How to accentuate cleavage

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Looking to add a bit of feminine pizzazz to your appearance? Accentuating your cleavage might be that additional flare you’ve been searching for. Utilizing your cleavage as an accessory is a great way to spice up your day-to-day or night out ensembles. Acquiring the desired effect is as easy as bronzing, donning an appropriate bra, or throwing on your favorite plunging neckline.

How to accentuate cleavage

Dear Sharon: I’m going through a style metamorphosis and finally coming to terms with my curves, albeit wanting to make my B’s look more like C’s- without surgery.

I want to show off my figure but have no idea how to accentuate cleavage. I have a few special occasions coming up and feel like it’s my time to manifest my Sofia Vergara moment! Please help. (J.C.via Fashion Advice)

First off, you need to be sure that it is an appropriate situation to be flaunting your lady bumps. The last you thing you want to do is be in a professional (unless that’s your profession, wink, wink) situation where your tits are doing the talking rather than your acumen.

That said, how to accentuate cleavage is all a matter of what your wear, both on the inside and outside.

Try some of these bust boosting tricks…

A V-neck (very on trend for fall 2013), plunging or polite, will always create the illusion of a longer line and draw attention to your bosom. Try a long pendant necklace to continue the line down your outfit.

Knits and jersey fabrics will emphasize your breasts more than woven fabrics.Yup, it’s all about the cling appeal.

An old stylist trick for models, the red carpet, and even drag queens, is to wear two bras at once. Wear one bra that pushes you together with another bra that lifts you up. Although undressing may be cumbersome, you’ll get the added oomph.

How to accentuate cleavage

Chicken cutlets! Braza Silicone Triangle Bra Inserts

Chicken cutlets. No, not the kind you marinate & grill, but the industry slang for the triangular foam or silicone pads that you can stuff your bra for the red carpet or photo shoots. Be extra daring and use one under your breast and one more to the outside for super cleavage. You can also call these falsies.

Another behind the scenes trick from pageant girls to models is to use gaffer’s tape to lift and separate. Lean forward and place tape under the outerside of your breast to move them inward. You may need a couple of strips for the right angle. Another strip underneath to lift. Works great for backless dresses where wearing a bra can be difficult. You can also use stick on bras, like BrazaBra, but you can control the lift more with tape.

Try contouring your cleavage just as you would your cheek bones. Brush brown contour powder around your breasts closet to your chest bone using a proper blush brush. Add highlighting powder with a larger brush to the fleshy area you want to draw attention too.

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Just one missed blouse button and your “girls” can suddenly go from classy to trashy. Whether you meant to show off the goods on purpose or you’re just too busty to help it, learn how and when to give your cleavage its stage time with our 6 rules for best breast etiquette. Plus, are you wearing the right bra size? Find out with our quiz. The average breast size has grown from a 34B to a 36C since the 1970s and clothing styles are smaller and snugger. So it’s no wonder the line between “Nice!” and “Look at those!” has blurred. “I don’t think women are stupid,” says Elisabeth Squires, author of bOObs: A Guide to Your Girls. (Seal Press). “I just don’t think anyone knows the rules.” If you're confused about when to flaunt them and when to cover up, here’s what the experts say: Rule #1: Acknowledge the obvious.
Sex sells. And like it or not, breasts get beer sold and burgers bought. It’s not such a stretch to realize your ta-tas are more likely to get checked out than, say, your knees or collarbones.

So do a double take in the mirror before walking out the front door in the morning. “[Women] understand the power of breasts in general, but they don’t understand the power of their own,” Squires says. You may aim for different effects depending on the situation, but understanding how and when to tap into the power of your cleavage will help you achieve the desired result anytime, anywhere. One can look like a hoochie mama, Mother Superior or somewhere in between as a sexy and classy woman, says Los Angeles image consultant Ashley Rothschild ( “There's nothing more fascinating than a woman who owns her sex appeal and her power.” For best results, breast power should be wielded with awareness and intent. “We have to realize that breasts are your femininity and sexuality at the same time,” Squires says. “That’s what the power of cleavage is all about – using your sexuality or not.”

Rule #2: Sometimes less is more.
In some industries, it’s appropriate – in fact, required – to play up your cleavage: entertainment, fashion, Hooters, to name a few. Unless your career success rests on your chest, though, it's probably wiser to rely on your other assets at the office. “If cleavage isn’t in your job description, don’t write it in,” Squires says. Too much boobage, and you may end up perceived as sexual, not professional. “Showing a lot of breast is a distraction, especially in the workplace,” she says. Wear a very low-cut wrap dress or shirt, and everyone will focus on the boobs. “We all need to be appropriate and be responsible for the message we send out,” Rothschild says. “Think before you even enter your closet what your image is going to communicate.” So buy a full-length mirror and take a look at yourself. If your breasts are standing out, “that’s probably inappropriate,” Squires says. Don’t reveal more than an inch of cleavage at work, Rothschild says. The same holds true for your company’s holiday party and meeting your boyfriend’s parents for the first time.

