How to act like discord from my little pony friendship is magic

What About Discord? (titled What About Discord [1] by some sources) is the twenty-second episode of the fifth season of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and the one hundred and thirteenth episode overall. The title and plot are a parody of the 1991 comedy film What About Bob?

Twilight Sparkle returns from a three-day weekend and finds that her friends have become close to Discord, making her wonder if he is up to something.



Discord’s portraits of Twilight in his “Bob Ross” cutaways were drawn by storyboard artist Aynsley King. [2] [3]


Three days away

How to act like discord from my little pony friendship is magic

Rainbow Dash and Discord are best of pals?!

At the Castle of Friendship, Twilight Sparkle and Spike are about to spend the next three days organizing and re-shelving the books in the castle library during what Twilight calls her “book-sort-cation”. Spike can think of several activities he’d much rather do, but Twilight promises that they’ll make time for relaxing during their book-sorting weekend.

Three days later, the two emerge from the library, and Twilight wonders what she missed during her time spent indoors. Rainbow Dash and Discord suddenly appear, acting particularly friendly toward one another and sharing in inside jokes. As their behavior puzzles Twilight, they depart.

Catch you later. Twilight.” — Discord

You had to be there

How to act like discord from my little pony friendship is magic

Fluttershy is understandable, but Rarity too?

Twilight and Spike, still confused by Rainbow Dash and Discord’s behavior, wander into Carousel Boutique to pick up some books that Rarity is donating to the library. Discord appears again, this time accompanied by Fluttershy. Once again, Discord shares in some inside jokes with Twilight’s friends, leaving her out of the loop.

Fluttershy says they would’ve invited Twilight to hang out with them, but they didn’t want to interrupt her book-sort-cation. While Twilight appreciates their consideration, she is put off by her friends having such a big laugh with Discord that she isn’t a part of.

How to act like discord from my little pony friendship is magic

Uh-oh. We lost everypony to the Discord bug.

As she continues making her way through town, Twilight ponders on the weekend her friends had with Discord. Spike suggests that she might be jealous for being excluded, but Twilight dismisses it. At Sugarcube Corner, Twilight and Spike find Discord yet again, having fun with Applejack and Pinkie Pie. Excluded from their inside jokes like before, Twilight once again feels uncomfortable.

The science of friendship

How to act like discord from my little pony friendship is magic

Let’s get to the bottom of things.

Back at the castle, Twilight is disappointed about having missed out on such a fun weekend. But when Spike again suggests she might be jealous, Twilight says that, as the princess of friendship, she is incapable of jealousy. She reasons that since her friends and Discord are suddenly so close, their experiences over the past three days could help her with her princess duties.

Twilight gathers her friends together in the park to learn about what they did with Discord over the past several days, in hopes of advancing her friendship studies. But when the ponies try to explain their inside jokes, they are unable to recall the events with completely accuracy, insisting that Twilight had to be there in order to understand.

How to act like discord from my little pony friendship is magic

“Moments of levity and bonding between friends simply cannot be recreated.”

To this end, Twilight attempts to recreate the events of their moments together, down to the tiniest detail. However, despite her scientific approach, Twilight fails to understand what makes their inside jokes funny. Discord suggests that Twilight herself is the problem by trying to forcibly include herself in events that she originally wasn’t a part of. He explains that moments of bonding between friends cannot be recreated, but Twilight’s friends say she will have other opportunities to share in their merriment.

Breaking Discord’s “spell”

Unable to figure out why her friends are so close with Discord, Twilight concludes that Discord must have placed a spell on them. She goes to Zecora and explains the situation. Though Zecora is uncertain that magic is at play, she gives Twilight a potion to dispel its effect on her friends.

How to act like discord from my little pony friendship is magic

Friends suddenly buddy-buddy with Discord? It must be an evil spell!

The next morning, Twilight assembles her friends in the castle throne room and tries to get them to drink the potion. The ponies insist that Discord’s magic had nothing to do with the fun they had together, but Twilight believes she knows better. Fluttershy is appalled that Twilight would accuse Discord of such a thing, and when Pinkie Pie drinks the potion, it has no effect.

