How to activate voice on kindle

How to activate voice on kindle

Kindle’s accessibility features for the visually imparied, known as Screen Reader or Voice View, converts onscreen text into audio speech. While this accessibility featureisn’t perfect by any means, it’s a step in the right direction for blind and visually impaired users.

The term “screen reader” refers to an assistive technology that converts text or other screen elements into audio speech. Kindle’s built in screen reader has a serious naming problem. It goes by five different names. It is variously called:

Screen Reader
VoiceView (on Kindle ereader and Fire devices)
VoiceOver (on iOS)
TalkBack (on Android)
NVDA and JAWS (on Windows)

If all the names confuse you, you’re not alone. Amazon’s naming team should have done a better job here.

Most books in the Kindle Store are compatible with Screen Reader. You can identify compatible books by visiting a book’s detail page. If there’s a line in the product description that reads “ Screen Reader : Supported” then the book is Screen Reader compatible.

Kindle VoiceView Features

When you’re using a Kindle device or Fire tablet, turning on the screen reader feature will enable “Explore by Touch” automatically. VoiceView can read character by character, word by word, continuously, or go backwards or forwards in the book as the user desires. If the screen reader says a word that the person is unfamiliar with, they can easily look up the definition on Wikipedia or in the dictionary. Lastly, users can speed up or slow down the narration to their preferences.

The VoiceView feature is highly customizable when it comes to audio settings. Users can adjust several elements of speech including:

    • Reading speed.
    • Verbosity, or the amount of information the narration provides for each gesture.
    • Speech and Sounds volume.
    • Key echo, or what characters or words are echoed after a user inputs them.
    • Punctuation level.
    • Identify capital letters.
    • Speech “On” or “Off” gestures.

    How to Enable Kindle VoiceView

    To enable the VoiceView screen reader on a Fire tablet that’s FireOS 5 or higher, simply press the power button next to the USB port until the device loads the language selection screen. Then, triple-press the power button again. You may also enable VoiceView by pressing and holding the power button until you hear an alert sound, and then placing two fingers slightly apart on the screen for 5 seconds.

    To use VoiceView on a Kindle device over Bluetooth, follow these steps:

      • Turn on your Bluetooth device and set it to pairing mode.
      • Press and hold the power button on your Kindle for 9 seconds.
      • Hold 2 fingers held slightly apart on the screen for 1 second.
      • Wait until you hear the cue to follow the narrated instructions.

      After you pair the Kindle to a Bluetooth audio device, VoiceView will save the connection to make it easy for you next time you’re ready to enjoy your content.

      How to activate voice on kindle

      While Kindles don’t have an official text-to-speech feature that can be easily turned on and off from the menu like Fire tablets have, Kindles do have an accessibility feature called VoiceView that effectively works like text-to-speech once you enable it.

      The VoiceView Screen Reader is designed to help make Kindles usable for people with vision problems. It reads everything onscreen aloud, including the menus and the pages of ebooks, and it will even automatically turn pages as it reads aloud, though it does make a clicking noise when doing so.

      The voice is fairly pleasant by text-to-speech standards, and you can adjust the speech rate in settings.

      Since it’s designed to be an accessibility feature, using VoiceView requires navigating your Kindle differently.

      You have to tap something to select it, then double-tap again anywhere on the screen to activate the selection. You can also toggle through different menu items by swiping the screen left or right.

      It takes some getting used to but once you get it figured out it works pretty well.

      This works with the new Kindle Paperwhite 4, the $79 Kindle and Kindle Oasis using Bluetooth. It’ll work with some older Kindle as well but you have to use an audio adapter since they don’t have Bluetooth.

      How to Use TTS on Kindles

      First you have to turn on Bluetooth from the settings menu and connect Bluetooth headphones or speakers to your Kindle. I’m using this Anker speaker and it works well and has surprisingly long battery life.

      With a Bluetooth device connected, you can turn on VoiceView by going to Settings > Accessibility > VoiceView Screen Reader.

      Once turned on there’s a tutorial and some settings that will become accessible.

      It helps to go through the tutorial to learn how everything works. Just keep in mind you have to double tap every time to make a selection, that’s after either tapping once to select something or swiping left and right to move between onscreen selections.

      Tip: Once you connect your speaker and turn on VoiceView, you can turn off your Bluetooth device to quickly turn off VoiceView to go back to regular navigation. Then once you open your book you can simply turn your Bluetooth device back on and it will automatically turn VoiceView back on.

      Text-to-Speech on Kindles

      Reader Interactions


      Thank you nice video.

