How to airsoft on a low budget

How to airsoft on a low budget

Like most quality past times, getting started with airsoft requires some investment. At the very least, you need some amount of protection and an airsoft gun. Most people who get started airsofting borrow guns from friends, but eventually everyone wants airsoft gear to call their own. Here’s our realistic guide to budgeting your gear.

How to Choose Airsoft Gear

When you’re choosing gear to buy, it’s never easy deciding which items to purchase. Check out our beginner’s guide for more information. There are several important things to remember when it comes to airsofting on a budget. You want to get the most for your money and kit that is going to last. Otherwise, you’ll be wasting money.

How to Airsoft on a budget

Your Airsoft Gun

When choosing an airsoft gun, your budget will depend on what you’re interested in. Assault rifles are the most popular kind of airsoft gun. If you’re looking for an airsoft assault rifle, you should dedicate around £200. You can get a decent submachine gun for a bit less, while sniper rifles start as little as £120. If you want to just go dirt cheap to get in there and give airsofting a try, you can pick up an airsoft pistol for less than £100 and go at it like the wild west! Again, it’s all down to what you’re interested in.

Budget-friendly AEGs

AEGs come in a huge variety, so check out our video for a breakdown of some of the best on a budget.

Budget-friendly airsoft pistols

The WE Browning Hi-Power includes a precision machined barrel assembly, realistic faux-wood grip, adjustable sight, and smooth full metal slide. This is all topped off by an efficient blowback system and solid trigger response. The WE-Tech Hi-Power is one of the best pistols to come to the airsoft market to date and ideal on any budget.

Your Protection

Getting shot can hurt, but getting shot in the face REALLY hurts. Even if you’re on a shoestring budget, don’t ignore the fundamentals. You can pick up some effective eye protection from as little as £15 and full head covering for £30. As for the rest, knee pads are the first thing you should buy and you can make do with layers until you can kit yourself out with tactical apparel.

Filling your loadout

Before reaching for a trusty sidearm, make sure you have a few other basics. A spare battery, magazines, ammo and tactical pouches will round out your basic kit. You can pick up these bits for around £30 – £50.

The gear discussed above will get you started. When you realise that airsofting is awesome and you want to spend every weekend doing it, you can start to build out your gear. We would recommend picking up a sidearm and updating your apparel first. This will give you better protection and more versatility when you play. After that, look to improve your primary airsoft gun, or experiment with different guns to find the one that best suits your style.

There’s a whole world of airsoft stuff out there to try. This is just a jumping off point to get you into playing. If you’re just starting out or looking to get into airsofting, you can get loads of friendly advice in our store or on our Facebook page.

I’m just getting into airsoft and would like to ask if there are any beginner pistols for <80€ / <100$ you can recommend. I already "found" the Umarex P8 NBB CO2, what do you think about it?

Thank you in advance!

Honestly? Save some more money. You don’t need a secondary, and you certainly don’t need one so bad you should waste your money on a total piece of shit just so you can say you have one.

Come back with €150 and buy a TM or something.

Any KJW Hicapa, they’re on sale for sub 100 now

(I might have a really big thing against WE GBB, it might be because I started with it and it wasn’t a good experience for me. My first gun ever was a WE tech DM40, it basically broke in 2 months. Slide jams, piston spring somehow missing with a single shot fired with propane, magazines leaking and with their base plate Being made with soggy newspaper that cracks if you sneeze on it, inconsistent hop up that drifts your BBs even when the dial is all the way down, not to mention that crappy feeling of a aluminum body. Okay I’ll stop my rant here but you can see how I started airsoft in a really, really terrible way.)

For pistols, you might not want to put it on a low budget. What you pay is literally what you get.

For $50 more than a standard, $100 WE tech, I got a Tm Hi-Capa 5.1 a week ago and that thing is a great, great pistol that doesn’t seem to want to die like the WE does (Oh that WE slide, it just wants to jam itself, 1911, glock, DM40, all of the slides just feels terrible to pull after handling a TM for even just once.)

not to mention excellent hop up (because TM), insanely large selection of internal and external upgrades, and it holds 30 shots in a standard. 30. I mean, yes. An extended WE glock mag holds 50 but it’s super bulky. I can put 30 in a normal mag (which came with the gun, btw, and I bought 2 more because sale and that bb spam.) and I can use basically most pistol mag pouches.

(Also on a side note, I cracked my DM40 base plate because it fell out of my old vest, once. From prone position. Same thing happened with my TM mags, the same mag fell 4 times today when I was playing an indoor field and absolutely nothing happened to it other than slight scratches. TM builds are truly tanks.)

With that said, go to an airsoft store and actually try handling a few and get a feel of the material, weight, etc.

PS: I heard KJWs are good substitute for its price as well although I didn’t own one, I handled a few at a store and it feels pretty good.

Im trying to get into airsoft, i wanted to know what would be a good rifle to use and rely on for airsoft. I have my eyes on a Colt M4A1 CQBR. Its price is about $109.99 USD and is about how much i can really spend on the rifle excluding the rest of my gear

Please read u/houseofcards32 beginner airsoft guide and YouTube videos. I would recommend go for something a little higher quality, such as one of the CYMA ak series.

So my friend has that gun, I’ll give my experience (or his technically): Full plastic pretty much. Pretty wobbly and cheap feeling. Meh internals, pretty inaccurate, maybe like 15 rps? He has a drum in it so idk how long it’ll last.

Hi, please look at Houseofcards32’s starter guide and his videos and channel for useful info and tips. Make sure to rent for a day before buying loads of kit!

For stores, take a look at Evike, AirsoftAtlanta, Amped Airsoft and many more.

For fields, use AirsoftC3 or Google.

Do not buy from Lancer Tactical. Their products have awful QC and their business practices are horrendous. APS are similarly poor.

It is strongly suggested not to start with a pistol or airsoft sniper for skirmishing. AEGs are far more adaptable, are extremely reliable and far easier to use. For target shooting, look at airguns, note these cannot be used in skirmishes.

A typical example of a low-budget loadout would cost around $150-$200, and consist of:

Decent quality paintball mask [

$25, EN166 B or ANSI Z87+ rated], example

Additional, very useful pieces of kit:

Cheap fixed capacity chest rig such as the CHICOM chest rig [

Midcaps need a speedloader [

Boots are also recommended, I’d suggest at least getting boots with decent ankle support. I personally wear hard toe-capped boots for outdoor use.

And that’s as much as you would need. Camouflage and sidearms are tertiary concerns.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE: check your local site’s FPS limits to ensure you buy an airsoft gun that’ll be permissible to use.

Secondary note: whilst NiMH batteries are used as examples here, upgrading to LiPo batteries is a very good idea performance-wise.

How to airsoft on a low budget

Lots of fun can be had with the best cheap airsoft guns under $100 / $200. They can use them in a shooting range or in their back yard to practice shot accuracy and they can feel just as responsive as the real deal. The best part is these types of guns can be affordable. Unlike the real deal, they don’t need to come with too much financial strain as they are available at all prices and in all sizes.

One of the best parts about using a cheap airsoft gun is that they can be great learning tools. Those new to airsoft can use them for all types of purposes, from pure airsoft field play to shooting targets for fun. The following options are selected to fit these various purposes.

Best Cheap Airsoft Guns 2021 (Under $100)

On such a limited budget, the airsoft guns are smaller but they are still capable. The BBs can still travel faster than 100 feet per second with these guns and the best part is their reduced size can even see them as practical for users of various heights.

1. FN Soft Air Scar

How to airsoft on a low budget

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
Designed to look like a realist rifle, the FN Soft Air Scar is one of the impressive names in its class. It manages to offer all the best parts of a semi-automatic and simple use which comes with the strong trigger.

Both electric and spring designs are available from the manufacturer and they can be used for general purpose BB shooting. In terms of size, the BBs can be varied as well. Officially, the rifle only takes 0.2 BBs. But some users even fit 0.12 BBs in the magazine. This is why a bit of confusion has arisen in terms of magazine capacity.
With its official BB sizes, it takes about 200 BBs in the magazine. Other users have even managed to fit 500 smaller BBs in the magazine. At around 100 BBs, one or two of them are misfires, which is a very good performance at this low price.

Convenient features
The speed of the gun is sufficient for most users. It is not the fastest option in this class but it is certainly one of the guns which takes a lot of BBs. This is why it can be used for learning purposes as well as for general fun shooting various targets.

At 260FPS, a gun is a mid-range option for speed. However, since it takes so many BBs, it can be used to practice accuracy with as many shots as needed. One of the best parts about this semi is that it mains accuracy at close and medium range to the target, which is recommended for many beginners. However, the iron sights might not be the best when it comes to improving this accuracy as they can be high for many users.

With large magazine capacity, this semi is one of the cheapest and most accurate options with electric and spring power options.

  • Takes hundreds of BBs
  • Great accuracy with small BBs
  • Includes battery and charger
  • Made from hard plastics
  • Only suitable for right-handed shooters

2. Black Ops Exterminator Revolver Airsoft Pistol

How to airsoft on a low budget

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
As one of the most affordable CO2 guns, the Black Ops Exterminator is one of the leading designs for accuracy and practicality. Its top shooting speed sits at around 500 FPS which makes this gun the real deal at an affordable price.

The design of the gun is based on CO2 cartridges and many users report they are actually among the top options for shooting longer rounds. Using the gun is not complicated either. Users simply need to remove the C02 cartridge and screw it back into position. Offering a similar heavier feel to more expensive revolvers, this gun matches its low price with impressive performance.

