How to add music to gta v for pc

Grand Theft Auto V(GTA 5) is an action-adventure game published by Rockstar Games in 2013. The game was firstly released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and was available on Microsoft Windows PC in 2015. The game is famous for its heist plots and driving gameplays. Players can get into whatever car they want and use the audio system in the car to play songs. But originally there’re no songs in the game and users have to put their music files in a specific folder to import songs into the game.

A user from Reddit proposed an interesting idea on how you can play Spotify on GTA 5:

In GTA, most of us have cars that should be equipped with the latest technology. For example, you would think that a T20, a Zentorno, or a X80 should have Bluetooth in the Radio.

Now this is where my idea comes in:

For this idea to work, you will need to be a Spotify Premium as you need Spotify Connect and would need to implement the API (they don’t actually need hardware). Whenever you get into a compatible car (think like T20) Spotify Connect kicks in. That way you can control the music from your device or computer.

Unfortunately, Spotify hasn’t implemented such a feature on GTA 5 yet. But, today I’m going to show you how to play Spotify on GTA 5 without subscribing to Spotify’s premium plan.

Part 1. Download Music for Spotify on GTA5 PC

There’s no integration between Spotify and GTA5. So, if you want to play Spotify songs on GTA, you’ll have to download them in the first place. But due to the DRM protection, any songs downloaded from Spotify cannot be played elsewhere or applied to public using without the authorization from Spotify.

Meanwhile, to play music in GTA5, you’ll need audio files in MP3, AAC, WMA, or WAV formats. Other formats such as FLAC, OGG, or copy-protected AAC don’t work in GTA5. But thanks to ViWizard Spotify Music Converter, you’ll be able to download Spotify songs to GTA5 supported formats and then you can directly put them in GTA5 for playing.

ViWizard Spotify Music Converter is designed to download and convert Spotify audios into 6 different formats such as MP3, AAC, M4A, WAV, M4B, and FLAC. Almost 100% of the original song quality will be kept after conversion. With a 5× faster conversion speed, this tool can download Spotify songs within a few minutes.

"Does GTA 5 work with Apple Music files? I have songs downloaded and saved in M4A format and I want to listen to them in the game. Is there any idea on it?" – One user from Reddit.

GTA 5 (Grand Theft Auto V) is an action-adventure game published in 2013. The game players can get into any car and use the car’s audio system to play songs in the game. However, there are no songs in the GTA 5 game and users need to import songs to it.

Back to the issue of ‘Apple Music GTA V’, today here we are going to focus on Apple music and GTA 5 and show you how to add Apple Music to GTA 5 for listening. Now, let’s head on to see how to make it.

How to add music to gta v for pc

Part 1. Tool to Download Apple Music to GTA 5

To get Apple Music in GTA 5, we need to use the DRmare Audio Converter for Mac. Due to the right protection, the contents from Apple Music are not allowed to use on any device or platform directly. Thus, we need to use the DRmare program to convert and download Apple Music as local files and then import them to GTA 5 for playing.

The DRmare Audio Converter is a smart and professional tool that can rip the protection from Apple Music and convert Apple Music to MP3, AAC and more audio files.

Thanks to this tool, you can keep full ID3 tags and original quality of Apple Music after converting. And you can modify the audio parameters like bit rate, sample rate, etc. according to your requirements.

DRmare Apple Music Converter

How to add music to gta v for pc

  • Rip DRM limitation from Apple Music contents
  • Convert Apple Music to MP3 and other common formats
  • Customize output audio parameters, like bit rate, etc.
  • Convert Apple Music audio file at a faster speed with original quality kept

Part 2. How to Convert Apple Music for GTA 5

In this section, we are going to show you how to convert Apple Music files and save them as local files on your computer for importing to GTA V. Before that, you need to download and install the DRmare Audio Converter program to your computer. You can use the free trial version to test the program’s performance.

Now please check out the steps below and start to convert Apple Music with DRmare Audio Converter.

