How to access your computer if you have forgotten the password

How to Recover Administrator Password in Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7 With Ease

Lost administrator password of your Windows PC? Unable to recall the password because you haven’t used your computer for months? You can take the help of the password reset disk. But what if you haven’t prepared the disk beforehand?

This tutorial will show you how to recover Windows administrator password by using Ophcrack and Password Recovery Bundle when you forgot Windows password or lost admin rights in Windows 10, 8 or 7. These Windows password recovery programs will work with Windows 7 through Windows 10.

Method 1: Using Ophcrack Live CD

Ophcrack is a free open source Windows password recovery tool that cracks Windows login passwords by using LM/NT hashes through rainbow tables. In order to use Ophcrack to recover Windows password, you only need a CD disc, and another computer to download the free software. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Download the Live CD image from Ophcrack’s project page. After downloading the correct image, you need burn it to a disc.

Step 2: Pop the disc into the computer that holds the account that you want to crack, then you need to boot off the disc.

Step 3: The first screen you’ll be prompted to choose between four modes:

  • Graphics mode – automatic
  • Graphics mode – manual
  • Graphics mode – low RAM
  • Text mode
  • Use your arrow keys to select the default automatic graphics mode and press Enter.

How to access your computer if you have forgotten the password

Step 4: Once booting to the Linux desktop, the system will automatically mount your hard drive and launch Ophcrack. Just wait for Ophcrack to do a brute force attack and try all possible password combinations.

Step 5: Depending on the strength of your passwords, it can take a couple minutes, hours or even days to crack. Last but not least, take note that Ophcrack cannot crack all passwords as the rainbow tables may not contain your password hashes.

If Ophcrack’s built-in rainbow table couldn’t help to recover your password, you might have to purchase an extra rainbow table or take use of Password Recovery Bundle as below.

Method 2: Using Password Recovery Bundle

Password Recovery Bundle can help you recover all type of passwords on your local computer. For example, it can reset forgotten Windows password from a live CD or USB drive; retrieve email account passwords from Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows 10 Mail, Thunderbird, Opera Mail; unlock password-protected PST, PDF, Office documents; reveal passwords saved in your web browsers and FTP clients; and much more.

What Do You Need?

  • A USB flash drive with at least 1GB capacity, or blank CD or DVD.
  • A Windows-based PC or laptop with Internet connection.
  • Windows password recovery software.

Steps to Recover Windows Administrator Password:

  • Start by downloading and installing Password Recovery Bundle to another computer. Note: The trial version lets you boot off a CD/USB and sees user accounts on your locked PC, but it will not let you reset the password.
  • Once the program is installed, launch it. Click the Windows Password
  • This will open the Create Windows Password Recovery Bootdisk window. Insert an empty CD or USB flash drive and click Refresh Select the “Burn to CD/USB” or “Burn to USB Flash Drive”, and then click Start Burn.

How to access your computer if you have forgotten the password

  • Insert the newly burned CD or USB drive into the computer that holds the account that you want to recover Windows password for, then boot off that media. If your computer still boots to Windows login screen, you have to change the boot sequence in your PC’s BIOS/UEFI.
  • After booting up, PCUnlocker will show all the user accounts in your Windows system. Simply select the Administrator account for which you want to recover the password and click on the “Reset Password” button
  • Click Yes to confirm. This will remove your administrator password, set your account to never expired, and activate / unlock it when necessary.

How to access your computer if you have forgotten the password

  • Reboot your computer to get out of PCUnlocker, you can then log into Windows administrator account without the password!

Wrapping Up

Both Ophcrack and Password Recovery Bundle are excellent Windows password recovery tools that can help you when you find yourself in emergency situations that need to recover Windows password. The guide is simple and straight, and you just need to follow the steps that are given above to recover access to your locked computer.

So you’ve lost your computer password? We have some remedies for that!

It seems you’ve lost your computer password and landed on this page. You desperately need to gain access to all of your documents? Given that most PC computers in the world use Windows operating systems, we’re assuming you’ve got a Microsoft-based computer. Unfortunately Microsoft won’t help you if you have lost your password, they can’t really verify everyone and for security purposes they don’t provide such services.

Microsoft recommends that you set a password recovery hint when setting up your computer and creating your password. Password hints help you when you forget your passwords. It also recommends that you create a password reset disk as soon as you first start using the computer.

