How to adjust a recliner chair

How to adjust a recliner chair

Did you know you can adjust the tension on your La-Z-Boy Recliner at home?

If you’ve noticed it’s too difficult or easy to push back your recliner, there’s a way to customize the tilt back tension to fit your personal needs.

In this article and video, we’ll show you how to easily adjust La-Z-Boy Recliner tension.

Tools You’ll Need

Although it’s possible to adjust the tension spring wing nuts by hand, here are a few tools that will make your job much easier:

Your multitool or pliers will help you turn the wing nuts when they become tight or if your hands aren’t small enough to reach them.

The flashlight will help you see the tension springs if you’re in a dimly lit room. You may want to have someone hold the flashlight while you’re adjusting the springs.

Flip Your Recliner Over

Once you have your tools, roll your La-Z-Boy Recliner over so it’s sitting on the legrest. This will give you access to the bottom of the recliner.

Look underneath and you’ll notice two tension springs with wing nuts located on each side of your recliner.

How to adjust a recliner chair

La-Z-Boy Tension Spring & Wing Nut

Now that you’ve identified the tension springs, we’ll get ready to adjust them based on your individual needs.

Adjust with Half Turns Only

Tightening the wing nuts is the exact same as a regular screw.

Turning the wing nut to the right will tighten the tension spring and make it harder to push back your recliner.

Turning the wing nut to the left will loosen the tension spring and make it easier to push back your recliner.

Important Note: Only tighten or loosen the wing nuts in increments of half turns. This will help you keep each side equal and balanced.

Test After Each Adjustment

After each half turn adjustment, flip the recliner over and see if the tension fits your needs better.

If you need another half turn, roll the recliner over and adjust it again.

Repeat this process until you find your desired tension setting.

Check Out These Additional Resources

Being able to adjust La-Z-Boy Recliner tension at home is one of the many patented features these chairs have.

At La-Z-Boy Home Furnishings & Décor, we can fit you for a recliner and adjust your tension springs before you take it home.

Here are some additional online resources you may like to check out:

We’d be happy to help you find the most comfortable recliner for you at any of our locations in NC, SC, and GA.

How to adjust a recliner chair

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How to adjust a recliner chair

How to adjust a recliner chair

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The Recliner Chair is a type of furniture that you can manually adjust back and forth to recline. It can be used as an extra seat or for general seating. If you wonder how to take apart the chair, then this article will provide you with instructions on how to do so. You will also learn what is required for your recliner chair to last longer.

It is straightforward to take apart a recliner chair. You will need a screwdriver, flat-head, or Phillips, which you can get at any local store. First, you need to see if there is a lever on the outside of the chair, push it down, and try not to move the recliner for more than 5 minutes. After 5 minutes have passed, try moving it again, and if it still does not work, try taking off the recliner pad first. There should be screws inside the armrests where you can easily take them off by hand. If you still cannot free the chair, then loosen the screws that are inside the chair.

You can also unscrew the backrest and armrests to take apart your recliner chair. If you want, you can also take out all your screws and screw them back in afterward. It will help you to maintain and clean the chair much more quickly.

When taking apart a recliner chair, some tips will make it easier for you:

  • Always try to take off the loose parts first. It can help make it easier for you to take apart your recliner hair or furniture. Also, if you are trying to fix it yourself, it will be straightforward.
  • Screws should not need extra bumping to take them off. There may be more screws hiding inside your piece of furniture from moving from time to time. If this is the case, stop now and do not let anyone else try to take apart your recliner chair. If you keep going with the screws, you will realize that they are hard to get out of because they have been stuck in there for a long time.
  • Do not try to remove any screws that are inside the armrests because your seat will fall apart.
  • Try not to make any vast movements when taking apart your furniture. It is much safer if you sit in it for a while first. You will need to connect some parts of the chair again after taking the chair apart, so make sure you do this step first because it can save your furniture from falling apart.
  • Before attempting to take anything out, make sure that everything is set up correctly. You may need stickers or other things that are important for you to keep your chair intact. If something is wrong, you will need to fix it before taking the chair apart.

