How to accentuate small eyes

When it comes to creating a standout makeup look the eyes can make or break it. While there are so many beautiful eye makeup trends to try, the big doe-eyed look is one that never goes out of style. Thanks to the magic of makeup, this look is no longer reserved for those with big almond eyes . With a few changes to your makeup routine, anyone can achieve a bigger, brighter eye look regardless of your natural eye shape . Below, we’re sharing 11 makeup tips and tricks to emphasize small eyes.

Tip #1: Highlight Your Eyes

Not only is highlighter makeup an essential for enhancing your features, but it also works wonders to help you achieve a wide, open-eyed effect. Dust a highlighter, like the L’Oréal Paris True Match Lumi Shimmerista Highlighting Powder onto your brow bone, the inner corners of eyes, and the center of your lids to give you the look of a lifted and bigger gaze.

Tip #2: Sculpt Your Brows

Sculpted eyebrows are a great way to frame your face and enhance your features, including your small eyes. Grab the L’Oréal Paris Unbelievabrow Longwear Waterproof Gel , which helps to thicken the look of your brows for hours. Lightly apply the product to fill in sparse areas. Then, use the angled brush to outline and define the shape of your brow and Finish up by combing through them with a spoolie, and your work is done.

Tip #3: Conceal Dark Circles

Concealer is a makeup essential for good reason. It works wonders to blur imperfections and tackle dark circles to lighten and brighten your under-eye area. The L’Oréal Paris True Match Eye Cream in a Concealer, 0.5% Hyaluronic Acid is a must-have hybrid that provides instant dark circle coverage with the care of an eye cream to give your eyes some extra TLC.

Tip #4: Apply A Winged Eyeliner

The classic winged eyeliner look is perfect for creating the illusion of bigger eyes. Use the L’Oréal Paris Matte Signature Liquid Dip Eyeliner, Waterproof , and build your winged eyeliner look with small thin strokes. Once you reach the outer edge of your eyes, create a small flick that extends up and outward. Click through our article, How to Achieve Your Sharpest Winged Eyeliner Look , for a step-by-step tutorial.

Tip #5: Embrace Tightlining

If there is one makeup trend that can complement your eye makeup for small eyes, tightlining easily takes one of the top spots. This technique is all about lining your upper lash line, which helps create the appearance of thicker, more defined lashes. We also dig that it makes you look like you’re not wearing any eyeliner at all, so it won’t make your eyes look any smaller.

Tip #6: Always Use A Lash Curler

Using a lash curler is one of the best ways to make your eyes truly pop. Give your lashes the perfect amount of lift with the help of this beauty staple by gently clamping it at the base of your lashes and walking the curler outward for a complete curve.

Editor’s tip: To give your lashes even more lift, run warm water over your lash curler before using it.

Tip #7: Define Your Crease

Just as contouring accentuates your cheekbones and sculpts your face, crease contour can do the same for your eyes. This trick gives the appearance of deeper set eyes, making your peepers look larger than they actually are. To get the look, use a neutral matte shade, like the L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Monos Eyeshadow in Café Au Lait , and blend the color onto your crease and the outer corner of your eyes.

Tip #8: Consider Color Eyeliner

In some instances dark eyeliner can actually make your eyes look smaller, so switch out the black shade in favor of something lighter. Consider applying a colored eyeliner like nude or white eyeliner to your lids. These neutral shades help you achieve a brighter, natural, and more awake look, ultimately making your small eyes look even bigger. Try this trick with the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro-Last Waterproof, Up to 24HR Pencil Eyeliner in Nude .

Tip #9: Don’t Apply Mascara On Inner Lashes

Mascara helps your eyes stand out, which is the number one goal for small eyes. But before you begin to paint your lashes, we recommend a small shift in technique. Try coating your lashes with the L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise Waterproof Mascara , but concentrate the formula on the outer two-thirds of your eyelashes to avoid making your eyes look closed off.

