How to add a telegram bot on pc or mac

  • Chat Folders and More
  • Organize chats into Chat Folders if you have too many chats.
  • Create custom folders with flexible settings, or use default recommendations.
  • Pin an unlimited number of chats in each folder.
  • Archive chats to hide them from “All chats”. Muted chats will always stay in the Archive.
  • View detailed statistics about the growth of your large channels and the performance of their posts.
  • Send to any chat to try your luck and get a random number from the animated dice.
  • Send , , , , , , , , , or to try out the new animated emoji.

5.9.3 2020-02-23

  • Bug fixes and minor improvements.

5.9.2 2020-02-20

  • Increased stability, optimized memory usage.
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements.
  • The oracle would like to know what you think of the color blue.

5.9.1 2020-01-23

  • Polls 2.0: Open Polls, Multiple Answers, and Quiz Mode
  • Create three new kinds of polls.
  • See who voted in Open Polls with non-anonymous results.
  • Vote for several options in polls that allow Multiple Answers.
  • Try to guess the correct answer in Quiz-style polls.
  • Explore various ways of combining the different poll options.
  • Just like before, you can add polls from the attachment menu in any group or channel.

5.8.1 2019-10-30

  • Mute chats for a specific time.
  • Switch between accounts from the improved status bar menu.
  • Enjoy improved design and animations (e.g. try clicking and holding on a sticker to preview).
  • Look for new bugs that were introduced while we were fixing the old ones.

5.8 2019-10-22

  • Enhanced design and other improvements.
  • Bug fixes.

5.8 2019-10-21

  • Enhanced design and other improvements.

5.7 2019-09-09

  • Hold the ‘Send’ button and select ‘Schedule Message’ to automatically send something at a specified time.
  • Schedule reminders for yourself in the ‘Saved Messages’ chat.
  • Get a notification when any of your scheduled messages are sent.
  • Choose a custom accent color and quickly create a new theme in Settings > Appearance.
  • Share your themes with other users on Telegram across platforms.
  • Update your theme for all its users when you change something.
  • Choose who can find you on Telegram when they add your number to their phone contacts.
  • Share documents to Telegram from your favorite apps using the Share Extension.
  • Send a single , , , , or to check out what’s new in the animated emoji department.

How to add a telegram bot on pc or mac

Telegram’s dream run continues in the IM space. With features such as group video calling, intuitive stickers, screen sharing, and bots, the social network is clearly differentiating itself from the likes of Signal and WhatsApp. Among them, the Telegram bot is an interesting add-on that every power user should use in the app. From the long list of Telegram bots, we have picked up the N best Telegram bots to use.

Best Telegram Bots to Use

Before we get started with the list of top Telegram bots, let’s first understand what’s a Telegram bot in the first place and how can it improve your overall experience in the app.

What’s Telegram Bot?

Announced in 2015, Telegram bots API allows developers to create third-party chat apps for users. They are essentially automated Telegram account that you can chat with and even integrate bots in groups and channels.

Based on your needs, you can create a Telegram bot for pretty much anything out there. The talented developers out there already have created dozens of Telegram bots to choose from. Among them, we have picked the best useful ones for you.

To get started with any bot in Telegram, you need to search for the bot’s username in the search bar at the top. Integrate the bot in chat and follow the on-screen instructions to set up the bot.

1. Gmail bot – Best Telegram Bot

This one is useful for power Gmail users. With the official Gmail bot, you can receive, send, and reply to emails without ever leaving the Telegram interface.

How to add a telegram bot on pc or mac

Simply search for @gmailbot in the search bar and hit the Start button to start the conversation.

2. Trello Telegram Bot

Trello is a known name these days. Popular project management tool is useful for personal use as well as group projects.

How to add a telegram bot on pc or mac

Type @trello_bot in Telegram and you can receive cards events in any chat and act on them with lightning speed. You can also find and create cards right from the Telegram app.

