How to advertise school clubs

Can any of y’all please help me come up with a good way to advertise my high school’s drama club? We’re all drawing a blank and we need new members desperately. Thanks!

Nothing gets people in the door quite like meetings/events with free pizza

Why don’t you do a big dramatic flash production in the school canteen or somewhere it will be seen. Don’t let anyone know, make everyone else think it’s real..maybe a love triangle? Let the teachers know so you don’t get interrupted

Take it a step further – make up a rumour and let it spread for the whole year.

You're high school kids. So talk to people in your high school, and try to get them involved. If you have a couple of bucks in budget, then sure – Buy some pizza/soda to try and get some folks to show up, and maybe do some comedy improv exercises to have some fun and get people interested.

You could with a strategy based on how much fun kids who do sports have during practice every day after school, and then offer that kind of community to kids who don’t like sports.

When I was in HS I hated playing sports, but I also hated waiting around for 3 or 4 hours every day to hang out with my friends after school while they were at practice.

I feel like this question gets asked a lot. Here are two generic threads:

Get the outspoken one to do stupid stuff on camera

I'd just get a high-resolution picture of a famous actor (relevant to high schoolers) who probably did some sort of theater as a youth and put "this could be you" on it real big at the top with the details about the drama club and some sort of action to take (contact info, meeting info/place/time, etc.) at the bottom. Maybe pick 3 popular actors, print 3 versions, and sprinkle them throughout the school.

Put up posters that play off the "drama" that is reality TV. Pretty easy way to grab attention.

Radio stories and skits during the morning announcements over the P.A.?

My take on Drama is how underrated it truly can be. Most of us, put on an Act in our daily lives – from acting all serious in front of our bosses, to acting really smart during interviews. Many just view drama as a recreational club, but learning to engage with people’s emotions is honestly a life skill. Perhaps a more conventional approach to some of the brilliant ideas listed here is to start simple workshops like “How to always win at Poker” or “How to be like Ted talks speakers”. That way you can also grow your club’s influence? It will not be as niche as it is anymore but it certainly can attract great publicity for your performances.

How to advertise school clubs

Hi Mr. Richard ! I’d like to ask you a question. How to advertise when starting your own school ?

My aim is always to do *zero* advertising.

( Traditional advertising doesn’t work, is expensive and is very difficult to do well!)

Instead the goal is to put all your effort into doing such awesome, amazing lessons (with amazing happy endings) that all the parents will do your advertising for you by telling all their friends what a great teacher you are and to come join your school.

That’s how advertising works in the modern world.

By being awesome.

Which just by reading this blog proves you are of course! 🙂

Getting the first class.

But we all have to start somewhere.

So the very best way to start is to talk to friends, and friends of friends, tell them you are thinking of starting a new class and need to get together a group of 6 to 8 kids. (Why 8 kids?)

Then make the lessons totally amazing, by using Genki English of course :), and you’ll naturally get more and more enquiries.

The usual goal is to get, on average, 100 to 120 students in the first year.

(Some teachers only manage 80, some get 150, so do be flexible.)

It all starts with one.

Or if you’re really, really not sure, and if you really have to, you can just start with one new student if you must.

Then they start telling their friends, who tell their friends and you end up with group classes.

Which is what you want.

To be honest I did actually advertise to get my very first student, I put a card up in the local supermarket.

But that was many years ago, so these days again I’d recommend asking friends instead!

Then in the big leagues….

Then once you get established, if you have, for example, just 4 kids wanting to join a class, tell them that you can only open a class when there are 8 kids waiting.

Just like the iPhone 17 that we can’t have yet, the parents want to join your class even more.

So *they* go out and get the other 4 kids for you!

It works like magic. *IF* you are firm and don’t cave.

Ken, I’m looking at you here. 🙂

Then you can do this …

And you can of course go for more “bootstrapping” type advertising i.e. that doesn’t cost much.

Elena has put the Genki English logo on the side of her building.

How to advertise school clubs

Kamila has put the superhero on her car!