Step 1 Load Apple Music tracks to DRmare How to add music to gta v for pcLaunch DRmare Audio Converter. Then hit on the ‘Add File’ button from the bottom left corner on DRmare main interface. Here you can choose Apple Music files you like to convert and play on GTA 5. Then click ‘Add’ button to confirm and load Apple Music files to DRmare program. Step 2 Set output format for GTA 5 How to add music to gta v for pcClick on the ‘format’ icon at the bottom right. Then a ‘Format Setting’ window will pop up. In it, you can select the audio format from MP3, M4A, etc. as the output format for GTA 5. Besides, you are able to adjust your Apple Music with the bit rate, channel, sample rate and codec. Step 3 Convert Apple Music for GTA 5 How to add music to gta v for pcPlease touch on the big ‘Convert’ button to start the conversion progress. DRmare Apple Music Converter will convert Apple Music for you to use on GTA 5 automatically. When the conversion done, you could locate the converted Apple Music files on the target folder on your computer. You could do that by clicking the ‘Converted’ button on DRmare program.

Part 3. How to Import and Use Apple Music in GTA 5

In this part, we will show you how to import Apple Music to GTA 5 and listen to the music in the game.

Step 1. Open your computer and go to the File Explorer.

Step 2. Click ‘Documents’ and find ‘Rockstar Games’ > ‘GTA V’ > ‘User Music’ folder.

Step 3. Find and drag converted Apple Music into the folder.

Step 4. Launch the GTA 5 game and go to the audio settings.

Step 5. Hit on ‘Quick Scan’ or ‘Full Scan’ for music.

Step 6. Change Radio Station to Self Radio.

After then, you had successfully got Apple Music to GTA 5 and you are allowed to using Apple Music with GTA 5.

Video Tutorial: How to Add Apple Music to GTA 5

Part 4. The Verdict

With DRmare Apple Music Converter, you can easily get music from Apple Music and convert them as local files on your computer with original quality. Then you can directly add Apple Music to GTA V or other devices or platforms for playing offline anytime. What’s more, the DRmare Audio Converter can also convert Audible audiobooks, iTunes music, etc. with high quality.

Jack Simons has been engaging in tech and music entertainment for over 5 years. And he is committed to discovering new tech skills and gadgets related to Apple Music and sharing with others.

This page contains information on the user-created Self Radio station in GTA 5.

Users who play GTA 5 on PC can create their own radio stations, with track lists made up of their own music – or any other audio files you might choose to add.

How to Create a Self Radio Station

Adding your own music to GTA 5 is easy, just follow these simple steps:

  • Open the Rockstar Games folder in My Documents
    ( [LOCAL DISK] > Users > My Documents > Rockstar Games )
  • Open the GTA V folder.

Open the User Music folder.

  • Copy or move the desired audio files into the User Music folder.
    (At least 3 audio files are required)
  • Instead of directly copying music files, you can also create Shortcuts to music files or folders. This saves on hard drive space by create small links to the files, rather than duplicating your music files.
  • To create a shortcut, either hold Shift+Ctrl and then drag and drop files/folders, or select the files and use right-click Copy and then right-click Paste Shortcut.
  • If you create a folder shortcut, all music files in that folder as well as any subfolders will automatically be included when scanned by GTA.
  • Select Self Radio as your radio station.

The game should automatically detect your audio files and add the Self Radiocomplete the following additional steps:

  • Open the Pause menu and go to the Settings tab.
  • Select Audio.
  • Select Perform Quick Scan or Perform Full Scan for music.

Self Radio playback modes

There are three options for listening to your Self Radio station once you've successfully imported your music into GTA V:

  • Sequential: Plays the songs in the User Music folder in the order in which they appear.
  • Random: Creates a randomized playlist using the audio files in the User Music folder.
  • Radio: Creates a randomized playlist using audio files in the User Music folder, as well as inserting Rockstar-created station IDs, DJ banter and advertisements.

By default, you can use the – and = keys on the keyboard to cycle through songs, however this capability is disabled in Radio mode since it's simulating the playback of an on-the-air radio station.

How to add music to gta v for pc1

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A lot of gudie talk about COPYING your music to the required folder. This is a waste of HDD Space, as Shortcuts can be used.
Not only can you shortcut to a specific MP3 file, you can shortcut to a folder, and this is what I have done.
As per other guides, this all needs to go into "’user’DocumentsRockstar GamesGTA VUser Music"

You can shotcut to multiple folders, and there is no need to shortcut to nested folders as GTA V searches sub directories for you.
E.G. Shortcutting to "C:Music" will also include mp3s in "C:MusicTop100" and "C:MusicMy Favourite Songs"

So, by all means shotcut to each individual folder you want to add to yout radio, otherwise, just shortcut to your musics root folder.

