How to acquire yuffie in final fantasy 7

How to acquire yuffie in final fantasy 7


How to acquire yuffie in final fantasy 7

How to acquire yuffie in final fantasy 7

How to acquire yuffie in final fantasy 7

In FFVII theres 2 secret characters, Vincent Valentine and Yuffie Kisaragi i already made a instructable on getting Vincent so heres methods to get Yuffie. It’s a must to do a activity to get them, a distinct one for every. Getting Yuffie is fairly straightforward so dont fear about doing to a lot work.

Step 1: Earlier than You Can Get Yuffie.

Yuffie is simply obtainable after you go to the Mythryl Mines. As soon as youve been there, you’ll find her in any forest on the world map

Step 2: Preventing Yuffie

Whereas strolling in a forest on the world map finally you’ll get right into a combat with Yuffie. She will not be that tough however the subsequent half is tough. She is going to begin speaking to you however you HAVE to select the best issues to say or she is going to take one thing from you and run away

Step 3: Speaking to Yuffie

As i stated within the final step after combating Yuffie you begin to discuss to her. However you must decide the best issues to say or she is going to take one thing from you and run away. What she takes away from you will depend on how far you’re within the dialog.

When speaking to Yuffie that is what you must say,
1. Not
2. petrified
3. Wait a second!
4. thats proper
5. Lets hurry on

On the final one DO NOT decide “whats your identify”. Decide “Lets hurry on” after which Cloud and the remainder of your celebration will stroll away. Then she says wait dont you need to know my identify and then you definitely get to decide on a reputation for her. Additionally, DO NOT save bfore speaking to Yuffie or she is going to run away.

Step 4: You Acquired Yuffie!

Congradulations! after this you have to be again on the world map so simply pause and obtained to the PHS and put Yuffie in your group. Have enjoyable!

Step 5: Wutai Sub-Mission

Now that you’ve Yuffie you’ll be able to do an elective mission in Yuffies hometown of Wutai. Whenever you go to Wutai after getting Yuffie she is going to take your materia and this entire sub-mission begins. Additionally Don Corneo from earlier within the sport would be the villain of the sub-mission and the Turks Reno, Impolite, and Elena can even play an essential function. Additionally, should you do that mission, later within the sport on the way in which to Hojos lab you’ll meet up with the Turks. In the event you did the Wutai mission you’ll get to decide on if you wish to combat them or not and should you havent executed the Wutai mission you must combat them. You may solely go to Wutai when you get the Tiny Bronco aircraft.

Okay I blazed by the mines and shit being entranced within the story and didn’t get yuffie, I simply obtained the buggy and traveled again, learn up on-line so apparently I can solely get her in forest?? As within the grassy areas unfold out wherever? I’ve executed a minimum of 20 battles and I haven’t encountered her as soon as. Assist.

She seems about one in each eight battles so it make take some persistence to lastly encounter her. Beating her is straightforward as she solely has about 500 HP. As soon as the combat is over, she is going to need to have a phrase with you, and you must persuade her to hitch your celebration.

DO NOT save your sport on the Save Level.

When she asks for a rematch, reply “Not ”

When she asks should you’re afraid of her, say “. petrified”

When she says she’s actually going to go away, say “Wait a second!”

When she asks if you need her to hitch you, say “. That’s proper”

When she says I’ll go along with you, say “. Let’s hurry on”

In the event you mess up, she’ll steal just a few hundred gil from you, progressively bigger quantities in later questions. She claims she’s returned it when she joins you, however she really pockets half of it.

She will be able to additionally seem within the jungle space across the Temple of the Ancients. I feel you possibly can really encounter her in any forested space on the world map. It simply behooves you to recruit her earlier than getting the Tiny Bronco, as that leads naturally into the Wutai sidequest.

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You may nonetheless get her within the forests between Corel and junon (close to the outdated man's cave). I've consider you may get her in just about any forest.

It’s a must to return to the Gongaga space and run round within the rainforest trying areas.

stage 2
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Silly fucking 15 yr outdated web sport boards had me operating round random tree areas combating the bugs and frogs for an hour. soN OF A BITTCHHHH. I’ll reside, needed to grind finally. Respect you! Most useful sub I’ve joined in eternally.

