How to address bridal shower envelopes

When sending off those fabulous invitations, you want to make sure everything is perfect. Besides, bridal showers are all about those little details. This should be included when addressing your bridal shower invitations. Here are some tips on how to address bridal shower invitations

How to address bridal shower invitations?

How to address bridal shower envelopes

It all depends on the person. Generally, bridal shower invitations are formal and almost like the wedding invitations. You want to make sure you know who you are inviting.

Some factors to be aware of when addressing your bridal shower invitations are the feel of the envelope, the text, the return address, orientation and the seal.

The Envelope

How to address bridal shower envelopes

When addressing the bridal shower invitation, know that the first impression is the envelope. You’d want to make sure that the color, size and feel fits your style and aligns with the bridal shower theme.

The envelope is the foundation of the bridal shower invitation. You want to make sure it is thick and well built. This will be the first thing that the guests will touch, so make sure it feels right. A high quality envelope will make all the difference.

The Text

How to address bridal shower envelopesCredit: @anelocalligraphy

Hand written or typed

It is classic to have bridal shower invitations be handwritten. Black ink looks the best and a script font looks elegant for a bridal shower. If you’re not the best at cursive, you could print labels or have the name and address info. pre printed on the envelope

The Name and Address

How to address bridal shower envelopesCredit

When addressing a bridal shower invitation, you want to be as formal as possible. You should write the recipients full first and last name. You want to avoid any abbreviations or nick names. To ensure this works, make sure that you have an adequate sized envelope that you will be able to fit all of the information.

Writing the address is formal as well. There are no abbreviations when writing the address on the bridal shower invitation. For example, instead of “Ln,” you want to write “Lane.” Instead or “St.” you’d want to write “Street.”

Here are some examples of how to address bridal shower invitations.

How to address bridal shower envelopes

How to Address Bridal Shower Invitation For single Woman

Miss Shelia Jones

When you want to invite a single lady to a bridal shower You want to add Miss along with their first and last name because it is formal and classy.

How to address bridal shower envelopes

How to Address Bridal Shower Invitation For married women

Mrs. Shelia Jones

This is for a married woman. Mrs. is important because you want to acknowledge that she is married.

How to Address Bridal Shower Invitation For couples

Mr.Kevin Jones and Mrs. Shelia Jones

This would be the best way to address a bridal shower invitation for a coed wedding shower. If there is not enough space on the envelope, it is okay to put :Mr. and Mrs. Jones (a little less formal, but they will understand).

Return address

Use the same method you used for the address. The return address should be located on the back flap of the envelope. Use the same font or script style as the address. You should have the same format. Full name and full address. An easy way to do this is by getting a custom return address stamp.

Orientation- How to stuff the envelope

How to address bridal shower envelopes

You want the invitation to be face down in the envelope. Stuff the envelope so that the part of the invitation that has the text on the same side as the opening flap on the envelope.

The seal is the cherry on top when addressing bridal shower invitations. A cute seal with the bride’s initial or a symbol that reiterates the theme, Here are some cute examples of seals for bridal shower invitations.


Last but not least is the stamp. The stamp of approval may seem like an after thought, but you must remember to properly place the stamp on the upper right hand corner of the envelope.

You want these invitations to be a nice keepsake and a piece of memorabilia from your wedding. Do this by making the stamp special. Customize stamps with pictures of the couple or have cute wedding related stamps. Click here for some beautiful wedding postage stamp ideas


How to address bridal shower envelopes

Envelope With Floral Liner


Floral print inside of envelope.Perfect for bridal shower invitations!

Your guests will love these cute little decals when opening the bridal shower invitations.

How to address bridal shower envelopes

Elegant Envelopes


Glitter and lace. It doesn’t get any better!

How to address bridal shower envelopes


So now you know how to address a bridal shower invitations. Remember that i the wedding world, it’s all about the details. The bridal shower invitations are no different. use thes tips when crafting up your invites.

I’d love to see the finished product! Follow me on Instagram @bridalshower101. Tag me in your bridal sower posts!