Tip #10: Try False Eyelashes

Sporting a flirty and lifted fringe is key for making your small eyes the center of attention. If you want to take your look up a notch, false eyelashes can make it happen. It’s essential to find the right style that complements your eye shape, so feel free to trim the lash strip down to size. Once you have the perfect set of falsies, visit our article, How to Apply False Eyelashes and Other Fake Lash Hacks , for a seamless application process.

Tip #11: Apply Eyeshadow To Your Lower Lash Line

It’s common practice to apply eyeshadow on your lids, but you’ll need to show your lower lash line some love to make a big impact. Sweeping a line of eyeshadow right under your bottom lashes provides your eyes with more definition and creates a contouring effect that goes a long way with your makeup for small eyes.

How to accentuate small eyes

Forget about pouty lips and rosy cheeks. The eyes are the windows to the soul, so you want yours to shine brightly.

How to accentuate small eyes

Regardless if you’re a blue-eyed beauty or a brown-eyed cutie or if your eyes are green with envy. We have some great tips to accentuate the color and shape of your eyes in a snap.

How to accentuate small eyes

Know your true colors

The easiest way to make your eyes stand out is to use complementary shades of eye shadow that work best with your specific color. It may come as a surprise, but you should not wear the same color eyeshadow as your eye color. Here are some general guidelines:

For brown eyes, try pale greens or blues. This brings out the warm tones in your brown eyes and make them appear richer. Use darker jewel tones, like dark plum, for a smoky and sultry look.

For green eyes, use pink tones and reddish-berry shades for daytime wear and shimmering bronze and ruby shades for evening. The contrast of the reddish shades against the green of the eyes will make the color of your eyes sparkle.

For blue eyes, try peach and orange shades for daytime wear and copper tones and burnt orange shades for evening shimmer. These complementary shades will make the blue of your eyes radiant.

Just remember that since everyone’s eye color is different, you’ll want to shop where you can try out a few different shades of colors in the same families for a perfect match for you.


Gold, bronze, copper
Brown, chocolate, mustard yellow
Peach, beige, Champagne, taupe, apricot
Plum, mauve, purple, violet, pink
Deep and mossy green shades

For blue eyes, choose THESE COLOR COMBOS:

Pink, rose, violet, lavender
Gray, silver, copper
Dark blue, light blue, turquoise
Charcoal, black, brown

For brown eyes, choose THESE COLOR COMBOS:

Brown, beige, tan
Gray, charcoal
Khaki, olive green, mocha
Bronze, gold
Violet, lavender, blue

How to accentuate small eyes

Ashley Rebecca is an NYC-based makeup artist and a regular contributor for Byrdie covering makeup, skincare, and haircare.


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In This Article

Eyes are beautifully diverse, coming in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and shapes. And with each eye shape comes different makeup tricks and tips to enhance. Not sure what eye shape you even have? We’ve got you covered. Ahead, we spent time chatting with Giorgio Armani Celebrity Makeup Artist Tim Quinn to get his expert advice on all the makeup tips for each eye shape and how to accentuate the unique characteristics of them all. But remember, any eye shape can wear any type of makeup they please. These tips are merely suggestions for how to determine and accentuate your unique eye shape.

Meet the Expert

Tim Quinn is a celebrity makeup artist and Giorgio Armani Celebrity Face Designer. Quinn has worked with celebrities for decades at nearly every famous red carpet.

How To Determine Your Eye Shape

  • Round Eyes : One of the main characteristics of round eyes is that your crease will always be noticeably visible. Another way to decipher if your eyes are round is by looking straight in the mirror and noticing whether or not you can see white on the top or bottom of the iris. If you’re able to see any white it’s clear you have round shaped eyes which often at times appear more open.
  • Monolid Eyes: If you don’t have much (or any) of a crease where your eyelid meets the skin below your eyebrows (and the shape of your lid tends to be flatter), that is a good indication you have a monolid eye shape. With this shape, the crease of the eye isn’t visible when your eyes are open.
  • Downturned Eyes: The easiest way to determine if you have downturned eyes is to look at the outermost corner and see whether it lifts up or downward. If the outer corner points down, then you know you have downturned eyes.
  • Upturned Eyes: Similar to the process of determining whether or not you have downturned eyes, do decipher if they are upturned you will look at the outer corners to see whether they tilt up or down. If the eyes tilt upward then you have upturned eyes.
  • Almond Eyes: If you see a visible crease when looking at your lids and the iris of your eyes touches white on both the top and bottom, you have almond-shaped eyes. You will also notice in almond-shaped eyes that they turn slightly upward in the outer corners.

