How to advertise tutoring services

How to advertise tutoring services

From elementary to graduate school, students require tutoring to improve their grades, maintain “A” averages and as a refresher of what they learn in the classroom. Tutoring businesses provide services to help students excel inside and outside of the classroom. Starting a tutoring business requires extensive knowledge on the topics being tutored, as well as the ability to engage students, encourage them to learn and teach them techniques that will help them during tests, when they’re completing projects, and doing homework and classwork assignments.

Come up with a memorable name for your tutoring business. Contact your local Chamber of Commerce to find out if you need special permits or licenses to provide tutoring services in your area. Find out the process for registering your business as a legal entity.

Decide whether you will meet students at their homes, local libraries or at your home or office. Handling day-to-day tasks, such as scheduling and marketing from home and meeting at off-site locations, can help reduce your startup costs.

Determine the grade levels and subjects you plan to tutor. The more specialized your make your tutoring business, the easier it will be to determine and target your market.

Create a services menu, which outlines each type of service your tutoring business provides, as well as the cost of each service. You may elect to offer 60-minute in-person sessions, group sessions or online tutoring using a web conferencing program.

Develop policies and procedures for your tutoring business, including payment terms, cancellation policies, rescheduling, working successfully with a tutor, pre-evaluation and post evaluation.

Hire a graphic designer to create a logo, website brochure and business card template, to help you promote your tutoring business. Your brochure and website should discuss your passion for tutoring, the grades and subjects you cover, credentials and experience, how to schedule a sessions, rates and information about any tutoring-related associations you belong to.

Interview, hire and train potential tutors who have the experience and educational background necessary to work for your tutoring business. Opt for people who have experience teaching, tutoring or mentors, as well as individuals who have proven knowledge in the subjects your business plans to cover. Create a policies and procedure handbook for your tutors, which outlines rules, regulations and procedures for your tutoring business.

Purchase general liability insurance to protect your tutoring business from potential litigation. Ensure that the coverage protects you, your business and your tutors.

Decide which days of the week and hours you plan to offer tutoring services. Come up with a tutoring schedule, which outlines the availability of each of your tutors, including yourself. Use this schedule to keep up with appointments.

Advertise your tutoring business inside locations that target students and their parents, such as libraries, day care centers, community centers and school supply stores. Contact local bloggers and websites to place advertisements for your business on their sites. Local parenting and education publications also provide advertising opportunities that can help you spread the word about your tutoring business

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How to advertise tutoring services

What if You Don’t Have Clients to Spread the Word Yet?

When I ask others about their advertising strategies, I always hear a lot of the same great advice. Typically, other tutors reference the importance of word of mouth and I completely agree! The majority of my regular clients have come from great referrals, but what do you do if you don’t have clients to spread the word yet?

The problem I encountered was not knowing how to get those initial clients so that word of mouth could spread. I moved from Virginia to South Carolina, I didn’t know anyone, and I wanted to start my own tutoring business. I thought there might be a few of you out there trying to do the same thing, so in this post I’m going to share a few of the strategies I have used to find new clients. I’m being selective though. I don’t want to waste your time with all of the strategies I tried that didn’t work. I am specifically selecting the strategies that clients have shared with me as their reason for contacting me.

Create a Memorable Name & Slogan

How to advertise tutoring services

When Selecting the name of my business, a few friends and I sat around brainstorming ideas. We endend up selecting Math Ninja: Master Math by Attacking Problems. The reason I share this with you is that it has been grabbing people’s attention no matter the advertising venue. I’ve had customers tell me they called me because my name stood out from the crowd and was memorable. I have watched others as they encounter my advertising material and they will point it out to their friends. What I’m trying to say is if I had chosen to use my personal name or location as the name of my business, my business wouldn’t get nearly the attention it gets now.

Build a Website, They Will Come

Okay, I wish it were that easy! Of course it isn’t. Most businesses now a days have a website so how will you make sure your website is the one they see?

People tend to only look at the first two pages of search results. If you have competition when you first start out, your business will, more than likely, not be on those pages.

Here are some of the strategies I used to get my business on page 2 within the first year:

  • List your business with all major search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.).
  • List your business with websites that list services in your area (Angie’s List, Craigslist, Yelp, foursquare, etc.). Many of these sites have already built a reputation and will show your information in search results before your website will pop up.
  • Write blog posts that incorporate the search words people use when searching for a business like yours.
  • Write guest posts on other sites that link back to your site. Take a look, I’m doing it now!
  • Use an SEO plugin for your website. I’m sure you have heard of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It plays a huge part in helping others find your website.

