How to 10 instagram story hacks

Finding yourself jealous of other people’s story skills? Here are the hacks you need to know to become an Instagram Story pro.

How to 10 instagram story hacks

Whether we’re rocking at a gig or simply hanging out with friends, we’re likely to pop open Instagram and upload content to our Instagram Story.

The social platform is continuing to roll out features to make Instagram Stories more dynamic, and there are a few hidden tricks to help take your Insta Stories from average to awesome. Here are 10 things you need to know to make you an Instagram Story pro in no time at all.

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1. Making live photos into Boomerangs

How to 10 instagram story hacks

iPhone users, this one’s for you. To bring your live photos to life on Insta, swipe up on the Instagram Story screen and select a live photo from your camera roll. Once the pic is selected, all you have to do is 3D Touch your screen, the same way you’d play a Live Photo in your camera roll, and you’ll see a “Boomerang” message pop up on the screen. From there, you can post the Boomerang to your Story. Easy, right?

2. Unlocking hidden sticker colors

How to 10 instagram story hacks

You’ve likely seen—and even used—Instagram Stories’ “day of the week” sticker, which you can select from the sticker icon in the upper right corner of the screen. But did you know you can customize it? That’s right. All you have to do is upload the sticker, tap it and watch a white stencil appear. You can leave it white, or you can use the pen tool to color underneath the sticker to make it match the rest of your photo.

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3. Creating a solid—or translucent—background color

How to 10 instagram story hacks

If you want a solid color background—that’s not an option in the “type” section of Instagram Stories—then you can do it yourself. With a photo background uploaded, select the pen tool you prefer and choose your favorite color at the bottom of your screen. If you want a solid, color blocked Insta Story background, then select the first pen tool. If you want a transparent overlay, select the second pen tool. Hold your finger down on the screen for a few seconds, and ta-da! The color will fill your screen at your desired transparency.

4. Making rainbow text

How to 10 instagram story hacks

Have you ever wanted rainbow text on your Instagram story? It’s super pretty—and pretty easy to do, too. Just type your message, highlight your text and hold down on your color button of choice. (Pro tip: According to the Digi Fairy , purple has the best color spectrum.) While still holding down on the color button and the highlighted text, swipe both at the same time. It might sound confusing, but watch the video here and prepare to have the coolest Insta story around.

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5. Zooming in and out
How to 10 instagram story hacks

It doesn’t take much to create a

on a video with the zooming in and out feature for your Instagram Story. When you’re on the “normal” category, press and hold the capture button with one finger to begin recording your video. Once it’s recording, slide up or down with the same finger to zoom in and out.

6. Sharing Instagram posts in your Story

How to 10 instagram story hacks

Sharing your most recent post—or a post from one of your favorite bands—is totally easy. Simply click the arrow/share button below the photo you wish to upload and select the top option, “Add post to your Story.” (Bonus tip: You have a similar option when you’re tagged in someone else’s Story. Opt to repost a Story you’re tagged in from your DM notifications.)

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7. Creating videos from other sources

How to 10 instagram story hacks

Another special feature for iPhone users? The screen record option. You can add special video content to your Instagram Stories, and it can be from whatever platform you prefer: YouTube, Spotify and more. First, add the “Screen Recording” function to your phone’s Control Center, and from there, you can record any content playing on your phone. (Even a P!ATD music video.) Then, you can upload a 15-second clip to your Instagram Story.

8. Layer your effects

How to 10 instagram story hacks

One of the coolest Insta Story effects for music lovers is adding a track from Spotify to your Story. Once you share the track in Spotify and it’s ready to edit in Instagram Stories, the customization opportunities are endless. To change the background color, select the pen tool, pick your favorite color in the brush tray and hold the background until it swaps out to your favorite color. From there, layer text on top of—or surrounding—your favorite track.

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9. Controlling who sees your Instagram Stories

How to 10 instagram story hacks

Your Instagram Stories are clearly a work of art, but you have a few options if you want to hide it from certain accounts. Simply go to “Settings,” select “Story Controls” and you can choose accounts to “hide story from” and “allow message replies” from.

10. Hiding other users’ Instagram Stories

How to 10 instagram story hacks

If you follow lots of accounts, chances are your favorite stories get lost among the rest. To hide Instagram Stories from accounts that are less relevant—but you still want to see on your feed—simply hold down your finger on the account’s picture in the Instagram Story feed at the top of your screen and select “Mute” from the menu that appears on your screen. (Not that we’d want to mute Wallows, of course!)