In this article we will show you various techniques so you can solve your lost Windows password problem. Presented techniques here should work with all modern Windows systems like XP, Vista, 7, 8 and Windows 10.

Accessing the computer as “administrator”

In Windows, there is a hidden account called Administrator. In most cases, this account does not have a password set, which means you can use this account to start the computer, open the control panel to delete or change any user's password, and solve your problem.

  1. Start the computer and immediately press the F8 key repeatedly until the computer displays the boot menu.
  2. Using the arrow keys, select Safe Mode, and then press Enter.
  3. On the main screen, click Admin. If you don't have a splash screen, type Administrator and leave the password field blank.
  4. Click the start menu in the lower left corner, go to the control panel
  5. Under the user account you can easily change the password of any user.

Whether this method will work depends on your operating system version.

Using password utilities

There are several computer tools you can use to log in to your computer if you forget your password. A tool is a computer program that is usually concerned with managing system resources for a specific task.

They do not consume much memory because they are much smaller than regular programs. Fortunately, there are many great tools that can bypass or replace lost passwords in Windows.

  • Kon-Boot – bypass Windows password this is my favorite tool for Windows password bypass. It is tiny, works super fast (in matter of seconds really) and can bypass Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10) and Mac passwords. It doesn’t require any previous knowledge regarding the password you want to bypass. Additionally bypassed passwords remain unchanged!
  • Offline NT Password and Registry Editor Offline NT Password and Registry Editor is a great tool that users can use to overwrite Windows SAM files. This is jargon, but your computer's SAM file contains the password. You cannot see your old passwords, but you can access unencrypted files.
  • Emergency Boot Disk – EBCD (Emergency Boot Disk) is a powerful toolkit designed to recover and recover data from unbootable computers. There are some useful features like being able to change your password without knowing it first. You can also use EBCD if you lose your password.

Password cracking tools

You can also try third-party passwords at any time. Although they are related to hacking their developers are building these tools to support their peers and test the effectiveness of existing security practices. This means that security scans are running optimally and can only be used if vulnerabilities have been identified. Presented tools should work just fine with Windows 7 and Windows 8, XP and Vista.

    is a computer program which generates rainbow tables to be used in password cracking. RainbowCrack differs from “conventional” brute force crackers in that it uses large pre-computed tables called rainbow tables to reduce the length of time needed to crack a password drastically.RainbowCrack was developed by Zhu Shuanglei, and implements an improved time–memory tradeoff cryptanalysis attack which originated in Philippe Oechslin’s Ophcrack
  • Ophcrack is a free open-source (GPL licensed) program that cracks Windows log-in passwords by using LM hashes through rainbow tables. The program includes the ability to import the hashes from a variety of formats, including dumping directly from the SAM files of Windows. On most computers, ophcrack can crack most passwords within a few minutes.
  • John the Ripper – this tool is another well-known free open source password cracking tool that is primarily aimed at Linux, Unix and Mac OS X. But a Windows version is also available. This tool can detect weak passwords. A pro version of the tool is also available, which offers better features.
  • Cain & Abel – this tool allows easy recovery of various kind of passwords by sniffing the network, cracking encrypted passwords, using Dictionary, Brute-Force and Cryptanalysis attacks, recording VIP conversations, decoding scrambled passwords, recovering wireless network keys, revealing password boxes, uncovering cached passwords
  • Brutus – is one of the most popular remote online password cracking tools. It claims to be the fastest and most flexible password cracking tool. It is free and is only available for Windows systems. And it’s been around a bit which, is a good sign – it released back in October 2000.
  • Distributed Free Rainbow Tables (or DistrRTgen) was a distributed computing project for making rainbow tables for password cracking. By using distributed computing, DistrRTgen can generate rainbow tables that are able to crack long passwords. DistrRtgen was used to generate LM, NTLM, MD5 and MYSQLSHA1 rainbow tables.
  • L0phtCrack is a password auditing and recovery application originally produced by Mudge from L0pht Heavy Industries. It is used to test password strength and sometimes to recover lost Microsoft Windows passwords, by using dictionary, brute-force, hybrid attacks, and rainbow tables.

How to access your computer if you have forgotten the password

Reset Microsoft Account Password Online

How to access your computer if you have forgotten the password

If use Microsoft account to log in into your Windows system (ie. you use e-mail address to log in to Windows) then you can try the official Microsoft website to reset your account’s password. Please note Microsoft will verify your identity before it will reset your Windows password.