How to advertise school clubs

( Ninja Tip: Remember, everything is marketing. So make sure everything is amazing, handouts, lessons, results, smiles at the end. 🙂 )

And we’ve even had Genki English on the side of public busses in Hong Kong!

So start with Word of Mouth, do amazing lessons, become a Purple Cow and save all those pennies! 🙂

P.P.S. Or if you want to learn how to get more students, the right students & double your teaching income this year, check out the new Genki Business course.

P.P.P.S. Thanks to everyone who applied for the homework programme, hopefully I got back to you all. Applications are now closed, but keep an eye out in the New Year when I’ll open them up again.

Richard Graham

Hello, I’m Richard Graham. And when I was a kid I found school to be sooooo boring. So I transformed my way of teaching. I listened to what the kids were really wanting to say and taught it in ways they really wanted to learn. The results were magical. So I’m sharing it all with you now.

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Great post Richard, and yes I could feel you looking in my direction. I promise I won’t cave in!

🙂 my mobile advertising works really great. i have already caught. some clients 🙂

Just my opinion, but as far as flyers are concerned, I think people misunderstand the point of advertising. The idea is not to give out 10,000 flyers and hope a certain number of people are thinking about going to English school and will jump at your flyer. The number of people in your area at any one time thinking about it will be very small and not worth the effort and expense. The point is to make your school *known* by repetitive advertising. A household name, if you will. Then it will become established and the go-to place for anyone wanting English lessons.

Thinking each time you post a flyer “this could be one!” just leads to depression when you get no calls. You have to think of the bigger picture. It *is* worth the effort – in the long run!

Thank you Richard, these posts are really helpful as the new school year starts here in France! Would you have any advice on the most needed equipment for the classroom, please?! You’ ve already talked about the speakers- but in a more general way? What other ” investments” should we make our priority?
Thank you and all the best

A nice big screen TV (connected to your laptop) is the best option for visuals (less hassle and less shadows than a projector.)

If you want to get serious then lighting can make a huge difference i.e. big, bright, warm colours but no fluorescents.

Then just decoration. Again, big, bright, bold colours for both adults (think how Google do their offices) and kids.

Have a look at the amazing stuff Lucky has done with her classroom!

Thank you, Richard

Just stumbled across this in my mail box ( the latest entry on Seth Goin’s blog):

Marketing used to be what you say

Now, marketing is what you do. What you make. How you act. The choices you make when you are sure no one is looking.

🙂 Exactly what you were talking about!

I just want to start up as a headmistress and I don’t know how to advertise the school.the pupils are just four in number.

No worries Ogundele, just follow the ideas on the page here and you’ll soon have lots of new students. How many would you like to have?

How to advertise school clubs

Presentations can be so dull. An advertisement is a presentation with pizzazz. After spending hours fine tuning a project or creating a product, the subsequent advertising campaign can be daunting. However, advertising its potential and benefits to a target audience can be an exciting endeavor that pulls out the creativity in the student or the team. There are many ideas for producing an enticing ad campaign that will show off the results of your hard work in the best possible way.

Purpose of Advertising

The purpose of advertising is to draw people’s attention to your product. A well-designed advertisement will not only make people aware of the product you have patiently created but also entice them to want to dig into their wallet and support your project or product.

A good advertisement provides a sense of comfort or excitement or otherwise stirs a strong emotion in the target audience.

Examples of Ad Subjects

To further understand the purpose of advertising, consider ads that have moved you to action or to repeat and remember the ad. These memorable and moving ads use the base of the target audience’s needs to promote a strong feeling.

For instance, medical ads tend to focus on how a pill or treatment will make users feel before and after. It may pull in images of family members or action shots to show how the medical product will improve their social life. This type of advertisement also uses an emotional angle and gives the reader or viewer the sense that the stigma they may feel about their condition is not as severe as they may have thought and that they are not alone in their problems.

Advertisement Ideas for Students in English Project

Students can be assigned a book to read as a group to get the feel of how an ad campaign works or doesn’t work. Each student or team of students can choose a character from a book or play. As the students follow their chosen character, they can create posters and ads that support the character’s main goals.