How to 10 instagram story hacks

Instagram Stories give you the power to communicate and interact with followers easily. And with over one billion Stories shared daily across the Facebook family of apps, the Instagram feature is only becoming more popular.

Research shows that 50% of people admit to visiting a website to buy a product or service after seeing it in Stories. So t’s pretty clear that your eCommerce business should publish on Stories. But do you really want to be part of the trend, or do you want to be ahead of it?

When everyone zigs, you want to zag.

If zagging sounds like you, here are five little-known Instagram Story hacks and wins you can use to increase engagement and conversions on Instagram.

Automatically reply to story mentions

While it’s tempting to respond to every Story mention you get manually, this can be overwhelming and lead to a decrease in engagement with followers.

For Instagram marketers, automation is always better. No one can respond to 300 Story mentions all at once during a campaign on their own, so use an automation tool to help.

For example, women’s fashion brand Roma By Rochi ran a competition that resulted in over 3,400 Story mentions in under 72 hours. Roma by Rochi’s agency partner, Chat Blender, used a Story Mentions Trigger to follow up with fans and further engage them in Instagram Messenger. The automation strategy also allowed the retailer to track Story mentions and identify brand ambassadors for future campaigns.

A Story Mentions Trigger lets you instantly reply to anyone who mentions your account in a Story.

With a Story Mentions message, you can:

  • Send a short thank-you note.
  • Start an entire automated conversation.
  • Trigger a business automation.

Set up an automated message or conversation to send to users in ManyChat’s Flow Builder. Story Mentions Triggers support customer engagement at scale and help you kick off chats from a simple mention.

The Story Mentions Trigger impacted Roma by Rochi’s giveaway campaign significantly, increasing engagement by 741% in three days. The campaign encouraged followers to take photos of their wardrobe before tagging the brand in their Story, which gave them more entry points and increased their chances of winning.

“I was amazed to see how many followers bought into the competition,” noted Gustavio Boregio, co-founder of ChatBlender. “Several diosas [Spanish for ‘followers’] took pics with their entire wardrobe to build up Story mention points.”

After someone mentioned the brand, they received a thank-you message in Instagram Messenger. The team used a Randomizer to send different messages to followers to give a more human touch, rather than sending one blanket message to everyone.

You can automate story replies with a simple “Thanks, legend!” or “I appreciate you!” to make people feel valued and appreciated. Guiding people to Instagram Messenger also provides you the chance to offer coupon codes, receive feedback, or get more information about followers.

Run Story ads that click to Messenger

Instagram Story ads are a great way to find new customers and inspire action for your business. To date, over 4 million businesses use Stories ads every month. Why? Because 58% of Instagrammers say they’ve become more interested in a brand or product after seeing it in Stories.

Now, you could send people to your website to buy something from your ad, but they may bounce and go elsewhere. Or, you can take advantage of the interest and chat with them in Instagram Messenger.

Instagram Story ads that click through to Messenger work differently than standard Story ads, and you’ll need to add an automation trigger to your Story so people can reply and receive your offer in their direct messages (DMs). A common approach to this is to use the Instagram Keyword trigger in ManyChat.

Set up your trigger, then create your Story ad. In this Instagram Story hack, you’ll want to ask people to DM you as your call to action (CTA). For example, you could say, “DM me the word ‘discount’ to get 30% off” in a video or as copy in a static image ad.

If a viewer is interested, they can start a conversation with you easily in DMs. From there, give them the offer, plus collect any information you want or answer questions in a live chat. It’s a much easier way to clear up any confusion or objections about your products.

For a step-by-step tutorial on setting these ads up, read How to Set Up Ads that Click to Instagram Messenger.

Start conversations from Stories

It’s no secret that people are using Instagram stories more than ever. With over 500 million daily users, you want to capitalize on Stories by extending engagement beyond a website click. One common Instagram hack is to start conversations from your organic Stories.

Similar to Story ads, you’ll want to set up an Instagram Keyword trigger in Flow Builder. This will tell your Instagram bot what keywords to look for in your Instagram conversations. If someone sends the keyword to your business’s DM, it will trigger an automated conversation.

Keywords help start conversations from Stories, help people navigate your automation, and deliver lead magnets or provide support for followers with product questions.

For example, you could tell users to type “Help” if they want to speak to a live agent. This action will automatically ping a support rep, who can enter the conversation and solve the person’s questions and concerns directly.