Clean Windows install

If none of the above methods work, then the last remaining option is to erase your hard drive and reinstall Windows. Windows 10 makes this easy by offering a reset option. To do that, click on the Power button on your login screen, select Restart, and hold down the Shift key. Go to Troubleshoot Reset this PC, and select Remove everything !Please this should be the absolute last resort. We’re quite certain that at least one of the methods documented previously should work for you.


We have documented few ways on wow to access your PC if you forgot your Windows password. We assume at least one of the methods worked for you. Till next time friend! Keep your passwords safe!

There are various options and utilities that make it possible to gain access to a computer with a lost password. Below is a listing of the most popular options and utilities available to try.

Gaining access to an account or computer that’s not yours without permission using any of the steps below is against the law.

Log into an alternate account

How to access your computer if you have forgotten the password

Often many users will leave the administrator account alone or have other accounts with administrator rights. If you are not logging into the computer using the administrator account or have other accounts that you can utilize, follow the steps below to reset your other account’s password.

  1. Reboot the computer into Safe Mode.
  2. When logging into Safe Mode, when prompted to choose an account, select the Administrator account. If prompted for a password, try pressing Enter on the keyboard for no password. If this does not work, try other passwords you may have used. If you are cannot log in to the Administrator account, skip to the next suggestion.
  3. Once you have logged in to the Administrator account, open the Control Panel, and click User Accounts.
  4. In User Accounts, select the account you want to change, click Change Password, and then enter the new password or click remove the password to remove the password from the account.

Windows users and creating a password reset disk

Utilizing this option requires you to complete part of the process before having forgotten your password.

If you have Windows XP, use the "Prevent a forgotten password” option to create a password reset diskette. Use the diskette created to recover the forgotten password.

To create a password reset disk in Windows Vista, 7, or 8, open the Control Panel, and click User Accounts, then Create a password reset disk.

If you have Windows 10, type Password Reset in the search box, then select the Create a password reset disk option in the search results. Follow the on-screen steps to create the password reset disk.

You need to connect a USB flash drive to your computer before accessing the "Create a password reset disk" utility in Windows Vista and later versions. If you don’t, you may get an error stating the utility could not find a USB drive attached.

Offline NT Password & Registry Editor

The Offline NT Password & Registry Editor is a great utility that enables users to overwrite their Windows SAM file, the file containing their passwords, with a new password. Unfortunately, you cannot see the previous password, but you can gain access to unencrypted files again.

Emergency Boot Kit

The EmBootKit (Emergency Boot Kit) has many useful features. One of its most important features is changing the password of any user without needing to know the previous password including the administrator password.

Other utilities

There are many free and commercial utilities available for bypassing or changing an unknown password in Microsoft Windows. The above two utilities are popular solutions and are highly recommended. If these utilities do not suit your needs, you may also want to perform a quick search on your favorite search engine.

Data recovery

After trying the above suggestions, if you cannot gain access to the files you need to access, some data recovery companies can access your data.

Format and reinstall Windows on the computer

If, after trying all of these steps you cannot access your computer, we recommend erasing everything on the computer and reinstall Windows.

“Actually I forgot my Windows password. So, i would like to know how to log into my user account. I neither have any password reset disc nor want to re-install Windows again. Please help. Its urgent.”

This would be simple if you have created a Windows password reset disk before you forgot Windows password. Another way of getting into Windows is to recover Windows password using Ophcrack or Cain & Abel, but these free password cracking software are not easy to operate, and may take several hours or a few days to crack your password if it’s complicated.

How to access your locked computer if you need to use the computer urgently? Here I’ll show some quick ways to help you get into Windows when you forgot Windows password.

Method 1: Reset Windows Password in Safe Mode

On Windows, there is a hidden account named Administrator. Most of the time, this account has no password set. That means that you can start your computer with this account, open the Control Panel to delete or change the password of any users and fix your problem.

Boot your computer and immediately press on the F8 key repeatedly until your computer displays the boot menu.

How to access your computer if you have forgotten the password

Method 2: Reset Windows Password Using Password Reset Software

Comparing with free password cracking software, Windows password resetting software is much more easier and effective. With the PCUnlocker utility we can instantly reset lost or forgotten passwords on any Windows systems, including both 32-bit and 64-bit OS.

