How to achieve fame on wattpad

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Lots of people want to become famous on the Internet, and there’s tons of conflicting advice out there for how to achieve that goal. Never fear! We’ve done the research for you and figured out that the first and most important thing to do is to find your niche — the cyber sphere where you’re likely to shine the brightest. After that, you can increase your odds of success, managing your online presence well, and taking advantage of our tips and tricks for helping your star power grow.

I started reading early, and I spent my childhood hungry for stories. For the first half of my life, I was sustained by my small public library, finding solace in old, ratty copies of Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events and Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women. It wasn’t until I was 14 that I felt the limits of my library’s bookshelves and started to look online for new, brave, curious protagonists.

That’s when I stumbled onto Wattpad. When I found it in 2012, the site functioned as a microcosm of teen popular culture, reflecting the platform’s large contingent of Gen Z and millennial users. Every scroll, regardless of genre, brought users book covers largely adorned with Photoshop edits of notable teenage heartthrobs of the time (think: Dylan O’Brien in his Teen Wolf fame, or a younger, long-haired One Direction Harry Styles). Some stories even included popular song recommendations (mostly Taylor Swift) and a cast filled with A-list celebrities, in the hopes of creating an immersive experience for readers.

Next Gen Favorites is a series of personal essays from young writers about the tech that’s shaping their lives:

Founded in 2006, Wattpad has grown far beyond the scale of my local library. The platform currently boasts 94 million users and more than a billion uploaded stories, ranging from historical tales to outright fanfiction. In its 15 years of existence, Wattpad stories have gained a reputation in the online literary community — a landfill of self-insert fanfiction to some, and a treasure trove of hidden gems to others.

As a 14-year-old, I found Wattpad’s saturation of teen popular culture exhilarating; it promised to appease my quickly shifting reading preferences. My digital library became a hoard of historical fiction and supernatural romance novels, where I surrendered to my teenage angst and lived vicariously through questionably written characters. For four years, I religiously followed the satirical but romantic Storm and Silence series, treating the Wednesday chapter uploads like morning church service.

I was amazed by Wattpad, not only for its riveting content, but also for its ability to shatter many traditional barriers and expectations for writing. For one, authors seemed to balance their professional and personal personas on the platform, retaining sometimes thousands of readers under pen names like “dontstealmypoptarts” or “iheartonedirection.” Where I had previously only viewed authors as elusive and mysterious, these usernames instead suggested that anyone could write a book — even people who liked Pop-Tarts and One Direction.

I also loved how authors often addressed their readership directly. They would spotlight a reader of the week, offer bonus chapters, and communicate any changes to their uploading schedule. Chapters contained author’s notes, a nexus where the personal and professional came together. Sometimes there was a note about upcoming exams, at other times a tragic comment about a pet’s passing.

Readers also bridged the divide, offering words of encouragement or criticism. They would share their excitement, amusement, or worry in a chapter’s comment section, and interact with other users in the comments. Readers and writers developed a collaborative relationship and a sense of community, as writers are able to refine their stories with this feedback.

In 2014, I began to publish my own poems and books on the platform. My poems spoke about love and betrayals that I had not yet experienced. My books were enemies-to-lovers romance novels with bad dialogue that my 16-year-old self mistook for wit. A few of my books were ranked by the website’s popularity algorithm in broad categories, but most remained largely untouched by readers. Still, I kept writing for the joy of it. Eight years later, those pieces are like a time capsule of my teenage self.

Wattpad has changed drastically since 2012. Book publishers have started to take notice, and the company has rolled out professionalizing features like content from established writers (“Tap Originals”) and pay-to-access works (“Paid Stories”). In January, Wattpad was acquired by a South Korean tech conglomerate, Naver Corporation, for $600 million. Like any online community, Wattpad writers are hostage to the profitability of their platform. The introduction of Wattpad coins, in particular, threatens to isolate or separate readers who aren’t able to buy them and access these new Paid Stories.

As someone who joined the website for its expansive, accessible, and free content, I have mixed feelings about the new features and the emphasis on monetization. It’s a familiar turn for tech platforms, and while it’s alarming, it’s better than the site shutting down entirely. As a retired Wattpad user, I can’t help but feel nostalgic for all the time I’ve spent on the platform. I hope it can survive for all the 14-year-olds still looking for a bigger library, as a space where individuals can read, write, and form community.

Mirna Rodriguez is first year law school student at Texas A&M University and a recent graduate if Williams College. In her free time, she enjoys collecting books and plants.

