How to add a phone number on facebook on android

How to add a phone number on facebook on androidDerek Walter

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Android’s 1×1 widgets are powerful and underused tools that can help you start a specific action very quickly.

One example is the ability to add a contact directly to your home screen. Android gives you three options: a widget that launches that individual’s contact card, a direct dial, or text message.

Touch and hold on the home screen and then select Widgets. Then choose from one of the three choices: Contact 1×1, Direct dial 1×1, or Direct message 1×1.

How to add a phone number on facebook on android

Three contacts widgets are available to choose from.

The contact widget will launch that individual’s contact card details, such as phone number, email, and address. The direct dial widget will launch a phone call. When you place the widget on your home screen, you’ll need to choose the specific phone number that the dialer will start calling, if you have multiple numbers for that contact.

Direct message will start a text message with the default texting app on your phone. It’s pretty handy for a significant other or anyone else you text frequently, as you don’t need to dig through your messaging app to find the conversation.

How to add a phone number on facebook on android

You can immediately call, text, or view contact details right from your home screen.

The exact look may differ depending on your phone’s interface, but these three main options should be on most Android phones. Additionally, third-party dialer apps like Facebook’s Hello offer their own direct links you can put on the home screen.

Derek Walter is a freelance technology writer based in Northern California. He is the author of Learning MIT App Inventor, a hands-on guide to building your own Android apps.

How to add a phone number on facebook on androidDerek Walter

Top Deals On Great Products

Picked by Techconnect’s Editors

Carrying two phones is a major pain. You’re essentially managing two separate computers and their incessant neediness: they have to be charged, updated, kept in sync, and most importantly, not misplaced. Some people don’t have a choice, as they’re issued a work device but still want a separate phone for personal use.

If you’re living this nightmare, there are some clever apps and even hardware options that might eliminate the madness. Some apps will assign you a second number with which you can receive calls or text messages and use separately from your main line. And slowly, more smartphones are starting to come with a dual-SIM card tray, which would give you more freedom.

Whether you own your own business or just want to more closely guard your number, here’s a sampling of the two-number options worth considering.

Line2 connects you with a new number

One app to arrive on the scene recently and gain quite a bit of traction is called Line2. It’s pretty straightforward: you sign up for an account and select a phone number, which you get to pick from several choices based on the area code you want.

Once that’s done, it’s $10 per month for unlimited texts and inbound calls, 5,000 outbound minutes, call screening, and a few other features. You can try it out for free, but free accounts are limited to calls and texts with other Line2 numbers.

How to add a phone number on facebook on android

Line2 puts an entire phone number and communication capabilities inside of the mobile app.

During a brief field trial between another Line2 account I found the calls to be reliable and offer good quality, just as I’d experience with my regular number. There’s a persistent notification bar that lives on the top of your screen, which is convenient to use as a launch pad for access to Line2 services. If you like to keep the notification center clean, you’ll want to disable it.

Line2 might serve as an ideal option if you want another number to give out as your business line, complete with the ability to send calls straight to voicemail after hours on weekends thanks to several built-in controls. The design could use a few splashes of paint as there’s some persistent Holo design hanging around, but the app definitely gets the job done.

Head to the Sideline

Another good choice, and probably my favorite in this group, is Sideline. Much like Line2, you get to choose a new phone number and use the app for phone calls, text messages, and voicemail.

It works over your carrier network, although Wi-Fi calling is part of the $3 per month Pro upgrade, which also kills the ads from the interface and ensures that your number doesn’t disappear. Unused numbers are sent back to the Sideline pool after 30 days of inactivity.

How to add a phone number on facebook on android

Sideline has a great interface and inexpensive plans for a second phone number.

I like the interface of Sideline better than Line2, though the banner ads on the bottom are quite prominent and probably not something you want to live with permanently.

Sideline also offers a few smart features that can automate some processes, like setting up auto-replies, selecting a new text tone, and setting up a do-not-disturb time so you can have your second number be off limits during leisure hours. The design is elegant and in keeping with Google’s aesthetic, and I found the app to be reliable and rapid.