3. Spotify Telegram Bot

Are you tired of dealing with a cumbersome Spotify experience on a desktop? This Spotify Bot (@spotify_down_bot) can help you link your Spotify database to the Telegram app.

How to add a telegram bot on pc or mac

You can download, listen, and manage Spotify tracks from the Telegram interface.

4. IFTTT Telegram Bot

This one is our favorite and it’s something that we use daily on Telegram. IFTTT (If This Then That) is software that connects your Telegram account to 360 other services out there. `

How to add a telegram bot on pc or mac

For example, you can connect and upload Telegram photos directly to Google Drive using the IFTTT bot. This is just a single use case scenario. The possibilities are endless here.

5. Skeddy Telegram Bot

If you are someone who keeps forgetting about tasks or things, this one is for you. Skeddy is a reminder bot that messages you to remind things.

How to add a telegram bot on pc or mac

You can send a simple Telegram message such as ‘Call Aman in 10 minutes’ and Skeddy will send a reminder notification after 10 minutes. No need to open a dedicated task management app and set up reminders.

6. File to Bot

Telegram allows you to send up to 2GB of files in a chat. File to Bot allows you to save files in the cloud in different categories.

A link to a specific file can also be created for others to download. Anyone with the link can view and download the stored file from Telegram.

7. Get Media Bot

As the name suggests, this one allows you to download any kind of media from the web. Users can download music, videos, select lyrics, download an Instagram story, and more. One can also go ahead and use this bot to download Twitter and YouTube videos right inside the Telegram app.

How to add a telegram bot on pc or mac

8. Banof Group Telegram Bot

Telegram is an ideal platform for group chats as well. If you are a group admin, it can be hard for you to manage group members. With the help of @banofbot, one can create a poll in the group to kick out members from the group.

How to add a telegram bot on pc or mac

9. Rose Bot

If you are managing multiple groups in Telegram, this one can be a lifesaver for you. The @MissRose_bot is here to help you.

How to add a telegram bot on pc or mac

Even if you are in charge of multiple groups in Telegram, it can be difficult for you to manage the users as all your groups have different rules. Rose has you covered. With Rose, users can request to view the rules anytime, making your job easier than ever.

10. Watchdog Robot

This is yet another Telegram bot to help you manage groups. Add @watchdog_robot as admin into your chatroom.

Give relevant permission to the bot to delete messages and ban users. Now go ahead and configure content to be removed with command. You can also set filters and create automation. Visit the official website to learn more details on how to set up the bot and get the maximum out of it.

11. Combot Group Telegram Bot

There are over 15 million Combot users. The bot allows you to turn your group into a full-fledged community. It does all the heavy lifting such as moderation, analytics, anti-spam, and offers the best trigger system in Telegram and more.

How to add a telegram bot on pc or mac

You can unleash the true potential of group chats with Combot.

12. Tweet It Bot

As the name suggests, this one is aimed at Twitter users. With the Tweet It bot, one can compose Tweets right from the Telegram interface. You can attach all the media files such as photos, videos, and GIFs with the Tweet.

How to add a telegram bot on pc or mac

Simply connect the bot to your Twitter account and you are good to go.

13. Feed Reader Telegram Bot

RSS reader fans! This one is for you. It offers an option to subscribe to any blog or RSS feeds of a website.

How to add a telegram bot on pc or mac

This is not limited to websites only. You can also subscribe to any Instagram account, Twitter account, follow a YouTube channel, and get the latest updates in the app.

Wrapping Up: Best Telegram Bots

Telegram bots are a must-have add-on for users out there. There is something for everyone. We are sure that the list above turned out to be helpful to you. You can also browse the web and find more interesting Telegram bots to integrate with the chat app.

Here is a list of the Telegram bots in all categories. You can sort bots by newest or rating.
Select the category you want to find a bot in that category and press “Filter Bots” button.