Rule #3: Sometimes more brings more.
All bets are off when the sun goes down. Feel free to flaunt your curves and play up cleavage for a night on the town. This is the time to pair a push-up bra with a plunging neckline or, if you’re small-chested and daring, go with a sexy backless number and skip the bra. Revealing 2-3 inches of cleavage during off hours will get the job done, Rothschild says, but she cautions: “If it looks like you're going to pop out, you’ve gone way too far.” Think of your cleavage as an accessory, and make sure it suits your outfit and the occasion. “Or, quite frankly, you might be an exhibitionist, and that’s OK too,” Squires says. When it comes to breast etiquette, pregnancy is the other exception. Accentuate this short-lived bonus cleavage any way you please. When women are pregnant, “breasts are fully employed,” she says. “Give their girls a break. Pregnant women should be able to get away with anything they want.”

Rule #4: Be age-appropriate.
The scientific reality? Gravity will eventually win in the quest for perky breasts. And since you can’t fight physics without a boob job – or a lot of duct tape – those not willing to go under the knife should aim for a look that complements a natural, mature bust line. Wear a well-fitting bra, but skip boosters to avoid an unnaturally high, crinkled cleavage. “Often a woman who is a little bit older will wear a push-up bra, and she looks sort of odd,” Squires says. Click here for Top 10 Items You’re Too Old to Wear. Instead, select a bra that separates and supports your breasts, and don’t be afraid to wear a top that shows off your décolletage. A sheer or lacy camisole adds a sexy detail that also camouflages less than perfect skin. But skip the plunging, belly-button baring neckline. And don’t even think about going braless. "You're never too old to be sexy, but it's ridiculous to see a woman in her 60s or 70s walking around without a bra,” Rothschild says.

Rule #5: Always flatter your rack.
Regardless of size, your success at putting your best breasts forward is ultimately determined by your clothing. Here’s how Rothschild recommends you gussy up your girls: For big boobs:

How to accentuate cleavage

How to make the most of your big breasts!

Some say big breasts are a blessing. But for those who have a large bosom, they may not always want them on full display. After all, there are times when you want to show them off, but there are also times when you might want to be more modest when it comes to flaunting your figure.

So, no matter if you want to accentuate, minimize or accessorize, here are a few ways to make the most out of your big breasts!


If you are aiming to minimize the look of your breasts this is a simple thing to do. Firstly, don’t wear clothes that are too tight. This only emphasizes your breasts and they can actually look even bigger!

Also, by wearing darker colors on top, it will reduce the appearance of your breasts. Try wearing black, dark green, mocha, or gray for this optical illusion.

Turtleneck sweaters are not ideal if you are trying to reduce the appearance of your breasts. These will only make them look bigger! Instead, why not try a tunic style shirt which draws your eye downwards away from the breast area.


If you want to accentuate your large breasts, try a push-up bra. Or, you can get even more cleavage with a padded bra. You can also wear a lower neckline to accentuate your breasts and draw attention to this area. If you really want all eyes on your chest, cover up other parts of your body so the only revealing area is your chest. A long-sleeve v-neck dress or a peek-a-boo top will do just that!


If you want to accessorize your large breasts, you can wear a simple necklace. But it is important to know where exactly to place it. Jewelers refer to the proper place you should put a necklace as “the necklace sweet spot”. This sweet spot is typically two to three inches below the base of your neck. For women with larger busts, it is better to position the necklace higher up rather than having it sit in your breasts. This will bring more emphasis to your beautiful neck and face rather than your bust line.

By knowing these simple and easy tricks, you can always look chic, fashionable and make the most of your large breasts!

How to accentuate cleavage

Sometimes, I just want some more cleavage in my life. Maybe it’s for a special night out, an outfit, or — who really needs a reason? All I know is that I don’t have the time to contour my chest with bronzer like I’ve seen on Instagram. Luckily, the best bras for more cleavage are designed to not only lift, but actually create cleavage, thanks to clever design elements like padding, lace-up fronts, and more.

