How to accessorize a dress

Floral prints return to the catwalks every spring and summer when the sun starts shining and fashion becomes bright and cheerful again. Floral print dresses, skirts, shirts, and tees are loved by women the world over, as colorful, ‘happy’ patterns of flowers are seen to be feminine and ladylike. There are myriad types of floral prints from large distinctive flowers in bold colors to wispy, ‘Monet-style’ prints awash with color. Be sure to choose a print that you will love wearing and one that will make you feel summery and gorgeous.

How to wear a floral print dress?

1. The key factor when thinking about wearing floral is to avoid overdoing it. Choose one single floral print and work with that. Choose accessories and shoes that complement the hues in the floral print and keep the florals to the dress only – accessorizing with decorative accessories will be far too much floral create a clashing look.

2. Floral print dresses can be worn in any style at any time of the day, with the type and style of the dress dependent on the occasion. Short summery dresses can be sleeveless or round-necked with a full floral print or half-and-half (the lower half of the dress is floral and vice versa).

3. Floral prints also look fabulous on long maxi dresses, with full flowing skirts and short sleeves. Take care of the fact that there is a lot of fabric when it comes to a maxi dress, so make sure you accessorize here with neutral or solid color shoes, bag and jewelry to minimize a clash.

What jewelry to match with a floral print dress?

1. The type, style and color of jewelry that should be paired with floral prints depend entirely on the occasion, but it is crucial to remember not to overdo it. The floral print itself is eye-catching enough that you don’t need bright, bold jewelry as well. Make the dress your focal point and pair it with simple, feminine pieces that will complement the style and tone of the dress.

2. Keep jewelry simple and make sure the style and colors are subdued. Classy and stylish pieces such as thin gold or silver neck chains with a small pendant would work, and small drop earrings. If you want to go for some color, find a color in the floral print dress that suits you and choose a little pair of earrings to match, such as red ruby studs or green pendants. The same would work for a pendant necklace – but remember to keep the pendant small.

Expert tip! For a dress with a full floral print, go for earrings and a bracelet or a necklace and nothing else. Too much jewelry against such a busy print can be too much.

What accessories to pair with a floral print dress?

1. Accessorizing a floral print dress can be such fun as there are a number of items you can add to create a lovely spring/summer look. Hats are great – not only do they finish off an outfit, but protect your hair and face from the harmful rays of the sun too! Wear a straw hat for a relaxed, island-style look and pair it with a straw bag – big enough for the beach or a day of shopping. Floppy leather bags also work well with floral prints due to their natural shades, while smaller clutch bags work well for the evening and more formal occasions.

2. If you are wearing a floral print dress out in the evening, choose a clutch bag in a solid color that complements one of the colors in the print, such as black or dark purple.

What color shoes to pair with a floral print dress?

1. Again, with a floral print dress, it is important to make sure the dress is the focal point of the outfit and not to overdo it by choosing a pair of shoes that are too loud or clash with the dress. Short floral print dresses tend to work with either heels, pumps or flats, while maxi dresses work beautifully with a simple sandal or pump.

2. Color-wise, go for something neutral or solid, in a color that can be found in the print itself. If you are wearing a floral print with warm colors, go for a warm-colored shoe, such as beige, tan or brick red. Likewise with cooler colors – match them with a cool-hued shoe.

Expert tip! DON’T ever wear floral print pumps with a floral print dress. Way too much floral!

Probably due to the holidays fast approaching, red/rouge always seems to dominate the Fall/Winter runways. Next to white, red is also one of the most traditional wedding dress colors and certainly easier to wear than black.

Myleene Klass styled a bold strappy dress with a red Chanel bag and gold wedge heels while heading to work at Smooth radio in London on August 21, 2020

Nobody’s complaining, though, because no other color brings drama and attention to the bearer like red — whether it’s on a bag, dress shoes, or accessories, this bright hue will always make you the center of attention.