You can add more bots to the list below! Add a New Telegram Bot

Просмотр каналов на 🇷🇺 русский

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BPD is a fun bot based on Bender from futurama. It Automatically filters out spammers with a geeky.

Earn Dash (DASH) by visiting web sites and performing other simple tasks.

the Discord Gamestats bot ported Telegram, website:

A bot for finance, calculates your expenses, sums up statistics for the month, displays expenses by.

YouTube Audio Bot™

Download Music or Video Using Url Link

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Download music from Spotify and Deezer, fast bot, fast downloads. Always available. Send a Spotify.

Creon Airdrop Bot

Hi, I am your friendly Creon Project airdrop bot. I’m giving you free tokens for doing the tasks.

This bot will provide you learning resources on any topic.

Buy/sell ADS on Telegram channels – Channel.

This bot lets you buy/sell ADS on Telegram channels.

FIFA Coins Rate

I help to find FIFA coins at the lowest price.

Hey, Keyan is a Telegram Bot to see the actual Crypto currencies price. 💰😃 Made by.

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Job Opportunities Bot

Job Opportunities Bot by TalentTribe helps you to look out for suitable career opportunities, based.


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Howdy! This text assumes that you‘re familiar with Telegram’s bot platform.
If this is not the case, kindly check out our Introduction to Bots.

Today we‘re introducing the biggest change to Telegram’s Bot Platform since June 2015. These new tools will help you create fluid and intuitive interfaces for your bots. And bots are becoming a lot more capable. They can now send any type of content supported on Telegram, provide location-based services and integrate with other services deeply based on users’ phone numbers.

If you’d like a more concise changelog, you can find one in the Bot API Manual.

New Inline Keyboards

To begin with, we’re adding a new type of keyboard that is integrated directly into the message it belongs to. Inline keyboards are available for messages sent both in chat mode and inline mode.

Unlike with custom reply keyboards, pressing buttons on inline keyboards doesn’t result in messages sent to the chat. Instead, inline keyboards support buttons that work behind the scenes: callback buttons, URL buttons and switch to inline buttons.

Callback buttons

When a user presses a callback button, no messages are sent to the chat. Instead, your bot simply receives the relevant query. Upon receiving the query, your bot can display some result in a notification at the top of the chat screen or in an alert.

Sample bot
@music – This sample music bot uses inline callback buttons to flip pages and reload random results.

Read on to updating messages to find out how callback buttons can get even cooler.

URL buttons

Buttons of this type have a small arrow icon to help the user understand that tapping on a URL button will open an external link. Naturally, we’ll show them a confirmation alert before opening the link in the browser.

Switch to Inline buttons

Pressing a switch to inline button prompts the user to select a chat, opens it and inserts the bot’s username into the input field. You can also pass a query that will be inserted along with the username – this way your users will immediately get some inline results they can share.

Sample bot
@sticker – This sticker search bot offers a ‘switch to inline’ button to teach users how to use it in inline mode.

Updating Messages

Since inline keyboards don‘t send additional messages to the chat, it made sense to give bots a way of manipulating their existing messages, so that they don’t have to send a new message each time they need to update something. This helps reduce clutter and build more fluid interfaces.

Sample bot
@music – Watch how the music bot updates its messages with search results when you press the navigation buttons.

Locations and Numbers

Some bots need extra data from the user to work properly. For example, knowing the user‘s location helps provide more relevant geo-specific results. The user’s phone number can be very useful for integrations with other services, like banks, etc.

We’ve added an easy way for bots to ask the user for their location and phone number using special buttons. Note that both phone number and location request buttons will only work in private chats.

When these buttons are pressed, Telegram clients will display a confirmation alert that tells the user what’s about to happen.

Inline bots can also request location data from their users. Use the /setinlinegeo command with @BotFather to enable this. Your bot will ask the user for permission to access their location whenever they send an inline request.

Sample bot
@foursquare – This bot will ask for permission to access the user’s location, then provide geo-targeted results.