After taking apart your recliner chair, you should carefully put all the parts back together by hand. If you do not know how to do this, you may want to consult an expert at your local hardware store for help or keep on reading to figure out how to put it together by yourself. These types of furniture are usually kept together by screws and bolts. The bolts are usually long, so pay close attention when putting them in so that they will not interfere with the other parts of the chair.

Types of Recliner Chairs

There are different types of recliner chairs, ranging from where they come from, whether they are fully adjustable, and their durability. You can even get choices of budgets and style to choose the recliner chair that is perfect for your home.

  • Reclining Back Chair

The significant difference between a back chair and a reclining chair is that the back chair is fixed while one slides forward or backward. Most recliners can be adjusted by moving their headrest to accommodate different positions, and an extendable footrest and armrests make it more comfortable for you to sit there. This kind of furniture allows you to sit back comfortably, which aids with weight loss, relaxation, stress relief, pain relief, meditation, improving posture control, and promoting blood circulation.

  • Rocking Recliner Chair

The rocking chair recliner is designed to be easier to adjust and more flexible than other chairs. It is a special kind of furniture that allows you to sit comfortably. These chairs are trendy because they allow the users to go from a sitting position to a reclined position without any difficulty. They usually have a footrest mechanism that connects with the backrest, which is also detachable or foldable. The most important part of this chair is its ability to support your back by allowing you to read, watch television, meditate, and relax with ease.

  • Swivel Rocking Recliner Chair

These kinds of chairs are most likely to recline in front of you instead of in the back like the other types. They are most found in living rooms and bedrooms, where the user can most likely use this for either watching television or reading. It is essential to know that this chair has a footrest mechanism that connects with the backrest, which is also detachable or foldable. The most important part of this chair is its ability to support your back by allowing you to read, watch television, meditate, and relax with ease.

  • Power Reclining Chair

It is a type of recliner that is plugged in and automatically triggered by human touch. The motor will run when the switch is turned on to create movement from its place. You can control the movement from the foot lever to adjust the position of the chair which you want it to be in. You do not have to move from your position to change your sitting position because you must touch a button or sit on the edge of the chair, and it will adjust itself for you.


Recliner chairs are essential for your home. They can help you entertain guests in your home, relax after a long day at work, and add style to your room. If you want to learn more about recliner chairs, then do not hesitate to ask or do some online research about them. You could always consult an expert if you have difficulty putting the chair together or other problems concerning it.

People often wonder how to fix a recliner chair back one that leans back too far. Well, just in case you’re wondering removing and fixing a recliner chair back is as easy it seems in the first place. You can do it at home. Furthermore, you don’t need too many tools or parts to fix a recliner back except for a flat screwdriver which is optional too. You can also use a flashlight that’ll probably make your job easier. All you have to do is to follow these simple steps and you’ll get to know how to fix a recliner that leans back too far.

✏How to Fix a Recliner Chair Back?

How to Remove the Recliner Chair Back?

☑ First, flip over the recliner so that rests on its arms only. Do not make it to stand upside down. You’ll do your work at the back of the chair.

☑ Every lazy boy recliner has locking brackets which are present at the very back of the chair. The locking brackets or levers aren’t really visible. You’ve got to use the slotted screwdriver to pull the lever for sometimes the lever gets just a little stiff.

☑ Just to let you know that lever in the lazy boy recliner is LOCKED when it’s down or point towards floor. In this position you won’t be able to pull off the back. In order to UNLOCK it you should flip it up towards the ceiling. There’s one bracket on each side of the chair back.

☑ Now return the recliner chair back to its upright position and stand right behind the chair.

☑ You will gently move the back from side to side and start pulling it upwards. Keep moving it sideways until the back comes off.

How to Re-install the Recliner Chair Back?