There’s always Google Voice

If you like the cost level of free, then there’s always Google Voice to consider. The service goes back seven years; it came about in the days when business users who had to juggle an office line, home landline, personal mobile, and a work-issued BlackBerry.

Just like the other apps you get to pick a phone number, which you can use for free text messages and phone calls. International calls are relatively cheap, and it includes several nifty features: Google Voice calls can ring multiple numbers at once, screen your calls, and transcribe your voicemail messages (although sometimes they’re hilariously wrong).

How to add a phone number on facebook on android

Hangouts lets you make, take calls and send messages.

To get the full list of features, however, you’ll need to use Google’s Hangouts app. That’s where SMS/MMS messages and the dialer live, which also integrates with your Google contacts. The app isn’t exactly a shining star in the Google lineup, but some recent updates have ramped up its stability and squashed the most annoying bugs.

The big question mark here is if Google Voice will stay a separate service or get swallowed by Project Fi. If you move to Google’s MVNO, you have to use your Google Voice number or surrender it forever. Voice hasn’t gained any major features in quite a while, so the future of Google’s support for the service is still a little murky.

Go dual SIM, if you can

There’s also another option that’s slowly gaining traction: dual-SIM phones. The primary benefit would be with international travel. You can still get messages from your primary SIM, but use a temporary local SIM for data since most carrier international plans are ridiculously overpriced. You may still be able to use your primary number for calls, however, if your carrier supports Wi-Fi calling.

However, it’s not a terribly popular method here in the U.S. right now. Probably the best dual-SIM Android phone you can get in the U.S. is the OnePlus 2. Most other dual-SIM phones are budget models that might not be all that appealing to use as your daily driver. And U.S. carriers are, at this time anyway, loathe to offer support for such phones, which would require granting you two separate numbers. However, if you want a temporary solution for an upcoming trip overseas then a two-SIM phone would be great to have.

In the last few years we’ve seen quite a change in how people use their numbers. Many gravitated towards just one number by eliminating landlines and office numbers, but there’s been a resurgence in the interest of gaining more privacy. Dual-SIM phones hold the most promise in this regard, but for the time being you’re probably best served by all the aforementioned apps and services.

Derek Walter is a freelance technology writer based in Northern California. He is the author of Learning MIT App Inventor, a hands-on guide to building your own Android apps.

To speed dial on Android or to send someone a message without wasting time going through your contacts, you must first create a direct message or a direct dial widget on your smartphone’s Home screen. It is a simple process, and, once completed, you get an Android call shortcut or a message shortcut that lets you get in touch with your favorite contacts with one tap. This tutorial illustrates how to add a direct dial shortcut on Android and shows you the fastest way to send messages from your smartphone:

NOTE: This guide applies to both Android 10 and Android 9 Pie. If you do not know your Android version, read How to check the Android version on your smartphone or tablet. The procedures are similar on all Android-powered devices, although you might come across some small differences, depending on your device’s manufacturer.

How to add a widget for direct dialing a contact on your Android

Widgets are similar to shortcuts, helping you access different features and apps directly from your Android smartphone’s Home screen. By default, your Android device comes with some built-in widgets. To begin adding a widget, access the Home screen where you want the icon that lets you quick dial on Android. Touch-and-hold on a space on the Home screen (or pinch it with two fingers on Huawei smartphones) to bring up a menu, and then tap Widgets.

How to add a phone number on facebook on android

The widgets drawer opens, and you can scroll through all the widgets available on your Android smartphone, categorized by their corresponding apps. The widget you want is under Contacts.

How to add a phone number on facebook on android

The widget we are looking for is called Direct dial or Speed dial, depending on your phone. Touch-and-hold on it to enter placing mode.

TIP: The Contact widget in this category offers an alternative to the method of creating a Contact shortcut illustrated in 5 ways to manage Android Home screen shortcuts.

How to add a phone number on facebook on android

In placing mode, you can see a preview of the Home screen page you started from. Drag your widget to where you want to place the Android call shortcut.

How to add a phone number on facebook on android

When you decide on a spot, lift your finger off the screen to place the widget there. As soon as you release the Direct dial (Speed dial) widget, Android displays a list of all your contacts. Tap on the number you want to speed dial. If you have more numbers in your agenda for one contact, that entry is expanded, allowing you to choose between them.