Makeup Tips For Round Eyes

How to accentuate small eyes

When wanting to enhance round eyes, sticking to a neutral color palette is a great idea to really show off the beauty and shape. Quinn suggests that "Using a liner in the waterline is always a good idea for round eyes. Keep the lid color more light and apply a deeper shade to the crease, when applying mascara focus mainly on the top lashes."

Makeup Tips For Monolid Eyes

How to accentuate small eyes

Utilizing eyeliner is best for the monolid eye shape as it can bring instant definition. When referencing what makeup is best for a monolid eye, Quinn says "Keep it simple, clean, and chic." A trick Quinn uses often for monolid eyes is "Smudge the liner as you reach the outer edges and be sure to arch the brow to define the eye shape as well." A nude eyeliner on the lower waterline with softly smudged eyeshadow is another way to enhance monolid eyes.

Makeup Tips For Downturned Eyes

How to accentuate small eyes

Using a lash curler on downturned eyes will make a huge impact on the shape by keeping the lashes curled and upright. To accentuate a downturned eye shape, Quinn suggests following the shape of the eye in a straight motion with eyeliner versus curving it. "Keep the eyeliner linear. Slightly cheat the outer edge and then smudge out the lower lash line as well with a shadow or your favorite liner."

Makeup Tips For Hooded Eyes

How to accentuate small eyes

Hooded eyes are easily accentuated with color. Quinn emphasized the importance of makeup not transferring to the eyes when they are open and suggests using waterproof liner and mascara to achieve this. Quinn then noted, "I use waterproof liner and mascara so it won’t transfer and add a touch of light to the inner corners and just under the brow bone."

Makeup Tips For Upturned Eyes

How to accentuate small eyes

Winged eyeliner complements upturned eyes instantly and is a great go-to makeup trick. For upturned eyes, Quinn noted, "Well-defined brows really set the tone for this classic eye look I love to play with colorful liners and keep the lid cleaner."

Makeup Tips For Almond Eyes

How to accentuate small eyes

Almond eye shapes work well with accentuated eyelashes (they can be real or falsies) and carry out the popular smoky eyeshadow look very well. For smoky eyes, it's all about the blending technique, which quality makeup brushes will help you with. Quinn suggests using eyeliner to accentuate almond eyes by applying it on the top and bottom, "Be it winged, ombré or smudged eyeliner you can play with all styles. Don't be afraid to experiment with color and of course lots and lots of lashes!"

The Takeaway

There are a number of eye shapes out there, and you might have one or a combination of two types (for example, you might have hooded eyes that are also downturned). It's important to realize that no matter what eye shape you have, all are beautiful. Experimenting with different makeup tricks and techniques needs to be fun and something you enjoy, as it will further your knowledge on the best ways to accentuate your individual eye shape. Try everything you feel like trying; there really is no limit to what you can create when you're in the mood to be playful with your eye makeup. Whether you love to wear bold colors or more natural inspired looks, feel free to get as creative as you want.

Your hairstyle can enhance your face or make you look unattractive—a good reason to wear only the best hairstyles for your face. Use your hairstyle to enhance your best facial features, such as your eyes. One way to do this involves wearing a very short haircut, which automatically brings attention to your eyes, or a short bob hairstyle. Longer hair can also emphasize your eyes with a few techniques.

Bangs and Layers

The best way to make your eyes stand out involves wearing bangs or fringes, as the British call them. You can wear your bangs in a variety of ways, including curly or wispy, straight across your forehead, choppy or curved. Have bangs cut to your brow line for immediate focus on your eyes. Also, when you have your hair cut into layers around your face, you bring attention to your eyes, although not as dramatically as bangs do. Bangs work for both short and long hairstyles.