      Matthew Wagoner says

      I keep getting a quote Bluetooth device not found“ and I follow the directions for holding down the power button for nine seconds but I get a window that pops up and says power please select from the following options cancel restart screen off. Argh.

      Hi Matthew, had the same problem, forget the 9 seconds, click in the top of your screen, click settings, all settings, wifi and bluetooth, turn Bluetooth on, then click in bt devices and pair there

      Then the most important step, you need to go into settings/ all settings/ accessibility / voice view and turn it on there – that’ll sort you 🙂

      Is there a timer on any of the kindles

      Not unless you still consider a Fire tablet a Kindle (some do). Kindles have a clock but no timer.

      Considering that gor some accessibility features are necessity and not a luxury its disappointing when TTS is quite difficult to access. On my very first kindle keyboard, TTS worked like a dream and was easily turned on and off. Then TTS was made accessible to Kindle Reading apps too so it was possible to listen to books on my phone. Having a hand disability means I only want to carry one small device around and I want to be able to turn Read Aloud off and on again within my book. Using voice on menu items can be very annoying and difficult with audio getting on your nerves. Double tapping is difficult and often fails in hand disabilities. However, with the relaunch of Audible as an Amazon bought company it meant they didn’t want TTS to minimise sales of Prof narrated books, so they removed it from reading apps which is a step back. And yes, I did have a Fire Phone, which was great for using Amazon products IN TTS but disappointingly it caused multiple duplicates of texts to be sent to the same recipient over and over and Amazon admitted they couldn’t fix that, made worse as you were locked into O2 and at the highest level of CEOs, Amazon said it was unlikely to fix the issue and advised me to purchase an alternative Android competitors’ phone. Of course I did, but that now means I have no TTS on my Kindle books on my Samsung phone.

      Bob Miller says

      I have a Kindle Paperwhite 6. I am able to select the text to speech and BT functions with no problem.

      BUT I have not been able to figure out or find videos or written instructions on HOW TO PAUSE AND RESTART the reading of the book I am reading. Does such functions exist with this Text to Speech program?

      If you own a smartphone and love reading books, then you’ll want the Kindle app, which solves the issue of carrying paper books and gives you instant access to where you last left off while reading. Thanks to the innovative nature of technology, text-to-speech capabilities exist that allow you to listen to your e-books even while driving or on the go.

      Explore this article

      1 Enabling Text-to-Speech

      2 Open Google Play

      Open Google Play or visit the Amazon App Market and search for text-to-speech apps. If you already have the Kindle app installed, it still needs the added functionality of a third-party app. Common options include Google Text-to-Speech, Classic Text-to-Speech Engine and IVONA Text-to-Speech HQ (links in Resources). Examples here use Google Text-to-Speech.

      3 Download and install the app

      Download and install the app.

      4 Navigate to Settings

      Navigate to “Settings,” “Language & Input” and then “Text-to-speech output.”

      5 Select Google

      Select “Google Text-to-Speech Engine” as your “Default engine.”

      6 Select a Language from the options offered

      Select a Language from the options offered.

      7 Now that the TTS functionality is installed

      Now that the TTS functionality is installed, open the e-book you want read to you.

      8 Press the Menu” button

      Press the “Menu” button.

      9 Select Start Text to-Speech

      Select “Start Text-to-Speech” from the Menu option. The voice will begin to read the book’s text out aloud.

      Yeah, you read right. Control your kindle fire by voice. All you need is Google Voice Search . Just install Voice Search and start controlling your kindle fire by voice. NOTE: This requires an external mic. I used the apple ear phone and mic included with the iPhone but any will work. Download link below Link:


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      I don’t think it can work.
      Because Kindle fire have no microphone.

      Wait for the second generation Kindle fire, or other product.
      Amazon is not a device manufacture.


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      It is working fine with voice recognition apps, but skype still not recognized microphone


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      I tried it With a mic that i made with a transistor,but it didnt work


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      I was the person on this forum who first used a Mic with the Fire. I remeber trying to install Voice Search, and it not installing bc I wasn’t rooted. Am I remebering incorrectly?

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      I just tried it again, and now I remember – Google Voice Search force closes when I open it. I went through this several months ago, when I found that a mic works on the Fire for audio recordings. As far as I know, so far no one has been successful in using Google Voice or Skype on the Fire for phone calls.

      You’re the first person I’m hearing who says that they got Voice Search to work. I’m not rooted, and as I said, Voice search crashes when I open it. Up to now, I haven’t rooted because I haven’t found any additional functionality that rooting the Fire gives you that I would like to have. This might make me change my mind.