Convenient features
One of the areas many users are curious about when it comes to cheap C02 guns is their accuracy. But in various tests, this revolver has done remarkably well. Up to 15m, it is one of the sound solutions to make everything easier with on-point accuracy. Small BBs in the 0.2g range can easily travel with speeds up to 500FPS.

However, as with all cheap guns, there are a few drawbacks to consider as well. One of them is the flimsy plastic on the handle. Users will not get the same heavy-duty feel of the handle as with the rest of the gun, which can be an issue, especially when looking for a more realistic experience. But when seeking an affordable revolver, this gun can be one of the most underrated options on the market.

Offering a distinct revolver design and high FPS, this gun is a top option for weekend fun for all ages.

  • Made with a generally heavy feel
  • Shoots BBs with speeds up to 500FPS
  • Allows cocking back the hammer and trigger pulls
  • Long-lasting C02 cartridges
  • Flimsy plastic handle

3. HB-104 mini electric airsoft rifle

How to airsoft on a low budget

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
When looking for a cheap airsoft gun, it is often the case that users are new to this world. In this case, their expectations vary and many shooters simply don’t know the type of gun to consider. A semi-automatic is a fun design to use for beginners. Since they sustain continuous fire, they can be used even when the accuracy is still not there.

Its compact size can recommend this airsoft gun for all types of shots. From shooting empty cans out in nature to practicing accuracy on paper-printed target, it supports all types of shooting needs. At the same time, the airsoft gun is one of the leading options for moving users. Stepping to the left or the right or even advancing towards the target is easier to practice with a lighter gun.

Convenient features
One of the most convenient features of the semi-automatic is that it manages to shoot different types of BBs. Standard 0.20g seem to work the best. But the magazine holds heavier BBs of up to 0.28g. Most of these are fast. The maximum shooting speed reaches 125 FPS. This means that even such a lightweight semi only needs to be used with the right protective gear.

This semi is based on battery power. Users enjoy a battery which is quick to charge as well as one of the most robust systems for battery efficiency, such as the included overload protection. However, above all of these convenient features, users can also count on a fun experience. An entire magazine can be emptied within a minute and the overall feel of the gun is specific to what many beginners expect when entering the airsoft world.

Lightweight and easy to hold, this semi-automatic is fun to use as it goes through hundreds of BBs in minutes.

How to airsoft on a low budget

So you are currently looking into starting airsoft for the very first time! However, all you are bombarded with on social media is players suited up in their operator loadouts, carrying replicas with customised sights, lasers and all the rest of the gadgets. You think to yourself – “That’s exactly what I want to look like!”, but when you begin to look for airsoft gear online and price things up, you become a little overwhelmed. If this is something you can relate to, then this is the article for you!

Your First Game

How to airsoft on a low budget

How to airsoft on a low budget How to airsoft on a low budget

Airsoft might seem expensive, but I’m here to debunk that myth for you! It doesn’t have to be that one-off, “stag do” event you attend once every few years, airsoft can actually become an affordable, regular hobby if you know what to look for. Most airsoft sites based in UK offer hire packages that vary between £35 – £50 for a full day game; those packages usually include:

  • A Hire Replica
  • A Bottle of BBs (2500 rounds which should easily last you the day)
  • Eye Protection or Full Face Protection
  • Camo Clothing/ Overalls/ Boiler suit
  • Tactical Vest
  • Tea/Coffee All day
  • Lunch (Although not always included in the price)

These of course vary from site to site, however you can see what is on offer on most airsoft websites or their social media pages; see our UK and USA airsoft sites maps to find one near you:

How to airsoft on a low budget

How to airsoft on a low budget

This is exactly what I did when I first started; I began by finding a site nearby and booked my first game through their website for the price of £45, which included the mentioned hire package. All I had to do, was turn up with a good pair of boots and clothes I didn’t mind getting dirty; this worked out great as I already owned a decent pair of waterproof ankle boots. However, if you don’t own a pair yourself, that is something we all recommend first investing in at Airsoft Ranch; you can find full leather boots for no more than £30-40 and that is essentially all you need to start.

Moreover, I recommend bringing a pair of gloves; as long as they are not too thick and you still have enough dexterity to operate a replica. These will keep your hands warm and more importantly protect you against scratches when you lean against trees, bushes, buildings etc. Also head protection is really important – trust me, you want to have something protecting your head when you’re crawling through shrub or running through branches to get to an objective. Anything ranging from a beanie cap, hoodie to a baseball cap will do, although the harder the head-wear the better protection against knocks and scratches; any of these are all great initial protection for your head to get you started .

Another thing people often worry about when joining new communities is going to an event by themselves. I’ve been there myself, no one would come with me and I worried about the atmosphere whether I would easily fit in. However, once I got there, everyone was incredibly welcoming and instantly made me feel part of the group! Over the last few months I have made genuine, amazing friends that share the same passion for airsoft and now we get to travel around UK to try different sites.

So my recommendation is don’t think too much about it and simply get yourself to your local site and see how you find the game; play one or two skirmishes before you think about investing a lot of money into the hobby. Make sure this is something you enjoy and would like to carry on doing in the future. Remember to ask questions, speak to fellow airsofters and mingle with the crowd; it’s the best way to make new airsoft pals and get advice!

Every airsoft site I’ve been so far, I have found that people are very eager to talk about their own gear and answer any of my questions. They might even let you have a go at their rᎥfle if you ask them nicely! I hope this will motivate you to book your first game that you’ve been thinking about for a while; I promise you, you will not regret it, it was the best thing I did in years!

Buying Your First Gear

So at this point, you have played a few games and you’re starting to itch for your own gear and you just happen to have some spare funds. On top of that, you want to blend in with the rest of the players… and more importantly the surroundings. Now’s the time to start thinking about what sort of game play and play style you prefer and start planning your wish list accordingly.


Most players opt for the standard Multicam (MTP) Uniform or choose the darker Woodland (DPM), others go for black and custom loadouts. The range of camouflage is simply enormous and remember – on top of being absolutely tactical, part of the fun is looking like your favourite hero!

There are so many retailers available online where you can purchase military surplus and other military related gear. The best place to start browsing is Ebay and then Amazon. Plenty of ex service men and women sell their old uniforms that are often kept in excellent condition. I picked up my British issued army pants and a UBACS shirt in multicam for about £40; here’s what they look like:

How to airsoft on a low budget

What is FPS?

Fps stands for Feet Per Second. This is a measure of how fast the projectile moves through the air. We use FPS to determine how powerful a gun is & whether it’s safe to use against other people.

What is FPS & Why Use it?

FPS is the standard measurement for how powerful an airsoft gun is. Airsoft fields & countries allow different power to be used in a game.

FPS is measured with a Chronograph . Simply turn it on and shoot 1 BB at a time through the hole. If you want to know more about how to measure with a chronograph, we have made a guide about it:

The standard in science for how powerful something is would be measured in Joules. This is a complex equation that requires several variables. Measuring something at a speed like FPS makes it a lot easier for the common person to understand. To ensure comparability, all guns are measured with 0.2 g BBs.

What’s the Most Powerful Airsoft Gun?

Airsoft guns can be upgraded to become extremely powerful. Usually, only a Sniper rifle like the pre-upgraded Novritsch SSG10 and SSG96 are allowed to shoot up to 500 FPS. There’s hardly a field in the world that will let you use something that shoots over 500 FPS.

You will need to stand 100 feet away or 30 metres to safely shoot someone with a gun as powerful as these. There’s no need to hurt or injure someone in a fun game of airsoft. High powered airsoft guns are designed entirely for long-range shooting.

If you just want to do target practice, you can get high power snipers that can shoot up to 700 FPS even!

How powerful are Most Airsoft Guns?

Most airsoft rifles shoot about 350-400 FPS. This is safe to shoot at closer ranges. As you get closer to 350 FPS, you are safer to shoot point-blank. As you get closer to 400 FPS, you should stay 10 feet or 3 metres away. If you get closer, you should say a safety kill word like “Bang Bang” or “Surrender!”

Most pistols shoot about 300-350 FPS. These are perfect for close-quarters encounters. Shooting point-blank is perfectly safe with these guns. No need for a safe kill word.
Pistols won’t shoot as far as rifles, but these are pistols. Pistols aren’t meant to shoot super far, they’re meant for close engagements and tight corners.


FPS is a measurement of how safe it is to shoot someone. With High powered guns, you need to be a long way away, but due to the high power, they can reach these distances, no problem.

Most Airsoft guns shoot at a lower safer power. You can shoot people at most common distances. If you get really close, you may need a low power airsoft gun, or use a safe kill word.

Nobody wants to see anyone get hurt, so make sure your gun is safe to use at the field & how close you can shoot someone from.

How to airsoft on a low budget

What are the Best Airsoft BBs.? This is a question we will help you answer depending on how you play. Instead of going through BB weights, we will go through playstyles & talk about the BBs you should consider.

These days, most BBs are already pretty good quality. If you can’t see any line on the surface, a white BB will do just about fine. This doesn’t work for snipers though.

If you want to get into more detail, make sure to check our guide on choosing BB weight.

BBs for Beginners

If you’re renting, or have your first electric airsoft gun, get either 0.20 or 0.25 gram BBs that are BIO degradable . With BIOs, you can play anywhere these days.

0.20 Gram BBs are great for getting lots of shots for as little money as possible. 0.25 Gram BBs are a little bit more expensive but deliver overall better performance with guns that are rather new.

