How to add storage space to your bathroom

Looking for a few easy tricks to keep your tiny bathroom organized? We’ve got you covered. From wicker baskets to coat racks, these five ideas for adding storage to your super small bathroom are effective and effortless. Living with a small bathroom can be difficult, but less space means you just have to get a little creative with your storage solutions.

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1. Install a wall cabinet

Don’t waste the space above your toilet in your tiny bathroom. Install a cabinet on the wall for storing toiletries, tissue paper, lotions, and more.

How to add storage space to your bathroom

2. Add a storage ladder

A storage ladder is one of the easiest ways to add extra storage and charm in a small space. Hang baskets and towels on your ladder for a fun bathroom storage solution that will help you add space and stay organized.

How to add storage space to your bathroom

Image Credit: Duchess of York via Hooked on Houses

3. Bring in baskets

Baskets, baskets, and more baskets. Affordable and efficient, baskets and bins can be placed underneath your sink, beside the toilet or on shelves for additional storage in your small space.

How to add storage space to your bathroom

Image Credit: Shades of Blue Interiors via City Farmhouse

4. Hang a coat rack

Try hanging a coat rack in your tiny bathroom to hang robes and wet towels instead of towel rods. A coat rack with five or six hooks will make your small bathroom less stuffy and more appealing.

How to add storage space to your bathroom

Image Credit: Blesser House

5. Put a shelf above the door

Utilize dead space by hanging a shelf above your bathroom door. Display decor and store toiletries, towels, and even extra toilet paper rolls.

How to add storage space to your bathroom

Image Credit: My So-Called Home

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How to add storage space to your bathroom

Name a better feeling than getting your bathroom storage spot on, having a clutter-free room, not a damp towel of stray string on floss in sight. Ah it’s just so zen-inducing. Not had that euphoric feeling in a while? Fear not because we have loads of bathroom storage ideas that can help you tidy up your bathroom quickly and easily.

For your bathroom space, it could be as simple as investing in some cabinets or adding in a few baskets (more on that later), it depends on the size of your bathroom and what you’re working with. But with what will essentially feel like extra bathroom space, there will simply be more time to chill out, – you may even be able to squeeze in a bath or two – so check out our bathroom storage ideas below to get organized and make the most of your space.

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First, take time to purge your bathroom of unused products, before you decide what kind of simple storage and practical bathroom furniture you need. Whether you’re designing a bathroom from scratch and are looking for ways to maximise space, or if you need stylish, but affordable options to suit a budget-friendly bathroom, there’s heaps of ideas for bathroom storage to go around!

1. Add an industrial vibe with locker style storage

Bathroom storage really needn’t mean storage pieces built specifically for bathrooms – so think outside the pick pieces that will bring in both style and storage space.

An industrial style unit like this one isn’t perfect for storing towels, toiletries and more. You can find loads of really similar pieces online in varying sizes, try places like Wayfair. You could also get out eBay or Etsy for an authentic, industrial unit (remember if the color isn’t right for you, there’s nothing a bit of spray paint can’t cover.)

2. Carve a niche with recessed shelves

When designing your bathroom, especially if floor space is at premium, incorporate some recessed shelves into your design. Recessed shelves are an unobtrusive way to store your bathroom essentials, plus they are usually going to be cheaper than a full-on built-in cabinet. Recessed shelves are usually built into a false wall so kill two birds with one stone and use the wall to cover up unsightly pipework too.

We love how in this bathroom the backs of the shelves have been tiled to match the flooring. It ties the whole look together and stops a wall of white metro tiles looking too clinical. For our pick of the best patterned tiles, head over to our buying guide.

3. Run a shelf along the back of the bath

Similarly, you could create a shelf that runs along a wall of your bathroom. Having something like this behind your bath is ideal, because, again it covers any unsightly pipes but also means you can keep your toiletries accessible too. Blend the shelf into the wall by tiling over it to match the rest of the space.

4. Maximise vertical space with a bathroom storage ladder

Ladders are a stylish but functional bathroom storage idea – particularly if space is at a premium. Whether as a purpose-built shelf perfect for storing bathroom essentials or an actual ladder that’s ideal for storing towels, there are different widths designed to suit every bathroom.

