How to add forums to a website

Do you have a blogger blog? And, want to add forum to that Blogger blog? In this article I’m sharing about how you can add forum to Blogger in simple way.

If you have huge readers in your blog and many comments, perhaps you should consider to add a forum to finish enriching your blog. I think you’re in this right place to get all tricks about it.

There are so many tools and apps to add forum in blogger blog. I think you’ve already haired about nabble. It’s a free forum tool by which you can easily add a forum page in your blog.

How to add forums to a website

Add Forum in Your Blogger Website

Here’s the all steps to add forum in blogger. Hope you will read with care.

  • Go to Nabble page to create an account (Keep in mind that this account will be the moderator of the forum).
  • And one you’ve account set (it also has a wide variety of customizing options), go to Options -> Application -> Change appearance.
  • You can also edit the CSS of the forum and other things.
  • Now you’ve to give the structure of a real forum, i.e. Organizing it by categories. to do this click on the Options menu, select Application, then click change Application type.
  • Choose the Forum category and save your changes.
  • To finish, you have to create categories and for this go back to Options, this time select Structure and then choose Create a new sub-forum:
  • Fill in the details of the category and that’s it, you will have your forum running.
  • The rest are small details, like sort categories (Options> Structure> Manage Sub-forums ), customize your avatar and your signature (Your Nick name > Account Settings), change Permissions (Options > Users> Permissions), etc..
  • Now Integrate the newly created forum in your blog, go to Options – Embedding Options and copy the JavaScript code.

How to Embed Forum in a Blogger Page?

  • Go to your Blogger Dashboard and create a new Blank Page
  • Once there, click to HTML mode.
  • Now paste the code that you’ve copied earlier, and if everything went well, the forum will be live in blog.


The things I’ve explained was so simple. Hope the tips was really understandable and make it sense. If you’ve got any issue then don’t forget to drop a comment. Please share this valued tricks with other bloggers.

If you have a blog or website, adding an online forum is a great way to foster community and build visitor loyalty. A forum is a type of message board, sometimes divided into subjects, where members can post comments and reply to posts from other members. It’s easy to add a forum to your blog with a number of free or low-priced tools that offer a variety of features.

Forums are often referred to as bulletin boards or message boards.


Available in mobile version.

Runs lean, without much bloat.

Add-ons available to extend functionality.

Complicated to install and manage.

Technical support spotty.

vBulletin is one of the most popular forum tools because it’s chock-full of features and functionality. It’s not free, but if you want a top-notch forum, you can get it with vBulletin, which also offers a mobile app. Spend some time on a site that has a forum powered by vBulletin, such as the vBulletin support forum or the StudioPress forum, to see how it works.

vBulletin pricing options range from a $19.95 monthly license to a $399 license that includes free forum support for life.


How to add forums to a website

Free and open source.

Demo version allows users to try before committing to installation.

Lots of customization options.

Forum users can send private messages.

No social media integration options.

phpBB is one of the most popular forum tools around because it offers a wide variety of features and customization options, and is completely free to use. Visit the phpBB forum or the Elegant Themes forum to see how the tool works.


How to add forums to a website

Large support community, with more than 300,000 active installs.

Third-party plugins add more features.

Rather sparse out of the box.

Forum appearance can’t be customized without changing code.

Even though the free bbPress forum tool was created by the makers of WordPress and Akismet, you don’t have to have WordPress to use it. It’s a standalone forum tool that can be added to any blog or website. However, if you do use WordPress, bbPress integrates seamlessly into your blog or website.

The bbPress tool isn’t as feature-rich as vBulletin, but it’s a great option if you want to use a simple, free forum tool. See it in action in the bbPress forum or the U.K. Nissan Cube Owners Club Forum.

Vanilla Forums

How to add forums to a website

Large user community.

Not as customizable as most other options.

Analytics not very comprehensive.

No dedicated mobile app.

Vanilla Forums is a free, open-source forum tool that offers some customization options, but not as many as some of the other tools in this list. However, Vanilla Forums is extremely easy to use. Simply copy a single line of code from the Vanilla Forums website into your blog, and a bare-bones forum is instantly added. Add-ons are available to enhance your Vanilla Forums discussion board.

