How to add relatives on facebook

Need an extra pair of hands to help manage your Facebook business page? Learn how to easily add an administrator to your page with our in-depth guide.

How to add relatives on facebook

So you’re ready to add an Admin to your Facebook page? Congrats. That probably means your business is growing, you’re adding to your team, and you need to delegate work to someone you trust to run your social media marketing.

What Does Your Facebook Admin Do?

Your administrator on Facebook is the CEO—the member with access to everything on your Facebook page. A Facebook Admin can manage page roles and settings, edit the page and add apps, create and delete posts, send messages to followers, respond to and delete comments, remove and ban people from your Page, manage ads, and a lot more.

During this process, you’ll see that every Facebook for Business page has roles—from Admin to Editor to Moderator to Advertiser, Analyst, and Jobs Manager. Facebook features a variety of roles so your business can restrict certain permissions and access within your internal team or marketing agency. That way, you can assign social media experts to certain tasks without the risk of cybersecurity breaches or an innocent mistake that breaks something on your Facebook page.

So how do you add an Administrator to Facebook so you can control everything on this social media marketing channel? It’s easy. Follow the next six steps.

How to Add an Administrator to Facebook in 6 Easy Steps

  • Step 1: You Need to Be an Admin to Create or Add an Admin
    Before you get started with this how-to list, you need to verify you are an Admin in order to create another Admin. If you aren’t an Administrator on Facebook, ask an Admin to change your page roles. Then, you can proceed.
  • Step 2: Log Into Facebook

Once you log into your Facebook account, click on the blue arrow in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. You’ll see a dropdown with an option to “manage pages.” Click that or your business Page if it appears in the shortcut “Pages” section of this dropdown.

  • Step 3: Click Settings at the Top of Your Page
    You should see a settings button in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. Click on this to make changes to your Page Roles.
  • Step 4: Click Page Roles in the Left Column
    Now, you’ll leave your Business page and arrive at a dashboard. On the left-hand side, you’ll see a “Page Roles” option. Click on that.
  • Step 5: Assign a New Page Role or Update Existing Roles
    On the right-hand side of your screen, you can “Assign a New Page Role,” view the “Page Owner,” or view “Existing Page Roles.”If you want to add someone to your team who isn’t currently working on your page, go to “Assign a New Page Role.” You’ll see a toggle bar to your right. By default, it’s always set to “Editor.” Toggle to select “Admin.” Your new Admin should get a notification in his or her email and Facebook feed to accept the invitation. Then, he or she can get started on Admin duties.

*in some cases the new admin will need to like your Facebook Page before they can be added.

If you need to update an existing member’s role to Admin, select, “Existing Page Roles.” Change the toggle from their existing role to Admin. Once confirmed, his or her permissions will update and they can continue with Admin privileges.

  • Step 6: Confirm With Your Password
    Extra security protocol requires you to enter your Facebook password and confirm adding an Admin. This is fantastic since it prevents others from wrongfully using your account to create unauthorized Admins. Once you complete this step, you’ll have extra Admins to help with your Facebook marketing workload. Speaking of which…

The Benefits of Adding an Administrator to Facebook

  • You Can Delegate Tasks
    When you create another Admin, you can delegate tasks like moderation, advertising, and other Page Roles to someone else in your business. Doing so is a key step in tackling your Facebook marketing with ease.
  • You Have a Backup in Case of Emergency
    Bad things happen from time to time. If you ever get locked out of your Facebook account, your additional Admin will be able to access your Facebook for Business page. This comes in handy in times of crises like when you have unhappy or abusive comments that need moderation, updates to hours of operation due to weather or holidays, and messages customers need answers to ASAP.
  • You Can Take a Sick Day or Vacation
    When you’re out of the office, you’ll have someone else with the same permissions as you to keep your Facebook for Business page functioning. This is essential for any business.

Things To Watch Out For When Adding an Administrator to Facebook

We discussed the pros, but there’s one big con to adding an admin besides yourself—security. When you bring another admin into your Facebook Page, you run the risk of cybersecurity breaches which could impact your page, reputation, and marketing.

A word to the wise: never promote someone to Admin who you don’t fully trust. Mostly, because they can remove you as admin and hijack the page. If you have any doubts about adding an Admin, use “Editor” instead. This person will be able to do a lot of the day-to-day Facebook page management without being able to change anything major about the page itself, like altering your page name or adding more Admins.