Hairstyle Techniques

Wear your long or medium-length hair side-swept to make your eyes stand out. To do so, part your hair in a deep asymmetric or angled part.

If you have wide-set eyes, pull your hair away from your face. This gives the illusion of having balanced eyes. Bring your hair forward on the sides of your face for eyes set close together to bring balance to your face.

Facial Shape and Bangs

Although all bangs draw attention to your eyes, keep your face shape in mind when choosing your hairstyle, says Elizabeth Karusaki, author of “Hairstyle for Beginners: Everything You Wanted to Know about the Hairstyle.” If you don’t know your face shape, pull your hair back and outline your face with a lipstick or eye pencil while looking in the mirror. For an oval face, you can wear any style bangs or hairstyle, keeping your hair texture in mind. Bangs may not work well with very curly, bulky hair, for example. Round faces look best with feathered or softly layered bangs reaching to your cheeks. Blunt bangs across the brow give long faces the illusion of an oval face. Side-swept bangs curving toward the jaw flatter square faces as well as heart-shaped faces. A heart shape also looks well with full bangs cut across the face. Wear wispy, wide bangs on a triangular face.

Eyes are the most noticeable feature on our face and it is a main focus area in makeup artistry. Naturally, it is a desire of many women to have big, youthful looking eyes. Unfortunately, nature does not always cooperate and we are not all left with our ideal eye size and shape. The good news is that it doesn’t matter whether you have small set eyes or you just want to make them pop. Here are 8 quick and easy tips that are fantastic ways to help your eyes appear larger and get your peepers popping!

1) Use white eyeliner: A general rule in makeup is that dark colors recede and light colors accentuate and bring features forward. Using a white liner in your waterline instead of black will provide brightness to your eyes that will give the allusion of larger eyes.

How to accentuate small eyes

2) Use falsies: The use of false eyelashes can do wonders for your eyes. They draw in extra attention while providing a beautiful frame around your eyes. Eyelashes have the ability to take any look from good to glam.

3) Line your upper lid: Using liner on the upper lid provides a visual eyelift. Too many times I see women line their lower waterline and neglect the top lid. This causes your eyes to look droopy and tired.

How to accentuate small eyes

4) Don’t line the entire lid: Lining your entire lid when you already have very small eyes can counter the purpose of liner and cause your eyes to look even smaller. If you naturally have small eyes try only lining the outer two thirds of the lid.

5) Use a light shimmer eye shadow on the inner corners of your eyes: With almost every look I create, I top it off with a dab of silvery gold eye shadow on the inner corners of my eyes. You only need the tiniest bit for it to make a difference. This little trick catches light in all the right ways to make your eyes look slightly larger than they actually are.

How to accentuate small eyes

6) Use multiple colors on your eyes: Try using multiple colors on your lid to create depth and dimension. For example, blue eyeliner paired with a purple eye shadow will give your eyes a dramatic pop.

7) Use light eye shadows: As I mentioned before, dark colors recede and light colors accentuate. This applies to eye shadow as well. A dark eye shadow will cause your eyes to appear smaller while a lighter color will open up and brighten your eyes.

8) Shape your eyebrows: The right eyebrow shape will create an eye opening effect while creating a frame for your face. Neglected or poorly managed eyebrows can take the focus away from the other features on your face.

How to accentuate small eyes

($59, Shop Now), calm inflammation and zap swelling in five to ten minutes flat. "What also works wonders is anything cold," says makeup artist Susie Sobel. "Even a bag of ice." And try dabbing a silicone-based primer on crow's-feet to soften and fill lines.

We like Circa Beauty Fresh Canvas Pore Minimizing Primer ($14, Shop Now).

Get Your Brows in Shape

Groomed arched eyebrows create a flattering frame for the eyes. And anything that accentuates the eyes is going to make them appear larger. (We're really into microblading right now, but tweezing is usually an easier on-the-fly alternative. Grab stray hairs—Sobel recommends cleaning up the areas above and below brows—and then fill in any gaps with an eyebrow pencil, such as

Then brush brows up (this is key, you guys) and over with a spooley brush for a clean, defined shape.

