How to add a pattern to ravelry

Your Ravelry library can be a great resource for you in keeping track of the patterns that you have and for storing Ravelry downloads. The most helpful part for me is that I can use it to help me remember all the different patterns I have on Ravelry, as well as in books and magazines. There is an “add to library” button on every pattern page, but the type of pattern determines what actually gets added to your library.

If the pattern is from a book or magazine, you will see this when you click “add to library”.
How to add a pattern to ravelry
You can then choose whether you want to add the full book/magazine or just the individual pattern to your library. This will not add the actual patterns to your library, only the information about the pattern or book.

If the pattern is a free Ravelry download, you will see this when you click “add to library”.
How to add a pattern to ravelry
This will add the actual pdf file to your library. You will be able to access it any time in the future by going to your notebook tab and clicking library.

If the pattern is a Ravelry download that is for sale, you will also see this when you click “add to library”
How to add a pattern to ravelry
But, with a purchased download, the pattern pdf will not be added to your library when you click “add to library”. It will only add the information about the pattern. You might want to use this if you purchased the pattern somewhere outside of Ravelry. In order to add the full pdf file, you need to click “buy now” on the pattern page instead. Buying the pattern will add the pdf file to your Ravelry library upon purchase.

You can always go remove something that you have added to your library by clicking on the image of the item in your library and choosing the delete button. So, feel free to play around with it so you can get the hang of how it works.

A big advantage to having a library that is up to date with all of the patterns that you have is that you can search the patterns that are in your library without going through your bookshelf or your pdf files. To do this, go to the advanced search and choose the “In my library” option under “Availability” on the left of the page.
How to add a pattern to ravelry

I hope this helps you to better utilize the resources available to you in your Ravelry library!

A warm lightweight shawl that combines the timeless favourite granny stitch with shell clusters and dcs (UK tr) for a unique, striking pattern with gorgeous texture.

Written in US and UK crochet terminology (2 separate PDFs are provided).

Skill Level: Intermediate

Sizes/Finished Measurements: Approx. 46” (117 cm) wide x 27” (69 cm) height.

Recommended Yarn: DK #3 weight acrylic yarn approx. 819y – 924y (750m – 845m) in 2 colours. (approx. 2.5 skeins colour 1, half skein colour 2)
for more information and links to supplies see:

Substitute: any DK acrylic, DK wool yarn or other fibers that meet gauge.

Hook & Other Materials:
US Size 7 (4.5mm) crochet hook
Yarn needle
Stitch marker

This pattern has been tested for errors, but should you have any problems, please contact The Crafty Therapist on social media so I can help.

I’d love to see your finished Vivienne Shawls, please favourite and show it off in a project too. I’d also love to share on social media. You can tag me @thecraftytherapist on Instagram or tag my page on Facebook @thecraftytherapy.

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  • How to add a pattern to ravelry
  • How to add a pattern to ravelry
  • How to add a pattern to ravelry
  • How to add a pattern to ravelry
  • How to add a pattern to ravelry
  • How to add a pattern to ravelry
  • How to add a pattern to ravelry
  • How to add a pattern to ravelry

Pick up any project and know where you are. With knitCompanion, markers stay in the same spot as you move around, zoom, scroll, and rotate your device. A very popular knitCompanion option is the inverted marker shown below. It dims the other instructions and helps your eyes easily find and stay focused on the current row, reduces eyestrain, and doesn’t obscure other colors and markups. Customize the look of your marker by changing the color and settings.

Works with Any Pattern

Knit (and craft!) what inspires you! With knitCompanion you are not limited to a few patterns, you can add ANY PATTERN to the app. knitCompanion links with Ravelry and supports share/open from any app or source.

Keeps Keys Handy

Almost all patterns are more than one page and needed information will often be on a different page. For example the key, legend, or abbreviations may not be on the same page as the instructions you are using, or not visible once you zoom in. This means flipping around to find different pieces of information. With knitCompanion you can keep a variety of different information handy no matter where it is in the pattern.

Highlights & Counters

How to add a pattern to ravelry

Learn with your Favorite Videos

You can watch videos right inside knitCompanion while you knit. This is a great way to learn a new skill or brush up on an older one. You can add your own links, or use ones provided in the pattern by the designer.