Correction: A previous version of this piece stated Wattpad’s total uploads as 665 million, citing outdated numbers from a 2019 report. The current total is over 1 billion; The Verge regrets the error.

How to achieve fame on wattpad

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Today’s online tools have made it even easier for us to craft these compelling brands. “The Internet puts professional fame in the immediate reach of Everyman,” said Maggie Jessup. “It no longer takes years and a small fortune to create a nationally recognized personal brand.”

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In the book, promotion strategies of 75 American icons – such as Suze Orman, Rachael Ray and President Obama — are used to illustrate step-by-step how one can build a powerful personal brand. A few of the career action items are:

How to achieve fame on wattpad

Wattpad is the world’s largest community of readers and writers with over 30 million people using the platform. I’ve heard that only 10% of these users are writers, making it 90% of readers looking for their next great read. This is where Wattpad is superior to other writing sites that I’ve used in the past where it’s just been writers reading and commenting on other writers’ work. Sure it’s great to connect with other writers, but Wattpad offers the unique experience of attracting masses of actual readers.

I started an account on Wattpad earlier this year and I now have followers from places as far as Mexico, Latvia, Vietnam, India and the Philippines. I’ve been lucky enough to have my short novella Bequest showcased on the homepage and as a featured story. Bequest is about a man that has been almost fully tattooed by a well-known artist and he wants to donate his skin to the National Gallery when he dies. This story attracted almost 30,000 chapter reads on Wattpad and is now being published as a short eBook by Tenebris Books.

A few years back I became stuck at around 30,000 words on a YA novel of mine called Silver . I loaded a handful of chapters on Wattpad, just to test the waters with it. Given that there are so many teens on the site, I was curious to find out what their response would be to that story. Very quickly I started receiving comments from people saying ‘you have to finish this story!’ They started telling me what they wanted to hear more about, which characters they liked, who they hated. And it inspired me to finish writing it. It’s been such an interesting experience, after working in solitude for so many years, it’s almost as though Wattpad readers have helped shape this novel.

After using the platform for a while now, here are my best tips for writers using Wattpad:

Often called “YouTube for ebooks”, Wattpad is an [1] Instead, it makes use of common mobile phones for the download, and online web-pages, storage and display of ebook material. It can be run on most mobile phone devices, including but not limited to iPhone/iPod/iPad, BlackBerry, Android, [2] and basic phones that run Java.

The content is user-generated, allowing anyone to contribute to the library. [3]


Launch and Fame [ ]

WattPad originated as an idea of e-book reading application in 2006 when Ivan Yuen, an early employee of Tira Wireless contacted Allen Lau, the co-founder of Tira Wireless to provide feedback for his new mobile e-reading project. Coincidentally, Allen was pursuing a similar idea and he flew to Vancouver to meet with Ivan. So wattpad was released in 2006 unofficially. During their first meeting in Vancouver Ivan and Allen decided that:

  • Wattpad should be 100% free to keep the “friction” low. It allowed them to quickly test and refine the idea.
  • It would be too time consuming for them to create and maintain their own catalog. Better focus on building the platform and let the community to decide what they want to read.
  • Supporting as many phone models as possible was crucial. This would ensure that lack of hardware support would not become a hurdle for people to try Wattpad out.
  • They would create a website (which Ivan already did) for users to upload their content to the “cloud”. To make the website look more interesting, they would also display a list of new and popular content (which became “What’s Hot” and “What’s New” – a fixture in Wattpad now). [4]

Since its launch in December 2006, the mobile application has been downloaded over 5 million times. [5] In February 2007, Wattpad announced the addition of over 17,000 eBooks from Project Gutenberg making them available to mobile users. [6] In March 2009, an iPhone version was released, competing with ebook readers such as the [7] This was followed by the launch on BlackBerry App World in April 2009, Google Android in June 2009 and Apple iPad in April 2010, making Wattpad the only ebook reader to support all major mobile phone platforms. [8]

Criticism [ ]

New authors and teens [ ]

The most frequently voted stories appear on the “Hot List”.(This is determined by a number of statistics) The authors of those stories are unofficially referred to as “wattpad celebrities” because of their high status among the Wattpad users. These stats change daily, due to reads and votes by other users. Many wattpad users and readers appreciate the site for inspiring children and teenagers to read and write more and uncover a hidden interest in literature. Unlike other websites where new authors can share their work, wattpad users are more active to respond to such submissions. If one check the Most Popular pane of authors, it is easy to find in their profiles that most are teenagers.