How to accessorize a dress

Red wedding dress by Tran Phuong My presented during New York Bridal Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2020

One of the three primary colors (the others are blue and yellow), red is a strong character color and represents joy, sexuality, happiness, sensitivity, and love.

Associated with blood and passion, everyone around the world equates red with love. What could be a better color for a wedding?

Jessie Reyez accessorized her red strapless Romona Keveža dress with jewelry by Mémoire and David Yurman at the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards at Staples Center on January 26, 2020, in Los Angeles, California

Here are a few tips on how to wear or accessorize your red frocks.

1. Keep the rest of your look simple

Red in itself makes a powerful statement. We recommend studded earrings or a necklace or bracelet in gold.

Be careful not to go overboard when accessorizing and try to ensure that all your accessories follow the same color or pattern.

2. Wear structured dresses

Some of the world’s most stylish women — Michelle Obama, Kate Middleton, and Victoria Beckham, to name a few — have all come out in tailored red dresses for official state events.

First Lady Michelle Obama wore a striking red halter dress by Jason Wu and accessorized with Kimberly McDonald jewelry at her second inaugural ball in 2013

At the 2020 Oscars, a confident-looking Chrissy Metz showed that red lipstick with a red dress is a classic combination.

Plus size American actress Chrissy Metz wore a cherry red off-the-shoulder Christian Siriano dress at the 92nd Annual Academy Awards at Hollywood and Highland on February 9, 2020, in Hollywood, California

If you plan to wear a red dress for the office or a corporate event, structured pieces work best. Leave the ruffles and lace for less formal events.

3. Choose simple black shoes

All the dresses featured below will work with your basic black pumps — your definite go-to shoes when wearing a red dress, except, of course, for a bow sweater dress, which we’d love to pair with black ankle boots.

4. Confidence is everything

Wear it with confidence! As we’ve told you, you’re bound to get noticed, so put on your best smile with your fave red dress!

We have some of our favorite red dresses from Shopbop and Nordstrom for you today. You should check out the whole collection because they also have some pretty cute shoes and accessories in the same hue.

Jill Stuart Petra Collar Dress, $568

A fold-over collar adds a smart touch to this charming red dress, designed with minimal seaming and an A-line skirt

Diane von Furstenberg Raizel Keyhole Dress, $365

Curved seams lend flattering structure to a crepe DVF dress, styled in a fit-and-flare silhouette

Marc by Marc Jacobs Minetta Print Dress, $458

Inverted box pleats add volume to the blouson bodice of a sleeveless merlot red dress, patterned with lustrous stripes and delicate polka dots

Viktor & Rolf Long-Sleeve Bow Dress, $795

A vibrant red wool sweater dress with a distinctly feminine edge

Notte by Marchesa Silk Crepe Cocktail Dress, $695

A vivid flame-red dress in luxe, double silk crepe featuring ruffled panel trims the graceful wide neckline

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Tired of your little black dress? Need a splendid, yet doable fashion formula? Take a look at this Fashionhance post for wonderful looks that can be achieved with a gray dress.

Tired of your little black dress? Need a splendid, yet doable fashion formula? Take a look at this Fashionhance post for wonderful looks that can be achieved with a gray dress.

“Anyone can get dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress in their days off that are the most intriguing.”
– Alexander Wang

Gray―the new little black dress. Whether you’re going on a date, catching up with old friends, having a drink, or heading out for a night on the town, a gray dress can truly make the necessary impact. Give your simple gray dress the sensuality it deserves with the ideas given below.

6 Different Ways to Accessorize a Gray Dress

To establish a look for an important event, a gray dress definitely has the potential to leave all colors behind. With multitude of colorful and demure accessories to work with, who can say no to them. Check out these fabulous ways to accessorize a gray dress, and be the judge.

Always a classic pairing, black accessories look ravishing on a gray dress. Create a fun look for a night out that’ll work at practically any event. Plus, these accessories should be a staple in every girl’s wardrobe.