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Reminiscence is dangerous. Is that the one forest at that time within the sport? Or does it need to be a particular forest at this level? Trustworthy query, as I've all the time simply obtained her within the first patch of forest close to Junon

Junon forest: 32/256

Gongaga forest: 64/256

Nibel forest: 64/256

Rocket City forest: 255/256

Mideel forest: 128/256

Goblin Island forest: 128/256

Spherical Island: 128/256

stage 1
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White Wind

I met her 2 occasions within the forests simply earlier than Cosmo Canyon space, beneath the traditional forest on the mountain. I failed the primary time with the questions. I used to be 12 yeas outdated. Haha

Her storyline is actually good too however if you get too far within the sport such as you are actually, I feel you'll miss a big chunk of it. :/

It’s price going again just a few saves for. Now, don’t miss out on Vincent!

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How to acquire yuffie in final fantasy 7 How to acquire yuffie in final fantasy 7

Yuffie will be discovered wandering round in any of the world's forests. You'll encounter her as you’ll an enemy and he or she'll be recognized as Thriller Ninja. Defeat her in battle and also you'll be taken to a subject the place Yuffie lies prostrate close to a Save Level. DO NOT USE THE SAVE POINT or do the rest that can trigger you to go away the Subject Display screen and lose sight of Yuffie. In the event you do, she'll vanish and steal a fistful of Gil. In the event you want to persuade her to hitch your celebration, it’s essential to discuss to her and say all the best issues through the ensuing dialog. Listed beneath are the suitable responses to Yuffie's feedback.

"Yet one more time, let's go yet another time!" [Not interested]

"You're fairly petrified of me, huh!?" [. petrified]

"I'm actually gonna go away! REALLY!" [Wait a second!]

"You need me to go along with you?" [. That's right]

"All proper! I'll go along with you!" [. Let's hurry on]


4-point Shuriken: Lengthy vary weapon [2L + 1U]/[Normal]
-[Initial equipping]

Boomerang: Lengthy vary weapon [2L + 2U]/[Normal]
-[Junon Area (steal from Formula)]
-[Upper Junon, Gongaga, (Disc 2: Lower Junon) Shops @ 1,400 Gil]

Pinwheel: Lengthy vary weapon [4L]/[Normal]
-[Cosmo Canyon Shop @ 2,600 Gil]

Razor Ring: Lengthy vary weapon [4L + 1U]/[Normal]
-[Wutai Shop @ 6,000 Gil]

Hawkeye: Lengthy vary weapon [4L + 2U]/[Normal]
-[Icicle Inn Shop @ 12,000 Gil]

Crystal Cross: [6L]/[Normal]
-[Mideel Shop @ 18,000 Gil]

Wind Slash: Lengthy vary weapon [3U]/[Double]
-[Shinra Cargo Ship]
-[Disc 2: Upper Junon Shop @ 2,000 Gil]

Twin Viper: Lengthy vary weapon [4U]/[Double]
-[Shinra Mansion]
-[Disc 2: Upper Junon Shop @ 3,200 Gil]

Spiral Shuriken: Lengthy vary weapon [2L + 6U]/[Normal]
-[Disc 2: Costa del Sol Shop @ 14,000 Gil]

Superball: Lengthy vary weapon [None]
-[Fort Condor Battle]
-[Disc 2: Lower Junon Shop @ 3,000 Gil]

Magic Shuriken: Lengthy vary weapon [3U]/[Normal]
-[Wutai (Godo's House)]
-[Disc 2: Lower Junon Shop @ 6,000 Gil]

Rising Solar: Lengthy vary weapon [4L]/[Double]
-[Midgar Area (steal from Diamond Weapon)]

Oritsuru: [4L + 4U]/[Normal]
-[Wutai Da-chao Statue]

Conformer: [8L]/[Nothing]


1-Greased Lightning: Assaults opponent with weapon after slicing them
1-Clear Tranquil: Restores HP of all allies

2-Landscaper: Assaults all opponents
2-Bloodfest: Repeatedly assaults all opponents

3-Gauntlet: Assaults all opponents
3-Doom of the Dwelling: Repeatedly assaults opponents

4-All Creation: Assaults all opponents [Pagoda of the Five Mighty Gods (defeat Godo)]

Here is methods to take down Ramuh in Closing Fantasy VII Remake Intermission.

We have all been taking part in Closing Fantasy 7 Remake Intermission, the model new PS5 unique DLC for one in all final yr’s most acclaimed video games – I imply, everybody who really purchased a PS5 has been taking part in it, a minimum of. This is a wonderful title and destined to be one of the crucial remembered of this yr.