When Discord arrives and Twilight’s friends continue to laugh at their inside jokes, Twilight erupts in anger, deeply upset for not being included in her friends’ fun weekend.

No hard feelings

How to act like discord from my little pony friendship is magic

All’s well that ends well.

Twilight’s friends explain to her that, even though she is the princess of friendship, it’s okay for her to be jealous about being left out as long as she admits it. Discord reveals that he intentionally left Twilight out of her friends’ weekend, insisting that he did not want to interrupt her weekend and that her becoming jealous was an unexpected side effect of his actions.

When Discord tells his inside jokes again, the ponies don’t find them funny anymore, and now Twilight has her own inside joke with her friends that Discord isn’t a part of. As Discord now begins to feel left out, Twilight approaches him with no hard feelings, and he brings the friends together in a group hug.

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Fluttercord Domestic Drabbles by orphan_account

Fandoms: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
  • Teen And Up Audiences
  • Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings
  • F/M
  • Complete Work
  • Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings

What Is The Light? by themoontonite

Fandoms: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
  • General Audiences
  • Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings
  • F/F
  • Complete Work
  • Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings

Twilight wanted to relax. Really, she did! She had been trying to relax for her entire life and when it finally looked like a day off was within reach. Rarity started glowing. Like, actually glowing. And Twilight’s the only one that can see it! So it falls to her, of course, to take care of things as quickly as possible.

Memory’s a Fragile Thing by TheBestGamer

Fandoms: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
  • General Audiences
  • No Archive Warnings Apply
  • Gen
  • Complete Work
  • No Archive Warnings Apply

Equestria has been saved, all the important ponies have been saved, and through all of that the changelings have been reformed. With the exception of one.

As all the ponies escaped from their cocoon prisons they all see that the battle wasn’t over yet once Chrysalis emerges from the rubble of her destroyed throne. They were all getting ready for the final showdown and put an end to evil tyrant’s ways, however, once she emerged they all saw that something bad has happened.

Apparently the explosion the love from all the reformed changelings has caused was too much for Chrysalis to handle and in doing so caused the former queen to develop amnesia. Absolutely no memory of anything not even her own name.

Starlight Glimmer, however, sees this as an opportunity to make a new friend and she’s willing to take the risk.

X-Mares by SpongeGuy

Fandoms: My Little Pony: Equestria Girls, X-Men (Movieverse), X-Men (Alternate Timeline Movies), X-Men (Original Timeline Movies), X-Men – All Media Types, X-Men (Comicverse)
  • Teen And Up Audiences
  • Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death
  • F/F, F/M
  • Work in Progress
  • Graphic Depictions Of Violence
  • Major Character Death

When Discord, the master of manipulation, unleashes a plan of chaos, a team of “Hu-Mares” fight discrimination to save a world that fears them. They are. The X-Mares.

(story completely re-written, apologies to those who liked the original version!)

  • Part 1 of X-Mares

The Last Healing Dragon by PrimrosePrime

Fandoms: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
  • General Audiences
  • Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings
  • F/M
  • Work in Progress
  • Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings

Long ago, before Equestria was ruled by ponies, there was a race of dragons that had magical abilities that enabled them to fly, heal, create special gems, and even revive the dead. However, the gems they created, drew the attention of greedy, fire-breathing dragons, causing a terrible war that lasted decades. After the war was over, the greedy dragons took the gems for themselves, leaving the Healing Dragons for dead. However, one managed to escape and vanish into myth.

Once upon a time, in a far away land a young prince called Pitch lived in a shining castle. Althought he had everything his heart desired the prince was spoiled selfish and unkind.

But then one winter's night an old begger woman came into the castle and offered him a single rose in return for shelter from the bitter cold.

Implused by her haggard appearance, the prince sneared at the gift and turned the old woman away but she warned him not to be decieved by appearances for beauty was found within.

When he dismissed her again, the old woman's ugliness was melted away to reveal a beautiful and queenly enchantress whom is Queen Tara wearing a flowing flowery, leafy gown. The prince tried to apologize but it was too late for she had seen that there's no love in his heart.

