How to add your site to google news

Google News can help you reach new audiences and attract avid news readers to your site. With Google News, users can:

  • Discover current events, world-wide news, and diverse content from different publishers.
  • Subscribe to specific news providers and topics.
  • Read content online or offline.
  • Bookmark and share articles. in the “For you” section.

How it works

Through a diverse set of features, Google News lets users learn about and engage with you. The Google News experience includes prominent branding and monetization opportunities, like advertising and streamlined subscription sales through Subscribe with Google.

You can use the Publisher Center tool to share your content with Google News by submitting RSS feeds, website URLs, or videos.

Even if you don’t set up a publication in the Publisher Center, Google might find your site through our normal web crawl. If you don’t want to surface in Google News, you can block access to content on your sites without affecting your continued indexing and ranking in Google Search.

While you don’t need to sign up through the Publisher Center to be considered in Google News rankings, it does provide certain benefits:

  • Content and branding control: Design, brand, and customize your publication in Google News.
  • Monetization opportunity: Publishers can use paywalls in Google News through Subscribe with Google.
  • Placement eligibility: Publications with business terms are eligible to be in the Newsstand section of the app in applicable countries and regions.
    • Important: We do not guarantee placement. Publications have been independently selected based on promotional timing, quality of user experience, and relevance to promotional themes.

    Important: The submission of a feed or a URL through the Publisher Center doesn’t guarantee surfacing or ranking in Google News.

    In the world of SEO, making Google web results a primary focus and priority is standard, however, if your site or blog is consistently publishing relevant content relating to current events, you may be able to expand your reach. If your site already produces high-quality, relevant and newsworthy content, you should be in Google News results! It not only aggregates articles from over 50,000 news sites worldwide, but it has the potential to substantially increase the traffic to your site. According to an article on The Atlantic, about 4 billion people view Google News results each month, which result in about 1 billion clicks. Who doesn’t want a piece of that action?

    For anyone that has tried to get their site in Google News before, it can be a tricky process due to the number of guidelines and caveats. To help navigate the waters of Google News, the basics for getting your site included are listed below.

    Are you in Google News Already?

    How to add your site to google news

    The last thing anyone wants to do is waste their time, therefore, before you go through all the steps to ask for submission to Google News, make sure you check to see if your site is included in already. To do this, select the “news” vertical in Google and do a site search (e.g. As seen below, you will be able to see how many (if any) results appear in the news vertical.

    If you do, then your work here is done. Enjoy your inclusion in Google News! If not, keep reading to determine how to get in with the in-crowd!

    What are the requirements for Google News?

    Now that you know you’re not included in Google News, you are going to have to apply for inclusion. However, before you do that, you need to make sure you are playing the game by their rules.

    See, where Google’s normal web search can be described as the club in high school everyone gets to join (as long as you follow the guidelines), Google News is like the varsity football or cheerleading team that only select the best. And in order to be the best, you have to know what you’re getting into.

    Read through Google’s general, technical and quality guidelines and make sure you meet the requirements. If you decide to bypass this step and just submit your site for inclusion, the chances are you will be denied. And if you don’t make the cut the first time around, while you may not have to wait a year like you would to try out for the varsity team, you will have to wait 60 days. And who wants to wait another two months?!

    Just make sure you do it right the first time. It takes patience, but it’s worth it!

    How do I apply?

    Now that you have determined that you are not already in the Google News search results and your site meets all the above requirements, you are ready to apply for inclusion.

    Just a quick note to the eager beavers out there – If you decide to submit your site for inclusion before making sure you meet all the guidelines, the chances are you will be denied. This means that you won’t be able to reapply for another 60 days. This is why it is so important to make sure your site is ready.

    To apply, all you have to do is fill out this form. They ask for basic information like the site URL, location of the original news articles, where author contact information can be found and so on.

    Once you have that submitted, you should continue to monitor your site in the search results. If you get rejected, you may not know why, meaning you have to go through all the guidelines again and make sure your site meets that criteria. Then, you can re-apply 60 days later.

    What is a Google News sitemap and do I need one?

