How to aim in counter strike

How to aim in counter strike

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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I see that ur new to the game,so go in settings and look for the binds,also this game is competitive ,so it will take some time to afford with it, also dont get in drama because scaminv drama /csgo drama and valve not updating drama is bad, and i hope you will enjoy this game oh btw its "possible" to aimdown in cs but u need to use some console commands,etc.

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lol! I do tend to troll a bit too hard, but it comes as free energy in my brain. Comes and goes at will, and I can’t control when it happens (like now). I am learning much from this very cool and intense battleground.

I do love the way that after I die, I can choose whom to follow and it’s like I am that person with the cool paint-job guns and I can gain insight into what kind of strategy to adopt.

For the moment, I’m running around like a Private with my only objective to last as long as I can before being hit in the head with a sniper’s bullet.

Great graphics for high-end users and awesome frame-rate. I’ve seen some very serious moves, like spinning around in a complete circle as quick as a hiccup.

I also like the humor coming from the voices playing the game. Adds some entertainment value. I’m not the chatty type so you won’t catch me buying a headset and microphone.

How to aim in counter strike

No matter how good your aim is, it is always possible to improve. If you are trying to reach Global Elite for the first time or just looking to improve, you should check out our guide on how to improve aim in CS:GO.

Crosshair Placement

Crosshair placement is one of the most important aspects in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive when trying to achieve higher ranks like Global Elite or Level 10 on Faceit. A lot of lesser experienced players tend to aim at the ground, which leads to them having to flick up every time they see an opponent. So how do I fix my crosshair placement?

Always Have Your Crosshair at Head Height

When playing CS:GO you always want to anticipate where your opponent’s head will be, so that it is as easy as possible to shoot them. So try to always keep your crosshair at head level. Where do you place your crosshair to be head level exactly? That depends a lot on the map and area. If you are on even ground you should aim at 90-degree angles, while if you are pushing up banana on Inferno as a terrorist. You need to aim a bit higher than 90 degrees because you are at a lower level than the opponents. Crosshair placement is something that mostly comes with experience, but if you want to learn it faster, you should play a lot of deathmatches and retake. If you don’t know where to place your crosshair, you can use your teammates as a reference for where to aim.

Keep Your Crosshair Where You Expect the Opponent to Peek

By always trying to keep your crosshair where you expect the opponent to peek you have a much higher chance of killing the opponents. It might sound like a simple tip, but it is often forgotten by lesser experienced players.

Pre-Aim Default Spots

By pre-aiming default spots, there is a lesser chance of the opponents surprising you. Actively aiming is always faster than reactive aiming!


Spraying is one of the fundamental gun mechanics in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Being good at spraying is a lot more reliable in close quarter situations than tapping or bursting because there is a higher chance of hitting your opponents. Each weapon has its own spray pattern, so it is important to practice each separately, while that has been said it is most important to practice the rifles since they have “harder” spray patterns. To be good at CS:GO you need to know when to spray and when you should be going for taps instead. A good rule of thumb is that you should be spraying if they are within 50 feet of you and tapping or bursting if they are further away.


Tapping is the name of the mechanic used when you are slowly shooting at the opponents. Try to always aim at the opponent’s head when you are tapping. It is more efficient to take more time to tap and hit a headshot than to tap at their chest.


Bursting is the middle ground between spraying and tapping. It is usually done by “spraying” 3-4 bullets at a time. It should be utilized when the opponent is too far away to be spraying but close enough where tapping is a disadvantage. A good example is if you are standing by default on Mirage A site and fighting a player stairs or jungle.


Having a great aim and aim placement is one of the most impactful ways to get good at Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, for that reason it should be your main skill to be working on.

Landing your shots in CS:GO is crucial to your team’s success. The ability to frag out can carry your team to victory or, at the very least, keep the ship from sinking. The extremely fast time to kill leads to lethal engagements where consistent and accurate aim is rewarded with round wins. It is not enough to have excellent game sense and decision making; while these skills are invaluable, aim is the ultimate equalizer in CS:GO.

Despite how important aim is to your performance in CS:GO, playing the game itself actually provides very little practice. The slow pacing and substantial down-time minimizes the time you actively aim at enemies. For this reason, aim growth is stunted, taking hundreds or even thousands of hours to properly develop.

Aim training in KovaaK’s provides a hyper-focused environment that allows you to constantly aim in scenarios specifically designed to improve your skills. This training greatly accelerates your aiming journey, creating aim gods in weeks, not years.

How to Get Better at CS:GO

The pace of CS:GO is unique when compared to other popular FPS titles. It has extreme lethality, limited mobility, linear map design and an attacker/defender game mode. This cocktail of variables makes consistent aim and, if possible, consistent headshots extremely valuable.

The aiming style of CS:GO is heavily dependent on small distance flicks. Very rarely would you ever need to track a target, and for that reason it can largely be ignored for CS:GO proficiency. The importance of small aiming movements and flicks allows players to configure their settings and choose peripherals that will enhance this playstyle; we’ll cover these further below.

Crosshair Placement

Crosshair placement is an extremely valuable skill to develop. The premise is to always have your crosshair placed where an enemy player is most likely to be. This applies to holding an angle and keeping your crosshair on the corner, or to placing your crosshair at areas of a site that you suspect an enemy player could be holding when you are pushing in, and to everything in-between.

It is very common for players to have their crosshair facing the ground, walls, teammates or other dead space which puts them at a grave disadvantage should they come across an enemy player. From these positions they need to perform a difficult off-angle flick just to reach the target, taking extra time and introducing additional risk of missing.

Efficient crosshair placement significantly reduces the risk you face when starting an engagement. If your crosshair is placed on a corner and an enemy walks into it, you don’t even need to aim; you can simply click and land your shots. The consistency this introduces to your play has massive cascading effects on your k/d and ultimately your chance of winning the match.

Make smart crosshair placement a habit by reminding yourself to align it with the most suitable area, no matter what stage of the round you are in. Take time to figure out play head heights so you can always have your crosshair set up ready for a swift headshot. When holding a corner waiting for an opponent, it can be a good idea to have your crosshair situated slightly out from the corner, rather than being flush up against it. If it’s too close, you are at the mercy of your reaction time and they may move past your crosshair before you have the chance to shoot. With some experience, you can figure out what leeway works best for your reaction time.

How to aim in counter strikeCounter-Strike: Global Offensive – How to Improve Your Aim

How to Improve Your Aim in CS:GO

Today I’ll teach you on how to become a better aimer in CSGO. In this Guide You’ll know how to:

  • 1 Tap.
  • Have Accurate Aim.
  • Better Cross-hair Placement.

Arm / Wrist training

So First of all you need to get on Aim Botz map which will be linked below and choose the AK-47 and the Desert Eagle, Before you start shooting you need to warm-up your arm/wrist by moving your crosshair to the bots quickly, make sure the crosshair is on the bots head once its on the bots head do the same to the other bots keeping doing it until you feel like your arm/wrist is awake and you’re able to flick.

Head Shot / Aim Control

Once you’re able to flick start shooting the bots, try and make sure the shots are head shots, and try speeding your self like quick flicking, also try moving sideways which is called (strafing) this helps the enemy to miss their shots. Use the Guns Stated Below and try to get at least 400 Kills with each one, which adds up to 1200 Kills.

  • AK-47
  • M4A4 Or M4A1-S which ever one you use
  • AWP

Pistol Training

After getting a total of 1200 Kills with the weapons stated above start using the Pistols stated below, also try getting from 100-200 Kills If you go with 100 kills they add up to 300 kills and if you go with 200 kills they add up to 600 kills, also try strafing when your shooting with the pistols, pros use this method so their enemy can miss most of their shots.

  • Glock-18
  • USP-S or P2000 which ever one you use
  • Desert Eagle

At the end of the pistol training you’d have a total of 1800 kills (if went with 200 pistol kills) and 1500 kills (if went with 100 pistol kills)

Flick Shooting

After finishing your Gun and Pistol Training head to the map below called (training_aim_csgo2) and choose your preferred gun with your preferred pistol, and then click start this map helps you train your flick shots and will 100% improve them.

My ping is low so I know that's not a problem, I think I just don't understand the gun mechanics. I can have my crosshair lined up on someones body, unload a shitload of bullets, and I end up dying and seeing that I only hit them once or twice. Even at close range this happens. Where are my bullets going and how do I keep them on target?

This seems to happen when burst firing too to minimise recoil.