5. Go for retro bathroom storage

Had your eye on an amazing piece of vintage storage but not sure where you could make it work in your home? See if you could rework it as a vanity in your bathroom for your sink to perch on top of.

Having a statement piece like this creates a focal point in your bathroom and brings in a ton of your personal style. Plus you get plenty of storage too.

6. Add a cute wall unit

Need a really easy bathroom storage idea for your current space? Hang a wall unit. Perfect for storing all your bathroom essentials but also a place you can bring in decor like prints and houseplants. Loving this rattan shelf, it also brings in some natural colors and textures that are bang on trend.

7. Build floor to ceiling cupboards to maximise space

One of the most charming things about older properties is the little design quirks and unusual shaped rooms. Whether you love them or hate them, use them to your advantage to maximise storage space. Here, shelving is built in to the recess, using wasted space for essential storage.

8. Add some quick storage with a bath rack

Another quick storage solution that looks as stylish as it is practical – a bath rack. You can pick one up really cheaply from Amazon or DIY one for a rustic look using a plank of wood cut to size. Aswell as keeping your toiletries to hand, and a candle and a small houseplant too for extra decor.

9. Build storage underneath your sink

When choosing your bathroom sink, think about how to add some extra bathroom storage. A sink on top of a vanity unity is an obvious choice but it’s not the only option. Check out how in this bathroom, a marble floating shelf has been built underneath the basin for a sleek, contemporary look.

10. Or add floating shelves

Same concept on a tighter budget – a shelf has been added underneath these double sinks and then the whole area painted in the same shade to create a seamless look.

For more tips on how to design a bathroom on a budget, check out our guide.

Deck out your room with these space-saving shelves, cabinets, and wall organizers.

How to add storage space to your bathroom

How to add storage space to your bathroom

Since the bathroom is where you clean up, it’s only fitting that you try your best to make it the tidiest room in your house. That means no countertop clutter, towels on the floor, or rogue electronics and wires scattered about. Give everything — makeup, cleaning products, extra linens, and more — a home and keep your everyday essentials at your fingertips with these small bathroom storage ideas. While these DIY or easy-to-buy ideas cater to different styles and spaces, most of these space-saving tricks have one thing in common: They make the most of vertical spaces (think: above the door, in the shower, and under the sink) to bring cabinets, shelves, and other organizers into the small (but mighty) room.

How to add storage space to your bathroom

You may not have tons of counter space or closets to work with, but you can stick hooks on the wall to hang towels, robes, and any other must-haves. Opt for hooks in metallic hues to add a slight sparkle to your space.

Bathrooms are not just a place to relive yourself or simply shower in. Over the past few years bathrooms have changed from being just a room for communicating with nature to being an important asset of your home, house or apartment. In fact, with the right kind of treatment you can decorate and design your bathroom to look just as appealing as any other room in your house. For one, bathroom cupboard storage has become a widely accepted means of both decoration as well as space saving.

Gone are the days when you needed to keep your toiletries in the bedroom because of the lack of space in the bathroom. Now there are several ways to add more room in your bathroom and hence move all your toiletries, cleaning supplies and beauty products right to the bathroom. After all, who does not want to exit the bathroom looking like an absolute diva.

The great thing about incorporating extra bathroom cupboard storage ideas to your bathroom is that my shifting all these items to your bathroom you will be saving up on room elsewhere in the house. Whether it is your bedroom or the little storage room you have somewhere or the shed or the attic, moving in your supplies to the bathroom will also cut down on discomfort levels greatly.

Additionally, it is very easy to sell bathroom cupboard storage cabinets once you feel like you no longer need them. There are many others out there who can benefit greatly from these cabinets, just like you did over the past few months.

IKEA cutting boards add much needed counter space to my small bathroom for only $18.

My home has a “cozy” taupe-colored guest bathroom with a white pedestal sink in a nook that’s only 39” wide…with no sink counter.

I needed counter space for people to put their stuff AND something to help hide the litter box that’s below the sink. I also wanted something that would not hinder the litter box and allow it to breathe while maintaining its easy access.

Buying a bathroom cabinet was out of the question for this tiny space as it would just make the space feel even smaller. I needed some type of shelving. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money nor did I want to create something that was custom. Whatever was going to live there needed to look like it belonged and blend with the space.

