How to add text to a scrapbook

First you will add a text box to caption one of the images you selected.

Then, you will add a larger, decorative quotation using word art.

Text can add useful information about the items in your scrapbook and remind you of an important date or inside joke.

Captions are often included underneath images.

A caption is a line of text used to explain an image.

It might include the names of the people in a photo, or where the photo was taken.

You can also caption a drawing with the name of the artist.

To start, choose an image to caption.

Add a text box underneath the image.

Type a caption that explains or describes the content of the image.

Next, change the color of your text.

Use a contrasting color, like a light color on a dark background, to make the caption stand out.

Align your caption to the middle of the text box, if you’d like.

Now change the size of the text.

Caption text is usually fairly small and fits directly underneath an image.

Add at least two captions to your scrapbook.

Now, use word art to add a quotation.

Word art is a feature that allows you to create decorative text.

Think about a quotation you want to use.

A quotation can help you capture a moment or a mood in your scrapbook.

Is there something that someone in your scrapbook says a lot?

Or is there a famous quote about one of the activities in you show in your scrapbook?

Maybe there is a lyric from a song that fits the subject of your scrapbook.

Select word art, then type your quote into the box that pops up.

If you are quoting someone directly, include quotation marks.

When you’re done, press enter.

Word art allows you to format text by changing color and font.

Now change the color and font to something that fits the mood or topic of your scrapbook.

For example, if your scrapbook is about an English class, use a typewriter font.

If it’s about a beach party, use a playful one.

Now, it’s your turn: Add at least two captions to your scrapbook, And add one word art quote.

Click Text toolbar button to add text in your scrapbook page. You can edit the text on Text panel.

How to add text to a scrapbook

Select a text font as you like by clicking the font combo box. Set style, size, etc. as you wish.

Click the shortcuts to quickly set text format as Bold, Italic, Underline, etc.

Click to set Alignment to suit your needs.

Choose Fill type for your text – Solid Fill, Gradient Fill, Advanced Gradient Fill and Pattern Image Fill.

Solid Fill allows you to choose any single color you like best for the text.

Gradient Fill allows you to choose two colors for the text. You can set the orientation of gradient.

Advanced Gradient Fill allows you choose up to eight colors for the scrapbook page and you have options to set the gradient as linear or radial.

How to add text to a scrapbook

Pattern Image Fill allows you to choose various patterns to fill your text.

How to add text to a scrapbook

Apply outline and glow effects to text by checking the Outline and Glow box.

Using quotes as layout titles is a great way to give your page a specific theme. The title should be simple, short, sweet, and to the point. If you want the title quote can be funny, too. It depends on the theme of your scrapbook album. You can also add layout titles to a variety of backgrounds, textures, and materials to make your pages really interesting and fun.


Even though this may seem very ordinary, captions are a great way to identify pictures, adding that special detail that reminds the viewer of a time and place. You can add large, chunky text and still avoid crowding out everything else on the page. Adding captions is a creative way to capture the viewers’ interest, and the captions can fit just about anywhere but will not be too attention grabbing.

Thought Bubbles:

Thought bubbles are a great way to add text and quotes to pictures, especially if it is a funny conversation that someone had at the time of the photo. Thought bubbles also work well in situations where someone is not saying something, but rather thinking something instead. Thought bubbles can work well with pictures of funny facial expressions on both people and animals too.

Swing Tags:

Swing tags work best when you simply want to include brief, descriptive information somewhere. Swing tags are great for identifying locations or other ‘significant statistics’, such as where, what, when, who, and why.

Conversational Balloons:

Conversational balloons are a great way to add dialog to your scrapbooking layout. If it looks like people truly are talking to each other in a particular picture, you should add a couple of conversational balloons-one for each person talking. Get really creative and try to come up with funny quips that fit the picture on the scrapbook page.

Background Words:

Quotes, single meaningful words, names, titles. you can make them big and blocky, maybe using a different kind of font, and add them as part of the background. You can strategically place them behind, on, or around the photo. This idea would work great as part of the title, cover background page, too.

Patterned Text Blocks:

This is my favorite! You can use your computer office program or a program like Photoshop to create blocks of text (or single letters) with a patterned or colored background. Please view the examples below:

How to add text to a scrapbook How to add text to a scrapbook How to add text to a scrapbook How to add text to a scrapbook

I created these blocks of letters using Photoshop, and then pasted them into my computer office program, resized them, and printed. Making block letters and text is not only fun, but you can select patterns and colors that match your scrapbook theme. They can be used as background text, the title for your scrapbook, and/or specifically placed throughout the scrapbook as an embellishment or part of a word or photo story.