The whole idea of enhancing a gray dress is to pick a simple one. If there are too many embellishments on the dress to begin with, you won’t be able to make a hard-hitting impact with the accessories. The dark blue accessories do just that; transform this simple dress into something out of a magazine.

With the combination of gray and gold, you really have to be careful about how shiny the accessories are. If the gold is standing out a bit too much, the entire outfit can become a flop. Other than that, this ensemble is a killer!

Oh. My. Gawd. I cannot begin to tell you how much I love the fiery red accessories with a gray dress. You can’t help but stare at it. So, what are you waiting for? If you don’t have the perfect red shoes or bag to go with your dress, you need to buy one NOW.

This is my favorite out of them all. With this ensemble, we present to you the wonderful amalgamation of gray with yellow. Can you see how awesome this combination looks? To an otherwise casual dress, the accessories give a little pizzazz, don’t you think?

For an effortless look, go with silver accessories for the dress. Firstly, it is cool. And secondly, you are invoking curiosity in the dress. Who can deny this fabulous ensemble?! I sure would love to get my hands on these.

Apart from these options, you can surely choose other accessories to play up a gray dress. However, keep in mind that whatever look you’re going for should be clean and elegant.

How to accessorize a dress

The right red dress can send out a number of different messages depending on how you accessorize it. By knowing how to accessorize a red dress, it can be your own version of a power suit, demanding attention both in and out of the boardroom.

It can be your way of channeling your favorite 1950s starlet. It can be the exact outfit you need to let people know a star has arrived. What will make or break your perfect red dress is how you choose to accessorize it.

Not sure how to rock your LRD for that next special event? Read on for more information on the quintessential accessories to pull off a look that you’ll love.

Head of the Meeting

Gone are the days when women were expected to stand in the back of the office rarely sharing their insight or their creative brilliance. Nowadays, if you have something to say, you better speak up, honey!

One way to command attention is by having a strong and vibrant red hue that says you’ve come to work hard.

So how do you convey this message while still remaining professional? In this circumstance, the red dress will speak volumes. So, it’s wise to pair it with a smart and well-fitted blazer, and delicate earrings and jewelry pieces.

Remember, you’re going to want to walk the fine line between powerful and sophisticated, especially if you’re presenting to clients.

Also, a red dress can easily transition from meetings to cocktails in case you need to further entertain your clients or bolt straight to date night.

How to Accessorize a Red Dress for a Romantic Outing

At home, you may be the tired mother of two, but when you walk into that restaurant, you’re just as dazzling as the first night he saw you.

Embrace your curves and tap into your inner temptress with jewelry that graces your decolletage and the perfect sky-high heels to give your legs that extra oomph.

The beauty in the right red dress is that by simply changing up your accessories you can wear it to multiple occasions without anyone noticing it’s the same dress.

Rocking the stage

As a frontwoman, it’s your job to be unforgettable. Mix sex appeal and good old-fashioned Rock and Roll by pairing your little red dress with some killer high-heeled boots, a leather jacket, and those statement rings you’ve been saving for the perfect occasion.

The same goes for if you’re hosting an event and will be the center of attention. From mosh pits to charity events, your LRD can be the show stopper you need.

Out and About

We all have those days where we wake up feeling less than confident. The good news is psychologists have found that the right colors can boost our moods and make us feel like a million bucks. Can you guess one color that does that?

Yep, incorporating a bit of red into your daily wardrobe is the perfect way to cheer yourself up when you’re feeling down. Whether you choose to partner the look with classic silver rings, converse, or a light scarf in a complementary color, you’ll find that there is a number of ways to make your little red dress casual and flirty.

Family Gatherings

Your family always knew that you were the one to stand out, and why should this event be any different? While this is the perfect time to rock a red dress, you want to make sure it’s still flattering and presented in a timeless way.