As punishment, she transformed him into a hideous beast of a bogeyman with grey skin and solar eclipsed yellow eyes and placed a powerful spell on the castle and all who lived there.

Ashamed of his monstrous form, the bogeyman concealed himself inside the castle for the magic mirror was the only window to the outside world. The rose she had offered was truly an enchanted rose which would only bloom until his 21st year.

If he could only learn to love another and earn her love in return by the time the last petal fell then the spell would be broken if not he would be doomed to remain a bogeyman for all time.

As the years have passed he fell into despaired and lost all hope, for who could ever learn to love a bogeyman?

How to act like discord from my little pony friendship is magic

Cheerilee and the kids are visiting the world famous Canterlot Sculpture Garden, where there are statues representing friendship, victory, and. a tall slender fellow with a head of a pony and a body made of many different animals, like a lion’s paw and a snake’s tail. Cheerilee asks the class what that represents, and Cutie Mark Crusaders respond with a variety of answers, calling Scootaloo a dodo in the process.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders begin to fight amongst each other until Cheerilee explains that, in a way, they’re all right. The statue represents discord, and because they demonstrated it so well they have to write an essay. Cheerilee and the kids head off and did that statue just laugh?

Back in Ponyville, Rainbow Dash is flying around when she is hit by a low-flying pink cloud. Now, we know this is a Sugar Bowl, but it’s been established that clouds do not move on their own outside the Everfree Forest. They are also not made of cotton candy. Suddenly, cotton candy clouds are everywhere and they pour out rain made of chocolate milk.

Soon the rest of the Mane Six meet up at Sweet Apple Acres, where cornfields are turning into popcorn, apples are growing to mammoth sizes, and rabbits are growing deer legs. The girls manage to calm the candy storm and the mutated animals through teamwork, only for Spike to burp up an emergency letter from Princess Celestia.

At the palace, Celestia informs the girls that an old foe has returned. Discord, the mischievous Spirit of Disharmony. and gives some backstory on Equestria. Discord once ruled the land in eternal chaos and unhappiness, until Celestia and Luna discovered the Elements of Harmony and turned him into a garden ornament. However, since Celestia and Luna are no longer connected to the Elements (probably because of that whole Nightmare Moon business), the spell on Discord has lifted. It is now up to our heroines, the champions who defeated Nightmare Moon and redeemed Princess Luna, to wield the Elements of Harmony once again to defeat this dark god of chaos.

. But they’re missing! Who could have stolen the Elements of Harmony? The stained-glass windows begin to move by themselves, all handiwork of the culprit, Discord.

It seems Discord has “borrowed” the Elements, and he already knows all about our heroines and which Element of Harmony they represent. Celestia is getting impatient with Discord’s escapades, and let us remind you that she usually has the patience of a saint. Discord gives our girls a riddle.

Twilight believes Discord is referring to the hedge maze out back. where the children were arguing earlier. Surely with the magic of flight Rainbow Dash will find the Elements in no time. That is, if her wings were still on her. Fluttershy’s wings and the unicorns’ horns disappear as well, and Discord appears! He says that it’s time to play a game. The first rule is no flying or magic. The second rule is everypony has to play, or the game is over.

The girls enter the maze and, with their first united step, are instantly divided by Discord’s magic. He then takes the time to manipulate all of Twilight’s friends to reject the elements that they represent, finishing the job with magic and causing their colors to become desaturated.