For me, aim is about precision.

They talk about my one-taps

Really hard for a new player to learn since it doesn't show up in highlights.

Scream is both a headshot and a meme machine

Search up spray control videos. Counter Strike isn't a point and click, you actually have to drag your mouse down in a certain pattern to make the bullets hit and kill your enemy.

Stop moving. Spray at a wall a little while pulling down until the first 5-7 bullets are sort of close.

watch this and learn from spraymaster

Make sure you're not moving when you shoot.

Bullets don't always go exactly where you're aiming, recoil and movement affects the accuracy of your bullets. Try standing still whenever you shoot to improve the accuracy.

To practice nullifying the recoil, stand still facing a wall and spray all the bullets in the clip without moving your crosshair then try mirror the recoil by moving the mouse so that all the bullets hit the same spot. You won't get it the first time but through practice you will 🙂

It's a technique that takes time to learn. Try writing your name with your dominant hand. See those lines? That pre-determined pattern? Your brain knows how to do it, and your hand knows how to follow. Now switch hands. Your brain still knows how to do it, but your hand doesn't. This is what you have to train in CSGO. First of all learn the spray pattern and the timing of it. Then repeat, repeat, repeat, until your hand knows how to write it like you write your own name.

Oh, and on top of that, when you're moving your accuracy goes down a lot. So even if you know the spray pattern perfectly, the bullets will still go everywhere. This is true in writing as well, if you're moving your body around while trying to write your signature will be very clumsy and not what you intended it to be. Learning how to aim also consists of learning exactly how long you have to wait after you stop moving for the shots to be accurate.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, unlike other shooters, is all about strategy and teamwork. Here are some ways to improve your CS:GO experience.

Although new maps and weapons have added, Counter-Strike hasn’t changed much since its early heydays. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the most recent entry to the Counter-Strike franchise, and it has earned its spot in the collection rightly so. Chances are if you are like most players, you want to improve your skill level.

Today we will go over some tips that will help you play like an elite gamer. Being a pro in Counter-Strike isn’t always about getting the most kills. You could have the most points in a match, but it won’t matter if the other team completes more objectives. By listening to the following tips, you can significantly enhance your game and get those Ws to rank up. These are 10 tips to improve your game in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

10 Get A Mic! Communicate With Your Teammates

Just like sports, communication is vital in esports. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a tactical first-person shooter that puts players in teams of five. Although you can communicate with your team via text, it is more useful to talk through a microphone.

Being able to announce the location of enemies, suggest routes to take, and ask people for help can be the difference in winning or losing in a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive match. Especially in the competitive game mode, effective communication is essential.

9 Watch The Pros Play On Twitch

There are few ways better to improve your game then learning from the pros. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most popular games to stream, and it has been for a while.

Watching professional players masterfully dominate games allows you to learn from their strategic play. You can copy the weapons they choose or find out about new camping locations. Twitch is an excellent streaming platform that allows you to communicate with a streamer or other viewers.

8 Aim For The Body

Unless your an elite sniper with deadly aim, your best bet will be to aim low when faced with an opponent. The spray patterns of weapons tell us that most weapons will gravitate upward due to recoil.

Often, players unintentionally shoot above enemies and die as a result. Practice with weapons and become familiar with spray patterns as each weapon’s recoil is unique. Clicking the shoot button, instead of holding it, will help you shoot more accurately and conserve ammunition.

7 Know How To Budget Your Cash

Budgeting your cash in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive should be easy as pie. First of all, it’s good to know that some weapons offer satisfactory value compared to their cost. The P90 is an example of a close-quarters low-cost gun that could take down an entire squad.

Its price is $2350, which is not bad compared to other long-range weapons. Purchasing expensive weapons like the Scar-20 won’t give you a competitive advantage and has a better chance of working against you. Sometimes all you need is an M4A4 or an Ak-47 to get you through the match.

6 Turn Your Graphics Settings Down

Although investing in a high-end computer can improve your game, for many of us it is beneficial to turn your graphics settings down. With lower graphics settings, your game will play with better performance, and this can lead to more points.

If your computer has stuttering lag or has a high ping, lowering your graphics settings could work to improve gameplay. Bad latency could also be used to explain slow gameplay. If your connection is slow with most other applications, your router or ISP could be to blame and not your computer.

5 Check Your Minimap

The difference between checking your map in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and not can be huge. Whenever a player fires a shot, it appears on the map, allowing you to find enemies. It is critical that you frequently look at your map to win matches.

Just don’t get trigger happy by running at a red question mark whenever you see it because it could be a hot-zone or a deceiving decoy grenade. The minimap will also provide you with alternate routes to achieve objectives. You can also use the large map, but in most cases, the minimap will be good enough.

4 Take Your Time

Do not run into hot-zones and start firing rapidly with the hope of succeeding. Take your time and regroup with your teammates. Like most tactical shooters, sticking together with your team can improve your odds of survival and winning the match.

Many people who have played games like Call of Duty and Doom are used to running perilously into firefights and succeeding. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is not at all like Call of Duty first-person shooters—especially when playing on PC. Simply put, take your time in CS: GO matches.

3 Find Good Spots To Camp

People in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive loathe campers for a reason. Finding cheap spots such as behind a plant makes players near-invisible to the other team. Most of the time, people aren’t expecting you to be hiding behind a bush in the corner of a room.

Hiding in the same spot, however, can diminish your game and could work against you. Try camping in various places until one works. Finding smart places to camp can be the difference in winning and losing a match.

2 Invest In A High DPI Mouse

Saving up for a gaming mouse is worth it. Razor, Corsair, and Logitech are some of the top brands for gaming mice. Without a doubt, a quality gaming mouse will improve your Counter-Strike: Global Offensive play. It is recommended to buy a wired gaming mouse since they typically have better response times.

The Razer Deathadder Elite is arguably the best mouse for first-person shooters. It uses a 16,000 DPI (dots per inch) optical sensor, making the Death Adder Elite remarkable for tracking fast mouse movements. You can purchase the Razer Deathadder Elite at stores like Amazon, Newegg, BestBuy, and Walmart.

1 Get Involved In The CS: GO Community

Do whatever you can to get involved in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community. Posting online in the forums to communicate with other players can improve your game. Most people in the CS: GO community are willing to provide tips to other players. Also, attending ESL, Blast Pro Series, and Intel Extreme Masters tournaments can help improve your Counter-Strike skill.

The sheer amount of vitriol would deter some people from posting in the forums. Whether it is through the Steam Community or elsewhere, connecting with other players can significantly enhance your game and get you competitive wins to rank up.

I love Counter-Strike: Source to death, But the fact that I have a **** aim and pretty much suck at this game doesn’t help me in anyway. Do you have any tips on how I can improve my aim or anything that helps me play better? I want to get better !!

Plus . I really feel like killing someone with an AK right now : P

Go to death matches. Change your cross hair size to something like 5000 to start, cl_crosshairscale 5000

Practice aiming at the head. Only shoot while not moving. Move-stop-shoot-move-stop-shoot. Moving increases recoil, decreasing accuracy. Only fire 1-3 bullets at a time.

I use 2000 but its all preference

For AK shoot in 1-3 shot bursts, if you are moving its incredibly unaccurate, so stop, shoot, stop, etc

M4 shoot 2-4 shot bursts

First, learn how to quick stop. For the sake of simplicity, let’s just use default controls.

Go on an empty server and move to the left and let go. You should keep moving for half a second after you let go of "A".

This is BAD.

Now, move the the left again, but after you let go, tap "D". If you do it right, your momentum should stop. You have just done a quickstop. Why is this important? Well it may not seem like much, but half a second is a long time when it comes to a firefight. Quickstopping is how awpers stop for those really fast quickscopes/noscopes and how players get those headshots the moment they see you.

This is all useless if you can’t aim though. Go on to a 100 tick DM (make sure your rates are set properly) and start practicing. Force yourself to quickstop before you shoot and force yourself to kill with only headshots. I recommend using an AK as the first few shots always hit dead center.

After you are a pro at headshots (70% or more kills are headshots) learn how to control your spray. One of the most annoying things I see in CS is people who meet a group of enemies and attempt to burst fire them from 5 ft away. At this point, you should go register at gotfrag and download some demos of top ranking players. Watch their sprays and attempt to copy them. You should eventually get a knack for adjusting your shots without having to let go of you mouse button if you practice controlling your recoil enough.