Of course you can always buy advertising with Google to be the first business future clients see, but I haven’t spent the money on this strategy yet. I’m hoping to be on page 1 by the end of my second year using other strategies. Wish me luck!

Yell it From the Mountain Tops

How to advertise tutoring services

Okay, maybe not literally, but you do want to make sure everyone hears about your business. The following are strategies I have used to get my business name out into the public:

  • Tell Everyone You Know – Seriously, do it. Share any positive things you can with family and friends as often as possible. They know people who may need a tutor.
  • Computer Decal – I created a decal using decalgirl, and I am constantly getting people to comment on my business name or ask for a business card while I’m working on my laptop at the library, coffee shop, waiting for my car to get fixed, etc.
  • Door Magnet – I created a door magnet for each side of my car using vistaprint. People knock on my windows for more information when I’m sitting in parking lots. Kids and adults will point at the magnet and chat about my business. I’ve even received calls from people in my neighborhood saying they have seen me and can I help their child.
  • Business Cards – Anytime I meet someone new I work hard to bring my business up naturally in conversation. I use my business card to exchange information even if they don’t need a tutor. You never know, they might have a neighbor or colleague that mentions needing a tutor and they will have my card. Suprisingly, this happens more often than you think it might. People genuinly want to help others and if they know about you and like you, they will want to tell their friends about you.
  • Flyers – I created flyers with pull tabs and posted them everywhere I could (coffee shops, restaurants, college bulletin boards, etc.).
  • Email – Introduce yourself to teachers and administrators at local schools. Let them know you want to help and that you would appreciate it if they keep you in mind when parents ask for tutors.
  • Social Media – Share valuable information that others will want to share with their friends. I have to admit, this is not easy. The types of content that gets the most shares for me have been personal celebrations and contest results.

I hope my experiences as I build my tutoring business can help you with yours! I’d love to learn from you too! Leave me a comment with any strategies that have been successful for you. I can’t wait to hear about them!

Are you looking for additional ideas? Check out 35 Ideas to Market Your Tutoring Business. I’m sure Adrianne has a lot of helpful tips.

How to advertise tutoring services

I think you’d agree that teachers who advertise tutoring services effectively can find more students and run a successful business.

It’s vital for attracting new pupils, which promotes stability and growth.

Table of Contents

Advertise your tutoring service all year long

I’ve discovered that one of the most common misconceptions in running a tutoring business is that once some teachers have several students, they relax their marketing efforts.

Quite simply some students are in it for the long haul and can be your student for many years, where as others will come and go.

So you need something in place to keep up your student numbers…all year long.

And that’s why advertising is so crucial to the success of any tutor business.

Here are five common mistakes many business owners make with advertising.

How to advertise tutoring servicesPhoto courtesy of sh1mmer | License

1) Relying Too Much On One Advertising Method

If something’s working great for your tutoring business and bringing in a number of new students every couple of months, you might think why do I need anything else?

In my opinion, it’s just too risky to rely on only one form of advertising. Things change in business all the time, and you need to spread your marketing efforts to have some more stability.

For example, maybe your only method uses search engine optimization. Your website has a good ranking in the search engines and attracts new students, but what happens of Google change their ranking algorithm and your site disappears from the first page?

2) Spending Too Much Money On One Strategy

In addition to only using one advertising method, you don’t want to spend too much money on it either.

Your monthly budget for advertising should be split in various sections like a pie. If you have all your eggs in one basket and you’re spending all your marketing cash on just one or two methods, things can dry up very quickly if something happens.

For example, maybe you spend all your money on newspaper ads and then the newspaper decides to cease trading, or their circulation suddenly plummets.

Whatever you do to advertise your tutoring business, I want to stress that focusing all your efforts and money on just one single advertising method is placing your tutoring business at risk every single month you continue to do so.

How to advertise tutoring services Photo courtesy of renaissancechambara | License

3) Spending Money On Yesterday’s Methods

Advertising changes all the time, and with the various platforms available on the internet, some strategies which worked as little as three or four years ago, might not work today.

For example, look at the Yellow pages. Although you can create a free listing there, you really need to pay to make your advert stand out.