Check out Vanilla Forums by going to the product’s Showcase page to see forum examples in action.

While the open-source version is free to download and use, there are also Business, Corporate, and Enterprise plans available from $689 per month.

Easily customize the colors, and add your logo, header, and custom CSS to make your forum your own.

Discuss under your brand with a stand-alone or integrated community.

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Easily customize the colors, and add your logo, header, and custom CSS to make your forum your own.

Discuss under your brand with a stand-alone or integrated community.

Website Toolbox is completely invisible to your users!

  • Match your website’s domain name. No website? Choose from our default domains or purchase your own.
  • Logging in to your website logs users into your forum as well.
  • Embed the forum
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Top forums on Website Toolbox make hundreds of thousands of rubles per year.

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Convert prospects

Build relationships and create a sense of trust with prospective customers.

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Website Toolbox has been a superb solution for TheBigDay Travel.

Our customers love it and the customization available is flexible enough to allow us to “brand” the forum so that it fits with our main site.

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Excellent customer service. amazing features.

Website Toolbox proved to be one of the most comprehensive forum services we came across.

It doesn’t get more user-friendly than this. Ranked no. 1 by

It looks like it resides right on our site.

Michael Cottam, Founder of

It looks like it resides right on our site.

Michael Cottam, Founder of

There is so much you can do with this software. I’ve had it a few weeks and my forum looks great, it’s already super popular and fun and growing, and I just can’t believe how simple it is to use, and how affordable it is. Man oh man I’m sure glad I lucked out and found this forum company. Love it!

Why are more and more people flocking to the web in place of television? Very simple- the web is interactive, alive, and allows you to talk back to it in a way very few other mediums allow.

Now, let’s narrow our focus a bit, and ask ourselves this instead: “Why are more people flocking to certain sites on the net over others?” While this is certainly not a question with only one answer, one of them most certainly would be that it’s because the former is more interactive and constant-changing than the remaining bunch. I love the TV show Seinfeld too, but after watching George accidentally poison his wife 100 times, it gets kind of old. The point is, change and interactivity is a good thing when it comes to attracting and keeping eyeballs, whether we’re talking about TV programs, or your site. And speaking of interactivity and change, what better tool to make it all happen than a discussion forum? It’s extremely low cost to implement, interactive, and finally, self-updating.

In this tutorial, I’ll talk about the two possible means to adding a forum to your site, and wrap things up with a brief tour on the evolution of our very own forum-

Adding a forum by installing your own forum program

This is the recommended way for implementing a forum on your site- by obtaining a forum script, and installing and serving it yourself. is an example of that.

The basic criteria to setting up your own forum is simple- ability to run server side scripts such as PHP, ASP, Perl etc on your server. Most paid web hosts offer at least one of these functionalities. I’ll list now some of the top commercial/ freeware forum programs available on the market you may wish to take into consideration while on your quest for the “one.”

Resource list updated Dec 28th, 05′

PHP Forum scripts

First up, our 5 picks for PHP based poll scripts. Your site obviously needs to support PHP in order to use any of these scripts:

How to add forums to a website

Create your own forum

Forumotion is a forum community creator. Thanks to the creation tool of free forums, you can customize your forum with just a few clicks. A forum is the right place to build an online community.

How to add forums to a website

Customize your forum

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How to add forums to a website

Make a successful forum

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ModernBB • phpBB2 • phpBB3 • punBB • Invision.

Selection of free themes

Access thousands of free themes to customize your forum with just a few clicks. Installation is easy and fast. The best skins to have an amazing forum.

Support very active

Take the advantage of the community to create a forum and make it unique. Any tips to get a personalized forum for free are available on the Support!

Role-Playing (RPG)

Enjoy Forumotion features to improve the commitment of your community: Chatbox, Gallery, Portal, Calendar, RPG, Mentions and Tags, Backups.

Secure HTTPS Forum

Secure your forum with an SSL certificate and give your community a more secure web space, in line with the new standards of the Internet.