How to aim in counter strike

CS:GO is the second game to adopt the new Flick Stick gyro aiming method created by game developer Jibb Smart. Inspired by the gyro aiming in console games like Splatoon, Flick Stick revolutionizes controller support in traditionally PC-centric shooters.

Most players use the left analog stick for movement and the right stick for aiming when playing with a controller. Flick Stick changes the right analog to horizontal aiming only, with vertical aim controlled by the physical movement of the controller.

How to configure Flick Stick in CS:GO.

  • Ensure your DualShock 4, DualSense, Switch Pro Controller, or other gyro-enabled controller is connected to the PC and detected by Steam.
  • Open CS:GO and go to GAME SETTINGS.
  • Open controller settings and click on the Flick Stick Aim tab.
  • Scroll down and click on the Enable Flick Stick Aiming. When it’s enabled, there will be a warning message saying, “ Enabling Flick Stick will disable Stick Aim.”
  • Once it’s enabled, go to the top of Controller options and click on EDIT BUTTON BINDINGS (LAUNCH STEAM INPUT).
  • A window will open showing the controller settings and the MENU CONTROLS tab should be highlighted.
  • Click on IN-GAME CONTROLS and a new window will open showing the game’s controller mapping.
  • Click on the option for the right analog controller. A window will open showing its mapping. Ensure In-Game Action is set to Joystick Camera.
  • If you exit the settings Flick Stick Gyro settings will be enabled for CS:GO.

Note: By default, the gyro aiming sensitivity is low and might need adjusting. To increase the sensitivity, go back to CS:GO controller settings and scroll down to Gyro Aim Settings. There will be the option to change the sensitivity and invert the aiming.

How to aim in counter strike

As is the case in so many computer games, the most basic actions are almost always the most important.

When it comes to CS:GO, the action of aiming is fundamental to the success you will have in the game. And yet, how often do you give thought to your aiming during the game itself?

This post will help you think more carefully about how you aim and offers a number of tips that should help you as you look to rank up in CS:GO.

If you’re looking for more advice on aiming and other areas, then consider booking a coaching session with Delinx.

General Principles of Practice

This practice routine should be viewed as a guideline: a template for you to work on skills you need the most.

It’s built on the idea of breaking down something complex into simple aspects so all of them can be analyzed and practiced individually.

An effective practice always follows three important rules: focus on one fundamental skill at the time; create a consistent and realistic environment; make sure you adjust difficulty.

Let’s take aiming as an example. Aiming consists of a variety of skills such as:

  • Mouse movement to the general area of the target
  • Speed of mouse movement
  • Consistency of mouse movement speed
  • Initial accuracy of large mouse movement
  • Micro adjustments on a specific part of the target
  • Speed of micro-adjustments
  • Accuracy of micro-adjustments
  • Tracking and accounting for your movement and the target’s
  • Ability to recognize and use the ideal moment to shoot
  • Repositioning of the mouse on the mousepad
  • Keeping a neutral wrist angle to prevent locking

How many of those things can you keep in your head right now? Would you be able to keep them all in your head while playing on a Deatchmach server, would you be able to analyze and apply tweaks to them?

Unless you are extraordinarily gifted, the answer is no. That’s why practicing all of them at the same time is not the best idea. Automation is the main enemy of improvement.

Once you become somewhat automatic in a skill, your improvement rate slows down dramatically. In order to counter this, you need to develop practices which push you outside of your comfort zone and allow the space to improve.

This practice routine is set up for you to complete offline on a map called AIM_BOTZ. In the course of the routine, you will make 1000 kills and you can complete it in around 25 minutes. If you complete it daily, you will notice improvements to your aim within one or two weeks.

The routine consists of the following four steps:

1) Warm Up

The first step of routine should allow you the chance to warm up before more challenging exercises.

Just go ahead and headshot 250 bots. There is a catch, though: before each of your shots, you need to make sure it’s 100% going to hit your target.

You will need a bit of extra time to do some micro-adjustments before each shot, and that is completely normal. Find the sweet spot of being 100% accurate while aiming quickest you can but remember to prioritize accuracy over speed in this exercise.

This exercise will help you to warm up, practice micro-adjustments, practice trigger discipline, and timing.

2) Practice Quick Mouse Movement

This exercise is very similar to the warm up exercise but this time, instead of making accuracy your main priority, focus on the speed of your mouse movement.

Try moving your mouse as quickly as you can in-between targets before taking time to adjust to their heads, as well as trying flick-shotting (flick shots are quicker than conventional aim because you rely on your reaction to land shot straight after initial flick without micro-adjustments).

It will feel uncomfortable or even unpleasant to move your mouse quicker than you usually do, your hand might feel stiff and tense: don’t worry – it’s normal.

To improve your speed you need to get out of your comfort zone and get familiar with the sorts of faster movements you normally don’t do. In time, it will become your natural speed and accuracy will follow.

This exercise will help you to increase the speed and accuracy of mouse movement, improve your spatial awareness and consistency of flick shots and other reaction-based shooting.

3) Practice Precise Mouse Movement

In this exercise, you will need to follow a list of conditions before you are allowed to get a kill.

Aim from head to head in a precise and smooth single motion, focus on moving your crosshair in a straight line with consistent speed, and try to stop your crosshairs precisely on the middle of the target’s head without over or under flicking.

If your mouse speed were inconsistent, you stopped mid-movement or over aimed then simply skip the current target without killing it and proceed to repeat those steps while aiming at the new target. By doing this, you will have 250 kills only when you successfully completed this action for 250 times.

You will likely need to aim much slower than usual to follow those conditions and that’s completely normal. Go as slow as you need and with time your speed will improve.

This exercise will help you to make your mouse movement more effortless, precise and smooth, and allow you to track targets more easily.

4) Practice Tracking

In this exercise, you will work on your ability to track enemy heads (locking on the enemy head) while moving yourself or onto moving target.

There should be two parts to this exercise: first using a rifle and second using a pistol to allow you to practice with different movement speeds.

Pick your weapon of choice, aim at the enemy head and start strafing left and right combining long and short strafing. While doing it try your best to keep your crosshair preciously on the centre of target’s head at all times.

After few seconds of movement while keeping your crosshair on targets head, do a counter-strafe and shoot the target in the head. If you find counter-strafing too difficult, then stop fully before taking a shot.

This exercise will help you to acquire smoother mouse movement and improve your micro-adjustments speed and precision. It will also make mouse movement more effortless, which will improve your crosshair placement by making it less of a distraction.

Good luck!

By applying the principles discussed here to skills you wish to improve you can develop your own exercises, and by doing that you can improve any skills within or outside the game.

See, I normally full-auto fire (but only on distances below 3 meters).

I do have shaky hands, but still, that doesn’t mean that my mouse sensitivity shouldn’t be high (as fast as you move the mouse, 90% of that speed will be the speed of the first-person view).

If an enemy is in it’s hiding spot (crouching), I crouch too, which simplifies my aim at the head.

Weapons i’m very good with (and you too, probably) :

-M4A1 Carbine (good accuracy and medium recoil)

-Bullpup (it does everything under your command)

-MP5 (fast moving speed, OK damage)

-AK47 (if you steal it from a T, and it deals a good amount of damage)

-TMP (silent, quick, low recoil, light-weight)

-FN P90 (big ammo capacity, OK rate of fire)

But I wouldn’t recommend the Desert Eagle, it doesn’t have that “feeling” which I normally have.

Now to the pistols:

-USP (definitely one of the best)

-P228 (small, low recoil, good capacity, OK damage)

-Glock (good ammo capacity, very low recoil, good to use if you can click very fast, like me)

Alright, and now, I only wall-bang (that’s how it’s called, shooting through walls) if I see an opponent behind it (e.g. I see his weapon and hands).

I rarely shoot from a distance, it is very dangerous, because you’re exposing yourself to a field of possible death.

And, here’s a little drawing demonstrating the use of crouching when shooting:

So with that shown, regular pros often tend to aim at the head, thinking that you aren’t a pro, they just don’t see that you are about to crouch. And when they realize that, it’s too late.

  • Win x 1
  • Interesting x 1

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How to aim in counter strike

Counter-Strike is the most-played shooting video game in history. The game follows the confrontation between two teams: terrorists versus anti-terrorists. Team missions include placing or disabling bombs, escorting or assassinating VIPs, and rescuing or holding hostages. This article will introduce you to some common cheat codes. The cheat codes will allow you to use any weapon, get free money, and control time. You can bind cheat commands to hotkeys for faster and more efficient cheating.

