How to add a film to imdb

IMDb is quite simple to use, and there are a few uses for it. You can use it to find new releases, trailers, show times, and a history of movies and TV series.

How to Search with IMDb

  1. You can use the search bar at the top to find films, actors, and even fictional characters. To search for something, click inside this bar and start typing in your keywords. You’ll notice a drop down menu that will try to guess what you’re looking for.If you find what you’re looking for in the drop down menu, click it. If not, finish typing and click the magnifying glass (or press “Enter” on your keyboard) to search all of IMDb.

How to add a film to imdb

How to Find Movie Showtimes Near You

This one is quick and easy! On the homepage, you’ll notice the Showtimes section on the right hand side. IMDb finds your approximate location and can suggest theaters near you. Click See All Showtimes to take a look.

How to add a film to imdb

From here you can search on different days, find different theaters, and search for different movies. Click Change beside your location to pick a different one, or click one of the date buttons below to look for showtimes on that date. Click the Movies tab to sort movies by alphabetical order, or click Theaters to sort movies by an alphabetical list of what theaters they’re playing in.

How to add a film to imdb

Celebrity News

IMDb is also a great source for entertainment news, and it’s not hard to find. The homepage has the latest movie and show trailers and celebrity interviews, but for more articles and videos, click the Celeb, Events & Photos drop down menu under the search bar and click Celebrity News.

How to add a film to imdb

You’ll be taken to a list of the most recent celebrity news, so all you’ll need to do is scroll and read what interests you!

How to add a film to imdb

And that’s a quick tour of IMDb and some of the things you can do on it!

Videos on IMDb come from several sources: trailers and other promotional videos are typically supplied by studios, distributors and publicists; demo reels are uploaded by talent directly; film/TV episodes are linked from video content partners (such as Prime Video) or uploaded directly by filmmakers.

Article contents


If you’re an actor or filmmaker and wish to upload your demo reel, which will be available/viewable directly from your name page, you will need to join IMDbPro. We offer a 30-day free trial to new IMDbPro members. Once you’ve joined IMDbPro and created or claimed your IMDb page, please go to the Demo Reels page to upload your reel.

Production companies, distributors and other similar entities wishing to submit trailers, clips, or other related video for multiple titles should use IMDb Title Scorecard, our new service which enables industry partners to easily review and update the titles they represent on IMDb. This is the best way for trusted industry partners to get their videos onto IMDb.

To apply for IMDb Scorecard, fill out the Scorecard Application form to let us know who you are, which companies/titles you represent, along with the email address attached to your IMDb user account. Once we know who you are and the companies/titles you represent, we can add Scorecard to your account. You will receive an email confirming your new access rights with further instructions.

If you don’t fall within any of the above categories, you can still link video content to your titles or pages by submitting external video links (e.g. links to video content found on other sites like,, etc.).

To submit these links, please visit the title page you want to submit a link and click the “Edit Page” button located at the bottom of the page and choose the ‘Add 1 Item” option next to appropriate category (e.g. ‘Trailers’ or ‘Videos/clips’) under the “Link to other Sites” heading and follow the on-screen instructions.

Important: Once approved, the links will appear on the page for the film in the ‘External Links‘ section but will not trigger the display of the actual trailer on, since the content is hosted externally.

Videos that are tagged to a title or name page will appear in those respective galleries – to add or correct name or title matches to videos, please report this via the Video Change Request form by selecting “IMDb Contributor > I need help and haven’t submitted an update > Images & video > Remove/update videos and a member of staff will be able to help out.

Right, you lovely Indie filmmakers out there! It must be very difficult to get your work out there, however a very good way of doing this would be to get your title added to the mother ship of all things film, IMDB.

Below are some helpful tips in order to get your film listed in their database, for the entire world to see!

1) At the top of the IMDB homepage, click the button labelled ‘help’

2) This will then take you to another page, which has a lovely long list of top questions. The one you want to click on is ‘How do I add my title?’

3) There will then be another long list of frequently asked questions, however the one that concerns you lot is ‘How do I add a new title to the site?’ and click on the link ‘New Title Submission’

4) The next step involves a lot of reading and you will see four important subheadings: General Notes, Title Formats, Capitalisation and (the most important) Eligibility: General Public Interest. Within the final subheading it is very important to read all of the information, below is a summary of what they deem both of public interest and what they don’t. It must be noted that they do not list commercials, video clips or music videos.