Free and powerful forum

Enjoy a free forum with unlimited members and messages, a domain name including personalized emails, on a reliable and powerful host!

Free classified ads

Enable ads on your forum to allow your community to sell, buy, give and exchange real or virtual objects between members.

User’s and keywords tags

Increase the engagement and interactivity of your members with the content of your forum through keywords tags and username tags.

Automatic data backups

Get regular and secure backups of all the content of your forum. Restore a forum at an earlier date has never been so easy.

Discover how to import a forum and its community on Forumotion. More info on our blog !

Free forums creation and hosting

Create a free forum on Forumotion

A free forum is an online discussion board to interact and chat with users and members. How to create a forum? Forumotion brings communities together with a 10 years experience in forum hosting. Our community and forum hosting platform allows you to make a free and powerful forum easily. You can start a forum without any technical knowledge necessary. Build your own community and start to discuss on your new message board.
Enjoy an easy management and various features of your free forum: unlimited sub-forums, posts and topics, custom forum skins, chat box, photo galleries, portal, RPG, regular backups, awesome avatars, language choice, free hosting service. Use Forumotion to setup your online forum is the best way to build a large forum community.

Thanks to this complete discussion system mixing forum, chat, private messaging, poll, classified ad, blog and others, to gather a community group and debate between passionate members is within the reach of all! So do not wait, make your community online and discuss with people who share the same interests.
Create and customize an Internet forum in seconds!

How to add forums to a website

Why create a forum in 2021?

A forum is an ideal format for visitors to discuss, debate, and share advice or ask questions. But creating a forum offers many more advantages. So why create your own discussion forum in 2021? What are the benefits of a forum to build an online community? Here are the main reasons that make the forum creation very interesting!

Online communities are as popular as ever

Communities have never been so present on the Internet. Whether it is forums or social networks, users still enjoy gathering to discuss around a common passion. Creating a forum allows you to take advantage of this community spirit while keeping the possibility of fully customizing it. You can thus launch a forum on video games, RPG, motorcycles. The possibilities are endless!

From simple forums to complete community platforms

Forumotion has been offering its free forum creation service since 2004. Over the past 15 years, habits and trends have changed considerably: the way people interact, lead and manage their communities. That is why Forumotion has made the forums evolve to better meet the needs of new online communities and groups.
It is no longer just a question of creating a simple forum for discussion between friends or passionate people. You have the choice to activate features to enhance your forum possibilities now: classified ads, publications, events, photos and videos or PWA. With Forumotion, you can create a real community website that will meet all your community members needs.

More modern, customizable and secure forums

Also, the websites appearance has evolved significantly with the new web design trends. Forumotion proposes to create modern and optimized forums for mobile interactions. You can choose to launch a very modern designed and responsive forum with the AwesomeBB theme for example. Of course, you have the possibility to modify your forum appearance in order to customize it according to your community.
Finally, you can choose to have a secure forum using the HTTPS protocol. Your members will discuss further on a forum with a secure connection.

One of the most important factors to consider when setting up a payment form or e-commerce store is how you’ll accept payments.

Customers expect online payments to be quick, secure, and convenient. To make the process run as smoothly as possible, you need to set up the right payment gateway for your business.

In this post, we’ll walk you through the options for accepting online payments.

What is a payment gateway?

The traditional method for collecting payments online is through a merchant account and a payment gateway — such as Authorize.Net.

A merchant account is basically like a business bank account that accepts credit card payments, and a payment gateway connects your merchant account to your website or online store.

What might have taken a couple of weeks to set up is now easy to take care of in a day or two with a payment gateway — like PayPal or Square — or with something like Stripe, which offers an all-in-one solution.

As you research payment gateway solutions, here are some questions you should ask:

  • What are their merchant and transaction fees?
  • Are there different rates for debit cards and different credit card brands? For example, it’s common for American Express and non-major brands to have higher processing fees.
  • What are the different rates or fees for back-office payments?
  • How do they handle disputes and chargebacks?
  • What type of customer support do they provide?
  • What countries do they support?
  • Are there any products or services that I can’t sell through their payment gateway? For example, many payment gateways won’t allow you to sell guns, knives, or any tactical weapons.

