How to accentuate your tan

Simply applying a self tanner on your body is not enough. It is important that you know how to properly accentuate and project your tan and here is how you can do so:

  • Get Tanned: One of the first things that you should do is to get tanned and you can do this though the use of self tanners. This saves you the trouble of having to go to the beach and sunbathe for hours and potentially risk getting skin cancer. Just make sure that you follow the rules when it comes to getting tanned such as exfoliating before applying a tanning solution on your body.
  • Use a Bronzer: When you are done applying tan on your body the next thing that you may want to do is to apply a bronzer that is a tone darker than your tan or your natural complexion. Applying it around the areas where the tan are helps accentuate your pale skin and emphasizes your tan lines.
  • Moisturize: Do not make the mistake of not moisturizing your skin unless you want it to suffer; become unhealthy or dehydrated. Moisturizing does not only keep your skin healthy but it also contributes to your tan’s gorgeous appeal.

How to accentuate your tan

  • Wear Light/White Clothing:Use your bronzer especially if you are wearing light clothing because light clothing has an effect to make you appear darker than usual. Also make sure to wear clothing that emphasizes your tan lines.
  • Lose Weight:Melanin is what causes tan and losing weight is sure to get those melanin to be more concentrated on your complexion which contributes to your tan.
  • Use Thermalabs’ Ultimitt: Why? Because using Thermalabs’ Ultimitt, the ultimate mitt, while you apply your tan keeps streaks from occurring because this unique tanning mitt is designed to be larger than the average latex tanning mitt to cover more areas which helps you save more on self-tanning solution content and moisturizers. Thermalabs’ Ultimitt also comes with a minimitt that you can use to be able to efficiently apply tan on sensitive areas like the eyes or the mouth. You can also bring Thermalabs’ Ultimitt anywhere since it comes with a polybag. The great thing about Thermalabs’ Ultimitt is that it is made out of high-quality fiber which makes it extra-durable and even has a one year guarantee.

Getting tanned has come a long way since the past few years and you can further improve your tanned look by doing the above reminders.

Now that Summer’s in full swing and we’ve all had our chance to skilfully upgrade our tan, it’s time to show off that hard earned bronzy glow! But while it may be tempting to go for a full-on neon look, you might want to consider this season’s way more stylish options, that will subtly put a spotlight on your sun kissed skin without having you look like a traffic sign. So in the light of kicking off August right, here are my 5 favourite sophisticated ways to accentuate your tan!


This is an oldie but a goodie, especially since white is one of this Summer’s very happening colours. If you want to go all the way, it’s actually okay to wear a head-to-toe white outfit (such as a cute knit dress with white slides and a matching basket bag), or you can pair a white structured cropped top with a slightly shiny red patent leather skirt (see below). So many options, so little time!



There’s nothing like a shimmering body oil to accentuate your tan, and if its ingredients’ list reads like a yummy recipe (I mean: marula oil, moringa, kalahari melon, gardenia, and macerated magnolia), that’s just a win/win situation. O, and it’s of course also the perfect way to hydrate your skin after exposing it to the sun – or the most important thing to do in the universe of skincare.


How to accentuate your tan


Coral beauty is a must-have in your Summer beauty bag just about every year, but this season it’s literally everywhere. That’s not exactly a surprise if you consider the versatility of this shade, and how flattering it is for just about any skin tone out there: from sunset eyes to glossy coral lips and an orange-y manicure – whatever bronzy body part you want to accentuate, coral has got your back.



If you really want to show off your tan, adding bling is the way to go! But since we’re looking to keep things sophisticated, try to think a bit outside of the box, and go with a slightly shiny patent leather midi skirt in a deep burgundy colour or twisted golden hoop earrings, for a nice, eh, twist on the original hoops.



And yes, neon colours are of course the no. 1 way to fully and completely accentuate your tan, but instead of going with a head-to-toe neon look, focus on the accessories – a much more sophisticated approach! A bright mini clutch, futuristic tinted sunnies or electric blue pointy slides: yes, yes & yes!


What’s your favourite way to accentuate your tan? Anything I should try out this Summer?