    Sitemaps for Google News are not necessary and it doesn’t help a site rank better in this vertical’s search results. Why even have one then, you ask? It’s simple, really. While the Google News sitemap may not help with rankings, your articles will get discovered faster, only your news articles will be crawled, the information in your articles will be more accurately displayed and your articles can be annotated with meta data.

    There are two main differences between news and web sitemaps.

    1. Make sure your are properly using their keywords and queries
    2. Make sure the articles listed in your News sitemap are no more than two days old and contain a publication date

    How to add your site to google news

    To show illustrate a proper new sitemap, below is a screenshot of the sitemap Google gives as an example:

    To help you setup your own Google News sitemap, take a look at this page on Google’s site for some of the tags that should (or could) be included in your news sitemap.

    How do I submit my Google News Sitemap?

    Once you have created your sitemap, you can easily submit it using Google Webmaster Tools. Here are some simple step-by-step instructions that will help you do just that.

    1. Log in to Google Webmaster tools
    2. Verify the appropriate site
    3. Once the site is verified, find the “Sitemaps” section under “optimization” in the navigation bar on your Dashboard page
    4. Choose to “submit/test a sitemap” from the Sitemaps section of the navigation bar
    5. Enter the path to your sitemap in the text box that pops up
    6. Submit the Sitemap

    Quick Tip: Keep in mind that you have to be included in Google News before you submit a sitemap. If you jump the gun and submit it before you are included, you may receive errors.

    How can I improve my site’s visibility once ranked?

    Getting your article displayed once it has been accepted by Google News can be seen as a gray area. There are no exact criteria for how to do this, however, below are some suggestions that can help:

    • Timing – Google News is constantly flooded with new information, but sites that are constantly updating their sites have a higher likelihood of having their articles displayed. Articles should be updated on a fairly regular basis in order to constantly have new information.
    • Titles – Create a title with keywords that people are searching for as opposed to a catchy title that does not inform readers about the article’s content.
    • Angle – Not every article is going to be ground-breaking news, therefore, it is important to take a different approach. The site post should have an original angle that will make it interesting to readers and Google.

    Hopefully after reading through these guidelines and how-to’s you have a better grasp on what you need to do in order for your site to rank in Google News. If you would like to do some additional reading, feel free to check out the Google News Support section or one of these resources:

    Google News is quickly becoming a one-stop shop for many Internet users. It allows searchers to see the latest headlines or select the stories they want by topic and news source.

    As a site owner, it’s also a great place to ramp up your PR and content strategies.

    For many companies, chatter and name recognition are as important as sales and revenue. One may even lead to the other. That’s why public relations and content marketing are so important in the age of digital marketing, and why sites like Google News have become increasingly valuable.

    Like other content channels, though, Google News has certain standards you have to follow if you want your content to appear there. Comply with these requirements and enjoy all the benefits of a result in Google News.

    If you’d like to speak to a specialist, you can reach us at 888-601-5359.

    2.4 Billion


    6.3 Million

    Leads for our Clients

    4 Million

    Client phone calls

    Our digital marketing campaigns

    impact the metrics that matter most!

    Submitting your site

    Submitting your site to Google News doesn’t have to be a difficult process! Follow our six steps below!

    1. Follow Google’s guidelines

    Your website is one of thousands that’s trying to get exposure on Google. With so much content coming in, the site doesn’t have time to deal with pages that don’t meet all of their requirements.

    You don’t want to run the risk of your site being rejected because you didn’t follow the rules, so make sure each page of your site conforms to the guidelines set by Google News.

    How to add your site to google news

    Once you’re sure the content is valuable and presented objectively, it’s ready for the next step.

    2. Use the proper formatting

    Your site may have lots of multimedia content, but Google News can’t read all of it. It can “read” the text accompanying a video or an infographic, but it can’t comprehend the content itself.

    Right now, text is the only format that search engine crawlers understand, so make sure your most newsworthy content has plenty of it. Format your content the way you would any other web page. Don’t use frames or other non-readable formats.

    If you really feel like multimedia content is newsworthy, include title and header tags that provide an idea of what the multimedia content covers. Then, write a full description of what the video is about so that Google can accurately deliver it to searchers.