How to enable cheat codes?

To enable this codes on PC, press the tilde (

) key while playing to open the cheat console, type sv_cheats 1, and press Enter. Then, enter the codes below.

Cheat codes for Counter-Strike 1.6

  • Activate the console with the º key (to the left of 1), and enter sv_cheats 1. Then, type:
  • Get $ 16,000: impulse101
  • Hit all shots: sv_clienttrace 999999999
  • Activate the viewer in observation mode: cl_observercrosshair [0 or 1]
  • Enable help messages: ah [0 or 1]
  • Set the ice period at the beginning of the rounds: mp_freezetime
  • Set the length of a round in minutes: mp_roundtime [3-15]
  • Set the minutes between map rotations: mp_timelimit
  • Environments in 800×600 resolution: r_lightmap 1
  • Add speed to accelerated mode: cl_forwardspeed 999
  • Add speed to side mode: cl_sidespeed 999
  • Add speed to return mode: cl_backspeed 999
  • Change Level: changelevel [level name]
  • Change viewfinder color: adjust crosshair
  • Turn off the previous trick: sv_clienttrace 0000
  • Disable viewfinder to zoom in: crosshair [1-5]
  • Disconnect the command keys: unbind [key then linked to a command]
  • Arctic Sniper Rifle: givespaceweapon_awp
  • Walls return to normal: gl_zmax 3600
  • Modify the map briefing after loading new levels: dm [0 or 1]
  • Modify the friend shot: mp_friendlyfire [0 or 1]
  • Modify severity: sv_gravity [-999 – 999999]
  • Modify flashlight usage: mp_flashlight [0 or 1]
  • Modify the graphics: net_graph [0 or 1]
  • Modify the steps: mp_footsteps [0 or 1]
  • Get weapon: give weapon_ (weapon name)
  • Automatic reload: + reload
  • Disable recharge: -reload
  • Reveal how much time is left on the map: timeleft
  • Selection of skins: skin (name of the skins)
  • Suicide: kill See the ghosts in observation mode: ghosts [0 or 1]
  • See things bright without a flashlight: lambert -1.0001
  • See the frags of the other players: cl_hidefrags 0
  • See and shoot through the walls: gl_zmax 0
  • Automatic viewfinder with Sniper rifle only: sv_aim

Weapons for Counter-Strike 1.6

If you want a weapon and you do not have money, you just have to download the console and enter give_weapon_ + the name of the weapon you want:

I’m a die-hard CS fan. 1.5, 1.6, Source, Global Offensive, I love them all. A major readerbase of our blog also plays Counter Strike. So this post is dedicated for our CS playing BabaHumor fans !

Since I play mostly Counter Strike 1.6, the tips below will be focused on CS 1.6. Surely these tips will make you a better player in CS:Source and CS:GO too. This post includes basic and pro tips, Videos, strategy guides, custom settings and best config files ever. So lets begin :

TIP Number 1 : Basic Shooting :

Many professional CS player believe that spray from AK-47, M4A1, SMG’s and other guns is totally useless. Only time you should spray is in very close-range battles where you don’t have time to aim.

The most effective shooting pattern is :

1 shoot burst when enemy is very far away.

2-3 Shoot Burst when enemy is a bit near.

8-10 shoot burst in very close range.

TIP number 2 : Best and Worst Guns :

Spec any profession player, I bet 80% of them uses M4A1 or AK-41 as their primary weapon. Why ?

AK-47 is no doubt the second most powerful gun in Counter Strike. But many players which i’ve seen on PUB’s and online Server use AK-47 as M4A1. When they die, they bitch about or blame something.

AK-47 should be used like a Sniper Rifle with 30 bullets. A well aimed shot by Ak on enemy torso can kill him within 1-2 hits. You should rarely use full-automatic with this gun, it has a lot of kick and you need to push the cursor down in order to fire more than 3 bullets in straight line. In order to spray in close range, press the trigger and pull the cursor down 1 cm for every 5 rounds.

M4A1 is the best rifle available to CT, and it is pretty effective on long range. Even a random spary from M4A1 can kill somebedy. It is no-doubt the best rifle for noobs. It has a effective 3 bullet tap which is 1 Bullet more than AK-47. Silencer is bad for long range accuracy. Only use silencer when being stealth is above all, or you are in fairly close quarters (especially good when flanking from behind!)

What about secondary weapons ?

The Nighthawk is the most powerful pistol available in CS. It uses the same ammo as Magnum Sniper Rifle, And it more deadly that Any rifle in hands of pro, But the very-short clip makes it useless when you are attacking a horde. The other most powerful pistol is K&M .45 Tactical AKA USP, It has 12 rounds and is very accurate. Tech9 is also a wondeful pistol in CSGO.
The guns which you should avoid :

The M249 Machine Gun (or Negev For CS:GO) is the worst gun. It is expensive, Recoils too much, slows you down, less accurate on long range, overall nobody should buy it !

In pistols the Glock-18 or 9×19mm Side-arm is the worst pistol of them all. You need to aim it to the head and use burst fire to kill enemy. However the M249 is the king of crappiest guns in CS 1.6.

TIP Number 3 : Wrong Habits :

I’ve have been killed more time while reloading than I’ve been killed doing anything else. It is the worst habit you can have, Frequent reloading promotes spraying and increases your chances of getting killed. You only need to reload when you have only 3-4 bullets left. Doing this gives you more time to see around and do killing.

The other bad habit which kills players is crouching. To be honest, a noob should unbind his crouch button as it decreases your speed. When you crouch you become a box, Easily target for Snipers, Flankers and rushers. Only time you are allowed to crouch is when you are planting the Bomb or killing by sniper.

Other wrong habits include : Rushing, Using too much radio commands, camping, jumping too much, boosting unnecessary.

TIP Number 4 : Learn some fancy tricks :

On your way to becoming a pro, you must learn some tricks. The most absolute include Spamming (shooting through walls) which you can do easily as most CS object are hollow. You need to listen carefully and press trigger accordingly. Spamming if done correctly baffles your opponent completely.

Other Trick is to shooting while running. When you stay still you become a much easy target, What you should do is press A and D alternatively which moves you left to right. It is very necessary is short and medium range combats.

Some advanced tricks includes BHoP, which is also known as Bunny Hopping, Basically you jump right before you hit the ground and strafe around using mouse and space-bar. BHoppers moves about 40% faster than normal players and it is almost impossible to target them. You should also learn how to mag without scope in close range as it can save you life many times and how to boost properly.

TIP number 5 : Use the best hardware you can afford :

To be honest, I’m a semi-pro player, But when I play on my old Pentium 4 PC and BSNL 512 kbps Internet, I SUCK. No matter how good are your skills or how pro you are, you cannot hit a target when you lag. So always use the best you can afford or you will for sure get dominated in Counter strike.

Most troubling thing for players is mouse setting. You should use whatever setting you feel comfortable in, Some tips that can enhance your cs experience include : Disabling Mouse Filter, Auto Aim, Joystick Look, Reverse mouse settings and setting mouse sensitivity to 3 while playing normally and to 1.5-2.0 while magging. To be honest the mouse DPI does NOT matter. A cheap 200 bucks mouse in pro hands is better than a 6000 Rupees gamer mouse in noobs hands.

TIP Number 6 : Improving your Aim :

Aim is the most important skill of CS. To improve your aim, Play as much as you can on Deathmatch servers, because you shoot almost constantly and you respawn immediately when you die.

Also when offline, play on AIM and AWP maps as much as you can with expert bots. I learned Magging while playing AWP-India and it is the best AWP map ever.

TIP Number 7 : Depression is as lethal as Headshot :

Many CS players get in tension when they are playing a important match, or are left alone in team. Tension makes you less active, and you skills fade. Only way to play CS is by being cool and comfortable as possible. Many people often do team-killing as they shoot at anything that moves. Don’t do it.

TIP Number 8 : Evolve :

When you are a newbie, Play as much as possible with bots. With little experience you can play on Public Servers and make your skills develop. You cannot go to expert mode by playing on PUB’s as everybody is playing lightly, What you need to do is move on to Clan Wars and LAN Gaming Tournaments as everybody is more serious and more skilled. Plus playing with your team allows you to make a strategy, which is our tip number 9.