Nude heels in a well-fitted cardigan is a perfect combination that allows you to chat with Grandma and flirt with the cute waiter without skipping a beat.

Incorporating What Makes You… You

There’s a reason why a red dress has such an impact on people. When we’re in the perfect red dress, we feel powerful, assertive, and sexy. It allows the best parts of you to shine.

This is why the accessories that will best compliment your red dress are the ones that allow you to feel like you. This could be the bracelet that your five-year-old niece made for you or those perfect stacking rings that you found in a flea market.

Whatever feels personal and right to you will make you feel good, and that’s how you truly get noticed.

To find those statement pieces that you can’t live without, feel free to mix and match them with lighter complementary pieces. You’ll find the quintessential balance no matter what event you plan on attending.

Playing into Your Features

Another way to ensure that you’re perfectly accessorizing your red dress is by playing into your natural features. This can be anything from a long and delicate necklace to earrings that match your sparkling blue eyes.

Choose accessory items that allow your natural features to shine without overpowering your outfit. Accessories that bring the eyes to the right details and areas of the body are always a smart choice as long as they’re not too distracting.

Finding the Right Outfit Choices for Your Next Event

Knowing how to accessorize a red dress is just one of the many ways to take your style up a notch.

Whether it’s your favorite little red dress or the one item in your closet you’ve been working up the nerve to wear, remember that there’s no style you can’t rock.

Everything is age-appropriate as long as you wear it with confidence and style. If you’re looking for more outfits to boost your confidence or simply to open up your closet to the clothing styles you love, check out our blog for more information and inspiration.

After a very rough and draining year, 2020 is almost over and it’s time to say farewell to the old and celebrate the new (safely of course) and what better way than with a gorgeous, eye catching sequin dress! Whether or not you’re looking to wear a sequin dress for holidays, special occasions or heck, whenever you’d like, you can create the look you’re going for….sexy, cute, chic, fancy, and they can all be achieved by pairing your sequin dress with stylish shoes and accessories. When you decide to wear sequins, many people shy away from the idea in fear it’d be too much, but when done properly, you can dress it up or dress it down and achieve the look and style you were going for.


An outfit is only as good as it’s accessories. You can’t expect to finish up a very low cut sequin top or dress without something to make it ‘pop’, even avoiding a higher necklace as you’re left with too much empty ‘space’ where the eyes are naturally drawn. For those low cut dresses choose a necklace that is layered to give some dimension to your look which will pull the outfit together nicely. If you’re wearing a higher neckline and prefer not to wear layers, then aim for a higher necklace such as a choker to dress up your look.


Wearing sequins regardless if in a sequin top, sequin skirt or even a long sequin dress, accessories will definitely dress up that look, helping to get you to what you’d like to achieve. A leather jacket with a stylish choker, or strapless top with a bold accent necklace can really create a gorgeous, complete, selfie ready outfit that you’ll love. Begin by starting out with your favorite piece whether it’s the sequin jacket or the sexy little sequin cocktail dress then start adding pieces from there that can compliment your outfit. There is too much of a good thing so adding too many ‘bling’ pieces or layering too many accessories will not only wreck your look but can also add on the pounds making you appear heavier especially in photos.


Too Much Sequins Can Change Your Look From Hot To Not Instantly.

Avoid too much ‘sparkle’ otherwise you may possibly turn that gorgeous look into a human disco ball and none of us want that to happen. If you’re wearing a sequin dress for instance, pair with solid color sandals, heels or flats and avoid iridescent or glittery shoes which can distract from your outfit. You gotta balance out your look. Solid colors, bold or not are highly recommended when pairing with a sequin dress.

Dress It Down With A Leather Jacket.

Looking to transform that sequin cocktail dress to a more ‘relaxed’ look for an evening happy hour or event, look to adding a fitted leather jacket into the mix. A leather jacket can not only toughen up the look to add a cool edge to it but it may also dress down that sequin dress to wear without the formality. Adding a pair of statement drop earrings will sass up and complete the look giving you more of a luxurious feel.

