups were asked to perform a repetitive task, but one group had to spend twice as long doing it. All students were then asked to read an account of an Englishman assaulting an Irishman and to act as judge on the case. The students who had to endure the boring task for longer gave substantially harsher sentences to the Englishman.

The study was reversed, this time where the Irishman performed the assault, and the Englishman was the victim. The more bored students gave more a more lenient sentence to the attacker. The authors posited that the bored students derived greater meaning from identifying with their in-group, and had a stronger reaction against their out-group.

The NPR podcast, Hidden Brain, delivered an episode on boredom in which the author Daniel Pink relayed the story of the Irish students. He wondered what it might mean for trial by jury – being a juror seems a boring way to pass one’s time (depending on the case, and how each of us is wired). The podcast was published in 2016 but as I listen to it now, in 2021, I’m wondering what role the boredom caused by our response to the coronavirus might have played in exacerbating the divisions in American society, culminating in the storming of the United States Capitol on January 6. Until I heard this podcast I had only stumbled across articles on the opportunities our coronavirus-induced boredom was presenting us.

You have to let yourself get so bored that your mind has nothing better to do than tell itself a story – Neil Gaiman

Authors like Agatha Christie, Neil Gaiman, and JK Rowling credit boredom with aiding their creativity. However, it’s not boredom in and of itself that leads to creativity but the actions we take in response to it. If boredom leads to us sitting down with a pen and paper – or in the case of JK Rowling of mentally playing out a story when the “image of a scrawny, bespectacled young boy popped into her head” on a four hour train ride – then boredom feeds creativity. If boredom leads us into to a spiral of torpor and decay, then boredom can be deleterious. So what is it? Is boredom good for us or bad for us? Like a group editing a PowerPoint presentation, everyone is right.

Washington State university looked at the effect of boredom on our brains. A survey was used to assess the experimental subjects’ reaction to boredom. When the participants’ brains were scanned the researchers found nothing to choose between those who usually respond better to boredom from those who did not. The researchers did, however, see a difference in brain activity once the boring activity was underway. Those who were more prone to boredom on a daily basis saw more activity in parts of the brain associated with anxiety; those who were less prone to boredom saw more activity in areas associated with engagement and stimulation. In other words, different people respond differently to the same boring activity.

I enjoy freediving and once dove with a lady who can swim around underwater on a single breath of air for minutes at a time, but if you ask her to simply hold her breath without expending energy (static apnea), which should be easier, she struggled. The only difference is what is going on in her head. Underwater her brain is engaged; doing nothing at the surface is tedious (as the Romans might have said).

When I first tried this static apnea I had the same issues with boredom, and the same struggles with breath hold duration. When I experience boredom like this I feel trapped, my mind craves some form of stimulation, preferably something different, but most of all I crave something I like doing. I’ve found a way to engage my brain for longer static breath holds. The key is activating my curiosity, and crafting variation.

When I close my eyes, and relax as I begin my breath hold, I go through an imaginary dive. Occasionally I will throw in a random imaginary fish or two. I have repeated these imaginary dives hundreds of times, but none of them bore me because in one I will have my friend Dennis join me, and in another I’ll be with Heather. Sometimes I’m diving in the Red Sea, and other times I’m in the Mediterranean. Occasionally I will feel the imaginary chill as my body passes through a thermocline. I have performed the same imaginary dive hundreds of times, and I have never done it the same way twice.

I don’t have boredom nailed. It’s a little like a golf swing – as soon as you think you’ve mastered it you start slicing the ball. I try to remain humble; curiosity comes more easily when we don’t think we already have the answers. The differences that my curiosity uncovers are the keys to my prison of boredom. It helps when I reflect that everything in life is different all the time. Every moment we experience is always gone forever, and every new moment is always unique. Nothing is ever the same as it was. I still describe myself as someone with a low boredom threshold. I still get bored doing some things, but where I can, I cultivate my curiosity and use it to enjoy the differences.

How to alleviate boredom at home

Many family caregivers don’t realize boredom can actually impact a senior’s physical and mental health. Seniors might end up developing serious health complications if they don’t challenge their cognitive abilities and engage socially. To keep your aging loved one from getting bored, you’ll need to come up with a multifaceted plan.

Take a Look at Volunteer Positions

A team of doctors at Rotman Research Institute recently carried out a long-term study on the benefits volunteering has for seniors. The study revealed that volunteering for three or four hours a week can reduce feelings of isolation, depression, and boredom. If your loved one isn’t very mobile, explore in-home volunteering opportunities, such as making quilts for the needy or writing letters to soldiers who are overseas.

For seniors with mobility issues or other health conditions, professional caregivers can be a great asset. If your aging loved one needs help managing everyday tasks or encouragement to adopt healthier lifestyle choices, turn to Home Care Assistance, a leading provider of elderly home care. Roseville Home Care Assistance provides professional in-home caregivers around the clock to help seniors live longer, happier, and healthier lives.