How to add storage space to your bathroom

I took minimum and maximum measurements around the sink and then the search was on. I was rewarded when I came across the IKEA APTITLIG bamboo chopping board. They’re beautiful, sturdy, fit the style of the bathroom, finished, easy to clean and only $8 each! But the absolute best part is that they fit perfectly in the space as is.

I grabbed 4 black IKEA EKBY STÖDIS L-brackets, at only $0.50 each, and we were done.

We already had screws, leaving us with a grand total of $18.00 for our lovely new sink counters.

Items needed:

    bamboo chopping boards x 2
  • IKEA EKBY STÖDIS L-brackets x 4
  • 16 screws
  • 8 anchors
  • Pencil for pilot holes

How to add storage space to your bathroom

Instructions for adding counter space to small bathroom:

Take your cutting boards and mark the height on the wall you’re comfortable with. If you have a level, it’d be good to use it to make sure you get it straight.

How to add storage space to your bathroom

Each board gets 2 L-Brackets. Drill pilot holes in the bottom of the cutting boards for the brackets. Make sure not to go too far or you’ll break through the boards. Screw them together.

How to add storage space to your bathroom

Here are six bathroom storage tips:

How to add storage space to your bathroom

1. On the shelf

If bathroom storage space is at a premium, you can add shelves to your design and utilise space that might otherwise be wasted. High level shelves can use space above sinks, baths and toilets for storing towels and toiletries.

And, if space isn’t any issue and you want to create the sense of spa-like luxury to your bathroom design, use 2020 Fusion to add shelves along with room accessories such as candles, bottles of scented oils, plants, vases etc for a realistic look.

How to add storage space to your bathroom

2. Top drawer

How often have we all spent time searching around the back of a low level under sink cupboard looking for something? It is so much easier to find things when they are in drawers. Incorporating units with a selection of drawers is a convenient bathroom storage solution with a touch of luxury. It’s important the drawers pull out fully so the whole interior can be viewed, plus dividers allow for the contents to be organised neatly. Drawers within drawers maximise storage capacity, and finger channels on the drawer fronts for a neat finish. Lift out boxes for cosmetics is a nice finishing touch.

How to add storage space to your bathroom

3. Focal point

The latest vanity units are being designed not just to support the basin and offer bathroom storage but also provide a focal point for the bathroom. With 2020 Fusion, designers have access to a range of catalogues featuring the latest vanity units to suit all their bathroom design requirements.

How to add storage space to your bathroom

4. Size It Up

Whatever the size of the bathroom and the household, there are storage solutions to fit. Family-sized bathrooms require family-sized bathroom storage, whereas bathrooms for a single-bed house have more modest storage requirements. Using modular bathroom storage systems made up of different-sized but co-ordinating pieces is a great way to create the perfect solution for your design whatever the size and household requirements. They can be lined up or stacked and come in square and rectangular cubes which can be used either vertically or horizontally.

How to add storage space to your bathroom

5. Hidden Assets

If the bathroom you are designing has stud walls to conceal cisterns and pipework, why not utilise this hidden space and turn it into bathroom storage? A cabinet set in to a hidden space is a clever way to maximise every storage opportunity. Pick a unit with a mirrored door, and you can increase the light in the room and enhance the sense of space.

How to add storage space to your bathroom

6. On the rack

A radiator that doubles as a towel store, clothes and accessory hanger is a great way to add more bathroom storage options to your design. Plus they can make a design statement or create a focal point, too.

Mirror radiators are another functional option for bathrooms. Among the more unusual but emerging radiator options are stone and glass — which are not only energy efficient, but also gives scope for decorative artwork.

Simple solutions

Adding bathroom storage isn’t complicated. CAD software such as 2020 Fusion, gives you access to 2020 Cloud, AutoCAD and SketchUp , making it simple for designers to quickly and easily add accessories in 3D views to their customer’s existing designs or Panorama and 3D views for new designs with just a few clicks of the mouse, creating a more realistic and visually stunning design.