Want Sparkle Without All The Attention? Try A Black Dress.

A great way for a person to try out the sequin look and still get the sexy feel of wearing a little black dress…try a black sequin dress instead. Although there are lots of sparkles, black sequins are much more subtle than those more elaborate colors and designs. With the right accessories including a stylish clutch and a gold pair of earrings can really do the trick, creating a sleek and chic look.

Choose What You Want To Flaunt.

A great rule of thumb when wearing a sequin skirt or sequin dress is choose whether you want to show off your legs or your decollete area, but skip on showing both. If you have a beautiful short sequin skirt pair it with a long sleeve top or a high neck dress leaving the focus on your legs. If you want to show off your decollete area then choose dresses and skirts that are longer to avoid ruining the look all together. This trick gives the classy yet sexy vibes leaving much to the imagination.

Earrings Can Change Up The Look.

If you’re wearing a sequin dress with elaborate designs or a number of bright colors, that grabs enough attention as it is and your earrings should be sleek and simple whether just studs or skinny drop earrings which bring attention to your neck and your updo if wearing one. Larger, more bold statement earrings are also a great way to spice up your outfit but work best when paired with more solid colors or very minimal sequin designs.

Find Your Perfect Fit.

Regardless of your height, weight, size etc…everyone can pull off sequins when wearing the perfect fit and finding accessories that will draw eyes away from any flaws that you may not want noticed. If you’re a bit uncomfortable with your belly let’s say, choosing a high waisted sequin skirt can help in disguising any bulges and paired with a statement necklace it’ll have people focused up at your necklace rather than your belly. This trick works with the accessories you wear whether it’s a bold necklace, beautiful drop earrings or even amazing shoes…give your ‘audience’ something to focus on…you can decide.

While many may tout the LBD — and for good reason — there’s honestly nothing more perfect for summertime than a classic white dress . Especially when styled with the right accessories, this versatile fashion staple is bound to become one of your new seasonal go-to’s.

From a bright statement necklace to the unexpected edginess of black ankle booties, here’s how to accessorize a white dress for summer.

A ruffled white dress with a straw hat and bag.

Straw accessories are as carefree as the summertime sunshine and the perfect finishing touch to an ultra-feminine ensemble. Style your hair into flowing waves and add an extra layer of mascara to instantly up the flirty factor.

Layer a colorful statement necklace to help your white dress pop.

White is like a clean canvas and makes the perfect backdrop for glimmering jewel tones. Layer your chunkiest, glitteriest necklace over a crew neck dress to draw attention to your beautiful face. Tie your hair up for maximum impact and be sure to keep the rest of your accessories to a minimum.

Give your look an edge with black ankle booties and a wide brim hat.

Black ankle booties paired with a wide brim hat will make you look a little bit like a rocker and a little bit like an internet star. They are also completely unexpected additions to help you style a flowy, ethereal white dress. For bonus points, flick on a precise swoop of neon eyeliner to really steal the show.

Highlight your waist with a trendy belt.

While ultra-chunky belts are probably best left in the early aughts, slimmer options are still super flattering. Tie-front fabric belts are especially beautiful on flowing materials and make a huge impact, whether you go with a monochromatic look or add a pop of color.

A blush bag brings just the right touch of girly-girl flirtiness.

Blush and white are a natural pairing for a super fun summer look. Puff your cheeks with a little bit of blush and swipe on a candy pink lipstick for an absolutely perfect date night outfit.

Take a walk on the wild side with a pair of leopard print sneakers.

Leopard print will probably always be in style . It oozes sophistication and really does go with everything. Pair some leopard print sneakers with a crisp white dress for extra pizzazz and add a cushioned headband for a surprising hint of preppiness.

Add navy blue and gold for a classic color combo.

