How to add a logo or watermark to your youtube videos

What is a watermark logo? Why is it important to add a watermark of your business logo when publishing a video online?

Read on to find out more and learn an easy way to add a watermark logo to your social media videos.

What is a watermark logo?

A watermark logo is an image that is placed over a photo, video, or intellectual property either on paper or digitally owned by a business denoting that it is not meant to be copied without permission from that particular business. If your brand don't have one yet, explore DIY tools online such as Logo Design

Why is adding a watermark logo important for your business?

Increase brand awareness

When you put out videos on a regular basis with a watermark, viewers' will notice and remember your company logo

much more. This can create a positive connection if they enjoy your videos. This also positions your business to be top of mind which improves your chances of increasing sales.

Reduce content theft and unauthorized use

When you put out videos on the internet it is very easy for someone to download or screen-capture your video. After downloading, one can send it across to anyone and anywhere and this increases the risk of content theft. Unauthorized use can have a direct impact on any company.

That’s why adding a watermarked corporate logo on your social media video can stop others from using your videos for unauthorized use.

How to add a logo or watermark to your youtube videos

Also, it’s often easier to crop out corners, edit and manipulate footage but if your watermark logo is embedded in the video where it’d be intrusive to replace or crop out then your video becomes immune to manipulation.

Receive free publicity if your video goes viral

The internet is an unpredictable place! If your video gets a lot of shares, there is a possibility that it could also get viral. Going viral can create a lot of opportunities for your business. There might be a lot of people interested in purchasing your product after watching the video. However, if you do not put a watermark logo on your social media video, you might lose out on that traction. That’s why we recommend watermarking your social media handle in as well.

How to add a watermark logo to social media videos for your business?

Step 1. Create a Clipchamp account or log in

Before you begin, you need to create an account with Clipchamp, or simply log in if you’re already an account holder.

How to add a logo or watermark to your youtube videos

Step 2. Create a new project

Click on the Create a video button on the top right corner of Clipchamp Create’s window. The editor will automatically open in 16:9 video ratio. If you’re aiming for YouTube or widescreen viewing then we recommend using a 16:9 ratio. Alternatively, you can select the ratio that suits the needs of the social media platform on which your brand plans to upload the videos, by clicking on the 16:9 ratio box to make other options available.

Step 3. Add Your Video files

To add your video files to the video editor you can either drag and drop the video files or can browse your files on your computer or cloud storage by clicking on the Add Media button found on the left sidebar of the video editor.

You can also use Stock footage by clicking on the left side bar Stock button. Scroll through the endless stock footage folders or type in a keyword into the search bar. Once you have chosen your footage, click on the + button to add the stock video to your media library.

Step 4. Create your video

Drag and drop your video footage into the editor. As your ratio is 9:16 (portrait), you will need to resize your video clip. Click on the video preview then click Crop to fill and move your clip freely around the screen. You can also trim the length of your stock video clip by dragging the green right sidebar.

Once you’ve added your video files into the editor you need to rearrange, trim, and edit your video accordingly. You can add video transitions, stock footage, AI voiceover, and some filters to your video to create a perfect video. Once you have finalized your video edit we can proceed to add the watermark logo of your brand.

Step 5. Upload a logo to use as a watermark on your video

Click on the Logo button on the left side menu to upload your brand’s watermark logo. Choose your watermark logo file from your computer and it will be uploaded to the editor in no time.

Step 6. Position and customize your watermark

Finally, we have everything arranged and we’re about to add your brand’s watermark logo. Before locking on a fixed position you must keep in mind the purpose of your watermark logo on your video. If you are putting the watermark to avoid unauthorized distribution then you must put it in the center with a reduced opacity. If you’re putting it up on your regular videos you can choose either corner of your videos. You need to click on the transform button at the top of the video editor to resize, change the position and customize the opacity of the watermark logo on your video.

Step 7. Export and Share

After adjusting and adding your brand’s watermark logo to your video you can recheck the video throughout to finalize the edit. You can click on the export button in the top right corner to save your project. It will ask you to choose a resolution, select the resolution size and compression for fast upload speed on social media. Click continue to start the export.

Not having a watermark can have serious repercussions that are often beyond our hindsight. It is only when we face certain issues, we try to find their solutions. Jerry uses Clipchamp’s video editor to edit and add watermark to videos for the business. Be like Jerry and Sign up for Clipchamp, it’s free!