Public Interest

  • It will most likely have been released in cinemas
  • Shown on non-local TV
  • Released on video or prints have been made available to the public
  • Accepted and shown on film festivals
  • Made by a (now) famous artist or person of interest

Not of Public Interest

  • Digitised and put on an internet page for downloading
  • For public viewing via the web
  • Made during a film course/university local institution
  • Made for a Local Institution for internal use
  • Private home use
  • Local consumption or for friends

5) After you have read carefully all of the information, then you can begin to fill in the actual submission form. Make sure you complete all the fields with the correct information. If you ever get stuck or need help, just look for the ‘blue’ question mark.

6) What Happens after? Well, if all goes according to plan, once IMDB adds your film to the database it can take another week for it to appear on the website. The reason for this is that an IMDB manager will then need to look through all of your information and verify it.

Welcome to IMDb Contributor, a site dedicated to the contribution experience at IMDb. At the moment you can track the status of your new title, episode, trivia, and image update contributions. We will add tracking for other types of data contributions in future updates. Stay tuned!

A message to you, our contributors, from IMDb’s founder and CEO, Col Needham

How to add a film to imdb

I’m delighted to be able to welcome you to IMDb Contributor, a site devoted to everything connected with adding and editing information on IMDb. It’s a modest beginning but as it develops – with your help – I hope it will soon become your second favourite place on the Internet.

We take our commitment to the Contributors’ Charter very seriously. We listen carefully to what you have to say and never stop looking for ways to improve the contribution experience based on what you tell us. More often than anything else, you ask for more information and feedback on the progress of your submissions. The first thing we’re doing is giving you a way to track your new titles, episodes, trivia, and image updates.

Over the past 25 years, IMDb has grown and changed in many ways, but one thing never changes: we still rely very much on your willingness to share your knowledge and enthusiasm for the world of entertainment. Thank you for all your help keeping IMDb up to date and comprehensive, and making it the premier online entertainment destination.

IMDb stands for the Internet Movie Database and is a massive online website directory housing tons of information related to films, TV programs, video games, internet streams and more.

For each media listing, IMDb also contains data about the relevant cast, directors, producers, plot summaries, trivia, movie quotes, fan reviews, and ratings.

Much of IMDb’s data is collected through their users and their user-generated content.

Where could I find an API to access IMDb data?

There are many IMDb-alternatives (like TMDb & OMDb) and open movie database app scraping APIs out there that access IMDb’s massive database to help you gain insight into their data.

These APIs and web services are perfect for helping you build the perfect website, mobile application, or software.

Does IMDb have an API?

IMDb does officially have a public API called Search Suggestions, but it is undocumented. The Search Suggestions API has a JSON-P format that cannot be customized. Read more at StackOverflow.

You can also try screen scraping the IMDb website for its dataset, but that requires a lot of effort.

For a more comprehensive API, check out the Movie Database (IMDb Alternative) Open API on RapidAPI.

In this blog post, we’ll cover the API, its endpoints and functionalities.

Other IMDb APIs

    – IMDb API helps to query for all information about films, actors, characters, etc… as on official websites. – The IMDb-API is a web service for receiving movies, serial, and cast information. APIs results are a JSON and includes items such as movie specifications, images, posters, trailers, ratings, Wikipedia page content, and more. – The API provides a powerful search of movies, games and TV series using multiple filters including availability on streaming services, year of release, ratings, and more. – Fetch film data and search results from IMDB – Netflix unofficial API. Bringing all the data of the films, with various forms of search, including the rating on IMDB.

Movie Database API – an IMDb Movie API

The Movie Database API the perfect solution if you’re a developer in need of an API to retrieve IMDb data.

The Movie Database API has two GET endpoints (no POST options):

  • Search
  • ID or Title


This endpoint allows you to search movie and TV shows by title. The API returns a list of movie or TV show results based on your search query. The optional parameters include:

  • page – return results by page (1-100)
  • y – specify the year of release
  • r – specify the result format (JSON or XML)
  • type – specify the type of result to return. The three options include movie, series or episode

Here’s a sample JSON response for a query of “Avengers Endgame”:

For each JSON item, the API returns:

  • Title
  • Release Year
  • IMDb ID
  • Type (movie, series, or episode)
  • Movie Poster image

ID or Title

This endpoint will return more detailed results about a specific title you have in mind (IMDb ID or movie title required).