Knitting Calculators

How to add a pattern to ravelry

Inc/Dec Evenly

Get instructions to increase or decrease evenly along a row. You will need to provide:

  • If you are working flat or in-the-round
  • Starting Stitch Count
  • How many stitches to increase or decrease

Blanket Sizer

Get instructions to create a blanket in your size using your gauge. You will need to provide:

  • If you are using inches or centimeters
  • Rows per 4 inch/10cm
  • Stitches per 4 inch/10cm
  • Desired blanket length
  • Desired blanket width

Sleeve Taper

Get instructions to taper a sleeve using your gauge and desired sleeve length. Instructions can be for top down (decreasing) or cuff up (increasing). You will need to provide:

  • If you are using inches or centimeters
  • Rows per 4 inch/10cm
  • Starting Stitch Count
  • Ending Stitch Count
  • Sleeve length from underarm (not including cuff or sleeve cap)


How to add a pattern to ravelry

Never frog again because you forgot when to place a buttonhole, shape the waist, or change your needle size. knitCompanion tracks your reminders for every row and shows you all the ones you need as you move to each row. If you do make a mistake, all of knitCompanion’s reminders are “Frogging Safe” so you can back up without fear.

Works Offline

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I don’t know about you, but I spend a lot of time looking at crochet patterns… whether it’s to put together a collection for this site, find a pattern for someone who isn’t having any luck, or for my own crochet down time. Ravelry makes it easy to find the pattern you’re looking for – and everyday I talk to people who don’t know how to use it. So here’s how to use Ravelry to find a crochet or knit pattern – you’ll love it!

How to add a pattern to ravelry

First things first of course – you need a account! Don’t worry, it’s completely free. All you need is an email address.
How to add a pattern to ravelryOnce you’ve got your account set up, go to the Patterns tab at the top of any page. It’s the one the black arrow below is pointing at. From here, you can choose to search in several ways. To keep it simple here as we get started, click on the link the red arrow is pointing at – “pattern browser & advanced search.”
How to add a pattern to ravelry

This takes you to a page… with even more options! But we’ll take them one at a time. First, note the search bar at the top, that the black arrow is pointing at. If you know you’re looking for a something specific, in this case a hat, you can type “hat” right into the search bar. But don’t be too quick to hit the “search” button to the right! If it’s the name of a category, you’ll get a drop down menu, with options where you can further narrow it down!

How to add a pattern to ravelry

How to add a pattern to ravelry

From there, you can continue narrowing things down, using the filters along the left side of the screen – the left-most arrow points at where they begin. As you click on different options, they’ll show up at the top, where the right-most arrow is pointing. And you can cancel them here too, if you find you’ve narrowed things down so much you can’t find what you’re looking for – or if you change your mind.

Also note the small red arrow in the middle up there. That’s a drop down box that lets you change how the search results are sorted. You can choose from Most Popular, Most Recently Published, Best Match, and several other options!

How to add a pattern to ravelry

Here’s a closer look at the filters you’ll find along the left side…. SO MANY OPTIONS! Again, don’t let it overwhelm you! These are all really useful tools! Let’s say you want a crochet hat pattern that is free and uses 400 yds or less of worsted weight yarn, and is rated easy. You can use these options to completely narrow it down, and get exactly what you are looking for! (Assuming it’s available of course!)

So at this point hopefully you’ve spotted one or more patterns that you’re interested in. When you click on the name or the picture, you go to the pattern page. All the pattern pages have the same basic look.

Here’s the one for the Ups and Downs Crochet Slouchy Beanie. It’s a free pattern, available here on Moogly, so there are two places you can click to go to the pattern. But before you even click, you can see the yardage, yarn weight, hook size, how other people have rated the pattern, and you can use the tabs at the top to look at photos of projects other people have made using this pattern!

How to add a pattern to ravelry

The other case that’s most common with free patterns is that it’s a download available right on Ravelry. In this case, you’ll also have a couple of different places you can click – where either of the black arrows are pointing. Both will create a popup where you can download the pattern straight to your computer.

How to add a pattern to ravelry

And look where the small green arrow is pointing! If you make the pattern, you can click the “hook it” button to add it to your Ravelry notebook. The notebook is also pretty easy and intuitive you use – and a great way to keep track of the patterns you’ve made, and yarns you used to do so! If you want to save it for later, you can click on the little ♥ icon to add it to your favorites, or click on “add to queue” – it’s like free shopping!

If it’s a paid pattern available on Ravelry, you’ll also have a couple of options. You can click where the black arrow below is pointing, and buy it immediately, or you can look where the green arrow is pointing, and choose to buy it now, add it to your cart and keep shopping, or purchase it as a gift for another Ravelry member.

How to add a pattern to ravelry

If a pattern isn’t available for purchase through Ravelry, or available free on Rav or elsewhere, then odds are it’s from a magazine or book. Whenever possible, the info for purchasing the book or magazine is also included – magazines being a little trickier of course.