Even Out

Dark circles can make your eyes appear smaller. The right concealer can work double—even triple—duty on darkness and discoloration. It can also illuminate the entire eye area and draw attention to darker lashes. Choose a shade that's slightly lighter and warmer than your skin tone to brighten and correct any blue or purple undertones. Blend carefully, buffing with your finger or a sponge, working underneath and around the eyes—as well as all over the lids—to get a uniform base.

Draw a Tight Line

To enhance your lashes and frame your eyes, apply a superskinny strip of black liquid liner along the base of your upper lashes. Felt-tipped options, like CoverGirl Intensify Me Liquid Liner ($8.99, Shop Now), deposit rich, inky color while providing control and precision. "And I always like to do a tiny flick at the end just to pull the eye out a bit," says Sobel.

Bottom Out

Drawing perfectly seductive almond-shape eyes is actually a breeze with the right technique. Take your pencil "from the center of the lash line out, and make it a little thicker on the outer corners," says Sobel. Otherwise, "if it's too thick in the middle, you'll get round, panda eyes, which doesn't help give you a nice, wide shape that's lifted at the edges." Then smudge away any harsh lines with a cotton swab or clean eye-shadow brush, like

Curl Up

While almost every beauty junkie will have at least one lash curler in her makeup bag, we'll be the first to admit it's a step we often forget—especially during the a.m. rush. The extra 20 seconds it takes to curl your lashes can immediately the area appear wider and more open. "If someone's lashes are straight, they can cast a shadow on the eye area," says Sobel. Allure editors swear by the

Define Your Crease

"I know it's been this way forever, but putting a medium brown eye shadow in the crease is always good," says Sobel. To avoid looking like a 90210 star, use a fluffy brush, like

($38, Shop Now), to sweep a matte formula in an arc shape, from the outer corners all the way to the centers of the eyes.

Consider Color

Pencil liners are also effective. But if you've worn down your brown and black eye pencils to nubs, you might be in a makeup-color rut. Try easing your way out with navy liner, like

($8.49, Shop Now)—it makes eyes appear whiter (i.e., bigger).

As for shadows, vibrant shades such as aqua, silver, or pink look best on bare lids "with a lot of mascara and a groomed brow," says Sobel. Lavender eye shadow is universally flattering and brightening. And a dark color blended into the outer corners is perfect for an evening look. Just avoid matte formulas, which don't reflect light like their shimmery counterparts do.

Mascara, Mascara, Mascara

Did we say mascara? Apply a lengthening formula, like

($13.50, Shop Now), along the upper and lower lashes to create wide doe eyes, and then brush a thickening coat over the top for even flirtier, more battable lashes. Sobel likes wands fitted with rubber bristle wands, like L'Oréal Paris Voluminous Feline Mascara ($8.99, Shop Now), to grab and bulk fine lashes without clumping. For extra credit, focus an additional swipe near the center of the upper lash line to really draw the eyes upward.

Lighten the Waterline

Filling in your waterline with a dark liner can look sultry paired with smoky, diffused eye shadow, but it can also make your eyes look about half their size. For a bigger-is-better (which come on, you know it is) effect, color the waterline with a flat, white eye pencil instead to instantly open and brighten them. We love

Highlight, Too

There's a reason that even in #nofilter selfies, models seem incapable of taking a bad picture (and it's not just their unfairly superhuman genes): They know how to find the light or at least fake it. A pearly eye shadow or highlighter (try

($42, Shop Now)) dabbed on the centers of the lids, underneath the brow bones, and on the inner corners makes eyes look lifted and awake. Look for warm, rosy cream colors if your skin has pink undertones. Golden shades complement yellow and olive skin. And in a pinch, Sobel says, blending an extra dot of concealer on the inner corners and applying some heavy cream above the arches of the brows can also make a huge difference.