The optional parameters include:

  • callback – JSONP callback name
  • i – IMDb ID
  • type – Type of result to return: (movie, series, episode)
  • r – Data type to return (JSON or XML)
  • plot – Choose short or full summary (short, full)
  • y – Year of release

Let’s take the IMDb ID (tt4154796) from the earlier “Avengers Endgame” response and plug it into this endpoint. Here is the response from our fetch:

You can see that this function has a much more comprehensive result that includes:

  • Title
  • Release Year
  • Rating
  • Release Date
  • Runtime
  • Genre(s)
  • Director(s)
  • Writer(s)
  • Actor(s)
  • Plot Summary
  • Language(s)
  • Country/Countries
  • Awards Won
  • Movie posters (URL of film image)
  • Ratings received
  • Metascore
  • IMDb Rating
  • IMDb Votes
  • IMDb ID
  • Type (movie, series, or episode)
  • DVD info
  • Box Office results
  • Production company
  • Website(s)

How to start using the IMDb API

  1. Sign up for a RapidAPI user account (it’s free).
  2. Navigate to the API pricing page and subscribe to a pricing plan. Hint: There’s a free tier that allows up to 1,000 requests per day.
  3. Return to the IMDb API documentation & endpoints page.
  4. Pick one of the IMDb API endpoints and select your preferred programming language (method of code) from the dropdown. The IMDb API can be used with Node.js, PHP, Python, Ruby, Objective-C, Java (Android), C# (.NET), and cURL.
  5. Fill out all required parameters (and any optional parameters if you like).
  6. Click “Test Endpoint” to test the API right in your browser.
  7. Copy the “Request Snippet” and integrate right into your website or application.

RapidAPI has many SDKs available to help you access the many APIs on the RapidAPI marketplace.

For the IMDb API, we have the following available programming languages:

How to use IMDb API with Node.js

How to add a film to imdb

  1. Install unirest npm module
  2. Pick any IMDb API endpoint & select “NodeJS” under “Request Snippet”.
  3. Copy snippet & make the request

Most popular Kodi addons in 2021 supports the integration with IMDB accounts to browse any public IMDB watchlists for movies and TV shows within Kodi. This exhaustive guide will step by step show you how to use IMDB watchlists on Kodi video addons.

IMDB (the abbreviation of the Internet Movie Database) is one of the largest online database that Kodi media player access movie & TV shows info from. Also, it’s a highly user interactive platform that generates an ocean of binge-worthy lists, and you can browse for content to watch on Kodi with them instead of scouring in Kodi addons’ conventional categorizations.

Most working video addons in 2021 have thoughtfully added the support for a variety of playlist providers like, TMDB, TVDB, IMDB etc. to facilitate browsing, and it turned out to be a marvelous practice. To help you take the advantage of this practical function, I’d like to show you how to use IMDB watchlists on Kodi addons.

Prior to everything, you need to have a decent IMDB scraper installed to make sure Kodi can correctly acquire movie info from IMDB to display movie cover art, year, length, description while you’re browsing, rather than titles solely.

• Check out our guide on how to install and configure Universal Movie Scraper to scrape movie info from IMDB.

How to Use IMDB Watchlists on Kodi

Here I’ll demonstrate the configuration with Exodus Redux, as it’s one of the best Kodi addons in 2021 that supports the use of IMDB account and is well used and well received by the community. The process is rather simple and can be applied to most videos addons in 2021.

Step 1. Go to IMDB website, login with your account if you haven’t. Click Watchlist button on the upper-right side to open the page of your own IMDB watchlist. You can also click your user name > Your lists to create more public playlists that can be used on Kodi.

Step 2. On your watchlist page, click edit to set its visibility to public (if it’s private, by default). Copy your IMDB user ID from the page’s URL in address bar, and that would be the string after /user/, followed by /watchlist. Make sure you’ve included include the characters ur before the numbers, and the whole user ID is in the form of ur+number series.

Comparisons between Prime Video and IMDb TV are inevitable, and the latter’s continued growth raises questions about Amazon’s strategy to differentiate the platforms.