And with the popularity of Google these days, by using Adwords and setting up a local business listing, you’ll beat the results of any online yellow pages directory by a long way.

So why do some tutors still spend money on yellow pages ads?

Well maybe it brought in some new students years ago and they just feel it will work forever. Unfortunately, such an approach means they are stuck in the past, and to be honest some advertising methods just move way too quickly for some business owners to keep up.

You need to move with the times or your business may suffer as a result from dwindling student numbers.

4) Not Studying Marketing Techniques

You should always be learning about things which can improve your business. And studying the ins and outs of marketing should be no exception.

I suggest you read at least one book, or some useful information online, every couple of months, which relate to aspects of marketing. This could be learning about ad copy, online marketing or coming up with promotions, all of which can relate to advertising tutor services.

Knowledge is power after all!

5) Relying On Images Instead of Text In Your Advertising

Images are there to support the ad copy, not to replace it.

It amazes me how many flyers I see which have a snazzy photo or picture in the centre with just a bit of text and a phone number.

A good image can attract someone’s attention, but then what?

Words sell your business, not photos, so focus on the ad copy instead of using flashy images in your ads.

Anyone can start a home tutoring business, and if you are already a qualified teacher, then you are at an advantage. Perhaps you’re in between jobs, looking to earn some extra cash over the weekends and summer break, or maybe you’re looking for a flexible way of making an income whilst studying for an online doctor of education degree. Whatever your reasons for starting your home tutoring business venture, getting the marketing strategies right is essential to your success. We’ve listed some top tips to help you successfully market your private tutoring business.

Use Social Media

Today, social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter have become a hive of information for consumers. Many parents who are looking for private tuition for their children will turn to social media in the hope of recommendations, or even being able to stumble across a good tutor’s social media page. Set up a profile describing your services, prices, and areas covered on Facebook and ask your friends to share it to get started. Keeping your profile active with interesting content updates is important to keep your followers engaged.

Teach Online

Both teachers and students can benefit from online learning today. Perhaps you’ve even studied for and online doctor of higher education leadership yourself, available from Maryville University. Teaching online will give you the flexibility to work from home and allows you to reach a much larger target audience – as a private tutor, you could be teaching somebody close to home one day, and have a student who lives overseas the next. Thanks to instant messaging and VoIP services such as Skype, it’s easier than ever to do this on a budget.

Provide Solutions

Your potential students and their parents will want to see proof of your expertise and knowledge as a tutor when considering your services. One of the best ways to showcase your knowledge online is to start a blog. Updating your blog with informational content, such as how-to guides for self-study, or instructions for parents who want to help their children with homework, will help you to gain more credibility, respect, and new clients online.

Guest Post on Blogs

When it comes to successful digital marketing, good quality content still comes out at the top. With so many blogs and websites aimed at both parents and students readily available today, you’re provided with a huge platform on which to share your knowledge and advertise your services. Writing interesting informational guest posts to place on popular blogs is a great way to gain more exposure for your business, increase traffic to your website and build up your client base. In order to successfully achieve this, it pays off to develop good relationships with successful bloggers.

Offline Marketing

Lastly, don’t ignore tried-and-tested offline marketing techniques for your private tutoring business. Strategically placed leaflets or posters parents and kids’ clubs, handing out business cards or flyers at children’s sporting events or collaborating with local schools and colleges will all lead to better exposure.

Would you like to add to this list? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

How to advertise tutoring services

If you’re looking for an easy and affordable home business you can start quickly, tutoring is worth considering. Tutors provide additional instruction beyond regular classroom work, often for students who need extra assistance in a particular subject area. Tutoring is needed at all levels of education, from elementary to college, and on a variety of topics. Tutors also are needed to assist students in test prep, such as for the SAT or GRE.

Requirements and Pay

You don’t need a teaching degree or any specialized training to be a tutor. What you do need is knowledge of the subject matter and the ability to explain it in a way that others can learn.

Tutors typically can earn anywhere from $10 to $75 per hour depending on the topic and the education level of their students. Tutors with expertise in specialized topics like foreign languages, advanced physics, or postsecondary material generally can charge more.

Tutoring can be done at the client's home, at the tutor's home, or in another location, such as a school or library. The internet has made it possible to tutor online using video conferencing tools, so you can tutor clients who live outside your location from the comfort of your home.