So if you haven’t joined Ravelry and started exploring, now is a great time. Remember, it’s 100% free to join and use… though I can’t guarantee it won’t inspire an increase to the yarn budget! I hope this quick tutorial helps you find the patterns you’re looking for – and ones you didn’t even know you needed!

Thanks for reading! Get Moogly on your favorite social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, G+, Pinterest and Tumblr, and sign up for the free Newsletter at the top of the page so you don’t miss a thing!

How to add a pattern to ravelry

This free crochet pattern is all about pinecones and how to make them easily and fast. I recently made an Advent Wreath which needed some pinecones to make it look even better.

This pattern is part of the above-mentioned Advent Wreath which was sponsored by Lion Brand Yarns who provided me with some free yarn. The yarn I used was Heartland and it was the best yarn for this project.

How to add a pattern to ravelry

This pattern is also part of the Advent Wreath Crochet Along . Be sure to check out the main page for that as well.

I absolutely love this yarn and it is from now on one of my favorite go-to yarns. It is so soft and easy to work with. And let me tell you the colors are incredible.

As this pattern is created for the Advent Wreath, please go to Ravelry and add the entire pattern to your Ravelry Favorites. This is also the place where you could purchase the entire pattern at once, which includes all 6 patterns of the Advent Wreath.

So, if you prefer an ad-free version of this pattern where the pictures are added separately to the back of the pattern (to save ink in case you just want to reference the pictures but not print them), you can purchase the pdf on Ravelry or Etsy below.

So, let me now tell you what you will need to make these awesome looking candles and how to make them very easily.

How to crochet a Pinecone

You will need (click to see which ones I used):

  • Lion Brand Heartland yarn
    • 1 skein of Sequoia (136-126)

    Stitches used, in US terms:

    You can learn all Basic Stitches through THESE TUTORIALS

    How to add a pattern to ravelry

    There are lots of ways to crochet a circle, but making one that is not wavy or wonky can be a challenge. Fortunately, there is a basic formula that will keep your crocheted circle flat. This crocheted circle uses the method of joining with a slip stitch at the end of each round. The alternative would be to create continuous rounds that lead to a spiral pattern rather than a circle. It’s a fairly quick and easy method, depending on how large of a circle you plan to make. You can use flat crocheted circles to make a variety of items, including doilies, placemats, coasters, and rugs.

    Watch Now: How to Crochet a Simple Circle

    What You’ll Need

    Equipment / Tools

    • Crochet hook


    • Yarn


    Round 1: Work Single Crochet Stitches to Form a Circle

    Begin with a slip knot and then two chain stitches. Then, make six single crochet stitches into the second chain from the hook. Slip stitch to join the end of the round.

    This circle begins with six single crochet stitches, but you can adjust that depending on the type of stitch you use. Use these general guidelines for the starting round:

    • Use six to 10 stitches in round one for single crochet.
    • Use eight to 12 stitches in round one for half double crochet.
    • Use 10 to 14 stitches in round one for double crochet.

    How to add a pattern to ravelry

    Round 2: Work 2 Single Crochet Stitches in Each Stitch

    For the second round of the circle, use two single crochet stitches per each stitch you already made. This will give you a total of 12 single crochet stitches for round two. (If you started with a different number of stitches, you should have twice as many stitches as round one.) Slip stitch to the first stitch to join.

    How to add a pattern to ravelry

    Round 3: Work a Pattern of Single Crochet Stitches

    For the third round, use two single crochet stitches for the next stitch, and then alternate between using one and two stitches. For a crochet circle that started with six single crochet stitches, you will end this round with 18 single crochet stitches. (For circles that started with other numbers of stitches, this round should have three times the number of stitches as the first round.) Slip stitch to the first stitch.

    How to add a pattern to ravelry

    Round 4: Work Another Single Crochet Stitch Pattern

    For the fourth round, use a single crochet stitch for the next stitch, then another single crochet stitch in the following stitch, and then two single crochet stitches in the next stitch. Repeat that pattern around the circle, and slip stitch to join to the first stitch.

    How to add a pattern to ravelry

    Continue Growing the Circle

    If you want to continue growing the circle, continue growing the pattern. For each round, add one more single crochet stitch before doing two single crochet stitches. For instance, to create the fifth round you would do a single crochet stitch in each of the first three stitches, followed by two single crochet stitches in the next stitch. And in round six, you would do a single crochet stitch in each of the first four stitches, followed by two single crochet stitches in the next stitch.

    You can end your crochet circle as soon as it’s large enough for you. If you want a circle that has a more finished edge, then you can slip stitch in each stitch all the way around. You can also add a scalloped border or other edging.