TIP Number 9 : Strategy :

I’ve seen numerous videos of very professional players getting mowed by a team of medium-skilled players. My team has won many matches by using proper strategy. You can spot or watch pro-lan gaming videos on youtube and apply them. This video can show you the importance of strategy.

TIP number 10 : USING MAG :

The most powerful gun in Counter Strike is the AWP Sniper Rifle. It is widely famous for “One Shot, One Kill” policy. Every professional team should have a good sniper. In favorable conditions, A pro sniper can take out the Entire opponent team In DE-Dust2.

Welcome to the 3D Aim Training and Shooting practice game. The Aim Trainer helps you to improve your Shooting and Aiming accuracy. Now! Stop wasting time, give it a shot, and have fun!

More Click Counter Tools

Click Counter

Click Speed Test

Online Counter

Double Click Counter

Number To Word

Spacebar Counter

Mouse Test

Aim Trainer

It’s Main Features

Different Challenge Modes

Now here are more aim training challenge modes available. Timers modes are 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 45 seconds and 60 seconds. You can choose which is more comfortable for you.

Practice Like Professionals

It is the best-suited game for aim training and practicing. Users can quickly improve their aiming and shooting skills for first-person shooting games like CS GO, Fortnite, or Apex Legends.

Arrange Game Community Challenges

After testing or practicing your aiming skills, your shortly will receive your gaming results. If you are best at it, you can challenge your friends or gaming community to beat you.

Aim Trainer – Improve Your FPS Skills

The goal of aim training games is to improve your gaming skills. It helps you to enhance your aiming and shooting. It is the best-suited aiming game specially designed for first-person shooting gamers.

Thus, the games like Counter-Strike GO, Fortnite, Apex Legend, and Rainbow six Saige have identical mechanisms and requirements for gaming skills. While designing this aim trainer program, we always keep in mind to provide the best gaming interface for aim trainers.

Before working on improving your aiming skills, your clicking speed must be good. Also, some firing games like spacebar invaders required to press spacebar to fire opponents. In such case, use this spacebar counter tool. Don’t forget to test your mouse before entering in this aim training mode. Use this online counter tool to count number of accurate aim you make in game.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good aim trainer?

Aim trainer will call as good when it provides all required facilities like best user interface and best gaming environment. In our user’s eyes, they are considered good aim trainers developed by

Why aim trainer important?

Aim trainer helps you improve your gaming skills. The skill is related to shooting the target with speed and accuracy. The trainer from only can help you survive and play like pros in your favorite shooting games.

How do I test my double-click speed?

Visit Double Click Counter from Just go to the round clicking panel below. As soon as you start clicking your mouse button it starts counting your clicks. It measures one when you do double clicks in a row with your mouse.

How actually improve your aiming with aim training?

We all know practice can only make a man perfect. So, if you want to improve quickly with your aiming, you need to practice more. You should be very dedicated and consistent in your practice.

Best aim training maps CSGO 2020 for you. Here is a list of top 4 most loved aim training maps in CSGO and also learn how to start aim training now. Read more.

How to aim in counter strike

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is amongst the most incredible survival games in the world. The CSGO is considered by many players to be one of the earliest games a gamer starts to play to develop a liking to it. As the game keeps getting popular every minute, many new players join the CSGO gaming community to enjoy the thrill of this multiplayer game.

However, the main quality that a gamer needs to have while playing this game s a good aim and it is very important. This is the reason why Aim training is arguably one of the most notable things you can do to become a remarkable CSGO player. So if you are wondering about the best aim training maps in CSGO, do not worry, here is all you need.

Best aim training maps in CSGO 2020

To be great at something, a person needs to practice it many times and training maps provide you with a chance to be a great player in Counter-Strike. A player can spend a significant amount of time only playing against real people, but that may not be the most optimal way to perfecting your aim in the game.

As a new player, aim training maps in CSGO should be number one on your list of priorities. So, before you start your aim training, below are the some of the best aim training maps CSGO 2020 recommended by several Reddit users and pro players of CSGO community.

This time we’ll give you all the essential facts about one of the most popular cheats in Counter-Strike.

We're sure every CS:GO player has heard of Aimbot, especially the non-Prime ones. But do you know what it actually is and that you can enable it with a single button on your console?

How does the Aimbot cheat work?

Along with Wallhack, Aimbot is the most popular cheat in Counter-Strike and other FPS games. It's simply an aid to your shooting skills, e.g., by automatically aiming at your opponent's head or by decreasing your weapon’s recoil. Players who cheat in this way often don't even have to touch their mouse to score frags.

It’s also a problematic cheat to detect by Overwatch. With Wallhack, we can simply tell if someone is aiming through walls too often, but Aimbot's abusers are often mistaken for smurfs.

sv_cheats commands for legal Aimbot

Did you know that you can enable a legal Aimbot in CS:GO for free just by entering a single command in your Developer Console? Moreover, there are several variations of it, which we will describe below.

All these commands belong to the sv_cheats group, the so-called legal cheats, which means that you cannot use them in Competitive Mode games. For more information about legal CS:GO cheats, we recommend checking out our article devoted to this particular matter.

Legal Aimbot command

ent_fire !picker addoutput "ModelScale 0”

This is the closest option to the Aimbot as we commonly know it. To use this command, you need to hover a crosshair over your opponent and then type it in the console. From now on, until the very end of the match, your opponent will appear to you as “invisible,” but every time you aim at him, you will score a headshot. Interestingly, even if your enemy is on the other side of the map, as long as your crosshair is on his character model, you will hit them right in the head regardless. However, since this player's model will be invisible, it might be a good idea to combine it with the legal Wallhack command — “r_drawothermodels 2".

No recoil

weapon_recoil_scale "0"

weapon_recoil_suppression_shots "500"

weapon_recoil_cooldown "0"

weapon_debug_spread_gap "1"

weapon_accuracy_nospread "1"

weapon_recoil_decay1_exp "99999"

weapon_recoil_decay2_exp "99999"

weapon_recoil_decay2_lin "99999"

It's quite a long formula, but rest assured, you don't have to type each command individually; you can copy the whole thing and drop it into the console, and you'll get the no-recoil effect right away. As you probably know, every weapon has its recoil pattern, and after entering these commands, it just stops having one — You will always hit the exact spot where your crosshair is. Using this command is more complex than we may think; muscle memory prescribes specific movements that help in recoil control, and in this case, they actually interfere.

Enable Aimbot for your enemies

ent_fire !self addoutput "ModelScale 0"

What if you could give your opponents the ability to hit your head every time they aim at you? In practice, this is the first command we showed, only used on you. We know that this may not sound appealing, but it can actually be an excellent option for practicing movement with your team. You get punished for every single mistake with a headshot. You can even train this way with bots, as your model will be ordinarily visible to them.

How to use Aimbot sv_cheats commands in-game?

The process of entering “Aimbot commands” itself is identical to any sv_cheats commands. We could close it in just five steps:

  1. Check your Game Settings to ensure that you have enabled your Developed Console
  2. Join the server where you can use sv_cheats (it might be your custom server or a community one)
  3. Open a Developer Console
  4. If you’re on your custom server, type “sv_cheats 1” in your Developer Console and press Enter. That will enable the use of sv_cheats (aka legal cheats) commands on the server.
  5. Type any of the commands we’ve mentioned before. If you want to use the legal Aimbot one (ent_fire !picker addoutput "ModelScale 0” ) remember to aim at your opponent first.

And that’s it! Your legal aim assistance is now on. Whether you want to use them for fun or practice, you can safely enjoy the experience.

Can you get banned for using any of the Aimbot commands?

No, it’s not possible to get banned for using Aimbot (or any sv_cheats) commands. You can't enter sv_cheats without the server admin's permission, so the Valve Anti-Cheat system won't even pay attention to you, regardless of whether you use commands for Aimbot, Wallhack, Bunnyhop, or all of them at once.

Third-party software Aimbot

However, when it comes to third-party software enabling Aimbot, things are a little different here. Even if you think you have such cheats that are currently undetectable, keep in mind that the Valve-Anti-Cheat system gets constant updates, and you can get banned for using Aimbot in just one match, even years after the incident. Such bans are permanent and exclude you from playing on official Valve servers or accessing your inventory.

The average Aimbot software costs around $50, but its prices go as high as $1000. You may ask — who would pay such a high price for such a cheat, for which he can get banned anyway? Well, people who earn money for playing the game. Unfortunately, even today, we hear about scandals of professional CS:GO players using this kind of software.