On this information we will be beating Ramuh in Chadley’s VR missions. Ramuh is a troublesome boss, and actually devastating the primary time you go towards him, however as soon as you realize what to anticipate, you can take him down effortlessly.

On this information we will break down what it is advisable to know to take down Ramuh, so you possibly can devastate him with the information we lay out right here. In any other case, that is going to be a troublesome combat, and studying his intricacies goes to be an uphill battle. Learn on beneath for all the pieces it is advisable to know.

Do not Go Alone

You’ll first meet Chadley and acquire entry to his VR missions towards Ramuh pretty early on within the sport, and you will not have anybody else in your celebration at this level. Whereas it’s very attainable to beat Ramuh like this, it will not really feel prefer it. It is best to as a substitute wait till Sonon is in your celebration, a minimum of.

Or higher but, wait till you have already made some story progress in the principle sport, and obtained your crew just a few new objects to equip. Each little helps on this battle, and an advantageous Materia would possibly make all of the distinction.

Deliver Recent Objects

through Sq. Enix

This ought to be apparent, however good objects are going to be essential to outlive, particularly should you run low on MP. Hello-Potions are literally not all that helpful on the stage you begin the sport at, so you have to be utilizing Mega Potions in battle. Be certain to replenish on Phoenix Downs in case you or Sonon go down.

On that notice, Sonon will sacrifice himself to revive Yuffie as soon as per battle when she goes down. This can be a good little bit of safety, however you will need a Phoenix Down able to get Sonon again up once more after.

Get Prepared To Dodge And Guard

Ramuh is oppressive with some assaults that can replenish the entire enviornment, so that you should not combat him half-heartedly. For a lot of of his short-range assaults, you can dodge out of the way in which, and for his long-range assaults, you will simply have to protect. In the event you’re not sure of what to anticipate, guard to be secure, and then you definitely’ll study which assaults you can successfully keep away from.

Obtain The Free DLC Summons

Do you know that there’s free DLC summons obtainable for Closing Fantasy 7 Remake Intermission? It is true! Be certain to obtain and equip these summons earlier than the battle, as they’ll really make an enormous distinction as to how efficient your assaults and talents are, to not point out the harm they’ll do.

Use Wind Skills

Yuffie has a robust Windstorm skill, and utilizing this can deal a good quantity of injury and add Stress to your foe, making it a super skill to make use of usually. Do not forget to make use of Sonon’s skills when he has AP, both. Apply sufficient Stress and you will finally Stagger Ramuh, which can mean you can do large quantities of injury – getting there is not straightforward, although. Use the following pointers and preserve attempting, and you will finally break by.

A superb addition to the remake saga starring a cool ninja child

Closing Fantasy VII Remake is a dramatic sport with the odd foolish beats. The brand new DLC episode that includes younger Wutai ninja Yuffie Kisaragi is a foolish aspect mission that stays lighthearted till the bitter finish. It’s the proper FFVII Remake Intergrade chaser.

What’s in FFVII Remake Intergrade?

In FF7R Episode INTERmission, as Sq. Enix calls it, 16-year-old ninja prodigy Yuffie Kisaragi and her companion/underling Sonon Kusakabe infiltrate Midgar on a mission to steal a rumored “final materia” for his or her nation of Wutai. Although the pair are working with eco-terrorist rebel group Avalanche throughout their mission, they’re pointedly not working with the Avalanche “splinter cell” Barrett, Tifa, and Cloud belong to. Early within the DLC mission Yuffie is warned away from attempting to work together with the sport’s principal characters. And do you have to try to storm Tifa Lockhart’s Seventh Heaven bar, the group’s secret headquarters, Yuffie will likely be bodily pushed away by unseen forces.

Who’s Yuffie?

Within the authentic Closing Fantasy VII, Yuffie is an elective character who doesn’t meet up with the principle celebration till they’ve left Midgar, so assembly the group beforehand would smash no matter continuity the remake is trying to ascertain. As such, Yuffie and Sonon spend their temporary time within the metropolis doing their very own factor whereas the dramatic occasions surrounding Cloud and pals happen of their periphery.