It's a good idea to familiarize yourself with the pros and cons of becoming a tutor before embarking on this new career.

Helping students achieve a goal can be gratifying

Upfront costs are small

Hours are flexible

It can help teachers supplement their incomes

There are opportunities for growth and expansion

Working around students' schedules can mean nights and weekends

Reluctant students can try any tutor's patience

Success can mean losing a client

One-on-one lessons can require different teaching skills

Tutoring allows educators to connect with students one-on-one in ways that teachers in classrooms cannot always do. Some of the reasons to pursue this goal and start a home-based tutoring business include:

  • It’s quick and affordable to start. You don’t need any specialized training or equipment, so you can start as soon as you find your first client.
  • It’s extremely flexible, so you can tutor in addition to holding another job, or you can commit to it full time if you have enough clients.
  • You can expand from being a one-person business to organizing other tutors to work in your operation.
  • It can be a way for educators to supplement their income.

Teaching is not easy, nor is running a home-based business. Some of the specific challenges that come with a home-based tutoring business include:

  • It's necessary to work around students’ schedules, which usually means tutoring in the late afternoon, evenings, or on weekends.
  • Not all students are eager to learn.
  • Tutoring services often are short-term. Once your students have mastered or completed a course, your services are no longer needed.
  • Having subject knowledge is no guarantee that you can teach it. Passing along knowledge is a separate skill.

Starting a Home-Based Tutoring Business

There are several ways to get started tutoring from home. One is to buy a tutoring franchise or business opportunity. Another is to sign up to work as a contractor at one of the many online tutoring companies such as Brainfuse, Chegg, or Or, you can start from scratch on your own.

If you’re ready to start helping students succeed in school, consider some of these steps:

In this post, we are going to share with you a list of 43+ Tutoring slogans & taglines.

When it comes to marketing your tutoring service business, one of the most powerful tools you can use to build your brand is a tagline or slogan. They communicate something unique, valuable and memorable about your service. They are catchy, descriptive, easy to remember, fun, clever, short and sweet.

Best of all, they help you to convey the ONE thing you want people to remember about your service. And that is the power of a great tagline.

In order to create an effective slogan or tagline for your tutoring service business, first, you must truly understand what is unique and valuable about your service. And, you must have a very clear picture of what you want to communicate about your service to your prospects. With this information and some creative brainstorming you too can have a memorable tagline.

Tutoring Service Slogans

Here are some wonderful slogans for some of the most popular tutoring businesses. These will hopefully inspire you to create a great slogan for your own tutoring service business.

Paramount tutoring Services – Your academic aid!

Tutor Doctor – How learning Hits Home

Student Success Center – Helping you discover, Learn and Succeed

Priority Tutors – Your child’s future is our priority

How to advertise tutoring services

Results Learning – Guilding bright minds

USTA Tutoring Services – Where students come first!

Kumon Learning Centers – Math. Reading. Success.

Wise Choice Tutoring – Make the Right Choice – The Wise Choice

Sylvan Learning Tutoring Company – Learning feels good & Success is learned

Brain Fuse – Ignite your mind

Academic Advantage – The trusted name for specialized tutoring

EZ Tutoring Services – Right stuff down

The Tutoring Center – Your child’s future begins here

Fleet Tutors – Helping students reach their potential

Good hope tutoring services – Learn. Grow. Achieve.

LA Tutors 123 – Learning as easy as 123

Starts Learning Center – Specialist Teaching Advice & Revision Services

Beta Tutoring Services – Where learning never ends

How to advertise tutoring services

Summit Prep – Strive for excellence

Naperville Tutoring – Release your child’s full potential

Summit Saturday School – We give you the tools to climb mountains

Kip McGrath Education Centers – Leaders in learning & Where students really improve.

Tutoring Club – A class above. Guaranteed.

Tutoring Pros – Empowering people to believe

How to advertise tutoring services

Study Point – Personalized tutoring for success

The Student Tutoring Network – Helping students help themselves

Liberty Tutoring Company – On their own way

Premier Tutoring Company – The trusted name for in-home tutoring

Tutor Nerds – Top tutors in every subject

Tutoring Plus – At the heart of learning

How to advertise tutoring services

My Private Tutor – The best tutors in town

Matrix Education -Our students come first

Tutor Hunt Service – Discover new learning possibilities – People teach. People learn. This is where they connect.