Emoji quick reactions

Quick reactions let people show how they feel about a Story with emojis. When someone sends a quick reaction, send an automated response from your Instagram bot; and if you’re promoting a freebie, deliver the promo to the user right inside Instagram Messenger.

It’s a simple setup inside ManyChat. Start by setting your Instagram Keyword to any emojis that’ll trigger your conversation.

Then set a Smart Delay for 10 seconds. This will help the conversation feel more natural and human.

Use a Randomizer to send random replies to different users and give your bot a personal feel.

You can reply with emojis or short follow-ups to kick off the conversation.

Turn Stories into highlights

Instagram Stories disappear after 24 hours and is a great way to share entertaining content without filling up your feed. But if you want to extend the life of a Story, make it visible as a Highlight in your profile.

Instagram Highlights appear underneath your bio, where users can click and see the content stored in the thumbnail.

Sometimes people respond to highlights with questions about your products and services. These messages go straight to your DMs, where you can answer queries through Keyword Automation or in a live chat.

Your turn

There’s no doubt Instagram Story campaigns have their advantages. You’re getting front and center on people’s feeds and engaging with them through a bigger, richer environment than an individual post can provide.

However, if you want to better capitalize on your Stories, the hacks above will help improve engagement and conversions. Test the waters by trying one hack at a time. You’ll soon see how Instagram Automation impacts your bottom line.

A new stories archive feature appeared in the version 25 update for Instagram on both Android and iOS. This means you no longer need to save stories to your phone for later viewing, if you like doing that, but it also means all those stories are saved to your Instagram account whether you want them to be or not.

Luckily, it’s fairly easy to disable automatic archiving of stories on your smartphone, and there are actually a crazy amount of ways to do it within the app. However, the downside is that anything already archived will have to be deleted manually if you don’t want the pictures and videos in there.

The first option is to tap on “Edit in Settings” on the initial “Introducing Your Stories Archive” prompt from Instagram, then disable it from there. However, chances are that you dismissed this prompt without thinking twice about it. If that’s the case (and it most likely is), there are other ways.

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Method 1: Disable in the Stories Archive

Head to your profile tab, then tap on the clock-arrow icon at the top to view the archives. Once there, if you see a blank page that says “Add To Your Story,” simply tap on “Change Archive Controls in Settings,” then toggle off “Save to Archive.” If you have stories archived already, you’ll need to use one of the other methods below.

How to 10 instagram story hacks alt=”Instagram 101: How to Stop Stories from Being Archived Automatically” width=”532″ height=”532″ />

If you tried that out but see either your saved regular posts or a blank screen that says “No Archived Posts,” then tap on either “Posts Archive” (Android) or “Archive” (iOS) at the top, then switch it to either “Stories Archive” (Android) or just “Stories” (iOS) before trying to change the settings.

How to 10 instagram story hacks alt=”Instagram 101: How to Stop Stories from Being Archived Automatically” width=”532″ height=”532″ />

Method 2: Disable in the Archive Settings

Head to your profile tab, then tap on the clock-arrow icon at the top to view the archives. In the top right, tap on the ellipsis (. ) icon, then select “Settings” from the popup. On the next screen, just toggle off “Save to Archive.”

How to 10 instagram story hacks alt=”Instagram 101: How to Stop Stories from Being Archived Automatically” width=”532″ height=”532″ />

Method 3: Disable in Instagram’s Options

Head to your profile tab, then tap on the ellipsis (. ) icon (on Android) or cog (iOS) to view all of Instagram’s options. Select “Story Settings” from this list, then toggle off “Save to Archive” under the Saving section.

How to 10 instagram story hacks alt=”Instagram 101: How to Stop Stories from Being Archived Automatically” width=”532″ height=”532″ />

Method 4: Disable in the Story Camera

Instead of messing with digging around in Instagram’s settings or in the archive itself, you can just swipe right on your feed or tap on your profile picture to start a new story. Once there, hit the cog icon, then toggle off “Save to Archive” under the Saving section.

How to 10 instagram story hacks alt=”Instagram 101: How to Stop Stories from Being Archived Automatically” width=”532″ height=”532″ />

Deleting Stories That Were Already Archived

Like mentioned before, disabling “Save to Archive” only prevents Instagram from automatically archiving any future stories — it does not get rid of the ones already archived. So if you want to delete those, you’ll have to do a little work.

