How to add a business profile on instagram

New to Instagram? Here’s how to get started and steps your business can take to get the most from the platform. We've included support links for each step in case you need any further explanation of how something works.

1. Sign up for an Instagram account and choose a username that clearly represents your business, like your business’ name.

2. Add a profile photo, a biography and a link to your website.

3. Switch to a business profile. From your profile, tap the gear icon in the upper right corner and select and then tap to switch to business profile. Note: Your business must have a Facebook Page to switch to a business profile.

4. Link your account to other third-party sharing sites where you have an account. This will allow you to:

• Share photos to those services.

• It'll also create a news story in Instagram for anyone who follows you on Facebook and has linked their Facebook account to Instagram.

5. Announce to your Facebook followers that you're on Instagram. Let them know your Instagram username and show non-iPhone/Android followers where they can see your Instagram photos.

6. Use and search tags to connect with your audience. Try these tips for using hashtags.

7. Start sharing photos on Instagram and across your other networks. Check out the Instagram for Business blog for examples of how brands use Instagram.

8. Review insights on your business profile to better understand your audience and which types of content they respond to most.

9. Start promoting your high performing posts directly from the mobile app.

Маркетинговый план

Получите персональные советы, которые помогут вам достичь бизнес-целей.



Создавайте собственные короткие увлекательные видео в Instagram, а также смотрите ролики других пользователей.


Авторы в Instagram

Вы прирожденный автор контента. Самое время начать создавать свое сообщество.



Вдохновляющие истории успеха компаний, которыми руководят женщины или представители национальных меньшинств.


  1. Нажмите "Настройки" , откройте раздел "Аккаунт" и выберите Переключиться на профессиональный аккаунт.
  2. Выберите категорию, которая лучше всего описывает ваш род деятельности, а затем нажмите Бизнес.
  3. Готово! Ваш бизнес-аккаунт Instagram создан. Заполните свой профиль, следуя рекомендациям ниже.


Вы успешно создали аккаунт. Теперь узнайте, что делать дальше. Получите бесплатный маркетинговый план, чтобы оценить свои возможности, или изучите 3 полезных совета, которые помогут вам сразу приступить к делу.

Получите бесплатный маркетинговый план с персонализированными рекомендациями

Индивидуальный план с пошаговыми инструкциями поможет развивать вашу компанию в Instagram.

Публикуйте контент, который соответствует вашей цели

Узнайте, как создавать контент в едином стиле и таким образом повышать узнаваемость своего бренда.

Увеличивайте аудиторию

Связывайтесь с компаниями, похожими на вашу, общайтесь с подписчиками и используйте хэштеги, чтобы привлекать новых клиентов.

Расширяйте бизнес с помощью рекламы в Instagram

Используйте расширенные настройки таргетинга, привлекательные форматы рекламы и понятную статистику результативности, чтобы достигать своих бизнес-целей.

Stay on top of the biggest social media marketing trends!

Wondering how to switch to a business profile on Instagram? Maybe it’s the lure of running Instagram ads or the ability to add links to Instagram Stories?

Whatever your reason, making the switch to an Instagram business profile is super easy!

Ready to get started?

In the following post, we explain exactly how you can can create your own business profile on Instagram in just 3 easy steps:

If you’re still on the fence about switching to a business profile on Instagram, check out our blog post where we compare the pros and cons of having an Instagram business profile!

How to add a business profile on instagram

#1: Create a Facebook Page for Your Business

In order to switch to a business profile on Instagram, your business must have an active Facebook Page. Luckily, you can set up a Facebook business Page in a matter of minutes!

If you already have a Facebook Page, you can skip to the next step. But if you’re starting from scratch and want to learn more about the benefits of an Instagram business profile, stay tuned!

We have a quick video guide to getting set up and it explains everything you stand to gain by making the switch:

Start by opening Facebook and clicking on “Create Page” from the dropdown menu.

How to add a business profile on instagram

Next, select your business category and give a name to your Page. Your Page name can be your business name or another name that people may search for to find your business.

How to add a business profile on instagram

Upload a profile photo and a cover photo that best represents your business. You can use your logo as your profile photo, or even an image of your store or products.

How to add a business profile on instagram

And that’s it! Your business’ Facebook Page is now live!

Keep in mind that it’s a good idea to spruce up your Facebook Page before you connect it your Instagram business profile. At the very least, you should add a description and call-to-action that directs your Page visitors to do something, like visit your website or call your store.