Indoor Players/Speed QB

Long story short, many indoor places only let you use lighter weight BBs. You should use 0.25 Gram BBs. For most places, BIOs are not needed as indoor places dispose of BBs regularly.

For Indoors, we definitely recommend considering a Tracer Unit. This thing is extremely fun & actually helps to see where your BBs are going in the dark. See for yourself:

Outdoor Players

If you’re a sniper, go to the SNIPER SECTION. If you use AEGs, Pistols, shotguns and Light Machine Guns. You should generally stick with 0.28, 0.3 or 0.32 gram BBs – depending on your gun’s performance.

In general, these BB weights are interchangeable. Based on your replica’s performance, it is mostly better to choose heavier BBs. They will penetrate bushes more easily and provide better accuracy. If your gun can shoot these with muzzle velocity high enough (at least 330 fps or 100 m/s), go heavy.

There is a bit more science to it so if you feel like it, check our other guide .

How to airsoft on a low budget


Whenever playing outside, we always recommend using Bio BBs. For those practising in their backyard, the use of Normal BBs on your own property depends on your preference.

With sniper BBs, you should really pay attention to quality as you have just 1 shot to hit the target. Long story short, if you look for top-quality BBs, seek these signs:

  • Manufacturer uses multiple quality control steps.
  • Manufacturer polishes the BBs properly.
  • The BBs come in a decent packaging.
  • The BBs are a bit more expensive due to increased quality control.
  • The BB weight is 0.36 or above.

If you want some interesting details about the manufacturing process, check out this video:

Having found quality Airsoft BBs , consider the optimal weight:

0.36 is best for low-powered snipers. If you have a low-cost sniper, or you bought for instance an SSG10 with the lowest power, the 0.36 is best for you.

0.4 and 0.43 are best for mid-powered snipers. These aren’t for the most powerful airsoft snipers, but they’re still really good & very accurate.

0.46 and 0.48 are for the most powerful airsoft snipers. If you are at the legal limits of airsoft, then these BBs will be the best in terms of accuracy & distance for your gun. These will be virtually unaffected by wind compared to anything else.


BBs are a very important and mostly underlooked aspect of airsoft. Seek the same quality you look for with a replica. The more closer you get to your enemies, the lighter BBs we recommend. Stay safe!

How to airsoft on a low budget

It is often more affordable to buy airsoft guns in packs than purchasing them individually. When looking to buy an airsoft gun, be sure to check the guns’ prices as a pack. This will often give you a better deal and save you money in the long run.

Cheap airsoft guns with free shipping

While it is not always possible to offer free shipping on airsoft guns, purchasing in bulk or spending a significant amount on your airsoft gear will often result in free or cheaper shipping consignments. When purchasing an airsoft gun, always be sure to check for free shipping deals. Consider adding other gear to your basket if there is a threshold for free shipping.

Cheap airsoft guns for sale

Affordability is hardly ever considered a sign of good quality merchandise. The same is true when considering airsoft guns. There are plenty of affordable ones on the market that do not necessarily exhibit a cheap quality.

Cheap airsoft guns for beginners

It is often encouraged to start with cheap gear. This lowers the barrier to entry. It allows beginners to try out the activity without spending money. Once hooked, it is worth more money to improve your gear.

Another thing to consider when looking at cheap airsoft gear is how it often diminishes performance. This may make it more challenging to achieve intended results and stay motivated as you hone the necessary skills. Conversely, if you are looking for a more casual or introductory airsoft experience, then cheap gear might be the perfect way to go.

The quality of airsoft guns varies greatly and is often priced accordingly. Airsoft guns on the lower end of the price spectrum often have design and construction flaws. Conversely, more expensive airsoft guns typically have the better build quality and are more reliable. When looking for an airsoft gun, it is crucial to consider the price and quality of the gun to make sure you are getting what you expect.

Cheap airsoft guns for sale online

One of the best ways to find cheap airsoft guns online is to look for deals on bulk packs. Often, retailers will include airsoft guns in a pack with other gear at a discounted price. This is a great way to save money on airsoft guns and get more for your money.

When purchasing an airsoft gun at a reasonable price, the material comparison goes a long way. Airsoft guns primarily made of plastic are typically cheaper than those constructed of metal. The downside to more affordable airsoft guns is that they are often prone to breaking or malfunctioning. Conversely, airsoft guns made of metal are more durable but come at a higher price. It is essential to weigh the pros and cons of each material before settling on a purchase.

How much does airsoft cost?

The cost of airsoft goes beyond the initial purchase. Users will also need to consider the price of ammunition, gear, and other necessary equipment.

Ammunition can be expensive, but there are ways to lessen the cost. Buying in bulk or looking for deals online can help to bring down the price per round. It may also be worth finding an airsoft gun that uses the same ammunition as your friends’. This may save you all money in the long run.

How to airsoft on a low budget

If you are looking to buy Airsoft guns for cheap then you are in luck, as there is a huge selection of makes and models available. In fact, the sheer quantity of Airsoft guns on offer can seem a bit daunting at first, especially if you have no prior experience in buying Airsoft guns. Check out our best cheap airsoft guns here

Cheap Airsoft Guns

Firstly, before we take a closer look at the types of cheap Airsoft guns available to buy, it is important that you understand the 3 different types of guns on the UK market.

Basically there are 3 different Airsoft guns on offer, and each different type of gun uses a different method to fire pellets. These 3 methods are electric, spring and gas.

Cheap Spring Loaded Airsoft Guns

If your budget is limited, and you are looking for Airsoft guns that are extremely cheap (£20 or less), then your best option is one that is spring operated. Also, it is a good idea to buy a smaller Airsoft gun if shopping in this price range, as the larger guns tend to be made from lower quality materials.

Maybe you are willing to spend a bit more money? If so, then you can easily afford one of the lower end Airsoft gas guns.

One of the main advantages of owning a gas Airsoft gun is the fact that they are semi automatic, and therefore don’t need to be cocked before every shot. You can typically find cheap gas Airsoft guns for £40 and less.

Where to buy Airsoft guns cheap?

Another thing to look for when buying Airsoft guns for cheap online is whether or not the company seems to be reputable. One way to verify this is to take note of any testimonials or reviews from previous customers, both on the website and also on third party sites.

You should also make sure that they have some contact details on their website, and preferably a phone number, so that you can contact them with any queries.

How to airsoft on a low budget

At Redwolf Airsoft we have seen a variety of airsoft shotguns over the years. Some spring-powered, Some using various gases as propellent, and more recently some even using electric motors like normal AEGs.

Unfortunately, the popularity of airsoft shotguns does waver and as a result, they often go out of production as will be evidenced by some entries on this list. Before we start, check out the list we made for 2021 in the video below!

What To Look for in an Airsoft Shotgun?

So what can determine “ the best airsoft shotgun “?

Well, this is certainly a can of worms as different people will have wildly different requirements and expectations. That said we would only consider something a “true” shotgun if it fires more than one BB in a single shot. This will exclude some of the cheaper options which only fire one BB as they operate more like a pump-action sniper’s rifle than an actual shotgun.

So with that said let me provide you with our list of the 12 best airsoft shotguns available in 2020. They are in no particular order.

12 Best Airsoft Shotguns

1. Maruzen M1100 Gas powered shotgun

Click on Photo for More Information

So this choice will be familiar to anyone that has been around in airsoft for a while but maybe not so much for newer players and collectors.

Maruzen is a Japanese brand that has been around a long time and they are known for making some very nice looking gas-powered replicas.

The M1100 is a gas-powered, semi-auto, blowback shotgun that ejects shells!

BBs are loaded up to 5 at a time in the shells and then the shells are fed into the tubular magazine on the shotgun.

With each pull of the trigger, all of the BBs in the shells are fired from the smoothbore barrel and the action moves rearward to extract and eject the spent shell and to recock the hammer, and finally pick up and chamber the next shell.

This action does give some feeling of recoil although it’s very light. These shotguns however are somewhat fragile and prone to jams but are great fun to use

  • Realistic features and mode of firing
  • High-quality replica
  • Blowback system makes it great fun
  • Can be quite prone to jams
  • Does not like harder gases as it’s intended for 134a
  • Have fun chasing shells
  • Very short range

How to airsoft on a low budget

2. Maruzen M870

Click on Photo for More Information

As with the previous entry, this is again from the Japanese brand Maruzen. Where these differ is while the M1100 is a semi-auto shotgun, the M870 is pump action!

Obviously being manually operated does make follow-up shots a little slower, however, it does eliminate many of the jamming issues that occur with the M1100.

The build quality, shells, etc all remain the same and several variants are available

  • Realistic features and mode of firing
  • High-quality replica
  • More reliability than the M1100
  • Pump action cool factor
  • Does not like harder gases as it’s intended for 134a
  • Relatively fragile internals
  • Still very short range
  • You still need to pick up those shells

How to airsoft on a low budget

3. Tokyo Marui M870 Series Gas Shotgun

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Now, this entry is probably the one most readers will find most interesting. TM took what they had learned from their spring shotgun series (more on this later) and took the idea to new levels with their gas system.

The TM shotgun system is based around a very clever magazine system that utilizes magazines that actually look like shotgun shells. Each shell holds 30 rounds

To use this shotgun you take that shell and insert it into the chamber under the barrel. When you cock the shotgun it will load either 3 or 6 rounds from the shell into the chamber for firing.