Now everying is done within Windows, load GTA V.

Once the game has loaded and BEFORE you start playing, you need to access the Settings Menu.

Once in settings, go to Audio subsetting.


| Turn Auto Scan for Music to "OFF" |

Select "Perform Quick Scan For Music"
– Depending on how many sub-folders you have, how many mp3’s you have and your computer specs, this may take a while .It took 5mins for me, but I have a low end PC for this game.
– Once completed you will get a notification of "xxx songs added"

*Besides any spelling mistakes.

What makes this guide different.

#1 – Shortcutting – Yes,. other guide may tell you to shortcut to a file, but i’m letting you know that shortcutting to a folder will work, and will also include it’s subfolders

#2 – "Auto Scan" – BIGGEST HELP FOR LOW END USERS. Once you have done your initial scan fro music and it has all been added, you don’t need this feature. THIS FEATURE is what cause my load times to increase drastically as everytime i hit "Load Story Mode" it was rescanning all the folders it was linked to.
– Once you’ve initially done the scan, unless you are adding more files to the linked folders you don’t need to be rescanning them. If you do add more files, just follow the process mentioned before for a Quick Scan.

#3 – Once the scans are done, You are able to delete the shortcuts that were created, and still have the music linked to your radio station in game.

Jam to your own music whilst you cruise around Los Santos on PC.

Home » PC » GTA V on PC: How to Add Custom Radio Stations and Listen to Your Own Music

Just like in previous GTA games on PC, Grand Theft Auto V allows you to create a custom radio station with your own music, for those moments when the other radio stations aren’t scratching that musical itch you have. Wanna know how to do it? We’ll talk you through the steps.

After installing GTA V, find the ‘Rockstar Games’ folder found inside the ‘Documents’ folder of the Windows account that installed it (this may be user). In there you’ll find a folder ‘GTA V’, and inside that you’ll find an empty folder conveniently called ‘User Music’.

The file path should look a little something like this: C:Users Your User AccountDocumentsRockstar GamesGTA VUser Music

Obviously the drive letter may be different if you have a number of hard drives in your PC. Once you’ve found this folder just copy and paste those music files into the folder. MP3s are definitely supported, it may be trial and error with a few others.

When you’ve collated your radio station playlist, boot up the game and open up the Settings menu. Select Audio and you’ll find the options “Perform Quick Scan for Music” and “Perform Full Scan for Music.” Both seem to do the same job, so click either of them, a new radio station will now be available in the game that has your music and your music alone. Above these settings you can even change the “Self Radio Mode” to choose the order in which the music is played.

Did you pick up GTA V on PC? Is it all that you hoped for and more? Let us know in the comments below.

How to add music to gta v for pc2

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1. Go to your Spotify Client or Web Player or App.

2. Select your Playlist and right-click it.

3. Go to Share and click on "Copy Spotify URL".

4. Now go to Playlist-Converter [] .

5. Click here on Spotify and Login with your Spotify-Account and choose your Playlist.
Note: You have to follow that Playlist.

6. Select the Playlist and signin to your YouTube (Google) Account.

7. Now it should convert all Songs from the Playlist.

8. Set the Playlist to public or not listed. Copy the URL of the YouTube-Playlist.

11. Use a program or online converter like "4k Video Downloader", that supports playlist downloads.

12. After the download is finished, open the Zip and drag the Mp3s into C:UsersyouDocumentsRockstar GamesGTA VUser Music

13. Start GTA 5 and go to Options then to Audio.

14. There you can let search your Music. This can take a long time, based on the number of files! EDIT: If it doesnt end, make sure automatic self radio search is enabled, just restart your game and go normal in game (Story/Online)

15. Now you can find your Radio at the top of the Radio-Selection.

Thanks for reading my Guide. If you have questions ask them below. And pls RATE 🙂

1. Gehe zuerst zu Spotify.

2. Wähle deine Playlist aus und klicke auf sie rechts.

3.Klicke nun auf Teilen und dann auf "Spotify URL kopieren".

4. Öffne nun den Playlist-Converter [] .

5. Drücke hier auf Spotify und logge dich mit deinem Spotify-Account an und wähle deine Playlist.
Achtung: Du musst der Playlist folgen.