Jul 10, 2019 4:44 pm

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How to add a film to imdb

Shutterstock / Gil C

IMDb TV has come a long way in the last few months. Well, that’s a given, since the thing only launched in January. But still! Since then, IMDb’s nascent streaming service has changed its name, cut deals with an array of major studios and pledged to add thousands of films and television shows to the platform in the coming months. Yesterday, IMDb TV, which launched as Freedive and rebranded itself in June, announced IMDb’s first scripted show, an animated series titled “You’re Not a Monster” that will star Kelsey Grammer, Patton Oswalt and a handful of other well-known talent.

Exciting stuff. But as IMDb TV continues to expand, one can’t help but ask: Why does this service exist?

That sounds harsh, but it’s a query IMDb will be working hard to answer as the service expands in the months and years ahead. IMDb is owned by Amazon, which already runs the popular and well-established Prime Video streaming service. Comparisons between Prime Video and IMDb TV are inevitable, and the latter’s continued growth raises questions about Amazon’s strategy to differentiate the platforms and ensure they complement, rather than impede, the other.


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  • 'Lucifer' Reclaims Viewership Throne in Nielsen's Latest Streaming Report


  • Emmy Predictions: Best Actress in a Limited Series — More Than a Two-Horse Race
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Perhaps the most obvious difference between IMDb TV and Amazon Prime—and all of the major streaming services, for that matter—is that IMDb TV is completely free. There are unskippable ads and you need an account to begin watching, but IMDb TV is still about as low a barrier to entry for legally streaming films and television shows as one could reasonably expect. Although IMDb TV is currently only available in the United States, the service is expected to arrive in Europe sometime later in the year.

IMDb TV’s content library isn’t going to cause Netflix or Hulu executives to start sweating, but the service does have a handful of popular films and television shows, including “La La Land,” “Duck Dynasty,” “Kitchen Nightmares,” and “Heroes.” There are worse things to get for free.

Don’t want the ads? No worries, the IMDb TV FAQ page helpfully notes that ad-free viewing is easily available via Prime Video, just a few clicks and a credit card swipe away. Unfortunately, IMDb TV titles can’t be downloaded for offline viewing. Thankfully, the FAQ also explains that you can also do that with a Prime Video subscription.

On one hand, this could all be construed as IMDb TV being little more than an entry-level streaming option at best, and a thinly veiled advertisement for Amazon at worst. The service’s press releases usually note that IMDb TV is available as a free channel on the Prime Video app, and they also promote the fact that the service has built-in compatibility with Amazon’s Fire TV devices.

But to its credit, IMDb TV has done more to differentiate itself from the other streamers besides marketing itself as a budget platform. “You’re Not a Monster” might be the service’s first venture into scripted programming, but IMDb TV is already home to a handful of original shows that seem like a perfect fit for the platform.

IMDb originals include industry-centric shows such as “Casting Calls,” which goes behind the scenes of some of the most famous acting roles in history, while “So Far” summarizes news and on-set stories from upcoming films and television shows. Many of these exclusives are shorts, talk shows or documentaries as opposed to large “The Handmaid’s Tale” or “Stranger Things”-style productions, but audiences seem to enjoy these programs nonetheless. Of course, that’s coming from IMDb ratings and reviews, so take it with a grain of salt.

Regardless, IMDb is the definitive website for film buffs and television enthusiasts, thanks to its encyclopedic library of information about pretty much everything that has ever been shot on a camera. It makes sense for IMDb TV to lean into that audience instead of trying to challenge the upcoming Disney+ streaming service with an expensive “Star Wars” or Marvel-style project of their own.

More cynically, Amazon probably doesn’t want to put a high-budget project with mass appeal on a free platform when it could make it a Prime Video exclusive. That’s not to say that Amazon would seek to intentionally undermine its IMDb TV service—there’s plenty of ad revenue to be made and IMDb is a major brand with a reputation to uphold—but exclusive or widely popular content that could be a major subscription magnet is always going to make more sense on Prime Video.

As for content exclusivity, there’s probably nothing about “You’re Not a Monster” that makes it a particularly unique fit for IMDb TV, but that’s hardly a bad thing. Streaming video is an increasingly crowded and competitive market, and platform-exclusive content is one of the most important elements for any serious streaming service. It can’t hurt for IMDb TV to branch out and create original projects such as “You’re Not a Monster,” but don’t be surprised if those aforementioned industry-centered shows continue to form the backbone of its exclusive content.