It's Really Out there
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When not battling different Fort Condor gamers within the DLC’s colourful tower protection mini-game or participating in a handful of side-quests, Yuffie’s principal mission is brief and candy. First she and Sonon should purchase a pair of false IDs with a view to make it to Shinra HQ. To do that they have to chase their contact by the Sector 7 industrial space, battling the Shinra forces pursuing him alongside the way in which. From there it’s on to Shinra HQ itself, the place a number of acquainted faces from a pair completely different Closing Fantasy VII video games make the ninjas’ lives depressing.

For a personality who’s solely playable for 3 and a half hours (not together with mini-games and side-quests), Yuffie is a fairly effectively fleshed-out fighter. Utilizing her huge ninja stars she will combat foes up shut with bodily assaults, or she will toss her star and solid ninja magic from afar. Her companion, Sonon, will not be playable, however they pair and synergize when in battle collectively, performing extra highly effective team-up variations of Yuffie’s regular ninja magic. Each fighters are ridiculously quick, and when new summon Ramuh will get in on the act, enemies would possibly as effectively neglect about seeing their households once more.

Yuffie’s strongest energy isn’t her magic or her ninja skills, nonetheless: It’s her upbeat nature, her can-do angle, and her clumsy, impish attraction that sees her by her Midgar mission. I need to cheer when she dramatically confronts Shinra troopers close to the principle pillar holding up Sector 7, reciting an clearly practiced speech meant to strike worry within the hearts of her enemies,, regardless that I do know she’s about to fall on her ass.

The solid of the DLC, each returning characters from the remake correct and the brand new ninja, give these foolish performances their all. Suzie Yeung is irresistibly charming as Yuffie, the teenage ninja with an unwavering loyalty to her clan and a hatred for the planet-poisoning Shinra. Aleks Le’s Sonon places up together with his youthful commander’s antics with grace and poise, by no means letting on that the goofy issues she does are something apart from sensible theatrics designed to distract enemies. They make an exquisite group.

The opposite star group for this downloadable content material is Sq. Enix’s music group, who’ve outdone themselves with a few of the new tracks launched for this small piece of content material. There are a minimum of three authentic songs for a side-quest involving a bar referred to as The Completely satisfied Turtle, every a distinct tackle the institution’s theme. One’s an upbeat jingle. One other is a shiny pop tune. The third is mainly loss of life metallic. “Come out, come out, come out, come out of your shell / Occasion, celebration, celebration, celebration, all night time, on the Completely satisfied Turtle.” That’s by no means getting out of my head. Dammit, I simply discovered one other one.

“You and me good and simple, on our journey / life’s gonna be so nice, on the Completely satisfied Turtle.” It’s stunning.

Not all the pieces in regards to the Yuffie DLC mission is mild and fluffy. There are some heavy bits towards the tip that I’ll chorus from mentioning, in addition to a little bit of an prolonged epilogue to the principle sport. What I’m saying is there are extra causes to play by the brand new episode than lighthearted enjoyable. It’s simply that lighthearted enjoyable is a really huge a part of it.

It’s nice to see Yuffie get a while within the highlight. With this DLC Sq. Enix has elevated her from elective aspect character who very almost obtained lower from the unique sport to a vital a part of the Closing Fantasy VII Remake saga. I can’t wait to see extra of her, at any time when that may occur.

Sq. Enix reveals extra details about the upcoming Closing Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade on PS5, particularly the Yuffie DLC episode.

The headlining announcement on the newest PlayStation State of Play occasion was the reveal of Closing Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade, a brand new episode that stars fan favourite character Yuffie. Because the Yuffie episode was revealed for Closing Fantasy 7 Remake, extra particulars have made their manner on-line, together with what number of chapters will probably be and what followers can anticipate from Intergrade‘s story.

The Closing Fantasy 7 Remake Yuffie episode will likely be two chapters lengthy, although Closing Fantasy 7 Remake chapter size can fluctuate wildly so that does not essentially give an excellent indication of how lengthy it would take gamers to finish it. Within the episode, Yuffie and new character Sonon Kusakabe make their method to Midgar. Collaborating with Avalanche, Yuffie and Sonon use their Wutaian ninja expertise to assault the Shinra Electrical Energy Firm in an effort to steal materia.

So far as gameplay goes, Yuffie is described by Sq. Enix as being “proficient in each close-quarters fight and ranged assaults.” This ought to be useful since she will not have Barret in her celebration to shoot down far-off enemies, and he or she will not have Cloud there to deal nearly all of the melee harm. Outdoors of fight, Yuffie will be capable of make the most of her ninja expertise like wall-running to better-traverse the surroundings in addition to hit switches along with her shuriken.