How to accentuate your tan

How to accentuate your tan

A beautiful, natural spray tan like mine is the best accessory a girl can have. I just feel like the best version of me with a fresh tan. It stands out in a crowd, but always looks natural at the same time. The girls at my tanning salon always know how help me get the color that’s just right for me.

For an aspiring fashionista like myself, one of the best things about a spray tan is how it changes the way clothes look on me. I feel thinner, more chic and just…sexy! But, sometimes I really want my tan to be the star of the show, so I accessorize it with some of these looks:


Although it might seem like white could wash out your color, with a tan, the white contrasts against your skin, making it seem darker and more pronounced. Try incorporating white into your everyday wear – tank tops, short sleeves, blouses, etc., for a pronounced, yet classic and simple way to really make your tan pop.


Known for bringing optimism and warmth, shades of gold can accentuate your skin and make your tone look even warmer. Gold especially highlights a tan when worn for a fancy event. Not only is it known for being the most glamorous color, it truly can take your tan from “eh” to “WOW!” Check out Kate Hudson on the red carpet – she looks stunning in the sleek gold – a total golden goddess!


Ahh, sapphire…one of my favorite colors. It has so much beauty and mystery. The electric color has the power to accent your skin and amplify the shade to its matching electric level. Jessica Alba looks wonderful in the blue. It draws major attention to her bronzed hue.

For those days when you’re feeling a little extra fierce, try some of these color combinations to complement your beautiful spray tan. You can thank me later!

How can a fall color palette accentuate your sunless tan? Now that the summer weather is behind you, it’s time to change your wardrobe – but not your sun-kissed skin. Take a look at the top autumn color options to enhance your fall sunless or spray tan.

Golds and Yellows

Your tan isn’t the only golden glow you can sport in the fall. The golds and yellows of autumn leaves are perfect seasonal tones to incorporate into your wardrobe. Not only do these hues scream fall, but they also highlight your faux glow.

While you don’t need to match your skin color to your wardrobe perfectly, warm typically matches warm. This means the warmth of your sunless tan and your favorite new gold tank top or yellow capris may pair perfectly.

As you explore gold clothing options, avoid anything with a bold or bright orange tint. Even though this color is part of most autumn palettes, it can bring out the orange tones in a sunless or spray tan. Instead of an orange-gold, yellow gold or rose gold hues are your best bets to enhance your fall tan.

Coral Tones

Like golds and yellows, coral is a warm color that can boost the look of your sunless or spray tan. But this pinkish hue can have overtly orange tones – which, like plain orange, can bring out a not-so-nice side of your sunless tan.

To enhance the natural-like glam glow of your sunless or spray tan, choose warm coral hues with more pink than orange tones. Not only will the color compliment your complexion, but coral clothing takes a summer-time pink palette into a warmer autumn wardrobe.

If you’re the bold type, red is the fall color to choose. Like crisp autumn apples and glowing fallen leaves, a red dress or top plays to the palette of the season. Beyond the seasonal theme, red can enhance the look of your sunless tan.

A deeper or darker red can help to off-set an orange-ish spray tan. If you feel your skin tone looks warmer than you like, select a red that’s on the verge of maroon. The cooler tones in this type of red will complement your tan in a natural glowing way.

Olives and Browns

Emerald, light, and mossy greens are seasonal summer colors that may not blend well into your fall wardrobe. These hues may match your sunless tan – but won’t give off the autumn vibe you’re looking for. If you want to wear green, darker olives verge on a brown palette. Olive fits a fall style and offers the warm tones you need to enhance your glowing spray tan.

Along with green-ish olives, browns (including dark brown, mahogany, tan, and beige) are autumn wardrobe additions to consider. If you have a deeper sunless tan, consider tan or beige. These lighter options provide a level of contrast and won’t give you a one-note look. But if your tan is on the lighter side, a darker brown or a brown/red can add warmth.

Ivory Options

Do you shy away from white clothing after Labor Day? Even though your favorite white linen sundress set off your summer-time tan a few months ago, you may need fall-friendly off-white options right now. Like a pure white, ivory provides a contrast to your tanned skin. This can change the appearance of your tan, deepening the appearance of the color.

Trade your white cotton warm weather picks for fall ivories. Select a creamy hue with warmer tones to stay seasonal while enhancing your faux glow.