    3. Create readable URLs

    Google looks at the whole page for clues about its quality and relevance. The URL is one of the first places it looks. If the URLs on your site are comprised of random characters, Google won’t be able to make sense of them.

    Create unique URLs for each page so that Google and other search engines can more easily understand their content.

    Look at the URL of a recent news story, for example, and you’ll see it mirrors the article’s title almost exactly. Instances of “the” and “and” may be removed, but the rest is the same.

    Treat your pages the same way. Think of a title that will catch the attention of readers and Google News and make that title your URL. Take your time with this step, because once you create the URL, it could cause problems if you change it later.

    4. Create a sitemap

    Google News doesn’t explicitly ban sites that don’t have sitemaps, but your job is simpler when you have one. A sitemap makes it easier for the search engines to crawl, index and categorize content, and this speeds up the process of getting your site in front of readers.

    To get the full benefits of a sitemap, though, you need to follow the protocols to a tee. Only include the pages that feature original content—submitting syndicated content could get you banned. Also, limit the task to only the most recent news. Anything older than two days isn’t news anymore, and Google News will respond accordingly.

    5. Optimize every page

    Google News presents the most recent headlines, but it also lets visitors customize their feeds so they only see news from their preferred categories and search parameters. In other words, your content is as searchable as your site is on search engines, so each page submitted to Google News needs to be optimized in the same way.

    Make your headlines scannable by search engines with the most relevant keywords and phrases for your target audience. This increases the chances of your articles appearing whether people are scanning the headlines or searching on their own terms.

    6. Provide contact information

    Every news article must contain a byline if it’s going to stand a chance of being considered newsworthy. The same is true for Google News stories. To prove your content’s validity—and invite further inquiry—include contact information with each story.

    Bylined articles should include a short bio at the end, including professional achievements and an email address. For every other piece of content, a Contact Us page in your site will do. These pages usually include an address, phone number and email.

    Want to increase your site’s visibility online?

    Getting your site listed in Google News can do wonders for brand awareness, website traffic and even search engine rankings. But before you can reap these benefits, you have to know how to submit a site to Google News. These tips will get you off to a good start and increase your brand’s visibility.

    Google News isn’t the only way to increase online visibility. If you’re looking to increase site traffic and attract more customers online, WebFX can help. Contact us today to discuss your company’s goals with a strategist!

    How to submit your website to Google News – Easiest Method

    Google is World Biggest search Engine so if you have any kind of website it is mandatory to submit on Google Search Engine, but lot of people I have seen having News Website but they don’t know that they need to submit their website to Google news to get news updates in Google news Section.

    Why do we need to submit website to Google News?

    Google search engine has its own section for news websites, so people mostly click on news section to get the latest news, So if you have news website and u didn’t have submitted on Google news Section than you are losing precious visitor who is interested in news.

    So this is the reason that you need to submit your website in news section so people interested in the news can see your post in the news section.

    How to Submit website to Google News?

    A lot of people think its very difficult to submit website on Google news, but don’t worry I will tell u easiest method to submit website to Google.

    Things we need to do Before Submitting website on Google News

    First of all, we need to follow the Google rules if we want to submit website to Google news section.

    Because without following those Google will not accept it.

    Google always try to provide useful information to their visitors so it always prefers Quality.

    So Check out the Rules.

    Before you submit your site for inclusion, review the steps in this guide:

    • Google General News Indexing
    • Google Technical News Indexing

    There are different rules for both type of news

    First talk about General News

    Google General News Indexing

    How to add your site to google news

    Google Technical News Indexing

    How to add your site to google news

    If you are following all these things that your website is ready to be included in Google News Indexing.

    How to apply for Website Inclusion in Google news

    • First, go to Google News Publisher Center.
    • Verify ownership of your website in Search engine console.
    • Click on Request inclusion in Google News.
    • Enter your website details and also URL and Label, After that click on Submit.
    • wait for 1-3 weeks for submission.
    • You will also get an email about it.

    If you have any question you can ask me in comments below.

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    How to add your site to google news

    Google news works like magic when it is about getting traffic.

    It can bring thousands of clicks to your site, leading to increased sales and desired results.

    Every webmaster wishes to get their website content on Google News.