For instance, using Tom Sawyer as inspiration, they can create flyers promoting the benefits of painting a fence. This can be done as a team project, or each student can choose his own book to create an advertisement around the characters or the problem.

A popular movie franchise such as those from DC Comics or Marvel can be the focus of an ad campaign. Students can create ads from the perspective of the bad guy and have the adversary pitch why his ideas should not be discounted.

Advertisement Ideas for School

An upcoming school affair, production or athletic event can be a great opportunity for students to hone their marketing skills. This can benefit the school as well as the team or individual student working on the project.

Different events will call for different approaches. Students can explore how the subject or genre of the event changes the way they approach the advertising techniques that they are studying. Some of the school events for which the class or student can work include:

    Upcoming Elections – This can be from a one-on-one perspective in promoting a specific candidate, or it can target the importance of each student’s vote for an overall political ad campaign. The students may also consider issues that affect the school that the candidates will or should be discussing in their campaign.

The more-challenging ad campaigns can be used for extra credit or for seniors who may have an opportunity to work with community organizations and earn college credit as well as work experience.

Advertisement Activities for Elementary Students

Elementary students can create their own product around which to build an advertising campaign or can find inspiration from a product they regularly enjoy.

A simple advertising campaign can be built around a current popular item. Have the students flip through magazines to find an advertisement with the following components:

  • A known catchphrase
  • A visual logo or symbol that is easily recognizable
  • An explanation of the product’s uses
  • Details on where the product is sold and its price points

Once the item and its detailed ad have been chosen, have the students break down the ad into categories to better understand how the ad works. Students can perform the following:

    Analyze the colors that the ad uses, how often and where, any patterns of colors and how the colors attract the eye.

Creating Ideas for an Advertisement

Students are savvy about what they like and what they want. A brainstorming session can bring about their own ideas for creating an advertisement. A few brainstorm sessions to consider include:

    Students can throw out ideas for products they would like to use or play with to spark ideas for an advertisement of their own for that item.

Creating an Advertisement From Scratch

For an effective advertisement, the students should include the following:

    Use words sparingly. Be tight and concise with descriptions. This will have a bigger impact on your audience.

Advertising Ideas for Tutoring

Solid skills in rudimentary subjects are important for all students. Students can create advertising ideas for tutoring services that are offered for math, English or other necessary subjects for high school A good tutoring ad will showcase the class’s capabilities as well as how a student can benefit from using the tutoring services.

To create an effective ad for tutoring, create flyers and posters by using the following information:

    Explain your services – List the areas in which the class can help struggling students. This can be increasing their grade, moving up to AP classes or the ability to work with ESL students or students in younger grades. If the tutors are above average in the subject and can handle teaching college-level content in math, English, Spanish or other subjects, advertise that as well.

What Is a Call to Action?

Most ads end with a call to action. This is more than just the phone number, email address and other contact information. It is the final instruction to the person whom the ad is targeting.

A call to action entices the reader to want to contact the subject of the ad. Some examples of effective call to action statements include:

Almost any business can get in on the back to school market

How to advertise school clubs

Julia Wheeler / Getty Images

Need back to school promotion ideas? Look no further. Even if you’re not selling school supplies or clothing, there are lots of ways you can attract back to school shoppers to your products and services and increase your sales. Use these back to school promotion ideas to help your small business take advantage of one of the biggest retail seasons of the year.

Use Tried and True Back to School Marketing Ideas

Back to school sales are a tradition now and can work well for you if you sell products that are obviously school related. Heavily advertising your back to school products in the back to school marketing period is a natural marketing activity for you if you’re selling things such as school supplies or clothing.

And there are a lot of services that fit easily into back to school preparation. Hair salons can offer discounted back to school cuts and hair services; concierge/ errand services can offer to do customers’ back to school shopping; tutors can promote “early bird” registration.

But just because your small business's products or services aren't directly school-related doesn't mean you have to miss out on potential back to school sales.

If the kids going back to school is going to cause your sales to slump, now's the time for "last chance" sales. For example, a kayak rental business might offer "last chance" lessons and outings; a museum might offer discounted tours.