☑ In order to reinstall the back you’re going to have to put the back on the side arms of the chair in such a way that it rests right above the slots.

☑ Now gently lift the back so that it goes in line with the brackets.

☑ The 3-position high leg recliner is one of the lazy boy recliners which should be lifted to locate the back brackets.

☑ Now lower down the back so that it gets fixed into the body.

☑ You’ve got to make sure that the back completely aligns with the back brackets.

☑ Now in order to see if you’ve reinstalled the back properly you should try to remove it gently by moving it sideways. If the back remains robust then you’ve fixed it quite successfully.

☑ If you feel like one of the sides move out of the position then brackets are probably not fit into the back. You must take off the back again the do as you did before.

How to adjust a recliner chair

You sit down in your favorite chair, pull the lever to recline and nothing happens. You kick back harder with some force behind it — only to feel resistance. You try pulling up on the footrest. It comes up partway and sticks, or recesses back into the chair. It might have been happening gradually over the past few weeks or all at once. It’s a routine problem of a lot of recliners.

Just Your Type

There typically two types of reclining chair mechanisms; one has a cable system that operates the reclining mode. The lever lifts or releases the footrest manually via a cable and the chair tilts back. Problems occur when the cable comes loose or breaks. Another type of recliner uses an arm located on the outside of the chair. The arm turns a crank to lift the footrest and recline the chair. Problems occur on this type when the bolt holding the arm loosens or strips. Other problems unrelated to the arm or cable occur when bolts come loose on the lift mechanism itself. Any of the problems can cause the chair to only partially recline or not even budge.

Upside Down

Remove the cushion if possible. If you can’t remove the cushion, pull the cushion aside to access the handle or lever on the inside of the chair; it’s located inside the arm with two screws inside a recessed, cup-shaped holder. Remove the two screws and pry out the recessed cup with a screwdriver if necessary. If the cable has slipped off — there might be a small ball on one end — hook the cable back up to the lever. If the cable is broken, tip the chair upside down. Locate where the cable attaches to the mechanism at the bottom and release it. There should be a small clip holding the cable. Compress the clip with pliers if necessary and pull out the cable. Measure the cable for replacement. Sometimes refered to as a parachute cable, order a new one online or take it to a furniture store and have it ordered by brand. Hook up the new cable, screw the recessed handle back on and the chair should recline normally.

Lever Action

If the lever on the side of the chair feels loose, it’s probably the cause. Check the exterior side of the lever where it attaches to the chair; it might be missing a nut. Check under the chair for it. If you can find it, use a socket and ratchet to bolt the arm back on tight. If there is no bolt, there may be a small plastic cap on the arm; pry it off and look inside for the nut or bolt. Tip over the chair and look under it. If none of these things work, or there are no visible threads or bolts, push the fabric back where the lever attaches to the chair on the outside. If the shaft of the arm is square, it could have a stripped handle, allowing the square shaft to spin inside the body of the lever. Pry or pull the lever off and replace it with a new one; if it’s stripped, it may have already come off.

Missing in Action

Lift or recline the chair by pulling up the footrest. Tip the chair sideways if necessary to access the scissor-type hardware that operates the footrest and reclining mechanism. Wiggle and pull on the hardware to locate where bolts or nuts may have come off. Look for bolts or screws under the recliner. If you find any of these, locate where the bolt or nut belongs and replace it. If you can’t find any loose parts but still have loose hardware, replace missing bolts or nuts with new ones by removing a similar existing bolt or part and using it for reference to purchase new ones. Look for bent parts or parts that make contact with other parts; bend them back into place if necessary. Work the reclining feature with your hands and make adjustments as needed until it works properly.

Specializing in hardwood furniture, trim carpentry, cabinets, home improvement and architectural millwork, Wade Shaddy has worked in homebuilding since 1972. Shaddy has also worked as a newspaper reporter and writer, and as a contributing writer for Bicycling Magazine. Shaddy began publishing in various magazines in 1992, and published a novel, “Dark Canyon,” in 2008.