It will likely be fascinating to see what occurs through the Yuffie episode in Closing Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade, however one has to think about that she is going to wind up splitting up along with her companion. Within the authentic Closing Fantasy 7 sport, gamers come throughout Yuffie within the forest, the place she assaults the celebration as a “Thriller Ninja.” After gamers defeat Yuffie, they’ll recruit her by selecting the proper dialogue choices. Presumably, the occasions of the Yuffie episode in Closing Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade will present how Yuffie ended up alone within the forest within the first place.

These all for taking part in the Yuffie episode ought to notice that it’s a PS5 unique expertise. And whereas paid variations of Closing Fantasy 7 Remake on PS4 can improve to the PS5 model without spending a dime, the Yuffie episode will not be a part of the free improve. Both gamers might want to purchase the PS5 model of Closing Fantasy 7 Remake outright, or they might want to improve their PS4 model after which buying the Yuffie episode individually. Pricing data for the Yuffie episode has not been revealed on the time of this writing.

Extra data on the Yuffie episode ought to come to mild as we get nearer to its launch this June.

Closing Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade launches June 10 for PS5.

Rather less than a month in the past, Sq. Enix launched Closing Fantasy 7 Intergrade for the PlayStation 5. It proved to be a wonderful next-gen improve, not the least as a result of it lastly upgraded all these pesky doorways, nevertheless it’s greatest promoting level was undoubtedly the DLC episode starring Yuffie — Closing Fantasy 7’s high-energy ninja from Wutai.

Yuffie’s episode obtained robust evaluations from a number of publications, which lauded its contemporary tackle the established fight system, its worldbuilding, and naturally, Yuffie herself. It proved to be a microcosm for each the strengths and weaknesses of Closing Fantasy 7 Remake, its glowing worldbuilding sometimes undercut by sequences that could possibly be sluggish and repetitive. Fortunately, Yuffie’s story usually moved briskly, by no means fairly outstaying its welcome whereas additionally providing a tantalizing style of what is to return in Closing Fantasy 7 Remake Half 2, which is now in full manufacturing.

Talking with IGN over e-mail, co-director Motomu Toriyama talked in regards to the function the intermission performs within the bigger story, and the way it units the stage for Cloud and firm to satisfy Yuffie in a later installment. “As Cloud and firm put together to go away Midgar within the base sport, so does Yuffie. Later, Cloud and his allies will find yourself encountering Yuffie within the expansive world exterior of Midgar. By taking part in each the bottom sport and [Episode Intermission], I feel you’ll be capable of perceive the place they’re coming from, from an emotional perspective, and so I like to recommend taking part in by each.”

Within the DLC, Yuffie is an agent dispatched to steal an enormous piece of materia rumored to be in improvement at Shinra Headquarters. She groups up with Sonon, a staff-wielding sequence newcomer who principally reacts to Yuffie’s fast patter of quips with dry asides. Their quick friendship serves because the emotional core of the DLC, a component that extends even to the gameplay, which relies on the pair sycing up their assaults for big quantities of injury.

Like the bottom remake, Yuffie’s story is grounded a minimum of partially in nostalgia. A lot of it’s set in established areas in and round Midgar, with quite a lot of acquainted faces making appearances all through. Scarlet, a diabolical Shinra government who will get comparatively little screentime within the authentic sport, is without doubt one of the principal villains — one other instance of Closing Fantasy 7 Remake’s professional melding of the conversant in the brand new.

“There have been many issues we realized from the reception of [Final Fantasy 7 Remake] since its launch, however I really feel that the response was particularly nice for the weather we remade whereas being cognizant to pay homage to the supply materials, and I recall gamers’ reactions had been very optimistic,” says co-director Naoki Hamaguchi. “I do not need to restrict it to simply this title; I’m reminded that for the subsequent installment, it is of utmost significance to not harm the recollections from the supply materials whereas reimagining it so it surpasses folks’s expectations.”

I’m reminded that for the subsequent installment, it is of utmost significance to not harm the recollections from the supply materials whereas reimagining it so it surpasses folks’s expectations.

In that mild, Sq. Enix’s choice to have Episode Intermission run concurrently with Cloud’s journey is sensible. It permits the event group to reuse some already established environments whereas offering a distinct perspective on acquainted occasions. However it wasn’t all the time that manner.