Inline Bots 2.0

Speaking of inline bots, they are also getting a major upgrade today.

New types of content

Inline bots now support all types of content available in Telegram (19 in all), they are now capable of sending stickers, videos, music, locations, documents and more.

Sample bots
@sticker – This sticker bot will accept one or more emoji and search for relevant stickers.
@music – The music bot allows users to send mp3 tracks from a database of public domain classical music.

Switching between inline mode and private chat

Some inline bots can benefit from an initial setup process, like connecting them to an account on an external service (e.g., YouTube). We’ve added an easy way of switching between the private chat with a bot and whatever chat the user wants to share inline results in.

You can now display a special ‘Switch to PM’ button above the inline results (or instead of them). This button will open a private chat with the bot and pass a parameter of your choosing, so that you can prompt the user for the relevant setup actions. Once done, you can use an inline keyboard with a switch_inline_query button to send the user back to the original chat.

Sample bots
@youtube – Shows a ‘Sign in to YouTube’ button, then suggests personalized results.

Better inline UI

Since sending content via inline bots works differently from sending ordinary messages, we‘ve changed the interface a little. There’s hardly a more effective way of explaining that there‘s no need to hit ’Send’:

Tapping on the cross icon once will clear the query, tapping twice will give the ‘Send’ button back to the user.

Group Admins

As a dessert, we‘re beginning to roll out tools that will allow you to create bot solutions for group admins. As the first step, we’ve added methods to remove members from groups and supergroups.

And that’s about it for now. Stay tuned for more updates and subscribe to our official @Botnews channel on Telegram.

Visit Quiz Directory to try thousands of Quizzes created by participants of the 2020 Quiz Contest.

Telegram supports powerful polls for groups and channels which can be used for everything from deciding where to have lunch to organizing public service exams or leaderless protests.

Quiz-style polls are a special kind of poll that has one correct answer and an optional explanation which makes them ideal for educational purposes.

Quiz Bot

With the help of Quiz Bot you can create multi-question quizzes and share them with others. The bot lets you add text or media before questions to help create exam-style prompts with graphs and tables – or Know Your Meme tests.

You can set up a time limit for each question. The bot will keep tabs on how many questions users got right and how much time it took them to complete the quiz. It also keeps a global leaderboard for each quiz you create.

Creating a Quiz

Creating a quiz is very easy, just open @quizbot on Telegram, press ‘START’ and follow the prompts. If you’re having any difficulty, please take a look at our Step-By-Step Instructions.

Sharing your Quiz

Once your quiz is ready, you can share it to a group or channel – or invite users to answer questions privately, in a chat with the bot. To see how this works, try our demo quiz: Who is Who in the ‘Great Minds’ sticker pack.

You can browse thousands of quizzes created during the 2020 Quiz Contest on

Creating a Quiz, Step-By-Step

Creating a quiz is very easy, just open @quizbot on Telegram, press ‘START’ and follow the prompts.

1. Name and description. First you will give your quiz a name and an optional description – for educational tests, it’s best to use the subject matter, like Organic Chemistry I or British Royal History. The description could contain information or instructions like “you will need a graphing calculator for this test”.

2. Pre-question text or media. Now comes the time to create the quiz’s questions. Tapping the ‘Create a question’ button opens the template to create your first question. However, if you would like text or media to appear before a question, send that first, before tapping ‘Create a question’.

3. Questions. Once in the new-question interface, simply fill out the fields for what the question is asking, as well as its possible answers. Select the right answer by tapping on it, which will mark it with a green check.

4. Explanations. If you want to participate in our contest, you should add an explanation to each of your questions. Explanations will appear after users choose an answer. They can be used to give more information, clarify common errors, and support full text formatting, including hyperlinks. Once you are finished, tap ‘Send’ to add the question to your test. Repeat the question-making process until you’ve added all your quiz’s questions, then send /done in the chat.