Do you want a professional sunless airbrush or spray tan before Autumn passes? Contact Golden State Tanning Studio for more information.

How to accentuate your tan

If you are into bodybuilding, then you know a few things about how to enhance your muscles. As such, you know that one of the easiest ways to show off the definition of your muscles is by getting a tan. However, because tanning beds are a thing of the early 2000’s and are associated with more skin cancer than good, it’s important to know a few other ways you can get a tan without risking cancer. From tanning creams to spray tans, this article will list a few of your best options. Read on to learn more.

Tanning Creams

Tanning creams and lotions have come a long, long way since they first hit grocery store stands. What used to make you look like an Oompa Loompa, can now give you a natural looking tan without any UV exposure. To get the most natural look out of a tanning cream, the application process is the most important. Use this brief step-by-step explanation:

  • Step 1: Shave and Exfoliate

Before you rub any tanning lotion into your skin, make sure that you shave and exfoliate. The smoother your skin is, the more likely the lotion is to adhere to it and last.

  • Step 2: Moisturize

Try moisturizing your skin before you apply lotion focusing on areas like your elbows and knees. By getting rid of any dryness, you can get a smoother finish.

  • Step 3: Application Time

Start from your feet all the way up to your bottom and rub the lotion into your skin in a circular motion. Rub the lotion into your skin until you can’t feel any more moisture. Wash your hands immediately afterward and scrub in between your fingers and fingernails so that they aren’t stained.

Spray Tans

If you are too scared to try a tanning cream or lotion, you have another option: a spray tan. By going to a professional studio, you can get the perfect shade of tan practical hand painted onto your skin to help accentuate your hard-earned muscles.

Get the tan you want to show off your muscles with either with a tanning cream or a spray tan. To learn more about how you can accentuate your muscles, contact Dr. Rick Silverman today!

Here is how to get a permanent tan with Avon Campaign 17 2020! Would you like your preservatives, body oils, your perfect tan after hours spent under the sun to keep it fresh in autumn? We brought together 7 golden rules of long-lasting tan, which is a memory of summer.How to accentuate your tan

Bronze Care

For a while, try extra-maintenance protective or tanning moisturizers that will support your tan instead of your classic body moisturizers. So you will shoot two birds with one stone. You should check Avon Catalog 17 2020 to see awesome moisturizers.

Energetic Tan

You will be surprised to have a tan like the first day, but peeling is a must. Try the dry brush technique, which will treat your skin more gently and leave an energetic, smooth brooch, instead of products that dry and give extreme results.

Goodbye Shower Gels

Avoid shower gels that will dry your skin. Moist skin is a must for a smooth tan. Make your bath routine tan-friendly with body cleansing oils and cold water.

Bronze Makeup

Your face is the first area of your body that attracts attention. With the help of a bronzer that you will blend to the areas of your face that meet the sun, give the impression that you have just returned from the holiday by bringing the effect of your summer glow to your makeup.

Light Colors

Even your choice of clothing is of great importance in your bronze effect. Create a more bronze skin illusion with light, warm, or brightly colored clothing that will contrast with your skin.

Luminous Oils

A little sparkle and a golden touch will accentuate your tan. The radiant body oils that you add to your body care routine both moisturize your skin and underline your skin color, giving it extra shine and vitality. You can find many face oils from Avon C17 2020.


Water is one of the biggest nutrients of the skin. Moist and healthy skin is your best help in protecting your tan. Drink plenty of water and impregnate the golden effect of your skin with the skin you care about and moisten.

You’ve read How to Get a Permanent Tan with Avon Brochure 17 2020. If you want to see more Avon Products, deals, and tips, you should visit the main page. And follow us on Twitter and Youtube!

How to accentuate your tan

Prime your eyelids by applying a lightweight concealer, like the Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear All Over Concealer . The doe-foot applicator deposits just the right amount of product. Swipe the concealer wherever you have discoloration and blend with your pinky or ring finger. Then use a hydrating foundation, like the Giorgio Armani Beauty Luminous Silk Foundation , to smooth out your complexion.

STEP 2: Shape and Fill Your Brows

Accentuate your brows by filling in any bare areas and shaping them with the Maybelline New York Express Brow 2-in-1 Pencil and Powder . It’ll help create a bushy brow look and draw attention to your eye area.