Create a Back to School Tie-In

If your products or services have no obvious back to school tie-in, you can still create one. Stretch your brain and forge the back to school connection such as in these marketing ideas:

  • Whether selling services or product, a nutrition-related business might offer information on preparing healthy school lunches or even a workshop.
  • A business selling cleaning products might market its products as great for cleaning dorm rooms and sell a special "studentpak" of products.
  • A watch repair business might run a "be on time for school" special.
  • A car detailing business could run a "clean it up for school" promotion.

Don't Forget the Parents

Don’t limit your promotion ideas to kids. Back to school means different schedules for parents, too, and for some, more time to do things for themselves or things they’ve been putting off.

  • Personal care businesses, such as hairdressers, manicurists, and massage therapists can offer discounts on "they've-gone-back to school" appointments.
  • Restaurants could offer special menus and/or dishes to encourage patrons to come in for lunch.
  • Fitness studios and gyms could offer special workshops or session series in school hours.

The really great thing about targeting students' parents in your back to school marketing is that your promotion can carry on right through September and October if you wish.

Be a Teacher's Pet

Teachers are another great group to target with your back to school promotion ideas if your products or services are appropriate. Many of the ideas that apply to parents will also work for teachers. Here are a few more:

  • A car detailing business could offer a special package for teachers only.
  • An educational supply store could offer teachers memberships or discount cards.
  • A restaurant could offer teachers only a free dinner entrée during the first month of school.
  • A hair salon could offer teachers special discounts on services for a limited time.

Run a Contest

Everybody loves a contest, making them a great tool to increase sales and generate buzz about your business. A kid-related contest is a natural for back to school. You might, for instance, ask kids to write or draw what they like best about school or pick a theme such as school safety and ask kids to send in tips or create posters. Or turn the theme on its head and ask kids or parents what they'll miss most about summer.

Remember that you don't have to go it alone to run a contest; banding together with other businesses means that you could generate even more interest and potentially make more future sales by pooling your resources and giving away a bigger prize.

And also remember that you can run contests online as well as out of your storefront(s). Running a Facebook contest is popular and easy. Or run a Twitter contest asking people to tweet a line with a hashtag that you create. Whatever social media platform you choose to use, make sure that you follow that platform’s rules for running contest.

And also make sure that you’ve figured out all the legalities and logistics of your contest before you start it. Make sure you’ve got a plan to notify winners and that you have the official rules, terms, and conditions of the contest written out and easily available to people, such as posted on your website and that your contest complies with all the rules in your state or province.

Get Your Back to School Promotion Ideas Thinking Cap On

We’ve truly only scraped the surface of back to school promotion here – the only real limit is your imagination. Think about your target market, how back to school impacts their lives and how your products or services could fit in to get your back to school marketing campaign started. The back to school retail season is such a lucrative market that you definitely want your small business to get a piece of it.

And if you’re looking to start a business to take advantage of the back-to-school season, read up on small business ideas for making quick money in the fall.

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Hi Ellen-
Found this on the net and it seemed to have some good suggestions on how to market small schools.
Marketing ideas to help increase enrollment in private school? – Yahoo! Answers

The idea of having a seminar for current and prospective parents sounds like a good way to attract new people, if you promote it correctly. Internet Safety is a hot topic right now — how about running an Internet Safety Night?
Use Our Free Kit to Organize Internet Safety Night at Your School | PTO Today

Any small schools have some ideas they’d like to add?

Keep us posted on your school. We wish you the best of luck.

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Hi Ellen-
Just came across an article about how a Catholic School PTG is marketing their school and blogged about it — thought you’d be interested in reading it.

How to advertise school clubsThe top schools today have strong fundamentals and are adaptable to the needs of students. They are heavily involved in promoting engagement with parents and families in their students’ education. They embrace technology and encourage their students to progress within this new digital era.

Today, traditional methods of obtaining new students are simply outdated. Printed newspaper adverts, direct mails etc are no longer effective methods for schools as they can be quite expensive and the return on investment is rather low.