When searching for a cleavage-enhancing bras, my first instinct is to find bras that add lift, but pushup bras sometimes raise breasts without always creating the cleavage I’m looking for. And if you have certain outfits in mind that you want to add some cleavage for, you’ll want to consider that in your search as well. If you look to add cleavage on a more regular basis, bras with convertible straps or comfortable support might be the best option. There are harness-type bras you wear with bras you already have at home, and then there are those self-adhesive backless bras you can wear with a backless dress or top. Believe me, there are options!

Whatever your reason for wanting to add cleavage, you’ll find plenty of great bras on Amazon to fit exactly what you’re looking for. And nothing’s better than hitting the internet to find a bra that’s highly reviewed, so you know exactly what you’re getting. Here’s some of the best:

A Bra For Natural Looking Cleavage

This push-up bra promises to be comfortable and offers natural-looking cleavage for those who are after that look! Designed with Wonderbra, this one comes with lots of options — try one in classic black or white lace, or go bold with neon pink and lacy royal purple. Reviewers love that "the cleavage is awesome," and it’s comfortable, too.

Helpful review: “This bra not only manages to give me cleavage (a feat, to be sure) but it’s oddly comfortable. I wear it almost every day for 10 hour stretches or so and sometimes forget I’m wearing it. Solid purchase.”

How to accentuate cleavage

We all know how much a push-up bra can do to enhance cleavage. But did you know you can give yourself a breast lift with makeup, too? Think of it as the quick and painless way to get bigger (looking) boobs.

How to accentuate cleavage

How to accentuate cleavage

With all the breast implants in Hollywood these days, this trick is not as widely used as it once was. However, it’s still used on occasion (especially for movie premieres and award shows) to make a flat-chested woman look like she has bigger breasts.

How to accentuate cleavage

A Buxom Keira Knightley?

A perfect example of this breast enhancement method is actress Keira Knightley. As you can see in the picture below on the left — though beautiful and completely feminine — she wasn’t blessed with much in the breast department. However in the three Pirates of the Caribbean movies, Keira Knightley played the buxom Elizabeth Swann, shown below at right.

“They painted my tits on me for the films, which is extraordinary because it’s kind of a dying art form — in the past, they used to have whole sections of the studios devoted to bosom make-up,” Keira Knightley recently revealed. “And I loved it, completely loved it. Because it was the first time in my life I had big tits, and I didn’t even need surgery.”

Get bigger breasts without surgery

It’s not that difficult to create cleavage with makeup. You just need some bronzer or a dark shade of powder and another lighter shade of powder to get started.

How to accentuate cleavage

Put on your bra (a push-up is great for this situation) and, if possible, get dressed. Protect the top edge of your shirt or dress by tucking in a facial tissue or even a little toilet paper.

Apply the darker color (bronzer or powder) in the area down the middle of your chest, between your breasts. Blend the color upward and outward, creating a V-shape and along the natural curve of the breast.

Take a lighter color of face powder or eye shadow, such as white or light gold, and put on the top half of your breasts. Don’t use too much, and avoid powders that are too shimmery. Blend well with a makeup sponge.

Check in the mirror and see if your breasts look ample enough. If not, add more dark color in the center to build and deepen the color. However, when in doubt, go with less makeup enhancement rather than more.

You’ll be surprised at how easy this is to accomplish. Next time you are going out and wearing a low-cut dress or top, you can give yourself instant cleavage! (This trick is also popular among drag queens. Hey, if it works on a guy…)

How to accentuate cleavageMany women like to accentuate their cleavage to display a fuller, more sensual breast aesthetic. Common ways of achieving a larger, perkier breast appearance include buying push-up bras, wearing clothing with a low neckline, using breast tape, and applying makeup to contour the decolletage to create the illusion of cleavage. In addition, exercise and good posture can often enhance the way one’s breasts look. While these methods can all emphasize cleavage, the most dramatic way to enlarge the breasts and obtain noticeable cleavage is through plastic surgery.

Popular breast surgeries that can give women a boost in their cleavage, breast shape, and breast size include breast augmentation with implants and breast fat transfer. With traditional silicone or saline breast implants, patients can obtain more fullness in their upper pole area to achieve the ample cleavage they desire. With the “natural breast augmentation,” fat is transferred from one area of the body via liposuction, such as the flanks or thighs, and re-injected into the breasts. This provides a more subtle enhancement for the size and shape of the breasts.

If you are interested in how augmentating your breasts can help you achieve a fuller chest size with improved cleavage, please contact The Aesthetic Institute of Chicago to schedule your consultation with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons.