Adding an administrator on Facebook will be a step most businesses have to take. As you scale, you’ll need to delegate and hand over the reins to other people. As long as you follow these steps and precautions, you shouldn’t have any issues with your new Page Roles.

Use privacy features to keep your family’s info in the family

by Steve Morgenstern, April 14, 2011

  • Control who has access to your family page
  • Contact everyone in the group at once
  • Understand the privacy features and make them work for you

Everybody loves Facebook for staying in touch, but that doesn’t mean you necessarily want to share family-related material with your friends and business colleagues. The solution: create a private Facebook group just for family members. You control access, you can allow whomever you like to share messages and photos with the group, and, of course, it’s free.

How to add relatives on facebook

Building a Facebook group page is a great way for family members to stay in touch.

For starters, you’ll need a personal Facebook account (the odds are good that you already have one — more than half of 50-plus Internet users enjoy social networking today). Be sure you understand the privacy settings used to limit who sees what you post online. You’ll find these controls in the drop-down Account menu at the top far right of the page, under Privacy Settings; your options are explained in detail here.

A Facebook group page isn’t that different from your personal page. Members of the group can post messages, photos and video; leave comments; create events, “like” posts that appeal to them; and have live chat sessions with each participant typing messages back and forth. But there are some interesting added capabilities, too. For example, instead of sending messages one at a time to group members, you can contact everyone at once with the click of a button.

Another intriguing option is creating group documents, which everyone can work on together. Wish you had all the family recipes in one place? Create a group document and invite everyone to kick in their favorites.

You don’t have to look far to find the “Create Group” option. There should be a clickable link in the right-hand column on your Home page (you may have to click “More” if you’ve already joined several groups). If you still don’t see the link, just go to

Click “Create Group” and a box pops up asking you to name the group, choose an icon, add members and set the group’s overall privacy level. Let’s take a moment to explore each of these tasks. And remember, you can change any of these choices after the group is created.

The icon is a little picture that shows up next to the group name in listings. There are lots of choices in a drop-down menu.

When choosing a name, you’re allowed to duplicate one that’s already in use, but you might want to come up with something distinctive if you want family members to find it by searching. Pity poor John Smith scrolling through page after page of Smith Family groups!

In the Members section, you can add any Facebook friend to the new group. They don’t have to confirm anything (it’s easy to drop out if they don’t want to participate). When you start typing, a list of existing Facebook friends’ names matching what you’ve entered so far appears, so you don’t have to worry about misspellings. And, of course, you can always add more members later on.

The Privacy setting here controls the group’s online visibility. If you want the group to show up in Facebook searches and be completely visible to anyone, including the member list and anything that’s been posted, choose “Open” here. For more privacy, choose “Closed”: Facebook members will be able to find the group, see the members list and ask to join, but they won’t see the postings. To fly completely under the radar, choose “Private.” That way, the group won’t show up in a Facebook search and nobody but members will be able to see it — the group name won’t even show up in your profile.

Now just click “Create” and — voilà — your family has an online home!

As the creator of the group, you’re automatically considered a group administrator, which means you can change settings, approve new members and remove members who make nasty comments about you at a family wedding. You can share these privileges with other members by making them administrators, too. Just click “See all” next to the Members List on the group home page and you’ll see the “Make Admin” option under each name. You’ll also see a little “x” next to each name. Click one of these to remove a member from the group.

If you look to the left of the group name at the top of the page, you’ll see a drawing of two heads in a box — boring! Click on it, though, and things get more interesting. Now you can upload a family photo or even crowd around the webcam (if you have one) and take a picture then and there. Now that photo will be the face of the group, much like the Profile Picture in your personal Facebook account.

Another feature worth setting up is a group email address (you’ll find this option under “Edit Group”). You create the first part of the address (say “AARPMember” as an example) and Facebook adds “” Now, whenever anyone sends an email to [email protected], the message will appear automatically in every group member’s News Feed.

That takes care of the basics: If you need additional information, Facebook has a comprehensive help section for group features here.

And, of course, now that you have the family site under your belt, it’s time to think about additional opportunities for quick-and-easy group sharing. Do you play on a sports team, or belong to a club or congregation? Are there a group of friends at work who’d like to share private messages during off-hours? Facebook lets each member join up to 300 groups, so the only effective limitation is your imagination.