Tutors Teach – Brings the tutoring to your home

First Tutors – First for your tuition needs – Where students meet tutors

UK Tutors – Meeting all your tuition needs

Novastar Prep – Learn with confidence

How to advertise tutoring services

Golden Tutoring & Enrichment – Where young minds thrive

Tutorial Canada – Education through motivation and inspiration

Tutoring For Excellence – Maximizing potential through individual attention

Nearly every college student could use a little extra money throughout their rigorous academic career. One of the great ways to do that is by tutoring or teaching someone else what you know. Tutoring for a college student can be a two-way street. On one side, you are helping a fellow student or a younger student learn concepts and facts that you already know. On the other side, you are emphasizing what you know in your own brain and perhaps, learning a new thing or two from the one being tutored.

How to advertise tutoring services

While you likely don’t have a super big marketing budget and maybe are not going to become a full-fledged teacher one day, there are a few ideas and tips that you can consider to advertise your tutoring skills. It is important to know first that you don’t have to have education [teacher, professor] as an end goal in order to be a tutor. A tutor can be anyone who is simply well-learned and well-skilled at a particular subject. For example, if you did really well in math, you may want to become a math tutor in order to pass on some of that knowledge to someone else.

Now, here we go with our tips on advertising your tutoring skills:

1. Do an internal evaluation
The first thing you will want to do is think about the subjects you would like to tutor in and the ones you know very well. When marketing your services, you should expect to prove to the prospective tutee that you are completely capable and fully knowledgeable about the subject you intend to teach. There is a growing demand for STEM [science, technology, engineering, and math] tutors so it is likely that if you are able to tutor in one of these subjects you should not have a problem finding clients to use your tutoring service. You must be able to tell people what subjects you know and be able to articulate facts about each subject as you teach.

2. Start by going to digital platforms
In today’s age of advanced technology and social media, the first thought that comes to mind when advertising your tutoring service should not be business cards and posters. The first thought should be all-digital. There are a good number of places on which you can develop a personal tutoring profile and essentially, become a tutor through other platforms. Starting out, it can be a great and encouraging way in which to begin tutoring students. For example, Wyzant allows you to create a profile and list the subjects you teach. Additionally, you can work with students online or face-to-face in your geographical area., Brainmass, Brainfuse, and Study Pool all have created platforms that allow tutors to assist students.

3. Post digitally
There are a number of job boards that you can simply plug a tutoring profiles into. For example, on, we have an entire tutor section dedicated to tutors and students finding each other and working together to improve grades and gain confidence. Additionally, you can post as an academic tutor on Craigslist, although you will want to be careful with this one. Finally, you can look for tutoring jobs on sites such as Indeed, Monster, and LinkedIn. If you find a job you like and know you can do, send in your resume and cover letter. Sometimes, tutoring organizations or individual families post on these jobs boards in order to find a reliable and dedicated person.

4. Social media tutoring
Facebook is a major way to join other groups and advertise your tutoring service. There are many groups of college students, high school students, and even students younger than ninth grade on Facebook every day. You can join these groups or at least, ask to be accepted. After you are accepted, post a genuine, but not desperate, message that offers your skills and knowledge to anyone in the group who may need it. Be sure not to waste your time here though. Pay attention and do your research. It may not be worth it to send a message or post to a page that hasn’t been updated in two weeks.

5. Tell people you know
Word of mouth still reigns. So, tell people you know about your tutoring skills and service. They will most likely tell the people they know and those people will tell the people they know and so on and so forth. While your immediate family members may think you’re crazy, there are likely to be willing to pass on the information to their coworkers or other people in the extended family whom you might have missed. You can even consider offering them a small commission for their efforts in bringing new clients your way. Additionally, place information about your services in many of the places you go. For example, if you go to McDonald’s, leave one on the table or in the bathroom. If you go to Walmart, leave one with the cashier or simply on one of the shelves.

If you do your best work and put in the most effort, you are well on your way to becoming an excellent tutor.

First of all, quite frankly, I’d advise you not to rely on Craigslist to advertise your tutoring. Marketing through Craigslist is hard and the space is very crowded.

There are much better ways to market your tutoring. However, when you’re first starting out, Craigslist is an easy, relatively cheap way to advertise your tutoring. Last time I checked, it was only $5 for a post.