Make the quotes and text personal, specific for the photo and scrapbook. Some of them might be witty and funny, others might be serious and more story like. It is up to you and the scrapbook theme.

Before you learn how to make a scrapbook, you need to get a basic idea of what a scrapbook is. For different people scrapbook will always have a different meaning. For some a scrapbook is an album with cuttings, pictures, images and other pieces of data about a favorite music group, for others a scrapbook is a collection of family memories organized in an album. Merriam Webster dictionary provides the next definition of a scrapbook:

This is a blank book which keeps various collected items such as newspaper cuttings and pictures.

Wikipedia provides a something different definition of a scrapbook:

It is a book preserving, presenting, organizing and styling personal and family history in different forms and styles. Typical pieces of information and memories collected in a scrapbook are photographs, artworks and cuttings from printed media.

Scrapbooks are often decorated and contain lots of journaling.

Basically a scrapbook is a book or notebook with stiff binding with blank pages which you may fill with any information you want to preserve as precious memories. Scrapbooks can be manufactured by printing houses or handmade. From this guide by RonyaSoft you will learn how to make a scrapbook in 4 simple steps.

Using RonyaSoft Poster Designer for as scrapbook maker you will create any scrapbook style you want and to fill your scrapbook with types of pages you need. Some scrapbooks may contain only blank pages to keep stickers and cuttings, pieces of cloth or other items stuck to the pages, while other scrapbooks may contain pages for free writing or simple short notes. With our scrapbook maker you will be able to create scrapbook pages which ultimately meet your needs!

There are no strict style and creation rules for scrapbooks. You can choose any page size, any number of pages and any style of a page. However there is the only thing in common for all scrapbooks, no matter professionally manufactured or handmade: they all tell a certain story.

Thus, to make your own scrapbook you will need:

  • A story to arrange and preserve.
  • Initial data and materials to fill your scrapbook with.
  • Scrapbook maker.
  • Scrapbook ideas for styling your piece of handmade artwork.

Poster Maker is a simple design and editing tool for making scrapbooks and other pieces of handmade printed art. It contains a gallery of templates of pages and different convers as well as all necessary tools for creating your own scrapbook from scratch. This guide will tell you how to make your own scrapbook with RonyaSoft tools.

I became interested in scrapbooking when I saw a memory scrapbook that my best friend had created for her wedding.

Her wedding scrapbook was absolutely gorgeous and after getting a look at it, I started to ask questions. Things like where did she get her supplies? How did she get started scrapbooking? And how could I get started?

I was surprised when she told me she purchased many of her scrapbooking supplies at our local dollar store, and that some scrapbooking supplies she actually printed from websites online.

She also suggested acid-free paper as well, so that your pages don’t yellow as they age. Well, needless to say, after all that I was hooked!

So, if you’re new to scrapbooking — as I was a few years ago — how do you create your first scrapbook page when you’re a total beginner?

Here are my own tips…

Scrapbooking On A Budget

My first piece of advice is: Don’t go out and buy the store!

Scrapbooking can get to be an expensive habit, although it doesn’t have to be.

I’d suggest checking out your local dollar store to see if they have supplies first, and then pick up a few basic scrapbooking supplies — like a few blank pages, the adhesive or glue, and a few pieces of pretty patterned and solid paper to start.

Then, look online for free scrapbooking fonts and other fun things that you can print out on acid-free paper. This will help to cut down on your costs, in case you decide scrapbooking isn’t for you (perish the thought!), or that you’re hooked but you don’t have a lot of money to spend on your new hobby.

Here are some ways to find free or cheap scrapbooking supplies:

How To Create Your Very First Page

Here is how I would suggest making your first scrapbook page, step-by-step:

2. Now, choose the photo that you want to be the focal point of your scrapbook page. You will want to double or triple mat this photo to set it apart from anything else you add to the page. You can do this by using solid paper for the mat, or even colored cardstock. Whether or not you want to use a pair of scissors with a fancy cut pattern around the edges is up to you. Often times what I do is first glue the photo to a piece of acid-free cardstock, then I may glue this to a solid colored sheet of paper that is slightly larger than the photo to give it the first border. Then, if I’m feeling really creative, I’ll do it again to give it a double border. Make sure your colored paper complements the colors in your photograph.