As I alluded to above, you can select between 3 and 6 rounds to be fired each time which means each 30 round shell magazine will give you either 5 or 10 cycles depending on which mode you select. Whichever mode you select the BBs will get loaded into 3 barrels! each barrel has it’s own hop rubber and best works with 0.25g BBs.

The gas is loaded via a removable gas tank and spare tanks and shells can be carried to enable you to engage targets for longer. This system certainly has a lot of benefits over the other available systems. It has hop-up so has decent range , it’s gas so far easier to cock than spring options , it shoots multiple BBs in each shot with good spread and it retains its shell so nothing to lose, unlike the shell-ejecting options. They are also quite robust and yet not overly expensive.

Air soft guns are a great weapon to sharpen your shooting abilities. Whether you love to shoot soft targets or seriously wish to pursue a career in hunting and other rifle sports, practicing with airsoft guns is the starting point of the tenure.

This is why many shooting enthusiasts buy them to advance further in their shooting venture. However, top-rated guns that come with advanced features are really pricey. You could end up draining your wallet on buying a good-quality airsoft rifle or gun.

It’s easy to resolve this issue by checking the best airsoft guns under 100 dollars as listed below.

Evike – CYMA M3 3-Round Burst Multi-Shot Shell Loading Airsoft Shotgun

How to airsoft on a low budget

Redesigned and replicated from the Tokyo Maruti shotgun (M3), the CYMA’s M3 is meant to shoot harder. Marketed as being one of the most powerful air soft pistols, it’s a reinforced, accurate, and reliable airsoft version. The M3 shotgun uses the tried, true tri-shot design with beefier and highly durable internals. It’s ideal for those looking for a manual backup weapon.



Durability is paramount when buying an airsoft pistol or rifle. However, many brands don’t live up to their claims with respect to durability. Most rifles tend to wear out quickly after some time. The M3 shotgun, on the other hand, is highly durable and meant to last longer even in extreme shooting conditions.


Aside from built quality and performance, the looks of the M3 shotgun are its telling features. Designed intricately, the gun draws the attention of shoppers of all levels. That is the prime reason why many shooters wish to have this airsoft pistol in their ensemble.


Cost is an important parameter that plays a part when buying any air soft gun. However, the price of the M3 shotgun doesn’t seem to pinch your wallet. Consequently, even people with a very tight budget are able to own this air soft pistol for trying their luck in the shooting arena.

How to airsoft on a low budget

Choosing the best air rifle under $100 for a beginner is no easy task.

You are on a budget, the buying options are limitless and you don’t want to waste your hard-earned money on cheap, poorly made toy guns.

But don’t you worry; this top 5 list brings you the best cheap rifles on the market.

These are quality guns that can last for years, offer solid basic features and are excellent for beginner adults.

They are awesome for target shooting and plinking.

Some of them can help you get rid of nasty pests in your property.

Table of Contents

The Daisy Red Ryder 1938 75th Anniversary Special Edition – Best Beginner BB gun

How to airsoft on a low budget

Pop quiz:

What’s a classic gun that American kids and adults love altogether?

A Daisy Red Ryder .

Correct. And what’s even better than a Daisy Red Ryder?

A Daisy Red Ryder 75th Anniversary Edition. Oh yeah .

That’s right, buddy.

How to airsoft on a low budget

This special edition got a huge update with an aluminum cocking lever, solid maple wood stock with the golden band on the forearm, laser-engraved graphics in the stock.

It’s eye-catching, lightweight, and well-constructed. This classic rifle makes you fall in love at first sight

  • Caliber: .177
  • Velocity: 350 FPS
  • Loudness: 1-low
  • Shot capacity: 650
  • Cocking Effort: 13 lbs.
  • Barrel: smoothbore
  • Powerplant: Spring- piston
  • Function: repeater
  • Weight: 2.2 lbs

Crosman Vantage – Best Beginner Air rifle Under $100

How to airsoft on a low budget

It’s the only gun in this list powered by nitro piston technology so the Vantage inherits smoother cocking, discrete noise and ease of use.

This one is probably the cheapest gun on the market with an NP power plant.

Build on solid hardwood stock, this rifle comes with shiny fiber optic sights, high velocity, and lethal knockdown power.

How to airsoft on a low budget

  • Caliber .177
  • Maximum velocity: 1200 FPS
  • Loudness: 3 –medium
  • Capacity: single shot
  • Barrel: Rifled
  • Front sight: fiber optic
  • Rear sight: fiber optic, fully adjustable for windage and elevation
  • Buttplate: rubber
  • Action: break barrel
  • Safety: manual
  • Powerplant: gas-piston
  • Weight: 7.1 lbs

Gamo Hornet – Budget Air Rifle for Beginners

How to airsoft on a low budget

Due to the plastic construction, the Hornet is much lighter than other hardwood stock guns.

Despite its low weight, it hits very hard with serious takedown power.

Whether you have problems with rabbits, chipmunks, squirrels, or snowshoe hares, the hornet solves it all.

It knows how to sting!

How to airsoft on a low budget

  • Caliber: .177
  • Max velocity: 1200 FPS
  • Stock: synthetic
  • Loudness: 3- medium
  • Capacity: single shot
  • Cocking effort: 30 lbs
  • Barrel: rifled
  • Optics: 4×32 scope
  • Trigger: two-stage adjustable
  • Fluted polymer barrel jacket
  • Ventilated rubber buttpad
  • Non-slip textured grip and fore arm
  • Power plant: spring-piston

Ruger Black Hawk – Cheap Air Rifle for Youth

How to airsoft on a low budget

This rifle is what you need if you want a clean, humane kill of rodents .

Well-built, accurate, and hard-hitting, the Black Hawk is a solid small-game gun that you can get for only under 100 bucks.

How to airsoft on a low budget

Additional features include:

  • Spring piston
  • Single shot
  • Break barrel
  • Composite stock
  • Fiber optic sights (fully adjustable rear)
  • 4×32 scope with ¼ MOA, duplex reticle
  • Caliber: .177
  • Max velocity: 1000 FPS
  • Cocking effort: 30 lbs
  • Safety: automatic
  • Suggested for: small game hunting/plinking

Ruger Air hawk – Best Affordable Air rifle for Beginners

How to airsoft on a low budget

Enter the squirrel’s worst nightmare with the Ruger Air Hawk.

Available in .177 only, this rifle is made of solid hardwood stock.

Shooting consistently out of the box with extremely high velocity (supersonic included) and superb knock-down power, the Air hawk shoots and feels like the legendary RWS 34 but at 1/2 of the price:

How to airsoft on a low budget

  • Caliber: .177
  • Max velocity: 1100 FPS
  • Loudness: 3 –medium
  • Cocking effort: 30 lbs
  • Barrel rifled
  • Fiber optic front sight and rear sight
  • 4×32 scope
  • Trigger pull: 1 lbs 15.5 oz
  • Action break barrel
  • Powerplant: spring piston
  • Safety: automatic
  • Function: single-shot

The purpose of this list, obviously, is to save you time and effort by not going through the hassle of digging into each model among the hundred choices of air rifles in this price range.

All of these rifles are affordable, convenient, and have impressive features worth more than the price you pay for them.

How to airsoft on a low budget

One thing that many Airsoft Players tend to lack is tactical communication. One would not plan and execute a military operation without communication so why would you do it in Airsoft Games? Especially games where clubs play against other clubs, because coordination is so crucial.

Tier one communication is radio communication and tier two is tactical hand signals and drills. You would also assume the plan was discussed in detail beforehand because radio silence is also part of tactical communication. It does not help to have radios, and your opponents can find the same frequency and listen in. And when they do listen in, you should have prearranged code words they would not understand.


There are a number of considerations to think about when purchasing a tactical radio set and the correct equipment. The considerations are, added protection, quality and reliability, comfort, price, level of training and terrain.

Terrain is important because in open terrain hand signals suffice well enough for the radio to be used less if your team have been trained to look for and repeat hand signals. Level of training means that your team know the basic formations, radio discipline and that they know the hand signals.

Training also ensures that your team can give a proper indication of the direction and distance of incoming fire or of an opponent for the commander and team mates to know where to focus. Comfort is a consideration when you consider the headsets mount across the top of the head versus mounting them on a rail system on the helmet instead. Then there is the option of foam rubber or gel cups. Gel cups are more comfortable on the ears so consider them instead, but you will pay more, and they do not last that long.

All the headsets I will be discussing will have a two-way function and PTT systems, so I will not mention those. I will also not talk about dual comms systems (using tow radios, one up to your leader and one down to your team). Just keep in mind that they are an option with most headsets. Lastly, I will not discuss the actual radios. Go with quality radios such as Motorola, Midland, Kenwood, Cobra or even Baofeng.

Ops-Core Amp Headset

How to airsoft on a low budget

This headset combo is really all you need if you can afford it. It is probably the best set on the market.

The Ops-Core AMP (Adaptive Mission Platform) is what it says. A highly adaptive headset system for use in Airsoft or military scenarios. It comes with a helmet rail mount kit for mounting on Fast Jump and other types of helmets, eliminating the part that goes over the head and adds to discomfort.

The AMP Headset was selected by the USSOCOM (US Special Operations Command) so you know you are getting the best out there. It has advanced 3D hear-through and inner ear hearing protection by means of NFMI (Near Field Magnetic Induction) earbuds to ensure constant situational awareness. The outer ear protection has the added advantage of protecting your ears against those painful ear hits, especially from Airsoft sniper rifles.