There are many payment gateways to choose from, but some of the most common include PayPal, Stripe, Square, and Authorize.Net. Here’s a bit about each of these popular payment gateways.

Small businesses and e-commerce platforms can use PayPal to safely accept payment in person, online, or by phone. Accepted payment types include PayPal, Venmo, and PayPal Credit. PayPal includes the added security of advanced fraud protection technology.

Their processing fees begin at 2.9 percent plus $0.30 per transaction.


Stripe is a popular complete payment platform. It can bill customers as well as accept online and in-person payments. Data security is another plus of using Stripe as the backend payment processor for your website.

Their processing fees begin at 2.9 percent plus $0.30 per transaction with their Integrated plan. They also offer a Customized plan that they can tailor to your business needs.


Square allows merchants to accept funds securely in person, online, or through contactless point-of-sale (POS) payments. The card processor is small, business friendly, and well known for the physical card swipers that attach to mobile phones.

Their processing fees begin at 2.6 percent plus $0.10 per transaction.


Authorize.Net gives merchants the flexibility to accept payments through a variety of processors — like PayPal, Apple Pay, and credit cards. Fraud prevention, recurring payments, invoicing, and e-check payments are all available through this payment gateway.

Their processing fees begin at 2.9 percent plus $0.30 per transaction.

Connect your payment gateway to a payment form

Collecting payments on your website is easy if you use a payment form that allows you to collect customer information, order type, and the quantity of each item ordered. Just sync your payment form with your payment gateway to get started.

Check out all of Jotform’s payment form templates, which you can use in their original format or customize to suit your needs. Then you can simply connect to your preferred payment gateway.

Best practices for collecting payments online

It’s important to consider the user experience throughout the payment process. The easier it is to pay, the more likely your customer is to complete their checkout.

Many factors go into creating a seamless payment collection process. Here are some best practices you can apply to your store.

1. Use multiple payment gateways

By including multiple payment gateways on your site, you increase the chances that you’re offering a payment option every potential customer can use. This is particularly true if you have a lot of international customers.

2. Include an SSL on your website

When a customer enters their personal information and payment details, they need to know they can trust your site. An SSL certificate shows that your website is secure and encrypts credit card information. Be sure to display the certificate or other security credentials on your site or during the checkout process to reassure users that their information is safe with you.

3. Accept payments without requiring customers to create an account

One way to reduce friction in the payment process is to eliminate the need to create an account. Forcing someone to sign up on your website for a one-time purchase can quickly kill the sale.

4. Require necessary details only

Do you really need your customer’s phone number to complete the transaction? If you do, then, by all means, ask for it on the checkout form, but if not, you should probably nix it. It’s always best to ask for essential details only to keep checkout simple.

If you do need additional information, it helps to include a reason for the requirement. For example, if you require a phone number, you could include an explanation such as, “We’ll only call you if there’s a question about the customization of your order.”

5. Simplify error corrections

There are few things more frustrating for potential customers than filling out a checkout page and having all of their information erased because of an error — or not being able to find out where the error is.

Customers sometimes miss fields — like including an email address or the expiration date on their credit card. Make sure your checkout page makes it easy to see what was missed and doesn’t clear the data that was already filled out.

The best option for collecting payments online will depend on your business. For example, a hair salon that’s simply looking to collect a deposit when customers schedule appointments online will have very different needs than someone who sells 1,500 products a day on their e-commerce site.

Weigh your options, consider the features necessary to run your business, and focus on making the process as seamless as possible for your customers.

To better interact and connect with the readers on your blog, it’s always good to have a forum running on your blog. It provides a path for the readers to interact between themselves, thereby, we actually build a community of bloggers. Sounds good. Isn’t it? But, how do I do this, that too on Blogger? Well, it’s pretty simple! In this article, I’ll guide you to embed a free forum on your blogger/blogspot blog. You may check out the screen shot below to preview the final output of the forum before we get started.