6 Logge dich in deinem YouTube (Google) Account ein und starte den Vorgang.

7. Jetzt sollte der Konvertvorgang starten.

8. Ändere die Playlist zu Öffentlich oder Nicht gelistet. Kopiere dann die URL von der YouTube-Playlist.

11. Gehe nun zum Converter [] ,füge deine URL ein und starte den Mp3-Download.

12. Nachdem der Download fertig ist, öffne die Zip und kopiere die Mp3s in C:UsersyouDocumentsRockstar GamesGTA VUser Music

13. Starte GTA 5 und gehe zu Einstellungen und dann zu Audio.

14. Hier kannst du deine Musik suchen lassen. Das kann eine Zeit dauern, wenn du viele Dateien hast! EDIT: Wenn es kein Ende nimmt, stelle sicher, das die automatische Self-Radio Suche aktiviert ist, starte das Spiel neu und gehe einfach normal in Story/Online

15. Jetzt kannst du deinen Self-Radio im Radio-Auswahlmenü finden.

Danke fürs lesen meines Guides. Wenn du fragen hast, stelle sie unten. Und pls BEWERTE 🙂

Grand Theft Auto V has been everyone’s favorite. And now with all the new features it offers, its popularity is rising quickly. You can drive your dream car and play any song right in the game. But, if you are a Spotify user, you might not know how to play Spotify on GTA 5 PC. Worry not, because we are here with a fantastic solution.

You can not only download unlimited Spotify songs for limitless streaming on any device but also easily play Spotify through GTA 5 pc. Even if you don’t have a Spotify premium account, you can still download the songs. However, you will need a little outside help. And that’s where we come in.

Read ahead to start playing Spotify songs on GTA 5 pc.

How to add music to gta v for pc

Part 1. How to Download Spotify Songs with AudKit

AudKit Spotify Music Converter is a tool specifically designed to convert and download Spotify music into commonly compatible formats. Since the Spotify music is encrypted in OGG format, AudKit allows a way to bypass the limitation and save the files locally. There are various output formats, including MP3, WAV, FLAC, etc. Better yet, the conversion speed is 5x times faster. Plus, you can download as many as 100 songs with the batch download feature. Whether you want to convert music files, podcasts, or audiobooks, AudKit does it all.

How to add music to gta v for pc

Main Features of AudKit Spotify Music Converter

  • Convert Spotify music to MP3, AAC, WAV, and others
  • Download Spotify songs and playlists for offline playback
  • Keep 100% sound quality and ID3 tags in the output audios
  • Batch convert Spotify songs at 5X speed

Apart from that, AudKit losslessly retains the original audio quality. Despite the fast download and quick conversion rates, the audio quality is never compromised. Not only the quality, but AudKit also preserves the metadata and ID3 tags for easy music organization later. The output setting customization feature also allows users to adjust the settings according to their preferences easily. Hence, AudKit provides a way for playing Spotify songs on GTA 5 pc. And it also enables users to transfer the downloaded songs to other devices such as game consoles or MAC systems.

Before showing you how to play Spotify on GTA 5 pc, follow the three quick steps to download Spotify music using AudKit.

Step 1 Import music from Spotify

How to add music to gta v for pc

There are 3 simple ways in which you import the Spotify music files or even playlists to the AudKit tool. Right-click on any Spotify song to copy its link. Paste that song link to the search bar in the AudKit tool. Or, tap on the plus sign ‘+’ to import. Also, you can easily drag and drop the songs to the main interface of AudKit.

Step 2 Customize output settings for GTA 5 PC

How to add music to gta v for pc

After importing, click on the Menu tab on the top taskbar. Click on Preferences. In the Convert tab, you can adjust the various output parameters according to your requirements. Adjustable parameters include format, bit rate, sample rate, conversion speed, etc. Click Ok.

Step 3 Convert Spotify Music for GTA 5 PC

How to add music to gta v for pc

Finally, click on Convert at the bottom. The process will take a few seconds to download. Now you can play Spotify through GTA 5 pc.

Part 2. How to Add and Play Spotify Music on GTA 5

You must be wondering why won’t Spotify play with GTA 5 open pc even after downloading the music files locally. It is because you need to adjust some settings before you can start playing Spotify songs on GTA 5 pc. This is the easiest part.

Here’s how to play Spotify on GTA 5 pc.