#2: Connect Your Facebook Page to Instagram

In order to switch to a business profile, start by logging into your Instagram account and navigating to your profile.

Next, tap the “gear” icon in the top right corner of the screen to access your account settings.

How to add a business profile on instagram

From here, tap “Switch to Business Profile,” and then “Continue” to connect to Facebook.

Make sure your profile is set to Public! If your profile is currently set to Private on Instagram, you won’t be able to switch to a business profile.

How to add a business profile on instagram

Tap “Continue As” to connect the Facebook Page. If you don’t see your business’ Facebook Page as an option, make sure that you’re listed as an admin in the settings menu.

Once the correct Facebook Page appears, select it and tap “Next.”

How to add a business profile on instagram

#3: Set Up Your Business Profile on Instagram

Next, you’ll be prompted to add your contact information, including a phone number, physical address, or email so that customers can get in touch.

How to add a business profile on instagram

Once everything looks good, tap “Done.”

That’s it! Now that you have a business profile on Instagram, you’ll get access to a ton of new features, including the ability to view your Instagram Insights and promote your Instagram posts, all from within the app!

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Learning how to set up an Instagram Business Account is a must for most if not all businesses’ out there. There is enough cake for everyone with close to a billion users on the platform.

Photos and videos can be integrated with whatever you sell, whether it’s canvas art, drop-shipping, or online essay writing services there isn’t anything out there that can’t be sold with the right marketing and making use of all of Instagram’s features.

Even if you aren’t on Instagram, instead of paying for online ads you could consider to find influencers on Instagram with an audience relevant to your product/service and grow your brand awareness that way.

However, if you want to get ahead in your niche or field opening up an Instagram account for business is mandatory. We will go over how to set up an Instagram account for business.

How to add a business profile on instagram

How to Set Up an Instagram Business Account

Instagram is a place where you can get in touch with millions and sell stuff to them. It’s a known fact that 80% of users follow at least one business account.

In that case, we can easily say that utilizing Instagram is a must for most of the B2Cs, if not for all of them.

Knowing more about your audience is a superpower.

If you have the information that your audience is made up of mostly teenagers, then you can also know that you’ll have to get schwifty with your products or services.

How to add a business profile on instagram

You may want to have more followers on Instagram for many reasons. Some want it to increase their brand’s social…

Create Your Account

  1. The first thing you want to do is download the app if you don’t already have it. Instagram can be used on PC however it’s much easier to do so on a phone, phablet, or tablet.
  2. Then go ahead and create an account. Sign up with your e-mail and try finding a creative Instagram username. Also, note that if you have Facebook you can log in with your Facebook account and password. You will need a Facebook business account in order the make your Instagram account into a business one.
  3. Through your profile settings tap on “Switch to Business Profile.”
  4. That will prompt you to choose your Facebook Page. You must be an admin to do this. Set the page to “Public.”
  5. To complete your business profile, fill out the email, address, and phone of your business.
  6. If you don’t have a business page for Facebook you can create a new one when you get the option to choose a page.
  7. Create a title for the page and choose a category.

Customize Your Experience

  1. Add a profile photo, bio resembling your business and use them to your advantage, for example, you can change your bio for promotions, welcoming a newcomer or briefly explaining what it is that you do and things of that nature
  2. Start learning how to use the app and grow your follower base.
  3. Be persistent and always post quality content.
  4. Don’t forget to check out the best times available for posting.

How to add a business profile on instagram

FAQs About Instagram Business Account

What is better about having an Instagram business account is that you can see the statistics such as reach, engagement, and such. If you are interested in how your Instagram account is doing, and measure its performance, a business account would be nice to have.

A business account is free of charge and anyone can have or transform their profiles to a business profile at any time.

Although a business account offers many useful insights, it doesn’t let users see who specifically looked at their profile.

No. It is actually about having a high number of followers. If a business account has many followers, likes, comments, etc., its engagement will be higher.

Yes. Instagram allows its users to have 5 accounts maximum. It is up to you to decide which accounts are personal or business accounts. You can do it with one main account, so you don’t need to register to Instagram once again.

Conclusion – Business Account Is a Must

If you are serious about building a business strategy on Instagram, we can say that having a business account is a must for you. It’s much more enjoyable and stress-free than a regular Instagram account.