STEP 3: Apply Your Eyeshadow Base Shade

Using a flat eyeshadow brush, apply a matte neutral base color from the lids to the brow bones, blending it up to the crease. We’re partial to Sweet, a pale brown from the Urban Decay Naked Honey Eyeshadow Palette .

STEP 4: Buff on a Bronze Shade

Blend a rich, warm brown into your crease, just above the matte shade on your lids. Make sure to blend the shadow well so the color transition is seamless. We love Hive from the Naked Honey Palette.

STEP 5: Apply a Gold Shade to Your Lid

Using your eyeshadow brush, softly apply a gold eyeshadow shade on your lids. Make sure to blend it with the brown color in your crease.

STEP 6: Layer With Taupe Eyeshadow

For a seamless transition between your skin and your crease color, buff around the edges with a soft taupe color until you have a subtle, diffused look.

STEP 7: Highlight Your Inner Corners

Make the inner corners of your eyes glimmer with a pale, frosty shade, such as Flyby from the Naked Honey Palette (or your favorite highlighter!).

STEP 8: Give Your Lashes Some Volume

Curl your lashes and apply two coats of black mascara to your top lashes followed by one coat on the bottom. The lightweight, volumizing formula of the L’Oréal Paris Air Volume Mega Mascara is perfect for this.

How to accentuate your tan

Now that you’re freshly tanned, you’ll want to make sure you’re dressing so that your tan is accentuated. We’ve compiled a list of clothing/color suggestions that will make sure your tanned skin tone is getting constant compliments!

It’s important to understand the difference between warm and cool colors, as wearing them will both do very different, but both helpful, things to your tan. An easy mnemonic device to remember this is warm colors are warm like fire, while cool colors are closer to ice. So red, orange, and yellow are your main warm colors, while the other side of the color wheel, including green, blue, and purple, are considered cool colors.

Citrusy Colors

If you want to show off your newly tanned skin, think about rocking some red, orange or yellow. All shades of orange, from peach to carrot, will make your tan especially noticeable. You’ll want to stick with the shades of bright yellow, as they will do your skin the most favors. WIth red, you’ll want to try to find a balance somewhere between pink and orange. Finding the right shade of red can be difficult, but it if you can do it, you’ll be surprised at how tan your skin looks!

These bright colors will enhance your tan and really draw focus to your fresh color!

Coral Colors

It’s really all about finding the right colors that highlight your skin. While bright colors are typically recommended to make your tan pop, not everyone feels comfortable in such bold, rich colors. Your tan doesn’t have to suffer because of this!

Consider wearing soft corals. Colors and other warm pinks will accentuate the rosy colors of your tan, making your skin look extra bright and bold!


You may be noticing a trend throughout this post. Bright colors bring out your tan, while darker colors supply contrast that can accentuate your fresh bronze.

Of course, there is no color brighter than white, making it quite possibly the best color to wear to show off your new tan at the beach.

Contrasting Colors

While citrusy colors will do wonders to highlight your tan, have you considered trying to contrast it? Your tan could look sharper by contrasting your skin against a lime green shirt. If you don’t have anything lime green in your closet, think about a berry purple or a dark pink. Wearing any of these colors will highlight the distinction between your clothes and your freshly tanned skin!

Blue is the Warmest Color

In general, all shades of blue will help accentuate your tan. However, some shades work especially well. A good rule of thumb to remember is to stick with shades of the sea. Any kind of light, bright blue will yield a combination of contrast as well as highlighting your skin.

The lighter the shade of blue you wear, the darker your tan will look in comparison. Conversely, the darker your blues, the less noticeable your new tan will be.


As you can see, understanding the color wheel and knowing color schemes are incredibly important in accentuating your tan. This knowledge of colors can, and should, be applied when you’re choosing accessories as well since the right accessories can do wonders for your tan.

The right shade of nail polish will make your hands and toes pop! A good, gold necklace can leave you looking (and feeling) like a bronze goddess. Make sure to keep these colors in mind when picking out your summer bathing suit, because chances are you’ll look tannest at the beach, under the direct sunlight.