How to add forums to a website

1. Create a new stand alone page on your blog. To do so, navigate to “Edit Posts >> Edit Pages” and hit the tab that says “New Page”. Now, type a title for your page, say “Forum” and publish the page. You may leave the content part empty. Now, look out for the address bar. Just save the URL to a temporary text document, say Doc 1, which should probably look similar to the URL shown below.

2.Next, you need to navigate to the following link – Nabble. Sign up and follow the simple procedures to generate your forum. Now, choose the options menu at the top and hit the “Embedding Options” to get the script. Save this script to a temporary text document as well.

3. Next, navigate to “Design >> Edit HTML” from your blogger dashboard and search for the following code.

Add the following codes just above the line you searched for.

Now, replace “CODE FROM NABBLE” in the above code with the script that you downloaded in step 2. The one which you temporarily saved to a text document in step 2.

Next, add the following piece of code just above in your template.

4. If you did not find the code mentioned in step 3, then look out for the following code and follow the remaining procedures as mentioned below. Else, skip to step 5.

Add the following codes just above the line you searched for.

Now, replace “CODE FROM NABBLE” in the above code with the script that you downloaded in step 2. The one which you temporarily to a text document in step 2.

Next, add the following piece of code just above in your template.

Note: If you don’t find any of those codes mentioned above, neither the one at step 3 nor the one at step 4, then, leave a comment below and I’ll let you know where you need to add the codes by looking at your blog’s page source.

5. Don’t forget to replace “FORUM URL” in the above codes with your forum URL – the one you saved to Doc 1 (refer step 1), before you save your template. Well, that’s it! Your done and your forum should be live.

I’m not sure if we can embed a similar forum on your WordPress blog, but I guess you can do the same with nabble because it’s just embedding a script which should probably work independently on any platform – I leave it to the WP geeks out there:) I would like to know your opinions about the article via comments.

How to add forums to a website

Forums can be a great tool for promoting your website’s link to a niche group of interested people.

However, most people do not do it right.

With a focus on promoting links, most webmasters simply spam forums and never contribute anything useful or worthwhile. Not only will this not get anyone to click, you will likely end up getting banned from the forum and your links will be removed.

Quality vs. Quantity

How to add forums to a website

Whenever you are logging into a forum, remind yourself of the magic mantra:

How to add forums to a website

Give more; take less.

Remember to contribute more in value than you are getting from placing a link there. This builds a great deal of trust with the members of the forum, making them more likely to check out your site.

It may seem counterintuitive, but the member who appears the most selfless is the one who will get the most benefit. This is because you are giving a lot of value to other members, and you are giving a signal to the moderators of the forum that you are not there to spam.

Because of that, an occasional link to your website inside of a relevant discussion will not only be condoned, but you will also be thanked for providing such “valuable” information.

  • Read: Why I Joined Internet Marketing Forums And Why You Should Too

PM With Influentials

How to add forums to a website

Seek out those members who appear to be influencers in your niche. These are the members who can help you make a leap to the next level.

Make it a point to contribute to all discussions that they contribute to, PM them with your point of view and questions, and get to know the individual on a personal level.

After a few value-filled messages, you can request for a backlink or a review of your website. They’ll likely accept and be happy to help.

Flame Bait

How to add forums to a website

One of the most popular ways of inserting a link is within a forum signature.

Everyone knows that this can bring in traffic, but why aren’t a lot of people clicking? It is because we have not provoked them enough to get curious and check us out.

The best way to fix this is through flame baiting.

Here’s the technique: Every niche has its own controversial topics that can invoke heated discussions and passionate debaters. Periodically start a topic on one of these controversial topics and let the flame grow.

So many people debating back and forth will get curious onlookers to click on your link and check out your site.

5 Secrets to Promote Your Site Via Forum

1. Finding a good Forum

Not all forums are created equal. Some are small highly targeted affairs while others are large forums with very broad topics. Some forums are pro-business and welcome a little self-promotion (Warrior Forums is a good example) while other forums are communistic affairs that boot anyone who even breaths about their business online.

You will be making a serious commitment to any forum you plan to use for promotion, so shop like you would for a long term girlfriend/boyfriend. Each forum develops a personality of its own so you and the forum better match up in style, interests, and approach to life. If there is not a good match you will be frustrated and the promotion will fail.

