How to abbreviate

There are a lot of instances when studying an article or a ebook, one would come throughout one thing akin to ‘ie’ and/or ‘eg.’ It might be straightforward to dismiss them as typos however that isn’t the case. Firstly, they occur approach too incessantly to be a typo, and secondly the identical typo can’t occur in every single place. Others might dismiss them as some colloquialism, as one thing individuals someplace say, but it surely doesn’t actually imply every little thing, akin to ‘eh’. Nonetheless, that isn’t the case both, each ‘ie’ and ‘eg’ have meanings, and they’re used for explicit causes.

Each ‘ie’ and ‘eg’ are brief types, that are used to indicate one thing else. On this case, it may be stated that they’re older examples of SMS slangs, much like LOL or OMG. Nonetheless, whereas LOL and OMG are pretty new, ‘ie’ and ‘eg’ are previous, courting again to when Latin was nonetheless in use. So, it may be stated that not that a lot has modified for people; the Historic Romans used brief language slang simply as a lot as immediately’s youngsters.

‘ie’ stands for ‘id est’ which is Latin, and interprets into ‘in different phrases’ or ‘that’s’ or ‘that’s to say’. Principally, it’s used so as to add extra info to one thing that was beforehand listed or to make clear that one thing. For instance, Mary has two journals, i.e. one blue and one crimson. Right here the i.e. is used to present extra details about the journals, which have been talked about earlier than. ‘e.g’ can be utilized interchangeably with “particularly” or “specifically.”

How to abbreviate

‘eg’ stands for ‘exempli gratia’ which is once more Latin, and interprets into ‘for instance’. ‘eg’ is primarily used to record instance. Nonetheless, the examples listed are utilized in a method to attempt to elaborate on the subject. They have to not be simply any examples, they have to add to the subject readily available, in order that the reader understands a bit extra concerning the matter by wanting on the examples. For instance: “The grocery retailer is stocked with quite a lot of merchandise, e.g. eggs, bread, cleaning soap.” It isn’t essential to record and many others. on the finish of an e.g. record, as e.g. already implies that just some examples are being lists, therefore some are being omitted. Therefore, and many others. simply turns into redundant.

It might now be seen that i.e. and e.g. are two fully various things and must be used as such. Briefly, ‘ie’ means ‘that’s’, whereas ‘eg’ means ‘for instance’. One useful approach of remembering them is to notice the ‘e’ in ‘eg’ might be ‘instance’, whereas ie may also be translated as ‘in essence’, which mainly means that’s and is an alternate translation for ‘ie’. The ‘i’ in ‘ie’ may also be used for ‘in different phrases’.

Comparability between ie and eg:



In different phrases or That’s

For instance or for the sake of an instance

Additionally written as

From Latin i. e., an abbreviation of id est (“that’s”).

A terser type of ex. gr., each abbreviating Latin exemplī grātiā (“for the sake of an instance”).

Used to elucidate, make clear or rephrase a press release

Used so as to add explanatory info or to state one thing in numerous phrases

Used to record examples and to elaborate on the subject by offering examples.

shorten, curtail, abbreviate, abridge, retrench imply to scale back in extent. shorten implies discount in size or length. shorten a speech curtail provides an implication of chopping that in a roundabout way deprives of completeness or adequacy. ceremonies curtailed due to rain abbreviate implies a making shorter often by omitting some half. utilizing an abbreviated title abridge implies a discount in compass or scope with retention of important components and a relative completeness within the outcome. the abridged model of the novel retrench suggests a discount in extent or prices of one thing felt to be extreme. declining enterprise compelled the corporate to retrench

Do you know?

Abbreviate and abridge each imply “to make shorter,” so it in all probability will come as no shock that each derive from the Latin verb brevis, which means “brief.” Abbreviate first appeared in print in English within the 15th century and derives from abbreviatus, the previous participle of Late Latin abbreviare, which in flip might be traced again to brevis. Abridge, which appeared a century earlier, additionally comes from abbreviare however took a facet journey by means of Anglo-French earlier than arriving in Center English as abregen. Brevis can be the ancestor of English temporary itself, in addition to brevity and breviary (“a prayer ebook” or “a short abstract”), amongst others.