3. Next, if you will be using other photos on this scrapbook page, make sure that they complement the larger focal point photo, rather than steal attention away from the main photo. To do this, you can trim the photos to make them smaller than the main picture. Also, may want to single mat these photos, rather than double- or triple-mat them.

How to add text to a scrapbook

5. Speaking of journaling, this is a great thing to add to your scrapbook page as it will preserve your memories of the event — for yourself and future generations. You can write your text on cardstock and then cut it out in a particular shape or with a pretty border and add it to your page. If you don’t like your handwriting or you’re afraid you’ll make a mistake when writing, consider typing out what you want to say in a nice font and then printing it on cardstock. Then, cut out the journaled piece and add it where you like on your scrapbook page.

6. Once you have all your pieces ready to add to your scrapbook page, then you’ll want to first lay them out on the page to see how they look. Move things around until you have them as you like them best. Then, using your acid-free adhesive or glue attach them to your scrapbook page.

That’s it! You’ve now completed your first scrapbook page. Wasn’t that fun? If you’re anything like me, I’m sure that once you make that first page, you will be hooked on scrapbooking and will never want to go back to putting photos in regular albums.

More Great Tips

My favorite things to write about are topics that have to do with pregnancy, weddings, saving money, living green, and life with dogs. When I’m not writing, I love to spend time with my husband, read, create 3D artwork and Native American beadwork.

How to add text to a scrapbook

Digital scrapbooking software help you keep various family and personal moments in an e-book with fascinating backdrops and design. By using such programs, you can change the size of photos and add new ones. Besides, you can make a new scrapbook with offered templates and share it online.

Top 7 Digital Scrapbooking Software

    — Offers more than 20,000 templates — Many editing tools — High customizability and control — Cross-platform — Intuitive and friendly interface — Detailed manuals — A wide array of tunes

The best scrapbooking software allows you to create, retouch and position your pictures, as well as add print albums, scrapbooks and various projects. Besides, the majority of these programs allow creating collages, e-cards, slideshows, etc.

1. MyMemories Suite – Our Choice

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Various kits
  • Offers many features
  • Adjustable templates
  • Impossible to add music or videos

Verdict: If you want to learn how to create a photo book, consider this scrapbook software. By using the available templates, you can create digital photo books with ease. offers various kits, both free and paid ones, for your photos.

Every template is adjustable. As there is a big choice of them, you don’t need to spend time on your design in other programs. Besides, you can copy any element from one template to add it to your picture an unlimited number of times.

This digital scrapbooking software lets you choose from various page sizes to define the size of your future scrapbook. Still, it doesn’t allow you to add audio or video.

2. Artisan

  • User-friendly interface
  • Various editing tools
  • Customizable pages
  • Tools for creating graphics
  • No multimedia features
  • High-priced

Verdict: Forever Artisan is a great software in terms of customization. It offers 77 free templates and 8,969 extra kits providing you with different designs to use. With this software you are free to use these DIY photo album ideas to create your scrapbook.

Due to a great choice of editing tools, such as cropping, red-eyes, filters, you don’t need to retouch your photo separately in another program. You may face a bit of a learning curve with the interface, still, it’s not a problem for an experienced scrapbooker.

The digital scrapbooking app places your pictures by default, but you can relocate them with the help of the rulers. Such adjustments options aren’t always offered by scrapbooking programs. You can print your works, and, as the program doesn’t offer CD or DVD sharing, you can import them in JPEG or PDF file formats and share the saved files via social networks.

3. Adobe Photoshop Elements

  • Intuitive
  • Guided edits
  • Many automated options
  • Easy-to-install and use
  • Automated effects aren’t available for everyone

Verdict: Photoshop Elements is my choice for creating scrapbooks, as it is one of the best photo editing software for beginners. This scrapbook computer program allows you to adjust layouts for proper text and picture arrangement.

Adobe Photoshop Elements serves as a lite version of Adobe Photoshop. Compared to Photoshop ($99.99 vs $699.99), Photoshop Elements is cheaper as it is used for personal needs. With the help of its editing tools, you can enhance your photo with ease, as well as choose any file format, create layered pictures, etc.