      Anyone else try it?


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      The damnedest thing happened: I got up this morning and noticed that the 1mobile app store I have installed showed that there was an update available for Google Voice Search. Just for the hell of it, I installed it and now the voice search works! This is great! Now I have to see how I can install a keyboard with a voice-to-text button (I’m not rooted, remember. I’d like to stay that way if I can).

      Meanwhile, for those of you wondering about which microphones to use, you can do this – either use on of these "button" style mics: Q2/ref=sr_1_13?ie=UTF8&qid=1331835231&sr=8-13


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      I just tried it again, and now I remember – Google Voice Search force closes when I open it. I went through this several months ago, when I found that a mic works on the Fire for audio recordings. As far as I know, so far no one has been successful in using Google Voice or Skype on the Fire for phone calls.

      You’re the first person I’m hearing who says that they got Voice Search to work. I’m not rooted, and as I said, Voice search crashes when I open it. Up to now, I haven’t rooted because I haven’t found any additional functionality that rooting the Fire gives you that I would like to have. This might make me change my mind.

      Kindle Fire is a product by Amazon which allows you to read the book and listen to audiobooks. Amazon provides Alexa as their smart assistant but we all know that Google Voice command system cannot be beaten by the Alexa. So how can you use Google Voice search on your Kindle Fire?

      How to activate voice on kindle

      To do so, Google has already provided the app named, Voice Search, which will help you perform all the tasks which google supports. Installing this app is really simple. All you need to do is, go to the store in the Kindle Fire and search for the app, and just install it.

      Once the app is installed, you will need to configure it which will allow it to recognize your voice properly and also unlock some more amazing features. If you are not able to perform a voice search after installing a voice search app, you can refer to this article .

      How to Listen to Kindle Books, Turn Kindle Book into Audiobook

      Compared with ebook reading, audiobook listening lets you grab the information more conveniently, without putting your eyes on the screen. Today in this post, I would like to share with you the best 4 ways to listen to Kindle books. Some of them even enable you to read and listen to the book at the same time.

      How to activate voice on kindle

      1. Listen to Kindle Books via Text to Speech

      The text-to-speech (TTS) is a cool technology that can convert text to audio, which is a great assistant for you to turn any Kindle books to audiobooks even when there is no Audible companion for the ebook. There are many free text-to-speech tools for PC/Mac/iPhone/Android. They also let you read and listen to books at the same time. Some of them even allow converting text to MP3 audio files.

      But before you upload the Kindle book to such TTS tools, you must remove Kindle DRM since all Kindle books are DRM-protected in special Kindle format that’s incompatible with the third-party TTS apps. Epubor Ultimate, as the best eBook DRM Removal & eBook Converter, is the perfect tool here that can help you decrypt and convert Kindle books to pdf/epub/txt effortlessly.

      1 Download Kindle Books to your computer via Kindle for PC V1.32 or Kindle for Mac V1.31

      Important Notice:

      1 For Windows users:

      Please just use the latest version of Kindle for PC V1.32 to download Kindle books. When you are downloading the books, please make sure Epubor Ultimate is running. If you fail to remove Kindle DRM, you should redownload your Kindle books and at the same time keep Epubor Ultimate running.

      2 For Mac users:

      Please make sure you are using Kindle for Mac V1.31. Before downloading books from Kindle for Mac V1.31, you should input the code sudo chmod -x /Applications/ in the Terminal Window. For a detailed guide, please follow patch Kindle for Mac.

      2 Run Epubor Ultimate to remove Kindle DRM and Convert Kindle Books to ePub/TXT/PDF.

      The Kindle books downloaded via Kindle for PC/Mac will be automatically displayed and diplayed at the left column under the “Kindle” tab. Just drag and drop the Kindle books from the left to the right. Select the output format as epub/txt/pdf that your TTS tool supports. Immediately, the Kindle books will be decrypted and converted.

      How to activate voice on kindle

      3 Find a Text to Speech tool that works great for ebook files.

      There are many Text to Speech apps in the market. You can choose a one that you like most. If you don’t know any TTS tools, here I’ve found some excellent TTS apps for Windows/Mac/Android/iOS for your reference. All these TTS apps support DRM-free PDF/EPUB/TXT files.

      How to activate voice on kindle

      2. Add Audible Narration Audiobook Companion to Kindle Books

      When it comes to listening to Kindle books, you must know Audible narration. There are over 50,000 Kindle ebook titles that come with audiobook narration. You should not only own the Kindle book, but also its matching Audible audiobook companion. When you add Audible narration to your Kindle books, you can read and listen to books at the same time for an immersion reading, which is perfect for children learning to read, language learners, and anyone looking to boost their reading comprehension.