The adjustment wing nut underneath a La-Z-Boy recliner is used to alter the tension of the chair. If you find it too hard or to easy to recline the chair while seated, you need to adjust the tension. Inspecting the tension adjustment nut for damage and making repairs is relatively straightforward. The chair’s reclining mechanism might not work correctly, or at all, if the adjustment mechanism is broken.

Inspect the tension adjustment mechanism by turning the chair upside down. A wing nut attaches to the tension spring on the end of a small metal shaft or through the frame of the chair on each side of the chair. If a tension bolt is loosened or tightened too much, the spring can pop out or snap. Look on the floor underneath the chair if any pieces are missing.

Slip the tension spring back over the shaft if it has popped off and replace the wing nut. Look to the other side of the chair if you need help seeing how the parts go together. After replacing the spring, sit on the chair and test the mechanism. You might need to loosen or increase the tension a little: turn the nut tighter to increase tension, loosen it off to make the chair easier to move.

Hook the spring through the loop on the end of the wing nut if your La-Z-Boy recliner’s is from the “Classics” range, making sure to pass the nut through the hole in the frame of the chair. Purchase a replacement spring from your local hardware store if the current one has snapped. Test the mechanism when you are finished and make adjustments as outlined above, if necessary.

How to adjust a recliner chair

Recliners offer exceptional comfort and they support your back and legs, helping to relieve aching muscles and stiff joints as well as promoting good circulation. They have also been known to relieve some breathing difficulties.

With soft, sumptuous padding, your new recliner chair gives you comfort whilst you sit and is perfect if you like to have a short afternoon snooze.

How to operate your Manual Recliner

Follow our simple steps to relax and recline in your new manual recliner.

  1. Closed– The standard sitting position.
    How to adjust a recliner chair
    To move from the closed position to the relaxed position, firstly ensure that you are sitting as far back as possible. Then release the catch or handle to raise the footrest.
  1. Relaxed– Footrest extended, back semi-upright.
    How to adjust a recliner chair
    To reach the fully-reclined position, push gently on the arms and move your back backwards until the action is fully open.
  1. Fully Reclined– Footrest fully extended, back fully reclined.
    How to adjust a recliner chair
    To close the recliner, simply lean forward and allow the back to return to the relaxed position and then apply downward pressure on the footrest with your legs, continuing until it reaches the closed position.

Please note that the recline function may be slightly stiff after the chair is first purchased. This will ease over time.

How to operate your Power Recliner

2 button for single action, 4 button for the new Dual Power Recliner action that allows the user to move the back and footrest independently.

Standard 2 button

  • The 2 button switch works by pressing and holding the button
  • The front button brings the footplate up and then reclines the back
  • The back button brings the back rest up and then shuts the foot rest
  • To stop the recliner when in the desired position the buttons are released
  • To return the chair to the reset position, press and hold the back button until the chair stops moving

Chrome 2 button

  • Same functionality as Standard 2 button
  • USB socket to charge your mobile device

Standard 4 button

  • The 4 button switch works by pressing and holding the buttons
  • The front top and bottom buttons control the footplate
  • Press the top front button to raise the footplate
  • Press the bottom front button to lower the footplate
  • The back top and bottom buttons control the back rest
  • Press the bottom back button to bring the back rest down
  • Press the top back button to bring the back rest up

Chrome 4 button

  • Same functionality as Standard 4 button
  • USB socket to charge your mobile device
    How to adjust a recliner chair

How to adjust a recliner chair

Having an Electric or Power Recliner gives more comfort to users as they can be reclined to different levels, unlike the manual ones. All you would have to do is press the controls to set it in the level of recline you’d like and enjoy sitting in this cozy chair.

However, when the mechanism of an electric recliner breaks down or you encounter a problem with it, you don’t have to run to the repairman to have it fixed.

