How to accessorize a strapless dress

From ultra-glam to sophisticated simplicity: How to choose just the right jewelry for a sexy, strapless dress.

You’ve found the perfect dress: a gorgeous, strapless number that complements your figure and makes you feel more than a bit glamorous. You even have the shoes. But, like many (all) of us who don’t have a personal stylist to add that je ne sais quoi touch to make an outfit really spectacular, you may be wavering on what jewelry to wear. Don’t fret. By following a few simple guidelines, you’ll be sure to accessorize your bombshell dress with just the right jewelry pieces.

Be dramatic

A strapless dress is all about drama. A good rule of thumb is to select jewelry that doesn’t compete with that drama; rather, it enhances it. Choosing one statement piece as a focal point — like a jeweled necklace, elaborate chandelier earrings or a bold bracelet — is a nearly fail-safe way to go. With necklaces, you’ll want to consider what looks good with your dress’s neckline. A collar- or bib-style necklace can frame your face while not interfering with the neckline. However, longer chain or pendant necklaces that hit at mid-chest or fall almost to the waistline also have recently been seen on the hottest celebs — and look fabulous.

Pattern and embellishment

What jewelry you choose really depends on the style of your dress. Statement pieces, such as a big bold cuff or black pearl necklace, really shine when paired with a simple strapless dress in a solid color. If your dress is patterned or features other embellishments, you may want to consider more subtle jewelry. Delicate chain necklaces or bracelets and/or stud earrings may be the best accent.

Hair matters

Another item to consider is how you will wear your hair. For up-dos or short hair, dramatic dangling earrings can be showstoppers. If your hair is long, earrings tend to be hidden from view most of the time, so you may want to splurge on a sensational necklace or bracelet instead.

Modern versus retro

You can really make a style statement when choosing jewelry to wear with a strapless dress. For a more modern look, today’s trend is to choose one piece as a focal point, or play down embellishment for a streamlined style. Your look will be more retro if you opt for a “set” of matching jewelry, like a matching necklace and bracelet or matching earrings and necklace.

An occasion that warrants a gorgeous strapless dress deserves some spectacular jewelry. Whether you opt for over-the-top glam or subtle sophistication, following some basic guidelines for choosing the perfect piece will help you make the right investment.

A plain dress is an empty canvas awaiting your creative masterpiece. Your options for fancying it up are nearly limitless, because there are no concrete fashion rules. However, you’ll want to adhere to some guidelines depending on lengths and cuts, but having fun is most important. Your style, first and foremost, should reflect your personality and represent who you are. But at the same time, don’t be afraid to incorporate a trendy bag or sport a sky-high pump.

Take your dress from drab to fab with a click of your heel. The simplest way to make a statement is with a stylish shoe, and no, it doesn’t have to be a high heel. Kitten heels are a great alternative for those who want some extra height without compromising foot and back health, and they’re usually only 1.5 inches high.

Short, mid-length and floor-length dresses all pair well with flats, though flats can sometimes come across too casual. For a fancier look, try a pointed-flat with jeweled accents on the top. Avoid cotton fabrics, opting for (faux) leather or patten instead.

For example, if your dress is a plain white maxi, try a gold open-toe wedge with coordinating gold cuffs and a gold, long-chain necklace. Add a splash of color with an orange envelope bag.

A big, clunky bag looks anything but fancy when you’re headed out for a night on the town. If you’re styling a pink knee-length dress with silver stilettos, for example, accompany it by a small sequined clutch that you can carry around your wrist. If you’re modeling a short black cocktail dress, a medium-sized single-flap purse with chain looks absolutely chic in any color.

Large or over-sized bags can be distracting and draw attention away from you and your dress. Select a small to medium-sized bag to properly showcase your outfit.

When accessorizing your plain dress with jewelry, the bolder the better. If you’re planning on wearing a necklace, first, determine what type of neckline you’re working with because this plays a big role in choosing the right length and style. For instance, if your dress bares a fair amount of your chest, pick a necklace that falls within the exposed area and follows the shape of the neckline. If wearing a plain navy dress with a v-shaped neckline, pair it with a silver pendant which cascades or falls into a v-shape itself; add some white studs and a pair of white or silver pumps for contrast.