  • Discord uses piles of talking apples claiming to be the “Keepers of the Grove of Truths” to show Applejack the “honest truth” of what will happen; the Circle of Friendship will be broken. After facing her with how much the truth can hurt and the idea that lies might be easier, he makes her chronically dishonest (that is, lying through her teeth).
  • He uses balloons with the faces of Pinkie’s friends to laugh at her, suggesting that her friends don’t really like her. After a brief “torture” session consisting of all the balloons laughing at her, Discord hypnotizes Pinkie, making her unhappy and unfriendly.
  • He tempts Rarity with a beautiful shiny something, and she becomes enchanted as soon as she succumbs to the temptation to dig it out. It turns out to be a diamond bigger than herself that she becomes extremely possessive of. However, the “diamond” is actually a giant rock; Rarity is brainwashed into seeing it as a jewel.
  • He tries to turn Fluttershy against her friends, but she has too much trust to think they abandoned her, and too little ego to mind being thought of as weak or being criticized. so he just goes ahead and magics her into being cruel anyway.
  • He presents Rainbow Dash with conflicting loyalties: stay in the maze and continue searching for her friends and the Elements, or take back her wings and go save Cloudsdale from destruction, betraying something she cares about regardless of what choice she makes. Of course, he hypnotizes her before she can make the choice.

After each pony gets corrupted, Twilight meets up with them, shocked and confused at they are all now the opposite of their Elements, but has no idea why. They eventually spot the disloyal Rainbow Dash flying away — because she broke the “no wings, no magic” rule, the game is over and Discord has won! Black clouds and lightning abound! All is lost, a storm of chaos has arrived! Equestria is doomed!


Continued in “The Return of Harmony, Part 2”.


  • Actually Pretty Funny: When Discord stands on the head of an image of Twilight Sparkle and does a little dance, Pinkie Pie can’t help but laugh. She does represent the Element of Laughter, after all.
  • And I Must Scream: As the brainwashing effect by Discord takes place on them, the Mane ponies could only be aware that they had fallen into Discord’s traps.
  • Apple of Discord: Played quite literally with Applejack by Discord himself, and more figuratively with everypony else.
  • Art Shift: A minor one. Everypony else remains the same, but Discord’s first appearance takes place as he magically slinks around the stained glass windows of Canterlot Tower.
  • Ascended Meme: In “Stare Master”, Apple Bloom calls Scootaloo a chicken. Naturally, the fandom took this and made it into a meme. In this episode, she gets called a dodo, another flightless bird.

So I get that there’s a general debate with Discord being Grogar in s9, so strap in folks: this is gonna explain exactly why s9 portrayed everything flawlessly, and a look into the communication styles that MLP has to offer.

Discord being Grogar was not OOC. I don’t see this as a form of betrayal, this was an act of confusion. An act of someone who’s used a communication/personality style for so long, that they can’t quite yet discern when something goes too far. He wasn’t doing this to betray his friends, or to cause chaos (even for him being, y’know, a being of chaos). He did this because in his mind, what better way to help Twilight come to terms with ruling?

Discord reunites the four main villains of the franchise (excluding himself, as he’s the mastermind behind it, and excluding Starlight: a redeemed antagonist has no business in his plans anyway). He even, perhaps absentmindedly, starts teaching them the friendship lessons that he’s gathered over his time as a “reformed” lord of chaos.

See how he tries to get them to work together? Yeah, his subtext was “you can’t achieve destroying/conquering Equestia unless you work together”, but he was asking villains to work together. Again, this may have been absentmindedly, but it’s still a sign that he was learning something after all.

Some people might argue that this is stupid, and it ruins Discord’s character: I beg to differ. Discord never wanted them to rule Equestia. He never expected them to turn against Grogar either. He thought, if it all went his way, that the Mane 6 would destroy/imprison their enemies once again, and it would prove to Twilight that she could handle things. Anyone who thinks that he intended for anyone to get hurt, should turn their attention to the second episode of s9.

When King Sombra is in the castle, and the mane 6 think they can’t stop him without Discord, there’s the well known scene where he takes the blast to protect Fluttershy. Yes, that blast didn’t actually injure him all that badly, but he still took it. He never had any intention of actually letting them get hurt. That’s where he made mistakes in the end of s9, because clearly while well intentioned, he was sorely mistaken with how far the main three villains would go against his friends. (And for those who say he only did this for Fluttershy: 50/50 on that. Yes, they’re closer/implied to be romantic partners, but I think it’s safe to gather that at this point, he would’ve saved any of the ponies. Fluttershy was just a prime choice for the audience, as they have a deeper connection.)