How to adjust a recliner chair

You could try to do it yourself! Difficult? Not when you have the right information. With it, electric recliner repair won’t be too hard to do. Read on to learn about fixing electric recliners.You know that sometimes even the best electric recliners do come across some issues at times.

Step 1: It’s All in the Electrics

  • If your recliner isn’t responding or it seems to have no power, you should first check the outlet it is plugged into. To make sure of this, you can plug in an appliance you know is working properly or a light to check whether the outlet you are using is actually working. If the outlet is working fine, unplug your chair and test the hand control as some units have battery back-up.
  • If it is still unresponsive, tip the chair forward or lay it on its side, in case the footrest is open so you can see underneath it. Carefully check all the wires to make sure if they are all intact. This is the most basic step in electric recliner repair. If all the wires are undamaged, the problem may lie elsewhere.

Step 2: Check All the Parts

The next step you can do is making sure to check all the parts of your recliner’s electrical system. To be more specific, below are the most crucial parts to check:

  • External or internal power supply
  • Hand Control
  • Lift motor
  • Relay boxes (can be found either behind the chair or in the back frame)
  • Heating elements and massage motors (if any – these may be mounted inside the padding of the chair and in this case, leave them be)

Some chairs come with different features so they may come with only a few parts while the best electric recliners may have all of them. List down the parts your chair has so it would be easier to identify which one is not working correctly.

Step 3: Get to Work

Now that you’ve done the first steps in electric recliner repair , you can start working on fixing the problem. Avoidance of the problems of electric recliners is to plug them into a surge protector before use. Even the smallest power surges may damage some if not most parts of your chair.

Electric recliners have delicate transformers which can be damaged by power surges too. If you are sure that your outlet is working but your chair isn’t, then the problem most likely is the transformer. This means that the motor is fine but you would then have to order a substitute transformer as these cannot be fixed so easily.

Step 4: Open or Close

Your recliner may have stopped working either while it is in the open position or in the middle of it being closed. Different steps are to be taken in fixing the recliner in these situations:

  • Usually, an in-line plug may be the problem when a recliner which is in the open position stops working. The in-line plug may have just come loose so all you’d have to do in this case is check the wiring to see if all the connections are tight and secure. When the recliner is always used, the movement sometimes causes electrical wires to be pulled apart so if that happens, reconnect the wires and secure them with electrical tape so they won’t come loose in the future.
  • A recliner which stops in the middle of being closed, fixing it can be more complicated. This may mean that the wiring has gone into the mechanism and it has been cut. When this happens, you’d have to find the wire which has been cut from beneath the chair.Carefully splice the wires together then wrap the open wiring with electrical tape. You may then secure the wires to the frame, far from the mechanism so it doesn’t happen again.

Step 5: Go for the Reset Button

If your chair seems to have overloaded from too frequent use, the motor tends to shut down – this is a safety feature for most electric recliners. In this case, you may have to find the reset button.

Some recliners have a hole in the Hand Control, between the open and close buttons. Pop in the end of paperclip into the hole to reset it or simply unplug your chair and wait about 2 minutes or more before plugging it in again.


These are the simplest steps to follow in electric recliner repair . These steps could easily be done at home however, if there you’ve done all these and you’ve come across a problem wherein you cannot identify the source, and then it’s probably time to call a repairman.

The good thing with electric recliners is they are simple machines with simple mechanisms so the problems encountered don’t tend to be too difficult. You would save a lot of money if you fix your electric recliner yourself and this guide can help you do that. So in the case of your chair breaking down, you have the information you need to fix it! Good luck!

Repair zero gravity chair is not a difficult task at all. All you need to know the proper technique about how to repair or fix a zero gravity chair. You can easily get the replacement parts of zero gravity chairs from any physical or online store. But adjusting that new replacement part can’t be an easy task if you don’t know the proper technique. So in this article, we will try to cover some basic technique step by step so that you can easily fix the minor problem of your zero gravity recliner at home.