The AMP standard set-up includes the stand-alone headset with a 22 dB Noise Reduction Rating. It features Ops-Core’s 3D Hear Through Technology that triangulates environmental sounds utilizing multiple directional microphones, preserving not only the player’s ability to hear clearly, but to determine which direction sounds are coming from as well. It feels you are not wearing a headset at all because the ambient sounds are not lessened in any way.

Note: The Standard variant cannot be used with or upgraded to NFMI earplugs.

The NFMI earplugs are utilised by using a control button on the side of the headset to transfer the audio channels to the NFMI earplugs. These earplugs are wireless powered by the headset itself. The earplugs are unique to the AMP and makes a phenomenal difference in hearing and hearing protection.

The system uses two AAA batteries.

3M Peltor ComTac VI

How to airsoft on a low budget

This is probably one of the better systems on the market and cheaper than the Ops-Core AMP. They are like a jack of all trades, quite good at many things, but not fantastic with a single element.

The features of this headset include Advanced VOX (Voice Operated Transmit), compatibility with most helmets, Impulse Noise Protection (active noise protection), NIB (Natural Interaction Behavior), and an IP68 noise cancelling microphone for clear communication in noisy environments.

The Omni Directional Environmental Microphone it has ensures Level Dependent Situational Awareness, just like with the Ops-Core AMP. Wearing this headset enhances the ambient sounds around you so you can hear someone sneaking up on you easier than usual.

The ComTac VI has been improved with new omni-directional microphones and high-fidelity speakers with greater sensitivity to project your voice more clearly and accurately to the rest of your team.

The NIB (Natural Interaction Behavior) function enables short-range, headset-to-headset communication in noisy environments, without the use of an external radio. The NIB function allows for up to four team members to speak simultaneously, and over 60 people within a 10-meter radius to listen at any given time. That simply means that you hear most external sounds until you press the PTT button, in which case the background sounds are cut out. The point is that it makes communication clearer. This headset also does not click out when you fire a gun. It just lessens the sound to comfortable levels.

The ComTac VI’s headset earpieces can also be attached to a Fast Jump helmet or similar headwear with a rail system.

Sordin Supreme MIL CC Slim

How to airsoft on a low budget

As with the previous headsets the name of the game is noise cancelling hearing protection and of course being able to hear what your team is trying to say to you. These headsets are not quite as good as allowing ambient sound through as the Peltor ComTac VI is. It basically picks up more ambient noise than necessary.

The features of the Sordin Supreme are, waterproof battery compartment, waterproof microphones for ambient hearing and optimal sound direction location, a battery save function, a low battery warning, auto shutdown after four hours and a battery lifetime of around six hundred hours (with Lithium batteries).

This system’s sound level limitation is at a maximum of 82 db. There are two speakers in each ear cup, one for surround hearing and one for radio communication. The system is fully waterproof. It has high amplification and natural sound mimicking without cutting out.

It can also attach to your helmet rail and uses two AAA batteries with about six hundred hours battery life. These headsets also have a reputation of being very sturdy.


Peltor and Ops-Core are the best, but on a budget the Sordin is still a great headset. A good commander knows they cannot enter an operation with no or Fawlty communications equipment. Make sure you use the best if you want to be the best.

How to airsoft on a low budget

If you are new to airsoft, and are looking into getting into the sniper role, read this quick but comprehensive guide to making your sharpshooting dreams a reality.

NOTE: This guide will focus on Spring-powered airsoft sniper rifles.

Step 1: Have a Set Direction

A lot of beginners start as an airsoft sniper, only to be frustrated and quit the hobby together. Sniping isn’t for everyone, and it is best to start the hobby with an AEG DMR before truly switching to the bolt action sniper platform. I recommend having at least a year’s worth of experience playing the game as a rifleman before switching to a new role.

Step 2: Choosing the Right Rifle to Start With

Like you have probably heard already, you can’t go wrong with the Tokyo Marui VSR-10 platform. It has existed since the early 1990s, and has millions of aftermarket parts, with many airsofters experienced in using and upgrading the weapon platform.

For this guide, I recommend the JG Bar 10, which is exactly like the TM VSR, but around $100 cheaper.

How to airsoft on a low budget

Note: Upgrading will ensure that you will rip out the entire top part of the rifle, so you might as well get a cheap rifle to start since you will replace the parts anyway.

Step 2: Perfecting Your Rifle

Upgrading your rifle is very important because stock rifles don’t usually shoot good out of the box. When it comes to spring-powered airsoft snipers, there are select precision parts that you may be interested in upgrading: Barrels, Trigger Sears, Cylinders, Pistons, Springs and many more.

To skip the hassle of choosing the right parts and trialing them, it’s a great idea to instead buy a Drop-In Upgrade Kit which has all the precision parts you need — such as this one by EdGi, a Philippine airsoft upgrade parts manufacturer. EdGi is known to produce the best and most durable airsoft sniper upgrade parts in the industry.

How to airsoft on a low budget

You should also check out other drop-in kits made by Mapleleaf, ActionArmy and PDI. If your country has a certain FPS limit for airsoft, kits like these often have many options for spring FPS ranging from 430fps to 700fps.

Kits like this already have everything you need to make your rifle perform like the ones you see on youtube scope cam videos.

NOTE: Hop-Ups and related modifications are not necessary if your stock hop-up chamber can confidently launch 0.45g bbs without any consistency issues. If you do want to change your hop-up, try a Mapleleaf or Laylax Prometheus brand one. You can also do some research into the R-Hop modification for added accuracy.

TIP: Stop listening to advice on forums and YouTube videos. Get advice from veteran players at your local airsoft site, because they actually know their shit.

Step 3: Choosing a Great Scope and Zeroing

Zeroing means aligning your scope crosshairs to the center where the BB hits. Your sniper rifle won’t perform as good as the Youtube scope cam videos unless your scope is properly zeroed.

TIP: Always adjust hop up for best flight path BEFORE zeroing. Make sure you zero in a place without wind. Zeroing on a windy day will make you hate playing airsoft.

Make sure the crosshair is ALIGNED with the axis of your gun first. If you don’t get this step right, you will have a bad day no matter what.

A good zeroing distance is where you can confidently hit your target. If you have chosen a spring between 500 to 580fps, a good point for zeroing is around 70m

Step 4: Choosing the Right BBs

A good rule of thumb is to never choose A BB weight below 0.30g. If you are running a spring around the 500fps to 600fps range, the best choice of BB weight will be around 0.45–0.48g

Quality of BBs is also very important because they can influence how good your sniper shoots. A good airsoft BB is polished, pristine and white.

Brands to consider: BLS, Geoff, Longbow, Novritsch

TIP: Avoid tracer BBs and low-quality BBs since they can damage your barrel.

While a person who buys a cheap spring airsoft gun must be eighteen, many teens like to use them. A responsible person over age eighteen should be always be present with the purchase and use of an airsoft gun. People can buy cheap spring airsoft guns at any place that has a sporting goods department. They come in two forms, either the pistol or the rifle and the cost can be as low as sixteen dollars and sometimes even ten dollars.

Wal-Mart sells a lot of cheap spring airsoft guns that can get a person introduced to the world of airsoft shooting. It makes no sense for a person to spend a lot of money on a high quality airsoft gun when they don’t even know if they will like using it. While a cheap spring airsoft gun might not look real or even feel real, it is a good introduction into the world of airsoft guns. A cheap spring airsoft gun works by compressing the spring in the inside of the gun and the spring when released will shoot one round of BBs.,

For each shot only one BB is fired. There are other types of airsoft guns that can shoot multiple BBs but the spring loaded gun is the easiest to get familiar with. Also, airsoft guns can be dangerous or even deadly if not treated as dangerous. Even the cheap spring airsoft gun is capable of putting out an eye. Don’t think that a persons child can use a spring loaded air gun safely just because it is cheap. A parent will have to live with the fact that a child is blind for the rest of their lives. Nobody wants this to hang over them for a lifetime.

Cheap Spring Airsoft Gun Use

A cheap spring airsoft gun can be used to teach someone how to aim. It can be made fun by using aluminum soda cans for people to shoot at. It will knock a can over and make noise when they hit the can. Kids will beg their parents every day to use the airsoft gun. Because the kids will want to use it all of the time, parents will need to put the gun in a safe inaccessible place so the child is unable to use it without the parent. Again, if they get to it, a cheap spring airsoft gun can be potentially very dangerous. Don’t leave the gun against a wall and tell the kids not to touch it. This is just tempting the child and putting others at risk.

How to airsoft on a low budget

There are many benefits to purchasing an airsoft rifle of low caliber. While there are many high quality options out there, the fact of the matter is that not everybody needs the best airsoft gun out there. Everybody needs to make sacrifices in different areas of their lives, and if you are not a regular airsoft player, there is no point in paying a lot of money for an airsoft gun that you will only use sporadically. Therefore, it is good that there are so many other options that you can choose from, that are still pretty good but a lot cheaper.

In some cases, you may need an AEG no matter what. For example, if all of your friends play with AEGs, then you would be at a great disadvantage to use anything less. However, this scenario is somewhat rare, because if you are going to be using an AEG, then you are probably going to use it often. If you are going to use an airsoft gun a lot, it might as well be a good gun, as then you get a lot more utility and fun from each game.