Navy and white is a classic color combination — you’ve probably seen them both at one of your friends’ weddings! Seek inspiration from this popular pairing by jazzing up a white dress with simple accessories like a navy blue clutch and gold hoop earrings. To avoid looking too costumey, it’s probably best to steer clear of nautical motifs like anchors or compasses.

Neutral accessories will ground a crisp white T-shirt dress.

Neutral fashion accessories are anything but boring when set against a swingy white T-shirt dress. A nude crossbody bag and strappy sandals make for an ensemble that’s easy to pull together, but hard to forget! Add a coral lip and a gold clip to your hair and you’re ready for date night in 10 minutes flat.

Get comfy-casual with a jean jacket and a pair of classic kicks.

For chilly summer nights, a jean jacket gives your look a casual edginess while keeping you warm. Add a pair of comfortable white sneakers, tie your hair up into a bouncy ponytail and you’re ready for a get together by the bonfire with your besties!

Dazzle in head-to-toe white.

If you’re absolutely sure you won’t be going anywhere where your outfit will get dirty, why not accessorize your beautiful white dress with equally bright accessories? Tassel earrings, white pumps and a crisp, white envelope clutch are so chic when styled together.

Shining Bright

Shop Mint Julep for a cute white dress that is so fresh and so clean. We totally believe it’s a worthwhile addition to any summer wardrobe because your white dress only needs a few simple accessory swaps to completely transform an entire outfit. You could wear the same lovely white dress all through the summer, but if you style it differently, no one will ever even know!

How to accessorize a dress

Fashion changes throughout the years so it can feel hard to stay up with trendy. Learning how to accessorize can upgrade your look from budget to billionaire, but if you don’t know what you’re doing you can make even a classy outfit look cheap.

Strategically accessorizing can help you save tons of money by helping you reconstruct even the simplest outfit into something completely different. That way you can wear your favorite outfit even more often without feeling bored with your style.

Learning how to accessorize a dress will help you keep up with what’s trendy while expressing your specific aesthetic. Our staple pieces: the little black dress, white tee, jeans….. Are typically rather plain, think of them as a blank canvas to create with.

Let’s get into the fundamentals of learning how to accessorize any outfit.


Belts are often overlooked, especially if you tend to wear more fitted clothing. However, a belt accentuates the waist while adding texture and color to whatever you’re wearing. It’s easy to make a laid-back outfit look thought-out and put together, simply by adding a belt!

Pairing a belt with an oversized garment like a sweater, or t-shirt, you create a trendy and creative look by combining formal accents with a casual feel. You can pair this same belt with some simple jeans, to add texture to an otherwise boring outfit!

Investing in a staple accessory, such as a designer belt may seem expensive but it will pay for itself when you can pair it with any basic outfit, over time.

Unique Bags

Bags are an easy way to create any look you’re in the mood for! Depending on the bag you can either dress up a simple outfit or make a formal piece feel cooler and comfortable. Bags are creative and are an easy way to express however you’re feeling.

Pairing a bag with some structure like a vintage wicker piece, or a camera box bag will make any outfit feel instantly more dressed up.

It’s easy to pick a tote bag you can just toss your things into for convenience, but pairing a sleek and simple bag can make any look feel expensive.

However, there’s a bag for every look. Pairing texture and color is an easy way to create a cool, trendy look! If you’re going for a more creative look try reaching for a clutch. Clutch bags are an easy way to add an interesting layer to your outfit without breaking the budget.


Discovering how to accessorize a dress is best done through trial and error, but layering simple jewelry is a fool-proofed way of taking a simple outfit to a black-tie event. You can layer dainty pieces with more complex pieces to create an expensive look.

Layering a simple pair of hoops with a classy pair of studs (if you have second hole ear piercing) creates an eye-catching look by combining the contrasting structures. You can create a similar look by layering a few simple and dainty rings, and necklaces as well.

By keeping the majority of your jewelry delicate and minimalist, you will create a focus on your more complicated pieces without looking flashy.