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How to accentuate cleavage

Lately I’m all about the back. Ever since I tried on a dress on that was a tiny bit snug, and turned around to see what my daughter was laughing at. There in the mirror was my reflection of what looked like some mighty fine breast implants, but they were on the wrong side of my body. I had back cleavage, and laughed along with my daughter who at that point, was practically rolling on the floor.

I regret to this day that I did not photograph my impressive back monstrosities and I am convinced that my front cleavage was quite jealous of the competition behind her.

Now it’s time to learn what to do: Remembe r that b ack fat is common, but can be contained and or minimized when following these tips:

1. Go up one size if you get back cleavage in a dress, bathing suit, or exercise top.

2. Shorten the straps and take in any spot that needs to be adjusted for a perfect fit.

3. If you are broad shouldered, have back fat or both, then only wear wide straps and avoid racer back styles at all costs. They are very good at creating quite disturbing looking back cleavage.

4. Get a professional bra fitting. The wrong size or ill fitting bra, can create oodles of puddles and accentuate or create back cleavage and back fat.

5. Always look at what is happening behind you and have a sense of humor about all the directions our bodies can go into when wearing the wrong clothes and lingerie. It is NEVER the fault of your shape, but rather the wrong clothes for your body. How to accentuate cleavage

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How to accentuate cleavage

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First, let’s start by saying this: there is absolutely nothing wrong with a flat chest! From Audrey Hepburn to Keira Knightley, some of the most beautiful women of past and present have turned heads without busty curves and cleavage.

But in spite of the A-cup revolution, cleavage has its advantages. It helps some clothes look and fit better. And, a peek of cleavage can give you a boost of confidence for a night out or special occasion — or any occasion, really.

Of course, having a flat chest doesn’t mean you’re stuck in a life without curves and cleavage. You can employ a few tricks to make your boobs look bigger — without going under the knife. Here are four to try today.

How To Make Your Boobs Look Bigger

1. Choose the right silhouette

A top that’s too revealing will give away your real size, no matter what else you do to accentuate your chest. So, don’t go for the deep-V neckline. At the same time, you don’t want a top that hugs too tight to your chest — as it’ll squish your assets into invisibility. You do want underwire, V-neck cuts that aren’t too deep, structured cups, and sweetheart necklines. See our sweetheart neckline picks below!

2. Contour with bronzer

Don a push-up bra in order to set your boobs in the perfect position. Then, grab a soft powder brush plus a bronzer and a highlighter. Your bronzer should be slightly darker than your skin, and the highlighter should be lighter and shimmery.

Starting where your bra strap meets the cup, sweep the dark bronzer along the highest points of one natural curve, then down the inner edge of your cleavage. Now brush the light bronzer down the middle of your cleavage. The shade will catch light and create depth in your crease, making cups look fuller. Sweep it across your collarbone too.

3. Twist and cinch

If you don’t want to spring for a pricey new push-up bra, try tweaking your current one. Twist the fabric between the cups of your bra before slipping into it — the extra twist pitches the cups toward each other, which will add support and enhance your cleavage.

You could also slip a safety pin or flat ribbon around the straps in the back, pulling them close together like a racerback. Doing so pulls the cups together in front.

4. Posture, posture, posture

Slumping over is not flattering for your figure. Your new mantra is this: Shoulders back and chest out!

This is important for the long-term, too. Muscles in the front of the shoulders and chest become chronically shortened in people who slouch. If you work at a computer, you’re more likely to face this issue and the resulting saggy appearance in front.

Start paying attention to how you sit at the office. Several times a day, sit up straight and lift your chest. Imagine you are trying to hold a tennis ball between your shoulder blades. Hold this position for 5-10 deep breaths, or as long as possible. You’ll strengthen those muscles which ultimately makes your breasts look bigger.

In this video from TheCurrentCustom she teaches how to enhance your breasts. First she says you need to measure your breasts to figure out the right kind of bra for you. Take the measuring tape below your bust, and wrap around back, and then measure right above your bust. Round down to the nearest even number if you get an odd number. Then measure your bust size by wrapping the tape measure around the largest part of your bust, typically where your nipples are. Then subtract the bust size from band size. If you get a 0, then you are a AA. If you get a 1 you are an A. A 2 is a B, 3 is a C, and 4 is a D. She recommends push up bras. They push you in and up to where you need to be. Her favorite bra is the dream angel push up. She also likes the Very Sexy push up bra. Push up bras must have padding or else it won’t push you up properly. The new bombshell bra makes you even 2 cup sizes larger. Another option is to add something called a “cupcake.” If you wear that with a push up bra, you’ll be 2 sizes bigger. If you want the focus on your breasts, add a bronzer or highlighter right in the cleavage.

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