How to repair zero gravity chair

It’s always a pleasure to have a zero gravity chair in our home. Our free time and holiday become more relax and enjoyable when we spend our time reclining on a zero gravity chair on our backyard or patio. Besides relaxation, this chair has many health benefits too. That’s why people spend 100 or 200 bucks to buy a quality zero gravity chair. But the fact is after using one or two years most of the zero gravity chair quality is not remain same. You have to repair or change a little bit to your zero gravity chair to get the same quality feature for a longer period. So in this article, you will get all the detail information step by step about how to repair zero gravity chair.

Normally five types of repair and replacement are possible in a zero gravity chair that you can do by yourself at home. They are…

1.Replacement lacing for zero gravity chair gravity chair replacement headrest

3.Repair the cracks of the chair frame

4.Tighten the bolt and screws

5.Repair or replace the fabrics of zero gravity chair

So let’s talk about them one by one…

1.Replacement lacing for zero gravity chair

The most common problem that we face for an old zero gravity chair is that its cord gets loose or broken down over time. As a result, it doesn’t give us the required flexibility and comfort that it provided us before. The only solution, in that case, is to replace the old cord. You can get those zero gravity chair cords or bungees in Wal-Mart, eBay or any popular online store. But the tricky part is to replacing those cords. To replace lacing for a zero gravity chair you need three things. Some cable ties, Scissors, and bungee cord.

Step one:

First joint each of the holes of the fabrics with the metal part of the chair using cable ties, as it shown in the picture.

Step Two:

When all the hole of the fabrics tied up using the cable ties, cut the old cord by scissors form the bellow part of the chair as it is shown in the picture. And open up the old lacing completely.

Step Three:

Make the new cord in a double layer form and put the cords in the bottom part of the chair and make a node as its shown in the picture.

Step Four:

Then connect the whole chair’s fabrics with the new cords as its shown in the picture below.

Step Five:

Then cut the cable ties with the help of scissors.

And that’s all, your zero gravity chair is now ready to use with its new cord.

2. zero gravity chair replacement headrest

Sometimes the headrest elastic becomes loose and as a result, you can’t enjoy the headrest of your zero gravity chairs. You can simply cut down the old elastic and replace a new one. Or you can buy a new one too forms the market. Although its sound simple but this simple technique to repair zero gravity chair can increase your comfort a lot.

3.Repair the cracks of the chair frame:

If your zero gravity chair is wooden made then you may find some cracks in your chair after the use of two or three years. All you need to do is use some wood glue in those cracks and your problem is solved.

It’s rare to get any cracks in metal zero gravity chair but if you find any cracks in your metal chair you should weld it with the welding machine.

4.Tighten the bolt and screws:

Sometimes after using only five or six months our zero gravity chair’s locking system become loose or it’s become difficult to set the zero gravity chair in our desired position. This problem is common in some oversized anti-gravity chair. Most of the time this problem occurs when the screws or bolt of the chair become loose. All you need to do is to tighten the bolt and screws of your chair. Then hopefully you this problem will solve.

When the chair become too old or when the zero gravity chair metal parts are not strong enough, sometimes this above mention technique doesn’t work. And it’s become difficult to place your zero gravity chair at your desired position. In that case, you can follow the below steps to get your desired position.

The typical position adjustment problem of the zero gravity chair is occurred due to this side link that is shown in the picture…

Step one:

The strut rods that you see in the picture are mainly responsible to hold our desired position in a zero gravity chair. In most of the time, this rod is not strong enough and broken down or loose over time. So all you need to do is to replace this part with two Heim joints and a piece of quarter inch bar as it is shown in the picture below…

Step Two:

After making this new rod part you simply replace the old rods and adjust the new one with the chair with screws as it is shown in the picture.