The best gun for a beginner player, and one who does not plan on playing too much, is a low-powered electric gun. These guns are not that fast or durable, but they definitely can get the job done, and they can still shoot at over one hundred fifty feet per second, which is fairly decent. As long as you are willing to go through a lot of BBs to compensate for lower accuracy, LPEGs are ideal for players who do not participate in competitive airsoft games. It is also important to remember to be careful with your gun, as they can break fairly easily. I bet I am not making the case for these guns very strong, but keep in mind these products cost around twenty to thirty dollars. Paying that kind of money for a fully automatic rifle is a deal no matter what other factors you take into consideration, although the weaknesses are not that bad when you take them into practical consideration.

You can read about all kinds of cheap airsoft pistols at the author’s Blogger page. With these products, you can participate in all kinds of airsoft games.

How to airsoft on a low budget

The decision to use a gas powered airsoft gun is usually arrived at by players because of their realism and accuracy, but choosing the best gas for them can be a harder decision.

The propellant used in your airsoft weapon will have a great impact on the performance of the gun but there are a few factors you’ll have to consider to make the right choice.

So, what is the best gas for airsoft guns and is there a one size fits all answer that’s ideal for all types of guns?

There are three common types of propellant used for these weapons, including green gas, CO2, and 134A. The best gas for your airsoft gun will depend on the weapon’s design and manufacturer’s intent, as well as the temperature in which you’ll be using it, so both have to be considered.

We’ll explore all three types of gas and what their ideal conditions are, as well as the weapons that they suit best.

With the correct choice of gas in your airsoft gun, you’ll be met with the accuracy, realism, and operation that makes these types of weapons a popular choice for airsofters across America.

So, What Is the Best Gas for Airsoft Guns?

How to airsoft on a low budget

If you’ve weighed up the pros and cons of all types of airsoft guns and came to the conclusion that gas powered is the way to go, your next step will be considering what the best gas is to use.

Unfortunately, there’s no right or wrong answer that is going to suit every player or their weapon, but there are three common options to go with.

  • 134A: This is a popular choice for Japanese made guns specicially as they work better in weather conditions that aren’t too cold. When the temperature drops below 40 degrees, you may notice a difference int heir performance. 134A is considered a safe gas to use but it’s also the most expensive of the three to purchase.
  • Green gas: This is the most common gas used in airsoft guns and works better in weather conditions that aren’t too hot. People choose green gas as a budget-friendly propellant and it is thought to be softer on the gun.
  • CO2: CO2 is considered the best bet for performance and is high pressured, making it perfect for colder climates but not always ideal for the health of the weapon. A gun designed to use CO2 will really only work with CO2 and you should never attempt to switch.

The best idea is to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations about which gas is best for your airsoft gun and which will deliver the best performance.

In the absence of a recommendation, consider the weather conditions and temperature where you’re playing to find the next best answer.

Can You Use Butane in an Airsoft Gun?

Butane is not a recommended alternative for gas in an airsoft gun, although some people have tried it with different results.

It might be tempting to fill your airsoft gun if you’ve run out of the regular gas that you use, but it should be avoided due to unknown consequences and potential damage to the entire weapon.

The key reason that butane won’t work in an airsoft gun is due to the pressure level not being sufficient. Butane exerts a lower pressure than other types of gas, including even propane, and so in terms of being able to fire a BB proficiently from the barrel, it won’t offer the same type of power and possibly won’t even shoot one pellet.

In addition to not being suitable for airsoft guns because of lack of pressure, some believe that butane can do damage to the internal parts of your weapon.

Rather than attempting to fill your gun with butane, you should stick to the recommended gas that has been made specifically for the weapon.

Can You Use Propane in an Airsoft Gun?

How to airsoft on a low budget

Learning how to refill the propellant on your gas powered airsoft gun is a skill that you’ll want to be an expert at.

These are some follow-up questions that can ensure you’re using the gas the right way and also getting the most out of it.

How Do You Store Gas For Your Airsoft Gun?

Unless you need to remove it for a specific reason, the gas cylinder can be left inside of your airsoft gun for some period. These guns are designed to house high-pressure cylinders even for long periods, so you don’t need to remove it.

If you plan on leaving your gun for a while without use, you might want to fire off some rounds to even out the pressure.

How Many Rounds Will a Canister of Gas Last in an Airsoft Gun?

A 12g cartridge of gas is capable of delivering anywhere from 30 to 200 shots, and this huge variation is determined by a number of factors.

The outside temperature, settings of the valve, size of the canisters, whether it’s semi or full auto, and the pace at which you shoot will all affect how much you get from it.

How Much Backup Gas Do I Need in an Airsoft Match?

The length of the game and what weapons you’re using will determine how many gas cylinders you should take to a match.

However, for faster battles, most people prefer to use an automatic weapon as there’s no need to refill it.

How to airsoft on a low budget

Jual Airsoft Gun Murah
To say the least, airsoft guns come in a very wide variety. Airsoft guns can be purchased anywhere from $15 to over $500 and the quality more or less depends on the price. The lower-end guns can seem more like toys while the higher-end ones can be very functional, very realistic, and quite effective when playing with others.

Jual Airsoft Gun Murah
The three primary types of airsoft guns are spring-loaded, electric, and gas blowback. Spring-loaded guns are the most inexpensive (typically $20-$60) but they are mostly used only for target practice or for the aesthetics of the model gun. After that, there are electric guns which come in low-powered, medium-powered, electric blowback, and automatic electric. Automatic electric guns (AEGs) are the most reliable and powerful but they are also more expensive than the others. Finally, gas blowback guns work very well but are the most expensive, and where electric guns only have to have their batteries replaced, gas guns obviously require gas to be replaced.

After that, there is the type of gun itself. Airsoftguns come in all the forms that real firearms are available in. Semi- and fully-automatic pistols, rifles, carbines, submachine guns, and sniper rifles are all available in airsoft form. Depending on the model, brand, and cost of the gun, accuracy, muzzle velocity, rate of fire, and overall reliability vary. As expected, smaller guns have smaller clips and shorter-barreled guns are less accurate than longer-barreled ones. As far as aesthetics goes, some airsoft guns will be painted in the colors that they would normally be seen in if they were real firearms but others come in clear plastic. All airsoft guns must be painted orange at the tip of the barrel for legal reasons (so that they are not mistaken for actual firearms)- so make sure that if you modify your gun yourself, you don’t repaint the tip some other color.

As far as game play goes, it is important to use a weapon that is fitted to the type of activity you are involved in. For target practice and general shooting, a spring-loaded gun will suffice but when playing with others, it is necessary to have a better gun. Because of how many different types of airsoft guns in the market, it can be intimidating trying to find a specific one worth spending money on. First, look for the type of gun that you want. Pistols are good to start with because they are simple and less expensive than other types. Look for a gun with a good clip size and a muzzle velocity of over 250 feet per second. If you want a fast gun, make sure the clip is large (at least 200 BBs) or you’ll end up spending a lot of time reloading.

In trying to pick an optimal airsoft gun, it is important to do a little research and look at reviews about what people have said about specific models of guns. Due to the large amount of brands, price ranges, and models available, this is the only way to ensure that you get the most out of your money.

How to airsoft on a low budget
The Vector Optics RDSL 15 sets the standard for entry-level Red dot sights for Airsoft. This sight features an integrated 20mm Picatinny mount, raised line of sight ideal for use with facemasks and multiple reticle types allowing the user to select between a dot, crosshair, or ring with which to aim their primary. Similar looking sights are very prevalent across many different retailers, but as many of these sights are cheap plastic sights borrowing the “reflex sight” look, many intended for Nerf or Cosplay, we always advise you to purchase a known brand such as Vector to avoid disappointment. The sight is constructed from Aluminium and is fully adjustable for windage and elevation, offering a lot of functionality for not a lot of money. The only balancing factor is the lack of a protective hood/enclosed design; whilst this will speed up your shooting it makes the sight particularly vulnerable when compared to tube designs if dropped from a height.

Vector Optics VICTOPTICS 1×35 RD Scope

How to airsoft on a low budget
The Vector Optics 1×35 Red dot scope is a great option for a newcomer to the sport, providing a wide 35mm objective lens giving you a great view of the target and surrounding area and 5 levels of brightness adjustment for both the red and green dot modes. The sight includes an integrated 20mm Picatinny mount and can be adjusted for both windage and elevation using the sight’s well-sealed capped turrets. The sight can be paired with riser mounts of various heights to suit different rifles and choices of face protection, and is short in overall length making it great for even the most compact AEG primaries. The 35mm objective lens is perfect for preventing tunnel vision as it allows you to see far more of the area around your target than other tube-styled RDS’s typically do, letting you stay abreast of enemy movements and avoid being flanked.

Theta Optics Low Profile Reflex Sight

How to airsoft on a low budget
The Theta Optics Compact Reflex sight is a T1 style optic with an integrated 20mm Picatinny mount offering both a low profile and wide field of view. The sight offers both red and green dot illumination with 5 brightness levels for each, and is fully adjustable for windage and elevation. Whilst not a direct clone of the T1, this sights T1 styling lends itself well to a civilian tactical build, or mounting on a replica which requires a low mounted sight to co-witness with its iron sights, such as an M14 or tacticool AK style rifle. The short overall length of this sight makes it perfect for use with a magnifier, even on shorter rail systems. The sight can be combined with a riser mount to allow it to be used effectively with a full face mask, and provide co-witness with M4/AR15 iron sights.