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Edit: What the heck just happened? I think someone just gave this post FOUR silvers?? Thanks you anonymous Redditor.

First off, allow me to apologize if this is listed in this thread already. It has taken me weeks to get this working properly.

One of the biggest reasons I was having problems is because the sources I was finding were telling me to use an RSS feed. I would have been able to do this by changing the "www" in the URL to "rss". The result would look something like "". The problem with this is that IMDb no longer supports RSS feeds, since their backend overhaul just before Christmas.

In the Settings, go to the Lists tab. From there, Press the Plus button to add a List. Then under "Radarr Lists", use the dropdown on "Presets" and select "IMDb List". Name your list, then add your availability, profile, and folder preferences.


In the "Radarr API URL" line, add a forward-slash after "v2". the result should be "".

Then go to your watchlist on IMDb's website in another tab.

The list ID is supposed to be the "ur########" in the URL. However, that is not true. We need to find a different ID number. So press the "Edit" button for your list. On this page, you can add, remove, or re-order the watchlist. up in the URL we need to copy the part that has "ls########". That's our ID. Then you can go back to Radarr.

In Radarr, under the "Path to list" remove the all-caps "LISTID" after the =. Replace it with the lsNUMBER we copied from IMDb. It should look something like "/imdb/list?listId=ls456513485".

Now cross your fingers and toes and click that "Test" button.

Click save, and watch your network traffic spike.

I owe all of my success to the user "Elfman72" on this thread of the github page.

How to add a film to imdb

Internet Movie Database (IMDb) is an online information base committed to a wide range of data about a wide scope of film substance, for example, movies, TV and web-based streaming shows, etc. The data which is introduced on the IMDb portal incorporates cast, creation group, director crew, individual accounts, plot outlines, random data, evaluations, fan, and critics reviews.

The IMDb dataset contains 50,000 surveys, permitting close to 30 audits for each film. It was developed in 2011 by the researchers: Andrew L. Maas, Raymond E. Daly, Peter T. Pham, Dan Huang, Andrew Y. Ng, and Christopher Potts of Stanford University. The dataset was evenly divided into training and test sets. The training set contains 25000 reviews so as the test set.

A negative review has a score of ≤ 4 out of 10, and a positive survey has a score of ≥ 7 out of 10. Neutral reviews were excluded from this dataset.

Here, we will examine the information contained in this dataset, how it was gathered, and give some benchmark models that gave high accuracy on this dataset. Further, we will implement the IMDB dataset using Keras Library.

Data Collection

The raw data was collected by the researchers from the IMDb website. They searched the content information present in each of the reviews and discovered any highlights that were representative for judging whether the review was positive or negative. The reviews were then evenly divided into training and test sets uploaded to their website. In each of the directories contained in the sets, there are another two directories representing pos and neg tags, to partition the information through various marks. In every one of these folders, there are numerous TXT records containing the substance of the film survey, with each document containing one report.

Loading the dataset Using Pytorch

Define the parameters that need to be passed to the function. The list x defined below will contain reviews with its polarity.

Code Implementation using Keras Library

The dataset can be downloaded from the following link.

Load the information from the IMDb dataset and split it into a train and test set. Ensure that the maximum number of words is 5000.

Let’s define the maximum length of the review. If the length of the review is more than 500, shorten it to maximum length. Suppose a review has a length shorter than 500 pad_sequence will add “0” to the remaining length.

For example “Bangalore 0 0 0 0”

We are adding the model=Sequential() line so that the data will flow from input to output in a sequence way. The Embedding layer turns each of the words into vectors of 32 digits.

Top Open Source Recommender Systems In Python For Your ML Project

LSTM Layer decides which words in the reviews are important that will flow through them. We will add a Dense layer to the furthest limit of our model and utilize a sigmoid function capacity to deliver good results. The sigmoid function will choose if the data ought to be given a 1 (positive)or a – 1(negative).

Next Step is to train the model with epoch=5 and batch size=64. Our model gave an accuracy of 92.88% on training data.

We finished with an accuracy of 87.25% on the test dataset.