Contest [ ]

Wattpad holds several smaller contests a year and one major one. The large annual contest is called “The Watty Awards”. In 2010, The Watty Awards introduced several additional awards categories as well as the ability to pick celebrities to play the fictional characters of the stories. Contests are open to anyone who has a Wattpad account. They also give prizes to the contest winners. Sometimes contests are a simple question like “Where is your favorite place to read?”

Renée’s latest project is a play, My Life on a Diet, based on the book of the same name.

Renee Taylor: A lot of people say “Oh, I was going to be an actor, I was going to be a writer, I was going to be a director. But I gave it up because I can’t take rejection.”

Well you’ll always have rejection whatever you do. If you’re a plumber you’re going to have rejection.

The thing is you love it and that’s your passion, and that’s your joy, and that’s what you express. And you don’t think about “Are you going to make a lot of money? Are you going to be famous?”

You don’t think about things like that, or it won’t happen. Or if it does, it will be very shallow.

I was asking Lee Strasberg how he liked me on television, and he said he thought that I wanted to be famous more than I wanted to be an artist.

And I said to him, “Can’t you be both?” And he said “Yes, not in that order.”

And I saw that my priorities were not in the right order.

And when your priorities are in order you can achieve everything you want to achieve. But if your priorities are not in order you won’t achieve anything.

So if you’re just wanting to be famous as I see young people want to be, or they just want to be beautiful—they’re really sabotaging themselves, because what you want to be is creative, loving, joyful, expressing yourself. And the outcome will take care of itself or not.

There never will be a final outcome, and there’s no perfection except when you’re dead, because you can never be more dead. No one can ever say, “if she was only more dead, it would be great.” It’s just, it’s the journey, getting there.

I think when anybody famous dies you say “My god, she had everything. She had incredible beauty and talent and sex appeal and fame.” And the pain of not being able to find joy in your life really made me question myself. And it really made me think about, well what are the important things in life? It’s not looks, it’s not fame, it’s not diet, it’s not money. Well what is it? It’s love and it’s joy and it’s creativity. And it’s not getting, “Am I going to get this?” It’s giving, and it’s being able to receive. It’s very important to receive. A lot of people can give, but they can’t receive. When I come out on stage and people start applauding my first reaction is I want to run. It’s very difficult to stay there. At the end of the show too, at the curtain call. It’s very difficult for me to just stand there, and I say “No, just receive people’s message to you. Their appreciation of how much people need to laugh. And what the point of your play is.” My mother’s dream for me was to be famous. And my dream for me was to write about my life and share it with people. And that’s what I’m doing now, so that’s a miracle. A miracle is when you get much more than what you were expecting. And so I’m living in a miracle right now.

A meditation that I do before I go onstage, I will share with you: Before I go onstage I say—I go through my whole life, and you can do it in three minutes—And I say, “help me choose to be a vessel, to be someone greater than myself and bring joy and forgiveness and healing and love.” And then I go onstage.

Wattpad, the world’s leading social storytelling platform, and WEBTOON, the global leader in webcomics, are now both Naver brands, with a combined global monthly audience of more than 166 million people

Acquisition sets up Wattpad for continued growth and global leadership, including new investments in user initiatives to help Wattpad authors build an international audience and make money

Wattpad plans to grow its team by nearly 100 people in 2021

TORONTO and SEOUL, May 10, 2021 – Naver, South Korea’s internet conglomerate, and Wattpad , the global multi-platform entertainment company for original stories and a leading social storytelling platform, today announced that Naver has completed its acquisition of Wattpad in a cash and stock transaction valued at more than an estimated USD $600 million.

The company will remain headquartered in Canada under the continued leadership of founders Allen Lau and Ivan Yuen. CEO & co-founder Allen Lau will report to WEBTOON CEO Jun Koo Kim.

As part of the Naver family of world-class brands, Wattpad will focus on its continued growth and innovations, expanding its teams, and developing new initiatives to reward writers on the platform. Wattpad will grow its teams by nearly 50% in 2021, adding close to 100 new roles in engineering, marketing, content, and other parts of the company to continue to execute its vision to entertain and connect the world through stories.