How to address bridal shower envelopes

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How to address bridal shower envelopes

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First things first, the look of the wedding invitation… is just as important as the words you choose. Go with sturdy cardstock envelopes and colored ink that glides. In fact, if you can swing it, try using a calligrapher to really personalize and stylize your addressing. And if you can swing a swanky or femininely-touched stamp design, go for that too!

When it comes to bridal shower invitations, you’ll want to address the guests by their first and last names. Traditionally, wedding invites will use husband’s names as the declaration but when it comes to the feminine festivities, it’s best to address her by exactly who she is – and that’s not by her beau.

When it comes to prefixes, “Mrs.” is still the traditional route to take for married women, whereas “Ms. and Miss” can be interchanged for single ladies or younger gals. And some of our expert answers below will break it down even further.

Other Expert Answers

Pretty Printables Ink

Bridal shower invitation address etiquette – names and titles

Proper name etiquette should be followed as you would for addressing a wedding invitation. Here are some examples:

For a married woman:

Mrs. Jane Smith (use the individual’s first and last name, not her husband’s – you would only use the formal ‘Mr. and Mrs. John Smith’ when the couple is invited to a formal event, like a wedding.

For a widowed woman:

For a single or divorced woman:

Miss Jane Smith

Address information

Make sure the lines of the invitation are all left justified and in line with the name.For the street address, numbers need to be in numeric form (not written out) and street names are fully written out and not abbreviated (i.e., write out “Street,” not “St.”). City and state/province names should also be spelled out and NOT abbreviated (i.e. write out “North Dakota,” not “N.D.”).

The ZIP or postal code can either be placed on the same line as the city/state/province with two spaces in between the state/province and the zip/postal code, or it can go on a separate line directly underneath the city/state/province line.” – Pretty Printables Ink

Our Everyday Life

“Addressing invitations properly for a bridal shower is just as important as it is for the invitations to the wedding itself. Formality is the rule of the day for the outsides of the envelopes — full names, as well as indications such as “Dr.,” Mr.” or “Ms.” belong on the envelope, showing invited guests you care enough to take the time to make this event extra special.

Prepare one invitation for each guest invited to the bridal shower, even if two or three guests reside in the same household. Place the invitation in the envelope and seal it shut.

Handwrite the guest’s name in the middle of the envelope with a calligraphy. Be sure to preface their name with “Mr.”, “Dr.,” “Miss,” “Ms.,” or “Mrs.;” do not just write the name because this is not proper etiquette for a bridal shower invitation.

Write the guest’s address below her name on the invitation with the calligraphy pen.

Add the bridal shower host’s name and address in the upper left-hand corner. This is the address that should be used for the RSVP.

Affix a stamp to the upper right-hand corner of each invitation.

Mail invitations one month before the bridal shower’s scheduled date.” – Our Everyday Life

How to address bridal shower envelopes

How early should you send bridal shower invitations?

four to six weeks

Do you invite everyone to the bridal shower?

Invite your bridal party, of course, and close family and friends. Do not feel obligated to invite the groomsmen’s significant others or friends of your sisters unless you truly have a close relationship with them. A shower should be a healthy mix of family and the friends who know you best.

Do you put return address on bridal shower invitations?

Print the return address on the back flap of the envelope. It should be centered and written in the same ink that is used on the front of the envelope. The return address should be the same on every envelope so that you can more easily keep track of all the responses.

What should a bridal shower invitation include?

A bridal shower invitation should feature basic information, such as the name of the host, the bride-to-be and details about the event, as well as any additional information that’s unique to the party, such as the theme and registry information. Consider adding registry information.

Who pays for bridal shower invitations?

Whoever is hosting the bridal shower should pay for the expenses: food, decorations, games, entertainment, etc. It is not proper etiquette for the host to ask for contributions. If it’s a bid too much for one person to cover, you might consider having a group of people host it together. Then they can share the costs.

How early is too early for wedding invitations?

Sending them too early or too late can likewise be impolite, so here are basic wedding invite timeline rules: Save the date cards can be sent out as early as a year from your wedding date. Invitations should be sent to your guests six to eight weeks in advance of your wedding.