    There are just a few essential tips to keep in mind, and you, too, can be a part of this massive source of targeted traffic.

    1. Publish Newsworthy Content

    Firstly, you need to understand what types of content are published in Google News to determine your chances.

    The most frequently asked question is – does the site have to be a News site to be in Google News? Well, not really. Google treats content as News that has noteworthy information or tells about recent or important events.

    So, Google News loves sites or blogs that consistently come up with informative content on a timely basis. This way, if your site has newsworthy content to interest your audience, say about your industry or business, your chances of being indexed are higher, even if your website is not a news site.

    Take a look at the Macrumors site, which is not entirely a news website but is listed in Google News.

    In the case of Google, honesty is the only policy as they strictly adhere to standard journalism practices. However, you don’t need to be a professional; it is about your thought process.

    Unlike copywriting practices that are done to promote a business before the target audience, journalism requires a straight focus on the story and not on promotion. So, be honest with what you report along with the style and the substance of the article.

    2. Use The Publisher Center

    Publisher Center is a very useful tool to get surfaced in Google News.

    Share your content with Google News with RSS feeds, website URLs, or videos, using the Publisher Center tool. It uses a specialized web crawler to find your site and helps your article be recognized as News.

    Please note, surfacing or ranking in Google News is not guaranteed by the Publisher Center.

    Though it is not necessary to use the Publisher Center tool, it provides certain benefits.

    • You can customize the section of your publication and content in Google News. Also, you can design and brand as per your requirements.
    • You can use your content area to run ads as Google News supports ad serving, even premium solution ads, and it is done via Google Ad Manager. An option of paywalls is also there, which can be used through Subscribe with Google.
    • You get an added advantage if your publication is with business terms. Google News has its merchandising team, who select such publications independently for Newsstand depending on certain things like the timing of promotion, quality of user experience, and relevance to the promotional theme.

    3. Publish Fresh Content

    Google News is programmed to list fresh news articles.

    As said earlier, News is what is happening around, and therefore it has to be fresh.

    Anything published should be based on current affairs so that it matches the level of originality of your site.

    Prefer producing only recent and high-quality content in your feed that complies with Google News content policies. This way, your site automatically becomes eligible for the Google News app and website.

    4. Avoid Duplicate Content

    Many people embed thumbnails or the same image in multiple sizes, or slightly different cropped images in their feed. Little do they realize that they may all appear in the article and ruin the quality of their post.

    The same goes for the articles. To identify new articles Google’s system uses the tag in the feed.

    If an article is updated on your website and it generates a new tag, the two different versions of the articles in the edition are displayed, giving an impression of duplicity. In order to avoid this, make sure no new ID is generated for article updates in your feed.

    5. Make Sure Your Site is Safe For Browsing

    Google drops sites from the search results that are unsafe for browsing. This drop is temporary until the site again becomes safe from browsing.

    Sites that regularly face issues related to malware, site downtime, and site security, then you risk your site getting dropped from Google News.

    Make sure to regularly check your site for safe browsing using the Google safe browsing tool, monitor your site uptime using these free services, and get an SSL certificate for your website.

    6. Check for Missing Media

    While embedding media to the content, make sure you adhere to the feed guidelines.

    Google News strictly cares for its readers, and therefore, they ensure they provide quality for better user experience.

    So, always check for broken slideshows and the missing media in Podcasts, articles referring to audio, and articles referring to a video.

    7. Prepare Well Formatted Articles

    A well-formatted article is easier to read, retains the interest of the reader, and creates a good feeling. It is all possible because the article is displayed correctly.

    Now, how can you format your article?

    • Emphasize proper character encoding.
    • Break the paragraphs and make them shorter. 2-3 lines of paragraphs are quite popular. Also, there should be a break between headers, sub-headers, and paragraphs.
    • Place the image captions near the associated images.
    • Make your content spelling and grammatical error-free.
    • Lastly, make sure that your content must comply with Google News policies.

    8. Update Your Site Regularly

    To boost the possibility of being added to Google News, you must post multiple news stories every day. For this, you would need writers to create new stories professionally and submit them the same day.

    The writers also have to be trained and should be aware of the journalistic approach that Google News follows for stories. Additionally, there has to be an author page on your site to introduce each one in the writer’s team.