Since you can’t tap on the full story (the one with the date on it) and delete everything within it, you have to tap on each individual picture or video in the story, then hit the ellipsis (. ) to bring up the delete option for each one.

Hopefully, Instagram will make this process easier, such as adding a prompt to delete all archived stories when disabling “Save to Archive” or at least letting you delete an individual story and all its parts in one move.

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How to 10 instagram story hacks

How to 10 instagram story hacksContributed by Harikrishna Kundariya, CEO at eSparkbiz Technologies, a SaaS development company that provides world-class solutions to help clients grow digitally.

Instagram, with its massive audience, is still growing day by day. People feel incredibly engaged by and spend so much time on this social media platform because of its unique and ultracool features that allow users to share stories with the world in a creative way.

Is your company maximizing its Instagram presence to grow and scale? There are features available on Instagram that are yet undiscovered by most users.

Here are 10 Instagram hacks and features you probably haven’t used yet.

1. Shortcuts for common responses

Responding with the same reply to everyone becomes annoying and time-consuming. A better strategy is to save pre-written responses so that you can quickly respond without wasting a second.

How it’s done: Go to your IG profile and click on the three-line icon. Then go to settings, tap “creators,” and then click “saved replies.” Add your common response and save it along with a shortcut to identify the message when you need it. You can use pre-existing replies by typing the shortcut into the direct messages (DM) of any user.

2. Receive notifications for other account posts

One reason to follow someone on Instagram is to view their content and updates. Sometimes your feed misses posts from those creators. Instagram has the solution: You can set notifications so that you won’t miss any updates from your favourite influencers and creators.

How it’s done: Go to that specific account, click on the bell-shaped notification icon on the top bar. Then, choose the type of notification you want to receive–ie, stories, posts or reels.

3. Limit your screen time

While both businesses and users love Instagram, its reputation as a time-killer is warranted, as it lets you scroll the feed endlessly. If you want to limit your time on the app, then this feature is for you. It allows you to limit your screen time on Instagram by sending a reminder after a predetermined amount of time on the platform.

How it’s done: Go to the three-line icon on your profile, click “Your Activity,” then “Time” to set a reminder as per your preference for time spent on Instagram.

4. Hone your bio to appear on search results

To get noticed, you need to understand what your audience is searching for. Slip a keyword in your bio to pop up in the list of search results.

How it’s done: Tap “Edit Profile,” mention the relevant keyword in your bio, and save it.

5. Mute annoying accounts

Some Instagram posts may irritate or disturb you. But unfortunately, you may not be in a position to unfollow the person if they are a close friend or relative. The solution? You can mute their accounts.

How it’s done: Go to the account you want to mute, click on the three dots after the “following” button, hit “mute,” and choose whether you want to mute stories, posts–or both.

6. Remove old posts without deleting them

If you want to remove older posts without deleting them permanently, Instagram’s “Archive” feature allows you to archive your posts by hiding them from others.

How it’s done: Click on the top of the post that you want to hide, then click “Archive.” You can access and restore archived posts from the Archive section anytime you choose.

7. See all posts you have liked

You can view every post that you have liked in the past quickly with a few clicks on Instagram.

How it’s done: Hit the three-line icon at the top of your profile, click “Settings,” then “Account.” Now tap “Posts You’ve Liked” to see all the posts you’ve liked in the past.

8. Find top hashtags for your posts

Use effective hashtags in your posts to get your content in front of the right audience.

How it’s done: Tap the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of your screen, then search the keyword. Tap the “Tags” column to see relevant hashtags.

9. Write story text in multiple colours

Writing story text in multiple colour letters helps your stories stand out, and is a unique feature that most people don’t know about. You can also use this feature on videos created in Instagram’s video editor.

How it’s done: Type phrases while creating your story, then select the text that you would like to colour. Next, use the cursor to choose the colour for that particular phrase or letter, and repeat the same process for other letters and phrases.

10. Hide tagged photos

If you don’t want photos in which you are tagged to show and want them removed, you can easily do that.

How it’s done: Go to the tag section in your profile, then open the post photo that you want to hide. Tap the three dots above the post, then tap “Tag Options.” Now, select from the two available options, “Remove Me From Post” or “Hide from My Profile.”

Now that you have the inside scoop on accessing valuable features that most people don’t know about, you can use these hacks to enhance your Instagram presence and grow your business.

Stay on top of the biggest social media marketing trends!

Creating Instagram Reels for your brand or business can be one of the best ways to get more followers and engagement on Instagram — in fact, they’re a real growth hack right now!