The most famous such case was Hovik "KQLY" Tovmassian's, a former Titan player who got VAC banned in 2014. There is a rumor in the CS:GO community that he even played with cheats at tournaments! This is supposed to be confirmed by the famous jump-shot taken by KQLY in the quarterfinal match of the ESL One Cologne 2014 (watch it here) shortly before he got banned. The Aimbot cheat looked like software for his mouse and was not detectable by the Valve Anti-Cheat back then. The same Aimbot program was also allegedly used by professional players like smn and emillio, who got VAC banned simultaneously as KQLY.

Final Conclusion

As you can see, there are several ways to launch a legitimate Aimbot, and you can even use them as a tool for improving your gameplay. We just hope you don't think about using any aim boosters in any ranked matches! If you lack aim skills, consider checking out our other articles, where we give tips on how to get better at CS:GO and look at the game from different angles.

Nice troll, go back to your bridge. I was hoping for a "no" anyway.

Btw I grew up playing CS

Lemme guess. You’re the person in charge of mentioning COD in every ******* post you can today.

I’m going to let you in on a secret. Every topic like this is designed to get the exact response you gave. Seems the only people bringing up COD are the ones that are mad that it even exists. Funny how that works.

Because it’s on a console, do I really have to say. I understand for pc, just curious if they decided to change it just for consoles.

Lemme guess. You’re the person in charge of mentioning COD in every ******* post you can today.

I’m going to let you in on a secret. Every topic like this is designed to get the exact response you gave. Seems the only people bringing up COD are the ones that are mad that it even exists. Funny how that works.

I seriously wanted a yes or no. And some insight on how it played for you and others.

Lemme guess. You’re the person in charge of mentioning COD in every ******* post you can today.

I’m going to let you in on a secret. Every topic like this is designed to get the exact response you gave. Seems the only people bringing up COD are the ones that are mad that it even exists. Funny how that works.

No, I’m not mad that CoD exists, I’m mad that I was hoping to not have to listen to people every day calling Bomb Defusal "Search and Destroy", and Arms Race "Gun Game", then hearing a comparison of the two, calling CoD better, every half hour.

Lemme guess. You’re the person in charge of mentioning COD in every ******* post you can today.

I’m going to let you in on a secret. Every topic like this is designed to get the exact response you gave. Seems the only people bringing up COD are the ones that are mad that it even exists. Funny how that works.

I seriously wanted a yes or no. And some insight on how it played for you and others.

Sure, dude. You’ve been around this site long enough to know how to use the search feature.

Lemme guess. You’re the person in charge of mentioning COD in every ******* post you can today.

I’m going to let you in on a secret. Every topic like this is designed to get the exact response you gave. Seems the only people bringing up COD are the ones that are mad that it even exists. Funny how that works.

No, I’m not mad that CoD exists, I’m mad that I was hoping to not have to listen to people every day calling Bomb Defusal "Search and Destroy", and Arms Race "Gun Game", then hearing a comparison of the two, calling CoD better, every half hour.

What? You are mad at people for giving relevance to something they played before and mad at someone for having an opinion. I agree CS is better than CoD. But something called respect.

How to aim in counter strike

Каждый игрок знает на сколько важно обладать точностью в любом шутере и Counter-Strike здесь не исключение, а скорее правильный пример, ведь физика стрельбы в этой игре самая сложная.

Если в других шутерах большое значение имеет мощность и скорострельность оружия, в CS 1.6 ситуация другая, тут важна точность, реакция и на сколько комфортно вы чувствуете себя в игре.

Для тренировки аим есть множество внутреигровых способов, для этого уже давно всё создано и готово, например AIM карты или DM, AIM и AWP сервера на которых с более скилловым противником вы научитесь быстрее и точнее стрелять.

Но иногда по каким либо причинам не хочется искать нужные сервера или тем более тренироваться на ботах, именно по этому наш сайт предоставляет возможность отточить навыки AIM тренировкой в специальном приложение.

Как начать тренировку AIM?

– Запустите приложение (в случае если браузер потребует включить Flash сделайте это)
– На первоначальном экране вы можете настроить прицел, его цвет и прозрачность
– После этого жмём кнопку “Play” и начинаем стрелять по шарикам.

Как лучше тренироваться?

– Для достижения лучших результатов старайтесь максимально быстро навестись на шарик и выстрелить.
Сначало будет немного сложновато, но спустя несколько игр вы уже привыкнете и будете стрелять намного точнее.

– Как только вы пропустите 15 шариков игра будет закончена, а вконце вам покажут статистику, такие параметры как скорость выстрела, точность и др.
В игре имеется несколько раундов, с каждым из них будет всё сложнее и сложнее.

– Смотрите на статистику после проигрыша, играйте снова и улучшайте свои показатели.
По статистике можно смотреть на сколько лучше и точнее вы начали стрелять.

Сколько времени уделять тренировки AIM?

– Уделяйте данной игре по 20-30 минут в день и вы сами почувствуете через несколько дней что стали стрелять лучше.

После тренировки в приложение смело заходите на какой нибудь DeathMatch или AIM сервер и проверяйте свои навыки.

How to aim in counter strike

There are lots of customization options in Counter-Strike that are designed to improve your gameplay experience. One of the most effective modifications is choosing which side of the screen your weapon is displayed.

Why weapon orientation matters?

Most gamers have a preference as to which side their weapon is oriented in a first-person shooter. Why one side works better than the other, is dependent on you having a dominant eye. If your right eye is the dominant eye then a left-handed weapon orientation will work better, as there will then be more space on the right side of the screen, that was otherwise obscured with the weapon. It is the inverse if your left eye is dominant.

How to change right hand in CS?

Changing your weapon orientation is easy to do, and can have a positive impact on your overall gameplay experience. Here's how:

  • You will need to start by enabling the Developer Console.
  • Go into Help and Options > Game Settings > Enable Developer Console.

How to aim in counter strike

Note: There should be a keyboard symbol next to Enable Developer Console, this is the key that you need to press to open the Developer Console.

  • Exit game settings, and press the relevant key to enter the Developer Console. The Console will look like this:

How to aim in counter strike

  • You want to enter the following command into the console:

cl_righthand 0

  • After entering this, the weapon will now be moved to a left-handed orientated grip.

If you want to revert back to a right-handed orientated grip, you can enter the following code:

If you have been playing CS:GO for some time then you must know that there is nothing more annoying then emptying an entire magazine of bullets while near an opponent, but doing little to no damage. Even worse though your crosshair was pointed directly at their heads which should have resulted in an instant kill with a weapon such as an AK-47. This is due to 2 factors; Bullet spread and Recoil. This article will teach you the difference between the two and give you an enhanced understanding of the functioning of various rifles.

How to aim in counter strike

A simple way to avoid missing your shots due to recoil is to aim slightly lower near the neck region of the opponent so that your second and third shot could also be a headshot. Ending the fight with you being victorious.

Each weapon has it’s very own recoil pattern which can be learned and used to your advantage. To see the recoil pattern, stand still and shoot directly into a wall. The bullet holes will show you the pattern. You can try and move your mouse the oppose way the recoil goes; this leads your bullets to stay in a common area.

How to aim in counter strike

Thus the key to better spraying techniques are controlling your bullet spread and being careful about your recoil. These are simple yet effective tips to help improve your CS:GO game and let you outplay your opponents. I hope this article left you with a better understanding of how the weapon game mechanics really function.

Now that you have your weapon recoil and bullet spread down pact, why not check out how to counter an AWPer. Otherwise see the Top Skins Released with Shattered Web and maybe you will be able to get your hands on one.

Tennis players know the peculiar feeling of zenlike calm and control that comes with starting a serve. Suddenly, all worries about footwork, planning drop shots, and recovering from an opponent’s serve dissipate: the pace of the game rests in the palm of your hand.

Wielding Counter-Strike’s deadliest gun is a little like that. Like a great tennis player, talented AWPers have a mixture of patience and confidence. They tap into a slow mindset and lightning reflexes simultaneously.

The AWP is an intimidator, both when it’s pointed at you and when you’re learning the weapon. Carrying an AWP isn’t simply an equipment decision, but a discipline in and of itself with its own set of techniques, guidelines, and pitfalls.

The basics of the AWP

The AWP is heavy, powerful, and expensive. Its reputation arises from the fact that, in a game about eliminating other players from the round, it’s the only weapon that can kill someone with one body shot. However, it isn’t a one-hit kill in all circumstances, as leg and lower groin shots deal 85 damage (aka “legging”), as do shots that clip through surfaces such as railings or corners.