Pins and Patches

Pins and patches will add a bit of personal flair to whatever you put them on. It’s an easy way to customize any simple piece, making it look cool and extravagant.

Enamel pins and patches have been growing in popularity as of late because they’re a fun way to express yourself! You can display your beliefs, interests, and aesthetic through whatever you put your pins on.

Doing this can easily create an eye-catching look while attracting potential friends with similar interests. It’s easy to start a conversation with a stranger when you blatantly see a common interest you both share via their outfit!

You can learn about voting buttons, gender pronouns, new creative endeavors, cool artists, etc. Through buttons, patches, and enamel pins all while teaching the world about the things you love through your style.

Statement Shoes

Some people argue that shoes are the most important part of any outfit. Invest in shoes that make a statement to pair with basic outfits. Statement shoes should make any outfit pop!

Whether that be through contrast, color, texture, or all three, shoes can transform a simple outfit into a look.

Pairing a shoe with texture, like suede sandals, with a simple outfit will make it instantly look classy. While pairing a shoe with a contrasting color can make the same outfit look trendy and cool.

Small changes in your wardrobe will keep your aesthetic fresh without breaking the budget. You can easily switch up your look by pairing sneakers with an outfit you might usually wear heels with and vice versa.

How to Accessorize a Dress to Fit Your Style

The best way to learn how to accessorize a dress is through trial and error. You can’t figure out what you do like until you know what you don’t like. Sticking to these simple tips will help you look your best until you develop your own personal style!

The trends right now pair simple things with extravagant pieces to create a complex and contrasting look but pairing delicate and dainty things together is a quick way to turn a simple outfit into a classy ensemble.

When looking for accessories, look for texture, color, and quality. Investing in accessories that you can pair with any outfit will keep you from breaking the budget. You can layer your favorite accessories or intertwine them sporadically.

Whatever style you develop should make you feel fun, sexy, and good about yourself! Accessories should accentuate who you are, they are a way to express yourself to the world around you.

If you found this article helpful, continue exploring our site for more fashion-forward advice, insight, and tips!

Want to bring out your "wild at heart" side with fun and vibrant accessories for your leopard print dress? Read this Fashionhance article for some fashion tips to style your dress for the occasion.

How to accessorize a dress

Want to bring out your "wild at heart" side with fun and vibrant accessories for your leopard print dress? Read this Fashionhance article for some fashion tips to style your dress for the occasion.

The Ultimate Rule!

You can always unleash your inner animal, but DO NOT overpopulate with too many animal print accessories.

Owning a leopard print dress (or perhaps any bold animal print clothes) says that you’re someone who doesn’t shy away from looking haute. But the only way to make a statement and get noticed is by accompanying fantastic accessories with the dress. Whenever you’re working with prints, it’s essential to keep it as uncomplicated as possible. You don’t want to overdo on the details as it can easily overpower the outfit. In order to get over this tricky part, why don’t we go over a few ways to accessorize your leopard print dress and avoid (unintentional) fashion faux pas.

How to Accessorize a Leopard Print Dress

No matter what accessories you choose, they should always be easy on the eyes. This print is bold enough, and you don’t want to overwhelm the dress with unnecessary additions.

Shimmer Like Gold

To accentuate the print, add some tan or gold accessories to achieve a graceful look. Gold bangles, if not a cuff bracelet, and chandelier or dangle earrings work brilliantly to enhance the overall look. If you want, you can include a leopard print scarf or bangles as well. But remember, don’t overpopulate with your accessories.

Sleek Like Silver

The combination of black and silver accessories is too precious to pass on. Considering the pattern size, choose the number of accessories with utmost care. If the pattern on your dress is visually dominant, wearing too much jewelry will make the ensemble seem busy. Just because you have the items, doesn’t mean you should wear them all at the same time. A clutch purse, some fabulous earrings and a bracelet, along with shoes to die for, are all you’ll ever need.