In an fascinating twist, Hamaguchi says that author Kazushige Nojima initially had a really completely different imaginative and prescient for Episode Intermission. “To be trustworthy, when Mr. Kazushige Nojima turned within the preliminary draft of the [Episode Intermission] state of affairs, the story was going to happen at a distinct time from the occasions of [Final Fantasy 7 Remake], however we had him regulate it in order that it occurs concurrently — whereas Cloud and his allies had been on their journey in Midgar,” he says. “I had a robust need for the story of [Episode Intermission] to permit those that performed [Final Fantasy 7 Remake] to expertise the lore extra deeply. Consequently, we had been in a position to dive deeper into Avalanche HQ, Wutai, the Shinra Constructing basement, and so on. which had been solely touched upon within the base sport of the remake — and this time from Yuffie’s perspective. As such, I am hoping it turned out to be one thing our followers had been in a position to take pleasure in.”

One other component that the group reimagined for the Yuffie DLC was the Fort Condor minigame. Named for a sidequest within the authentic sport the place you defended an enormous condor from encroaching Shinra forces, it was reimagined for the DLC as extra of a small-scale board sport. The minigame has been lauded by many followers as addictive, placing it within the grand custom of such classics as Triple Triad and Blitzball.

Hamaguchi says Fort Condor was a component he struggled essentially the most with, as he knew it could not simply be a “half-baked” homage to the unique. “Initially of improvement, I labored one-on-one with the sport designer till we solidified the gameplay; even after the gameplay was solidified, I performed it day-after-day and identified areas that wanted changes,” Hamaguchi says. “The individual dealing with the changes for the problem stage is actually good with numbers, so there have been occasions when the problem was raised with out superior discover… I keep in mind nonetheless messing with it proper as much as finalizing the grasp construct (laughs).”

The event group can solely supply hints about what’s to return in Closing Fantasy 7 Remake Half 2, however they do make for some tantalizing tidbits. Amongst different issues, Toriyama says that it’s going to “most likely be some time till Wutai is showcased in earnest” owing to its distance from Midgar, however that “maybe there could also be a brand new side to issues depicted alongside the way in which.”

Hamaguchi, in the meantime, says that he is proud of how the primary half made gamers really feel like they’re “experiencing a film by the gameplay,” however that the second half can have distinctive challenges. “As for enchancment, or ought to I say “change,” transferring ahead — as a result of the subsequent installment will contain Cloud and firm to go away Midgar and discover the world map, our subsequent problem will likely be to create gameplay that leverages the vastness of the world, in contrast to what we did on this present title.”

Director Tetsuya Nomura has beforehand stated through an interview translated by a fan that Closing Fantasy 7 Remake Half 2 will decide up instantly after the occasions of Intergrade, and that the environment will likely be “fairly completely different from Half 1.” Particularly, Cloud will likely be “operating round numerous nature.” May this imply that Closing Fantasy 7 Remake Half 2 has an overworld? We’ll simply need to see.

In any case, Closing Fantasy 7 Remake continues to be a roaring success, with Yuffie’s story as soon as once more demonstrating the love and care Sq. Enix has taken in translating its hottest sport for the trendy period. You may learn our overview of the unique launch right here, in addition to insights into its well-known pole dancing scene and extra. Closing Fantasy 7 Remake Half 2 doesn’t but have a launch date.

Kat Bailey is a Senior Information Editor at IGN. Sure, Yuffie is her favourite character.

A PlayStation Retailer itemizing has revealed Closing Fantasy 7 Remake’s Yuffie DLC will add two new chapters to the sport.

Closing Fantasy 7 Remake's upcoming DLC will introduce two new chapters to the sport.

New Closing Fantasy 7 Remake content material is coming this June and numerous it. When FF7 Remake Intergrade hits shops on June 10, 2021, it would enable followers to play an upgraded PS5 model of the sport. It would additionally introduce the unique sport's Yuffie to the Remake universe through model new DLC. It has now been revealed through a list on the German PlayStation Retailer that Yuffie's DLC will likely be two chapters lengthy.

To place that into perspective, the unique sport is 18 chapters lengthy. That being stated, the chapters fluctuate in size, particularly should you insist on finishing all of the aspect quests. Serving to Betty discover her cats will make a chapter really feel so much longer. There won’t be as many aspect quests for Yuffie contemplating the place within the total story she will likely be dropping in.