5. Timer. Next, the bot will ask you to choose how long users will have to answer each question. For questions that don’t require any calculations, 10 or 15 seconds is usually enough. But for something like math, longer timers like 3 to 5 minutes are best. You can always change this setting later on, so don’t worry.

6. Shuffle questions or answer options. The bot will then ask whether you’d like to shuffle question and answer options – meaning the questions will come up in a random order, and the answers for individual questions will be in a random order as well. It’s normally a good idea to say ‘Yes’ here, so students can retake the quiz for practice without simply memorizing the order. However, if you have “all of the above” style answers, or questions that work best if presented in a specific order, select ‘No’. Again, this setting can be changed in the future if needed.

7. Submitting your quiz to the contest. The bot will ask if you would like to submit your quiz to the contest. If you choose yes, it will ask a couple of additional questions to confirm your submission.

8. Testing or sharing your quiz. Your quiz is complete! From here, you’ll see an overview of your new quiz, showing the number of questions and its settings. You can ‘Start this quiz’, which will do so in a private chat with QuizBot, start it in a group, or forward the quiz to someone via ‘Share quiz’. To copy the unique link to your quiz, press and hold ‘Start quiz in a group’.

9. Editing your quizzes. Tapping ‘Edit quiz’ will allow you to alter any of the quiz’s questions or settings, including its title and description. From ‘Edit questions’ you can add pre-question text or media, replace the question with improved answers, or even add additional questions. To select an individual question to edit, tap its /view link from the panel.

10. Quiz stats. Lastly, you can view Quiz Stats. This shows how many people have taken the quiz, along with who answered the questions most correctly and quickest. You are now the quiz master, ready to put your subjects to the test.

A chatbot is an automated multifunctional assistant, that can receive send and send triggered messages, and with SendPulse, your bot can save information as variables for future usage.

Follow the step-by-step instruction to create your first chatbot for Telegram messenger or connect an existing one to SendPulse for further configuration.


If you already have a bot, skip the first paragraph and take a look at the next section.

How to Create a New Bot for Telegram

Open Telegram messenger, sign in to your account or create a new one.

Step 1. Enter @Botfather in the search tab and choose this bot.

How to add a telegram bot on pc or mac

Note, official Telegram bots have a blue checkmark beside their name

Click “Start” to activate BotFather bot.

How to add a telegram bot on pc or mac

In response, you receive a list of commands to manage bots.

Step 2. Choose or type the /newbot command and send it.

How to add a telegram bot on pc or mac

Step 3. Choose a name for your bot — your subscribers will see it in the conversation. And choose a username for your bot — the bot can be found by its username in searches. The username must be unique and end with the word “bot.”

How to add a telegram bot on pc or mac

After you choose a suitable name for your bot — the bot is created. You will receive a message with a link to your bot, recommendations to set up a profile picture, description, and a list of commands to manage your new bot.

To connect a bot to SendPulse you need a token. Copy your token value and find more information about connecting your bot to SendPulse in the last section of this article.

How to add a telegram bot on pc or mac

How to Find a Token for an Existing Bot

Step 1. Go to the @BotFather bot and send the command /token .

How to add a telegram bot on pc or mac

You will see buttons with any bots that you have created.

Step 2. Choose the one you need a token for so you can connect it with Sendpulse.

How to add a telegram bot on pc or mac

Copy the token value.

How to add a telegram bot on pc or mac

How to Connect a Bot to SendPulse

Navigate to the “Chatbots” section in your SendPulse account. If it’s your first time visiting this page and you have not connected any chatbots — click the “Connect channels” button. If you have already connected bots before — navigate to “Main” tab and click the “Manage bots” button.

Then choose the Telegram and click on the “Enable Telegram” button.

How to add a telegram bot on pc or mac

Enter your token from the necessary bot and click “Connect.”

How to add a telegram bot on pc or mac

In the next window click the “Subscribe” button.

How to add a telegram bot on pc or mac

You will be redirected to the Telegram app, click on the “Start” button and you will be subscribed to your bot.