  1. Download the self-extracting Zip file of PCUnlocker package.
  2. Uncompress the package, there is a ISO image: pcunlocker.iso . Burn it onto a CD/DVD or USB flash drive.
  3. Boot your locked computer from the newly burned CD/DVD or USB flash drive.
  4. Wait until the boot process is finished. When a window pops up with all your Windows user accounts, select the target one to reset the password you forgot.

How to access your computer if you have forgotten the password

Re-installing Windows is always an option, but we consider it as a last resort. It’s recommended to backup all important data and files before formatting your hard drive.

Did you forget the password for your Windows 10 PC? You can change it whether you’re using a Microsoft Account or a local account.

How to access your computer if you have forgotten the password

You need to sign into your Windows 10 PC, but you forgot your password. Don’t worry; Windows 10 lets you reset a forgotten password, whether you use a Microsoft Account or a local account.

Resetting a Microsoft Account password is fairly straightforward. But for a local account, you first need to set up a few security questions and answers. If you forget your password, simply answer the three questions successfully, then reset your password.

Beyond using a password, you should enable a backup authentication method of signing into Windows. With Windows 10, you can create a PIN, a picture password, a security key, fingerprint recognition, or facial recognition. And with a Microsoft Account, you should also implement two-step verification. But at some point you may still need to sign in with your password.

No matter how responsible you are, there may come a time when you’re locked out of Windows because you can’t remember your password. Here’s how to get in.

Microsoft Account Recovery

If you’re using a Microsoft Account and can’t remember your password, click I forgot my password on the Windows 10 sign-in screen.

You must then confirm your email address and choose how you wish to receive your verification code. Click Get code, then check your email or text messages for the code. Enter it in the appropriate field and click Next.

Create a new password for your Microsoft Account. Click Next.

Windows will confirm that the password has been changed. Click the Sign in button, return to the sign-in screen, and enter your new password.

Local Account Recovery

Microsoft has made it increasingly harder to use a local account to log into Windows, but it’s still possible. If you have one, you should set up the necessary security questions that will help you recover your account. In Windows, go to Settings > Accounts > Sign-in options. Under the Manage how you sign in to your device section, click Password, then select the Update your security questions link.

Enter the password for your local account, then choose your security questions, type the answers, and click Finish.

Now, if you forget your password, click the arrow next to the password field or press the Enter key. Windows tells you that the password is incorrect. Click OK, then select Reset password.

Enter the answers for your security questions, then click the arrow next to the last answer or press Enter.

Windows prompts you to create a new password. Type and then confirm your new password, then press Enter to get access to Windows.

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I have an old Dell PC with Windows 7 Home Premium and I need back in to get the old photos. It has the password. and I couldn’t remember. I tried to reset the password using command prompt as suggested online, but after hitting Shift key 5 times, nothing happens. How could I do this?

It seems that it’s advisable to change login password to Windows 7 system regularly for the sake of privacy and security. Even if you do this, you may sometimes forget what the current password is since you change it so frequently.

The good news is that by going through a practical process with right tools, you can reset forgotten Windows 7 login password and regain access to the system for normal use.

Method 1: Recover Forgotten Windows 7 User Password with Password Reset Disk Pre-made

It’s great that Microsoft makes recovering forgotten login password on Windows 7 computer a straightforward task, as long as you’ve already created a password reset disk – which lets you set a new password when you forgot the old password. Follow the instructions to reset a forgotten password for Windows 7 (32 bit & 64 bit):

  • Power on Windows 7 PC or laptop, type a wrong password on the login screen, then click OK when the error message pops up.
  • Click on the "Reset password" link, and then pop the prepared password reset disk to start the forgotten password reset wizard. Click Next button to continue.
  • Select the password reset disk from the drop-down box, and then press Next button.
  • Continue to enter a new password to replace the forgotten one
  • Type it again to confirm, and enter a password hint.
  • Click Next button and then Finish button to close the wizard window.

Now the old & forgotten login password has been reset and you should be able to get to Windows 7 desktop effortlessly.

Method 2: Reset Login Windows 7 Password If Forgotten Using 3-rd Party Tool

For those who don’t have a password reset disk in hand before the computer got locked, you’ll just have to resort to a third-part tool by which to reset or recover the lost login password on Windows 7. With Spower Windows Password Reset software, you will finally get the tricks to regain access to a Windows 7 desktop & laptop when you forgot the password.