Coming soon…2020 Fusion v6

Available in the autumn, 2020 Fusion v6 will deliver fast and stunning presentations which are quick and easy to change, giving you more time for design creativity and a shorter sales cycle. Why not take your first step towards 2020 Fusion v6 and try out the current version of 2020 Fusion free for 30 days? Sign up here now.

BATHROOM CLOSET IDEAS – Keeping the bathroom organized is a must. It doesn’t matter how good the design of a bathroom is, if it is disorganized, it will look bad. Not to mention it will be difficult to find an item you need at the moment. Don’t worry. We have plenty of bathroom closet ideas to help you organize your bathroom.

Sometimes, proper organizing is what it takes to make a bathroom looks better. If you have problems in organizing your bathroom closet, why not try our bathroom closet ideas below? They will help you organize your items and hopefully, improve the look of your bathroom as well.

Bathroom Closet Ideas

1. Tall Linen Closet

How to add storage space to your bathroom

If you have a tall linen closet, you will have more options in organizing it. For instance, you can take advantage of its height by placing items that you need but don’t use frequently on top while placing items that you use daily on a lower place.

2. Narrow Linen Closet

How to add storage space to your bathroom

If, on the other hand, you have a narrow linen closet, the organization will be a bit different. In this case, you can put everything on a shelf. Just make sure that you organize them according to their categories.

3. Stainless Steel, Retractable Basket

How to add storage space to your bathroom

There are many ways to add more storage space in your closet shelf. For instance, you can install a few stainless steel, retractable baskets on your closet shelf.

4. Clear Jars

How to add storage space to your bathroom

You can also add several clear jars to your bathroom. Clear jars will keep your necessities organized, dry, and visible. If you want, you can put items that are essentials to you on these jars to make them accessible any time and leave everything else on other places.

5. Small Boxes

How to add storage space to your bathroom

Use small boxes to store items. To be more organized, you can put items together based on their category. For instance, put extra shampoos in a box and put extra soaps in the other.

6. Labeling

How to add storage space to your bathroom

Labeling will not get more storage space. However, it does help in organizing things. When you label things, you will be able to find what you are looking for quickly.

7. Rolling Towels

How to add storage space to your bathroom

Folding is a common way to store towels. However, folding towels will take more space compared to rolling it. If you in need of more storage space, try rolling your towels. You will have more available storage space this way.

8. Hanging Hooks

How to add storage space to your bathroom

With hanging hooks, you can take advantage of space that usually is not used. For instance, under the shelf or on a closet door. Doing so can save you some space.

9. Medicine

How to add storage space to your bathroom

Organize your medicine on purpose. Put them on one or two boxes. If needed, put a label on them based on their categories (children medicine, first aid, and so on). If you have children, make sure you put them on a place they can’t reach. Also, make sure that the medicines are sealed properly.

10. Hamper

How to add storage space to your bathroom

If your linen closet has extra space underneath, you can add a hamper in it. Some linen closets have a built-in hamper in them. A hamper inside a linen closet will be very helpful as it will allow you to collect dirty rags, clothes, or towels until your laundry day.

11. Cleaning Supplies

How to add storage space to your bathroom

Cleaning the bathroom is a routine we all must do. To make things easier, you can put your bathroom cleaning supplies together in an easily accessible place. Or, if you have children, put them on a spot where they can’t reach it but still easily reachable by you.

12. Corner Container

How to add storage space to your bathroom

Corners are often left unused. If your closet’s corners are unused and you need more storage, you can try installing stackable corner shelves. This will give you additional storage in which you can store spare items and/or items that you use infrequently.

13. Adjustments

How to add storage space to your bathroom

Not every item inside the closet has the same height. Since their heights vary, you may want to make several adjustments. For example, you can put smaller items on a narrow shelf and put larger ones on a taller shelf. Make the most of the space you have and don’t let any space left unused.

14. Important Items

How to add storage space to your bathroom

We all have items that we use daily. There is also first aid kit that needs to be accessible at all time. To accommodate these, you should put your daily necessities and first aid kit on a place within arm’s reach. Make sure they are easily reachable. This will save you time and will be very helpful in case of an emergency.

15. Trash Can

How to add storage space to your bathroom

Trash can be unsightly for some people. If your closet has a free space under and you already have a hamper outside of it, you can use it to install a trash can. This way, you can collect your trash in one place while keeping it out of sight.