How to add a phone number on facebook on android

Selecting the contact to call finishes adding the shortcut to where you dragged it on your Home screen. There is a phone receiver on its icon, letting you know what it does. Tap on the widget to immediately call the contact whose name is displayed.

How to add a phone number on facebook on android

How to add a widget to direct message a contact on your Android

You can also create a shortcut for quickly sending an SMS or MMS message to a person that you frequently contact, like a loved one or a co-worker.

To begin, touch-and-hold on a space on the Home screen (or pinch it with two fingers on Huawei devices) to bring up a menu, and then tap Widgets.

How to add a phone number on facebook on android

In the widget drawer, scroll down until you find the Contacts section. Then, slide left in this category to reveal the Direct message or Quick message option, depending on how it is named on your smartphone.

How to add a phone number on facebook on android

Touch-and-hold on the Direct message (Quick message) widget to enter placing mode.

How to add a phone number on facebook on android

Drag your widget to where you want to place the Direct message (Quick message) shortcut on your Home screen.

How to add a phone number on facebook on android

When you lift your finger to place the widget, you are prompted to Choose contact, and Android displays your contacts list. Scroll through it and tap on the number you want to message directly.

How to add a phone number on facebook on android

You are returned to the Home screen, where you can see the shortcut in the place of your choice. The text bubble on its icon indicates what it’s for.

How to add a phone number on facebook on android

Tapping on the widget immediately opens a text conversation with the contact you selected.

How to add a phone number on facebook on android

How many speed dial shortcuts do you keep on your Home screen?

We love customizing Android smartphones and do it extensively whenever we get new devices. Adding speed dial shortcuts on our Home screen is one of the first things we do, because it helps us keep in touch with the other Digital Citizens – and trust me, we have a lot to talk about :). What about you? How many speed dial widgets did you add to the Home screen on your Android smartphone? Did you create any for direct messaging? Let us know in the comments section.

While it is less likely that Facebook will ask you to input your password if you are logged-in to your user account on your device, there are times when the social media giant suddenly prompts you to enter your password for security reasons. If you have Facebook forgot password, you will not be able to do this task and Facebook will log you out of your account on your device.

If you are going through this situation and you have not found a solution yet, you have come to the right place. In the following guide, we will show you multiple ways to find Facebook password on iPhone and iPad. Using the methods shown in the guide, you should be able to recover the password for your Facebook account on your device.

Without further ado, let’s jump onto the solutions and get your Facebook working again on your device.

Part 1. One Click to Recover Facebook Password without Email and Phone Number

One of the easiest ways to recover your Facebook password is to use your recovery email address or phone number. If you have access to these, you will have no issues recovering the password for your account.

However, if you do not have your phone number with yourself, you cannot use the method. Another method to recover your password is to see if you have ever saved your password on your iOS-based device such as your iPhone. If you have the password saved on your iOS device, you can have it recovered using a nice little software mentioned below.

There is a software called Tenorshare 4uKey – Password Manager, that allows you to find and reveal various types of saved passwords on your iPhone. Using the software, you can find out the Facebook password stored on your iPhone. The following shows how you can go about doing it on your machine.

Step 1 Download and install the software on your Windows PC or Mac. Connect your iPhone to your computer and launch the software.

How to add a phone number on facebook on android

Step 2 On the main interface of the software, click on the button that says Start Scan to begin scanning your device for saved passwords.

How to add a phone number on facebook on android

Step 3 The software will start scanning your device to find saved passwords. Wait for it to do it. When the software has finished scanning your device, click on Websites & App Password in the left panel to view your saved Facebook password.

How to add a phone number on facebook on android

That is how to recover Facebook password without email and phone number using a software on your computer.

View the Video on How to Recover Facebook Password without Email and Phone Number

Part 2. Reset Facebook Password Using Security Code

If you have your phone number or your email address attached to your Facebook account, Facebook can send you a code to any of these and let you reset your password. It is easy and works just like the recovery methods for other online accounts you may have.