Schedule Family Game Nights

Playing board games is another pastime that seems to greatly benefit older adults. In addition to challenging cognitive skills, board games can also serve as an impetus for social gatherings. Once or twice a week, set up a game night with family members and friends. You also have the option of scheduling a weekly card game night if your loved one isn’t interested in board games. As an added bonus, you can turn the game night into a potluck so your loved one can search for new recipes and spend some time in the kitchen cooking delicious dishes.

Use Technology to Connect with Loved Ones

One of the reasons many seniors feel isolated is because they aren’t near any family members or friends. Handwritten letters are a great option, but writing can be difficult for those with dexterity issues. To make socializing easier, consider teaching your loved one how to use a video messaging service. These programs are very easy to master, and they often require nothing more than a smartphone or laptop.

If your loved one usually relies on you to alleviate boredom but you need a break now and then, consider having a professional caregiver take over for you. Caring for a senior loved one can be rewarding, but it can also be overwhelming for family caregivers who have other responsibilities they need to focus on. For these families, the perfect solution is respite care. Roseville families rely on our caregivers whenever they need time to rest, work, run errands, and even go on vacation.

Search for Community Resources for the Elderly

Most cities have at least a few senior centers, and some of these organizations have excellent resources for older adults. A local senior center might have weekly game nights, adult dance classes, and other exciting events. Many even offer transportation services to those who are no longer able to drive. If your loved one has never been very social, encourage him or her to take a look at adult classes at nearby senior centers or libraries.

Adopt a Senior Pet

Taking care of a cat or dog can positively impact many different aspects of a senior’s health. It can also provide a sense of purpose and motivation to carry out daily pet care chores. While it might be tempting to pick up a small kitten or puppy, younger animals can be a handful. As an alternative, take a look at senior pets. Older animals tend to be much more relaxed, and shelters often allow you to adopt them for free or a very small fee.

Prolonged or frequent bouts of boredom can result in mental, emotional, and physical challenges, but seniors don’t have to manage them alone. In Roseville, elder care agencies can be a great boon to seniors. With the help of the caregivers at Home Care Assistance, your aging loved one can lead a happier and healthier life. We offer a revolutionary program called the Balanced Care Method, which encourages seniors to eat nutritious foods, exercise and socialize regularly, and focus on other lifestyle factors that increase life expectancy. If you need professional home care for your loved one, Home Care Assistance is just a phone call away. Reach out to one of our Care Managers today at (916) 226-3737.

How to alleviate boredom at home

Boredom has always been associated with a negative connotation, something that’s considered a sin for the productive. But what if we told you that boredom can have a positive effect on you if done right? Our lives, at work, at play or even at home are filled with activities to alleviate boredom. Yet boredom is crucial to being productive.

Here are a few reasons why boredom can be a positive process for you.

1. Boredom can spark creativity

Boredom at its core is a dissatisfaction with the task at hand. If we can’t find this satisfaction, our mind has the ability to create it. Studies have proven that brilliance strikes only post boredom. It can enable creativity and problem-solving by allowing the mind to wander and daydream.

2. Boredom is good for your mental health

Taking a minute to do absolutely nothing, compared to the multiple tasks you have at hand can serve as a respite from a bustling lifestyle. Even a moment of daydreaming can serve as a brief escape from day to day life. By simply turning off screens, notifications and more, you’re giving yourself a moment of calm to check in with yourself. This can serve as valuable time to recharge.

How to alleviate boredom at home

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How to alleviate boredom at home

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How to alleviate boredom at home

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3. Boredom helps with restful sleep

Usually, a person can’t sleep if their mind is restless and active. We’re always overthinking of the tasks to be done tomorrow, later this week or even months in advance. Boredom, however, can slow down the mind and help you achieve an idle state of mind that promotes a healthy sleep cycle effortlessly. Without having anything to think about, would you still have trouble falling asleep?

4. Boredom improves the way you process things

May it be a mental or a physical process, every alteration that takes place is done after a person has gotten bored with the previous process. Imagine a person mindlessly working on a job that makes him bored every single day. By altering the process of how he does his job, he can introduce certain creativity and innovativeness.

A few steps on how to be bored the right way.

Your definition of boredom can be different from others but the right way to stimulate it is to indulge in mundane activities such as walking around the block, swimming laps or even sitting with your eyes closed. Allowing your mind the time to wander without any guidance can seem boring at first but can also stimulate your mind into finding different avenues to get out of this state. This can lead to a healthy, productive mindset that nurtures our ability to create.

The next time you find yourself in a state of boredom, have a moment to yourself. Be happy that your mind is healthy enough to achieve a slower pace that enables not just creativity but allows you the restful moments you deserve.