How to accentuate small eyes

When it comes to eyeliner, there isn’t a shape that is going to make you look bad, but certain tricks accentuate them and can even bring symmetry to asymmetrical eyes. Rita Ora’s makeup artist Kathy Jeung created six looks for six different eye shapes which you can enjoy below in one handy chart!

How to accentuate small eyes

Asymmetrical Eyes: If one is slightly larger than the other, you’ll want to use a liner technique that will help you correct and equal out both your eyes. Jeung suggests using a black kohl liner, like Rimmel London ScandalEyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal Eye Liner in “Black,” along the lashline, from the inner corner to the outer corner, increasing the width at the outer corner on the slightly uneven eye only to make it appear wider and even.

Close-Set Eyes: The key to this eye shape is creating the illusion that your eyes are wider apart than they are. First, use concealer on the inner corners to lighten and open up the eye area. Try NudeStix Concealer Pencil. Then, on the outer third part of your eye, create a “V” shape using a black liner, and then trace the shape with a jumbo liquid liner to make a thick wing, such as Rimmel London ScandalEyes Jumbo Liquid Eye Liner in “Black.”

Monolids: Extend the product up the upper lid so the fold on the lower lid doesn’t hide your liner. Jeung recommends using a waterproof black pencil, like Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil, along the lashline from inner to outer corner and stopping where the eye ends. You can also smudge it out at the outer corners, using a small smudger brush, like Bobbi Brown Eye Smudge Brush”.

Wide Eyes: Wide eyes can handle a lot of look, so go bold. Jeung loves a really thick cat-eye on this eye shape. Using a waterproof black liner pencil, create a tiny “V” in the inner corner of your eye. Then, go over the line with a liquid liner, like Ciatè Double Lines Liner” (a waterproof, dual-sided liner with a soft kajal eyeliner on one end and ultra-black liquid liner on the other), and wing it out at the outer corner for a patent-leather look.

Small Eyes: To widen small eyes, apply a taupe shadow over the eyelid all the way up to the crease. Next, along the lashline, use a black kohl pencil. Try Chanel Le Crayon Khôl Intense Eye Pencil in “Noir.” Smudge it with your fingertip and top with a dark brown eye shadow, increasing the amount of shadow at the outer corners. Try Nars Matte Eyeshadow in “Coconut Grove.” Along the lower lashline, repeat the black liner/brown shadow combo. Lastly, apply a light pink blush, like Benefit Cosmetics Coralista, using a fluffy eyeshadow brush to the upper outer corners of your eyelid, which instantly opens up the eye.

Almond Eyes: To accentuate almond eyes, line the inner upper and lower lashes with a waterproof kohl pencil the entire way around your eyes, then trace the outer corners of the upper and lower lashlines, smudging it with a smudged brush. Then, top it with a gunmetal gray shadow to soften it and use bronzer to accentuate the crease for a natural effect. Try Charlotte Tilbury Rock ‘N’ Kohl Bedroom Black Iconic Liquid Eye Pencil, and MAC Cosmetics Eye Shadow in “Scene.”

How to accentuate small eyes

Just when you finally figured out your face shape, you suddenly realize your eyes have their own unique look, too. And while it might seem like overkill to harp on the shape of your eyes, it can actually help emphasize your best features.

Knowing your eye shape can help you learn how to best flatter them when applying makeup. Luckily, figuring out if you have round or almond-shaped eyes isn’t as hard as it seems.

How to accentuate small eyes

How to find the best haircut for your face shape

Ready to find out your eye shape once and for all? TODAY Style consulted top makeup artists to break down the six most popular eye shapes and some makeup tips for each of them.

Now all that’s left is for you to get all dolled up!

What is my eye shape?

There are six main eye shapes — round, monolid, hooded, downturned, upturned and almond — and they’re all fabulous in their own way. You may have also heard the following descriptions for your eyes: wide set, asymmetrical, big, small, close set and deep set. While they’re certainly worth mentioning, these descriptions aren’t all inclusive.

“These are a secondary description beyond shape. It’s more so referring to the placement of where the eye is on the face,” said celebrity makeup artist Colby Smith at Exclusive Artists.