First, you’ll need to get the utility downloaded and installed on an accessible machine. It’s a user-friendly program and with the clear step-by-step instructions on the screen, you can easily reset administrator or regular user password on Windows 7 and remove it completely from the login screen. After the reset, the computer won’t get formatted and all stuff as well as software are there.

Guide: Reset a Forgotten Login Password on Windows 7 Computer

Step 1: Create a password reset disk with USB drive (or CD/DVD)

Launch the program on the computer, and then insert a blank USB drive.

On the software screen, select the USB flash drive from the drop-down menu under "Create Password Reset USB Flash Drive" heading, then click USB device button. Otherwise, click CD/DVD button if you tend to create a password reset CD/DVD.

Wait for a while until the burning process is finished. Eject password reset USB drive and move to next step.

Step 2: Reboot locked computer from password reset USB drive

In this step, pop the password reset USB drive into password-locked Windows 7 PC. Turn on it and set the computer to boot from the USB drive. Learn the instructions in these articles:

After that, restart the computer.

Step 3: Remove a Windows 7 forgotten login password (user or admin password)

When the computer starts, it will boot from the password reset USB drive and get you into a window, just like the image below. You’re ready to remove the forgotten password.

Go ahead and select Windows 7 system, locate an account that is currently locked out with the forgotten login password, and proceed to hit the Reset button. The software will do its business and set the password to nothing—all automatically.

Now disconnect USB flash drive and press Reboot button to get to Windows 7 desktop.

Method 3: Use Windows Installation Disk and a Command Line

Like the question described at the very beginning of the article, you’re likely to use an installation CD/DVD or system repair disc to reset a user password for Windows 7 when forgotten the login password. Here’s what you exactly need to do to bypass the login screen effortlessly:

  • Grab Windows 7 installation CD/DVD or system repair disc and pop it into the optical drive.
  • Restart computer and boot it from the disc. You may need to change the boot order in BIOS settings so the system will boot up from the disc correctly.
  • On the first pop-up window, pick your language or leave everything as default, and click Next.
  • You will then see "Repair your computer" link on the bottom left of the screen. Click on it.
  • On the System Recovery Options screen, choose Windows 7 and remember its location, specifically the drive letter.
  • Click Next, and then choose Command Prompt option to open command prompt.
  • You should now type in two simple commands. If necessary, use a different drive letter than C.

copy c:windowssystem32sethc.exe c:

copy c:windowssystem32cmd.exe c:windowssystem32sethc.exe

net user username newpassword

Method 4: Log into Windows 7 If Forgotten Password without Disk or Software

Even if you’ve forgotten the login password on Windows 7 computer and have no password reset disk, there’s a good chance you can crack the log-in password and regain access to the system—as long as there’s another user on the computer that is configured as an administrator. Note that if it’s a domain user account, you will need to contacts Domain administrator to get this fixed.

Here’s how to use admin privileges to remove and reset the forgotten password for a local user account in Windows 7:

Typing in a password every time you want to access Windows can quickly become a bothersome chore. This annoyance is only furthered with the need to constantly change that same password, forcing you to recall if the most recent combination requires a 4 instead of a 3 or a dollar sign in place of an S.

You could choose to avoid this situation by setting Windows to automatically log you in whenever you boot up your PC. It can save you precious seconds, bypassing the login screen in its entirety, and it’s a rather simple process to boot. So long as you can bother to remember your password in the first place.

How to access your computer if you have forgotten the password

But what if you can’t? What if it were to suddenly slip your mind? How can something that you’ve had to type in every day, likely multiple times, just disappear from memory? Believe it or not, it happens more often than you’d think.

So, what is the solution for someone who forgets their login credentials?

Bypassing a Windows Login Screen Without The Password

How to access your computer if you have forgotten the password

When you’re stuck on the Windows login screen and can’t remember your password, all you really need to do is click on the I forgot my password link. This will direct you to Microsoft’s website in order to reset your account password.

You can then sign into your account and set up the automatic login that will help you bypass the Windows login screen.

  • While logged into your computer, pull up the Run window by pressing the Windows key + R key. Then, type netplwiz into the field and press OK.
  • Uncheck the box located next to Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer.

How to access your computer if you have forgotten the password

  • Click the OK button toward the bottom of the window. This will prompt an automatically sign-in box to appear. Enter your username and the new password you created earlier into the fields provided.
  • Click OK and choose to restart your computer.