Examples of abbreviate in a Sentence

These instance sentences are chosen routinely from numerous on-line information sources to mirror present utilization of the phrase ‘abbreviate.’ Views expressed within the examples don’t symbolize the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Ship us suggestions.

First Recognized Use of abbreviate

15th century, within the which means outlined above

Historical past and Etymology for abbreviate

Center English abbreviaten, borrowed from Late Latin abbreviātus, previous participle of abbreviāre "to make shorter" — extra at abridge

An abbreviation, merely put, is a shortened type of a phrase. In writing, abbreviations are helpful when you have to squeeze quite a lot of writing right into a small area. You can too use them rather than lengthy or cumbersome phrases to make your sentences simpler to learn.

One factor to recollect about abbreviations is that sure ones are thought-about casual. In case you are writing one thing very formal, it’s higher to err on the facet of spelling issues out. The opposite factor to recollect is that some readers might not know what an abbreviation means. If the abbreviation is obscure or unfamiliar, be sure to elucidate what it means the primary time you utilize it.

Acronyms and Initialisms

Abbreviations are available a number of completely different varieties. Each acronyms and initialisms are abbreviations which are fashioned by combining the primary letter of every phrase in an extended identify or phrase. Usually, acronyms and initialisms are written in all capital letters to tell apart them from bizarre phrases. (When absolutely spelled out, the phrases in acronyms and initialisms don’t should be capitalized until they entail a correct noun.)

An acronym is pronounced as a single phrase, somewhat than as a collection of letters. NASA, as an example, is an acronym. It stands for National Aeronautics and Stempo Administration. Often, an acronym turns into so commonplace that it evolves into an bizarre phrase that folks not consider as an acronym. The phrases scuba and laser, as an example, originated as acronyms (self contained underwater breathing apparatus and light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation, respectively).

Initialisms are much like acronyms in that also they are fashioned utilizing the primary letter of every phrase in an extended phrase. In contrast to acronyms, nevertheless, initialisms are pronounced as a collection of letters. NFL (Nationwide Soccer League), for instance, is pronounced en-eff-ell.

If you have to use an indefinite article earlier than an acronym or initialism, use the preliminary sound of the phrase (not essentially the preliminary letter) information your selection.

Web slang usually takes the type of initialisms: LOL, IDK, IMO, BRB. Though this kind of slang isn’t applicable for essential correspondence like emails to your professor or colleagues, or in on-line feedback if you need to be taken severely, it may be useful for casual on-line chatting, particularly when you sort slowly.

Abbreviations for Courtesy Titles and Educational Levels

Titles akin to mister, miss, and physician, in addition to the names of educational levels akin to bachelor of arts and physician of philosophy are nearly all the time abbreviated. In American English, title abbreviations are adopted by a interval; in British English, the interval is omitted.

The most typical title abbreviations embrace:

Mr. = Mister Mrs. = Mistress (pronounced “missus”) Ms. = (pronounced “miss” or “miz”) Sr. = Senior Jr. = Junior Dr. = Physician

Mr. Inexperienced requested Ms. Gray if she had met Dr. Jekyl. (American model)

Mr Inexperienced requested Ms Gray if she had met Dr Jekyl. (British model)

The most typical tutorial diploma abbreviations embrace:

B.S. = Bachelor of science B.A. = Bachelor of Arts M.A. = Grasp of Arts M.B.A. = Grasp of Enterprise Administration Ph.D. = Physician of Philosophy

The intervals are non-obligatory with abbreviations of educational levels. Comply with whichever model your model information recommends, or simply select one and use it persistently. When an instructional diploma is used like a title, it follows an individual’s identify and is ready off by commas:

Molly Beagle, Ph.D., runs the canine cognition lab at Stanford College.

Latin Abbreviations

There’s a small handful of abbreviations for Latin phrases which are used (and misused) incessantly in English writing. Use intervals with these abbreviations.

e.g.: exempli gratia It means “for instance.” Use e.g. if you need to present particular examples of a generalization.

i.e.: id est It means “that’s.” Use i.e. if you need to present extra particular details about one thing you talked about.

and many others.: et cetera It means “and so forth.” Use it if you’re offering a partial record of particulars.