So, let’s talk about Craigslist.

What should go in the title of your Craigslist ad

If you’re marketing on Craigslist, the title of your ad should contain the subjects that you’re tutoring for, and the best reason for someone to hire you .

For instance, if you have excellent credentials (which I highly recommend), you could write “Taking the SAT? 2400 SAT tutor now taking new clients”.

Or, if you offer a guarantee of better grades, you could write “Tutor de español| In-home Tutoring| Better grades guaranteed!”

The point is that you need to get the information across quickly and convince the relevant people to click on your ad. Both the information and the convincing should be in the title.

Do not put the price in the title. If the best reason to hire you is that you’re cheap, you are going to have a miserable time dealing with cheap clients.

What should go in the body of your Craigslist ad

Essentially, the body should contain all of your brand factors: credentials, affiliations, social proof, and logistics. You need enough information that people can read your ad and decide you’re a trustworthy individual.

Of these, the most important by far are social proof and logistics. First of all, people need to know that you can be trusted. How do they do that? By seeing if you’ve helped other people.

You can do this either by putting testimonials in quotes in the ad or images of reviews you’ve gotten. If you don’t have testimonials, go out and get them ASAP.

Second, people need to know what you teach, when, and how you teach (i.e. your strategy/method) . You don’t have to go too in-depth, but reassuring people that you’re not going to show up to the first session unprepared is helpful.

Finally, you should include a way of contacting you. Phone number is good, email is better. Include your actual email like (info AT justaddtutor DOT com): Craigslist relay system can be faulty.

If you have a website, put a link to that as well. Don’t just put a link to your homepage, though. Add a page to your site that is specifically for visitors from Craigslist . It should have all the information they want to know, and additional ways of contacting you.

Sample Craigslist Ad

Tutor de español| In-home Tutoring| Better grades guaranteed!

[pictures: your logo, headshot (or picture of you tutoring with your face visible), reviews]

Hi, my name is Trevor Klee, and I am a muy excellente tutor de español. I’ve been tutoring Spanish for 5 years, and I majored in Spanish at the University of New Mexico.

I have a lot of experience teaching honors, AP, and college-level Spanish. In fact, I recently had a client score a 5 (the top score) on their AP Spanish exam after only a month of working with me!

Each client I work with gets a customized study plan and a list of recommended resources. I also assign homework in between sessions, so you’re continually improving. I show up prepared to each session to make sure we get the most out of our time.

I do all my tutoring at the Boston Public Library, and I’m free nights and weekends. I charge $40/hr. If you’d like to schedule a free info session, please text me at 555 555 5555, or email me at info AT justaddtutor DOT com. You can also check out my website.

Here are some testimonials:

Trevor was really a great Spanish tutor. I liked him a lot.
-Albert Einstein

I started off not knowing Spanish. Now, I’m fluent!
-Barack Obama

How to advertise tutoring services

You have several options to advertise products and services on Facebook, both paid and free. If you want to get the word out about a business, such as tutoring services, the status update and page features allow you to advertise it without paying anything. Paid advertisements are also available, and appear in the right column of Facebook users’ screens. It is possible to limit the viewership of your paid ads to only people in your city, so that your ad dollars are not wasted.

Use the status update feature on your personal profile to let your friends know about your tutoring services. Create original text, or copy and paste a link into the status field if you have created another website for your tutoring service. If you enter a link into the status update field, add text to explain it and encourage friends to click on the link, which will open in a new browser tab.

Make a Facebook page to advertise your tutoring services if you are authorized by the company you tutor for to do so. If you tutor on a freelance basis, you do not need permission. Search for the term “Pages” in the search bar at the top of any Facebook screen, and select “Facebook Pages” from the results. Use the on-screen prompts to start your page, then click “Publish” at the top of your page once you’ve finished filing out the information fields. Pages are visible to all Facebook users in search results, and you can use them to disseminate information and receive feedback.

Create a paid advertisement with Facebook. You target the ad toward a specific demographic, such as age or school affiliation. To create an ad, go to the Facebook ad creation page. Fill out the form to provide the ad’s content, the URL where users will be directed upon clicking, and a photograph. Select your target demographic, then enter your desired daily budget. Select to pay per click or per 1,000 impressions (potential views).

  • Facebook: How Do I Create Facebook Ads?
  • Facebook: I Want to Advertise on Facebook

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