Vibrant Like Orange

For a dramatic and vivacious look, opt for orange details. The simple, yet effective color pop can easily be incorporated into this look. Go big on the accessories, if your heart wishes to make the loudest roar. But the key to making it work is by not adding more animal print; instead, look for accessories within this color.

Gentle Like Blue

Blue is one color that speaks of gentle, breezy nights filled with elegance and charm. Even though leopard prints appear feisty, you can tame it with silver and blue accessories. It’s one of those times when simplicity doesn’t require a forceful impact. But if you still want to be “heard”, wear leopard print shoes to complete the look.

For a woman, no outfit is ever perceived as “complete” if she hasn’t accessorized it correctly. What you wear with your leopard print dress says a lot about your fierce personality and sheer awesomeness to carry the ensemble off. Hold your head high when you walk out of that door, because lady, you’re going to make every head turn.

The White color is almost everybody’s favorite. If we talk about a white dress that is more fabulous because most of the people have favorite and is also suited, everybody. Every person must have one or two white dresses if those are women and if those are men, then they have more than two white dresses. The basic question is that how to accessorize a white dress.

White dresses in different styles, looks, design and cuts are much in fashion now a day. The casual white summer dress can give you more beautiful look to another standard with suitable accessories. Even you wear the white dress and carry simple accessories like, jewelry, handbags, shoes and purses that can improve your look so dashing and stylish. So, if you want an elegant look with the white dress then walk with me and see below where I explore the various ways’ how to accessorize a white dress.

Decide on the Look you Want

The first step, you’ll have to decide about your look that you want at that time. Then select the ornament according to the event you are going to wear your white dress. For help, you can check out the photos of the celebrities in the magazines or friends. Other than that, you can get the different ideas from your friends after the discussion of event and dress.

Look in Jewelry Box Before You Buy New

Take a look at your previous jewelry stock and decide which the best match of your dress. After this checking, you find various accessories in your wardrobe which you might not have worn since long and can be appropriately used at this moment. After that, if you are confused about matching, you can take the views of your friends and family members after annoying them just for one time.

Wear Nude Undergarments

When you wear a white dress, you must wear good quality nude undergarments. If you wear dark color undergarments, which show through your white dress and if you wear light or skin color nude undergarments won’t show through white dress. So be carefully about nude undergarments.

For a Chunky, Casual Look

If you are going tonight event and wear the white dress, then you need to give a thickset look to your white dress by combination it with colorful and wonderful accessories like a different clutch, colorful chain along with strappy fun sneakers. If you follow all the above steps, you won’t give a fashionable look but also stay you relaxed.

For a Classy, Timeless Look

You can make your look classy with your white dress by wearing the simple pearl necklace along with the silver clutch and black shoes. If you are going to attend winter evening event, then you can wear a stylish cardigan with all other accessories can well improve your looks.

For a Modern Look

Your white dress with black tights and black ankle boots, including suitable accessories give you a modern look. You can make a white dress look modern and perfect for evening events with a black shawl, and black jacket with a black statement necklace.

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For a Vintage Look

You can make your evening white dress look as vintage look if you wear accessorize with a vintage brooch pinned to an elegant shawl. Also, if you add silver or gold purse with a tenfold shawl suitable for your dress, even then your white dress can give a period look to you.

For a Bohemian Look

If you belong to modern society and wear bohemian dresses, so you can wear the short white dress as a tunic on your skinny jeans or leggings by dressing in a suitable belt on it. Other than that, you can make this look classier by wearing accessorizing it with cute earrings, sneakers, and any other types of shoe. A broad fancy belt can also be used to accessorize a white maxi dress.

You can wear anything with white dress providing you have the right selection of accessorizing. Change us your dress with all above options. Other than that, you can also try various options that your friends and family members suggest you. If you want to share your experience with us most welcome and write it below comments box. Thanks!