It’s easy to over-accessorize, so focus on creating a balanced and uniform look. For example, when wearing a large, bold statement necklace that sits higher on the chest, choose studded earrings as opposed to super-long chandelier earrings. By creating space between the two items, you’re allowing the eye to focus on one area at a time. Visually, the less “busy,” the more appealing.

If wearing a black turtleneck dress, add a long red chain or pendant necklace. Pair with gold tassel earrings or black studs. Slip on some red and gold bangles of varying size and tuck your feet into a pair of red or black peep-toe heels.

If you were lucky enough to have been taught to sew or you were just naturally graced with the talent, take advantage. Transform your plain dress by adding appliques or embroidery. Try a beaded applique around the neckline of a high-collared dress, and combine with jeweled rings and bangles. Add white lace detailing to the hemline of a black mini-dress to create length and visual interest; match with a set of pearl earrings, necklace and bracelet. Embroider Spanish-inspired designs along the sides of a plain white dress, and match with yellow fringe earrings for a pop of color.

If you’re not the most confident seamstress, you can find iron-on or glue-on appliques to give your dress that extra pizzazz that it needs.

How to accessorize a strapless dress

When you decide to wear a strapless dress for an upcoming event you will want to find the best accessories to complete your outfit: necklace, bracelet, earrings, or rings; you name it. Even specific styles of strapless dresses that are sweetheart for example will be better paired with specific jewelry designs compared to being worn with other dresses.

Not only will you have to consider the type of dress you will wear, but the time and place of the event that you will attend while wearing this dress. There is a lot of inspiration from your own personal style, what is in season, or what your favorite celebrities wear. Here are some more tips to help you get the perfect look for your strapless dress.

KISS: Keep It Simple, Silly

I grew up with the advice that before you leave the house; remove one accessory piece and keep in mind that less is more. When you wear a strapless dress, you should always keep this in mind as well because you do not want to cause too much distraction with your jewelry choices. The point of this garment is to highlight your neck and collarbone; not hide it.

When choosing accessories for your upper half, make the focus be either about the earrings or the necklace you wear. If you pair large earrings with an equally large necklace, you’ve gone too far. However by pair small earrings with a large necklace or long earrings with a short necklace, you’ve successfully balanced your look. There are several more ways to not overdo your jewelry with a strapless dress.

Necklaces for Any Strapless Dress

When selecting a necklace to wear with your strapless dress, be sure to take into account the shape and style of your dress. Whether it is straight or sweetheart, an extreme V-neck, or topped with a large shape such as a bow or flower; there will be certain pieces of jewelry that may go with it better than others. So when you decide what kind of jewelry to wear with a strapless dress, consider the actual dress first above all else.

If your dress does have an intricate design sewn in like large flower, skip out on a necklace and stick to earrings or a hairpiece. Your dress has enough flair that you do not need anything extra to try to enhance it.

If the dress you have chosen to wear is shaped with a sweetheart or extreme V-neck top, consider wearing a y-shaped necklace or one with a pendent that dips. The shape of these necklaces highlights the skin and compliments the shape of the dress for an overall classy look.

If you choose to wear a dress that is flat on top, without extra decoration and it does not have a sweetheart or V-neck neckline, a larger necklace or different design will help you stand out from the crowd. You can have fun and wear a chunky necklace with different layers or consider a floating necklace with small or large colorful gems lined up on a thing clear line for a whimsical look or go bold with large colorful gems.

If you wish to keep your neckline simple, consider a choker. Chokers have been fashionable since the late 1700s, made a comeback during the 90s and are back once again on the fashion runways and worn by celebrities such as Rihanna.

The Perfect Pair of Earrings

Necklaces are a great way to enhance your neckline in a strapless dress, but earrings are of course perfect for drawing attention to your face. As mentioned before, always create a balance with your necklace and earrings when wearing a strapless dress. If you decide to opt for a simple necklace, feel free to accessorize with large earrings that are long for a polished look or can be statement pieces such as chandelier earrings. If you wear a large necklace, keep your earrings simple by either wearing studs, pearls, or an earring and necklace match.

How to accessorize a strapless dress

Freedom to Mix & Match

Don’t feel that your earrings, necklace, or other accessories have to match perfectly with the same color or shades of a color. I would suggest keep it in the same tone family such as cool, warm, or neutral colors. Think about what colors are already included in your dress and you can select the right jewelry colors based on what you plan to wear.