How many is too many for a bridal shower?

Since your guest lists for the showers should not overlap, (with the exception of your immediate family members and maid of honor, you don’t invite someone to more than one shower) there really isn’t a need for more than two showers.

What is the difference between a bridal shower and a wedding shower?

A wedding shower and a bridal shower are basically the same thing. A “bridal shower” is the more traditional term and typically includes an all-women guest list, while a “wedding shower” is for guests of all-genders. Couples generally choose to have one or the other, but not both.

Who gets invited to a couple’s wedding shower?

A couple shower is closer to a cocktail or dinner party than it is to a bridal shower. Female and male relatives, as well as close friends, are invited. The party still revolves around gifts, but they’re presented to both the bride and the groom, and generally they are a mix of home goods and guy-friendly gadgets.

How do you address a bridal shower envelope?

What do you write on a wedding envelope?“Best wishes to you on this wonderful journey!”“May your joining together bring you more happiness than you can imagine!”“Thank you for inviting us/me to share this joyful day!“Best wishes!”

What usually happens at a bridal shower?

What Happens at a Bridal Shower? “Depending on the taste of the bride, the host can have some entertaining games for the guests to play or skip the games altogether,” says Gottsman. The general outline is usually the same: Food, drinks, and an opportunity for the bride to open gifts surrounded by guests.

What kind of food do you serve at a bridal shower?

How to address bridal shower envelopes

30 Easy and Impressive Bridal Shower Recipes1 of 30. Turkey Waldorf Bites. 2 of 30. Crudites with Preserved Lemon Guacamole. 3 of 30. Vegetable Bundles with Tarragon Citrus Dip. 4 of 30. Lucky 7 Layer Dip. 5 of 30. Mediterranean Hummus Trifle. 6 of 30. Mini Chicken and Broccoli Pot Pies. 7 of 30. Deep Dish Ham Quiche. 8 of 30. Guacamole Bean Salad.

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I’ve been to a couple of showers where the guests were asked to address their own envelopes for the thank you cards.

In my mind, I rolled my eyes a bit, but, on the outside, I cheerfully addressed my envelope because I’m a "get along" type of girl. I’m not going to write "Lazy Bride" or anything else like it on the envelope, & I’m not going to refuse to do it on principle. I’ll write my name & address & then go on w/ my day.

But it’s not something that was done at any of my showers (wedding or baby).

And, while I don’t think it’s the worst thing ever in the world of manners to address my own thank you envelope, I do think many etiquette experts would probably frown on the practice.

However, I’m just happy to receive a thank you note – whether it’s been addressed by me or not. What has happened to writing thank you notes?!

I was at a baby shower about 6 months ago & couldn’t stay for the entire thing, so I wasn’t even there when the gifts were opened. I still haven’t received a thank you card. But I’m not sure why I was expecting one. Two years ago, I attended the girl’s wedding & never received a thank you card then either.

But she’s not the only one. The daughter of a lady w/ whom we used to go to church had her first baby. She didn’t have a shower, but I gave her mother a gift to give to her daughter. Who knows if she actually did? Because we never got a thank you – verbal, written, sent via her mom, message on FB, anything.

There have been a few other occasions recently as well at which we’ve given a gift, but never received a thank you card. And I’m not talking about birthdays or Christmas where you’re generally thanked at the time the gift is opened, I’m talking about weddings & showers. At the very least, I want to know that the person received our gift & that it wasn’t lost somewhere.

So, if having the guests address their own thank you envelopes will help the gift receiver to actually write & send her thank you cards, then. whatever. Go for it.

We explain how to address your wedding guests correctly.

  • Miss, Ms., Mrs., and Mx.
  • Other Special Titles
  • FAQs

By Heather Lee | Last Updated: May 4, 2020

Men have it easy. It’s always “Mr.”, whether married, unmarried, older, or younger. This makes adding titles to your save the date envelopes, wedding invitation addresses, and reception escort and place cards a cinch. Women, however, are typically adorned with one of three titles: Ms., Mrs. and Miss. So, what’s the difference? And how do you know which is the correct one to use? We’ll explain everything below—plus, we’ll also go over some other tricky titles and etiquette rules that might trip you up. This way, you will be able to address your wedding invitations perfectly.