    How to add a pattern to ravelry

    Bring the fun of Halloween in your homes! Cast that spell that can turn our spaces into something spooky through the magic of our yarn and hooks. Bring the enchantment of this holiday’s spirit by sprucing up your areas with Halloween elements and decorations. Get away from all the dullness and have a spooktacular celebration by splashing the Halloween colors in your homes. Check out these fantastic and enchanting crochet patterns that can surely bring the Halloween spirit in your spaces!

    How to add a pattern to ravelry

    1. Red Heart Halloween Jar Cozies

    Keep your sweet treats in these spooky yet adorable creations! With their perfect Halloween colors, their presence in your homes can definitely bring a spell that is just so simply irresistible. Their enchanting design and eerie looks can totally set the holiday’s mood. Besides, these friendly faces won’t just let the kids dig in to your treats, they’ll surely love these charming creations too! Don’t they look so cute? Just get enticed and let your yarn and hooks bring the spell in your homes.

    How to add a pattern to ravelry

    2. Halloween Garland

    Spread the Halloween Spirit in your home! This crochet Halloween Garland will definitely splash out that eerie vibes you’ve been looking for. With their perky and spooky colors, your house areas can get the most animated décor this holiday. Not to mention the cute and creepy crochet cobwebs that adds the most eye-catching chill in this creation. Hang this spell-binding crochet garland on a window and let that spine-chilling air hover your home.

    How to add a pattern to ravelry

    3. Jack Skellington Wreath

    Get enticed with this cute and spooky wreath! With this spooky yet adorable creation, your Halloween celebration will never go wrong. Its lovely design and fantastic style can surely awaken this holiday’s spirit and make your Halloween celebration a lot more fun and meaningful. So get that scary air right in front your doors and enjoy stitching out this wonderful creation. Let this Jack Skellington Wreath do the tricks for you.

    How to add a pattern to ravelry

    4. Baby Ghost Ornaments for Halloween

    Celebrate Halloween with a BOO! Well, you might not get scared with this charming baby ghost ornaments, but their presence in your homes can definitely blow anyone with their irresistible cuteness! Aren’t you mesmerized and hypnotized with their spell-binding charm? Hang them up in your Spooky Tree this holiday and they’ll surely add a lot of magic in your celebration of Halloween. Besides, these cuties are quick and easy to make! So go on and get your yarn and hooks!

    How to add a pattern to ravelry

    5. Be Witchy Wall Hanging

    Who can get enough of witches this Halloween? Witches can totally be scary but let’s just take their hats off and take it with us in this bewitching wall hanging. You may want to hang it up on your doors or let it break off your bland walls. Besides, its pretty design and lovely style can totally rock your naked areas and spice up your dull spaces. So if you want something eerie and pretty this scary season, then this creation will totally please you.

    How to add a pattern to ravelry

    6. Dia de los Muertos CAL

    Want something cool and eye-catching to spruce up your homes this Halloween? Check out this exquisite pattern with an inspiration from the traditional Mexican holiday Dia de los Muertos. With its intricate and delightful design, your celebration will surely be a lot more fun and cool. This very decorative doily looks so festive it can surely bring colors to your holiday. It doesn’t just steal one’s eye but can truly prettify one’s home.

    How to add a pattern to ravelry

    7. Crochet Spider Web Tablemat

    Bring the Halloween vibes on your tables! This crochet spider web tablemat can surely bring this holiday’s air into another level. You can surely dine with fun and enjoy your food in chills with this fantastic crochet work. You may want to place a cute spider for additional creeps. Besides, placing this spooky yet fabulous creation on your tables can add a lot of colors in your Halloween celebration. Just dig in the fun and get your yarn and hooks.

    How to add a pattern to ravelry

    8. Halloween Table Runner

    Add more spice in your Halloween celebration with this wonderful Halloween Table runner! Designed with adorable creepy elements, your holiday celebration will never be the same. This crochet work has so much charm and chills that will definitely animate your homes. Besides, its spooky design can really be delightful and fun. So if you want your tables to look alive this Halloween, this pattern could be a perfect pick.

    How to add a pattern to ravelry

    9. Crochet Skull Applique

    Level up the Halloween vibes in your homes! With this Crochet Skull Applique, your holiday decoration will definitely be a hit. Besides, this crochet work can trigger your creativity to make a more personal home décor that suits your spaces. Make your walls a lot more vivacious and enthusiastic and let this creation awaken the Halloween spirit. More, this spooky crochet work is fun and easy to make.

    How to add a pattern to ravelry

    10. Meowlloween Cushion

    Fabulous and gorgeous! Let your spaces bring the air of Halloween with this not so spooky yet very nice-looking pattern. It brings a really unique charm that can awaken that spine-chilling vibes this holiday. Decorate your naked spaces and make your dull areas alive with this dazzling creation. Its charismatic and enchanting style can surely create a spell to anyone who looks. So no need to wait, just get your crochet tools!