Now you’ll bypass the login screen every time. However, we’ve already covered something similar in more depth years ago. A different way to approach a similar problem would be to propose another scenario.

What can you do if you are already logged in and forgot your password? You could just log out and attempt the above method as it should work just the same. You could do that, or you can go another route and save some time.

Command Prompt

Are you already signed into Windows 10 but can’t remember your password? Do you not want to log out or shut down just in case you can’t get back in again? You can bypass the need for your old password and set up your account for auto-login using the command prompt.

  • Press the Win + X keys and select Command Prompt (Administrator) from the menu. If you can’t find this option from the list, type cmd into the taskbar search box, right-click on the Command Prompt option and choose Run as administrator from the menu.
  • With Command Prompt opened, type in the following:
  • Replace username with the username for the account. Press Enter.
  • When presented with the option to Type a password for the user: just press Enter.
  • You’ll need to “retype” the password. Again, just press Enter.

Your account no longer requires a password. This means that the next time you boot up Windows, it will automatically log you in.

PC Unlocker

Are none of the aforementioned methods working out for you? It may be time to break out the big guns.

Definitely more of a last resort when you’re completely locked out of your PC, a boot disk like PC Unlocker is your best bet. PC Unlocker is an amazing tool that can allow you to either reset forgotten Windows account passwords or bypass the login screen without resetting your password.

The use of this tool will require either a CD to burn it on or a USB drive. This also means you’ll need another computer to acquire the tool seeing as you can’t currently log into your own. You’ll have to download the ISO image of PC Unlocker, and either burn or install it on the device of your choosing.

  • Power on your machine, access the Boot Devices Menu (BIOS Setup) and set it to boot from whichever option you’ve chosen. Press F10 to save the changes.
  • Insert the CD or USB into your computer and reboot. Once the boot process concludes, you should be looking at the main window of PC Unlocker.
  • In the first box, select Reset Local Admin/User Password. Skip the second box and go directly to choosing which account you want to log in with.
  • Highlight the account and click the Reset Password button. This will leave the password for that account blank.

How to access your computer if you have forgotten the password

  • Finally, click the Restart button and remove the disc or USB from its port.

So long as you left the password blank, the Windows login screen will be bypassed without requesting you type in a password.

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If you ever face a situation where you forgot email password, you will be prevented from accessing your emails as the system just won’t let you in until and unless you enter the correct password for your account. If this ever happens to you and you are clueless as to what to do, the following post should help you do the email password recovery procedure.

Each of the email providers you use usually provides a recovery method for you to recover the password for your email account. You may use any of the available methods to reset the password for your email account and to get access to your existing emails. The following guide shows how to recover email password using various ways on your devices.

Feel free to use any recovery method that you think works for you and you should be able to recover your email password.

Part 1. One Click to Recover Email Password Saved on iPhone/iPad (for Any Email Account)

One of the things that most email users usually do is they save the password for your email account on your iPhone or iPad. If you did that for the account whose password you now have forgotten, this section should help you retrieve the saved password from your iPhone or iPad for you.

There is a software called Tenorshare 4uKey – Password Manager that allows users like you to recover passwords for your email accounts with the click of a button. It works for any email account as long as you have saved the password for the email account on your iOS-based device. The following is how you go about recovering the password for your email.

Step 1 Head over to the software website and download and install the software on your computer. Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer and launch the software.

How to access your computer if you have forgotten the password

Step 2 Click on the button that says Start Scan to scan your device for any saved email passwords. It will start scanning your device to find all the saved passwords on it. Wait for it to finish scanning your device.

How to access your computer if you have forgotten the password

Step 3 When the scan has finished, click on Mail Account in the left sidebar and you will see all of your email account passwords in the right panel.

You now have the password for your email account and you can use it to log-in to your account on any of your devices. That is what you do when you forgot email password on iPhone.

Part 2. The Official Ways to Reset Forgotten Email Password Online

If you would not want to use a third-party software to find the password for your email account or you do not have your email passwords saved on your iPhone or iPad, you may use the official recovery methods to have your email passwords recovered.

The following are the official recovery procedures for some of the popular email providers.

1. Reset Gmail Password

If you have email login password forgot for your Gmail account, you may use the following steps to get your gmailpassword reset.