How to add a telegram bot on pc or mac

Congratulations! You have successfully added your chatbot to SendPulse.

How to add a telegram bot on pc or mac

You can choose your bot and start creating welcome and triggered flows, or bulk campaigns.

Note, any existing subscribers are not imported to your SendPulse chatbot auditory. After you connect your bot you can collect subscribers with a website widget or share the link to your bot directly.

Last Updated: 27.11.2020

User Rating:  4  /  5 (29)

Pure instant messaging — simple, fast, secure, and synced across all your devices. One of the world’s top 10 most downloaded apps with over 500 million active users.

FAST: Telegram is the fastest messaging app on the market, connecting people via a unique, distributed network of data centers around the globe.

SYNCED: You can access your messages from all your phones, tablets and computers at once. Telegram apps are standalone, so you don’t need to keep your phone connected. Start typing on one device and finish the message from another. Never lose your data again.

UNLIMITED: You can send media and files, without any limits on their type and size. Your entire chat history will require no disk space on your device, and will be securely stored in the Telegram cloud for as long as you need it.

SECURE: We made it our mission to provide the best security combined with ease of use. Everything on Telegram, including chats, groups, media, etc. is encrypted using a combination of 256-bit symmetric AES encryption, 2048-bit RSA encryption, and Diffie–Hellman secure key exchange.

100% FREE & OPEN: Telegram has a fully documented and free API for developers, open source apps and verifiable builds to prove the app you download is built from the exact same source code that is published.

POWERFUL: You can create group chats with up to 200,000 members, share large videos, documents of any type (.DOCX, .MP3, .ZIP, etc.) up to 2 GB each, and even set up bots for specific tasks. Telegram is the perfect tool for hosting online communities and coordinating teamwork.

RELIABLE: Built to deliver your messages using as little data as possible, Telegram is the most reliable messaging system ever made. It works even on the weakest mobile connections.

FUN: Telegram has powerful photo and video editing tools, animated stickers and emoji, fully customizable themes to change the appearance of your app, and an open sticker/GIF platform to cater to all your expressive needs.

SIMPLE: While providing an unprecedented array of features, we take great care to keep the interface clean. Telegram is so simple you already know how to use it.

PRIVATE: We take your privacy seriously and will never give any third parties access to your data. You can delete any message you ever sent or received for both sides, at any time and without a trace. Telegram will never use your data to show you ads.

For those interested in maximum privacy, Telegram offers Secret Chats. Secret Chat messages can be programmed to self-destruct automatically from both participating devices. This way you can send all types of disappearing content — messages, photos, videos, and even files. Secret Chats use End-to-End Encryption to ensure that a message can only be read by its intended recipient.

We keep expanding the boundaries of what you can do with a messaging app. Don’t wait years for older messengers to catch up with Telegram — join the revolution today.

Telegram Voice-Chat Bot

Telegram Voice-Chat Bot To Play Music From Various Sources In Your Group

  1. All linux based os.
  2. Windows
  3. Mac

How to add a telegram bot on pc or mac

  • Python 3.6 or higher
  • A Telegram bot token
  • Bot needs to be admin in the chat, atleast give message delete permissions.
  • Install mpv with

pkg install mpv – for Android, sudo apt-get install mpv – for ubuntu, sudo pacman -S mpv – for ArchLinux, I use arch btw

  • For Windows Download mpv from and run Mpv-installer as administrator the add mpv file to path envionment!
  1. git clone , to download the source code.
  2. cd Telegram_VC_Bot , to enter the directory.
  3. pip3 install -r requirements.txt , to install the requirements.
  4. cp
  5. Edit with your own values.
  6. If you are on linux follow this instruction to set up vnc. If you are using windows you can skip this step.
  7. Download Telegram desktop from , Log in using your second account, and connect to the voice chat in your group.
  8. Follow This to route your PC or Server’s audio output to audio input. [For Linux]
  9. If you’re on windows, Follow This or install Virtual Audio Cable instead.
  10. Run the bot python3
  11. Open Telegram and start voice chat.
  12. Send commads to bot to play music.