    Our Halloween celebration will never get dull with the presence of home decors. They awaken this Holiday’s spirit and they add so much charm in our home spaces. All thanks to our craft we can decorate our homes with the magic of our creativity together with our yarn and hooks! So if you want to stitch out these amazing patterns using dark colors, a lighted crochet hook can surely help you. Besides, if you want to save time from untangled yarn balls, don’t hesitate to grab a yarn bowl. Good tools can really make your crochet hours a lot more fun and meaningful.

    Crocheting is more than just a hobby – it is therapy, stress relief, and a creative outlet to the over 38 million crocheters in the United States. Nothing is better at melting away the day’s stresses than a soft ball of yarn and your favorite crochet hook. Crochet patterns are the road map to this bliss and the variety available is amazing. If you can dream it, someone out there has created a crochet pattern to make it. Yes, free crochet patterns are available on The Daily Crocheter, but you will also find information on crochet yarn, crochet articles and tips, a yarn shop directory, crochet book reviews, yarn reviews, local crochet clubs, crochet charities, crochet events, and more. From how to crochet to crochet instructions, from Lion Brand yarn to Red Heart yarn, from crochet hooks to crocheting yarn, youlll find it all at The Daily Crocheter. Welcome!

    How to add a pattern to ravelry How to add a pattern to ravelryHow to add a pattern to ravelry

    The Daily Crocheter’s Yarn Shop Directory is one of the largest, most complete listing on the internet, featuring shops in all 50 states. Plus, every yarn shop in our directory now includes a website link, Google map, and driving directions. You can search the Yarn Shop Listings by state, yarn shop name, city name, and even area code. We depend on our readers for additions, deletions, and corrections to this helpful directory. See if your favorite yarn shop is listed in the yarn shop directory now. The Daily Crocheter also offers lots of Crocheting Help, whether you are new to crocheting or an expert. Be sure to check out our crochet videos and learn how plastic bags can be the perfect crochet material. How to add a pattern to ravelry

    The Daily Crocheter’s FREE Newsletter is emailed to over 20,000 subscribers at least once a month. In the newsletter, you’ll discover what’s new on the site, including crochet articles, free crochet patterns, crochet book reviews, crochet videos, yarn reviews, crocheting in the news, and more. Sign up at the top of the page under Crocheting News or click here. Don’t forget to also register for our new Crochet Forums, where members receive an additional free crochet pattern each day, plus access to the previous two weeks of featured free crochet patterns of the day. You can also connect with other crocheters and hear from The Daily Crocheter editors.

    The Daily Crocheter now has over 1,500 free crochet patterns in our database and we’re constantly adding more. You can search by pattern type and easily find what you’re looking for. How about a baby blanket crochet pattern? Or an easy hat crochet pattern? You’ll find them all at The Daily Crocheter. View our complete database of free crochet patterns now.

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    Library Your Ravelry library exists to track patterns that you own – both individual patterns and ones that are in books or magazines you have purchased- and to store digital patterns that you have purchased (or downloaded for free) through Ravelry pattern downloads. You can add books and magazines to your library from the library section of your notebook, or by using the add to Ravelry …

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    Feb 09, 2017 · In the notebook section, go to your library. Choose your pattern and there will be a download button. Alternatively, for free patterns, on the main pattern page there will be a link to click to download the pattern or, if it isn’t hosted on Ravelry, a link to …

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    Occasionally, a link to a free pattern no longer works, or is to a book that you need to purchase. But the paid patterns on a Ravelry always work just fine. Once you buy a pattern, you can download it multiple times, plus keep a copy in your library.

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    Le Heart with Dreadlocks est une variation mignonne. Heart Sachet – Anonyme – crochet – sachet – gratuit – pas de photo, mais voir : MiniBooger’s Heart Sachet Heart … … available as PDF downloads from Ravelry. You can see all of them, or we’ve split them out into free or for sale patterns if you prefer to browse that way.

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    Non-profit archives and other places to look for vintage, public domain, and out of print patterns. … but some of the books are also available as an e-book. Some of the e-books you can view the PDF online and some you can borrow electronically. Purple Kitty LLC Purple Kitty LLC hosts the Free Vintage Knitting and Free Vintage Crochet websites.

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    Library Your Ravelry library exists to track patterns that you own – both individual patterns and ones that are in books or magazines you have purchased- and to store digital patterns that you have purchased (or downloaded for free) through Ravelry pattern downloads.