The acquisition strengthens Naver’s leadership in social storytelling and entertainment, adding Wattpad’s expertise in machine learning, IP discovery, and data-backed TV and film development to Naver’s world-class roster of entertainment and content brands like WEBTOON. Wattpad’s core app will continue to operate independently, while exploring new ways to collaborate with WEBTOON and other Naver brands.

With a global community of 94 million people–including five million writers–who have written more than one billion uploads on the platform, Wattpad is a global leader in social storytelling and entertainment. Wattpad’s creator-first approach to nurturing and supporting reading and writing communities has helped authors around the world build a global audience and make money on the platform. The company recently celebrated a key milestone: since launching in 2019, writers in Wattpad’s Paid Stories program have earned more than a million dollars. Along with sponsored brand partnerships, and TV, film, and book adaptations, Wattpad Paid Stories are just one of a growing number of paths for Wattpad writers to earn money from their work.

Wattpad has created a new type of online writing influencer, catapulting a new generation of authors to international fame. The company’s Story DNA Machine Learning technology has revolutionized the art and science of understanding and finding great stories to adapt for TV, film, or to publish as books.

As previously announced, the acquisition will align Wattpad with Naver’s WEBTOON, and the company’s monthly average of 72 million users around the world. Together, these two leading comics, entertainment, and storytelling companies, will reach a combined global monthly audience of more than 166 million people. WEBTOON is home to some of the biggest names in webcomics, including Lore Olympus, Rachel Smythe’s Eisner Award-nominated series. WEBTOON Studios has worked with The Jim Henson Company; Crunchyroll; Vertigo Entertainment – the production company behind the IT franchise and The Lego Movie; Bound Entertainment – the global studio led by Snowpiercer and Okja producer Samuel Ha.

“Wattpad has created something truly unique: an engaged, positive global community of people who share a passion for great stories,” said Seong-Sook Han, CEO of Naver. “Through this acquisition, it is expected that the synergy between WEBTOON and Wattpad will be even greater. Gen Z around the world have fallen in love with storytelling platforms like Wattpad and WEBTOON. With a growing global user base of Gen Z readers and writers on Wattpad and WEBTOON, combined with hundreds of millions of incredible stories to fuel on-screen hits, Naver is quickly becoming an important player in the global entertainment and content market.”

“Wattpad has redefined writing in the digital era, creating new ways for indie authors to build a global audience and make money,” said WEBTOON founder and CEO, Jun Koo Kim. “We’re thrilled to have Wattpad join Naver and WEBTOON, aligning our teams and global communities to create more opportunities for writers everywhere.”

“We founded Wattpad with a vision to entertain and connect the world through stories,” said Allen Lau, CEO & co-founder, Wattpad. “By joining the Naver family of companies, we’re continuing that vision, with more resources and expertise to grow our global community and help writers everywhere achieve their dreams. Alongside Naver and WEBTOON, we’re positioned for faster growth and continued innovation to support writers and transform publishing and entertainment around the world.”

Wattpad announced a series of high profile innovations and global entertainment successes in Q1 2021. In March, Wattpad Brand Partnerships launched Wattpad Brand Originals , a new branded entertainment offering to develop branded TV series, films, podcasts, and digital media projects from hit Wattpad stories.

Wattpad’s award-winning work in TV, film, and publishing is transforming the global entertainment industry, using machine learning, audience insights, and data-backed development to create hit TV shows, films, and published books. Wattpad Books publishes a new generation of diverse authors and stories the world needs to read, combining art and science to find the trends, genres, and writers that will shape the future of publishing.

The company’s studio division, Wattpad Studios , currently has 90 TV and film projects in development with partners around the world, including the upcoming Netflix Original film with Nostromo Pictures, A Través de mi Ventana , based on Ariana Godoy’s 176 million read Wattpad sensation of the same name; and Blair Holden’s The Bad Boy’s Girl , currently being developed as a film with the legendary Leone Film Group. Wattpad’s Vidio Original series Turn On, from Vidio, Wattpad, and Screenplay Films, broke records to become Vidio’s most-watched series so far in 2021, with 10 million views and a second season greenlight.

Among Wattpad’s growing slate of hit TV and film projects is the People’s Choice Award-winning After, from Voltage Pictures. The story began on Wattpad, accumulating more than one billion reads on the platform before becoming an international best-seller and film franchise. After also won three Teen Choice Awards in 2019, and the sequel After We Collided was an indie hit in 2020. Four additional films in the franchise are in production or development, for a total of six planned films in the After series.