    Besides, for bylined articles, it must have a short bio of the writer at the end, along with professional achievements and an email address.

    This is the part of Google’s requirement where they ask every news site for a list of authors responsible for reporting stories on their website. Google also asks to submit contact details for each author while applying.


    After you have read all the tips, it is time to implement them and get the desired results. However, before proceeding any further, it is crucial that you first create a route map and the way of approach.

    Be patient and carefully observe other news sites and their activities. While the listed tips will help you achieve your target, your observance will be an added benefit.

    Если вы недавно вносили изменения на своем сайте, то можете запросить повторное индексирование страниц перечисленными ниже способами. Вы не можете запрашивать индексирование страниц, настройки которых вы не можете контролировать.

    Общие рекомендации

    • Сканирование может занять как несколько дней, так и несколько недель. О его ходе можно узнавать с помощью специального отчета или инструмента проверки URL.
    • Сроки обработки запросов, поданных любым из перечисленных способов, практически одинаковы.
    • Для запросов сканирования отдельных URL существуют квоты.
    • Если запросить повторное сканирование одного и того же URL или файла Sitemap много раз, оно не будет выполнено быстрее.

    Способы отправки запросов на сканирование

    Инструмент проверки URL (несколько URL)

    Инструмент проверки URL подойдет для отправки запроса на сканирование отдельной страницы. Если же необходимо просканировать большое количество URL, отправьте в Google файл Sitemap.

    Как запросить сканирование URL:

    1. Выполните общие рекомендации.
    2. Проверьте URL с помощью специального инструмента.
    3. Выберите Запросить индексирование. Инструмент проверит страницу на наличие проблем с индексированием. Если таковые не обнаружатся, страница будет добавлена в очередь на индексирование. Если инструмент выявит проблемы, постарайтесь их решить.

    Файл Sitemap (много URL)

    Файл Sitemap – это средство, помогающее Google находить страницы на вашем сайте. Такой файл может содержать дополнительные метаданные о версиях ресурса на других языках, а также о страницах с видео, изображениями и новостями. Подробнее о том, как создать и отправить в Google файл Sitemap…

    Отправить отзыв о документации

    Except as otherwise noted, the content of this page is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License, and code samples are licensed under the Apache 2.0 License. For details, see the Google Developers Site Policies. Java is a registered trademark of Oracle and/or its affiliates.

    A challenge that many website owners face is how to supply continuously fresh content for new and repeat visitors to peruse.

    It can be a very time-consuming task to manually upload regular updates. Fortunately, there is an easy way to showcase free, readily available news content on a wide variety of topics.

    We will examine a quick and effective method of incorporating RSS (Really Simple Syndication) coding in order to add news content to any site. First, let’s look at what RSS is, and how it works.

    RSS is an online coding solution that delivers automatic updates for Web content. Say, for instance, you add an RSS code for international news to your website from a popular source, such as CNN, Reuters, or the BBC. Visitors would be able to access new content links as often as the source updated their news feed. In other words, you get the benefit of presenting the very latest desired information online, with no effort on your part.

    Due perhaps to a misguided perception that it is difficult to add the necessary coding to make RSS work within a website’s framework, it remains an extremely underutilized resource.

    A typical RSS newsfeed (this one from the BBC) looks like:

    When the XML document is updated by the BBC, the new information is automatically displayed on any website that has incorporated the above URL to obtain World News.

    You can find RSS feeds all over the Web; just look for the small orange icon with a dot and two waves above it. The very latest data is available on diverse subjects ranging from international news, to financial updates, to reports on innovations in the food and drink industry, to the latest updates on plants and gardening.

    So, now that we have a better understanding about RSS and what it can do, let’s move on to finding out how to incorporate the correct coding into a website in order to gain the noted benefits.

    Google Feed API

    Google has developed an exceedingly convenient method to display RSS feed data, via their Feed API feature. Using this technique, you can showcase any newsfeed by incorporating some simple Javascript lines into a web page.