Search “niche +forum” to identify possible candidates to join.

2. Make your profile shine

Choose an appropriate non-offensive but memorable user name and fill out your profile with some reasonable detail. Do not include AIM and Yahoo profile links – only spammers do that. Do include a link to your main website if there is a spot for it. Look around at how much detail some of the forum thought leaders put in for a guide.

3. Use Your Signature

If the forum allows signatures definitely put an anchored link into your signature. Be sure you understand the forum policies on signatures first though so you do not make enemies with the management. If in doubt, ask first by private message.

4. Start and Respond to Topics

Regularly visit the forum, starting good topics and making intelligent comments. Where it fits well into the conversation drop in the occasional anchored link to your blog, but make sure you are not offensive or off topic.

Don’t always link to your stuff, link to other interesting resources too. Score big points by posting appropriate links to the blogs of the forum thought leaders and up and coming members. Others might even reciprocate (but NEVER ask them too).

If you blog, occasionally you can write a killer post with a little controversy. Post a summary and link to the forum as a new thread, asking others what they think. Say something like “If I got this wrong please let me know“. Participate in the resulting discussion, but not too much since your comments can end the discussion if everyone thinks you have your answer now. This technique can be very effective to bring in traffic to your blog posts.

5. Be Engaging to Engage Others

Forget using a forum to promote yourself unless you are prepared to come to the forum regularly and contribute. As a regular poster you will develop trust and make friends who will engage with you in your business, blog or websites. As a rare poster you will be considered a lousy drive-by spammer worthy only of being banned.

These are just a few ways to promote your website via forums. But these simple techniques are sure to get you valuable visitors.

Do you have any tips to share on promoting via forums? Let me hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Create a free forum easily and enjoy many features and customizations to have an unique forum. The number of members and messages is unlimited! Start your own forum community on our free forum hosting service.

Customize your Forum

How to customize your forum? Having a forum is the best way to create a community. The graphic and design of the forum should match with the forum environment. Our collection of skins enables you to create an attractive website without any technical knowledge. Create, modify and personalize your forum in real time!

Customizing the forum

Whether you want to simply start up your forum, or give it a fresh new look, Forumotion’s control panel and toolbox can help you to design the forum of your dreams. By choosing different fonts, colors, avatars, logos and images, you can customize any style to fit perfectly with your personality and the tone of your forum. Our boards are compatible with all media and accessible to all.

At any time you can rethink and redesign your forum by switching the theme. Forumotion offers a wide range of forums skins on Hitskin. In few clicks, you can install a beautiful skin on a new or existing forum. You can personalize your forum community with free and custom forum skin.

No design skill needed to customize the desktop or mobile version of your forum. You can change colors, upload logos and banners, edit templates. Our free forum hosting platform is the solution to have a unique forum. The free forums are mobile-friendly and available on PC, tablet and smartphone.

Forumotion allows you to modify the stylesheet (CSS) and the forum’s templates. In few clicks, you can change the colors or the logo of your free forum. The communities can customize the look and feel of their forums.

Add widgets and web pages your forum

The best way to customize your forum is to add functionalities. You can add widgets and webpages to your forum:

  • Add a portal: add a portal on your forum. Many widgets can be combined as the list of recent messages, calendar with events of the months, the list of members online…
  • Announcement: welcome visitors & members with a personalized message.
  • Calendar: display members’ birthday & other events.
  • HTML pages: improve your free forums by adding some HTML pages or turn your forum into a real website.
  • Character sheets: manage character sheets for “roleplaying” forums. These sheets are easily configurable by the forum administrator.
  • Customized domain: reserve your own personalized domain name and create your own e-mail accounts. It will be easier for newcomers to access to your forum.
  • Use your own domain name: you can link your own domain name to your forum via a CNAME.
  • Free forum directory: register your forum on our directory and promote it for free. Sharing your forum on social networks is also a good way of communication.
  • And much more features included!

With all those resources, personalize your forum and make it unique, is not a big deal. Forumotion hosts the best free forums on the net. Why not yours?