For other accessories such as hair clips, rings, or bracelets; again, just keep it simple. An outfit does not need every possible piece of jewelry to be complete. If you do decide to wear more accessories than earrings and a necklace or two, keep it in moderation and highlight one key piece of jewelry as the sole focus that compliments your strapless dress.

A Day or Night Look?

To ultimately decide which jewelry you will wear, consider if this is an informal daytime gathering or evening soirée. This will ultimately help you decide the overall color of jewelry to wear and what type of statement you want to make with your earrings and necklace.

Get Inspired

Flip through your magazines and read online about what your favorite celebrities are wearing. Seasonal runway fashion weeks are a great resource for ideas, but you can relate better with your favorite celebrity and can easily copy their style.

With a strapless dress, the jewelry combination possibilities are endless! Have fun and try a new look that makes you look and feel gorgeous

How to accessorize a strapless dress

Pink is a color that makes a statement on its own, especially if it’s hot pink, so glamming it up with funky or trendy accessories will depend entirely on your mood as just about everything works with hot pink. You can choose to go for a conservative look with neutral or naturally shaded accessories, or you can really turn heads with bright and bold jewelry, shoes, and a stylish bag. Pale pink is a different story, but that’s usually kept for formal occasions, such as weddings, where you would normally accessories with softer, more subtle accessories and shoes.

How to wear a Pink dress?

1. Pink is a bold color so there are a few tips to wearing pink well, without looking overdone. Whatever the shade of pink, whether it is bright fuchsia pink or pale sateen, let the color do the talking and keep accessories to a minimum. You want eyes to be drawn to the dress and not to be distracted by too many accessories.

2. For a subtle look, team up the dress with a pashmina of neutral shade or a pale pink to complement the dress, with a cream shoe and handbag, or if you want to be bold, wear a black leather jacket, black pointy heels and a chic black clutch a super-cool, trendy look.

What color jewelry to match with a pink dress?

1. For a sleek, trendy look, hot pink’s vividness works brilliantly with darker colors, such as black, deep grey and navy blue, while metallic colors such as gold, silver and bronze will glam up a hot pink dress instantly. Dangly gold earrings and a solid gold bracelet against the hot pink of the dress will create a perfect look for a glamorous party or special dinner. For a night out on the town or rock concert, team the hot pink dress with darker shades or blacks, blues and grays – black earrings and an arm cuff will give the outfit a glam-rock look.

2. For a bold summer look, wear a chunky turquoise necklace with a strapless pink dress or shift dress, while a simple gold pendant with small turquoise stone and matching bracelet works well for a formal occasion. Pearls can instantly dress an outfit up for a particular occasion – wear pale pearls with a hot pink dress, while darker pearls (if you are lucky enough to have them) work well with a light pink or baby pink dress.

What color accessories goes with pink dress?

A beautiful handbag can make or break an outfit and with pink, anything goes. Because pink is such a bold, superior color, keep the dress as the focal point and accessorize with colors that will complement the dress but not draw the eye away from it. A stylish clutch bag is ideal for any occasion and the color depends on the event – carry a simple clutch in a neutral block color that goes well with your jewelry, so if you are wearing gold jewelry, go for a bag with similar hues. For a rock-glam look, grab a studded black clutch that will doll the dress up and go perfectly with black and silver earrings.

What color shoes to pair with a pink dress?

Choosing the right shoes for a dress, whether it is hot pink or pale pink is important and some caution is required. Shoes that are too bright can make the outfit look cheap and clownish and matching shoes are a big no-no!

1. Dark Neutrals- Traditionally, black has always paired well with pink, with navy blue making a strong appearance with fashionistas these days. Bright pink hues work extremely well with black while softer shades of pink work better with navy blue. Team a hot pink strapless dress with black pumps and matching clutch for dinner, or carry off a light pink day dress with navy blue ballet flats for shopping or lunch.

2. Neutrals and Nudes- Any shade of pink works with a nude-colored shoe as they allow the dress to take center stage. From strappy stilettos to flat ballet pumps, a neutral show works with just about any outfit. Be sure to choose the correct shade of nude to suit your skin tone though – they range from ivory to caramel. Pair with metallic-toned jewelry for a fabulous day or night look.