Different Frequent Abbreviations

Beneath are a number of different abbreviations which are widespread in English. Keep in mind that abbreviations are usually not all the time fully standardized. One model information might advise you to abbreviate Thursday as Thurs. whereas one other might argue for Thu. Likewise, some model guides assist you to omit the intervals with these abbreviations, but it surely’s by no means mistaken to incorporate intervals. So when you aren’t positive whether or not to make use of the intervals, err on the facet of leaving them in.

Utilizing abbreviations might be an efficient method to keep away from repeating prolonged, technical phrases all through an editorial, however they need to be used sparingly to stop your textual content from turning into tough to learn.

Many abbreviations take the type of acronyms or initialisms, that are abbreviations consisting of the primary letter of every phrase in a phrase. Examples are Nationwide Institute of Psychological Well being (NIMH) and Higher Enterprise Bureau (BBB). Word that the abbreviation makes use of all capital letters, and there are not any intervals between the letters.

To make use of an abbreviation, write out the time period or phrase on first use, adopted by the abbreviation in parentheses. See these examples:

The affected person had been identified with traumatic mind damage (TBI) in March of the earlier yr.

Walden college students have to know find out how to cite info utilizing the American Psychological Affiliation (APA) pointers.

Utilizing an Abbreviation in a Draft

After introducing the abbreviation, use the abbreviation by itself, with out parentheses, all through the remainder of the doc.

The affected person had been identified with traumatic mind damage (TBI) in March of 2014. In response to the Facilities for Illness Management and Prevention (CDC, 2015), individuals with TBI usually have problem with reminiscence and focus, bodily signs akin to complications, emotional signs akin to unhappiness and irritability, and problem falling asleep. Though the affected person defined that she skilled frequent complications and problem concentrating, she had not been repeatedly taking any remedy for her TBI signs when she visited the clinic 6 months after her analysis.

Word: When introducing an abbreviation inside a story quotation, use a comma between the abbreviation and the yr.

As you advance in your profession, you’ll probably start dealing with accounts within the thousands and thousands of {dollars}.

Whereas fairly an accomplishment, you might be not sure of find out how to relay this info appropriately in your resume.

Beneath, we’re going to talk about find out how to abbreviate million in your resume and canopy letter to make sure that no info is misplaced.

Whereas a seemingly easy concern, understanding when and when to not abbreviate the phrase million may also help you to relay the right info to an employer.

As there are various other ways to abbreviate the phrase million, ideally, it would be best to stick to writing the complete phrase out to keep away from any confusion.

Publish Content material

How to abbreviate

Tips on how to abbreviate one million

Don’t Abbreviate the Phrase Million

Finally, as there are various other ways to abbreviate the phrase million, you need to persist with writing out the complete phrase.

Not solely will this show you how to to keep away from any confusion and uncertainty, however it would seem extra compelling and stand out in your resume.

In case you are fearful about exceeding the one-page rule in your resume, it’s higher to scale back the phrases utilized in different sections and areas of your resume.

The phrase million, whereas it may be abbreviated, could cause confusion if not understood accurately.

Somewhat than take an opportunity at complicated a recruiter or hiring supervisor, it is much better to easily write out the complete phrase.

Completely different Abbreviations for Million

If you happen to should abbreviate the phrase million, there are a plethora of choices to select from.

Once more, ideally, you need to keep away from abbreviating the phrase million.

It’s far much less complicated and extra comprehensible to easily write out the complete phrase.

Nonetheless, when you do have to abbreviate the phrase million, you should use any of the choices under:

  • Mil.
  • Mill.
  • Mln.
  • M
  • MM

Why to Keep away from Abbreviating Million

Let’s face it, recruiters and hiring managers love seeing numbers on a resume.

Numbers, significantly giant ones, point out a degree of proficiency and understanding.

As well as, including numbers to your resume signifies that you simply have been tasked with excessive ranges of duty and are in a position to deal with giant campaigns and accounts.

Ideally, it would be best to write out the phrase million in your resume.

It is best to look to keep away from using any abbreviations for the phrase million as it may be complicated.

Check out the above completely different variations of the abbreviation million, a recruiter or hiring supervisor might not be effectively versed in these abbreviations, doubtlessly inflicting confusion and uncertainty.

As a possible applicant, it’s supreme to be as simple and clear as doable in your resume.

The onus is on you to make sure that your resume is as clear-cut and actual as doable.

With that understanding, it’s best to easily keep away from utilizing abbreviations for the phrase million.