From useful tips to our top editing tricks, we’re sharing our favorite Instagram Reels hacks that are guaranteed to make your videos stand out from the crowd.

How to 10 instagram story hacks

12 Instagram Reels Hacks You Need to Know

Discover our top creative hacks by watching this video — or continue reading the full blog post below.

Here are our top 12 Instagram Reels hacks for creating engaging and click-worthy Reels:

Instagram Reels Hack #1: Create Creative Original Content

If you want to show up on the Instagram Reels tab, creating original content is key.

With thousands — maybe millions — of creators sharing to Instagram Reels daily, thinking of original ideas is one tall order.

Fortunately, you don’t have to totally reinvent the wheel when it comes to planning your Instagram Reels. The main thing is to create content that is educational or entertaining — with your own unique twist.

By adding your own little spin or perspective, you can take any existing idea and create something fresh and engaging.

For example, if you’re a photographer, this could be a series of camera setting hacks, lust-worthy locations, or your favorite portrait shots like @myparisportraits:

Instagram has confirmed it prioritizes videos that aren’t visibly recycled from third-party apps, so creating original content in the Reels editor could also help boost your visibility.

Creating original content may take a bit of time and effort, but it’s one of the best ways to hack the algorithm and set yourself apart in your niche.

Ready to save time planning your Instagram content? Start scheduling your posts with Later — it’s free!

Instagram Reels Hack #2: Include Closed Captions

There’s no secret that creating video content, whether for Instagram Stories or Instagram Reels, is one of the best ways to make your content more accessible.

We know 85% of video on Facebook is watched without sound, so adding subtitles to your videos is a no-brainer when it comes to reaching more users.

Plus, not only are subtitles great for people who watch without sound, but they’re invaluable for those with hearing difficulties.

Automated captions aren’t available on Instagram (yet!) but in the meantime, there are ways you can start creating more inclusive Reels now.

To add video subtitles, manually type your audio in text boxes and show them on screen during your video.

How to 10 instagram story hacks

For a quicker approach, you can use apps like Subtitles — Video Captions Mi‪x, Clipomatic, and MixCaptions to automatically generate captions for you.

TIP: Make sure your closed captions are visible in every part of the Instagram app by positioning them in the center of your screen (more on this later).

Instagram Reels Hack #3: Remove the TikTok Watermark

Instagram recently announced that they’re deprioritizing Reels that are visibly recycled from other apps — meaning they’re less likely to appear in the Instagram Explore Page and the Reels tab.

So, if you’re looking to repurpose your TikTok videos for Instagram Reels, it’s a good idea to remove the TikTok watermark first.

How to remove a TikTok watermark:

Before uploading your final video to TikTok, screen record it. Then crop the screen recording in your photo album to remove the TikTok watermark.

Instagram Reels Hack #4: Keep Your Captions Short and Sweet

There’s a time and place for long educational captions on Instagram (hello, Instagram feed posts!), but because of Reels’ dimensions, short and sweet captions are the way to go.

When you share an Instagram Reel, the first line can be up to 55 characters. When you go over that amount, your caption is followed by “… more” for viewers to tap and read the rest.

And when they click on the “…more” button, the Reel won’t pause. Instead it opens up the caption, darkens the video, and makes it more difficult for your audience to read the text or see what’s happening in your Reel.

How to 10 instagram story hacks

Try to write a first line that’s both engaging and enticing. And, if possible, only include relevant tags and hashtags in the next line.

For example, @shinewithnatasha captivates her audience by including a quick one-liner at the top of her caption that’s both enticing and engaging. When someone clicks to read more, they’ll find additional context to the video and a CTA.

How to 10 instagram story hacks

TIP: Include a CTA in your Instagram Reels caption! Encouraging your audience to comment and engage with your videos is a great way to increase your reach.

Instagram Reels Hack #5: Hop on Trends Fast

Similar to TikTok, trends on Reels come and go quite quickly.

To hop on a trend before it becomes old news, take a few minutes each morning to scroll through the Instagram Reels tab and other creators’ profiles to see what they’re sharing.

Is there anything that seems to consistently pop up — a particular song? An audio clip? A dance trend?

If so, click on the music to see how many other creators have used the audio. Scroll through the videos to get an idea of what the trend is. For example, the “Watcha Say” trend was a big hit on Instagram Reels recently.