Photoshop Elements is perfect not only for creating scrapbooks, as it is considered to be the best greeting card software and photo album software.

If you have a photo that you used to create a silhouette, what will you do with it? Of course, you can simply add it to another background to show it off, but you can do even more. You can use it to add text in a very creative way. Let’s see how you can take an ordinary photo and make something new using Paintshop Pro X8.

How to add text to a scrapbook

Fix the photo

I started with a photo that was far from perfect, but with Paintshop Pro, that is not a problem as it is easy to fix. I straightened the horizon with the Straighten tool, then, I removed the child using the freehand selection tool and the Magic fill. It is not that I didn’t want him there, but I had a silhouette that looked better (in this picture, it looks like he is missing an arm).

How to add text to a scrapbook

Add the silhouette

Now it is time to add the silhouette I created using another photo of the same child at the same beach. You can read the tutorial to create the silhouette HERE.

How to add text to a scrapbook

Select the silhouette

Using the Magic wand, it is now easy to select the silhouette. However, you likely don’t want to have text right up to the edges so once you have the basic shape selected, you can go to Selection > Modify > Contract. The amount you will contract will obviously depend on the size of your project.

How to add text to a scrapbook

Adjust the selection

As you can see, there is a little section for the hands that might look odd when I have text added. That is a simple fix. Using the freehand Selection tool, and holding the Ctrl key, I can select the area to remove from the overall selection.

How to add text to a scrapbook

Time to add the text

Using the Text tool, click inside the selection, and start typing your text. You can type continuously as the text wrapping function will automatically change line when the text reaches the end of the selection. You can adjust the font size, the font, the alignment just like you would on any other piece of text.

How to add text to a scrapbook


Once you are happy with the way the text is displayed, you can deselect with Selection > Select None or Ctrl-D.

How to add text to a scrapbook

Final touch

At this point, you can tweak the background image, add more elements, frames, etc. Here, I decided to pop the colors a bit using the Levels (Adjust > Brightness and Contrast > Level). You could apply other effects, like adding a vignette effect, blending the image, fading the edges, and more. You are the creator. You are the artist.

How to add text to a scrapbook

What do you think? You can do the same thing with a silhouette and the text wrapping function available in Paintshp Pro X8. This is a different way to create a scrapbook page or even a card. Any theme can be used.

Do you know someone who would like this tutorial? Share this infographic on Pinterest. Just hover over the top and you can pin it by clicking the Pinterest icon.

Journaling cards are elements that you will more often find in scrapbook kits. Although they started to appear when pocket scrapbooking became popular, they can also be used for other purposes. You don’t need to create pocket scrapbook pages to take advantage of those cards. So, what can you do with them?

Use them as titles

Some journaling cards will have a single word or a short phrase. Those can easily summarize the theme or the intention of your scrapbook page, so it would be a good idea to use them as simple titles instead of writing them with text or alphabets.

How to add text to a scrapbook

Layout from Jill Utrup

And if you are unsure about the small size of a journaling card, you can always enlarge it, especially if you are using PSP2021 or above.

How to add text to a scrapbook Layout by Shannon Maguire

Use them to write text

I think that the name “journaling card” was likely used because those cards had space to handwrite some notes and journaling. That is quite obvious when referring to the printed cards that would be used with pocket pages. But now that many of those cards are available digitally, we can still do the same: write text on them. Some cards will have lines on them, so they are obviously expecting that someone will add text!

How to add text to a scrapbook Layout by Bourico Casper

Other cards will have a blank area instead of lines. Again, it is up to you how you want to use that blank area, but adding text is surely expected.

How to add text to a scrapbook Layout by Marisa Lerin

Use them as mats or frames

Some journaling cards will have a nice pattern and can be used as mats for your photos. If the photos are small, or if you enlarge the card, it can also be used to frame the photos.

How to add text to a scrapbook Layout by Christianna Hullihen

Use them as decorative elements

Some cards are decorated with designs, paintings, and other forms of art and they are beautiful on their own. They can be used as-is on a project.

How to add text to a scrapbook Layout by Marissa Lerin

Use them as papers

Although some journaling cards will reuse similar patterns that you will find in the full-size papers of the same kit, sometimes, they can have something different yet very interesting as patterns. You can then use them as papers to create other elements like buttons or tags. And if you have several interesting patterns that are not available in paper size, you can cut them to create a color-blocking effect.