Theta Optics Raised Battle Reflex Sight

How to airsoft on a low budget
The Theta Optics Battle Reflex is a classic sight design, styled after the Aimpoint M2 which is currently issued to the US Army as their primary close quarters optic and was once issued to US Special forces. This design is notable due to its robust construction and wide variety of mounting options available, due to its 25mm/ 1-inch tube design. The tube design provides some additional protection from drops and ensures the sight is well sealed and fog resistant. Naturally, the styling suits a military M4 build perfectly, but would also suit a civilian tactical build, and its medium sizing with a large field of view makes it perfect for any mid sized AEG rifle. This sight, like all of our Top Picks, is fully adjustable for windage and elevation, and comes ready to mount to any 20mm Picatinny rail with its included cantilever mount.

Theta Optics TO series Holographic sight Replica – TO551 – TO552 – XTO

How to airsoft on a low budget

How to airsoft on a low budget

How to airsoft on a low budget

How to airsoft on a low budget

We said top 5, we kinda lied, but since these are a family of holographic reflex sights we figured bending the rules a bit was okay! The Theta Optics TO series of sights are styled after a very famous and popular sight design which has been around for a long time in one form or another. Issued to many Militaries, Special Forces units and Special Police units worldwide, this style of sight is appropriate for anything from the British Armed police to the Russian Spetznaz GRU.

The TO series feature aluminium protective hoods, giving them excellent drop resistance, together with an open sight design with an advanced reticle. The holographic style reticle combines a precise dot for ranged shooting and a wide outer ring for rapid close range snap-shooting. All of these sights feature an integrated Picatinny rail mount in the base of the sight itself and a sight picture which is raised to line up with M4/AR15 iron sights. The sights are adjustable using a flathead screwdriver, using the adjustment screws on the right side of the optic. The controls can be found at the rear, with the arrows controlling the brightness of the optic and the NV button allowing the user to toggle between red and green reticles.

The TO552 is the longest variant, affording it the ability to use cheap and widely available AA batteries. This sight is one of the earlier variants of the Holographic style sight, and looks great on an M4 or AR36, especially when set up to mimic KSK or Delta Force of the early 2010s.

The TO551 is the compact variant of the 552, which is identical in function but shorter in overall length, and takes 2x CR123a batteries. This sight pairs well with an SMG-5 or UMP replica, as it was designed for compact weapons and has been sighted (teehee) on MP5s used by the US Navy SEALs, as well as UK Police Armed Response units.

The XTO is the ultra-compact variant, featuring a revised aluminium protective hood design and a further shortened overall length which is intended to improve the optics compatibility with magnifiers and shorter carbine weapons systems. This sight takes a single CR123a battery and is well suited to any modern Special forces setup, including a MK18 mod.1, MP7 or HK416 rifle.

The TO series are so well-loved by us due to their solid build quality, clear reticles and of course, attractive price! These sights are hard-wearing, flexible, and are compatible with flip to side magnifiers for longer-ranged engagements. There are many replicas of this style of sight out there, but we haven’t found any as consistently reliable at this price as the Theta Optics offerings.

So that’s it, our favourite budget Red Dot Sights! Any of these sights would be a fine addition to your Airsoft primary, be it AEG or GBB! If you are new to the sport and need some further advice on what sight type is best for your chosen setup and role, check out our Guide on Optical sights.

New to airsoft and want the to know what to buy? We can help. We can make you a loadout, and it’s easier for everyone! Just fill this form question thingy and put your answers in a comment below.

  1. What is your budget (How much are you willing to spend)?
  2. What site do you want your stuff from?
  3. Do you already have a gun (Default is yes, so if you don’t, let us know!)? If so, what type of gun do you have/ If not, what type of gun would you like to get (Default is M4/ M16)?

An easy 3 questions and your on your way 🙂

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16 Responses to Let Operation Airsoft Make You A Loadout

i am willing to spend $400 on armor and the gun
the site doesn’t matter but i want to look like juggernaut. i like heavy armor and a heavy gun

Based on your choices, we have created 2 different loadouts. We have also chosen Airsoft GI, because of the free shipping/ handling for orders $100+ First, we have the CQB loadout:
ECHO 1 M8A4 CQB Airsoft Gun (Limited Edition) – $210
OE TECH MPS Combat Chest Armor (BLK) – $58. 80
OE TECH Roll-Up Utility Pouch ( Black ) – $9.80
Action Army Full Face Extreme Mask – $35
D Boy M4 / M16 300rds High Capacity Magazine X3 – $12 each/ $36 all three
NC Star 1×42 Red Dot Scope – $30
TOTAL PRICE: $379.60 + Tax (S&H is free)

Remember that these are only ideas. Get creative and make some of your own loadouts. Mix and match, or start from scratch!

Im looking for a CQB loadout; i prefer
I have $500 to use.
Im a very fast and light type infantry, never seen in the same place twice, and sometimes seen in the most dangerous and creative spots on the field.

I made a good loadout based on your description. First of all, the gun. I chose Combat Machine M4 Raider, because it is a great low priced gun, and it is made by G&G (Combat Machine is part of G&G). Also, the gun comes with 1 Hi Cap 450 round mag, making for minimum reload.
Next, I chose for you the Beta Magpul PTS P-Mags Box Set in Black. Since this is the box set, it comes with 5 magazines, each holding 75 rounds. Also, since they are mid caps, they do not rattle, making for perfect stealth, so the enemy won’t know where you are.
Next, I chose for you the MagPul PTS Angled Fore-Grip 2 5″ in Dark Earth. The AFG is designed to increase accuracy, and increase blood flow (unlike regular grips, AFG’s are angled, so you only place your hand under it, increasing blood flow.)
Next, I chose the Swiss Arms 30mm Red Dot Scope w/ Cantilever Mount. This scope is designed to sit about 1 inch above your rail, making for easier aiming while wearing a mask.
Next, you are going to need a place to hold your magazines, and protect yourself from bbs. The EO TECH MPS Combat Chest rig has built in mag pouches, so it can hold your 5 magazines easy. Also, I chose it in black, to match with most of your gear.
Next, I chose a black EO TECH Roll Up Dump Pouch in black. This can hold 6 mags easily:)
Next, the battery. I chose for you the G&G 9.6v 1600mAh Crane Stock Battery. This battery is made especially for G&G Crane Stocks, so it will have a perfect fit on your gun.
Last, I chose you a Universal Smart Charger. The advantages of having a smart charger are you wait less to charge batteries, you can leave your batteries and not worry about overheating (only for Ni-Mh batteries), and, for this charger, they can charge batteries with both large and mini type outlets.
In total, this is going to cost $419.35, not including tax. Shipping is free, and you can still use a coupon code to lower price!

im looking for a special ops loadout
i have a total of $242
site doesent matter as long as it has free shipping

Vest, Black Lightweight MOLLE Ops Chest Rig, move fast, move dark, move silent. Triple Mag pouch, holds a total of 6 M4 mags, preferably with use of Mid Caps for no rattle. Dump pouch, holds 6-7 M4 magazines, don’t want to lose those magazines, do you? Flashbang pouch, never enter a room and hope to get a lucky shot again. Grip with a flash/strobe light and laser, blind your enemy, know where your enemy is. Tracer unit, know where your bullets are going.
Vest – Condor Gen4. Tactical MOLLE Ops Chest Rig (Black) –
Mag Pouch – Condor MOLLE Triple Mag Pouch (Black) –
Dump Pouch – Condor MOLLE Tactical Dump Pouch (Black) –
Flashbang Pouch – Condor Tactical MOLLE Dual Flashbang Pouch (Black) –
Grip/Flashlight/Laser – Matrix Tactical Grip w/ Integrated Flash/ Strobe Light and Laser –
Tracer Unit – Matrix Night Combat Tracer Unit –

Total: $201.55 (Use coupon code FREESHIP to get free shipping on your order)

Hey whats up I’m looking for a good bad ass look preferably a Juggernaut look.
My preferred website is Evike.
I currently have a AK74 full metal with 380 fps
My budget is 220$
(note) This is the vest I was planning to use:

Also could you recommend any scopes for a ak74. I don’t really care about the website on this one.

I chose for you some black BDU pants, and blacK BDU shirt, for a tacticool look. Next, I chose a helmet to make you look heavy, and the Revision Desert Locust Black Solar goggles, so they can’t see your eyes as easy. I also chose a Mesh Lower Face mask, to protect your nose, mouth, cheeks and ears. Last, for the scope and scope mount, I chose the Metal Storm AK mount, and a basic red dot tube style scope. (Note: I did NOT include the vest in the loadout because from what I understand you own the vest already?)

Exceeds price by $6, but is worth it!

hi my name is Baker, William Baker, and I airsoft reenact as a WW2 Marine, I need a airsoft loadout that is WW2 Marine Camo. I have the weapon, The Shirt, and The Pants. All I need now is the Web Gear. I have $40.00 so it has to be cheap and has to have free shiping because Im hoping to spend the whole $40.00 on the gear i need. The web gear doesnt have to be camo, I realy need help, and i need it fast i have a game the day after christmas

If you’ve been looking at grabbing some Airsoft Gear but you’re a little thrown by all the jargon and terminology surrounding the many Airsoft Guns, Accessories and Equipment, not to worry! As our buying guides are here to provide you with all the information you need to make a well informed and confident purchase.

Airsoft AEG Upgrade Guide : How do I increase rate of fire?

High rate of fire (ROF) Airsoft AEG builds are the staple of both CQB and outdoor skirmishes at longer ranges and are one of the best ways to increase your hit probability and overall number of kills whilst skirmishing. You may have seen another player’s AEG shooting at a phenomenal rate, and are wondering how you can upgrade your AEG for that level of performance. Wonder no more as Patrol Base give you the intel on our favourite parts to increase the rate of fire of your Airsoft AEG to provide game-winning performance!