A hack to see who’s creeping on the person you’ve tagged in your Instagram Story is going viral — and the feedback isn’t entirely positive.

In the video, she demonstrated how making a poll on Instagram and sliding it so the first option disappears off the side of the screen can make it look like the “mention” sticker. That way, when people click on it to see the page of the person tagged, it counts the click as a vote in the poll.

The original poster can then see which users voted in the poll — or tried to creep on the person tagged, who is @meganvplatts’s boyfriend in this case.

Some commenters hailed the Instagram stalking hack as “genius” and “smart,” but most found it to be a little over-the-top.

“Why do some girls try to beef with anyone who even breathes next to their man like this is crazy I’m sorry,” one user wrote.

User @sofiabartkova shared the same hack a day later.

“For all my psycho girls,” she wrote. “20 in 1 hour.”

Commenters found the Instagram technique to be “toxic.”

“I just wanted to know if my girl’s man was posting about her,” one said.

“I would literally click if you posted your grandma,” another wrote.

Is the Instagram stalking hack a little too possessive or exceptionally crafty? Maybe we’ll create a poll to find out.

How to 10 instagram story hacks

When you've been on Instagram for a while, it's easy to get stuck in a rut and use the same filters and poses that get you likes every time. But by taking advantage of some of Instagram's other features, you can make your photos and videos really stand out (and keep racking up those followers).

What are some IG hacks you might not know about? We talked to the powers that be at Instagram on how to make the most of the platform.

Instagram has more filters than you think.

Instagram content

You may think you look your best in a Valencia filter, but there's no better time than the present to branch out with your Insta editing. "With a wide variety of 40 different filters, people can use Instagram’s photo filters to instantly transform the feel of their photos and videos," explains an Instagram spokesperson. Over the years, the platform has also added a number of extra editing features, including adjustments to brightness, contrast, and color overlays that often go underutilized.

Instagram has different ways to feature users.

Instagram content

Think you're not Insta-famous enough to end up on the Discover page? Instagram has other ways to help you get your account out there. One example is the Weekend Hashtag Project, where each week, Instagram asks users to submit photos of their weekend based around a theme. Then, they use the hashtag #WHP[word] (like #WHPdaydream) and may feature your photo on Instagram's accounts and blog.

You can record longer videos.

Instagram content

In late March, Instagram announced that over the next six months, users would get the ability to record up to 60 seconds for any single video. Why not use that extra time?

Instagram has multi-video clip editing.

Instagram content

One thing many people don't use as much as they could is Instagram's in-app video editing software to string together several awesome clips to create a great story. To do so, upload three to four 15-second videos as you would any other video, and then use the scissor icon to edit your videos and the plus-sign icon to add them.

You can switch accounts.

Instagram content

After years of people complaining about how annoying it is to keep logging on and off of Instagram if you have multiple accounts, the app debuted a new feature in February that everyone's excited about.

To use the update, go to your settings and add any accounts you run. From there, click on your username on your profile to switch accounts.

You can see how many people watch your videos.

Instagram content

Your videos are getting way more reach than you think. A new feature released earlier in 2016 allows you to see view counts for every video you post on the app. You can use this information to see what kind of content is clicking with your audience.

You can add emojis to your hashtags.

Instagram content

Words aren't the only thing that go into hashtags anymore. On Instagram, you can use emojis in your hashtags and search them as you would any other hashtag on the app.

Instagram's Direct Message is more complex than you think.

Instagram content

Instagram's DM feature has come a long way since it was released back in December 2013. Nowadays, you can chat with multiple friends in one DM, change the name of your conversation (like you can on Facebook), and directly share photos from your feed with other people.

Instagram's Layout tool isn't just for photo collages.

Instagram content

Chances are you've probably seen people use Layout to create cute collages with friends. But did you know that you can get more creative and create cool, unique images that up your photography game? Users can also flip and rotate their photos to make unique arrangements and mirror effects.

Instagram has even more video editing apps you should utilize.

Instagram content

If you've been sticking to just posting photos or single video clips, it's time to step up your Instagram game. IG has two apps, Boomerang and Hyperlapse, that mix it up.

Boomerang takes a burst of photos and stitches them together into a high-quality mini-video that plays forward and backward. Hyperlapse, on the other hand, lets you make hand-held time-lapse videos that can be created inside the app or just on your phone to save to your Camera Roll. The best part, though, is that you don't need any fancy camera equipment to do all of this.

So, armed with all this knowledge, do you still think #nofilter is the best option?