How to add a logo or watermark to your youtube videos

How to add a logo watermark on your videos 2021a branding watermark is a feature that allows creators to add any image (typically a logo) to. How to add a logo watermark to all of your videos 2021how to add a logo watermark to all of your videos,how to add a logo watermark to all of. 2021 update video = mavmgyujsquhow to add a watermark to your videos 2020 add your logo to your videos! the bra. *2020* how to add a watermark to your videos (for free) add your custom logo to your videos! get the best gaming controllers: cinchgamin. How to add branding watermark in your videos 2021 | branding logo kaise lagaye 2021#addlogoinvideo # brandingwatermark # watermark #brand.

How to add a logo or watermark to your youtube videos

How To Add How To Add A Logo Watermark To All Of Your

Easily add your branding to your videos. video watermarks act as a digital signature on video content. when others repost or reshare your videos or photos on social media, your watermark reminds them of the original creator, brand, or source. when a video has a logo, text, or png watermark, its viewers know the original creator and can find. Easily add your branding to your videos. video watermarks act as a digital signature on video content. when others repost or reshare your videos or photos on social media, your watermark reminds them of the original creator, brand, or source. when a video has a logo, text, or png watermark, its viewers know the original creator and can find. In this video tutorial i will be showing you how to easily add a logo watermark to all of your videos. this watermark will also serve as a direct link right to your subscribe button on , so it is just another way to drive engagement back to your channel!.

How to add a logo or watermark to your youtube videos

How To Add A Logo Watermark To All Your Youtube Videos In

How to add a logo or watermark to your youtube videos

Your own video must be only yours. However, on the Internet it is not surprisingly when someone just copies? your footage and posts it on his or her account, website, stories etc. It is not fairly especially when it took so much time to make it really cool.

There is one method which helps to avoid such situation. Use watermarks. Our Editor allows adding text, symbols, your logo on your video fast and easily. You should input your clip to the Editor and put watermarks which will distinguish you from others. In order to do it, upload your logo and locate it to a proper place. If you don’t have a logo but want to add your name, click on “add text”. Enter your text at the left and choose a font. You can also select any color and make your watermark transparent. After editing check everything and click on “Done”.

So, let people know the author of your video. Nobody will be able to promote your video as if it is not yours?.

Continue. It is possible that you should edit your video and add text there. Moreover, you may have a wish to fit it to your favorite social network. Do it with our Editor!

What is it used for?

  • An authorized video for posting on a social media account or community.
  • A video with watermark on your YouTube channel.
  • Your marked clip on your website or other resources.

Mark your video for free!

Watch this video tutorial

Frequently Asked Questions

The generation speed depends on the size and length of your project and your turn among other users at the moment. Generation of short videos can take about a minute. As for long projects, they can take more time. The more users generate videos the more time is necessary for your generation.

You can speed up the process of generation if you buy the subscription. The subscription will give you an opportunity for a priority turn. Such a turn is intended for users who have bought the subscription.


Home » YouTube » How To Add Logo Watermark Of Your YouTube Video Channel

How To Add Logo Watermark Of Your YouTube Video Channel

One of the neediest of your videos using your YouTube Channel is the logo watermark. This one of the neediest of your videos after you successfully uploaded to the new environment of YouTube. If you want to brand your videos? Here are the steps how doing it, read it below.


  1. Double click the browser’s icon of your desktop.
  2. Once it will open, click on the top and in the address bar type “
  3. Once the YouTube will open, click the button called “sign-in”.
  4. Enter your email and your password.
  5. Then click your profile picture at the top right side of your screen.
  6. Then click “My Channel”.


1. Click the gear icon beside the creator studio

2.Then click view additional features.

3. Then click Branding at the left side panel of your screen.

4. Then click Add Watermark

5. Then click Choose File button.

6. Then in another window select your created logo and then click open button below of that window.

7. Click Save button.

8.Click Save button after you uploaded your logo.

9. Then click the down arrow bar of “Display time”, then select/click “Custom Start Time”. Then below of it type in the bar your “Start Time (mm:ss). Then click update button.

10. Your Done, wait until the logo watermark will display in your videos position at the right side.

And also you can add a subscriber button instead of the logo of your company or website to gather more subscribers or viewer’s. Once they click it, it will automatically subscribe to your YouTube channel.

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When it comes to social media, logos help viewers remember and associate the content with your brand. The logo can tell people where to get more information or more similar content. Plus, visual consistency across posts make your videos look more polished and professional. Whether you’re a company, social media influencer, event promoter, or organization, logos – a static visual element on a moving background – can help you spread brand recognition.

Tl;dr: Use this Watermark Video tool to quickly add your logo from our phone or computer.

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to add a logo to your video using a free website called Kapwing. Kapwing’s Studio has a simple, drag-and-drop UI for inserting a logo into your MP4. Kapwing permanently adds your logo to the video file so that it’s there anytime the video is shared/reposted.