The following shows how to see Facebook password by resetting it using a security code on your machine:

Step 1: Open a browser and head over to the Facebook website. Click on the link that says Forgotten account beneath the login boxes on the site.

How to add a phone number on facebook on android

Step 2: On the following screen, enter the phone number or email address attached to your account to find your account. Then, click on Search.

How to add a phone number on facebook on android

Step 3: Select where you want to receive your security codes and click on Continue.

How to add a phone number on facebook on android

Step 4: Enter the received security code on your screen.

You should then be able to set a new password for your Facebook account. You may then change your email or phone number as the recovery methods if you would like to do it.

Part 3. Reset Facebook Password Using Trusted Contacts

If you have set up a trusted contact in your Facebook account, they can help you reset the password for your account. The following shows how to do it.

    Head over to the Forgotten password page on the Facebook website and search for and click on your account.

Click on No longer have access to these? on the recovery screen.

How to add a phone number on facebook on android

Follow the on-screen instructions and you should get a login code from your contact that you can use to log-in to your Facebook account.

How to add a phone number on facebook on android

That is how to find Facebook password on iPhone and various other devices using the trusted contacts recovery feature on the Facebook platform. If you have set this up, you will normally never have an issue recovering the password for your account.


If you are wondering “how do I find my Facebook password”, the above guide will help you find your Facebook account and reset the password for it. And for recovering Facebook password without email and phone number, you can simply try Tenorshare 4uKey – Password Manager, which can easily find saved password including your Facebook password on iPhone.

If you know how to find someone on Facebook with a phone number, you’ll realise how easy it is for anyone to look someone else up.

Facebook has made some strides in privacy recently, but staying safe and private still largely remains every user’s individual responsibility.

If a mobile phone number is publicly indicated and a user has set his or her privacy settings to public, it’s possible to easily look him or her up by simply doing a reverse phone number lookup on Facebook.

Not sure how to find someone on Facebook with a phone number? What does this mean for your own Facebook privacy? Read on to find out.

Here’s how to find someone on Facebook with a phone number

Not only can you find someone on Facebook with just their phone number, it’s actually really easy to do so if they haven’t set up their privacy settings properly.

How to add a phone number on facebook on android(image credit: Lifewire) Looking up anyone on Facebook with just their phone number is surprisingly easy

To find any Facebook user using just a phone number, you can simply do so by following these steps:

On the Facebook mobile app

  1. Open the Facebook app
  2. Tap the magnifying glass icon in the top right
  3. Key in the phone number you wish to look up
  4. Review your search results

On a web browser

  1. Open your browser
  2. Proceed to log in or sign up (if you’re a new user)
  3. Click the search bar at the top left.
  4. Key in the phone number you wish to look up.
  5. Review your search results

You should notice a couple of things when search results finally show up:

  1. Reverse looking up a phone number on Facebook can also reveal what groups a user associated with that phone number is in
  2. Facebook pages where the phone number has appeared in before are also included in the search results

If the person whose phone number you intend to reverse lookup doesn’t appear in the search results, it’s because that person has:

  • toggled his or her privacy settings so that they won’t show up, or
  • that the person did not associate their profile with their phone number in the first place.

If you find anyone else with a phone number, so can anyone else find you

Just as you can find someone on Facebook by their phone number, anyone else can also do the same to you.

By performing a reverse number lookup on Facebook, anyone can not only identify who you are, but also see which groups you’re in and what pages you’ve interacted.

It’s almost like having your entire history of interactions on Facebook completely exposed.

All it takes is just one phone number, and that’s why you should not:

  • Sign up for a Facebook account with your actual phone number
  • Openly display your phone number on your Facebook profile
  • Share your actual phone number on Facebook pages and groups
  • Disclose your actual phone number in any Facebook post

Only use second phone numbers on Facebook

Still, you won’t be able to sign up for a Facebook account without a phone number.

Instead of using your actual phone number, consider getting a second phone number just for Facebook. Ideally, this second phone number should be an untraceable burner phone number.

How to add a phone number on facebook on androidGet a second phone number for Facebook with Phoner.

Not sure where to get second phone numbers from? You can easily get reliable and untraceable phone numbers with our own Phoner burner phone number app.