The Restricted List on Facebook can be what many people need for their private social life, by keeping the unwanted people off their profiles while they are still on their Facebook friends list. You can add anyone to the ‘Restricted list’ on Facebook, and remove them whenever you feel like it. The number of people that can be added to a restricted list on Facebook has no limitations, which means that you can add as many people to this list as you like.

How Does the Restricted List on Facebook Work

Being on a restricted list on Facebook restricts the content that is shared with this specific friend and all the friends who have been added to this list. They are still your friend on Facebook, but the content they will see will be as limited as possible. You, however, will still be able to see their shares on Facebook, their posts and comments and can also receive messages from them in your inbox for Facebook.

How to Add Someone to a Restricted List

It is very easy to add anyone on the Restricted list. Just follow the steps as mentioned below and you are good to go.

    Sign in to your Facebook account and open the profile for the friend you want to add to the restricted list. How to add relatives on facebookOpen the profile of a friend you want to be added to the restricted list

You can notice the arrow in the image above. You need to click on the icon that says ‘friends’. Currently, this is the list that your friend is added in. Clicking on this tab will show you a drop-down list of all the possible lists you can add this friend to, to keep your privacy intact. This is also where you will find the option to unfriend anyone.

How to add relatives on facebookClick on the friends’ icon for that friend

Click on the tab that says ‘Add to another list’. Clicking on this will show you more options for lists.

How to add relatives on facebookAll the ticked lists are the lists the friend is already a part of

All the lists which show a tick sign next to them are the lists that this specific friend has been added to. On the same dropdown list, you need to scroll down till you find the tab for ‘Restricted list’.

You can follow the same steps for all the friends you want to add to this list.

What Content on Facebook Will the Restricted List See?

We can say that anything that you post on your profile with the settings for a public profile, will be visible to the people on your restricted list. But since many people hardly post stuff on public privacy settings, the friends on a restricted list cannot see much of your posts and shares, unless and until they have been tagged in it or have been mentioned in the caption or the comments of that picture.

You can identify the difference in the audience of your posts by the globe sign that appears, which means that the setting for this post is publicly visible to all, while when it shows an icon which looks like an outline of two men, the setting for this post is just for friends. And the content for such posts is not visible to the people on the restricted list.

So until and unless you have tagged them, you don’t have to worry about them looking at your posts on Facebook.

Your Friends Will Never Know They Are on the Restricted List

The list we add our friends on, on Facebook, is something between us and Facebook. Our friends will never be informed about the lists they have been added to directly. Even if they are on the restricted list, they will never know this unless you tell them of course. So if you are worried about people getting to know that they have been added on the restricted list, then you need not worry because they will literally never know which list they are on.

How to Remove Someone from a Restricted List?

The process to add someone to the restricted list, and to remove someone from the restricted list is the same.

How to add relatives on facebook

PDFs are an integral part of visual communication.

Flyers, menus, brochures, and newsletters are all commonly saved in the .pdf format.

Facebook does allow its user to attach and upload PDF files to posts, but there’s a catch: The feature isn’t available on your personal profile page. Instead, you can only use it on business pages and groups.

Here’s when — and how — you can upload a PDF to Facebook.

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How to upload a PDF to a Facebook business page

If you have a Facebook business page, you can upload a PDF. However, there’s another catch — whatever you upload will be considered a “menu” by Facebook, as if you were a restaurant.

This is great if you actually are trying to post a menu for your restaurant, but might not be what you want otherwise.

1. Open your web browser of choice on your Mac or PC and go to

2. Under the “Explore” tab on the left sidebar, go to Pages, where you can create or open your business page.

3. On the left side of your business page, click “See more,” and then “About.”

4. Click “Add Menu,” near the bottom of the page.

5. Select the PDF you want to upload by clicking “Add PDF Files,” and then click “Confirm.”

Your PDF will appear within a few minutes. To reach it, go back to your business page, and click “Menu” on the left side of the screen, below your page’s profile picture.

How to upload a PDF to a Facebook Group

1. Open a group page on Facebook in your preferred web browser.

2. At the top of the group page, there’s a box where you can write a post. Either drag and drop your PDF into this box, or click “More” at the top and select “Add File.”

3. Browse through your computer for the PDF you want and upload it, add any text that you want to accompany the file, and then click “Post.”

It’ll appear on the group page like any other post.