Airsoft AEG Upgrade Guide : How to get better range and accuracy

Whether you have been rocking the same old AEG for a while, or you are putting together a custom AEG build, this article may help guide you to the performance you seek! Our AEG Upgrade Guide outlines the parts we would recommend if you want to increase the range, accuracy and consistency of your Airsoft Electric Gun for better performance in game.

Buying Guide: Your First Sniper Rifle

Who doesn’t want to sit back and watch your enemy as they helplessly scramble for cover as you land BBs on them from an unfathomable range with complete impunity? Obviously, we all do, but there’s a lot to learn before you can find success on the Skirmish field with a Sniper Rifle! Read on if you are ready to take the plunge!

Plate Carriers and Tactical Vests – Real deal vs. Airsoft Replica

So perhaps you have been wondering why an 8 Fields plate carrier costs around 1/10th of the price of the real thing? They look the same, have the same pouches, plate pockets and camouflage, but are there hidden differences between the two? Most of us already know the answer is a resounding “yes”, but let’s take a deeper look into Airsoft replica gear, the differences between it and the real stuff and why Airsoft gear is never an appropriate substitute for the real deal when your life is on the line.

Bolster Armouries: How to Maintain your Gas Blowback Pistol

If you are the proud owner of a Bolster Armouries Precision Hi-capa Obsidian, Moonstone, Quartz, or Moonstone [Limited Edition], this article is for you! Most in-depth maintenance for these high performance RIFs should be carried out by the Bolster Armouries tech team as a part of the Bolster Armouries Service Programme, but reapplication of lubricant and inner barrel cleaning is down to you, proud owner! Here’s how to do it!

Bolster Armouries: How to Maintain your AEG

Regular maintenance is essential for any AEG, even the AEG equivalent of a supercar; The Bolster Armouries ONYX series. In this article, we will outline the appropriate maintenance procedure for the ONYX AEG series and how to carry it out.

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How To Win At Airsoft Games

What comes next is a complete guide to help you with airsoft games. with this guide, you can purchase airsoft hardware, as well as prepare and find out how to battle.

Here are the steps:

First, you must find your dominant eye that you will use for targeting. This is how. With your palms facing away from you, put one hand over the other so that you form a triangle with your palms. Holding your arms entirely outstretched, target something in the distance thru the triangle. Now, gradually bring your hands back toward your eyes. You’ll have moved either to the right or left ; that side is your dominant eye. That is the eye you’ll have open when you target.

Purchase your guns. You will need a sidearm ( a pistol ) and a larger weapon ( an airsoft shotgun, rifle, or submachine gun ).

Check out reviews online; do not just go by the pictures and ads. Some high-quality guns have low FPS ratings. FPS can be increased with upgrades.

Learn the rules of battle ( they can be discovered online ). Then, the role you select in battle and some method ( guides can determine your selection of weapon. For CQB ( close quarters battle ), you’ll need a short barrel like an airsoft shotgun or carbine.

If you’d like a rifle, ti makes sense to go with an AEG ( airsoft electric gun ) because they or fully automated so you will not need to cock them continually. Spring guns will do just fine for sniper rifles. There are AEG and even gas rifles but they’re dearer than not endorsed.

Use gas guns for pistols. Buy extra magazines for all guns, but especially gas guns, to save some time reloading.

Pistols will cost $75 and up, AEG rifles $100 and up, while good sniper rifles go for $110 and up.

Only buy high grade BB’s because less expensive ones can break in the barrel and jam. Use silicone oil for to clean guns.

With your guns chosen, next you need to put together a team. Then give them positions and roles appropriately. This could cover stuff like stealth, spy, open field and close quarters tactics.

Have your team members purchase their own hardware, if at all possible. That way, they’ll take better care of it. And they will be happier with what they purchased.

Don’t be afraid to get shot when in battle ( this is something everybody has to learn ), because you’ll be shot many times without reference to how good you are .

Using your weapons means something will ultimately break. No use spoiling your day because of a broken part. If you find one particular part appears to fail repeatedly, consider replacing it with a superior part than the original. Spending some time online researching the firms that make these parts will give you a good idea of who supplies the best price for the dollar.

There may be a number of reasons why your airsoft gun wont shoot. The reasons range from simple wiring issues to more serious ones like gears with broken teeth.

First, here are a few reasons why an airsoft gun wont shoot:

Reason 1: You Used Low Quality BBs

Low quality BBs can damage your airsoft Gun in many ways. The first one is that a poorly made airsoft BB leaves fragments within your airsoft gun and this will cause the gears to start jamming up and breaking.

The other way that poorly made airsoft BBs damage airsoft guns is reducing the accuracy of the trajectory of your shot. This happens when BBs that have seams scratch the barrel and start deforming it. With enough wear and tear, the barrel starts pointing your BBs the wrong direction.

Choosing the right BBs will extend the lifespan of your airsoft gun and reduce the number times that it jams

How to Fix This

Use high quality BBs: The best quality BBs are double polished and have no seams. They need to be perfectly round and have consistency from BB to BB. Cheap bbs come with a lot of inconsistencies and seams on the bb body.

A good way of testing for consistency is picking a handfull of BBs from the bag and looking carefully at each bb for imperfections. Brands with a low number of BBs that are deformed are the best to use.

The best BB brands are perfectly smooth and have no seams. This prevents them from scratching the inner barrel of your airsoft gun and changing the internal dynamics of how your gun shoots.

Making sure that you have the right BBs for your gun also helps to prevent jamming. If your gun uses a metal gearbox, you will need to use 0.20gram BBs or higher.

Here is a short video by John Douch on why you should not use cheap bbs

If your gun does nothing when you pull the trigger, even on a full charge, its possible that you have blown the fuse to your gun.

One reason for this happening is when the gears jam and the gun trys to send too much energy to free up the gun.

Another problem is the wiring tangling together with the motor pinion causing a short circuit. When two wires that are not supposed to touch come into contact, this will cause a short circuit.

The other reason may be that you are using the wrong fuse for your gun. Check with the manufacturer to find out the appropriate fuse for your gun if this is the problem.

How to Fix a Broken Fuse on an Airsoft Gun

Here is a video explaining where to find your airsoft gun’s fuse and how to replace it.

You can tell that a fuse is blown by checking if the wire going through the fuse is all connected. If it is broken or discolored, then is probably blown. Another way to check if it its the fuse is to connect the two ends without the fuse and try to shoot the gun. If it shoots ,then you know that it is the fuse.

A blown fuse is likely the symptom of a bigger problem. If the problem keeps recurring, you will need to investigate further to find the root cause.

If the problem is wiring short circuiting, you will need to do rewiring of the airsoft gun. This can be a daunting task and here is a video that will give you an idea of what is involved.

This normally happens when black residue builds up on your trigger contacts. This is due to arcing that happens on the trigger contacts. Single fire puts a lot of carbon on the trigger contacts due to arcing. This is usually over a long period and the gun may work fine for a while but when the carbon builds up, the gun may eventually stop working.

How to fix burnt trigger contacts on your airsoft gun

This is actually a quick fix: take apart your gun and clean the tips with a soft damp cloth. Make sure everything is dry before assembling the airsoft gun back together.

When cleaning the gun doesn’t help, then you can try the solution given by Jeffie Jeff. This will involve replacing the contacts so please read up on how to replace the contacts in your own airsoft gun before you open up your airsoft gun.

How to airsoft on a low budget

So you’re looking at getting into the sport of airsoft, or maybe you’re looking at having your kids get into it?

Great, its defiantly one of the best recreational sports to get into and is certainly one of the funnest.

How to airsoft on a low budget

The only issue, since it involves the use of gas, electric and spring powered rifles and guns, there could be age restriction in some places, limiting the age that some people can get into it.

So What Age Do You Need To Be To Play Airsoft?

You have to be 18 years or older to purchase an airsoft gun, or even a paintball gun, unless one has been gifted to you by a parent or guardian.

If you’re wanting to play air soft there is usually no minimum age to play, but there are numerous fields around the US that require people to be at least 12 or older provided they are accompanied by an adult or guardian.

Again this varies from state to state and some will let even let people play at a younger age providing they’re parent or guardians are there.

In most cases, if you want to play without a parent or guardian, you must be 18 or older, if you’re younger, you will need supervision to play.

These age limits also apply for Canada and the UK, in meaning if your 18 or over, you can play without supervision, if your under 18, you’ll need the supervision.

What Age Do You Have To Be To Compete In Competitions?

This ones a little bit trickier as it will depend on the state and the field that’s holding the competition, But usually the starting is is at least 13 years old.

Some fields may have their age limit at 13 years of age, while others that are a bit more concerned about safety may bump theirs up to 18 years of age to compete.

The best way to find out is to call your local field and speak with someone in charge.

Ask them what age limit they have in place for compositions and any other restrictions they may have.

Is Airsoft Safe For Your Kids?

The short answer is yes, it is a safe sport due to all of the safety equipment that is involved such as the full face masks, chest protectors, boots, outfits and load outs.

Providing everyone is well aware of the rules and everyone is wearing their protective gear, it is safe.

In-fact air soft is considered safer than paintball as the BB’s or Pellets that are shot from the guns hurt a lot less than paintball and don’t leave any marks or cuts that could become infected like paintball.

If you’re at all concerned, its best to call your local field or store and have them go through the safety precautions that are usually set in place when playing.

They can also go through best types of protective gear and steps you can take to ensure that your kids have a fun time, but also a safe time.