    To begin utilizing the Feed API, insert the following script into the Head section of your web page, beneath the meta tag area and just in front of the closing Head tag:

    Then, insert the following code into the desired area of the web page:

    After uploading the web page to the Internet, you should see the following addition:

    How to add your site to google news

    The width of the four-stack vertical dynamic newsfeed is set at 440px by default, but it can be adjusted based on the size constraints of the given area within the page, or the HTML table, in which it is placed.

    The newsfeed pointer rotates continuously between the news items, displaying a link and short summary for each.

    Feed Customization

    You can manually change the coding variables in the following expression:

    As noted, you can raise or lower the set width of the display. The margins can also be adjusted. If, for example, you want to create more space at the top of the newfeed box, the ‘margin-top’ expression can be upped to 20px, or higher.

    Changing News Sources

    The newsfeed can also be updated to accommodate a new source very easily.

    Say that you got tired of the BBC feeds, and instead wanted to incorporate news from CNN. The required adjustment would be made to the following line:

    The CNN RSS code would be substituted so that the line looked like:

    A similar adjustment to display an international newsfeed from Reuters would entail the following change:


    As this brief tutorial demonstrates, it is both quick and easy to incorporate a newsfeed into your site. The above coding can be inserted into the home page, or any interior page.

    How to add your site to google news

    Hello friends, in today’s new post we are going to tell you similar information, if you people are thinking of creating or adding your account in Google News, then you have come to the right place. . Because today we are going to tell you a lot of information related to this, which will be very beneficial for you, it must be going on in your mind that how can we create our account in Google News. This way you will not need to worry. Because we will tell you the information about the courses related to the people.

    You must have seen at some point that when you search a lot of topics on Google, first of all you get information related to news. So you get to see this type of website, thus this website has got the approval of GOOGLE NEWS PUBLISHER. In this way you can also take, you will not have any problem in taking people, but for this you will have to work hard, then only you can create your account in Google News. So if you are thinking of making your account in Google News. So you guys complete this post.

    How To Create Google News Account

    Since the website related to the news of friends comes very quickly in the search engine, in this way, this method keeps updating your website in the trending news and in this way the traffic coming to your website is also stopped due to many types of traffic on your website. goes. News and thus you guys want to perform well at number one in Google, then you guys have to bring real traffic for it.

    So now we are going to tell you some such information about GOOGLE NEWS below without delay, then you people have to follow all these steps, only then you can create your news account in GOOGLE. After preparing your website, you guys have to take approval on it. In this way you guys have to follow all the guidelines.

    How To Create Google News Account

    In such a situation, you people have to keep in mind that you have to publish an article daily on your website to trend your news, so for this you have to choose a title about which you know a lot. This is just good information and in this way you can make your news related article public and it is very important for all of you to write an article of at least 800 to 1000 words.

    If you people get approval of Google adsense on your website, then you will be able to earn money through it and thus you have to write news related content writer for your website on your website, website where you live. You also have to apply and add that picture to your article. You people have to create a page for your website, so in this way you can create people. About us, contact and support the way you guys have to keep it. And it is not necessary for you to keep the Parmar link in the Google news. And it is very important for you to verify the Google webmaster tool.

    How To Create Google News Account

    In this way, before you people submit your Google news website, it will be very important for you to follow some of the links given below because it is very important for you and the government will provide you people’s support. To sign up you have to have a gmail account, and thus you guys have to type the title of the news publishing site. have to give.

    I hope now you guys have understood how to create your account in google news and now people will not have any problem to create their google news account, if you still facing any problem So you can ask any person by going to the comment box, and thank you very much to you guys.

    To manage your presence in Google News, you’ll need to configure your Google Publisher Center account. But first, you’ll need to make sure that you abide by Google’s general Webmaster guidelines as well as Google’s Google News specific guidelines. In these guidelines there are several technical requirements and quality guidelines, most of these are met by the virtue of using WordPress, assuming you use a normal theme, there are few things to take note of:

    • Google News sitemap; a Google news sitemap is “not required but recommended”. Our News SEO plugin generates this for you quite easily.
    • Optimised feed formats; As Google increasingly prefers to digest news content from feed formats (such as RSS/Atom), our News SEO plugin do the heavy lifting of structuring and formatting the feeds which WordPress already generates.