And it’s quite possible to teeter between eye shapes. “People can definitely be in between shapes. I commonly see almond-shaped eyes that are a little rounder than others. For the most part, though, the shapes are pretty definitive,” said celebrity makeup artist Anton Khachaturian, whose clients include Lana Condor, Tia Mowry and Meg Donnelly.

Here’s how to find your perfect match!

Round eye shape

Wondering if your eyes are round? Here’s a quick cheat sheet:

  • Round eyes are usually large, prominent and look more circular.
  • The cornea of round eyes is surrounded by white all the way around.
  • The inner and outer corners of round eyes are rounded and not pulled inward or outward.

Celebrities with round eyes:

Ashley Olsen , Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel all have round eyes.

Makeup tips for round eyes:

  • Khachaturian recommends using eyeliner in the waterline to close up some of the white space.
  • Round eyes are pretty versatile and can wear liner and shadows in most colors, according to celebrity makeup artist Sandy Linter: “Try a deep contour in the crease, a pale lid and a deeper shadow at the ends of the eyes.”
  • Go easy on the lashes! “Add mascara to top lashes only, focusing an extra coat or two on the outer lashes,” said Ramy Gafni, celebrity makeup artist and founder of Ramy Cosmetics.

Monolid eye shape

Think you have a monolid eye shape? Consider this:

  • Common in Asian women, monolid eyes feature a less apparent crease.
  • Often called a shallow or smooth eyelid, monolids don’t reveal as much if any of the eyelid.

Celebrities with monolid eyes:

Lana Condor, Sandra Oh and Lucy Liu have this eye shape.

Makeup tips for monolid eyes:

  • Don’t be afraid to play around! “Monolid eyes have less space above the eye, so it’s a great opportunity to play with a fun color or a smokey feel under the eye and in the waterline,” Smith said.
  • Create dimension. “Use shimmering, light reflective eye shadows in the inner corner of the eye and dark matte eye shadow on the brow bone,” said Glamsquad artistic director Kelli J. Bartlett.
  • Go smokey! “I tend to go smokier and much tighter on the eyes, then soften out to create a stronger crease,” Khachaturian said.

Hooded eye shape

Think your eyes are hooded? You may be right if the following rings true:

How to accentuate small eyes

Laura says the first thing women need to do before they attempt to camouflage crow’s feet is. accept them. “Nothing in the world can completely hide a wrinkle,” she says. “Makeup fillers eventually sink into the creases throughout the day, then the lines become more visible.”

So what should you do? Laura says to avoid using foundation or powder on crow’s feet. Instead, distract from them by dabbing concealer only where you need it—in the discolored areas around the eyes and face. A more even skin tone will help camouflage signs of aging.

How to accentuate small eyes

How to accentuate small eyes

With age, eyebrows become thinner. They succumb to years of plucking and waxing and don’t grow back. Plus, the color fades, and we’re left with less definition around the eyes. “A fuller brow looks younger,” says Laura.

So she suggests having eyebrows professionally dyed. “I’ve done it,” she says. “But because the more you dye, the more fragile the hair gets, don’t dye brows any more than once a month.” Once dyed, fill in the brow area with an eyebrow pencil. If your brow is very skimpy, consider applying some brow powder before the pencil.

How to accentuate small eyes

Like brows, eyelashes become thinner and faded, too. They get drier, more brittle and fall out as you get older. Laura suggests having eyelashes professionally dyed as well, if they aren’t too fragile. Plus, a reliable way to make your eyes “pop,” she says, is mascara.

Apply mascara, focusing on the base of the lash. Don’t place a heavy load of mascara on the tips of the lashes or they’ll look clumpy and heavy. “As women get older, they should focus on highlighting the contour of the eyes,” Laura says. “Place mascara at the root, then [lightly] paint each individual lash.”

How to accentuate small eyes

“Eyes may look smaller as we age because the lids get heavier and sag and [bags may appear],” says Laura. “Plus, the loss of color and fullness in the lashes reduces the contrast that makes eyes look alert.”