With the AWP’s great power comes equal responsibility. Whether in a 5-on-5 competitive game or in casual mode, you’ll put down $4,750 to buy an AWP. If that investment doesn’t pay off (or worse, if an opponent kills you and steals it), it can break your team’s economy for rounds to come. Other than the autosniper (aka the G3SG1/SCAR-20), the same can’t be said for other investments in CS:GO.

Certain aspects of the AWP make it unwieldy to the newcomer, including its effect on mobility. A player running with the knife moves at 250 units per second; with a USP-S, 240 units per second; with the AK-47, 215; with the AWP, a mere 200 units per second—20 percent slower than with a knife. Only the light machine guns, the Negev and the M249 (195 units), are slower.

The AWP’s firerate is equally slow, placing huge importance on hitting your first shot. The Scout, the AWP’s cheaper sibling, features a similarly slow firerate but allows for insanely high mobility, even when scoped-in (unlike the AWP). And like many of CS:GO’s guns, the AWP is sensitive to movement, requiring near-perfect stillness to execute an accurate shot (see the Advanced Techniques section for more on this). AWPers are thus faced with the dilemma of holding static angles that easily fall prey to flashbangs and pincer-pushes onto bombsites.

But the AWP has more advantages still. It boasts the best penetration in-game, both in terms of wall penetration power with a value of 250 (this value ranges from 0-300, with a higher value indicating that a bullet can penetrate harder surfaces at longer distances) but also in terms of armor penetration (97.5 out of 100 in the in-game menu, the second-highest in the game, which in effect nullifies the damage-softening effect of armor). The right combination of guesswork and timing can lead to impossible shots that defy logic.

When should I buy an AWP?

If you want to buy an AWP in a competitive game, the best time to do it is on the first gun round of the game (typically the fourth round) and when you’re carrying at least $5,750. Even if your team has lost the first three rounds, secured zero objectives, and you personally didn’t notch a kill over that time, you’ll have earned $6,500 total by round four, including your initial $800 of starter cash.

The most effective AWPer will spend even more to purchase a set of grenades, about $6,450. Here’s your shopping list for a solid buy:

  • AWP – $4,750
  • Kevlar & helmet – $1,000
  • Two flashbangs and a smoke grenade – $700

Buy an AWP without armor, and you’re making a ‘glass cannon buy.’ It’s an enormous risk—you’re turning yourself into a slow-moving cannon with no protection, not only to damage, but to the accuracy-disrupting effects of aim punch. Avoid AWPing without full armor except in the most desperate straits, like when your opponent is on the verge of winning the match.

If your teammate in competitive mode has bought an AWP, reconsider buying another one. There are situations where the map will dictate otherwise (double AWPing as CT on de_dust2 is viable due to its long sight lines on A, B, and mid), but the economic risk is rarely worth the potential gain. In casual mode on the other hand, buying an AWP is merely a matter of buying cheaply for a round or two to save up for Big Green.

The two styles of AWPing

Broadly, there are two situations in which you’ll use an AWP: covering an angle while stationary (passive AWPing), or while roaming (aggressive AWPing). In the professional CS:GO scene, players like Titan’s SmithZz and the Danish player nico (who was recently replaced on Dignitas) fit into the passive style, while EnVyUs’ kennyS or Fnatic’s JW tend to play aggressively.

Passive AWPing best works at corners where you have the option of retreating behind solid cover, where you can protect yourself until the AWP is ready to fire again (e.g. the box at the back corner of B site on de_dust2). Passive players only have to worry about one angle, avoiding getting flashed or smoked out of their roost, and hitting the shot.

Passive AWPers are also the ones who have to worry the most about the maximum zoom setting when scoped-in. The AWP features two zoom settings which right clicking cycles through: one further out and a magnified one.

As a rule of thumb to the young AWP initiate, use the single-zoom setting in all of your duels. A passive AWPer holding a long position such as from bombsite A towards pit on de_dust2 should consider using the maximum zoom setting to increase chances of hitting a distant, protected target. AWPers planning on holding close angles or playing with mobility should avoid the maximum zoom setting in almost all circumstances, as it inhibits reaction to unexpected threats.

Aggressive AWPers have a much more complex portfolio to work with in terms of using the gun. For them, techniques such as walking while scoped in and searching for enemies have no place, as the maximum field of vision and information is required in order to hit lightning-fast shots. These players rely on advanced techniques of AWPing.

The game was released on the Microsoft Windows platform in November 2000. After that, it has been admired by professional and ordinary players. Through the years the game is available in Linux and OS X. And after it is also available on the Xbox console. Now you can have it on Steam it is an awesome video game by Valve which is the maker of the Counter-Strike series. You can be better in the counter strike 1.6 indir full game once you know what are the ways to enhance the in-game goal.

How to aim in counter strike

You can have a match and replace the classic terrorist vs counter-terrorist settings. The graphics of the game are 2 decades old. But no one can differentiate your longingness for the classic FPS multiplayer shooter.

Playing a warm-up match

Practicing your pointing skills with a warm-up match before any game. It can help you familiarize the game and practice your eyes on the targets. The deathmatch is also helpful when it comes to this part.

Elevate your muscle core memory

It is the most used tip for players. When you want to enhance your aim. All you need to do is not look directly at the screen and keep your eyes looking at the crosshairs every time. And when you are moving your crosshairs through the map you are aiming the correct sight.

After you have played enough games. To develop a muscle memory the crosshairs will eventually go towards the opponents.

For you to work on this you might need a huge flat mouse pad. And you need to practice your hand to move level over to your crosshairs to cover the screen fast.

Train your flick target

It has two types of target theories. The first one is to track the target. That is where you are keeping your crosshairs practice on a certain point even though you are moving. The second is where you always move your crosshairs fast between the target points. Flick aim motion is a task of making your muscle memory.

The other way to be perfect. It is to first make the targets slowly using your arm movements. And make it an instant movement to develop your muscle memory.

Make use of the crouch successfully

When you learn how to and when to use the crouch. It is because it will help you with your target. Your opponents will miss any headshots. Because the player will move the crosshair at the head height.

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Counter-Strike: Source is a remake of Counter-Strike, and retains its team-based objective-oriented first-person shooter style gameplay. The aim of playing a map is to accomplish a map’s objective: defusing the bomb, rescuing all hostages, or killing the entire opposing team. The ultimate goal of the game is to win more rounds than the opposing team. Once players are killed, they do not respawn until the next round on most servers. This gameplay feature distinguishes Counter-Strike from other first-person shooter games, where players respawn instantly or after a short delay.

Shooting while moving dramatically decreases accuracy, and holding the trigger down to continuously shoot produces severe recoil. Shot damage depends upon where the bullet hits, with hits to the head often being lethal.

How to aim in counter strike


Counter-Strike: Source is a remake of Counter-Strike, and consequently retains its team-based objective-oriented first-person shooter style gameplay. The aim of playing a map is to accomplish a map’s objective. There are many types of objectives that a map can have, but the ultimate goal of the game is to win more rounds than the opposing team, which is accomplished by fulfilling the map’s winning conditions. Some winning conditions include defusing a bomb, planting a bomb and preventing it from being defused by the other team, rescuing all the hostages on a map, preventing the hostages from being rescued, and defeat all the members of the opposing team. When playing on a server without modifications, if players are defeated during a round, they do not respawn until the next round, unlike in many other first-person shooter games, where players respawn on a set timer.

Moving and shooting also differs noticeably from many other first-person shooters. Shooting while moving dramatically decreases accuracy, unless you use an Aimjunkies CSS Hacks or without a hack holding the mouse button down to continuously shoot will generally produce severe recoil. Recoil can be difficult for beginning players to compensate for because the player’s reticle does not correspond with where the bullets actually hit during continuous fire, so beginning players may aim too high during automatic fire. The amount of damage done by a bullet varies dramatically depending upon the body part the bullet hits, with great emphasis on shooting the enemy in the head, which is almost invariably lethal.