Discords betrayal arc already happened at the end of s4. S9 isn’t an act of betrayal, as much as it is a misguided morally-gray type character, who’s intentions were in the right place, but who couldn’t quite realize he wasn’t going about this the right way.

How does this fit in with communication/personality types? I’m so glad you asked.

When you have a character, who’s intentions were perhaps not the best, when they actually try to do good, they’re in a bit of a learning curve. They’re genuinely trying, but they haven’t quite grasped it. Discord knows, especially from Fluttershy, that helping your friends is a super important element of friendship, and harmony. However, he also still maintains that chaotic part of himself, that can’t quite yet discern between which is a good helpful friendship tactic, and which is just.. too much.

Dare I also say, I find it interesting that almost all the main villains come from after Discord’s introduction? Chrysalis shows up in the S2 finale, Sombra (although defeated early in s9) shows up in s3, and Tirek is in s4. This is a fantastic foreshadowing of Discord being the “leader” of this band, as Grogar. Even though he didn’t want them to win, it’s a fantastic way of tying everything together, from a film stand point.

In conclusion, S9 is probably one of the richest, lore-centric seasons of any show, ever, and Discord only grows as a character. He does not become OOC or anything less by his actions, it’s just a whole, big, communications metaphor. This also isn’t saying that he wasn’t in the wrong: he absolutely was! But being wrong, doesn’t erase character development: sometimes, it just strengthens it.

EDIT: I came here to say, I think the fatal flaw in Discord’s plan was that he thought since he was a villain, he could still understand villains enough to have his plan go down without a hitch. If anything, his flaw was that he’s been separated enough from his villain-mindset, that he didn’t realize the lengths they would go to. I also want to say that his chaotic shenanigans don’t equal him being a villain. From his redemption onwards, nothing was outwardly harmful, further proving my point. It was only mischievous.

How to act like discord from my little pony friendship is magic

Discord is a protagonist in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. He is a draconequus whose body is made of parts of different animals: Horse head, dragon tail, lion paw, eagle claw, etc.

He is a mischievous trickster, though he has a heart of gold. His personality is based on Q, played by John de Lancie, who also do the voice of Discord.

He was transformed into a stone statue two times, and seem still conscious the whole time. Unlike ponies, that’s not something he does.

He use to rule Equestria. in transforming the whole realm into a world of chaos.

Quotes [ ]

In the show [ ]

First appearance : Season 2 Episode 1 and 2, “Return of Harmony” [ ]

(Makes a riddle to tell where he hid the Elements of Harmony)

“Oh, I’m not playing fair? Perhaps we haven’t met. I’m Discord. Spirit of chaos and disharmony? Helloooo!”

Second appearance : Season 3 Episode 10, “Keep Calm and Flutter On” [ ]

(Responding to Fluttershy when called on eating paper)

“Am I? How odd of me.”

(When acknowledging what not being best friends with Fluttershy anymore meant)

“Well played, Fluttershy. Well played.”

“Well, all right. (Quickly) Friendship is magic!”

Third appearance : Season 4 Episode 1 and 2, “Princess Twilight Sparkle” [ ]

“Ladies, ladies! I’m innocent! Would I lie to you?”

Fourth appearance : Season 5 Episode 7, “Make New Friends, But Keep Discord”

“Oh ho ho! But that’s not all! When I went to look for them again, they were on the ceiling!

(When noticing Fluttershy with Tree Hugger while in Sugarcube Corner, where Pinkie Pie is preparing all of the cakes on Discord’s order)

“You know what? Cancel my order!”

“Stop it! Stop it! That’s it! I am done with you, Tree Hugger!”

Fifth appearance : Season 5 Episode 27, “What About Discord”

“Oh, Twilight. We simply had a momentous time together these past three days. You could say it was. “hiss-terical”!” “Just snaking around!”

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A Matter of Principals is the fourteenth School of Friendship , Discord gets frustrated and does his best to make Starlight’s role impossible.


Production [ ]

This episode aired on July 29, 2018, on Boomerang in Australia, [1] six days ahead of its scheduled premiere on Discovery Family.

