Wp-SpamFree anti spam alternative to Akismet

Wp-SpamFree is a powerful spam protector plugin which could protect your site from various spam comments, additionally it also has an anti spam protection against links and trackballs coming from bad sites. This plugin stops the spam before it gets to the database, so there is no cluttering up of the database. The plugin also comes with a SpamFee Contact Form.

It has number of advantages too. Use this plugin and see how efficiently it eliminates comment spam including, pingback spam and trackback spam. Rest assure to enjoy a spam-free WordPress blog with this new plugin.

Wp-SpamFree anti spam alternative to Akismet

It has number of options while exploring with JavaScript and without JavaScript. It also allows to set cookies in two ways, JavaScript and Non-JavaScript methods. I recommend setting it both ways as some browsers (especially mobile ones) can block JavaScript from running which would prevent them from leaving comments unless you have M2 check marked.

The other thing you can do is set and modify your Your current WordPress Comment Blacklist in the WP-SpamFree Options. This allows you to create a custom list of “keywords”, “emails” or IP Addresses that will automatically be blocked in the future.

One can also use akismet with wp-spamfree plugin. WP-SpamFree can do all the cleaning job, Sometimes one or two comments will be left out and it will be caught by Akismet.

Here are some of its important features

  • Wp-SpamFree plugin works silently, and does not need any CAPTCHA in the comment box to confirm the identity of the comment posted, as it could be helpful in many ways.
  • It has a powerful protection against spam trackbacks and pingbacks coming from the bad behavioral sites.
  • It includes drop-in spam-free contact form, a must awaited and more easy to use, particularly no configuration necessary.
  • The plugin also keeps track of number of spam comments and data blocked, to show the effectiveness.
  • The spam queue would have real spam, and you won’t need to go through it to find any real comments.
  • You can show off the spam blockage stats with the help of a widget.

It the most important plugin, if you are getting more comments on your blog. Have you used these Plugin ever? how much you rate this plugin ? what are your views on this plugin. Do comment on this article about your views. Subscribe to our Email Subscription for the latest news about this Blog.

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  1. An Elf says:

    I agree wp-spamfree is a great plugin which challenges conventional and often idiotic spam protection. Kewl!!

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