How to 10 instagram story hacks

Instagram is one of the best mediums for sharing videos. But they’re quite limited. You can only share videos of up to 15 seconds, in vertical format, and they disappear in 24 minutes. We previously talked about how you can use third-party apps to split longer videos into 15-second chunks. Now, you don’t need to do that anymore. Instagram will split your larger videos for you.

How to Post Longer Videos to Instagram Stories

Using the Instagram App (Up to 1 minute)

This is a side effect of Instagram new Multiple Select features that came to Instagram Stories. It lets users select up to 10 photos to share as stories. But if you select a video that’s longer than 15 seconds, Instagram will itself divide it into multiple parts. But there’s a catch. In our testing, we found that this feature only works for up to four stories. Which means that if your video is under 1 minute, you’re good. If not, you’ll need to use a third-party app.

Assuming your video is under one minute, read the instructions below.

Step 1: Open the Instagram Stories view and swipe up to select from the library.

How to 10 instagram story hacks

Step 2: Find the video you want to post and tap on it.

Step 3: You’ll see a new Instagram Stories editing view with four thumbnail previews at the bottom. These are the four parts of your video. Tap on a thumbnail to switch to the story. You can edit all four individual stories with all the tools that you’re familiar with.

How to 10 instagram story hacks

Step 4: When you’re done editing tap on the Next button tap on the Share button next to Your Story to post the stories.

How to Cut Longer Instagram Videos Using CutStory

Cut Story is a feature-rich app for splitting longer videos in chunks of 15 seconds, 30 seconds and more. The app works very well. But by default, it puts a watermark on the video. You can pay $0.99 to remove the watermark.

Step 1: Open the CutStory app and tap on Video.

Step 2: Select the video and use one of the editing tools if you want.

Step 3: Tap on the Download button and choose the Instagram format.

How to 10 instagram story hacks

Step 4: Now just wait while the videos are split, processed and saved to your Camera Roll.

Step 5: Open the Instagram app and go to the Instagram Stories view.

How to 10 instagram story hacks

Step 6: Swipe up and find all the 15-second videos. Before doing anything, tap on the Select Multiple buttons at the top-right corner.

Step 7: Now select the videos that you want to post, in the order that you want to post them. You can select up to 10 videos at a time.

How to 10 instagram story hacks

Step 8: Once you’ve selected the videos, tap on Next. Here, edit the stories if you want and tap on Next again. Then tap on Share next to the Your Story button to post all 10 video stories at one go!

Download: CutStory (Free)

Alternative: Long Story for IG

Another good option for cutting longer videos for Instagram is the Long Story for IG app. It works similarly to the Cut Story app. What sets Long Story for IG apart is that it’s totally free to use. While the app features ads, it won’t add a watermark to your video, or limit you in any way. You can pay $0.99/year subscription to remove the ads, but that’s optional.

How Do You Use Instagram Stories?

Do you put a lot of thought into your Instagram Stories? Do you deal with brands where you use apps to design Instagram Stories? Share with us in the comments below.

How to 10 instagram story hacks

Instagram Stories is one of the best storytelling tools we have right now. It’s just a 15-second clip but using text and GIFs, you can do a lot more with it. But on the other hand, it’s quite limited. The 15-second limit can be frustrating sometimes, especially when the video you want to share is 30 seconds long. What do you do? It’s quite simple really. Just cut the video into 15-second sections.

Now, you can do that manually using a video editing app but that’s going to take a lot of time. Thankfully, there are utilities to help you out.

How to Split Videos into 15 Second Chunks

There are a lot of different apps that let you do this. But many are limited in one way or the other. Either by time limit (30-second videos only) or by splits (some apps only let you export the first split file for free). Some apps add a watermark to exported video as well.

The app we’re talking about today has none of that. You can pay to remove the ads from the app but that’s it.

Step 1: Go to the App Store and download Split Videos for Instagram app.

Step 2: Open the app and give it access to your photos.

How to 10 instagram story hacks

Step 3: Tap on the middle part to start using the app.

Step 4: Tap on Select Video.

How to 10 instagram story hacks

Step 5: From the picker, select the video you want to use. You can trim the video from the top if you want and then tap on Choose.

How to 10 instagram story hacks

Step 6: Tap on Split Video. Let the app do its thing. You’ll get a popup saying the video has been split in parts and is available the Photos app.

Now just open Instagram, go to Stories section and swipe up. You’ll see the split videos right there.