Don’t want others to look you up on Facebook by phone number?

If you’ve already signed up for a Facebook account using your actual phone number or want to continue using your actual phone number on Facebook, you can stop others from performing a reverse phone number lookup on you by taking these steps:

  1. Click the inverted triangle icon in the top right of Facebook
  2. Select Settings
  3. Choose Privacy
  4. Under How People Find and Contact You, change who can look you up using the phone number you provided to “Only me”.

As privacy advocates, we highly recommend that you do the same for:

  • who can look you up using the email address you provided
  • whether search engines outside of Facebook can link to your profile

Take note that changing this setting does not mean that no one else look you up on Facebook with your phone number.

If you share your phone number with friends, they can still see it, as well as other people depending on their privacy settings. Other people can also look you up by phone number via Facebook Messenger. To prevent this, consider linking Messenger with a fake phone number instead.

Keep your phone number private on Facebook

Given how easy it is to find someone on Facebook by phone number, it’s important to take phone number privacy on Facebook seriously.

By using a fake phone number on Facebook and setting your Facebook privacy settings right, you can stop others from easily discovering your identity with just your phone number.

And that’s how to find someone on Facebook with a phone number. Always keep your phone number private on Facebook, and be careful when sharing other personal information on any social network!

In this tutorial I will show how to use Facebook’s Account Kit Tool to allow users to log in or sign up using their phone number or email. You can find the completed project on Github.

After creating your project, please make sure that you add your Application to the Facebook’s Developers console and obtain your APP ID.

Once your Android Studio project has been set up, go to your Project/build.gradle and add mavenCentral() inside the repositories

Also open your app/build.gradle file and add the Account Kit dependency:

Android Manifest file and Strings

Inside the strings.xml file, add the following IDs:

Next, we need to declare the required permissions, activities and meta datas inside the AndroidManifest.xml :
Since this application needs the Internet to perform the Phone or Email login, make sure you add the INTERNET permission on top of the Manifest file.

To properly configure our application and connect with the Facebook dashboard, we need to add the following meta data:

Inside the <application> tags, we need to declare the Email Redirect Activity.

This activity, detects when you click on an Account Kit kind of link or URL placed inside the Email body and launches the Application. That occurs when the user has confirmed the received email about Email logging in using Account Kit.

In this tutorial we are going to use a very simple layout. It contains only three buttons, and you can find its code below:

Each one of the first two buttons will open a new view, Phone number login type or Email, depending on the case. The third button clears the stored sessions.

Login with email or phone

To begin with, we will declare two global variables as below:

Each one of the buttons declared inside the xml has a function as a parameter of the onClick attribute.
So we need a public void emailLogin(View view) method inside our activity.

This method will open the Email Login view. The @Nullable annotation allows us to call the same method even with a null parameter.

Its UI will be determined by the UIManager object. Using this object, you can customize its skin type, primary color, background image, tint color and tint intensity.

To start the Phone Login type activity, just set the LoginType.EMAIL to LoginType.PHONE

After the Account Kit activity has finished, it will return an AccountKit Account with a AccessToken at the same time. To get this account and access token, we need to Override the onActivityResult method. Its code is below:

The getCurrentAccount(); method:

If the result from AccountKit Activity is okay, then we will have an AccessToken and an AccountKit Account. Depending on the login type we can get the user’s email or phone, or even both. No matter which login type is being used, the result is obtained in the same way.

To check if the user is already logged in using AccountKit, you can place getCurrentAccount() inside the onCreate() method too and it will check if there exists a AccountKit AccessToken.

The third button, will log out the current user and clear any saved access token. Its code is as below:

These are the most important methods to keep in mind while using the Facebook Acccount Kit as an alternative login method.


Facebook Account Kit is a really handy tool for a simpler, faster and passwordless application login or signup. It is one of the most reliable services of its kind. Hope you enjoyed the article.

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know in the comments field below.

How to add a phone number on facebook on android

Hailed as the “King” of all social media apps, Facebook literally took the world by storm. Despite having rivals equipped with new features and exclusive functionalities, nothing beats the ingenuity of facebook. Whether for business, professional, personal or corporate use, facebook has garnered much public attention. In fact, it is estimated that there are 1.65 billion monthly active users worldwide using this app.