      Another cool function is Whispersync for Voice, which syncs your Audible narration across all your devices allowing you to switch seamlessly between reading and listening without ever losing your place.

      To activate this feature, just open your Kindle book with Kindle app. Books that have a matching audiobook will feature a headphones’ icon in the corner of the book cover. Then tap the text saying “Tap to Download” to download the Audible narration and tap the play icon to begin playing and reading the book together.

      How to activate voice on kindle

      Which devices support listening? Which support reading? And which support reading and listening at the same time?

      Listen on: Kindle app for Android/iOS, Audible app for Windows/Android/iOS, Fire Tablets, Kindle Keyboard/Touch, Amazon Echo.

      Read on: Kindle app for Android/iOS/PC/Mac, Fire Tablets, all Kindle E-readers, Fire Phone.

      Read and Listen (at the same time) on: Kindle app for Android/iPhone/iPad, Fire Tablets, Fire HD 6 & 7, Fire HDX, Fire Phone.

      Note: Only limited Kindle ebooks come with an Audible audiobook companion (50,000 titles). Therefore, if you cannot find an audiobook version for your Kindle book in the Amazon Store, you can take the Method 1 to listen to more Kindle books.

      3. Listen to Kindle Books with Alexa for Amazon Echo

      How to activate voice on kindle

      If you have an Amazon smart speaker Echo device, you can try to let the intelligent voice assistant Alexa to read you Kindle books. While it may not match the skills of a human narrator since it also adopts TTS technology, it’s might be an option if there isn’t an audiobook available. You can listen to certain Kindle titles with Alexa, including eligible books purchased from the Kindle store, borrowed from Kindle Owner’s Lending Library, borrowed from Kindle Unlimited or Prime Reading, and shared with you in your Family Library.

      If you already read the book on another Kindle device, Alexa will pick up from where you left off last time. You can control the book reading just with your voice. Simply say:

      “Alexa, play the Kindle book [title]” to start the book.

      “Alexa, pause/skip/stop/resume” to control the playback.

      “Alexa, play the Kindle book [title]”.

      4. A Much Better Alternative to Listening to Kindle Books

      How to activate voice on kindle

      What is the difference between Text to Speech and audiobooks? The difference lies in the narration. Text to Speech is a technology that speaks aloud digital text such as ebooks with computer-generated voice on a computer or mobile device. However, audiobooks are professionally narrated by authors, actors or famous public figures, which makes a more immersive and dynamic listening experience.

      In a word, compared with Text to Speech, audiobooks can provide you with a much more enjoyable listening experience. Amazon Audible, with the largest library of audiobooks, is absolutely the best choice for you to get all genres of audiobooks. Epubor Audible Converter, a powerful tool to decrypt Audible books, can help you convert Audible books to MP3 so that you can enjoy Audible audibooks on multiple devices, such as on any MP3 players.

      Michelle loves reading very much. She seeks the methods to enjoy eBooks and audiobooks more freely and wants to share everything new she has got with you.

      How to activate voice on kindle

      Amazon’s Kindle app doesn’t allow any other device except Kindle line of devices from using the “Text to Speech” feature. As simple as using integrated Text to Speech (TTS) feature to iOS and Android, Amazon thinks it should be exclusive to Kindle. As alternatives, you can use screen readers on Android and iOS devices. On Android, screen readers have limited functionality which only lets it read out content on the current screen. It will just read the contents of the page and stop. On iOS devices, however, screen readers can automatically navigate to the next page to consistently read something like a book in a Kindle app.

      How to activate voice on kindle

      After you’ve learned this, you can rest your eyes and enjoy the book being read to you. Siri has gotten a very realistic voice in recent iOS upgrades. And the number of voices you can choose from iOS also makes it easy to pick your favorite.

      Steps to make Siri read out kindle books

      1. Navigate to “Speech” Accessibility settings under “General” settings.
      1. Toggle “Speak Screen” settings on Accessibility settings to on.
      2. Choose a soothing voice in “Voice” settings.
      3. Open up your favorite Kindle book.
      4. Swipe down two fingers from the top of the screen, which will read out text on your current screen and navigate to the next screen.