Abbreviation for Thousand

Much like the above, relating to abbreviating the phrase 1000’s, it’s higher to easily write all the phrase out.

When you can make the most of the letter Ok to point thousand, this will even be complicated to a reader who’s unaware of the utilization.

As well as, the phrase thousand might be abbreviated with both a Ok or an M.

Nonetheless, the M might be simply confused for one million.

Finally, you’ll be doing your self a disservice by complicated million for thousand, making your accomplishments and achievements much less important.

Abbreviation for Billion

Much like the above, relating to abbreviating the phrase billion, it’s higher to easily write all the phrase out.

When you can make the most of the letter B to point billion, this will even be complicated to a reader who’s unaware of the utilization.

The phrase billion can be a big quantity and one which signifies a excessive degree of duty.

As such, it’s higher to write down out the phrase to permit the complete drive of your tasks to shine by means of.

Somewhat than trying to save area with an abbreviation for the phrase billion, million, or thousand, you need to save area and general phrase utilization in different areas in your resume.

Tips on how to Abbreviate Million: Conclusion

With regards to understanding find out how to abbreviate million, it is much better to easily write all the phrase out.

When you could also be tempted to avoid wasting area in your resume, you don’t need to confuse the recruiter or hiring supervisor who’s studying your resume.

Equally, relating to writing out the phrases billion or thousand, it is much better to write down each phrases out.

The letter M can be utilized to point both thousand or million and by not writing it out absolutely, you’ll be able to confuse the reader and do your self a disservice.

How to abbreviate

When writing your resume you need to save treasured area in an effort to embrace all of your achievements and reveal why you’re the greatest candidate for the job.

However what’s the easiest way to abbreviate in your resume with out inflicting confusion?

Listed below are some widespread examples of resume abbreviations you might need to take into account…

Abbreviation for Million

There are completely different choices on find out how to abbreviate million, akin to $200m, $200M, or $200MM.

Nonetheless there are points with this because it might simply result in confusion.

In metric phrases, ‘M’ is brief for ‘Mega’ which equates to ‘million’. However ‘M’ can be the Roman numeral for ‘thousand’, and has been used prior to now as the usual abbreviation (therefore the ‘MM’ as an abbreviation for ‘million’).

Clearly this might lead completely different individuals to interpret the numbers otherwise.

Subsequently the most secure method you’ll be able to take is to spell out the phrase million, and to not abbreviate it in any respect.

“Managed a staff with annual revenues of $4.5 million” or “Delivered financial savings of £1.Four million to the corporate’s forged base”.

Abbreviation for Thousand

As talked about above, prior to now ‘M’ has been used because the abbreviation for thousand as it’s the Roman numeral for ‘thousand’.

Nonetheless, in metric phrases ‘Ok’ is used as an abbreviation as it’s brief for ‘Kilo’ which equates to ‘thousand’. Regardless of the choices, ‘Ok’ is broadly recognised as a normal abbreviation for thousand now.

“Managed orders value £850ok monthly” or “Managed supply of 10ok widgets monthly”.

Abbreviating thousand is definitely higher than spelling out the phrase ‘thousand’ as that simply appears to be like unusual (“Managed orders value £850 thousand monthly”).

Abbreviation for Billion

Now this may be tough, primarily due to the completely different worth of billion in numerous international locations.

Within the US, a billion equals 1,000,000,000 (a thousand million). Whereas within the UK, a billion equals 1,000,000,000,000 (one million million).

In metric phrases, ‘Giga’ or ‘G’ equates to the US billion whereas ‘Tera’ or ‘T’ equates to the UK billion. In follow, neither of those phrases are a very good choice.

The abbreviation ‘B’ or ‘Bn’ is commonly used to abbreviate billion and these would typically be recognised. Though the most secure of all choices, as with the abbreviation for million, is to truly spell out the phrase billion. For instance:

“Managed a portfolio of initiatives costing $4.5 billion” or “Delivered efficiencies value £2 billion to the UK tax payer”.

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Abbreviation for Administration

That is a simple one.

The very best abbreviation for administration is ‘mgmt’.

Good and easy!

Abbreviation for Month and Months

While it’s not actually essential to abbreviate the phrase month, until you might be actually brief on area, a standard abbreviation for month is ‘mo’, and for months it’s ‘mos’.

