WordPress best Plugin for Live Statistic and Analysis

The best wordpress plugin for getting live statistic and analysis is here now. It include many features of getting the live statistic about your blog giving many special features of custoe search and custom saving and custom viewing.

StatPress is one seriously impressive WordPress PlugIn. One of the best PlugIns you’ll ever use. Since we have been using this plugin, we have never looked backed at any other thing for viewing our visitors move.

It lives inside your WordPress dashboard and it gives you instant access to live website statistics like traffic volumes, keyword/search terms, referring websites, browser & operating systems, search spider visits and lots more.

And best of all, it also allows you to “spy” on your own website traffic. At any time you can see exactly who is accessing your site, where they’re from, their IP address, which pages they are viewing, what search term and engine brought them to you and additional thing what operating system and browser they are using.

StatPress is exactly the opposite; it’s effortless to use and painless to access. Installation is a breeze, and since installing it I’ve been checking my basic traffic trends here more than inside Google’s analytics tool. We agree that it is not the fully-featured tool that is Google Analytics, but that does not matter, because it gives you almost a complete info about your site.

And the biggest advantage to this type of analytics tool is there are no coding requirements. Google Analytics is arguably the best free tools for thorough, detailed website analysis.

It’s instant, live data that you can analyze, search and export easily. It doesn’t replace gAnalytics, but it’s a faster, easier way to quickly check your stats.

This is how detailed StatPress really is. The Dashboard, which is a basic overview of all the stats, shows you ALL the following. we recommend you to see the following features included in it after this image.

Wordpress best Plugin for Live Statistic and Analysis

Overview : a total report on visitor, pageview, spider and RSS feed stats. Displays volume by total, this month, last month, today and yesterday.

Hits : reports your last 10 site hits. Breaks them down to time, IP address, TLD, page hit, operating system and browser used.

Keywords/Search terms : reports the last 10 search queries that brought traffic to your site. Includes date, time, keyword, search engine and search engine results page.

Referrers : shows you the last 10 URLs that sent traffic to your site, and what time and date that occurred.

Agents : the 10 latest Agents

Pages : what day, time, page and OS/Browser combo were last viewed.

Spiders : what day, time, Spider and Agent last crawled your site.

We hope that you use this plugin and enjoying using it. If any thing wrong occur, you can share your views on this article and this plugin, do pour your comments on this article. Also take a review on the most popular All in One SEO Pack for wordpress and Akismet (Anti-Spam) Plungin for wordpress

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