    Other requirements for Google News

    There are also a few other things you’ll need to improve your chances of getting your site into Google News:

    • A contact page listing contact information such as your address, phone numbers and or email addresses. Just a contact form won’t do. Google wants to make sure you’re a legitimate news organization, make sure you site shows you as such.
    • A page listing all of your editorial staff, it’s probably wise to make this a listing of author profiles and make sure your author profiles are rich.
    • When deciding which image it uses for your article, Google reads image tags and og:image tags, which our core Yoast SEO plugin automatically generates.
    • In the submission form, Google will ask for the categories that apply to your content, it’s probably wise to make this a select group of quality category pages. It’s wise to make sure you’ve made these archive pages as well optimized as can be, this is a good tutorial to follow.

    If you’ve taken care of all of this, you’re ready to submit to Google News. Good luck on getting your site included!


    Over time, the requirements to submit your site to Google News change. We keep an eye on these changes and note them here, so if you’ve heard about a rule and don’t know if it still applies, you can look it up:

    If you have just launched a new website, on a brand new domain, you are not going to see it ranking on Google straight away. Until Google and other search engines know that your website exists, you won’t even see it indexed.

    For those of you reading this guide because you have published a new website and can’t figure out why you can’t find it anywhere, let’s quickly explain how search engines work.

    Let’s turn to Google’s own ‘how search works’ guide to help with this.

    Even before you search, Google organises information about webpages in our Search index. The index is like a library, except that it contains more info than in all the world’s libraries put together.

    If your website isn’t in Google’s index, it won’t be able to be found when a user makes a search. Google needs to know that your site exists to be able to crawl it and include it in its index.

    In this guide, you will learn how to submit your site to Google and other search engines, as well as understand other ways that they can discover it.

    Here are the different resources we offer in this guide:

    Do I Need to Manually Add a New URL or My Website to Google?

    The good news is that submitting your website isn’t a specific requirement for your website to appear in Google’s index, but, for a new website, it is often the fastest way.

    Google just needs to know that your website exists. From there, it can crawl the site and index its pages.

    Google’s crawlers find new URLs (and websites) by following links from other pages and websites. As long as your site is linked to from somewhere else on the web, Google will eventually find and index your site, but you can speed this up by manually submitting a new site.

    When it comes to a new URL (page or post) that has been published on an existing website, you certainly don’t need to go through the process of manually submitting it, but there are steps that you can take to speed up seeing the page in Google’s index.

    You don’t need to manually submit your site or page to Google as long as it’s linked to from somewhere else on the web, but doing so can speed up the process of the search engines finding your content.

    How Long Will It Take Google to Index My Website or URL?

    There is no set length of time that it takes for Google to index your website or URL. That said, what we can all be confident about is that this is a lot faster than it once was.

    A study by HubSpot found that, without submitting a new URL to Google through a sitemap, it took Google an average of 1,375 minutes to crawl the page (that is 23 hours). However, when submitting an updated sitemap to Google Search Console, this dropped to just 14 minutes.

    Leaving Google to find new content on its own can result in delays where your page isn’t indexed, but it takes just minutes when you manually inform Google.

    On the other hand, the time taken to crawl and index a completely new domain can differ significantly, depending on whether or not any external links exist and how frequently these themselves are crawled.

    At the very least, you need to make sure you submit a new site to Google, and doing so for a new page can speed up the indexation.

    How to Submit a URL to Google

    The general consensus is that yes, you should be submitting your URL or new website to Google – if only to speed up seeing it in the index.

    There are different ways that you can do this, depending on the circumstances, and we will walk you through these options below.

    How to Check if a URL is Indexed

    Before you go ahead and submit your URL to Google, it makes sense to run a quick check to establish whether or not it is already indexed.

    You can do this by using Google Search Console’s URL Inspection Tool.

    (If you have not set up Google Search Console for your site, you can learn how to do so here.)

    Use the ‘Inspect a URL’ search box at the top of the dashboard and enter the URL whose index status you want to check.

    Once the data has been retrieved from the index, you will either see a confirmation that the page is on Google:

    Or that the page is not on Google:

    You will also be able to clearly see any coverage issues with that specific URL below this.