So for instance: “Held this place for a interval of 9 mos”.

When utilizing abbreviations for the names of months, it is very important keep consistency all through.

So for instance, when you abbreviate February to Feb you shouldn’t then use Sept because the abbreviation for September, as that is inconsistent (use of Four letters for the abbreviation for September as a substitute of three letters for the abbreviation of February).

This demonstrates a scarcity of consideration to element, and could possibly be picked up by eagle-eyed recruiters and potential employers.

For the abbreviation of months, greatest sticking to:

  • January = Jan
  • February = Feb
  • March = Mar
  • April = Apr
  • Might = Might
  • June = Jun
  • July = Jul
  • August = Aug
  • September = Sep
  • October = Oct
  • November = Nov
  • December = Dec

Tips on how to Abbreviate Diploma Titles

The usual diploma titles are so generally understood that they are often abbreviated in your CV / resume with none downside. For instance:

  • BSc = Bachelor of Science
  • BA = Bachelor of Arts
  • MBA = Grasp of Enterprise Administration
  • MSc = Grasp of Science
  • MA = Grasp of Arts
  • PhD = Physician of Philosophy

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Different Abbreviations and Acronyms in your Resume

As a basic rule, attempt to keep away from resume abbreviations and acronyms the place doable.

If the reader doesn’t perceive your abbreviation then you might have misplaced them, and this might doubtlessly hurt your probabilities of getting known as to interview.

There could also be a phrase / phrase that you simply repeat all through your resume and actually need to abbreviate it to avoid wasting area. On this occasion, the method is to spell it out the very first time you utilize it, then add the abbreviation instantly afterwards in brackets. After that, you’ll be able to merely use the abbreviation.

“Skilled in all elements of programme and challenge administration (PPM)…….. delivered PPM coaching to 1,200 individuals”.

In lots of circumstances, there could also be abbreviations and acronyms which are so broadly recognized in your business that you’re okay to make use of them with out spelling them out.

In actual fact, it might really reveal a scarcity of expertise when you spell out an abbreviation that’s thought-about widespread information.

Nonetheless, in case you are sending your CV / resume for a job in a distinct business, then you will have to spell out any abbreviations as your potential new employer will most probably not be conversant in them.

CV Abbreviation

Now we have spoken about some widespread CV and resume abbreviations, with out mentioning the CV abbreviation itself!

CV stands for Curriculum Vitae – a Latin time period which loosely interprets to ‘course of life’.

  • How to abbreviateKevin
  • February 19, 2020
  • Abbreviations For

Are you interested in the best method to abbreviate the phrase quantity? We’ll be explaining the which means of the phrase, together with the widespread abbreviations for quantity. You’ll additionally be taught concerning the synonyms and historical past of the phrase. Lastly, we’ll be sharing some examples of the phrase and abbreviation in context.

With out additional ado, let’s check out the usual abbreviations for quantity:

  • № or Nº—That is mostly used as an abbreviation for the French phrase numéro, and it’s usually written with a superscript O.
  • No.—That is the commonest abbreviation of the phrase quantity.
  • #—This can be a quantity signal, generally known as a hash or a pound signal. For instance, #2 pencil could be learn aloud as “quantity two pencil,” particularly in North America.

The plural type of the abbreviation might be written as Nos or Nos. The primary letter, for the singular (No.) and the plural abbreviation (Nos.), might be written with both lowercase or uppercase letters. This abbreviation sometimes incorporates a full cease or interval after the final letter.

Your writing, at its greatest

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What Does Quantity Imply?

In response to, the definition of quantity is:

Quantity [nuhm-ber]


● a numeral or group of numerals.

● the sum, complete, depend, or combination of a set of items, or the like:

Quite a few individuals have been harm within the accident. The variety of homeless youngsters within the metropolis has risen alarmingly.

verb (used with object)

● to mark with or distinguish by numbers:

Quantity every of the definitions.

● to quantity to or comprise in quantity; complete:

The manuscript already numbers 425 pages

verb (used with out object)

● to make a complete; attain an quantity:

Casualties numbered within the 1000’s.

● to be numbered or included (often adopted by amongst or with):

A number of eminent scientists quantity amongst his pals.