Use them in clusters

Because of their size, journaling cards can easily be used as a base behind a cluster. They can act a little like the anchor to a cluster of flowers, strings, ribbons, and more. They are not too big to overpower the other elements, but they are not so small as to get lost in the cluster. And you can use more than one too!

Although many journaling cards will be sized to match 3×4 inch pockets, you can also find some that will be larger, like 4×6 inches. Additionally, some will be square, at 4×4 inches.

Hopefully, you will find more ways and opportunities to use those journaling cards that might be part of your current or future downloaded supplies. What else can you do with journaling cards?

Thank you to the designers who allowed me to use their layouts for this post. Click on the layout to visit their projects and gallery.

PaintShop Pro gives you the ability to add text along a path, whether it is a circle, another shape or even a hand-drawn path. In a previous post, we looked at how to add text to a circle, specifically when you want it to not be upside-down. Let’s look at other little tips.

Anchoring the text

Once you have a path (which can be any vector object), you need to click on it to add your text. If that line is thin, it can be hard to click on the right place to anchor the text and once you start typing, you realize that it is not following the path. Don’t worry, there is a simple solution.

If you end up with the text separated from the path, like this:

How to add text to a scrapbook

as long as they are inside the same Vector layer,

How to add text to a scrapbook

Select both objects (holding the Shift key)

How to add text to a scrapbook

Then, go to Objects > Fit Text to Path

How to add text to a scrapbook

And your text will now be placed on the path that you were trying to anchor to.

How to add text to a scrapbook

Moving the text along a path

In the example above, the text was aligned to the left, so it does match the left side of the path. If I had set the alignment to the right, or center, it would appear toward the right or in the center. However, sometimes, you might want to move the text only a little bit, either to match the image below or other elements. Can I move the text once it is on the path or do I have to retype it and add spaces? There is a simple solution.

Let’s move the text so it starts on the top of the first wave. Activate the Text tool and the text object you want to move (no need to select the path as it will stay where it is). You will see various nodes appear around your text.

How to add text to a scrapbook

Now, grab the text, anywhere you want and move the text toward the right. In this example, I moved it upward so you can see a little square that appears on the path. It is tiny, so I am zooming in.

How to add text to a scrapbook

This square indicates where the text is anchored. As I move the text further to the right, that anchor will move too. For this illustration, I want the text to start at the top of the first wave, so I will move the anchor to that location.

How to add text to a scrapbook

And when I let go of the mouse, my text is now anchored at that point.

How to add text to a scrapbook

If your text was aligned to the right, that anchor point would be at the end of the text, so you could align it to the right side of the path. And if it was aligned to the center, the anchor point would be in the middle of your text.

Tweaking the path with text on it

Your text will follow the path, whether it is a circle, a rectangle, or any shape. As long as the text is anchored to the path, it will follow it, even if you choose to modify that path. If you add or remove nodes on the path, if you move those nodes, or change anything else, your text will follow.

Here, I simply moved the nodes from the ends of my path, and you can see that the text simply followed.

How to add text to a scrapbook

Removing text from a path

And what if you want to change the path to something completely different? Maybe I would like to have my text on an ellipse instead of an open line. Do I have to start again? Not at all. You can detach the text from the path with Object > Detach Object from Path

How to add text to a scrapbook

and just like when we started, the text and the path are separated.

How to add text to a scrapbook

Now, we can delete the path, in the Layers palette, and add another vector element (in this case, an ellipse). As long as they are still both inside the same vector layer, we will be able to reattach the text to the path, using the Fit Text to Path command.

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Good morning bloggers, Today I am going to show you how to add text overlays to your photos to create nice ‘arty effects’.

This is my before photo.

This is my photo after the text overlay has been added.

This is easy to do in Photoshop. I am going to show you the steps I used in Photoshop CS5….Elements is very similar.

Step 1: Choose your text files.

The easiest way is to purchase these from digital scrapbooking sites on line. Below are the text images that I used. (AASPN SciptTease Thankful1_7A, AASPN SciptTease Thankful1_6 & K Pertiet_Mixed Bag No1-9 )

Step 2: Open your photo in Photoshop and place the text layer/s over the top.

Step 3: Change the blending mode.

In this example the ‘divide mode’ changed the text from black to white and I liked the effect.