How to upload a PDF by converting it into an image

Although only certain pages on Facebook accept PDFs, nearly every page accepts standard image files. As such, you can convert your PDF into an image, and post it in many more places.

There are dozens of free tools online that will do this for you for free — albeit usually with some ads.

PDF 2 JPG is, for example, a fast and easy-to-use converter. You can find others through Google.

This works best for PDFs that are only a single page, but if you need to convert a multipage PDF, you should turn each page into its own separate image.

Once you’ve converted your PDF file into an image, you can post it like you would any other photo.

Whether you manage a brand page on Facebook or your own personal page, sometimes you need a team of people who can edit and publish content, look at information about your followers, and more.

Once you’ve created your business or brand page, Facebook lets you add people to your page with different levels of permissions. The role with the most permissions is known as an admin. Here’s how to add an admin to your page.

How to add someone as an admin on your Facebook page

1. Head to the Settings tab at the top right of your page and then click on “Page Roles.”

How to add relatives on facebook

Click on the ‘Page Roles’ tab. Eva Recinos/Business Insider

2. It will open up a menu also called “Page Roles.”

How to add relatives on facebook

On this page, you can manage every role on your page. Eva Recinos/Business Insider

3. In the “Assign a New Page Role” section, start typing the name of the person you want to assign to the page. The drop-down menu will offer you suggestions and you can choose the person you want from there.

4. Click the menu next to their name to select the “Admin” option.

How to add relatives on facebook

You can set a number of different roles, each with different permissions. Eva Recinos/Business Insider

5. A reminder will pop up that reads: “If you’re adding a new admin to your Page, please keep in mind that they will have the same permission as you do to make changes to this Page.”

6. Once you have the right name, click “Add.” Facebook will then prompt you to re-enter your password to make sure it’s you that is making the change.

7. Under “Existing Page Roles,” the person’s name will now show up with a red “pending” message next to it.

8. Once the person receives the notification, they can accept and their role will show up under the “Existing Page Roles” section. This shows you each person on your page, categorized by their permissions. For example, you can have one person under admin and one person under editor.

How to add relatives on facebook

Existing page roles are organised by how many permissions they hold. Eva Recinos/Business Insider

You can also use this menu to edit the permissions for each person on your page. So if you have someone as an Editor already, you can change them to admin by clicking on the “Edit” option.

When you click “Edit,” a drop-down menu will appear that lets you choose another role for that person. This way, there’s no need to re-add them to your page. You can also use this part of the menu to remove people from your page.

How to add relatives on facebook

You can edit someone’s role at any time. Eva Recinos/Business Insider

In this post we’re going to learn how to add someone as a moderator on your business or organisation’s Facebook page, and also what it looks like when you are added as a moderator of a page. For more basic information about setting up your Facebook page, see my article on Facebook for business.

How do I add someone as an administrator to my Facebook page?

To be added as an administrator of a page, you must Like that page first (or to be added as an administrator of a group, you must be a member of that group)

To add someone as an administrator of a page, they must Like that page first.

To add someone as a moderator, find See Likes on the Admin Panel of your page

How to add relatives on facebook

You will see a list of people who have “Liked” your page, each with a little icon to the right.

How to add relatives on facebook

Find the person you want to add, click on the icon and choose Make Admin:

How to add relatives on facebook

Once you’ve done that, you will get another screen which shows all of the people who are admins of that page:

How to add relatives on facebook

This shows that you’ve added someone to have admin rights. Note the x top right – this can be used to remove them. Press Save … and you’ll be asked for your password (just as a safety measure):

How to add relatives on facebook

Add your password and there they are, an admin.

How do I access the Page Roles area to change what my moderators can do?

If you want to change the roles that people have in moderating your page, go into the Page roles area by choosing Edit Page in the Admin Panel, then Manage Page Roles:

How to add relatives on facebook

What are the different Facebook page moderator levels?

You can choose different levels of moderation to give to your admin people. If you want to change these at any time, go into the Page Roles area by choosing Edit Page then Manage Page Roles (see screenshot in the previous section.

Now, click on the arrow by the role name assigned to your moderator, and you will see a list of choices. The role that the administrator currently has will have a tick next to it. Click on a role to change the privileges that the administrator has.

How to add relatives on facebook

An Admin can send messages, post as the page, create ads, see which person has created a post or comment, view insights (stats etc.) and assign page roles

An Editor can do everything that an Admin can do, plus they can edit the page itself.