Those are our 15 bathroom closet ideas to help you organize your bathroom. What do you think? Will you try any of those ideas?

The bathroom is one of the first things buyers look at in a property for sale – here are the main upgrades worth making

1. Replace your vanity
Updating your vanity is one of the quickest and easiest ways to boost the appearance and functionality of your bathroom.

It’s a key piece of furniture in your bathroom and something that instantly draws the eye the moment you step inside, so it’s important to choose a quality piece with a durable finish that will last the distance. It should also include plenty of storage so you can keep surfaces clear and tidy.

2. Extend your mirror
Adding a new mirror above the vanity can transform a tired bathroom, increasing the sense of space and making it feel brighter and more welcoming.

My tip is to take the mirror as wide as you can – ideally the full width of the wall.

Choose a mirror that complements the style of your bathroom. And be sure not to hang it too high. This is one of the most common mistakes people make with mirror placement, and it means you end up cutting yourself off when you’re doing your hair or make-up.

Tip: If possible, position the mirror in a spot where it will reflect natural light and greenery, effectively drawing them into the bathroom.

For a modern look, opt for a wall-hung style. You just need to ensure there is enough room inside the wall cavity behind it to accommodate the cistern. If not, consider constructing a nib wall to increase the width of your existing wall so it can house a cistern. And don’t forget to factor in access if you have an in-wall cistern.

When renovating for profit, consider the market in your area. Is your property going to attract families who would expect a bath? If so, it would be a mistake not to have one. If you try to squeeze a bath in with your shower but your main interest will be from those who are downsizing, then you’re making a massive error; older people don’t want to be stepping over a bath to get in the shower.

There are so many shower screen options available today that it’s easy to upgrade your shower affordably. Start by figuring out your budget and go from there. If you’re not able to stretch to a top-end frameless style, check out more mid-range options. It’s not just fully framed or completely frameless anymore – there are plenty of stylish alternatives to consider.

Timeless, quality tap styles are always a winner. It’s important to seamlessly complement the style of your bathroom without being so on-trend that your new additions will date quickly. I recommend choosing a combination of both square and round fittings.

You can also mix different styles and materials for your basin and shower and/or bath. In fact, mixing different looks in this way can add warmth to your bathroom. Just be sure the styles complement one other so you maintain a cohesive look.

  • Sticking to white for everything – white paint, white vanity, white accessories and white tiles. It can make a bathroom look and feel so clinical. I love white, just don’t use it everywhere.
  • Not including enough storage. A pretty vanity is great, but make sure it has enough storage space for the number of bedrooms of the home. Add it behind the mirror, in the sink, and with shelving. A space that is beautiful but unliveable is not one that will stand the test of time.
  • If your budget is limited, focus on those elements that are showing the most wear and tear. Replace or update these items first.
  • Don’t think you always have to take tiles from floor to ceiling. Take your cues from the home’s style and architecture. With some styles, such as traditional or retro spaces, floor-to-ceiling tiles will actually detract from your look. Floor-to-ceiling tiles look best in contemporary bathrooms.
  • Follow the high/low styling principle. This is when you spend on a hero – it might be a stunning bath, tiles or vanity. You then save on the ‘supporting elements’ in the bathroom, such as tapware or flooring.

Tell us
Are you planning a bathroom reno? Tell us about your plans in the Comments section below. And don’t forget to like or share this story, and save the photos. Join the conversation.

How to add storage space to your bathroom

No room for an extra bathroom? Think again! It’s a rare home where this is really the case. Adding a bathroom to your house is first and foremost based on the space you have. Can you fit another bathroom into your home? Most remodel contractors say probably yes. These experts maintain that a second or third bathroom can be squeezed into almost any house. Bath fixtures fit into less space than most people think. Here you will find 7 places for that needed extra bathroom.

How to add storage space to your bathroom


software, bath planners, paint apps, online room design, virtual room designer.

A bathroom can be squeezed into an amazingly small space. An area 3 feet by 5 feet handles a sink and toilet; 3 feet by 8 feet is enough for a shower too, especially with today’s stylish shower enclosures. Architects maintain that a second or third bathroom can be installed into almost any size home if you look carefully. Bath fixtures can be located in a much smaller area than you think. Into 25 square feet, you can fit a complete – if cramped – shower bathroom which would keep the cost to add an extra bathroom low.