You can see how you got your impressions, how people engaged with you as Insights, and take action right away accordingly. Knowledge is power, so is Insights.

What’s the real job of a digital marketer if you don’t have to tools to analyze your performance? You can’t know your audience would buy men’s shoes if you don’t know most of your followers are men.

How to add a business profile on instagram

Since Instagram is the leading social media platform, many Instagram users want to buy Instagram likes, followers, and views to…

So, do you use Instagram to sell stuff online? If you do, what’s your niche? Let us know more about you in the comments section.

Linking your Instagram account with your account on the WhatsApp Business app enables the Click to WhatsApp button on your Instagram account. The Click to WhatsApp button makes it easier for customers to connect with your business and increase customer engagement.

To link these accounts, you must have the following:

  • a Professional account for your business on Instagram.
  • an account on the WhatsApp Business app.
  • the latest versions of the mobile apps.

Link your Instagram account to the WhatsApp Business app

You can link your Instagram and WhatsApp Business accounts from within the WhatsApp Business app.

  1. Open the WhatsApp Business app.
  2. On Android, tap More options. On iPhone, tap Settings.
  3. Tap Business tools > Facebook & Instagram.
  4. Tap Instagram > Continue. This will open the Instagram login page.
  5. Enter the login information for your Instagram account. Tap Log In. You can also tap Continue with Facebook to log in using your Facebook account.
  6. If you already have a Professional Account on Instagram, continue to the next step. If you don’t have a Professional Account, you’ll need to update your account type.
    1. Tap Next.
    2. Select Business or Creator. Then, tap Next > Next > Next.

    Once you return to the WhatsApp Business app, your linked Instagram account will be visible at the top of the Facebook & Instagram screen.

    Remove your linked Instagram account from the WhatsApp Business app

    If you are using the WhatsApp Business app, you can unlink your Instagram and WhatsApp accounts from within WhatsApp.

    1. Open the WhatsApp Business app.
    2. On Android, tap More options. On iPhone, tap Settings.
    3. Tap Business tools > Facebook & Instagram.
    4. Tap your linked Instagram account > Remove WhatsApp > REMOVE.

    Once you’ve removed your account, it’ll no longer be visible on the Facebook & Instagram screen.

    How to Add Admin to Instagram on a Shared Business Account?

    Brands, influencers, and business accounts are too busy to handle their Instagram accounts on their own. So they look for a way to add admin to Instagram.

    Truth is that unlike Facebook, Instagram does not have a feature that enables you to add admin to your Instagram account. So does it mean you can’t add multiple users on one Instagram account as admins?

    Yes, you can. In this article, you will learn how to add someone as an admin to your Instagram account. So stick around.

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    Here you are going to read about:

    How To Add Admin To Instagram?

    There are three ways to add admin to an Instagram account. Here you read about each in detail.

    Give Up Your Instagram Login Information To Your Admin

    To add admin on Instagram, the first yet the most primitive way to just give up your login information to your admin.

    There are many issues with this method! First, you should know how much you trust the admin. What if this trust costs you your account which you spent so much time and energy on!

    Let’s imagine you trust your admin fully! Given the fact that Instagram is designed for personal use, Instagram notice detects different IP is logging in, and close your account to protect your information!

    Even if you get away with both cons, you still can’t add multiple users on one Instagram account as admins! I mean Instagram might deal with two IPs, but not more!

    Add Admins To Instagram Via Facebook

    Instagram and Facebook are of the same blood, no one denies that. Instagram does not have this feature but Facebook has. So there must be a way.

    Before Going through that I must warn you that the process is gonna give you a headache!

    Let’s read how you can add admin to Instagram this way;

    1. Create a Facebook business manager account
    2. Switch to an Instagram business account
    3. Link them together
    4. On your Facebook business manager account, find add partner
    5. Enter your admin’s ID [if you are Facebook friends]. That is how you assign your admin as your partner.
    6. Ask your admin if he/she received your request

    Now ask your admin to take the following step:

    1. Click on user
    2. Then, click on page
    3. Click on Add
    4. Request access to a page
    5. Enter the Instagram name or drop the link
    6. Now click on the Request Access button

    Now you find the Request in the left bar to see the access request of your admin.