A Moderator can do everything that an Admin can do, plus they can delete comments on the page

An Advertiser can see who created posts and comments, view insights (stats) and create adverts

An Analyst can see who created posts and comments and view insights

What does it look like when I’m added as an Admin of a Facebook page or group?

When the moderator of the page adds you as an admin, you will receive a notification. Depending on how you have notifications set up, you may receive an email – there will be a notification in your Facebook Notifications list. Here’s Laura’s which arrived after I’d added her, above:

How to add relatives on facebook

On your own Facebook feed, you will see all of the Pages you administrate under the Pages heading. For groups, there is also a section called Groups You Admin under the Groups heading.

How to add relatives on facebook

And here’s Laura’s Facebook menu, showing that she’s now administrator of her own page and mine:

How to add relatives on facebook

To view the page or group for which you have admin rights, click on the page or group and your view will be that of the administrator, with the Admin panel at the top:

How to add relatives on facebook

What does having moderator status for a Facebook page actually mean?

Once you’re a moderator / admin, you can do any or all of the following (see list above for the different roles): see all of the statistics for the page, who likes that page and how the posts on the page are doing; comment under the name of the page (so in my case, Laura can post on the page as if she’s called Libro Proofreading and Copyediting Services) and delete other people’s comments as appropriate; create adverts.

So, if you are the owner of a page and add admins, be careful if you’ve associated a bank account or PayPal account with the page, or make sure you choose the appropriate role level for your moderators and make sure you trust any people to whom you’ve given full roles to not to go booking millions of adverts without your say-so!

To summarise – if someone asks you to be a page administrator / moderator for their or their business’s Facebook page:

  • Make sure you ‘Like’ their page first
  • Ask them to find you in the list of people who ‘Like the page’
  • Ask them to click and make you a moderator
  • You will receive a notification and the page will appear at the top of your page list in the left-hand margin
  • Click on the page name in the left-hand margin and you will have full administrator rights

In this post, we’ve learned how to add someone as a page administrator, and what happens to that person’s view of Facebook once this has been done. Thanks to Laura Ripper for providing screen shots and being a guinea pig page admin! Her Facebook page is here and the Libro one is here.

If you’ve enjoyed this post and found it useful, please share it using the buttons below! Thank you!

You can find more resources on social media in my blog resource guide (link takes you to the social media section) and read about using social media for your business in my book on growing your business.

We know that starting a Facebook Page is not that easy as it seems. Even though we have quality content, most of us struggle to get likes on their pages. Only sharing our page on our timeline doesn’t help either. Perhaps, one of the solutions is that we can invite the people from our friend list to like our page and probably that’s why you are looking for a script to invite all friends to the facebook page.

There is invite button provided on a Facebook page through which we have to invite our friends one by one. However, if you have a huge friend list then manually asking all of them will consume lots of your time. But first of all, I am going to 9 simple tips to ensure to optimize your Facebook Page.

9 Tips to Optimize Your Facebook Page and Increase Reach

1. Choose the Right Name

No matter how much quality content you publish on your Facebook page. The First thing that catches user attention is the name of the page.

Make sure to use a name that can be understood by the users. Keep it clean and straightforward.

2. Customize Your URL

Custom URL helps your daily visitors to remember the URL to access it frequently. Don’t make it any complex.

3. Complete Your Profile Details

When a Facebook user is exploring new pages, the first thing that catches their attention is the details about the page and a little information about what it is about.

4. Determine Best Publishing Time to Increase Reach

You just can’t post anytime you want. This is not how it is supposed to be. You have to analyze your fans behavior when they are most likely to be online and other factors.

First of all, try posting at different times and then check at which time interval you got the most reach and engagement. And then try to schedule and publish your posts at that interval of time. This also applies while inviting your friends to like your Facebook page.

5. Try to post with Photos instead of a simple text/link

Along the time, we have found that a post with an image has far more reach than a simple text post with a link to it. This is probably because photos catch our attention far soon than a standard text.

You can try this step and let us know in the comment section!

6. Add a Call to Action Button

About a few months ago, Facebook added a Call to Action button which you can use for various purpose like feedback, app promotion, learn more, etc.

7. Try to Reply the Messages You Receive on Facebook Page ASAP

By responding to the user’s message faster, a badge will turn on when a user visits your Facebook page that will tell them that you are very quick to reply when asked something. Another thing that will attract users!