A school’s potential applicants are doing much more research before they even open communication with a school, shoving inquiries down to the bottom of your marketing funnel. It’s important that your school provides educational content regarding your classes, references from other parents and way to communicate and engage with your office.

In this blog, we’ve outlined 4 School Marketing Ideas to Help Increase Enrolment:

  • Assess and improve your website
  • Be strong on social media
  • Engage and Involve Parents
  • Multimedia enhanced literature

#1. Assess and improve your website

In the past, when parents wanted to obtain information about a certain school, the only option available for them was to inquire. However, today parents and families can access a multitude of information by simply searching online.For this reason, it’s imperative that your website is up to date.

Be sure to include your school’s name, contact information, location, instructions for applications, values and any additional information that may be relevant to parents and potential applicants.

We live in a mobile centric world, therefore ensure that your website can viewed on all devices. Having a mobile-friendly website is key so if you are unsure, be sure to test it out.

Another important online aspect to consider is SEO. You should create a secure SEO strategy along with specific keywords that will help your website feature at the top of the major search engines. Display interesting and relatable content on your website to help your SEO efforts.

Why not feature a blog on your site? Blog’s are great source for creating traffic to the website and can also be used as a means of keeping all those involved with the school up to date on matters.

Lastly, you’ll want to spread your content to as many people as possible, therefore start sharing it using social media and email marketing.

#2. Be strong on social media

Having a lot of content on your website is not enough, you need to be able to share this content on other platforms for more people to see. Being active on social media is crucial for any business in today’s world.

Throughout the day people are checking their social media pages for updates and any form of news so it’s the perfect place to get recognised. Choose the right social media outlets that best fit your school and devise a plan, remember to ask questions such as should we be addressing parents or students? You need to find your target audience and then select the appropriate outlet like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and more.

When it comes to social media, you must be prepared to put in the necessary time. It’s so important to be consistent and share interesting and relevant content regularly. Remember the more timeless the content is the better.

How to advertise school clubs

#3. Engage and Involve Parents

It’s important to make parents feel involved and what greater way to do this than through social media. Social media is everywhere and almost all ages have adopted it. It plays a big role in our everyday life and accounts for much of our communication today. As a school, you should use social media as a channel to connect and engage with parents daily. Keep them updated with daily posts and be prepared to answer any questions they may have instantly.

When preparing marketing material for parents, be sure to include a good description of the school along with your mission. Use these channels to tell your story and show parents what makes your school special. Post photos showing student experiences at your school such as tours, events, and any form of excursions. It may also be useful to have flyers prepared about your programs and electives.

#4. Multimedia enhanced literature

Many schools have an abundance of print material from over the years such as brochures and prospectuses which should be transformed into digital. Why not add video and audio to the PDF files with the help of digital publishing software. Using interactivity will grab the attention of your audience faster and engage them.

Create these digital documents and share them across all your social media outlets, your website and make them available to view on all devices. Once you have a digital brochure ready, it can be easily shared via a link so be sure to add this to your website, email it to your lists and post it on social media.

It’s essential for school’s nowadays to market themselves efficiently online. There is a lot of competition out there in the education sector and a strong marketing strategy is needed to remain at the top. With numerous digital marketing tools now available, you have no excuse not to effectively advertise your school and get noticed!

Each year, there are more than 300 active student clubs on campus open to all students — from the Cheese Club to the Superhero Club — in addition to school-based clubs, which are exclusive to NYU schools or academic programs.

Find an All-University Club

All-University clubs are listed in NYU Engage, which maintains a directory of clubs officially sponsored by the University. Engage allows students to connect directly with club leaders online, and helps club leaders manage membership and budgets. All NYU students have access to Engage — simply use your NetID to log in.

Club Fest, which takes place at the beginning of each Fall and Spring semester, is another great way to explore clubs across the University.

Want to speak to someone in person? Feel free to come to Club Life Virtual Drop-in Hours, 4 – 5pm EST, every weekday the University is open. SAB Club officers and members are invited to call in for guidance and support with their club activities.