How to abbreviate

Synonyms for Quantity

The Historical past of the Phrase

In response to The On-line Etymology Dictionary, each the noun and the verb types of the English phrase quantity date again to 1300. As a verb, the phrase meant “to depend,” and it derived from the Previous French verb nombrer.

As a noun, the which means “sum, combination of a set” got here to English by the use of the Previous French nombre. Farther again, the Proto-Indo-European root nem, which means “assign, allot; take,” developed into the Latin phrase numerus (“a quantity, amount”). The abbreviation № comes from the Latin phrase numero.

When To Use This Abbreviation

Abbreviating the phrase quantity is widespread follow within the English language. The abbreviation can be utilized in lists, receipts, addresses, types, and many others.

Apt. No. 4
231 Lancaster Avenue
Wellington, FL 33414

One additionally finds the abbreviations in headlines and titles the place area is restricted. It may be utilized in informal writing or shorthand, as effectively.

Pull Nos. 34-53 for inspection.

Examples of the Phrase and Abbreviation in Context

“Within the final three weeks, the variety of lab-confirmed circumstances has soared from about 50 in China to greater than 17,000 in a minimum of 23 international locations; there have been greater than 360 deaths.”
—The New York Occasions

“Initially launched in 1994 on Carey’s album Merry Christmas, the fashionable basic reached the Scorching 100’s high 10 eventually in December 2017 and rose to its prior No. three excessive final vacation season (and matched the rank final week).”

“Arizona is now the fifth-highest ranked Pac-12 staff within the AP High 25, trailing No. three Oregon, No. 6 Stanford, No. 9 Oregon State and No. 10 UCLA.”

“The variety of Dutch individuals getting back from the UK was solely barely decrease.”
​—NL Occasions​​​


How to abbreviate

Kevin Miller is a development marketer with an intensive background in Search Engine Optimization, paid acquisition and e-mail advertising. He’s additionally a web based editor and author based mostly out of Los Angeles, CA. He studied at Georgetown College, labored at Google and have become infatuated with English Grammar and for years has been diving into the language, demystifying the do’s and don’ts for all who share the identical ardour! He might be discovered on-line right here.

Many individuals need to abbreviate million, but it surely opens the door to confusion.

For instance, I requested Google for steerage on find out how to abbreviate million right here and received a web page stuffed with conflicting search outcomes.

Abbreviation for Million

When enterprise individuals learn reviews, and when recruiters learn resumes, it’s quite common to see one thing like this — $1M.

Whereas recruiters like to see numbers on resumes, they like them to be correct (extra on that right here) and make straightforward sense to them.

Many readers don’t know if the author means $1,000 or $1 million. That’s an enormous distinction ($999,000 to be actual).

Let’s say you’re speaking about gross sales development of $1 million {dollars}. If you happen to use $1M, a few of your readers would possibly assume gross sales grew $1,000 as a substitute of $1 million. You go from being a hero to being perceived as an underperformer with out even realizing it.

Numbers produce nervousness and confusion in many individuals. Keep away from that by making your quantifications crystal clear.

If you happen to’re speaking thousands and thousands, use the phrase — $1 million.

If you happen to’re engaged on a report, or your resume, and also you’re determined for area, use $1MM, not “M.” Once more, it’s understood that “MM” means million. Nope, see the feedback under. “MM” gained’t work within the UK. It might imply “billion” there.

Abbreviation for Thousand

If you happen to’re speaking 1000’s, use the quantity: $1,000.

Once more, when you’re determined for area, use $1K for $1,000. Most individuals perceive that “Ok” means thousand. In the event that they don’t, they’ll Google it and get a straight reply. I checked. However why use an abbreviation that your readers need to Google?

The Complicated Single “M”

A single “M” can imply both thousand or million. You need your enterprise writing to be clear, not complicated. Spell “million” and “thousand.” Don’t attempt to abbreviate them.

Abbreviation for Billion

Once more, simply don’t.


Click on right here to search out samples that present you find out how to current giant numbers in your resume.


Learn on to the feedback under for extra info and insights on find out how to abbreviate thousand, million, and billion.

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How to abbreviate

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Feedback 52

Thanks Donna. Within the UK some individuals use MM to imply billion so it’s good to keep away from the double M.