Naver invests in the pursuit of transformation and innovation of technology platforms and is devoted to shared growth by connecting global users and partners. Founded in 1999, Naver is Korea’s largest information technology company. Naver operates Korea’s No.1 search engine and largest e-commerce platform, and is a leading provider of fintech services, digital content and cloud services to a global community. Naver cultivates a culture of ‘Founder-type leaders’ who continue to launch innovative mobile applications, including LINE (Japan’s No.1 messaging app), WEBTOON and SNOW. In 2018, Naver was ranked as the 9th most innovative company by Forbes and top 6th Future 50 company by Fortune magazine.

To revist this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories.

To revist this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories.

Wattpad , a wildly popular writing community and digital publishing platform, is known in certain circles as the “YouTube of eBooks”—and rightly so. Readers spend about 10 billion minutes on the website a month, according to the company’s latest metrics. That’s right—that’s billion with a “b.”

A lot of those minutes can be attributed to first-time scribe Anna Todd’s breakout hit, the romance novel After, which features fictionalized bad boy Harry Styles (of the music group One Direction) and good-girl protagonist Tessa Young. Wattpad says After has been read 1 billion times.

“We create new ways for writers and readers to connect, and we’re transforming the entertainment industry,” Wattpad CEO and co-founder Allen Lau said during an onstage appearance today alongside Todd at the Wired Business Conference.

Todd herself is living proof that Internet celebrity is sweeping away old notions of what it means to be famous. The Internet is no longer just a starting point for fledgling talent to reach higher, more mainstream (read: Hollywood-level) fame and fortune. Stars are tested and can thrive in this universe without Hollywood's help, a phenomenon that has left everyone from first-time selfie takers to big corporate brands eager to figure out how to replicate the influence of this new celebrity generation.

Before she was a famous fanfic writer, Todd said she was a little lost. She worked a series of jobs for which she felt no particular passion: waitressing and working at a makeup counter. But she’d always been an avid reader.

Eventually, Todd said she gravitated towards a community of Instagrammers who were writing stories on the image-based social media network. Yes, that was a real thing: You’d write a short caption under a photo and that would represent your mini-chapter for your unfolding tale. And, she said, these Instagram stories could get incredibly popular.

Eventually, the writers she followed on Instagram moved to Wattpad, and Todd followed the diaspora. Finally, after months of being a silent reader, Todd said she got impatient waiting for updates from her favorite writers. She tried her own hand at fan fic, plotting out After on her smartphone.

Much to her surprise, her story ended up shooting to number one on Wattpad. And publishers paid attention. Simon and Schuster is now turning After into a four-book series in a deal reportedly worth six figures. Todd has also struck a movie deal with Paramount Pictures.

From Todd's start on Instagram to concocting her novel on her phone, mobile devices are at the heart of not just Todd's story, but the Internet's new fame engine.

Today, 90 percent of Wattpad’s traffic comes from mobile, CEO Allen Lau said onstage next to Todd. In a way, this isn't surprising. Lau officially co-founded Wattpad in 2006, but he said he had actually started prototyping software for the platform as early as 2002, testing it on one of those old Nokia candy bar phones. Even in those nascent years, Lau said the potential for a creative, mobile storytelling platform was already clear.

"In a way, we were a bit early if you look at it from the technology perspective," Lau said. "But from the human perspective, we were spot on."

Mobile devices are a more intimate form of technology, than, say, desktop computers or even books in a sense. And Wattpad capitalizes on that intimacy. Its scheme of serializing content—having writers upload their work chapter by chapter—compresses the feedback loop, Lau said, so writers and readers can engage with each other as stories unfold, creating a sense of connection. As one piece of fan art devoted to Todd read, "I don’t keep calm when Anna doesn’t update."

Todd said she has always liked Wattpad for being able to get immediate and detailed feedback from readers—down to the sentence or phrase. In one chapter in After, she said, a single line received thousands of comments. “You can tell what’s evoking the thoughts and emotions of readers,” she said.

There’s little indication that Wattpad’s huge growth is slowing. About half of its users are US-based, but others come from the UK, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Canada (Todd's home country), and elsewhere. In the Philippines, Lau said, some Wattpad stories have been adapted into television series.

Today, Wattpad's main source of revenue is native advertising, Lau said. Brands can commission writers to compose stories that align with their public image, which are then promoted on Wattpad. This in turn feeds a stream of content that satiates reader demand for stories.

“It’s a win-win-win for everybody,” Lau said. “I think we’ve cracked the code.”