Step 1: Upload Video

To add your logo on a video, you’ll need to use a video editing program. Kapwing’s Studio is a free, online image and video editor that’s ideal for watermarking videos. Open the Watermark Video tool from the Kapwing homepage:

How to add a logo or watermark to your youtube videosScreenshot of the “Watermark Video” homepage

Click “Get Started” and upload the video you want to add your logo to. If your video is already online (like on YouTube or Vimeo), you can import it directly by pasting the URL.

Alternatively, you can start with one of the logo templates (for the top and bottom corner) on the landing page then replace the video placeholder with your own.

After your video loads into the Studio, you can resize it to fit the platform you’re publishing to. Click the aspect ratio buttons to dimensions to 9:16, 16:9, 1:1, 5:4, or 4:5 for Stories, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Creators can also enter a custom size, like 1920×1080 for YouTube thumbnails.

Step 2: Add Logo

When your video has loaded on the screen, upload, copy/paste, or drag your PNG logo onto the screen. You can add as many images or stickers onto the video canvas as you’d like.

How to add a logo or watermark to your youtube videos

Logo uploaded in the corner

Creators can also design a custom logo within the Kapwing tool by adding a text layer and icon. To make a logo, click the “Text” menu to add a text layer and the “Images” layer to search through pictures. Then, use the drag-and-drop sliders to position the logo in the right layout. Once the design looks good, select both layers and group them together.

If your brand already has a website, you can also search for your logo with the “Images” tool and import your logo directly.

How to add a logo or watermark to your youtube videos

In the timeline, drag the end time of the image layer so that it appears for the whole duration of the video. Alternatively, you can make the logo appear and disappear selectively.

How to add a logo or watermark to your youtube videos

Erase Background

The best logos are those that are saved as a PNG file with a transparent background so that it covers as little video content as possible. You can use the embedded “Erase” tool to remove the background of the image. Select the logo picture and click “Erase” in the right-hand action menu.

How to add a logo or watermark to your youtube videos

Then, use the magic wand to select the background and remove it. Don’t forget about the spaces inside of letters! You can manually touch-up the background removal with the pixel eraser.

How to add a logo or watermark to your youtube videos

Now your logo will have a transparent background! Kapwing’s other editing tools allow you to filter, adjust the opacity, crop, rotate, and add an outline to your logo overlay. In the below example, I adjusted the opacity to be 25% transparent.

How to add a logo or watermark to your youtube videos

Step 3: Position and Size Logo on Video

Once you’ve imported a logo onto the canvas, use the sliders to make the logo smaller and position it on the right section of the video. Play the video to see how the logo will look at different times of the video as the background changes behind it.

To make the overlay disappear after a certain amount of time, adjust the layer timing with the “Timeline” tool . Vanishing watermarks show off your brand without distracting from the main video.

Finally, Kapwing has a built in set of image animations if you want to add some pizzaz to your logo. Make it fade in and out, bounce or drop in, or flicker using the “Animate” tab. These compelling animations can draw attention to your brand and help you promote the logo.

Step 4: Export and Share

Watch the video fully to make sure your watermark doesn’t block any important content. Once your video preview looks correct, click the “Export” button to process your watermarked MP4.

Kapwing will load your video in the cloud, then send the finalized video clip for downloading. You can share the URL or save the file to publish on social media.

Every Kapwing video is also an editable template. If you want to watermark a different video or photo in the future using the same layout, you can click to edit your logo-ed video to replace the main content.

If your video was processed with watermark, all you need to do is sign in using your Facebook or Google account, and the watermark will go away. It’s free to remove the watermark, and your content will be saved in a digital workspace to access later.

That’s how you add a logo to your videos! We’re constantly trying to make helpful tools for creative professionals and small brands, so feel free to reach out with your questions and ideas for improvement.

Add watermark to your videos to give them a recognizable, consistent look. Use’s watermark feature to easily brand your videos and make them stand out.

What is a watermark?

How to add a logo or watermark to your youtube videos

A watermark is a logo or any other branded sign that is displayed throughout the whole video.

Watermark helps to increase brand awareness and make sure that viewers recognize your videos at a glance.

How to add a watermark to your video in 3 easy steps

How to add a logo or watermark to your youtube videos

Step 1. Upload the watermark

First, create or open a project in, go to the editor and head over to the step “Watermark”. Then, upload the image you want to be displayed as the watermark.

Step 2. Add the watermark to video

Once the watermark is uploaded, click on it to make it appear on the canvas. Keep in mind that you can add several watermarks that will be displayed simultaneously in your video. You can always delete the watermark by clicking the X sign at the top-right corner of it.