State of the art

The present state of the art on IMDb dataset is NB-weighted-BON + dv-cosine . The model gave an exactness of 97.4%. Graph star and BERT large finetune UDA are near contenders with a precision of around 96%.


In this article, we have discussed the details and implementation of IMDb dataset using Keras Library. The model trained on the test data gave a decent accuracy of around 87%. Additionally, we can increase the accuracy by training the model with more number of epochs.

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Download the best tool to add metadata for your video!

How to add a film to imdb

Elliot Carter

Apr 02,2019 • Filed to: Convert Uncommon Video • Proven solutions

Q: How can I add metadata to my movies?
  • Part 1. How to Search and Embed Movie Metadata Easily & Quickly
  • Part 2. What is Movie Video Metadata
  • Part 3. Recommend Another Tools to Add Movie Metadata

Part 1. How to Search and Embed Movie Metadata Easily & Quickly

Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate is one of the most able software that will allow users to fetch and add metadata to movie, TV shows, or video files. This is a new feature that makes the whole process of retrieving essential information from your videos a very easy task. More than adding metadata to video, it has many great features:

Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate

Easily add metadata to videos

  • Helps search metadata for your movie or video automatically.
  • You can add metadata to video including name, episode name, actor, director, tagline, description, release data, definition and more.
  • Convert videos in 500+ formats, including MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, WMV, MPEG, etc.
  • Download videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Vevo, etc. losslessly.
  • Transfer movies to iPhone, iPad, or Android phone/tablets.
  • Burn videos to DVD/Blu-ray DVD with free templates.

Simple Steps to Add Movie Metadata with Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate

01 Choose Fix Media Metadata

Install and launch Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate on your Windows PC or Mac. Click Toolbox on the top menu. Then choose Fix Media Metadata to get a pop-up window.

How to add a film to imdb

02 Fix video metadata

Here click the “. ” to load the metadata file to your movie on your local computer. If you don’t have such files, you can click on the Search button to let Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate search for your video. Or you can manually enter the information like video type, name, actor, tagline, description, comments and more.

How to add a film to imdb

03 Save and export video with metadata

At last, click Save to export the video with metadata.

How to add a film to imdb

Part 2. What is Movie Video Metadata

Movie metadata works in almost the same manner as music metadata. It contains short text information on what the movie is about. If music metadata includes the album, artist, and genre of the song, then the movie metadata will contain the plot, synopsis, poster thumbnail, and film credits. And all of these are going to be very helpful when compiling videos on a mobile device or a media player. To add or retrieve movie metadata from your videos, you are going to need special software to help you with it.

Part 3. Recommend Another Tools to Add Movie Metadata

There are several other software that can perform metadata transformation, although they may not have the same features as the Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate . Here are the three most recommended tools for the job:

#1. Media Center Master

Media Center Master allows users to keep or change the movie’s metadata information which includes trailers, backdrops, posters, story plots, and a few other vital data. As a freeware, it makes organizing and collecting videos a very easy task. To use it, simply download, install, and run the software as instructed. It will then try to scan for media titles stored in your computer. To manage the metadata file of the videos it discovered, simply set the desired title following a particular format so each movie file can be renamed in the same way. Note that this program only works under Windows OS, macOS are not compatible now.

How to add a film to imdb

#2. MetaX

Media Center Master is another example of a program that allows for editing movie metadata in batches. While this software works in almost the same way as the ones similar to it does, it assures the easiest way to supply metadata entries for every video you own. Simply populate or type in the information needed such as type of video, director’s name, producer, cast, screenwriter, and title. Then include all the necessary video tags and you’re all set. Users can also mark if video is of HD quality or not. Selecting movie or TV show opens up a different set of metadata entry field options. The problem is that it can just add movie metadata and no video conversion or editing function included.

How to add a film to imdb

#3. FilmTag

FilmTag is an app that works on Macintosh computers that allows for easy tagging of movies and videos. However, it can only process one video at a time. Also, it can only handle movies at this time, not yet TV shows. The app is currently in its beta version and can be downloaded from the Mac App Store.

In a word, video metadata is a helpful feature that users must take advantage of. When looking for a video converter and editing software, it’s important that metadata editing becomes one of its strongest features, as that allows users to easily file, search, group together, and organize movies in just a few taps or clicks. With Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate, using movies with metadata information is so much easier with iTunes.