From posting pictures to commenting on your friend’s video, facebook is without a doubt wonderful. However, users are not allowed to run multiple facebook accounts on Android. Having more than just one facebook account is indeed beneficial especially for those who don’t want things mixed up. Maintaining a separate business account and one for your personal use is more schematized as you can control the privacy as well as exclusivity of each account.

Logging in and out from your smartphone just to check all your facebook accounts is undeniably tiring, not to mention time consuming too. Luckily, you can now use two facebook accounts on Android without having to deal with switching back and forth. Read on to know more.

Apps to Run Facebook in One Android Phone

Parallel Space

Created by LBE Tech, Parallel Space is a sweet nifty tool that allow users to log in to their multiple facebook accounts all at the same time in one device. What’s great about this tool is that even if you simultaneously log-in to all your accounts, data from both accounts won’t interfere with each other. It also protects your privacy by making the app invisible on the device via the Incognito feature. With Parallel Space, you can run two facebook accounts both at the same time and switching between them can be done with just one tap.

How to add a phone number on facebook on android

How to use two facebook accounts on android using Parallel Space is actually easy, all you need to do is:

    Go to Google Play and install Parallel Space on your smartphone.

Parallel Space supports not just Facebook but also WhatsApp, Messenger, Uber, Instagram, Gmail, Twitter, Twitter and many more.

2Accounts: Multi User Switch

Another great tool that allows two facebook accounts on android phone simultaneously is the 2Accounts: Multi User Switch. Created by Excelliance Technology, this application works just like the previous software. It allows logging in of two different facebook accounts in just one phone. With 2Accounts: Multi User Switch, it gives you an advantage of using two different facebook messengers and two different game modes all in a single smartphone. Like with other parallel applications, there is zero storage conflict between the two accounts. Additionally, there is a security lock to protect your account from the prying eyes.

How to add a phone number on facebook on android

To run multiple facebook accounts on Android using 2Accounts: Multi User Switch, simply:

    Download and install 2Accounts: Multi User Switch on Google Play.

Just like Parallel Space, the 2Accounts: Multi User Switch supports various applications aside from facebook. You can use it to clone WhatsApp, Instagram, Peel, Photos, Pocket Money, Paytm and many more by simply adding more apps.


There are many programs out there that allows you to run two facebook accounts on android phone without having to log in and out every time. Both Parallel Space and 2Accounts: Multi User Switch runs smoothly. But they differ in terms of features and functionalities. With Parallel Space, the incognito feature works like a charm and it protects your privacy without the need to further configure the application.

On the other hand, with 2Accounts: Multi User Switch, the security lock is amazing but you need to become a VIP member first to enjoy this feature. How to use two facebook accounts on android using the app is generally easy, but minor glitches such as usage access permission denial pops up from time to time.

'How do I delete my number from Facebook?' you might be asking. Though you can rid it from your profile, it's near impossible to delete it from the social network's database. The best you can do is to limit who can find you via this phone number to just your friends. Here's how.

How to add a phone number on facebook on android

Facebook is once again dealing with a privacy headache surrounding its collection of people’s phone numbers.

As TechCrunch reported this weekend, the social network has a vast trove of phone numbers in its database, some of which are associated with internet users who aren’t even on Facebook. It comes by these numbers in a variety of ways—your mobile phone or tablet; your carrier; a number that you entered previously but didn’t confirm; and contact info provided by others on Facebook.

The trouble is, once Facebook has scraped your phone number, you can’t delete it from the social network’s database. And other people can use it to look you up on Facebook. The best existing Facebook users can do is to limit who can find them via this phone number to just friends. Here’s how.

On the mobile app, tap the hamburger icon ( ) and select Settings & Privacy > Settings > Privacy Settings. Scroll down to How People Can Find and Contact You, and look for “Who can look you up using the phone number you provided?”

Tap that, and you’ll have the option for Everyone, Friends of friends, or Friends.