And here it is, you will get your zero gravity chair again in your desired position

5.Repair or replace the fabrics of zero gravity chair :

The fabrics of the zero gravity chair can fade up over time. Specially when you use it in your outdoor. So you can also replace it with a new one. Zero gravity chair fabrics are available in your near online or physical store. However, you can also purchase zero gravity chair fabrics from Walmart, amazon or from eBay. Fabrics replacement is quite similar to the replacing lacing of zero gravity chair. Just open up the cords of the chair and replace the old fabrics with a new one.

If you find small tear it can repair easily with some small part of fabrics. Just adjust the new small fabrics in the place where it tears and stitches it.

Last Words:

It is also undeniable that a quality branded zero gravity chair minimize your effort to repair it again and again. So buying a quality zero gravity chair is always important. So if you want to buy a new zero gravity chair you can check our top zero gravity chair list too. So that’s all for this article. Hope you people can now repair your zero gravity chair at home using above mention technique. But one thing needs not to forget that a proper maintenance and use of your zero gravity chairs can increase its lifetime. So besides repair zero gravity chair, we should also know the proper take care of our loving zero gravity chair.

Cut the cord on reclining furniture. Here’s how to use the FreeMotion Battery Pack.

What Is the FreeMotion Battery Pack?

Ready to cut the cord on your reclining furniture? FreeMotion Battery Pack lets you place your motion furniture without the hassle of cords, giving you the ability to:

  • Float your sofa or sectional in the middle of the room
  • Move your loveseat closer to the TV
  • Place your power recliner on the front porch
  • Move your reclining furnitureanywhere – no cords required

What’s Included With the FreeMotion Battery Pack

The FreeMotion Battery Pack is a way to enjoy your reclining furniture without the need to plug it into a wall. FreeMotion features include:

  • Smart power displays with 20-minute low battery warning signal
  • The largest power capacity on the market
  • Three battery size options for all your power reclining needs
  • 5-year limited warranty for buyer confidence

Watch: Go Cord-Free with FreeMotion

How to adjust a recliner chair

Watch: How to Install the FreeMotion Battery Pack – Without Bracket

How to adjust a recliner chair

How to Install the FreeMotion Battery Pack – No Bracket

  1. Tip the recliner over so you can access the motor.
  2. Locate and disconnect existing power motor and transformer. Pull the connection apart to disconnect. On a sofa or loveseat, the transformer is usually located on the outer left or right edge or on the back of the frame. The connection you pull apart is a flat, round pin type.
  3. Connect motor to FreeMotion Battery Pack. Connect the motor to both the pin connection and battery pack.
  4. Turn furniture upright. When the recliner piece is upright, the battery cable should rest underneath.
  5. Tuck the battery underneath. Find a good location to rest the FreeMotion battery.

How to Install the FreeMotion Battery Pack – With Bracket

How to adjust a recliner chair

How to Install the FreeMotion Battery Pack – With Bracket

  1. Lift the backflap at the back of your reclining furniture.
  2. Snap the battery pack into the bracket.
  3. Tip your reclining furniture over, so you can easily access the motor.
  4. Locate where the motor connects to the existing transformer. Pull the connection apart to disconnect. On a sofa or loveseat, the transformer is usually located on the outer left or right edge or on the back of the frame. The connection you pull apart is a flat, round pin type.
  5. Connect motor to FreeMotion Battery Pack. Connect the motor to both the pin connection and battery pack.
  6. Return the backflap to its original position and secure.
  7. Return your furniture to its upright position, being sure that your battery cable rests underneath.

The two main types of recliners are manual and power. Manual recliners require lifting and releasing a lever to recline back and forth. With a power recliner, however, all it takes is the push of a button for the recliner to operate. In power recliners, this button works when the recliner is connected, via a cord, to a wall outlet.

What happens, though, when the electricity’s out – or the cord gets loose from the outlet? Or, perhaps even more common – if you want to place your recliner in a spot where a wall outlet is nowhere within reach?

Forget about dealing with extension cords – or having to get up from your seat to fix a plug that’s fallen out. Instead, let a battery pack save the day – and stay comfy and reclined no matter your electricity access!