    To clarify things I must emphasize one thing. Normally in articles, you are asked to link your Instagram account to your admin’s Facebook business manager account. This is while I asked you to link your Instagram business account to your own Facebook business manager account and add the Facebook business account of your admins to your own Facebook business account as a partner.

    Why? Because you don’t know how things will go in the future. This way you have your own Facebook account linked to your Instagram account and you can easily replace your admin with someone else.

    But if you link your Instagram account linked to the admin’s Facebook account, things will get complicated if you try to work separately.

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    Plus with this method, you can add multiple users on one Instagram account as admins. The other reason is you don’t need to give up your loving Instagram login information to someone else.

    I was right about the headache thing, right? Believe me, I tried my best to explain it as simply as possible. The process must be simpler but now this is what it is. I hope soon enough Instagram design the feature of adding admin. But till then, save your time, energy, and even that headache and use a free third-party tool to add your admin to Instagram and be over with it.

    Add admin to Instagram Account With AiGrow

    AiGrow is a platform on which you or your admin can manage your Instagram account(s) on. To add admin to your Instagram account, all you need to do is to sign up for free , and connect your account to it!

    Then you can share your email and password of your AiGrow dashboard [and not the login information of your Instagram account] with your admin.

    There your admin can schedule your content, create multiple links on bio, etc. But they can not do certain activities that harm your accounts like deleting your account, unfollowing the users, blocking the users. Etc.

    For more information, read AiGrow Review.

    How To Add Multiple users on Instagram account As Admins?

    If you are working as a team on your account, nothing should worry you because, with AiGrow, you can add multiple users on your Instagram account as admins.

    Since your admins have access to your AiGrow dashboard and not your account, the issue of IPs would not occur.

    Where To Find A Trust-Worthy Admin?

    It is true that AiGrow has limited the possible harmful actions of your admin, but still, this is your reputation and growth we are talking about. So you should be picky when it comes to Instagram admins.

    Well, AiGrow as well offers the most professional Instagram business managers to hire. Instagram managers of AiGrow, with years of experience, manage and grow your account.

    They not only set a strategy to grow your account but help you with content creation 2-3 content weekly. They also guarantee a certain number of followers depending upon your niche [3000-5000 new target followers]

    Add Admin To Instagram Account- Final Word

    If you are too busy to handle your Instagram account, you can add admin to Instagram and have him/her handle your account. But to add admin to Instagram?

    There are 3 ways to do so. The first way is to give your login information to your admin which is not safe at all and the second way is to add admin via Facebook that the process is a headache.

    The best way to add your admin to a free Instagram management tool and give access to your dashboard, not your Instagram account.

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    Zahra Zakipoor is a travel freak who survived quarantine during the Corona pandemic! She is a junior digital marketer who has been working with SocialPros since 2018 as a full-time content writer. Her articles are mainly about growing on Instagram as an Instagram marketer. She loves dancing although she does it horribly!

    Do you really think you need to run dual Instagram apps to access multiple user accounts? Then you are wrong. You don’t need some third-party apps like Parallel space to run or add multiple user accounts on Instagram. A few months back the Instagram solved this problem with the help of a features updates called Account Switching. The multiple users on one Instagram account feature allow the users to switch fastly and conveniently to access multiple accounts as compared to any other Dual Instance apps.

    The Instagram account switching let you open 2 Instagram accounts on the same device without cloning it. Furthermore, it allows you to make another Instagram account on the same device using the same app too.

    Here is the Tutorial, where we let you know how to add multiple accounts on single Instagram on the same device whether it is Android, iPhone or Windows.

    How to have multiple users on one Instagram account

    In order to access multiple users accounts on same Instagram app follow the given steps. Note, all the steps given below are same for Android, iPhone or any other device.

    How do I add and switch between multiple Instagram accounts?

    1. Open the Instagram.
    2. Go to your Instagram Profile.
    3. Tap on the three dots given at the right above side to access the Profile settings. For iPhone, it will be horizontal and in Android vertical.
    4. From the Profile settings, scroll down to the bottom.
    5. Now tap on the option “Add account“.
    6. Enter your different Instagram account Username and Password credentials.
    7. Tap on the login.
    8. To switch between accounts without Log out/ Log in again go to your Insta profile
    9. On the top left side, you will see the switch between accounts drop box.

    How to make another Instagram account on the same device

    If you want to add multiple accounts on Instagram but not have anyone then you can make another Instagram account within the app without logging out; please follow the given steps.