Where to Find Space

When adding a bathroom, walk-in closets often can be turned into powder rooms or bathrooms without tearing down walls. If you have a large rooms, adding a bathroom to a bedroom by stealing three feet from the length can make sufficient space. Sometimes a pantry can be spared. A bathroom can also be put in a low-ceiling area. You can tuck one into the attic under the eaves. Just allow six feet six inches of head room for a shower; an even lower ceiling is okay for a tub.

Before calling in an architect or contractor, download free bathroom design software – a fast fun way to experiment with all kinds of possibilities without a lot of hassle. Easy Bathroom Design Software quickly and easily designs all types of bathroom layouts. First you start with the exact template you need for your own bathroom design—not just a blank screen. You can easily customize this free room design software to fit your needs with thousands of ready-made symbols you can stamp directly onto your image. Moreover, you can be your own interior decorator applying real world colors, materials and custom lighting to walls, furniture and cabinets with an online bathroom design planner.

Seven places for that extra bathroom

How to add storage space to your bathroom

1) Hallway: The untraveled end of a hallway, sometimes with a window, may contain as much as 30 or 40 square feet – sufficient space to add a bathroom.

2) Closets Back-to-Back: Opened up, adjoining closets sometimes measure as much as 4 feet by 4 feet, enough when adding a small bathroom.

3) First-Floor Laundry: Streamline the laundry room with modern stackable washer/dryer appliances that take up less room – then reclaim the space to add a half bath.

4) Existing bath: An average sink, toilet and tub need a minimum of 5 feet by 6 feet. Some large bathrooms can be split into two by relocating the fixtures.

5) Under a staircase: A sink and toilet usually will fit under the stairs. Just remember to check the headroom before you begin the project of adding a bathroom here.

6) Part of a Bedroom: In adding a bathroom to a bedroom you can steal a 3 foot slice from one side of a large bedroom. Put a toilet at one end of the new room, a shower stall at the other and a sink opposite a door in the partition.

7) Walk-in-Closet: An oversized walk-in bedroom closet or hall linen closet could easily become an added half-bath with few structural changes.

How to add storage space to your bathroom

Other Bathroom Tips

1) In adding a bathroom to a house, the first step should be searching through bathroom photos for ideas and inspiration.
2) When adding a second bathroom it is best to place new fixtures near existing water and waste lines for a lower plumbing bill.
3) Check floor joists when you add a bathroom: conventional fixtures weigh up to 20 pounds per square foot; tile in mortar up to 30 pounds. On spans over 11 feet, better double 2×8 joists on 16 inch centers.
4) How to add a bathroom to a small space? Have the door swing out, or install a sliding pocket door.
5) In the case of adding a half bath, ventilate windowless rooms with a ducted fan or pre-fab skylight window.

Bathroom Design Tools

How Much Does it Cost to Add a Bathroom

The first question for homeowners is how much does it cost to add a bathroom. Today bathrooms have become the second most popular home remodel project after a kitchen remodel. According to the National Kitchen & Bath Association, the cost to add a master bath, averages at about $16,000 and up depending on the location of plumbing and electric; the level of the materials and fixtures; and whether you do it yourself or hire a professional remodeler. The total cost of adding a master bathroom should not exceed 5 to 10 percent of the value of your home.

In the past five years, seventy-five per cent of homeowners remodeling a bathroom contracted a professional to do some or all of the work. The cost to add a bathroom is a substantial investment in your home, therefore requires the service of a licensed professional. Get at least 3 bids and consider questioning a realtor to see if the return on investment is there. Contact local contractors with experience with adding a bathroom to a house, generally estimates don’t cost anything. Request references and carefully study the proposals you receive. Be sure to choose the right proposal and recognize that it is not always the cheapest.

Bathroom Photos for Extra Bathroom Ideas

There are many questions you will want to talk over before you make your final bathroom floor plans. Using a small bathroom photo gallery is the first step in planning a fabulous extra bathroom space. Bathroom pictures are vital when choosing fixtures, once bathroom fixtures are in, they are not easy to move.