3. Shimmering Metallic- Metallic add a touch of glam to any dress, from gunmetal gray to gold, silver or bronze, depending on the shade of the dress. Team a gorgeous wrap dress with metallic wedges for a day of shopping or lunch with the girls, or go for a bronze stiletto with your hot pink tube dress for a Saturday night out. Add a bronze clutch and chunky gold bracelets to complete the look.

The little black dress has always been a wardrobe staple for women. It allows endless possibilities for accessorizing. With a clean slate like a black dress, you can create any look for any occasion by adding style elements including color and texture. Your little black dress can be your “go to” piece when you can’t find anything to wear.


A black dress allows for colorful and sparkly embellishments. Jewelry is the way to add color and sparkle.

Casual Occasions Adorn your black dress with simple yet classy jewelry. Pair a long gold necklace with some gold earrings for a dress that covers the chest, and choose a shorter, choker style necklace if your dress exposes more skin.

Special Occasions Step up your jewelry game with some glitz if you are attending a formal event. Earrings can dangle a bit longer, and you can double up on the necklaces.

Seasonal Style In the spring and summer, add pops of color to your little black dress with brighter gems like peridots or sapphires.

For fall and winter, go with darker, seasonal gemstones like emeralds and rubies.


Your black dress is simple, so spice up your look with your footwear using vivid elements.

Colors Keep the season and formality of the event in mind when choosing colored shoes. Red, pink and blue are common colors for pairing with black pieces. Use these for casual events. Gold is a more elegant choice for formal occasions.

Prints You can’t go wrong with an animal-print heel. However, it is not recommended for more formal occasions. Houndstooth is more classy, and stripes can work too.

Open-toed heels work for spring and summer events, and pumps work well for fall and winter. If you wear a long black dress, wear black stockings underneath.


Add a few accessories to your black dress to create more color and texture for your look.

Clutches For daytime events, a casual style is fine. Choose a dressier style for evening. Go with black or gold for formal occasions and black or colored for casual events. If you choose a colored clutch, look for something with a slight shimmer.

Belts You can add a belt to your black dress, but it isn’t necessary. Stay away from thick belts, as thinner ones are dressier. Choose a belt in black, gold or animal print. Belts work for any season and any length of dress.

Scarves In the fall and winter, you may need to add a scarf to your little black dress. Choose one in black or a deep seasonal color, and look for embellishments like metallic threading, beading or jewels.


Sometimes you may need to layer your black dress with outerwear. The key is finding a balance between comfort and style.

Velvet One of the most elegant ways to add warmth to an outfit is with velvet. It is an appropriate option for evening outerwear. You can sport a velvet jacket or shrug with your black dress on colder evenings.

Blazer If you are attending a corporate event in your black dress, keep up the business look with a blazer. Stick to black, as it is the most professional color. Blazers work for both short and long, casual and formal dresses.

Navy Blue Dress – Different Types, Accessorizing and Care Tips

No matter what kind of occasion a woman may go to, they always make it a fact to look the best that they could without sacrificing style and comfort. A lot of times they naturally want to stand out from the crowd and show the world how wonderful their dresses look. This is one of the reasons why a lot of women love trying a variety of dress styles and colors to find the exact one that are hoping for. Other times they fancy experimenting on their outfits and see the outcome of their own attempts to unique creations. In these kind of times, a navy blue dress would totally make their day, especially when they wish to mix and match different kinds of accessories.

How to accessorize a strapless dress

Navy blue colored dresses stand out from all other dress colors and even with other shades of blue because of the different vibe that it brings to the person wearing it. No matter what kind of occasion a person wearing a navy blue dress would go to, it would always present the person wearing it with simplicity and elegance, which a lot of people know is kind of hard to achieve at the same time.

Where to Wear One

So what are some of the events that a woman could go to wearing a navy blue colored outfit? Here are a few examples of such occasions that would be perfect for wearing a dress with the navy blue color.

  • Cocktail Parties

Cocktail parties are the kind of events that would require people to wear a semi-formal outfit like suits and jeans for men and short dresses for women. In these types of occasions a nice navy blue cocktail dress would surely stand out in the event. Depending on the nature of the event and adding in the weather factor, there are virtually hundreds of different dress designs and ideas that women can follow through when it comes to wearing their navy blue colored cocktail dresses. A nice laid back dress with neutral colored accessories is perfect for those who want to keep it simple yet classy. For those who wanted to bear a little a beautiful navy blue strapless dress with laces or ribbon designs would absolutely kill it. Others could also choose to wear a navy blue one shoulder dress to give a sexy yet laid back type of appearance.