    1. Go to Instagram App.
    2. Tap on the profile icon given at the extreme right on the bottom of the screen.
    3. From profile tap on the three dots given at the right side above to access the Profile settings.
    4. Scroll down to the bottom.
    5. Tap on the Add account option.
    6. From the login screen, tap on the Sign-up option.
    7. Tap on the Sign up with email or phone number option link to create and add a new Instagram account from the same app.

    Step By Step Tutorial with Screenshot

    Step 1: Open the Instagram and tap on the profile icon which has given at the end of the screen. From there just tap on the three dots as shown in the below screenshot to access your Instagram profile settings.

    How to add a business profile on instagram

    Step 2: Scroll down to the bottom to find the option called “Add Account”.

    How to add a business profile on instagram

    Step 3: As shown in the screenshot enter your Instagram credentials to add a new account to the Instagram. I

    How to add a business profile on instagram

    Step 4: Now after adding multiple Instagram accounts, you can switch between them without having to log out and log back in and to do that just again go to the Profile and at the top screen you will see your Instagram username, tap on the that; a drop down box will appear with all Instrgam user accounts just select which you want to turn on & switch to use.

    How to add a business profile on instagram

    If you don’t have any other Instagram account and want to create a new one without logging out your current account on the same app on the same device then; from the Add account screen which we used to add new user above, tap on the Sign up option and then sign up with the email or phone number. For more reference please see the below-given screenshots.

    How to add a business profile on instagram

    I hope this tutorial able to solve your problem to access multiple accounts in the Instagram on the same device. If you have any question then let us know, the comment box is all yours!!

    How to add a business profile on instagram

    If you run a business account on Instagram, it may be essential to include a location in your bio so potential customers can easily determine where the business is located if they are interested in later visiting it.

    By including your business location, you make it easier for users to navigate there using third-party apps like Google Maps and Apple Maps.

    Adding a location to your Instagram profile bio is easy and can be done in just a few steps — and it takes less than two minutes.

    Here’s how to do it.

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    How to add a location to your Instagram bio on a business account

    1. Launch the Instagram app on your Android or iPhone.

    2. Using the menu on the bottom of the screen, tap the profile icon, which resembles a person.

    3. Under your account’s bio information, select “Edit Profile.”

    4. Under “Public Business Information,” select “Contact Options.”

    5. Next, select the “Business Address” text box to add a location.

    6. Fill in the text boxes for street address, city/town, and zip code.

    7. Once you’ve entered all of your location information, make sure it is accurate and then select “Done” from the top-right corner of the screen.

    8. To finish, select “Save” at the top-right.

    9. After you’ve exited from the Edit Profile menu, your business profile will now reflect the location you’ve entered. This location will be visible to anyone who views your profile, whether they follow you or not.

    How to add a business profile on instagram

    Instagram understands that its users often need to manage multiple identities — it’s common for people to run both personal and business accounts, for example.

    That’s why Instagram makes it easy not just to switch between accounts within its iPhone and Android apps, but also to create additional accounts from within the app as well.

    You can create and switch among up to five Instagram accounts. The only requirement is that you need to use a different email account for each one.

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    How to add an account on Instagram

    1. Start the Instagram app on your iPhone or Android device.

    2. Go to your profile page by tapping the account button in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

    3. Tap the three horizontal lines (the hamburger menu) in the top-right, and then tap “Settings” in the menu that opens.

    4. Tap “Add Account.”

    5. Tap “Sign Up” at the bottom of the sign-in page.

    6. Type the username you want to use for this new account and tap “Next.”

    7. Since you already have an existing Instagram account, you now have two options:

    • You can automatically log in using an existing account. This is convenient, but if you choose this option, anyone with access to the first account can automatically get access to this new one as well.
    • You can tap “Add password instead” to create a new and unique password for the account. This is less convenient, but it’s more secure, because the account won’t be automatically connected to any other accounts.

    8. Tap “Complete Sign Up.” On the following pages, you’ll have the option to connect to Facebook and find contacts on Instagram. You can skip these steps if you prefer.

    9. Complete the setup by adding a profile photo.

    How to switch Instagram accounts

    Once you’ve created additional Instagram accounts, you can switch among them with just a tap. Be careful, though — once you have more than one account in the app, it’s easy to accidentally post using the wrong identity if you’re not paying attention.