Alternative: Long Story for IG

Another good option for cutting longer videos for Instagram is the Long Story for IG app. It works similarly to the Cut Story app. What sets Long Story for IG apart is that it’s totally free to use. While the app features ads, it won’t add a watermark to your video, or limit you in any way. You can pay $0.99/year subscription to remove the ads, but that’s optional.

Have You Tried IGTV Yet?

If you’re looking to post longer horizontal videos to Instagram, you should look into Instagram’s new app: IGTV. It’s an entire app based purely on vertical long-form videos. The only difference is that the videos won’t disappear after 24 hours. They’re going to stay there for a long time.

How do you use Instagram Stories? Do you use the additional features like GIFs? Share with us in the comments below.

Instagram has grown into a popular social networking platform. It is now a crowd favorite app for people of all age groups with so many cool features. With so many users on board, you can only imagine the amount of data that Instagram holds.

It comes as no surprise that people wonder how to hack someone’s Instagram. It can be somewhat lucrative.

How To Hack Into Someone’s Instagram?

Thanks to spy apps, it is now quite easy to hack into someone’s Instagram without them finding out. The web space is flooded with spy applications. Let’s dive right in and learn more about one such app – NEXSPY. It is a great tool to hack into someone’s Instagram.

NEXSPY – Instagram Spy App

Spy apps are essentially monitoring apps meant for parents or employers. For others, they are just a way to spy on friends and family. If you wish to observe what your partner or friends are up to, spy apps are the solution.

NEXSPY is, without doubt, one of the best spy apps available. It has over 40 unique and exciting features. Powerful yet simple, it works on most operating systems and devices. Just purchase one license and then use it as many times as you like.

How to 10 instagram story hacks

You will need less than 10 minutes to set up NEXSPY on the target phone. They provide a detailed installation guide to help you with the same. After installation, the app vanishes like a ghost. It runs in the background and will not be visible to the user of the target phone.

What makes NEXSPY a popular choice is its security. All the data is encrypted and can only be seen by the person operating the app. NEXSPY holds privacy in high regard. Their support staff is very professional and always ready to help.

Monitor Messaging Applications

Messaging apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, etc., are where you can find out a lot about people. NEXSPY lets you view all incoming and outgoing messages in real-time. It includes photos, videos, stickers, and emojis. It also enables you to view contacts and their profile pictures. You can even search for specific words or phrases in messages.

With NEXSPY, you can access complete threads of conversations on your PC. Their dashboard is extremely secure and user-friendly. You can even start your favorite conversations for conveniently flipping through them later.

The best part? You can monitor Instagram activity on Android mobile phones even without having to root. Moreover, you get a three-day free trial with all the features.

Read Text Messages

NEXSPY allows you to read all the SMS texts sent and received on the target phone. You also get access to the media messages to look at the audio or visual files attached.

Monitoring Phone Calls

With NEXSPY, you can see detailed call logs for every call made via the target phone. It includes the phone number, call duration, and time. You can also view call logs for calls made with VoIP applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, etc.

Track GPS Location

NEXSPY gives you access to the real-time GPS location of your target. It provides you with the exact coordinates, as well as date and time. You can view the location on google maps. You can also set up boundaries and be alerted every time the target phone leaves or enters defined areas.

Record Key Logs

Keylogging is another cool feature included with NEXSPY. It keeps a record of every stroke of the target phone’s keyboard. You will be able to see whatever they type and on whichever application. You can even set up a keyword alert to get notified when they type in specified words or phrases.

How to 10 instagram story hacks

These are just some of the cool features offered by NEXSPY. It also monitors emails, calendars, notes, and internet activity. It can show you complete details about the usage of each app on the target phone. You can easily get into the multimedia files as well.

To hack into someone’s Instagram, you simply need to purchase a license for the app. Then, following the guide, install NEXSPY on the target phone and view all the data collected from the phone.

How To Hack Someone’s Instagram On iPhone?

Hacking into iPhones can be tricky. However, NEXSPY makes it possible. If you’re wondering how to hack someone’s Instagram account on an iPhone, NEXSPY should be your go-to. You may have to perform certain additional steps for hacking into iPhones. Let us look at them in detail.

Using NEXSPY – Instagram Spy App For iPhone

Here’s how you can install NEXSPY and hack into someone’s Instagram account without them knowing.

Purchase the NEXSPY application. The premium package is quite affordable and easy to use. They also offer a free trial period for new users.