Find School-Based Clubs

School clubs are student organizations that are affiliated with a particular school, college, or academic department and whose principle mission or purpose is related to the students of that school, college or academic department. Their funding comes from the school or college, their advisor is affiliated with the school or college, and the school or college governs them.

Click on your school link below to find out how to get involved in clubs within your specific school. If your school is not listed above, contact their Student Life office, or reach out to your advisor.

Music Ensembles

Orchestras, choirs, and music ensembles are sponsored by NYU Steinhardt — some of which are open to NYU students from all schools and majors, as well as community members.

How to advertise school clubs

Club Rush is a great way for students to promote their clubs and show other students the endless possibilities there are regarding clubs at Staples.

Julia Leitner ’23, Web Sports Editor
October 11, 2021

After a year of decreased involvement in Staples clubs due to COVID-19, students had high expectations going into the 2021 Club Rush event.

On Oct. 7, during all three lunch waves, the gymnasium was diligently set up with an array of tri-fold posters to promote student run clubs and encourage interested people to sign up.

Club rush, now known as the involvement fair, is an annual tradition that presents students with a large arrangement of clubs to join as a way to increase their involvement in the school, and find different communities where students can express their own passions and interests.

Viola Geisman ’22 , president of Reshaping Reality , a club prioritizing self love and the de-stigmatization regarding body image and self esteem, said that it was completely necessary to bring this club to Staples.

“With the Staples culture, people tend to get really stressed out about their own self image,” Geisman said. “This club is a great way to connect with new people and to give and receive advice about these issues. We are a really tight knit group and are there to lift each other up.”

With the Staples culture, people tend to get really stressed out about their own self image. This club is a great way to connect with new people and to give and receive advice about these issues. We are a really tight knit group and are there to lift each other up.””

— Viola Geisman ’22

Reshaping reality is a perfect example of a club at Staples that works to bring change within the community and focuses on issues that go beyond the bubble of Westport. Clubs such as Teen Awareness Group, AWARE, Junior States of America and Circle of Friends are other clubs that embody the same idea.

Friends for Fighters is another club that promotes the ideals of helping those outside of the Westport community.

This club is about helping kids with cancer and making different things for them to bring to their hospitals,” Finley Cohen ’23 said. “We do this in an attempt to uplift cancer patients’ spirits and be there for kids that need it.”

These clubs are significant to the school environment because they provide a space for students to help make change.

In addition, there are several other clubs at Staples that are focused purely on hobbies.

Brennan Herold ’22 and Gabe Maiolo ’22 created the aerial photography club because they are two friends that have drones and enjoy going around Westport to take photos. They brought this club to Staples for other kids that want to participate in the same thing.

“We have started helping the Westport Public Library with projects any time that they need drone footage,” Herold said. “It’s really cool being able to learn how to use a drone and use this in our everyday lives.”

Club representatives love being able to use club rush as a way to promote their club and get people to sign up. It’s an interactive and fun way to show students their endless possibilities.

“We don’t really have any other way for people to learn about our club,” Gleb Syomichev ’23 , member of the fencing club, said, “so club rush is really important for us to get more participants.”

Whether you’re a seasoned fundraiser or a newbie, last minute panic is a common fear, especially if you’re unsure how to advertise a fundraiser. Will everything go off without a hitch? Will people actually show up, participate and most importantly, DONATE?!

Calm Last Minute Panic by Knowing How to Advertise a Fundraiser

Marketing is the key to school fundraising success . No matter how great your event, it won’t be a success if no one knows about it. Gain confidence in how to advertise a fundraiser with these tips to squash last minute panic.

Identify Where to Advertise Your Fundraiser

Society is busy and we are all constantly inundated with messages. In order to stand out and get your message heard, you will need to reach out to people many different times on a variety of communication channels.

Social Media . The platform your school typically communicates on is the best place to start, whether that’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or another social media channel altogether.

Flyers sent home with students. Print advertising is not dead! Give families something to hang on their refrigerator with the information you want them to have close at hand. Maybe that’s the fundraiser start date, how to log into your fundraising platform, or pictures of all the awesome prizes students can earn.