  • Formal Events

Other occasions however, requires a more formal type of dress and a little more attention to details. Corporate events and other similar activities would require women to wear a long navy blue dress to match up to the occasion. Like short dresses, long navy blue colored dresses also has a wide variety of styles to offer women of all ages. Popular among female celebrities going to formal events with long navy blue outfits are those with long slits on one side of the dress to showcase the person’s beautiful thighs and legs. Others would also go for a navy blue maxi dress with an extended V line to add a sexy factor to the dress and to the person wearing it as well. While these may be some of the most sought after type of long dresses today, there are still other people who would go for the simple yet elegant traditional design for dresses or the sexy strapless or backless type of long, navy blue colored dresses.

How to accessorize a strapless dress


Another thing that a lot of women put into serious consideration, when deciding to have a navy blue dress or any dress color at all for a certain occasion, is the kind of accessories that will be worn with the dress itself. To some it may be as simple as tying their shoelaces, but some people will still get all panicky with just the thought about the accessories to use with their navy blue semi-formal or formal wear. To those people who are still facing this kind of dilemma, here are a couple of tips that would be good to follow.

To those people who would want to keep it simple, choosing neutral colored accessories would be the best way to go. As navy blue is already a dominant color, having neutral colored accessories would perfectly fit the person wearing it like pear earrings and pearl necklace. Gold colored accessories also works perfectly with the navy blue colored dress. If a person wearing it would want to wear a belt to emphasize the sexy figure, a nice gold colored belt would do the trick. The same thing goes for bracelets. One can either choose to have a neutral colored bracelet or a gold color one. But as always, with accessorizing a navy blue colored dress, the possibilities stretch to an endless list.


When it comes to the footwear worn by people who wears a navy blue dress, there are actually a lot of different styles that they can choose from. Here are some options that you can consider wearing:

  • From the typical high heeled closed shoes, nude kicks to navy blue dress sandals, there will always be a good pair of footwear that would suit a navy blue colored dress perfectly.
  • For starters, one can choose to go for blue shoes or sandals as well for uniformity. To a little speck of style, one can have a navy blue colored sandal with gold ribbons or laces around it.
  • To those who can’t seem to make up their mind about what kind of sandals or shoes to wear, they can choose to go for silver themed sandals or those diamond shoes along with the navy blue outfit. As long as the comfort is not compromised, any color or type of footwear would be perfect, especially when a person is wearing a long gown in which the shoes are rarely seen.
  • For those who wear navy blue short cocktail dresses, they can choose to go and match the shoe color with their accessories for a little sense of uniformity.
  • For everyone’s convenience, when purchasing a navy blue colored dress for a certain occasion, one can go to a store that sells footwear and accessories as well. That way the person buying the clothing can easily match accessories and footwear with the dress immediately, saving valuable time.

Easy Care Tips

Even these lovely navy blue colored dresses can also be subject for damage if not taken care of properly. And because dresses in particular are mostly made out of delicate fibers, they tend to need special attention when it comes to cleaning and washing. When on a party and the dress gets a drop of food stain, one must remember not to rub the area but instead to rub it immediately with seltzer or ice water to remove it.

Because of its color, these navy blue colored dresses should not be mixed with light colored clothing as well as not to wash it with bleach to prevent discoloration to the navy blue clothing itself as well as the light colored ones. When choosing to go for machine wash, one must set it on gentle wash only to prevent damage to the fabric. After washing, it is better to let the dress hang dry naturally than to expose it to the dryer because it can also lead to fabric damage.

I love the look of strapless dresses, but I hate being worried about a wardrobe malfunction. Here are a few easy ways to add straps to strapless tops and dresses.

How to accessorize a strapless dress

Strapless dress with matching straps

This dress and top actually came with their own matching straps! Admittedly, that way a key selling point when I bought the dress. Attach the straps by inserting the hook through the attached loop – Easy!