      5. Control the speech speed and content with the speech control overlay.

      Speak Screen

      Speak Screen is an accessibility feature on iOS devices which allow you to read out text on the current screen. Once it is active, you can swipe down two fingers from the top of the screen, which will read out a book on your current screen.
      You can enable “Speak Screen” from Settings->General->Accessibliity->Speech

      How to activate voice on kindle

      iOS Voice Settings

      Voice Setting is under the same Speech settings category. iOS 11 lists 27 languages for iPhone 6. All these languages mean you can listen to iOS read out books from many different dialects. Tapping on a language lists voices in distinct accent. E.g., English has Australian, Irish, South African, UK, and American accents. French has the Canadian and French accent. Try a few additional voices if you do not like the default Siri voice.

      How to activate voice on kindle

      Now you are set to listen iOS navigate and read out text from Kindle books without the app having any related feature. Open up a book, turn to a page you want to start from and do the double finger swipe down gesture from the top of the screen. A small voice control setting pops up which controls speed and content of the speech. Once it starts speaking the text, you can listen to this even while the screen is off.

      Now you can read Kindle books on iOS with Siri’s voice, let us know what you think about this neat little feature.

      How to activate voice on kindle

      Last year Amazon added text-to-speech support to their Kindle for PC application for Windows computers.

      Kindle for PC is free to download and use, so if you have a Windows computer and need a text-to-speech program you don’t have to buy a separate device to read Kindle books aloud.

      Not all Kindle books support TTS but a lot of them do.

      It says on the product page if an ebook supports TTS or not under the “Product details” section.

      Kindle for PC’s text-to-speech feature also works with non-Amazon content. I tested a few MOBI and PRC files and TTS worked fine.

      PDFs can be imported into Kindle for PC as well and text-to-speech works with them too.

      One annoying thing about Kindle for PC is the fact that it doesn’t support personal documents that you’ve added to your Amazon account, but it will open supported files from your computer.

      Here’s a basic summary on how to use TTS with Kindle for PC:

      Text-to-Speech Keyboard Shortcuts

      To use TTS with Kindle for PC you have to turn it on in the Tools menu, or press “Ctrl,T” on your keyboard.

      Toggle Text-to-Speech: Ctrl, T
      Pause or resume reading: Space bar (while in a book)
      Read the previous sentence: Ctrl, Shift, Up arrow
      Skip forward one sentence: Ctrl, Shift, Down arrow
      Increase speech rate: Shift, +
      Decrease speech rate: Shift, –
      Toggle continuous reading: Ctrl, Shift, C

      How to activate voice on kindle


      Get news, articles, advice and tips.

      Text to speech has been available for some Kindle book readers for a number of years, but if you wanted to add this feature to the Kindle apps for a Windows or Mac computer, this involved an incredible amount of faffing about. All this has changed with the latest versions of the apps, available from Amazon, which can easily read out text from speech-enabled books using your computer's default voice.

      To get the latest, free version of the app, make sure you go to the link on the Amazon web site, not the Apple or Windows App Store as the App Store versions are quite old. (In the case of the Apple app, you currently get version 1.12.4 from the App Store, but version 1.19.1 from Amazon. The Mac and Windows versions of the App are very similar, but the screenshots in this blog are taken from the Windows version.

      How to activate voice on kindle

      Once you have installed the app on a Mac or PC, and logged into your Kindle account, click on the book that you wish to read. Now click on Tools, then Start Text-to-Speech (or press Ctrl-T on a PC, Cmnd-T on a Mac) to start reading the book from the top of the page. using your computer's default voice. Unfortunately, the app doesn't highlight text as it is read so it can be hard for somebody with reading difficulties to follow the text, but having easy access to decent computer voices is still a significant improvement on earlier versions. [See below for another option to have text read out in a natural, human voice, with highlighting.]

      To change the default voice on a Mac, click on the Apple symbol (top left of the screen), followed by System Preferences, Accessibility, then Speech to choose your System Voice. In Windows 10, go to the Speech Recognition control panel, click on Text to Speech and then select a voice from those available on your computer.

      How to activate voice on kindle

      Unfortunately, Amazon has not provided any additional font options for viewing the text with the new PC and Mac apps. You still just have a choice between Bookerly and Georgia, two very similar serif fonts. In contrast, the iOS app has a choice of eight fonts, though some are very similar to each other.

      Using Whispersync to read books

      Some Kindle books can be linked with Audible talking books, using 'Whispersync' to provide professional narration, usually by an actor or the author. In this case, text is highlighted as it is read, making it easier to follow.

      It is a more expensive method to read books as you have to pay for the Kindle version, as well as the Audible talking book, though there is generally a discount on the price of the Audible book. Not all Audible books can be linked with the Kindle version, and there are far fewer Audible versions of books than Kindle. When you download the Kindle book, you will generally be told if an Audible version is available.