Watch The Video Tutorial if you still can’t do this

Command Description
/start To Start The bot.
/help To Show This Message.
/ping To Ping All Datacenters Of Telegram.
/skip To Skip Any Playing Music.
/play youtube/saavn/deezer [song_name] To Play A Song.
/telegram To Play A Song Directly From Telegram File.
/users To Get A List Of Blacklisted Users.
/queue To Check Queue Status.
Admin Commands:
/black To Blacklist A User.
/white To Whitelist A User.
  1. More services will be added soon.
  2. Termux is not completely supported yet, might take a week or two.
  3. If you want any help you can ask here
  1. [For JioSaavnAPI]


Telegram Voice-Chat Bot Written In Python Using Pytgcalls & Pyrogram.

Now, you have an opportunity to invite an unlimited number of members to your channel, and this is best for Internet marketers. Use channel feature in the Telegram app, rather than using Whatsapp for broadcasting your important messages and posts.

At the end of the November 2015, I started a channel, and now it has 10K+ active members. This channel is helping me to promote my blog posts.

If you are aware of this feature, don’t forget to join best Telegram channels. Your daily social media activities help you to increase the members of your social network. The protocol is also same for Telegram channels.

If you are posting regularly in a particular time, then the members of your channel will increase. However, every day it is not possible to publish at a given time. Social media, like Facebook, has the option to schedule posts on the page, but what about Telegram?

Don’t worry my friends; I have a solution for you.

Schedule Posts for Your Telegram Channel

In order to schedule posts for Telegram channel , you need a Telegram bot. The bots are automated scripts to manage a particular task. The procedure is super easy and divided into three sections.

1. Create a Bot on Telegram

How to add a telegram bot on pc or mac

Creating a bot is super easy. There is bot named @Botfather in Telegram, which helps to build new bots.

  1. Search for Botfather on Telegram messenger and tap on the “START” button.
  2. You’ll get a set of commands in order to manage your bot.
  3. Tap on /newbot to create a new bot. It’ll display a message like, Alright, a new bot. How are we going to call it?
  4. Please choose a name for your bot.
  5. Now, type the name of your bot (Ex: My First Bot) and hit Enter. It’ll show, Good. Now let’s choose a username for your bot. It must end in `bot`. Like this, for example, TetrisBot or tetris_bot.
  6. Next, you have to type a username of that bot (Ex: wtsbot or wts_bot). It must end in bot. Then hit Enter.

You’ll get a congratulation message with an access token. This token is necessary to for the last section.

2. Add Your Bot as Administrator

How to add a telegram bot on pc or mac

To schedule posts on your channel, you need to assign that bot as an Administrator.

  1. Open your channel and click on the three-dotted Menu >> Channel info >> Administrators >> Add Administrator.
  2. Now search the username of the bot you created in the first section. Tap on it to add it as administrator. That’s it.

3. Schedule a Post on Telegram

How to add a telegram bot on pc or mac

This is the final step you have to do. Kuku is a social media managing tool, which allows users to schedule posts on their social profiles. Recently, it has added the option to schedule a message for Telegram channels.

  1. Open your browser and visit on
  2. Click on the big yellow “Create your free account” button and log in with any social network.
  3. After successful login, it’ll show your account dashboard.
  4. In the “Choose accounts for posting” section, click on the +(plus) button.
  5. Now choose Telegram option and put generated token in the first section and the username of the channel where your bot is assigned as an administrator.
  6. Click the “Next” button until finishing the tutorial and you are done!

Now you just need to select your channel name, type your message, or you can upload an image, set the time and click on the Schedule button to schedule a post for Telegram channel.

I hope you enjoyed this another excellent tutorial on Telegram, do comment below if you face any issues getting this to work.