Summary [ ]

Starlight Glimmer: temporary headmare [ ]

When the Cutie Map calls the Mane Six to the far reaches of Equestria.

However, before Twilight can pick the teams for the Spell-venger Hunt, her cutie mark starts to glow, indicating that she is being called by the Castle of Friendship throne room and discovers all of her friends have been called by the map as well—and to a very distant location. With all of the school’s teachers being called away, Twilight tasks Starlight Glimmer with acting as the interim headmare in their absence. Starlight is unsure about being given such a large responsibility, but Twilight has faith in her leadership skills, and she leaves Starlight with her meticulous curriculum plans and Spike to assist her.

. Starlight is appointed as the School of Friendship’s temporary headmare.

As soon as Starlight and Spike bid the Mane Six farewell on their mission, Discord appears, assuming that he is in charge of running the school while they are gone. When Starlight and Spike point out that Starlight is in charge instead, Discord attempts to enforce some of his own rules in addition to Twilight’s, but Starlight stops him and insists on running the school in accordance with Twilight’s guidelines.

Discord vs. Starlight Glimmer [ ]

Discord makes Starlight’s job as headmare difficult.

On her first day as temporary headmare, Starlight finds that Discord arrived before her and chaotically redecorated her office, prepared to take over in Starlight’s place. Starlight declines Discord’s help, but Discord has already hired several substitute teachers to fill in for the Mane Six’s classes: Cranky Doodle Donkey , and a dragonsneeze tree. Unfortunately, Discord’s choices for substitute teachers prove utterly ineffective at teaching friendship.

As Discord aggravates Starlight on her inability to run a school, Starlight tells him to leave before his “assistance” causes any more trouble. Discord leaves, but Spike warns Starlight that Discord is merely testing Starlight and will likely not back off, even when commanded to. Nevertheless, Starlight resolves to run the School of Friendship properly and keep her promise to Twilight.

Confrontation on the buckball field.

The next day, Starlight brings in a new group of substitute teachers to help her teach classes— Spitfire , and Maud Pie—and reminds the students about the Spell-venger Hunt scheduled for later that day. As Trixie teaches the school students about the friendship element of magic, Discord—pretending to be a student himself—interrupts the lesson with rude phone calls and sabotages Trixie’s magic act by causing her to pull an The chaotic Spell-venger Hunt [ ]

His physical form banished from the school, Discord torments the students as a ghost.

Starlight apologizes to Discord for making him feel left out at the school.

As Discord menaces more students with his ghostly mischief, the school erupts into chaos as the students start to believe it is haunted. When Starlight and Spike arrive and reveal Discord to be causing trouble again, Discord appears with all of the artifacts from the Spell-venger Hunt. When he refuses to stop causing trouble for Starlight, Starlight unbanishes his physical form from the school. Thinking as a guidance counselor instead of a headmare, she apologizes for making him feel left out of the school activities and offers him the position of vice headmare, which he eagerly accepts. With peace made between the two, Discord helps set everything back up for the Spell-venger Hunt.

Epilogue [ ]

The Mane Six’s friendship mission turns out to be a fake.

The Mane Six return from their trip and reveal that Discord cast a spell on their cutie marks that sent them on a fake friendship mission. Twilight thanks Starlight for looking after the school while they were gone, and Discord is disappointed that he’s no longer the vice headmare.

Quotes [ ]