You might be noticing a trend with these posts, but the importance of moisturizer cannot be overstated enough. A good moisturizer can do more for your skin than any color shirt or nail polish ever could! While a tan is temporary, implementing a good, consistent moisturizer into your daily routine will have a lasting and noticeably positive impact on your skin’s health and appearance!

How to accentuate your tan

I love a deep color from tanning! I mean, who doesn’t?! Lately I’ve been cocktail tanning and my color has attained even darker levels. Cocktail tanning works by the UV rays triggering your melanin production and opening up your pores. This helps the spray tan solution to better enter your skin. When you combine UV tanning with spray tanning, the outcome produces your deepest and most radiant tan.

I often UV tan before my spray session to avoid any streaks. Luckily, there’s tanning lotions that are specifically made for cocktail tanning. I highly recommend using one to avoid creating any type of barrier on the skin and to make sure you receive a darker color. There’s an option to spray tan first and then do a stand-up UV bed, but I prefer UV tanning before. Whatever your personal preference is!

As always, make sure you come prepared. Exfoliate, shave, and remove any makeup prior to your cocktail session. Remember to wear loose, dark fitted clothing and not to wear deodorant. Keep your skin moisturized after your cocktail and take care of your skin as you would with any other spray tan.

Be sure to visit your local tanning salon and see if they offer cocktail tanning memberships. This will ensure you receive the best deal and grants the opportunity to be added into their specials and rewards programs! If they don’t offer a cocktail tanning membership, ask the staff for their insight, and they’ll make sure you get your cocktail at the best price.

Cocktail tanning is the answer to all of my dark tanning needs. Indoor tanning is a fantastic addition to my spray tanning routine. It always adds such a nice pop of color to my outfits, and I love how a cocktail tan makes me feel! A spray tan feels great by itself, but adding in the extra pop of color to my tan sure does add to my self-confidence!

How to accentuate your tan

Your go-to bronzer looks flawless when dusted all over your body, but when applied above the shoulders, the same product suddenly ages you by at least a decade. How can a colour that looks so stunning on your body go so wrong on your face? While some self tanning tips give the okay to using body bronzers for a head-to-toe tan, it takes an expert hand to pull it off. Because the skin on your neck and face is so delicate, dark body tanners make it difficult to get coverage that doesn’t look harsh and heavy-handed. Adding to that, the instant aging effect happens when bronzers sink into the skin’s natural dents, magnifying pores, fine lines and wrinkles.

Knowing the above, should you go against the fake tan tips that tell you to use a single product for both face and body? Unless you’re a professional makeup artist, we think taking your face bronzer a few shades lighter is the smarter way to tan. With the rest of your body dipped in a gorgeous gold, leaving your face naked isn’t an option, but just a touch of a sun-kissed glow above the shoulders balances out the darker skin below without making you look like you just stepped out of a cheap tanning booth.

Self Tanning Tips for Bronzing the Face

1. Go two shades below your body tan. Out of all the fake tan tips that we’re sharing here, going light is one of the most effective for avoiding the dreaded masked look. While darker bronze ages the skin and makes it look unnatural, a lighter tone in the same colour family brightens the complexion and hides imperfections.

2. Keep your complexion healthy. Tanner creates visible patches by clinging to dry spots, so you want to make sure that your face is clean and hydrated before getting started. For silky smooth skin around the clock, turn to gentle foaming cleansers, rich daily moisturisers and rejuvenating night creams.

3. Tan your body first. Building your body tan before bronzing your face makes it easier to keep your colour natural all over. To match your complexion to the rest of your body, you can fake it with bronzers and foundation or get a subtle tan with a gradual tanning lotion. When you need a quick fix on a budget, mix a few drops of your regular tanner with a basic body moisturiser to create your own gradual tanning lotion.

Fake Tan Tips for Styling Your Look

Going to a fabulous event? Reach for skin illuminators and powder bronzers to take your face tan to the next level. For self tanning tips on how to accentuate your faux colour without going overboard, find inspiration in the red carpet’s hot retro-glam trend. To recreate the Hollywood-inspired look at home, gently glide a shimmer-based illuminator along your cheekbones, décolletage and down the bridge of your nose. For the perfect finishing touch, fill in the blanks with a matte powder bronzer in a neutral hue.