To regain that contrast, use a thick mascara, and follow Laura’s application tips. “Contrast the lash line with mascara and it will open the eye up.”

How to accentuate small eyes

If you’re one of the lucky ones with a smooth eyelid with plenty of natural oils, then your lids can probably handle any type of eye shadow. Many women, however, lose natural moisture in the eyelids over time, so lids look drier and wrinkled.

So what kind of eye shadow looks good on a crinkled lid? Laura suggests using a silky shadow and avoiding shimmery shadows, which draw attention to the creases. If your lid is very wrinkled, then consider a silky matte shadow. Apply it by shading the full lid like a cloud.

How to accentuate small eyes

Eyeliner can be your best friend, or your worst enemy. There are so many tricks to the trade. So how do you know if you are doing it right for the best and most flattering look? I have found makeup expert tips from all over the web to get that look you are looking for. Or just some tips you may have not thought of for your best look.

Layer Your Liner
“If you’re not a professional makeup artist, it can be difficult to line those eyes, but then again liquid liner tends to stay on longer and smudge-free. So what I do is, I line my eyes first with a pencil liner because it’s easier to make that straight line with it. Then I go back on the line with the liquid liner. It’s kind of like coloring! The result? Your eye liner will stay on, smudge-free, and well-lined.”
-Ysolt Usigan, beauty and style contributor at Huffington Post

For Soft and Sexy Eye Makeup
“For an eye look that’s defined but not too heavy, line your upper lash line with black eyeliner and the bottom lash line with brown eyeliner. This is one of my biggest makeup artist tricks for beautiful, soft eyes!”
-Mally Roncal, celebrity makeup artist

To Open Up Your Eyes

“Take a white eye pencil and line the inside rim of your lower eyelid. This really makes eyes pop! Fun fact: Look at the old black/white photos of the gorgeous women of the ‘30s and ‘40s like Marlene Dietrich and you’ll see this was done to them. Additionally, if your eyes are a close set, use the white pencil to lightly line the section where the upper and lower lids come together, closest to the nose. This will make them appear wider apart. The key here is to make sure it’s subtle.”
-Candice Sabatini, editorial director of

For Thin Brows
“For people with thin brows, use a pencil first that is a bit lighter than your natural color to define the shape, then follow with a brow powder that is close to your natural hair color with a thin, strong angle brush. After, use a brow gel or sealer which will set the powder. My fave is the Model in a Bottle – Long Lasting Eyebrow Sealer. It is by far the best sealer out there and I have tried many.”
-Lauren Fanuzzi, beauty guru and art director

Make Mascara Count

“Make a $5 tube of mascara look as good as the results from a $25 tube by holding a business card up along the inside edge of your lashes and sweeping the brush against it with your other hand. This way your lashes can’t bend out of the way of the brush and you end up coating every lash all the way to the tip. The results will leave you wide-eyed in more ways than one.”
-Wendy Toth, senior lifestyle editor for Digital Works @NBCU

On the Inside
“Lining the waterline, or inner rim of the eye, adds intensity and extra definition, and creates the illusion of a thicker, fuller lash line.”
-Gilbert Soliz, Lead Artist for the Sephora PRO Beauty Team

Faking the Straight Line
“Smudging is key when you’re afraid you won’t create a straight line,” says Chang-Babaian. “When applying eyeliner, it’s not about creating a straight line with the pencil, but going back and forth with your brush until the line is smooth.”
-Eye makeup guru, Taylor Chang-Babaian, author of “Style Eyes.

Larger Eyes

“If you completely cover both the top and bottom lash lines with liner, you’re going to close the eye, making it look smaller. To make it look larger, you only want to apply it both halfway on top and bottom.”
Makeup artist Carmindy from TLC’s What Not to Wear

Make Them Look
“Wherever you put darkness is where your eye is drawn to, which means eyeliner allows you to change the shape of your eye.” Got small eyes? Make them bigger with a smoky wraparound. Want to elongate your eyes’ width? Do an exaggerated winged tip.”
-Eye makeup guru, Taylor Chang-Babaian, author of “Style Eyes.

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