Step 1. Open a browser and head over to the Gmail sign-in page. Enter your email address and click on Next.

Step 2. Click on Forgot password on the following screen. Choose your recovery method to reset your Gmail password.

It’s that easy to reset your Gmail account password. Ge more details on How to recover forgotten Gmail password.

2. Reset Hotmail Password

Microsoft lets you easily reset the password for your Hotmail email account and the following is how you do it exactly when you forgot Hotmail password.

Step 1. Head to the Hotmail password reset page, enter your email address, and click on Next.

Step 2. Choose your recovery method on the following screen to reset your password.

You should now have a new password for your Hotmail account.

3. Reset Yahoo Mail Password

Resetting a Yahoo Mail account password is pretty and can be done easily as shown below.

Step 1. Head over to the Sign-in Helper Page on the Yahoo website. Enter your email address and click on Continue.

Step 2. It will send a code either to your phone or your email. Choose what is convenient for you and proceed.

That’s all. You should be able to reset your password using the received code.

4. Reset AOL Mail Password

If you forgot AOL password, AOL email account passwords can also be easily reset by following a few steps.

Step 1. Go to the AOL Sign-in Helper Page, enter your email address, and hit Continue.

Step 2. Select a recovery method from the options available on your screen to reset your password.


You are all set. If you are wondering “forgot my email password” and you cannot find a way to reset your password, the above guide should help you recover as well as reset the passwords for any of your email accounts. If you have saved mail passwords on iPhone, try to use Tenorshare 4uKey – Password Manager to recover forgotten email password on iPhone with only one click.

Forgot Windows 10 password? No worries, in this article we’ve prepared popular 6 ways for you. But, before that, you have to know which password you forgot. Because you can use local, Administrator or Microsoft account to login your computer on Windows 10. After you figure it out then follow the article below to recover your forgotten Windows 10 password.

Top 1: Use Windows 10 Password Reset Disk

If you’re proactive enough and created Windows password reset disk before, it’s time to use it! You can easily reset forgotten Windows 10 admin password in following steps.

  • Sign in your computer with the wrong password. Click on “Reset password” after it says Windows 10 password incorrect.
  • After the password reset wizard appears, insert your password reset disk to the computer.
  • Reset your forgotten password step-by-step follow the prompts.

Top 2. Reset Windows 10 Microsoft Account Online

Now, more and more people are using Microsoft account to log into Windows. If you unfortunately forgot Microsoft password on Windows 10, you can easily reset it online in following steps.

  • Click from any browser on any computer or device.
  • Type your Microsoft account in the account filed and then the verification code. Click “Next” to move on.
  • Then you will see the following screen. Choose one way to reset Microsoft account password online and follow the operation step by step.

Top 3: Bypass Windows 10 Password with Windows Password Key

Windows Password Key has all advantages you want to try it. It can recover lost, forgotten Windows 10 administrator and user password for local account and Microsoft account. No need any advanced measures. 100% safe for your data and computer. Follow the handy steps below to bypass Windows 10 password.

    Step 1: Download Windows Password Key, install and launch it on another available PC. There are 2 ways to burn a password reset disk. The default one is “Quick Recovery”, just inset a USB flash drive into it. Click “Burn”.

How to access your computer if you have forgotten the password

Alternatively, select “Advanced Recovery”, select your Windows version, media, and click “Burn”.

Video Tutorial to Reset Windows 10 Password with Windows Password Key

Top 4: Reinstall Your Windows 10 and Access your PC without Password

A clean install of Windows 10 is one of the rudest ways for a Windows lost password problem. It could be the last option you really don’t want to try because it will erase your hard drive. And the process is time consuming and complicated.

Top 5: Use Windows Password Key

It seems ridiculous to guess your forgotten Windows 10 password, but it often works. You create a password which may be associated with:

  • Your name, names of friends and family.
  • Pet information.
  • Birthdays.
  • Home & office addresses.
  • Important numbers.

Try variations and combinations of them and finally retrieve your password.

Top 6: Have Administrator Changed Your Forgotten Windows 10 Password

If you share your computer with others, one of them may be set up with administrator level access, you can ask him for help to change your Windows 10 password within his account.

Obviously you’ll have to pass on this idea entirely and try versatile Windows Password Recovery if you’re the only user on your computer.

That’s all. Do you have any idea about recovering forgotten Windows 10 password? Just let us know in the comments below.