Aspects of the game that have changed from Counter-Strike include the behavior of the grenades, the physics engine, and the weapons’ recoil. The smoke grenades in Counter-Strike: Source spread much more slowly than the ones in Counter-Strike, and the flashbangs, which now utilize DirectX 9 effects, have a much more pronounced effect, and bounce very differently from the ones in Counter-Strike. Counter-Strike: Source also implements physics objects, such as filing cabinets, which the user can interact with while playing. The recoil in Counter-Strike: Source differs from the recoil in Counter-Strike in that while Counter-Strike had perfectly consistent recoil, the recoil in Counter-Strike: Source is much less precise. Furthermore, the addition of ragdoll physics marks another difference between Counter-Strike and Counter-Strike: Source.

How to aim in counter strike

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ВХ (WallHack) – поможет вам видеть сквозь стены, благодаря чему, вы будете всегда осведомлены местонахождением противника, либо оппонентам по команде. Он позволит вам заранее производить какие-либо маневры, и готовиться к выходу противника из-за какой либо стены. С данным читом, вам не грозит внезапная смерть, из-за внезапно вышедшего из-за стены противника.

Так вот, объединив в себе две функции, чит WallHack + AIM для CS 1.6, прекрасно подойдет для любого игрока. Он сделает из вас настоящего мастера игры. Ваш счет будет лучшим на сервере.

Однако, хочу заметить, что навыки игры, вряд-ли вырастут, реакция так-же не изменится, и многое другое. Ведь по сути, за вас играет машина. Ваш компьютер сам выбирает, куда вы будете стрелять, при этом, вы будете знать заранее, в какую сторону вам нужно смотреть, и какой игрок где находится. Что, кстати, запрещено правилами большинства серверов. Их администраторы явно не будут рады вам, что вы можете понести серьезное наказание. Вид которого, будет определяться самим администратором, либо специальной защитной программой, установленной на сервер. Их называют, античитом. Некоторые путают с антивирусом, что в корне не верно.

Так вот, вы сами решаете для себя, стоит ли оно того, нужно ли оно вам. К тому-же, многие антивирусы считают, что читы для Counter-Strike 1.6, являются вирусами, троянами и прочими программами, угрожающими безопасности вашего персонального компьютера, и вашим данным. По сути, это вовсе не так. Вся причина в том, что любой чит вмешивается в вашу игру, и тем самым меняет многие настройки и конфигурации. Из-за чего, античит, думает, что кто-то пытается вмешаться в работу какой-либо программы, и блокирует его.

Тем самым, вас не должно пугать сообщение о возможной опасности, либо что-то в этом духе. Просто, после скачивания, распакуйте архив, и запустите файл с расширением .exe,после чего смело запускайте вашу CS. Смело игнорируя предупреждения вашего антивируса.

Если вы сомневаетесь, что данный чит подходит вам, либо у вас что-то не получилось с настройкой, возможно он не запустился на вашем ПК, либо вы хотите попробовать что-то другое, то можете скачать AIM для CSS.

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How to aim in counter strike

Finding the right crosshair in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive can be a challenge, especially if you don’t know how to manually change it.

It’s generally a good idea to adjust your crosshair when you feel you need a change for your user interface. Whether that change be a small color correction or a huge transition to an entirely new crosshair layout, it wouldn’t hurt to test out different crosshairs. You never know what can come from a new crosshair–it could even help you step up your game.

If you’re not feeling spontaneous enough for it, just think of it as a way to help yourself when you’re feeling off of your game. A good crosshair can be the difference between staying in Silver or ranking up into that shiny new badge you’ve been looking at for ages. And if you’re not jiving with the crosshair you transitioned to, you can always revert back to the one you had previously.

Changing your crosshair

The easiest way to change your CS:GO crosshair is through the Steam workshop map crashz’ Crosshair Generator. To download the map, search for it in your Steam client and click on the “+subscribe” button. Then it should be in your workshop map list in your private offline servers.

Jump into CS:GO, click on “Find a game,” and select the “Workshop” tab next to “Common.” In the list of maps, choose the Crosshair generator map and click the green “Start local server” button below the map option. Your own private server should load and you should spawn in a room with menus on a wall in front of you. These menus will help you adjust your current crosshair. Making mistakes with this crosshair generator is okay too, since you can always reset your crosshair using the control panel on the right.

How to aim in counter strike

To start, pick a Crosshair style that you like and are able to aim well with. Some of the styles are static, some are dynamic, and some are a mix of the two. Pick whichever is your preference. Depending on the style you chose, numerous secondary menus should be available. Examples of those menus include crosshair size, thickness, gap, outline, alpha, and dot. Upon selecting a submenu, more options on a panel should appear. These numbers change the number values in the developers’ console, so that you don’t have to manually type in the commands for each small crosshair adjustment. For players who are more advanced with the developer console, a full list of the commands can be found here,

Now that you’re done changing the smaller parts of your crosshair, you can also change the color to whichever works best for you. It’s recommended that you use a white crosshair with a black outline, so that you never lose your crosshair while aiming at differently colored walls. But if you are always consciously focused on your crosshair, you won’t have to worry about that problem in competitive matches.

How to aim in counter strike

Additionally, if you want to try out a professional player’s crosshair, like Kenny “kennyS” Schrub of G2 Esports, you can look at the wall behind you and shoot the respective boxes to experiment with their varying crosshairs. The options in the adjacent room also include popular CS:GO streamers, such as Jaryd “summit1g” Lazar and Sam “DaZeD” Marine.

From here your crosshair should be ready to experiment with your new creation. You can immediately test and spray your new crosshair by going through the door labeled “Test.” A blank wall on the left shows your server-sided bullet impacts when you shoot at it. The semi-circular wall in front of you is a mini-firing range with bots and map backgrounds, allowing you to test the crosshair colors and your aim. The open space on the right is a long-distance firing range that requires more precise shots. If you’re not feeling the generator map’s aim practice, you can hop into another map, such as “aim_botz,” for further testing. Just type “changelevel aim_botz” into your developer’s console.

How to aim in counter strike

How to aim in counter strike

Once you’re finally done creating the most optimal crosshair for aiming, you can save it by generating a script and copy-pasting it into a separate word file. Then you can put it into your autoexec file so that the game will render the crosshair upon launching CS:GO. It’s not necessary to save it into an autoexec file, but it can be helpful if you’re constantly playing the game on different computer systems. When you disconnect from the crosshair generator map, the client will automatically save the crosshair and transfer it over into other servers.

Now you’re ready to take on competitive CS:GO with your trusty new crosshair. Good luck, and have fun.

The Valorant rank pro breaks down the differences in aiming between Valorant and CS:GO.

How to aim in counter strike

Credit: TenZ/Cloud9

Valorant pro player Tyson “TenZ” Ngo has created a detailed guide to Valorant’s weapons and how to aim with them. He also discussed what makes Valorant different from CS:GO.

First, TenZ clarified that Valorant has a different Buy Menu mechanic from CS:GO. In Valorant, players can refund weapons and armor they bought prior to the start of the round, in case the team decides to go for a save round. Players can announce this during the Buy Phase.

How to aim in counter strikeCredit: Cloud9/TenZ

TenZ then discussed weapon mechanics in Valorant and how they compare to CS:GO.

In Valorant, all weapons are available to both attacking and defending teams. Meanwhile, in CS:GO, there are exclusive team weapons. TenZ also explained that “snipers in [Valorant] are quite different compared to Counter-Strike. In Counter-Strike, you can be a lot more aggressive with the AWP and the Scout.”

For rifles, TenZ showed how to properly control weapon recoil. In Valorant, all weapons have the same recoil pattern for all guns, whether you’re using an assault rifle or a submachine gun, it always goes up and moves from left to right. “When you’re trying to control the spray pattern for a gun, just shoot at a wall first and see where they land. So you’re going to want to compensate your mouse down, to the right, then to the left,” explained TenZ.

In comparison, in CS:GO, each weapon’s spray pattern is drastically different and players need to learn them individually.

Another key feature in Valorant is the ability to aim down sights with every weapon. “It reduces the overall fire rate of the gun, and makes the spray a little bit harder to control, says TenZ.” In CS:GO, only the Steyr Aug A3 and the Krieg 552 have the ADS feature.

Lastly, TenZ addressed how different counter strafing is in Valorant compared to CS:GO. In Valorant, players don’t need to press the opposite strafing key for a full stop, because letting go of the left or right strafe key “instantly stops your character, so you can actually get away without counter strafing.”

TenZ will be releasing more Valorant gameplay breakdown videos that will tackle important topics like Agent abilities, map awareness, along with attacker and defender strategies. With TenZ being the first North American player to reach the Valorant rank, he is one of the best-qualified pro players to learn from.