How to accessorize a strapless dress

Strapless top with matching straps

I love how functional these straps are! The straps can be attached directly to my strapless bar, keeping everything up and in place! Or, the straps can be sewn in directly to my dress, if I am worried about the straps detaching while I move around (when I am dancing). If the strap hooks are plastic, then I almost always sew them in. The plastic hooks are not very strong and I have broken them while reaching my arms above my head.

Strong metal hooks! These straps are secure and sure to stay in place.

The adjustable dress straps are even long enough to cross in the back.

There are many straps available for purchase, or you can make your own. These can be sewn into the lining for a secure solution, hooked directly onto a strapless bra, or add loops directly to the garment for a variety of options and styles.

Many Junior and high schools have implemented strict dress codes where strapless dresses are no longer allowed. Detachable straps are a quick and easy way to meet the dress code requirements without having to buy a new dress or expensive tailoring!

How to accessorize a strapless dress

Adding strap loops

Cut 2 inches of thin sturdy fabric for each strap loop. Red ribbon shown for illustration only. I used matching black bias tape for these black tops. Bias tape and strap fabric can be purchased at any craft or fabric store.

While wearing the dress or top, use a straight pin to position the loops. The loops should be below the edge so that the hooks do not show when attached. When you confirm that the straps are in the right place, measuring from both sides to ensure the straps are even, then sew the loops securing into the lining.

Black bias tape for loops

Do not sew the thread through the front of the garment, where the stitches will be visible on the outside. You may want to practice on similar fabric before sewing the real item.

How to accessorize a strapless dress

The new loops are added to my strapless top. The straps easily convert this into a halter top whenever I want to switch up my look or need extra support.

Sew 2 loops in front for halter style straps, or 2 in front and 2 in back for cross back or straight back straps including a completely different style with lace razorback. The straps can be used again for several different outfits by using the loops.

Adding the loops for detachable straps is a great option for bridesmaids! For the wedding ceremony and Bridal Party photos go strapless, then add straps before the reception and dancing.

These straps provide extra support and can completely transform the appearance of a strapless dress. Express your unique style and transform your outfit quickly and easily!

Every girl knows that her wardrobe has to have at least one little black dress. Why? Well, they can be worn on any occasion, and you can match them with everything. But what about the Black Dress Jewelry? Can you wear the first necklace or earrings that you grab, or are there any rules? The truth is that even though the black dress goes great with almost everything, there are some rules that should be followed in order to look gorgeous… What are those rules? Well, you will have to keep reading to find out. Don’t worry, our tips are pretty simple and when you stand in front of the mirror after reading this article, you will definitely notice that they are effective as well. Let’s begin.

Black Dress Jewelry – How to Pick the Perfect Jewelry Color

How to accessorize a strapless dress

Image via pinterest

Before you start panicking, relax! You already know that everything goes with the black dress! When it comes to choosing the color of the jewelry for your black dress, you can let your imagination go wild! The black dress is basically like a clean canvas, waiting for you to start making an art piece. But, in order to achieve perfection, there are some small rules that need to be followed.

For example, to achieve a sophisticated look, you can choose silver or gold jewelry. This way, you will also be able to make a combination with other pieces of jewelry that are a different color. Colors like aquamarine and black.

For a more modern and daring look, pick jewelry that comes in live colors like light blue, yellow, red, orange, and emerald green. This way you will allow yourself to stand out of the crowd!

How to Match the Neckline With the Necklace

How to accessorize a strapless dress

Image via pinterest

When discovering the secrets of matching your jewelry with your black dress, there is a factor that is very important to know. You need to know that the type of necklace has to be determined by the type of your black dress’s neckline.

For a dress with a Turtle Neck, the best choice would be a long necklace. This type of necklace also goes great with popular halter necks, but have in mind that the necklace has to be pretty. For dresses with a ‘Bateau’ and Sweetheart necklines, go for a chunkier necklace.

In case your black dress comes with a V neck, you can choose a medium length necklace, but make sure that it’s not too complicated, and that it comes with a pendant or a motif hanging. This way, you will highlight the shape of your dress’s neckline.

For a strapless black dress, wear a chunky and rounded necklace that will give your chest a special touch.

In case that your black dress comes with a shoulder neckline, your necklace option can be a chunky necklace or a layered one. While a cowl or scoop dress, look best with fine and more classical looking necklaces.