Tip: You can also ask your friends to invite their friends to your page.

8. Pin Important Content to Top of The Page

Let’s say you have some post that you want to promote more than any other. Then you can simply pin that post to the top. So that whenever someone visits your page it will appear on the top of all published posts.

How to add relatives on facebook

9. Customized Page Tabs

There are various apps available that will help you by adding tabs to your page. Some tabs like shopping, services, etc. are built-in, and you can use these to promote your business right on your Facebook Page.

Now, I am going to share a code which will help to invite all friends to Facebook Page in Single Click. This trick is very helpful in generating more Facebook Likes for the page from our friend circle. You can also add all friends to the facebook group. I have also created a video tutorial for it which is given below. You can also check out the written tutorial on this video.

Steps to Invite All Friends to Facebook Page

Method 1: Using Native Facebook Page Invite Dialog

  1. Go to your Facebook Page.
  2. On the right sidebar, you will see the “Invite Friends” button under Community. Click that button.
  3. A pop-up similar to the one given below will pop-up on your screen.
  4. Click “Select All“. You can also select “Also send each invite in Messenger” but we will recommend not to do that because we found that people usually get annoyed by things like that.
  5. Now click “Send Invites“. That’s all.

How to add relatives on facebook

Method 2: Using Chrome Extension

  1. Install this extension.
  2. Activate the extension and head over to your Facebook page.
  3. You will see a little tick icon near the bookmark star. This means that the extension is working fine.
  4. Now on your page, select invite friends option. A popup will show with all of your friends in it.
  5. Then click the icon of the extension. This will begin the process of inviting all of your friends to your Facebook page.
  6. Wait for the process to complete. (Larger friend list means you have to wait longer)

Update – We’ve updated the extension with a new one, but it works the same way the old one did so no worries!

Method 3: Invite People Who Liked your Post to Your Page

There may be some cases like you boosted a post using Facebook advertisement. There you will get an opportunity to invite the people who have liked your post on your page. In most cases, this results in lots of increase in likes. Also larger the list harder and time-consuming it is to invite everyone manually.

You can use the code given below and follow the similar procedure like Method 2 to invite them all to your Facebook Page in a moment:

var inputs = document.querySelectorAll(‘ a._42ft._4jy0._4jy3._517h’);
for(var i=1; iinputs[i].click();

Updated Code to Invite 50 Friends Only:

var inputs = document.querySelectorAll(‘a._42ft._4jy0._4jy3._517h’);
for(var i=1; iinputs[i].click();

Method 4: Invite all of your friends to your Facebook Event

Another trick which you can use is inviting all of your friends to your Facebook Event. Simply go to your event page and click “Share” and then “Invite Friends”.

Now, scroll down to the bottom of the list. Then, type javascript: into the address bar. Now paste the below code right after javascript:

var inputs = document.getElementsByClassName(‘_1pu2’);for(var i=0;i

Thank you for reading this post and keep connected to Tech Arrival to continue enjoying excellent posts. Share your views on this post in the comment section below. If you still have any query, throw it in the comment section.

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Have you heard about Facebook’s Close Friends feature? Here is a step by step by steps guide you can follow to add people to close Friends list on Facebook.

How to add relatives on facebook

Facebook, one of the most used social media applications across the globe allows its users to create close friend lists. Close Friends list is a friend list on Facebook which separates some friends from all other friends on the list. If you post anything on Facebook and select Close friends option, then only the people inside your Close friend’s list will be able to view it and the actions will not be visible to any other Facebook users from your account.

Close Friends feature comes in handy at times when you want to share an update with only certain friends. Use this feature and separate your professional contacts from personal ones. Now, if you are wondering how to add other Facebook users in your close friend’s list then you use this article as a reference.

Here is a step by step by steps guide you can follow to add people to close Friends list on Facebook using web, Android and iPhone.

How to add relatives on facebook

Desktop: Steps to add friends to Close Friends list on Facebook

Step 1: Visit the Facebook official website,

Step 2: Next, log in by entering your user Id and password.

Step 3: After login, go to your friend’s profile.

Step 4: Click Friends at the top of their profile.

Step 5: Now from the from the drop-down option, select Close Friends.

How to add relatives on facebook

Android: Steps to add friends to Close Friends list on Facebook

Step 1: Open the Facebook app on your Android device.

Step 2: Next, go to your friend’s profile.