Step 1. Import Downloaded Songs to GTA 5

First, you will need to import the Spotify files to the GTA folder on your computer. Go to the File Explorer folder on your computer. Open the Documents folder and click on Rockstar Games. Then tap on GTA 5 and finally on User Music.

Now, drag and drop all the Spotify music files you downloaded using AudKit Spotify Converter.

Step 2. Play Spotify Through GTA 5 PC

After importing music to the GTA 5 folder, you will have to restart the GTA 5 game. Then, go to Audio Settings. Click on the Quick Scan/ Full Scan button. Change the settings from Radio Station to Self Radio. This will allow you to play Spotify through GTA 5 pc.


The bottom line is that you can step-up your gaming experience by enjoying your favorite Spotify songs right in the game. Now that you know how to play Spotify on GTA 5 pc, all you need is a few clicks and a powerful music converter. And with AudKit Spotify Music Converter, you’re all good to go.

So, go ahead and play Spotify through GTA 5 pc. Whether it’s a podcast or upbeat music playlist, the choice is yours.

Adding user music to the radio has been a useful feature in the GTA games. This article covers the steps to add user music to GTA 5.

How to add music to gta v for pc

Radio Stations have long been a part of the GTA series with some famous personalities such as The Game making starring or cameo appearances. However, at times players feel the need to play some of their own music, on the Radio of their favourite game. GTA 5 has built-in functionality to let players play their own music on the Radio. This article lists the steps to play user music on the GTA 5 radio.

How to add music to gta v for pc

How to add your own music to GTA 5 4

How to add your own music to GTA 5:

How to add music to gta v for pc

How to add your own music to GTA 5 5

Step 1: Have the music file saved as an MP3 or .WAV file.

Step 2: Navigate to the Documents Folder.

Step 3: Locate Rockstar Games Folder.

Step 4: Go to the GTA 5 folder and then the User Music Sub Folder.

Step 5: Copy and paste the music file needed on to this location.

Step 6: Launch GTA 5 and navigate to the settings menu.

Step 7: Under the Audio tab, find Self Radio Mode and choose the desired mode.

Step 8: Run a full scan of the Self Radio.

Step 9: Launch a story mode or online session.

Step 10: Get into a vehicle and play the Self Radio Station.

Step 11: Your songs will now be played on the Radio inside vehicles.

How to add music to gta v for pc

How to add your own music to GTA 5 6

These were the different steps to add user music to GTA 5. Note that this station will not be available to other players and only you. When with another player inside the vehicle, a random other radio station or the Self Radio set up by the other player would play for him. Also, this method can only work if the player has selected at least more than 4 songs.

How to put music in GTA 5. Continuing in the tradition of the series, GTA V also allows you to create a personalized music playlist on your radio. And while it may seem simple, this feature greatly enhances the gaming experience.

In other articles we have talked about how sell cars in GTA V or as Rob a bank. Next, we will show you how to put music in GTA 5.

Table of Contents

How to put music in GTA 5 step by step

How to add music to gta v for pc

Follow the instructions below to learn how to add the songs to a specific folder in the game and then play them while driving a vehicle:

It is important to note that this procedure only works in GTA 5 for PC.

Add songs

  1. Open the Windows file explorer.
  2. En «Documents», double click on the folder «Rockstar Games«.
  3. Double click on the folder «GTA V«.
  4. The system will display all the game files. Double click on the folder «User Music«.
  5. For the radio to work, paste at least four songs – the game supports the formats MP3, WMA or M4A without GDD.

Listen to music

  1. Opens GTA 5 in the computer.
  2. As soon as the game starts, press the «keyEsc»To pause.
  3. Click on «Configuration»And then on the«Audio«.
  4. In “Radio station », change to “Personal radio«.
  5. Click on «Perform full music search«. This procedure may take a few minutes, depending on the number of tracks placed in the folder.

In the option «Personal radio mode«, It is possible to select some modes:

  • Sequence: plays the audio files in the sequence they are in the folder. You can skip the tracks by pressing the «key=«.
  • Random: plays audio files randomly. You can also skip tracks using the same «key=«.
  • Radio: play random audio files with radio announcements and DJ voice-overs.

When everything is set up, just go back to the game and select «Personal radio»As default. To do this, enter a vehicle, press the «keyQ»And use the mouse to choose this station.

We hope this article has been useful to you. If you now want to learn to tow cars in GTA, continue browsing our website.