What About Rings, Bracelets, and Earrings?

How to accessorize a strapless dressImage via pinterest

When talking about black dress jewelry, we should mention the rest of the accessories as well. However, like with everything else in life, the key is in the balance! Do NOT overdo it! To achieve the balance, you are allowed to pick just one chunky piece! For example, if you want to wear a statement piece like a ring, or breathtaking earrings, or even a set of bracelets, remember to wear more discrete jewelry on your remaining body parts.

If you choose extremely long earrings, skip the necklace. Why? It’s simple! Wearing both will only make your face longer than it is, and throw your look out of balance.

You probably know that, when it comes to matching the jewelry, it’s not all about color balance… You need to match the material as well. This means that all of your jewelry has to be made of the same or at least similar materials.

How to Match the Black Dress Jewelry With the Occasion?

How to accessorize a strapless dress

Image via pinterest

It is very important to match your jewelry with your black dress, but it is also important to match it with the occasion.

Formal Event

To achieve an Audrey Hepburn, classic and elegant style, choose pearls. But if you don’t want to be in the spotlight so much, choose fine jewelry instead. Since we are on the subject of formal events, you might also want to check out our How to Choose the Perfect Prom Night Jewelry article.

For a shiny Bling look, choose shiny jewelry. Or you can even wear diamonds! Since the black dress comes as an elegant night out option, adding some shine will definitely turn some heads!


When it comes to choosing the perfect black dress jewelry for work, I suggest that you wear slimmer jewelry like a slim motif necklace, or a fine ring, or a bracelet. It might not be the best idea to look all shiny at work.

Casual Day Out

For this type of occasion, you can add color to your black dress and let yourself be more playful. For example, you can combine the statement and chunky jewelry, and achieve that “All eyes on Me” look! You can also try wearing a thin, long necklace, in a combination with a statement bracelet. This is considered to be the most fashionable way to accessorize your little black dress!

All the information you need about for finding formal evening gowns and dresses in any style.


How to Accessorize Your Formal Evening Gown

With the proper accessories to go with your formal evening gown, you can get any look that you want. Outfit your gorgeous evening gown with pure elegance by opting for the ideal stylish kind of accessories. Remember that your evening attire must never be overdone. Keep things elegant and simple at all times. Too many accessories can easily destroy an elegant look, so keep in mind that when it comes to formal evening gowns, less is more .

Because pearls are classic, timeless and gorgeous, they will always be in style. Consider donning a huge pearl necklace when wearing off-shoulder or strapless evening gowns. Remember that wearing pearl necklaces does not mean you have to wear pearl earrings with them. If you want something different, one good look you could consider is donning diamond, gold or silver earrings. Ruby ones might also match your evening gown, while offsetting the pearls on your neck at the same time.

Bracelets aren’t something every woman likes. However, if you like wrapping your wrist with pure glamor, then you should definitely shop around for them. Bangle bracelets can be gorgeous; plus, they add something special whenever you don a sleeveless or strapless evening gown. For a look that is utterly elegant, stay away from noisy bracelets. Also, keep in mind that it would be best to only wear bracelets on one wrist in order to maintain a high class yet simple look. One truly great look would be to match rhinestone or diamond bracelets with one another. Mixing gold or silver bracelets can be fun, too, and give off a look of elegance, as well.

Huge earrings with bold designs, like shoulder dusters or chandelier earrings can sometimes be everything you need when it comes to accessorizing your formal evening gown. And, when opting for long earrings, you will not need any other kinds of jewelry. Some drop earrings would be outstanding, most of all if your hair is short or up to your shoulders. This look will even work with long hair. You simply need to pull back your hair and pin it into a chignon style to let your earrings truly stand out during the rest of the night.

Constantly keep in mind these important fashion accessories, no matter what. If you are unsure of what to do, take a look at your feet. Shoes happen to be the primary partners of your entire wardrobe and should therefore never be overlooked. It would be of the utmost essence that your evening gown matches your shoes to get a chic and unparalleled style. Metallic shoes would be ideal for evening allure. Any kind of evening gown can be enhanced with timeless looks of silver, bronze and gold pumps. Such classics are especially striking during the summer. You can even glam things up, if you don metallic shoes in place of black pumps with a black evening gown. Good luck!