Step 3: Tap Friends below their profile picture.

Step 4: Tap Edit Friend List.

Step 5: From the given options tap Close Friends.

iPhone: Steps to add friends to Close Friends list on Facebook

Step 1: Open Facebook app on your iPhone

Step 2: Next, go to your friend’s profile.

Step 3: Next, tap Friends below their profile picture.

Step 4: From the given option, tap Edit Friend Lists.

Step 5: Tap Close Friends.

According to the Facebook official website, you can add friends to more than one list or remove friends from a list.

Facebook friends. Hundreds of people that include your close friends and family, as well as someone you met once or twice walking your dog in the park. Just like in real life, you don’t always want to share the same things with every one of those people. The good news is, you don’t have to.

Facebook allows you to create custom friend lists. This comes in handy at times when you have an update you’d like to share with only certain friends. You can create as many friend lists as you like and separate your professional contacts from personal ones.

How to add relatives on facebook

Facebook custom friends lists will help you keep your Facebook news feed organized. You can also select any friend list to see a feed of posts made by just the people on that list.

Create Facebook Custom Friend Lists

First of all, you’ll need to log into your Facebook account on your desktop. You can’t create Facebook custom friend lists on the mobile app.

Where To Find Your Facebook Custom Friend Lists

  • In order to see your custom friend lists, open Facebook on your computer and go to your News Feed.
  • Find the Explore section on the left and select Friend Lists. If you can’t find it, click to See More and scroll down.

How to add relatives on facebook

This will take you to a page that shows your current friend lists. You’ll see that by default you already have three of them.

  • Close Friends (people you might want to share exclusively with).
  • Acquaintances (people you might want to share less with).
  • Restricted (people you’ve added as a friend but just don’t want to share with).

Remember that when you add someone to your Restricted list, they will only be able to see the content you set as Public or posts that you tag them in. However, you can create as many new lists as you like.

How to add relatives on facebook

Alternatively, you can just follow the link to access your friend lists.

How To Create a New Facebook Custom Friend List

  • From your Facebook News Feed, find the Explore section on the left and select Friend Lists.
  • Choose Create List.

How to add relatives on facebook

  • Name your list and add names of friends who you want to add to this list.
  • When you’re finished, click Create. You’ll see the new friend list appear among the ones you have on Facebook by default.
  • You can also customize your list later. Click on Manage List in the top right corner to change the name of your list, edit, archive, or delete it.

How To Add/Remove a Friend From a Friend List

Adding someone to your Facebook custom friend list is a fast and easy process.

  • Go to your friend’s Facebook profile and move your cursor to the Friends button. Then choose the desired friend list from the box.

How to add relatives on facebook

  • Or go to your News Feed and find a post by the friend you’d like to add to a friend list. Hover your cursor over the Friends button. Under Add to another list select the desired custom friend list.

How to add relatives on facebook

  • In order to take someone off a certain friend list, once again move your cursor to the Friends button. Then choose the list that you want to remove them from.

How To Use Your Facebook Custom Friend Lists

Facebook custom friend lists are great if you’re someone who is always looking for ways to improve your Facebook privacy. Here are a few options of how you can make use of this feature for better Facebook experience.

Use Lists To Organize Your Friends On Facebook

When you’ve set up a list, you can post an update on Facebook for specific people. For example, post something for just your colleagues or friends that live in your hometown. Using lists, you can also see updates from specific groups of people.

Click on a friend list and Facebook will generate a news feed that will only contain updates from the people that are on that list.

You can modify your lists at any time, and users won’t get notified when you add or remove them from a certain list.

Use Facebook Custom Friend Lists To Filter Content

When you want to hide your Facebook updates from specific friends, you can do it in individual posts or by tweaking your overall privacy settings.

  • By default, Facebook will let you select from the following options: Everyone, Friends Only, or Friends of Friends. Select Customize to apply your custom friend lists instead.
  • For individual posts, when sharing a status update, find the lock icon on the bottom right of your post. That way you can control who sees your Facebook content on every single post. You can also do it when editing settings for your photo albums.

Have a Backup Plan

Even though you’re the only person with access to your Facebook custom friend lists, don’t forget what Facebook is all about. Social networking and sharing information. So make sure you have a plan in case one of your friends find out you’ve been sharing information with other friends that they couldn’t see.

If you don’t want people talking, consider hiding your Facebook friends from others completely.

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