How to acquire the lightning electric bow on the der eisendrache map in call of duty black ops 3

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  • Our current Moderator Team has less available time for moderation in general.
  • We have been experiencing a major spam bot attack. Thanks to our approval system, all these posts will never see the light of day on our forum! Unfortunately, while Delta is implementing countermeasures for this, we have to keep the spam topics in our approval system, mixing the few legit posts from you with hundreds of useless spam topics.

Please, if you have made a topic on our forum which has not yet been approved by a moderator, make a moderator or team member aware of this such that we can look up your post individually! You can reach us via PM, find us in the UGX-Mods Discord Server or simply leave a reply on this post!

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Happy New Year 2021

We wish everyone a Happy New Year 2021 !

2020 bye bye

It was a rough year for everyone and we hope everyone stayed safe and had at least a decent year.

Planned / upcoming changes

  • Official new maintainer (myself @Delta )
  • New one-time / subscription monetization options to support UGX-Mods and further projects
  • Forum won't require registered user to view links and spoilers
  • New server to be future proof :white_check_mark: ( done )
  • New forum update with improvements and fixes (v0.8.8
  • Username can be changed (every week once, will be available with the next forum update)

Thank You

Thanks to all who sticked with us in 2020. We appreciate your support and community love.
Let's continue in 2021 and make it better than 2020

UGX-Mods Team

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Upcoming Server Migration 2020

Update 2020-12-30 17:10 UTC: Forum is back online – please report any issues via Twitter, Discord or email. Thank you
Maintenance starts at 30th December 2020, 16:30 UTC
The website and other services will be temporarily unavailable, more information about status / availability here:
Hi @all,

we will end this year with a migration to another server, which is part of the upcoming bigger changes on UGX-Mods. (more info in the new year)
The transition will go probably smoothly, but just in case we expect a few hours of downtime or connection issue after the migration.

The new server will be Frankfurt, Germany – so you might notice a small delay (although the new server is more powerfull, so you might notice nothing at all )

We will notify you on Discord & Twitter once the forum will be temporarly unavailable and the migration starts / ends.
During that short period, email support is also not available!

Please note: We will also migrate our development server (JIRA, Confluence)
without notice in the new two weeks, which means our knowledhe base
and support center is unavailable for a short period as well.

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