Addressing Your Wedding Invitations: Miss vs. Ms. vs Mrs. vs Mx.

Let’s start with the easy one: Mrs. “Mrs.” is the proper title for a married woman (whether she has taken her spouse’s last name or not). If you know the woman is married and you want to use a title, “Mrs.” is the way to go.

Second-easiest is Miss. You can comfortably refer to an unmarried woman as “Miss,” from little girls to adult women (engaged or not). There does become a point in a woman’s life where “Miss” can start to feel a little young, and that’s where the difference between Miss and Ms. comes in.

“Ms.” doesn’t indicate marital status either way, which makes it both a safe bet and a bit vague. Though some people think “Ms.” is a shortening of the word “mistress,” it is actually a made-up title (that dates all the way back to 1901) to address an adult woman without commenting on her marital status.

These days, some women prefer to use “Ms.” when they don’t want to disclose their marital status, such as female teachers with their students. It’s also appropriate to use with unmarried women of a certain age—and that age transition from “Miss” to “Ms.” is not clearly defined, much to the woes of engaged couples and calligraphers everywhere. We say it’s best to go on a case-by-case basis. If you have a fun-loving, youthful, unmarried aunt who’s 38, she may not love being designated as a “Ms.” vs “Miss”. “That’s how people refer to my mother!” you can imagine your aunt saying. However, a more conservative woman only a few years older may find “Miss” to be ill-suited and even immature.

To address a wedding guest who is gender non-identifying, use the title “Mx.” However, note that “Mx.” is a universal title that can be used by anyone. For example, if someone identifies with a specific gender, you may still use “Mx.” And you might see “Mx.” used in situations where the sender is unaware of the recipient’s preferred title.

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How to address bridal shower envelopes

How to address bridal shower envelopes

Baby Shower Invitations Boy Addressing Examples Australia Ahoy Adventure Airplane Theme — 3DPanoramik. Baby shower invitations boy addressing examples australia ahoy gender neutral walgreens etsy.

How to address bridal shower envelopes

How to address bridal shower envelopes

Addressing Baby Shower Invitations . Addressing Baby Shower Invitations | Umanovisie | How To Address Baby Shower Invitations

How to address bridal shower envelopes

Baby Shower Invitations Boy Ahoy Nautical Girl Addressing Adventure At Party City — 3DPanoramik. Baby shower invitations boy ahoy nautical girl addressing and thank you cards animal theme matey.

How to address bridal shower envelopes

When considering the wording you use on your envelopes, keep in mind that a wedding is an extremely formal occasion. Unless you have sent out save-the-date cards, your invitation is the first impression people will have of your wedding, whether it is formal or casual, in a church or a friend’s backyard.

General Rules

When addressing an envelope be sure to address the envelope by hand. If it seems overwhelming, enlist the help of bridesmaids and family who have nice handwriting. You may also want to consider hiring a professional calligraphy service. Do not ever use address labels. Try to avoid exceeding five lines when addressing envelopes.

Addressing to an Apartment

The first line of the address is where the names of the guests appear. Use formal first names, (for example Abigail as opposed to Abby). A second title line can be used for another guest name; otherwise it should have the street address or post office box. All words in the address should be spelled out, including single digit street numbers. A street name that is a number can be written two ways–123 East 3rd Street or 123 East Third Street. A sample address containing an apartment would look something like this: Mr. And Mrs. John Doe 213 South Maple Street Apartment 3 Chino, California 91710

Addressing to an Apartment and Building

If addressing an envelope to a building and apartment, you may need to use two lines to fit the street address. The envelope may become complicated in the rare case that you have already used two lines for the name. An example address to an apartment and building is as follows: Mr. And Mrs. John Doe 213 South Maple Street Building 4 Apartment 12 Chino, California 91710

Alternative Options

Always remember that if you do not follow the wedding etiquette rules for addressing an envelope to an apartment or building there are usually no serious repercussions (unless you upset the great aunt who is paying for the wedding). Feel free to change or adjust your envelope to suit your personal style and the formality of your wedding.