Ocellus: They’re all legendary magical artifacts! [beat] Ocellus: Heh-heh. I’ve read ahead in Equestrian Cultures and Camaraderie: Volume Seven. Silverstream: [excited squeal] Learning and fun?! Does it get any better than that?! Gallus: You’ve been underwater a long time, haven’t you? Spike: Eh, being a princess for Twilight was hard enough. Starlight Glimmer: I’m gonna pretend that made sense. Starlight Glimmer: This is your first time at our new school, isn’t it? Discord 1: Oh, was I not invited to the grand opening? Discord 2: Friends and Family Day? Discord 3: Baccalaureate? All three Discords: I hadn’t noticed. Yona: [clears throat, quietly] Be my friend. Iron Will: If you’re quiet, I don’t buy it! Yona: [louder] Be my friend! Iron Will: I’ve heard pudding that’s more convincing! Yona: [huffs, even louder] Be! My! Friend! Starlight Glimmer: You hired a tree as a teacher?! Discord: Its schedule was free. Discord: [California accent] Yo! Greetings, fellow creatures! Voice on bananaphone: [garbled sped-up gibberish] Trixie: Um, what exactly is a long-distance plan? Spike: What’s your problem? Discord: My problem? How is the fact that Twilight decided to put an incompetent, power-hungry unicorn in charge of her school my problem?! Silverstream: You paid attention in class! Gallus: What?! Discord’s Ghost: Headmare Starlight! Look at me! Look! I won the Spell-venger Hunt! Well done, me! Now what’s my prize? Spike: Detention. Discord’s Ghost: Well, that’s disappointing. Starlight Glimmer: Nopony ever invited you to the school. And when you offered to help, I didn’t listen. I was so worried about doing things Twilight’s way, I didn’t stop to think about being a good friend. I’d like to apologize for that. And offer you the job of vice headmare. Spike: Huh? Silverstream: Really?! Gallus: What?! Ocellus: Why?! Yona: No! Smolder: Him?! Sandbar: Totally confused. Rarity: A glamour spell on our cutie marks? Rainbow Dash: A fake summons from the map? Pinkie Pie: Hey, at least we got to go spelunking in that really creepy cave with all those eyeless worm creatures chasing us.

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WARNING: spoilers ahead! If you haven’t seen the recent sneak-peak and want to go into Season 6 completely blind, turn back now. That said, this is the kind of spoiler that makes me more excited for the episode, rather than … Continue reading →

The great exposition of “Friendship is Magic, Part 1”, and why “Equestria Girls” still struggles

As divisive as Equestria Girls is, most people agree that the series has improved over time. And while I believe that’s true, even the otherwise-excellent Rainbow Rocks and Friendship Games have moments that make me cringe: Principal Cinch: I know … Continue reading →

“Princess Spike” vs. “Party Pooped”: when is failure funny?

I would not call “Princess Spike” a “bad episode”, but I hated watching “Princess Spike”. Apparently, I’m not alone in this. By conventional wisdom, this is not surprising; Spike episodes are frequently unpopular. And “Princess Spike” typifies a common complaint … Continue reading →

“Slice of Life” was bad — and I want to see more episodes like it

Hoo, boy — that just happened. And…it wasn’t very good. In fact — it was just bad.

I’m giving a panel at TrotCon! Plus, a search for an artist to commission.

I’m giving a panel at TrotCon! July 17th-19th, Columbus, OH! What the fuck have I gotten myself into!? Regardless, awhile ago I concocted an essay, but decided it would work better in presentation/speech format. If you’re going to be at … Continue reading →

Awkwardness is to humor as dissonance is to music: The Pie Sisters demonstrate

Apparently, when Natasha Levinger does fanservice, she doesn’t mess around. Featuring Discord in an episode is enough to get Bronies excited, but she went all-out and brought in Maud as well. Levinger also seemed to be channeling Dave Polsky a … Continue reading →

“It’s magic, I ain’t gotta explain s**t (except when I do)”: *My Little Pony* and Sanderson’s Laws of Magics

No matter how much you like this show, it’s clear that FiM‘s magic system isn’t particularly robust. There aren’t many clear rules as to how magic works in Equestria. At first glance, this seems like bad storytelling. I know I’ve … Continue reading →

Why Luna is more popular than Celestia, part 2: the long shadow of “Luna Eclipsed”

When it comes to Luna and Celestia, I’m a pretty typical Brony; I certainly like Celestia, but I don’t inwardly cheer when she comes on-screen, the way I do with Luna. As I’ve argued before, much of Luna’s appeal comes … Continue reading →

“It’s for kids” is not an excuse (and we don’t need one, anyway)

[EDIT: To clarify, I don’t think for a second that Miller uses “it’s for kids” as an excuse to phone it in. If he did, Season 4 would not be nearly as good as it is. My concern was more … Continue reading →