Right here’s the issue with that technique although…in sure professions, akin to internet marketing, you’ll appear to be a whole fool when you don’t use M and MM. In these circumstances, I believe you ought to write down on your hiring supervisor somewhat than the recruiter.

Within the metric system (utilized by all however three international locations – google to see which international locations the US retains firm with) ‘ok’ is the abbreviation for kilo – Greek for thousand, ‘M’ is for mega – million, ‘G’ is for giga – many of the world now makes use of ‘billion’ however some locations nonetheless use ‘thousand million’, ‘T’ is for tera – trillion (which is what I learn the abbreviation MM to imply). If all else fails use scientific notation.

Good missive, Donna! The thought is to speak successfully. Make your stuff a simple learn for somebody who’s bored foolish by all the opposite stuff they’ve skimmed earlier than seeing what you need to provide. The resume is the bait and the way you write it’s a part of the hook to reel within the interview. As for spelling it out, in fact you spell it out! – Your resume is sort of a mirror in that it displays elements of the way you method element and significance. A recruiting specialist appears to be like past the floor scribe for telltales. Like the way you write, what you accomplish in a number of phrases, tact, respect for the reader and dignity. Or so I’ve been informed. Another person advised utilizing the “M” with a line over it to imply multiply by 1000, however I believe that could be a stretch for many recruiters within the discipline immediately and it might not translate accurately with the OCR software program. Select correctly, and if you get that job then rent me – I’ve been out on UPTO, however because the pilot says in that well-known film, “… hiya boys! I’m Baacck!”

ok, m and M are normal worldwide metric abbreviations for thousand, thousandth and million

Abbreviations are shortened types of phrases; acronyms are abbreviations fashioned by utilizing the primary letter of every phrase to type a pronounceable phrase. Contractions are additionally abbreviations fashioned by utilizing an apostrophe to indicate omitted letters or numbers. (Contractions are used solely in casual writing.) Use an abbreviation provided that its which means is obvious.

Comply with these guidelines when utilizing abbreviations:

  1. First Time Abbreviating
    • The California State College, Chico (CSUC) commencement ceremony can be held this Saturday. CSUC will graduate 2,700 college students this yr.
  2. Abbreviate Generally–Recognized Phrases
    • PC
    • TV
    • ATM
  3. Abbreviate Courtesy Titles and Private Titles
    Abbreviate courtesy titles and private titles. Abbreviate tutorial {and professional} titles solely after they comply with a reputation or when they’re used with the complete identify or initials and the final identify. Use a comma earlier than and after an abbreviation in a sentence, besides with the abbreviations Jr. and Sr.
    • Mr. Ms. Dr. Laura Thomas, MD Professor Soliz Prof. Jorge Soliz Prof. J.R. Soliz
    • Nancy Wright, RN, was promoted to move nurse.
    • Roger Palmer Sr. led the challenge.
  4. Effectively-Recognized Companies
    Abbreviations are acceptable for effectively–recognized companies and organizations.
    • FBI
    • CBS
    • MGM
  5. Time Markers
    Use the abbreviations BC and AD, with out intervals, to point dates. BC all the time follows the yr, however AD might comply with or precede the yr.
    • 400 BC
    • 400 AD
    • AD 400
  6. Dates
    Abbreviate months and days of the week solely when they’re a part of a full date or in a chart the place area is restricted.
    • Dec. 16, 1963
    • Mon. Dec. 16, 1963
  7. Clock Time
    Use abbreviations for clock time. Use capital letters and intervals, capital letters and no intervals, or lowercase letters and intervals. Simply be constant. DO NOT abbreviate clock time when no quantity is connected to the abbreviation.
    • 7:30 A.M.
    • 7:30 AM
    • 7:30 a.m.
    • CORRECT: The assembly is within the morning.
    • INCORRECT: The assembly is within the a.m.
  8. Time Zones
    Use abbreviations, with out intervals, for time zones.
    • EST
    • MST
    • PDT
  9. Measurements
    Measurements must be spelled out, not abbreviated, besides in tables and charts.
    • CORRECT: inches
    • INCORRECT: in.
    • CORRECT: miles per hour
    • INCORRECT: mph
  10. The Phrase “Quantity”
    The phrase quantity could also be abbreviated when it’s adopted by a determine; in any other case, spell it out.
    • No. 65
    • The quantity I need is 65.
  11. State Names on Letters
    Use abbreviations for U.S. state names on envelopes and within the inside deal with of a letter. Usually, spell out the complete state identify in textual content. Avenue addresses can both be abbreviated or spelled out in textual content. When indicating path earlier than a avenue identify, spell out North, South, East, and West. Nonetheless, compound instructions (N.W. or S.W.) after a avenue identify could also be abbreviated.
    • The assembly can be held at 1212 R Avenue, Sacramento, California.
    • Meet me at 1234 North Maple St., San Diego, CA

Punctuation and Capitalization

Abbreviations even have particular guidelines for punctuation and capitalization. See under for the precise guidelines on find out how to punctuate and capitalize sure abbreviations:

Use intervals in most abbreviations that comprise lowercase letters. Don’t use intervals in {most professional} titles, the names of effectively–recognized companies and organizations, and acronyms.

  • f.o.b.
  • e.g.
  • p.m.
  • CPA
  • CLU
  • CFP
  • CBS
  • IBM
  • NRA
  • radar (radio detecting and ranging)
  • snafu (scenario regular: all fouled up)

When an abbreviation comes on the finish of a sentence, use just one interval. Nonetheless, place query marks or exclamation marks after the interval within the abbreviation.

  • I awoke at 7:15 a.m.
  • Did you go to work at 8:00 a.m.?

Usually, guidelines for capitalizing abbreviations comply with the foundations for capitalizing the unique phrases. Correct nouns are capitalized in abbreviations; widespread nouns are usually not.

  • c.o.d.
  • FAA

Use an apostrophe to indicate when letters of a phrase have been omitted in a contraction. DO NOT use the
apostrophe when the abbreviation already reveals omission of letters.

An abbreviation is a shortened type of a phrase. Utilizing an abbreviation can save time, area and energy. We see abbreviations day-after-day, however if you end up utilizing abbreviations in writing, there are specific conventions you need to comply with. This text makes an attempt to elucidate these conventions.

Tips on how to Abbreviate Phrases

In case you are utilizing an extended phrase or phrase repeatedly in a doc, you’ll be able to abbreviate the phrase. The most typical approach of abbreviating a phrase is utilizing the preliminary letters of the phrases.

Automatic Certificate Management Environment → ACME

Cellebrite Certified Physical Analyst → CCPA

World Living Water Systems → WLWS

Teaching English as a Second Language → TESL

How to abbreviate

Concept Definition and Design Research → CDDR

How to abbreviate

If you find yourself utilizing abbreviations, you also needs to take into account whether or not it’s acquainted to your readers. It’s all the time higher to make use of the complete type of the abbreviation first. As soon as the abbreviation is outlined, you should use the abbreviation in the remainder of the doc. For instance,

However some abbreviations like radar, Dr., NASA, UNESCO and many others. shouldn’t have to be defined. This really will depend on the recognition of the abbreviation. For instance, have a look at the next two phrases.

FBI issued a warning……..

How to abbreviate

Most of your readers are conversant in the abbreviation FBI, however most of them will surprise concerning the which means of BIMCC. It’s also doable that there are a couple of which means to this abbreviation. BIMCC, for instance, might be expanded as Brussels Worldwide Map Collectors’ Circle and Bilateral Implementation and Multilateral Consultative Fee. Subsequently, all the time outline the unfamiliar abbreviations firstly of the doc. Nonetheless, if it’s a formal doc, all the time outline the lengthy identify first, no matter how well-known it’s.

In scientific writing, abbreviations are usually not typically used within the summary or within the title. And solely normal abbreviations are utilized in this sort of formal writing.

However all the time be constant. Don’t change your abbreviation in the course of the doc. When you have used CCPA to confer with Cellebrite Licensed Bodily Analyst, don’t change the abbreviation to CCEPA in the course of the textual content.

One other essential reality to recollect is that you simply can’t use the identical abbreviation to refer to 2 phrases. For instance, if CCPA was used to confer with Cellebrite Licensed Bodily Analyst, you can’t use it to confer with Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Affiliation.

The context and the type of communication are different essential information to think about if you end up utilizing abbreviations. Abbreviations that confer with organizations, committees, and normal ideas can be utilized in each formal and casual communications. However you need to by no means use non-standard abbreviations in formal writing.