Other Etiquette

Send out your invitations six to eight weeks in advance to allow your guests enough time to clear their schedules and make travel arrangements. Save-the-date cards can be sent up to three months in advance, and the information for destination weddings may be sent up to six months in advance. Be sure your response card envelopes have stamps on them as an added courtesy to your guests.

How to address bridal shower envelopes

With all the pieces included in a wedding stationery set, it might be easy to overlook the envelopes. But according to Deborah Lau-Yu, founder of Palettera Custom Correspondences, envelopes (and the way you address them) can say a lot about the tone of your wedding.

“A lot of people want to save money, and yes, that’s important,” Lau-Yu says. “You can try to print the envelopes yourself, but home printers aren’t perfect. If you spent money on your invitations, it can cheapen them if you have a label that’s shifted,” she adds. This is why Lau-Yu recommends that couples have their envelopes professionally addressed in typography or calligraphy by their stationery designer. “When it’s printed in beautiful script or font, it shows something special,” she explains.

The details of how your envelopes are printed are just as important as what is printed. Lau-Yu tells couples that the most important thing is to always be intentional when it comes to addressing their guests. “Weddings are sacred things,” she says. “Having your envelopes properly labelled conveys respect, properness and sacredness.”

Here are some tips to keep in mind when addressing your invitations:

  • If inviting an entire household, list all the names on the envelope. This means that if you’re not inviting children, their names won’t be on the envelope. “It’s also the aesthetic consideration,” says Lau-Yu. “It looks really nice to have all the names printed on the envelope, if possible.”
  • If you don’t know the proper title or last name someone uses, ask them. “It’s important to be sensitive,” Lau-Yu says. Taking the time to asks the guests shows you care about them.
  • Go with the more modern way of addressing a couple. Instead of saying, “Mr and Mrs. Peter Chan,” say “Mr. and Mrs. Peter and Amy Chan.”
  • Ditch the traditional double envelopes. Outer envelopes and inner envelopes were used during the days letters were sent by messengers to keep the contents safe. But nowadays, this isn’t necessary. “If the invitation is well-built and the envelope has scuff marks, it’s a part of its history of how it travelled,” says Lau-Yu.

When in doubt, ask your stationery designer for advice on how you should address your envelopes. Couples usually go through their guest list to specify the envelope labeling to their stationery designer. Palettera, for example, gives couples a template to use as a guideline when they’re choosing how to label their envelopes. “With all the junk mail we get, printing a name on an envelope is not seen as precious,” Lau-Yu says. “When you have something with your own name printed beautifully, it shows something special.”

Here are some examples of templates you can use for addressing your envelopes:

For a married couple using different names:
Put the names on two separate lines, alphabetically.
Mrs. Jane Doe
Mr. John Smith

For a married couple using the same last name:
Put the names on one line, acknowledging both first names.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter and Amy Chan

For an unmarried couple living in the same household:
Put the names on two separate lines.
Mr. Jason Diaz
Ms. Ella Jones

For a family living in the same household, with children under 18:
Mr. and Mrs. Todd and Lily Woods and children
Write the children’s names out in order of birth.
Mr. and Mrs. Todd and Lily Woods
Miss Danielle Woods
Mr. Ryder Woods
If inviting the entire family, or if it is a large family where the names would not fit on the envelope, write:
The Woods Family

For a family living in the same household, with children over 18:
Give the parents and each child over 18 their own invitations and address them individually.
Send one invitation addressing the whole family.

For a family living in the same household, with some children under 18 and some over 18:
Give the parents and the children under 18 a separate invitation from the children over 18.
Mr. and Mrs. Derek and Aliya Mohan
Miss Aisha Mohan
And a separate invitation for
Mr. Ian Mohan
One invitation for the whole family.

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