Step 3. Adjust the watermark

Now, you can adjust the position and size of your watermark. Drag the watermark around the canvas to choose the perfect position and drag the corners to resize it.

Tips on adding watermark to your video

Make sure your watermark doesn’t obstruct the footage.

When choosing the right position for your watermark, make sure that it doesn’t obstruct key elements of the video, such as people’s faces, promoted products, and other important visual details.

Display useful information in your watermark.

Normally, people add their logo as a video watermark. However, there are many other things you can use the watermark feature for: display your contact details throughout the video; notify viewers about a special offer; promote your social media accounts.

Don’t add too many watermarks to one video.

This tip speaks for itself. You don’t want to make your video look messy by overloading it with too many watermarks. Two watermarks are usually enough to highlight your brand and display significant information.

Use the right file format.

Make sure that your watermark’s file format is supported by Here are the supported formats: PNG, JPG, JPEG, SVG. We recommend using the PNG file format as it allows your image to have a transparent background.

Don’t overlap text with your watermark.

When adding your watermark, double-check that it doesn’t overlap the text in your video. Try keeping your watermark as far as possible from the text area, and vice versa.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other social media platforms are packed with watermarked personal and commercial photos and videos. This is because adding watermark to videos and photos can prevent unauthorized use and copying, make your videos more personal and special, and promote your brand.

Part 1. How to Add a Watermark to Your Video Online

FlexClip helps you put watermark to your video online in clicks whether it is a text watermark, or logo watermark. After uploading, you can easily change the watermark’s size, opacity, and position to make your video look better! Rich video templates and media resources like music, video clips and photos are also available to level up your work.

Now, click the Create a Video button and follow the steps below to get started. No download, no registration required. No tedious brand logo will be added.

How to add a logo or watermark to your youtube videos

How to Add Watermark to Video – Step 1

How to add a logo or watermark to your youtube videos

How to Add Watermark to Video – Step 2

If you want to add a logo watermark to your video, go to the watermark section, select any image and upload as a logo watermark.

How to Add a Logo Watermark to Video

Part 2. How to Add a Watermark to Your Video on Windows Desktop

On windows desktop, we suggest you try free Windows Movie Maker. Windows Movie maker is the best if you want to add a text watermark to videos. Follow the guide below.

There are 2 convenient ways to brand your videos with a logo watermark. Method 1 is adding a watermark during publishing. Method 2 embeds a watermark in post production before rendering the final video. Both have advantages and disadvantages which are explained here:

Method 1: Adding a logo watermark during publishing

On many video services you can set a logo as a watermark on top of your video. Often, you can set a hyperlink on this watermark to your own website or any page you want, which is great because it can create a viral effect. It also saves you a lot of time because the other method is to embed a logo in post production in the video itself.
Therefore, method 1 appears to be the most cost effective way to set your watermark on any videos you publish. The next advantage is that if you change your logo, all videos will immediately show the latest version. Here is an example of an imposed watermark over a video:
When going full screen, the watermark remains the same size.

Depending on the content management you use (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.) there are plugins available to make it easy for you. JW Player and FlowPlayer have a plugin that allows setting up a watermark per video which also work on mobile devices.

The problem is that computer savvy folks can leech your video (showing off with your video while you pay for the bandwidth) and even add their own logo on top of your video in the same way as you do, leaving yours out of the picture altogether. They only have to find the link to the video in the page source and add it in their own player on their site. OK, this is illegal and you could sue the perpetrator, but it’s a hassle. Therefore, adding credits in the video itself is a good way spoil the fun for most leechers, but it involves post production.

Method 2: adding a logo in post production

After you created your video, you open it in any video editor that can add layers on top of the original video, and you add a logo watermark either on the top left or right. Why not at the bottom? Because many video channels tend to place their logo or buttons in the bottom area. I made a mistake with a couple of videos in the beginning and discovered that my own logo was partly masked by the YouTube logo, which gave a messy look, as you can imagine. Anyway, when you have done that, you render the video and upload it to your site.

The advantage is that your logo is integrated in the video, it cannot be removed from the footage. A leecher can try to place a bigger logo over yours, but that will look odd. After all, a logo shouldn’t attract too much attention.