According to TechCrunch, the default setting is Everyone, which is likely unwelcome news for the privacy-conscious. Facebook tells TechCrunch it made this the default because it “makes it easier to find people you know but aren’t yet friends with.” Your best course of action here is to select Friends, which restricts access only to the people with whom you are friends on Facebook.

On the desktop, the process is similar. Select Settings > Privacy. Under How People Can Find and Contact You, look for “Who can look you up using the phone number you provided?” and click Edit on the right. In the drop-down menu, select Friends.

Limit Your Contact Info

As mentioned above, one way Facebook gathers phone numbers is by scanning people’s contact lists to help them connect with friends on Facebook. We’ve all been there; you create an account on a new service, and in a bid to find people to follow, you provide the service with access to your contacts.

That’s nice, but it also means that even if you actively avoid Facebook over privacy concerns, any rando with your phone number in their contacts list could possibly upload it to Facebook when signing up for the service. Facebook also has a setting that lets people continuously upload their contacts in order to surface new people to follow. Do you have that activated on your account? Let’s find out.

On the mobile app, tap the hamburger menu and select Settings & Privacy > Settings and scroll down to Media and Contacts.

On Android, tap Media and Contacts and make sure Continuous Contacts Upload is toggled to off.

On iOS, tap Upload Contacts and make sure Upload Contacts is toggled off.

Recommended by Our Editors

Use an Authenticator for 2FA

This isn’t the first phone number-related uproar for Facebook. Last fall, Gizmodo reported that mobile numbers submitted to Facebook for the purposes of two-factor authentication (2FA), as well as contact information pulled from friends’ address books, are used to target ads.

It turns out that Facebook lets advertisers upload information about people they want to target, including phone numbers and email addresses. If Facebook has that info in its system, the ad goes out.

So, as you can see, it’s very difficult to avoid giving Facebook your phone number when everyone from advertisers to high school besties can upload it to the social network with a few taps. But you can try. And in this instance, you can use an Authenticator app for 2FA approval instead of your phone number, an option Facebook rolled out in May.

As a refresher, 2FA is a security option that requires two forms of authentication when you sign into an account—usually your password and a code sent to your phone via text or an authenticator app. To set it up on Facebook, go to Settings > Security and Login and look for two-factor authentication. There you can opt how to get your secondary login.

If you opt for an authenticator app, you’ll have to download one. I use Google Authenticator (Android, iOS) but you can use whatever you prefer. To add Facebook, open the authenticator app, tap to add a new account, and either scan a QR code or enter a code provided by Facebook. Then, when you log in, you enter your Facebook password and then open the app to retrieve a six-digit code that changes every 30 seconds.

If you are currently using a phone number for Facebook 2FA and want to switch to an Authenticator, you can do that easily. But to remove your phone number, at least in theory, you’ll have to turn 2FA off and add it back with just an authenticator. On desktop, navigate to Settings > Security & Login and click “Edit” next to Use two-factor authentication.

Under “Added Security,” click to remove your phone number. A pop-up will tell you that doing so turns off 2FA. Click OK and then navigate back to settings to set up 2FA once again.

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What is the proper, universal format for creating a clickable hyperlink for users on mobile devices to call a phone number?

Area code with dashes

Area code with no dashes

Area code with dashes and 1

Area code with no dashes and 1

Area code with dashes, 1 and + sign

Area code with no dashes, 1 and + sign

How to add a phone number on facebook on android

How to add a phone number on facebook on android

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Dashes ( – ) have no significance other than making the number more readable, so you might as well include them.

Since we never know where our website visitors are coming from, we need to make phone numbers callable from anywhere in the world. For this reason the + sign is always necessary. The + sign is automatically converted by your mobile carrier to your international dialing prefix, also known as “exit code“. This code varies by region, country, and sometimes a single country can use multiple codes, depending on the carrier. Fortunately, when it is a local call, dialing it with the international format will still work.

Using your example number, when calling from China, people would need to dial:

And from Russia, they would dial

The + sign solves this issue by allowing you to omit the international dialing prefix.

After the international dialing prefix comes the country code (pdf) , followed by the geographic code (area code), finally the local phone number.

Therefore either of the last two of your examples would work, but my recommendation is to use this format for readability: