How to 1v1 someone in call of duty

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In Bo2 whole lobbies would be sniping and now on MW19 there is 1 or 2 people sniping and hard scoping on most of there shots. What happened?

There is more to sniping then lining up a shot and taping the aim trigger. But lets ignore that and focus on the fact that most everyone who quickscopes is an insufferable ass, like why do some act like they are the only ones playing the game correctly while the rest of the team is trying to win.

Kids these days would rather spray and pray in a no skill hardcore lobby instead of learning how to do something that takes skill.

Well quick scoping was ass in MW. They made it that way to protect the noobs.

QS was pretty good in WW2 and BO4

Hard scoping,you mean using a sniper (a long range weapon) like you are supposed to? HOW COULD THEY!?

You know there is BO plutonium right ? It is free

I quick scope on every cod and can say that the newer cod’s seem to have less accuracy on black scopes and aim down the sight slower. I like quickscoping in Cold War based on beta and alpha gameplay but it honestly isn’t as fun anymore. I remember people used to have sniping clans on the game or when you had to 1v1 quickscope your way into a clan.

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How to 1v1 someone in call of duty

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This article is about best options setting for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 (COD MW). Here are recommendations and control schemes for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One!!

Table of Contents

Best PC Key Bind Setting

Keybinds: Command Shortcuts

How to 1v1 someone in call of duty

Key bindings are keyboard shortcuts that are used to customize your gameplay! COD: Modern Warfare has standard keybinds for PC but personalizing your own keyboard shortcuts can lead to better performance later on.

Recommended PC Key Binds

Action Key Binding
Reload R
Interact F
Prone (Toggle) Z
Equipment E
Jump/Stand/Mantle Spacebar
Sprint/Tactical Sprint/Steady Aim/Change Zoom L-Shift
Change Stance/Slide C
Mount Mouse Side Button, or T
Melee Mouse Wheel Button
Use Lethal Weapon G
Use Field Upgrade X
Special Ability Q
Crouch (Hold) L-Ctrl
Autorun H

Hold For Crouch/Sprint And Toggle for Prone

You can quickly transition between sprinting and crouching by releasing a button in Hold mode. This is essential when you encounter an opponent when moving. When prone, you are usually taking a peek or trying to hide, so the toggle mode will be easier to use in this situation.

Adjust Your Keybinds Accordingly

As players have different preferences when it comes to playing games, it is recommended to start from these keybinds, and then move around keybinds depending on your preference.

Best PS4 & Xbox Control Setting

PS4 and XBOX Controller Default Layout

How to 1v1 someone in call of duty

Test around PS4 and XBOX’s default layout to get the hang of things first.

Increase Your Controller’s Sensitivity

By default, your controller’s Horizontal & Vertical sensitivity will be set at 3. Try dialing it up to a higher sensitivity so you can look around and aim faster. This helps when you need to make a quick turn, and shoot someone behind you!

Lower Sensitivity To A Comfortable Level After Testing

If you feel like your sensitivity needs to be higher or lower after playing a few games, adjust accordingly. Then play a few games again, and adjust. Do this until you find the best sensitivity for you.

Turn On Aim Assists

How to 1v1 someone in call of duty

There is no shame in turning on the aim or targeting assist to help you play better. Choose Standard or Focusing presets when in doubt.

Enable Auto Sprint

There is an autosprint feature that will help you continuously sprint. There are some cases when sprinting manually for awhile will cause you to stop sprinting from time to time. Enabling this setting should alleviate this.

Enable, or Disable Crossplay

Crossplay is a feature where the player can choose whether or not to play a same server with other platforms such as PC. Enable, or disable Crossplay at Account as you see fit.

Best Graphic Settings

How to 1v1 someone in call of duty

Graphic settings are an important element that needs to be adjusted immediately in CoD. In a game that has fast-paced gameplay, you need to see things right away to react to the situation accordingly!

4K & Ultra-Widescreen Support For The PC

Modern Warfare can be played in 4K resolution, allowing you to see highly detailed visuals provided that your monitor can display 4K. The game is also compatible with Ultra-Widescreen monitors and multiscreen setups.

Find Balance Between Performance And Visual Effect

How to 1v1 someone in call of duty

Aim For 60 FPS First

Frame rate are the key factor in any firefght. You won’t win if you lag/ freeze whenever you meet an opponent no matter how pretty your displays are. Scale down visual effects until you reliably have 60 fps in most situations.

Turn Off Settings That Causes Distractions

How to 1v1 someone in call of duty

Some settings such as motion blurs are detrimental to your fighting performance as they can cause distractions. Disable these settings to gain the upper hand in split-second fights.

Recommended Graphic Settings:

Option Settings Description
Field of View As wide as possible (max 120°) Having a higher field of view gives you more awareness of your surroundings.
World & Weapon Motion Blur Disabled Faster target acquirement without the blur
Texture Resolution Very Low Low texture setting has minimal effect on your ability to find & acquire targets but increases performance
Custom Framerate Limit Enabled – set to 60 No need to burn out your hardware for frame rate of over 60
Particle Quality Low Particles has a higher performance hit. Lower it to gain better performance
Bullet Impacts Enabled Bullet impacts are helpful in determining where the enemy fire is coming from, so leave this on.
Cache Spot & Sun Shadows Enabled Increased rendering speed if your memory can handle it.

Adjust The Brightness Setting

How to 1v1 someone in call of duty

The Brightness will be the key setting that you need to adjust to help you play better in the game. Having it set a bit brighter will help you easily spot enemies in dark places. However don’t set it too high as the screen may be a bit blinding!

Best Audio Settings

How to 1v1 someone in call of duty

Sound matters a lot as they can tell you when enemies are getting close. Gaming headsets or earphones with microphone are recommended especially when you play multiplayer.

Lower Music Volume, Increase SFX Volume

Try to lower elements in the game that can distract you from playing, like Music Volume, while turning up SFX Volume to hear audio cues like gunfire, footsteps more clearly!

Hasan Minhaj is an American comedian, writer, producer, political commentator, actor, and television host. Best known for his Netflix show Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj, he has won two Peabody Awards and two Webby Awards.



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the song used in the video

Video is from shidbot420, uploaded on Feb 8, 2020.

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thanks for watching.

Funni Arabic dance

Funny arabic dance

Hasan dance is a video in which there’s a big Arabic celebration with many people and a guy, joined by others is dancing weird.

Peter griffin الجنس مضحك Camel iphone هاتف مجاني free

The video was uploaded on Nov 27, 2018.

funi camel

this video is titled “funny kurdish”, featuring a talking and singing camel.

wedding montages

أنور الف مبروك تصويروالمونتاج زهير العطواني وعلي العطواني هاتف 07700670979

Hasan wedding videos are the videos of homies preparing for a wedding and dancing in Iraqi. These videos often have catchy Iraqi songs and the code 07700670979 included.

Hamood habibi

Hamood Habibi is a weird Arabic children’s animated clip, a kid is singing in Arabic while dancing and clapping bizarrely. Legends say he’s still clapping outside. Someone call 911.

Sadly, recently Hamood is killed in a car accident by the Obama Twins, who are still running out there without being caught. #justiceforhamood

Hasan destroy jews


Hasan Joker is on the Live! with Murray Franklin show, telling the classic knock-knock joke. He sings the Hamood Habibi song as the punchline. Murray replies it’s not funny and accidentally says p*g, which is haram. arabfunny alert memes appear onscreen. Hasan Joker shoots Murray dead for being haram. The video ends with even more arabfunny memes around Hasan Joker, with the Hasan song and the classic mozart Nokia theme playing.

After months struggling with covenants in World of Warcraft Shadowlands Blizzard FINALLY decided to pull the Ripcord. Major Covenant changes in WoW Shadowlands.


27 thoughts on “MASSIVE Covenant Changes in Shadowlands 9.1.5 – RIPCORD FINALLY PULLED!”

Add more options to get soul ashe, and cinders. i rolled a metric fuck ton of ults during 9.0 to 9.1, but Choreghast eventually go to me, and after what I saw coming in 9.1. i said fuck it. i dn't have the time anymore, or the want to to keep up all the ults, so i've narrowed it down. But i use to do choreghast on all of them. 6 floors x 2 runs x 12 characters = 144 floors of choreghast. Guess what burn out is a thing. Now days it is an absolute struggle to take my main into Torghast. yes the changes were kind of good. but it is still a chore, rather than a pass the time activity.

Floor 5 now is the most fun,its the only really to me. you have all the powers your going to get, if you now its time. Do I have the build to kill them under 20 seconds? Or am I gonig to blow chunk ut of them, and have to kite my ass off for that last10 percent?

Suddenly Blizzard cares about peoples feedback? Right, I'm guessing them losing about 75% of their playerbase and revenue has nothing to do with this right? F them im done, everytime they pretend to listen they yank back the chain and end up being smug again. Too many times they have done this. I wont sing praises until this becomes the norm, again they have done this far too many times. What about the bots killing the auction house prices? Pfft, once you have adopted this kind of business practice and not just when shit hits the fan I would begin to trust Blizzard once again but they have to re-earn that trust.

They started seeing the $$ they were losing and were like whaoooo wait up.

They don’t get props for this! My dog doesn’t get treats for not pissing on the couch.

The user drop must have been really huge.
I mean a lot of this stuff sounds good and they started to acknowledge some bigger problems, but maybe they should have listened to the fans 9 months ago.
I will keep an eye on the developments for 9.2 and ongoing, but for now I‘m happy to explore Eorzea.

Legion M+ timewalking is going to be a huge balance nightmare. None of the older dungeons are tuned with or have gear that fits into the current system. I also can't wait to waste time waiting for people to change covenants every boss fight.

No props for blizzard, sorry too late.

I can't, and won't, give them props for this. The excuse of why they didn't do it from the beginning isn't a good one. People warned them. The entire player base cried out in desperation letting them know that this was going to destroy our interest in this expansion. It's wonderful to see that they are finally opening up to the feedback, but I don't feel like they've learned any good lessons as to why the players felt that way from the start. Someone else put it very well: "The ripcord needed to be pulled before you hit the ground, not after."

Legion Timewalking with a twist? Hope they are going to include Mythic+ of old dungeons that people loved. My friends and I have been asking for that for awhile. Making old dungeons Mythic+ accessible so that we have more options to participate in would be great.

Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be returning. Many of my guild mates and raiders have abandoned this expansion because it doesn't respect our time or our efforts… These changes, while good, don't fully encompass all of the complaints that many of us have. Once a new expansion hits, I am concerned that we'll be right back at square one and they'll make the same mistakes they always make with systems that have been implemented in the past that they've worsened, not improved. It's not worth getting my hopes up and them destroying my passion again.

Oh its about damn time you mean I can actually play how I want to play and blindly grind stupid shit

Hey, chooms! We’ve finally finished our review of what it’s like to live with someone who plays Cyberpunk 2077, but guess what? I played it too, so get ready for a very special episode of Girlfriend Reviews where we team up to pretty much doink everyone we can.

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50 thoughts on “Should Your Boyfriend Play Cyberpunk 2077?”

Thanks for letting us take a little break over the holidays! We're feeling refreshed and ready for another great year of gaming. Let us know what big releases you want to see on this channel!

How about you guys do Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask? Preferably the original version

5:16 Ooooof that music hurts when you have completed the main story

What shit content.

Awesome Video.
Loved the Keanu list.

omg that Keanu Reeves part was art.

Dam lol, that movie title run through haha, this review was epic!

0:22 ah yes Fargo bgm makes everything better, Matt and Shelby are people of culture as well🤝

3:35 -> 4:35 That full minute Keanu/Johnny zero punctuation montage is ….. BREATHTAKING!

Liking simply because of that poetry with Keanu's movies.

I quite enjoyed that story of the protagonist vomiting due to overwork and extreme stress, reverting to drugs to cope, making her friend worry about her, just to end up with an assignment that can only fail. But enough about the circumstances and condition of the games release, Vs corpo background is the same.

Snark aside: the obviously cut corners and the unstable state of the game really do the fact that both the design and the writing is awesome injustice. This game deserves better.

Maybe just let
Your boyfriend play what he wants to.

No love for Handsome Jack? Get boyfriend to play Borderlands 2, then Tales from the Borderlands – Handsome Jack did the hallucinatory companion thing ages back.

Guys get yourself a girlfriend who creates a character specifically to help you bang everyone in an pg.

Orayn in the Cliffy B announcement thread summed up my thoughts before I could type them:

To me, where it falls short as an arena shooter is removing emphasis on movement as an equally important skill as aiming. It’s hard to stay alive through movement alone in Halo. What I mean by that is not "map awareness", like knowing where your opponent will be going, and how to drop down on top of them with a shotgun to seal the deal. I mean, if you are fighting in the middle of Hang ‘Em High, the person with the better weapon and/or better aim is going to win.

So, what say you GAF.


never left the stone age





Halo 1 and 2? Sure.

Halo 3, Reach, and 4? I’m not so sure.





A Sentient Keyboard




I’d absolutely say it is.

It’s slower than the average arena shooter, for sure. But it shares a whole lot of the traits of the genre, like power weapon/map control (until Halo 4 anyway) and movement, albeit in a different way than, say, Quake III or something does.

I don’t think insane levels of speed is necessarily a requirement of being an arena shooter.



To me Halo feels like a slow tactical shooter mixed with an arena shooter.

Thats nice and all but I don’t think the end result is an arena shooter.




formerly sane

Nope speed and precision are part of arena shooters and the some of the best halos have aim assists of some form as for XIM can easily demonstrate.The same can be said for how many weapons it limits you to. Quake and UT which easily define aspects of the genre give you huge amounts. Your point about movement is spot on outside of limited rocking jumping it has nothing like quake or ut in advanced movement so I’m saying no even more now.

Halo may borrow from these games like lots of others but it’s more culimination of things than any one thing.

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Play To Win by Enterprisingly

Fandoms: Star Wars Sequel Trilogy, Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015), Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi (2017), Star Wars – All Media Types
  • Explicit
  • No Archive Warnings Apply
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Ben Solo – aka KyloRen – is a professional gamer, playing the first-person-shooter StarKiller for the internationally ranked eSports team, The First Order. He’s made a name for himself as a ruthless competitor with a ferocious temper and top-notch skills that can’t be beat. That is, until a mystery player named ReyOfLight begins thoroughly trouncing him whenever they cross paths.

What follows is the unlikely story of a rivalry that turns into a friendship that turns into… something else entirely, all while the eSports community watches with bated breath and popcorn in hand.

All information is subject to change as the content is currently unreleased.


  • Airfield
  • Boneyard
  • Dam
  • Downtown
  • Gulag
  • Hospital
  • Layover
  • Lumber
  • Overgrown
  • Port
  • Quarry
  • Storage Town
  • Supercenter
  • Trainyard
  • TV Station

Points of Interest

  • Bank
  • Fire Station
  • Gas Station
  • Gun Store
  • Pharmacy
  • Police Station

Default Options (Public Match)

  • Player Count: 200
  • Playlists: Solo (1), Duos (2), and Squads (4)
  • End-Game Radar: On
  • Infiltration Option: C130
  • Pre-Game Lobby Free-for-All: On
  • Post-Game Exfiltration: Off
  • Max Health: 150
  • Last Stand Health: 100
  • Last Stand Revive Health: 30
  • Last Stand Timer: 60s
  • Last Stand Revive Time: 7s
  • Friendly Fire Punish Limit: 2
  • Gulag: On

Additional Options (Private Match)

  • Infiltration Options: C130, Convoy, Blackhawk
  • Starting Weapon: Fists, G21 Pistol, MP5, M4A1, Knife
  • Enable BR Loot: Turns on loot on supported maps.
  • Circle Star Size Override: Size of the damage circle at map start. Default match starts with no circle. Use this for smaller matches.
  • Circle Damage Multiplier

Respawn Tokens can be looted. After one use, Respawn Tokens are disabled for the player.

To respawn a teammate, obtain a Respawn Token, then drop their body near an Ambulance. Once the body is dropped at the Ambulance, the player will enter the Gulag queue for a chance to win a 1v1 and respawn into the match.

At some point during the match, the Gulag will be closed and no longer usable, thus preventing respawns.

Once a player has respawned, they must locate and activate a Mobile Armory to retrieve their loadout.

Battle Royale features Missions which can be looted via finding tablets. Only one Mission can be active for a Squad at a time.

  • Tracked
  • Timed Run
  • Assassination (Eliminate specific player)
  • Scavenger Hunt (Collect Scavenger Crates)
  • Domination (Capture Domination Point)
  • Random (Random Mission)

If no Bounty is available for the Assassination Mission, Consolation Plunder will be awarded.

When a Mission is started or completed, the entire Squad will be notified by an on-screen message.


  • Fulton Recovery Device placed
  • Fulton Balloon successfully away
  • Fulton Balloon shot down
  • Players have the ability to mark Vehicles, Locations, Items, Enemies, and Dangerous Locations
  • Battle Royale will have its own slice on the Main Menu

The Jump Master of a Squad can select a deployment point prior to the match start. If the Jump Master chooses to discard the role, any player can become it. Players who are not the Jump Master have the ability to jump separately from the team, if you detach from the Jump Master, you will not drop in proximity to your loadout bag.

Update: ZeniMax's Bethesda blog finally published a post confirming all the leaks and rumors about the new Quake Live update.

Ahead of id Software's announced Quake Live update, two forum posts have been made here on ESReality with some of the details. The QuakeCon 2010 Duel and CTF map list has been revealed, along with a screenshot detailing the pricing plans for the upcoming Premium and Pro services.

The QuakeCon 2010 maplist posted by forum user reload10 shows two additions to both the standard duel and CTF tournament map lists, all newly featured Quake Live maps.

Aerowalk has been brought back after popular demand, and Phantazm's Battleforge (Q3) has been recreated and added to the tournament. Campgrounds (dm6) and House of Decay (tourney9) have been removed. For CTF, fan favorite Japanese Castles is coming back, and a new map titled 'Stonekeep' has been listed. Bloodlust (ctf9) and Courtyard Conundrum (ctf10) have been removed.

The newly introduced pro and premium services listed offer additional features for those who would like to pay, including extended match history reports, the ability to start your own clan, an all new freeze tag game mode, and the ability to access Quake Live Premium maps and new content.

The pro service specifically allows users to start and customize their own game servers, while also the ability to invite three friends to play with you on Premium maps.

The pricing options in the screenshot reveal that the Premium service costs �1.99/month ($2.64/month), while Pro will cost �3.99/month ($5.28/month). It is noted in asterisks though that all payment is done on a yearly basis and not monthly, coming to roughly �24/year ($31/year) for Premium, and �48/year ($63/year) for Pro.

An official announcement by id Software regarding these details and more should come within the next 24 hours after Quake Live's maintenance.