Yuffie's journey will occur concurrently to the one FF7 Remake gamers have already been on. Roughly across the time Cloud is separated from Avalanche. Her mission is to infiltrate Shinra, steal a robust materia, and return it to her homeland. Evidently her mission will likely be happening concurrently when Barrett and the remainder of the gang are infiltrating Shinra.

What precisely will likely be obtainable to who on launch day is a bit of complicated. FF7 Remake Intergrade is the PS5 upgraded model of the sport. It would embrace the Yuffie DLC and is accessible for pre-order for $70. In the event you already personal the sport on PS4, you’ll get the PS5 improve without spending a dime. Nevertheless, it has not but been revealed how a lot the 2 extra chapters will price when purchased individually.

Simply to muddy the waters much more, FF7 Remake is a free sport on PS Plus this month. It's the PS4 model and it’ll not embrace a free PS5 improve later this yr. If you wish to play FF7 Remake on PS5 and the Yuffie DLC, you have to to purchase the sport on PS4, or await the PS5 model to be launched on June 10.

I sadly haven’t any extra entry to the unique remaining fantasy 7, however I puzzled in regards to the following: Yuffie steals all of your materia if you go to wutai the primary time. However what occurs if you promote all of your materia earlier than (so you’ve gotten Zero materia and he or she cant steal any)? Does she say something completely different?

How to acquire yuffie in final fantasy 7

2 Solutions 2

This query me so I made a decision to do a run by and keep away from choosing up any materia. Any that was compelled upon me I simply “trashed”. To my shock there are not any safeguards on materias, I assumed I used to be caught when Priscilla gave me Shiva however I used to be in a position to trash summons too.

So I performed by the sport with none materia as much as the purpose you get the Tiny Bronco (the earliest you possibly can go to Wutai).

Notice: I’m taking part in PS4 model so I’ve the cheats for limitless HP/MP and 3x velocity, so this was a lot simpler than it might be on the unique PS1 model.


The scene the place Yuffie steals your materia is strictly the identical, everybody acts like materia was stolen regardless that I had none in any respect. Dialog is all the identical as should you had had some to steal.

Further Info

After finishing the Yuffie aspect quest she offers again your materia. That is the MP Soak up materia that you just decide up through the “hunt for Yuffie”. So technically the dialog for giving again materia is sensible, as there may be all the time a minimum of one materials for her to return.

Unusual Glitch

In the course of the quest to get my materia again (of lack there of), I used to be in a position to one way or the other get 2x MP Plus materia out of skinny air!

I need to begin by saying I dont know if this glitch is particular to the Yuffie sidequest, or if its doable elsewhere too. I additionally dont know if it might occur if I had materia going into the search or not. I’ve by no means discovered this earlier than. Nevertheless, it occurred throughout this experiment so I’ll embrace it as a part of this reply.

Here’s what occurred to get the glitch to occur.

  1. My group earlier than Yuffie stole materia was Cloud, Vincent and Yuffie (in that order)
  2. Barret joined after Yuffie ran off and I changed him with Cid utilizing PHS
  3. I performed aspect quest till I obtained MP Soak up from chest which Yuffie instantly steals
  4. This prompted me to test my materia checklist. Empty. So I went to “Change” to test if anybody had materia equiped
  5. No one did, however to my shock the cursor was defaulted to an invisible character. You couldnt see any slots or materia however you may navigate the cursor to all 16 slots (eight weapon and eight armor). All of them stated “MP Plus”
  6. I attempted urgent triangle to take away the materia this labored on the primary 2 weapon slots solely. The remainder simply did nothing
  7. This gave me 2 MP Plus materia in my stock that I didnt have earlier than

My greatest guess at how this glitch was attainable.

  1. I’ve config set to cursor = reminiscence
  2. Earlier than Yuffie left my celebration I had checked her on the trade. So cursor was nonetheless on her slot after I went again in to trade later
  3. The sport probably defaults to MP Plus when it doesnt know what to do on this state of affairs
  4. I anticipate the rationale why I might solely take away 2 materia was as a result of Yuffie was earlier equiped with a 2-slot weapon and a 0-slot armor, and the sport thought that invisible individual was Yuffie so her weapon/armor logic was utilized

General that was so much longer reply than I used to be anticipating from this experiment however a really fascinating end result none the much less.