  • It involves a bit more work obviously, although you can make this easier by using a template that you create in your video editor project. And adding credits is something you are advised to do in most cases anyway, so the time difference is not that big compared with method 1.
    However, when you change your logo, you have to redo all videos and upload them again. This can hurt in the long run.
  • You cannot add a link to your logo. That is true, but you can use a little trick which works on every video channel, including your own site. Read on below:

Using one of the plugins described above (JW Player, FlowPlayer), you can create an empty watermark and save it as a png 24bit, with transparency. Then you link to that watermark in the same position as your hardcoded watermark and add the link. The watermark with the link option will impose invisibly over the watermark in the video itself.

There are quite a few video editors that can embed logos, even after post production. However, you should only do that on videos with very little compression because the video editor will re-render the video and add more compression. Here is a short list of video editors that can embed watermarks:

  • Adobe AfterEffects (Adobe)
  • Adobe Premiere (Adobe)
  • PowerDirector (Cyberlink)
  • FinalCut Pro/Express (Apple)

There are many more, even video editors specifically for the sole task of adding a watermark, but you have to be careful with the latter because their compression methods are generally quite limited.
With Camtasia, you can add a watermark, but it is actually not embedded in the footage but layered on top of the video as a separate image, which is the same as using method 1.

Add any image and watermark to any video and ensure your brand is always attributed. Prevent anyone from using your video without your permission by adding a watermark to the video.

Oh, and it’s completely free!

Choose your video

Upload your video in any format: MP4, WAV, MOV, AVI, WebM and many more.

Add your watermark

Place your watermark wherever you need, drag it around or even animate it until it looks just right.

Export for free

Download your video for free, optimized for all social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok!

Useful applications

Edit any video from your phone

Designed to run on both Android and iOS devices, add your logo in seconds without downloading an app.

Add a watermark to your video for YouTube

Any video you make with CreatorKit is entirely yours. Once you’re done with it we’ll remove any assets from our servers.

Add your brand to your Instagram videos

Use your logo to enhance brand communication on Instagram, or just about any other social media network you need.

Platform features

CreatorKit is the best video editor tool to create engaging social media content. At least that’s what we believe! No registration is required to use any of our simple tools, like our watermark tool. No video editing experience is required, and you’ll become a pro in no time.

Branded videos

Add any image or photo on top of your video, in minutes. Plain and simple.

100% online

No need to download an app or browser extension. Designed to be used on any device.

Add image and watermarks to video

Have an asset with a watermark of its own that you don’t want? Simply add your own logo on top.

Add watermarks to videos of any type

Works with MP4, MOV, AVI, WebM and the list goes on!

Secure processing

Your data is protected with industry-standard security measures. We delete videos after processing them.

Without extra watermarks

We won’t clutter up your video with any of our branding. Your video is entirely yours.

Add your logo to any video

We built CreatorKit to be powerful yet easy to use. Adding a watermark to a video should never be complicated.

Want to see how? Check out our tutorial:

Why choose CreatorKit?

CreatorKit is a video platform designed for anyone who wants to create high-converting videos. Some of the features that make us different include:

  • Animated Text Styles
  • Hundreds of Video Templates
  • Smooth Video Transitions

How to add a logo or watermark to your youtube videos

But wait, there’s more!

CreatorKit is a lot more than just a tool to add watermarks to videos. Here are a few other features we think you might find useful!

Want to know how to put a watermark on a video? Just add your MP4 file to the app to get started.

  • from Dropbox
  • from Google Drive
  • from Dropbox
  • from Google Drive
  • from Dropbox
  • from Google Drive
  • from Dropbox
  • from Google Drive
  • from Dropbox
  • from Google Drive
  • from Dropbox
  • from Google Drive

How to Watermark a Video Using the Fastreel Online Editor

Upload Your Video to the App

Upload the MP4 , MOV, MKV, AVI, and WMV videos you want to add a watermark to by using the button or the drag-and-drop area above. Your files must be under 500 MB.

Add a Watermark to a Video

Add your watermark in PNG or JPEG format by clicking Upload Image. Usually, transparent images are used as video watermarks. You can move the image and change its size if you want.

Save and Download the Result

Click Continue to apply the changes and open the export settings window. Select an appropriate save option to download your video.

Why Use Fastreel to Add a Video Watermark?

Handy Tool for Adding Watermarks

Add a logo to a video and in seconds you’ll have a result you can upload on YouTube and other websites.

Security of Uploaded Files

We ensure that any media files you add to the program can never be damaged or stolen.

Online App

You can create a video with a watermark right in your browser – no need to install special video-editing software.

Intuitive Program Interface

Fastreel is accessible even for users who don’t know how to watermark videos.

Basic Watermark Settings

Our watermark adder lets you easily change the size of your logo and place it in any part of the video frame.

Free Export Option

Save the result for free with the Fastreel watermark added to the video, or try the Premium export options.