School Announcements. Teachers often read the school announcements to their class. They are frequently also posted on the school website for parents to see. So this is a good spot to communicate with teachers, students, and parents all at the same time.

Flyers at local businesses. Bop around to gas stations, libraries and other high-traffic businesses and ask if you can hang a flyer on their bulletin board with information about how people can donate to their local school. Consider including a scannable QR code for easy donating.

Ask a local newspaper, television, or radio station to cover your event. Everyone loves a feel-good story, especially in this day and age. What could be more adorable and “feel-good” than a bunch of kids finally together at school running around having fun? If news outlets pick up your story, it’s a great way to get free, quality advertisement.

Email newsletter. You should always make it a point to gather email addresses from the students’ parents so you have this avenue to quickly and effectively communicate. A fundraiser is the perfect opportunity to put those email addresses to good use for your school.

School texting system. Make use of your schools text notification service at key points in your fundraiser. For example, as your fundraiser kicks off, remind all parents to sign up online and make a donation. As your fundraiser is wrapping up, send out a message updating parents on where you are with your fundraising goal, reminding them how the fundraiser will benefit their student, and asking for donations before the date the fundraiser ends.

Know How to Advertise a Fundraiser BEFORE the Event

The time leading up to your fundraiser is key to building momentum and excitement for your event. Think of it as a snowball effect. You start out small when your event date is still a ways in the future. Then keep it gradually increasing until the week of your event when your marketing efforts grow from a tiny snowball to a full-sized snowman.

Start with a few sneak peeks. Did you find the right school fundraising company [link to blog about benefits of working with a school fundraising company] to work with? Share about the company’s fundraising theme for the year, and how the company will make this fundraiser the best ever for students!

When you choose a date for the fundraiser, make a splash with “Save the Date” messaging. Let people know how excited your school is for all the fun and support that’s about to happen and ask them to keep a lookout for more information to come soon.

As your fundraiser gets closer, share pictures or videos of smiling students and highlight how excited they are for the upcoming fundraiser and especially the project or equipment it will fund. The week of your event, take pictures as the school fundraising company transforms your school into an awesome fundraising venue.

Recognize How to Advertise a Fundraiser DURING the Event.

Throughout the week and on the day of your event, assign someone to be responsible for posting pictures and updates as you make the final preparations for your fundraiser and it begins.

Capture up-close shots of fun items and get pictures of students smiling and having fun! Post these pictures in live time with a link where people can donate. Make sure to save these photos in a safe spot for next year. They will be perfect to share before your event to get people excited for another fun time!

Throughout the fundraiser, post live updates with the level of donations you have received. Good fundraising software like Booster Tech will let you run reports in real time. Make sure to thank people for their generosity with every post and include a link where others can donate.

Understand How to Advertise a Fundraiser AFTER the Event

After your fundraiser, highlight event sponsors and give them added exposure associated with the huge success of your fundraiser. The goal is to give your sponsors as much publicity as possible so it’s an easy “yes” for them when you ask if they will sponsor your event next year.

Post a cute picture of the kids having fun at your event along with a thank you message to all sponsors mentioning they played a key role in helping you reach your fundraising goals. Make sure to tag sponsors whenever possible. This ensures they see the post in a timely manner so they can share it and gain even more positive publicity for your school and their business.

Do a thank you campaign with pictures and videos of students, teachers and administration holding hand-written thank you signs. Invite parents to share these posts with family and friends who donated to help show their appreciation.

Send a press release to local newspapers detailing the success of your fundraiser, what the donations will be used to purchase, and listing your sponsors. Don’t forget to include a cute picture of students having fun at the fundraiser!

Once the fundraiser donations are spent, get more fun pictures of what was funded and share them thanking everyone, once again, for their generous support. People love to see what their money was used for, and this will help increase donations even more in the future.

Be Confident You Know How to Advertise a Fundraiser

Congratulations! With these tips, you will look like a marketing genius. When last minute panic rises up in your heart, calm your nerves with confidence. You know how to advertise a fundraiser, and with the right marketing everything will turn out great! Get started today!