Why WordPress is the Best Blogging Platform for the New Blogger

Before starting a blog, new bloggers could waste a long time researching a viable blogging platform among the countless free hosting services. These newbie bloggers could save themselves the time and hassle by sticking with the most reliable and rewarding of blogging platforms, WordPress. To the uninitiated, WordPress represents the endless potential possible with a completely free blog hosting service.

Its streamlined and foolproof design accommodates even the most inept of web users; starting a blog, in short, could not be any easier than it is with WordPress. Still not convinced that WordPress is the best platform for a new blogger? Consider these points.

Why WordPress is the Best Blogging Platform for the New Blogger

User-Friendly Interface

I’ve already touched on the ease with which new bloggers catch onto  WordPress, but the point bears repeating. Once a user has created an account with WordPress, they only need to follow the service’s pointers to begin posting content. There’s such a diversity of content one can publish; text, pictures, videos—the list of easily published content goes on.

The WordPress interface
features an easy to understand series of toolbars, each of them essential to your blogging experience.You can browse trending topics so as to join in on a popular conversation, browse other blogs, view alternative template styles, and much more.

WordPress certainly presents the blogger with plenty of options, all of which can be utilized to their full potential without any prior blogging experience. You don’t even have to know anything about code in order to post to your WordPress. A person with a penchant for writing and posting pictures about their Moroccan cooking hobby can blog about the experience like a pro without
ever knowing a bit about HTML or anything.

What’s more, the basic coding for WordPress blog’s is designed to for prime search engine optimization (SEO); your posts will start with a better Google search ranking than a rival self-made blog!

Comprehensive Options for Customization

WordPress offers hundreds of themes for a blogger to customize their site so as to make it feel as unique as possible. The developers at WordPress upload new themes every week, from simple and sleek layouts built for a clean aesthetic to more detailed displays meant for content-rich blogs. Users can choose blog display themes that resonate with their topic, whether it’s a newsreel-style journalistic blog or an image-centered photo blog.

If bloggers become want to further customize their sites, they can opt to transfer their content to a site powered by WordPress.org. WordPress.org differs from WordPress.com in that the former requires a third-party hosting service to house its code, so a blogger would have to pay a monthly
fee to host their blog. The upside to WordPress.org is that bloggers have ultimate control over their site; possibilities for customization are literally endless.

Users can implement some of the thousands of WordPress plugins (tools meant to enhance an aspect of your blog) to truly set their blog apart from others. Popular WordPress plugins include those designed to track visitor traffic, plugins to perfect SEO code, and plugins that modify the layout of a blog.

The gold standard of blogging

WordPress is the go-to choice for bloggers and web developers alike for a reason. The simplicity of its design has attracts millions upon millions of people, outmatching all other blogging platforms. Recently, WordPress.org announced that it runs a sizeable chunk of all blog in use today. Though developers, programmers, and designers will debate the merits of WordPress versus other popular blogging platforms (the “Wordpress v. Blogger” debate rages on to this day), the success of the enterprise speaks for itself.

Its enduring popularity stands as a testament to the services high standards which should appeal to new bloggers. In short, if you have any inclination to start blogging, you’d be remiss to pass up a chance to experience blogging with WordPress.

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  1. Mika Castro says:

    To me personally, I think that wordpress is the best blogging platform. Because some of us mostly nowadays write books with thousands of volumes to support their opinion but unfortunately I am not a good writer and starting on basic. After discovering the many advantages against the disadvantages of wordpress, I started to research for my own strategy.

  2. WordPress is the Best and awesome Blogging platform we get a lot of Freedom to try things on our blogs if we have a self hosted wordpress blog.

  3. Darren says:

    WordPress was the first really good PHP blogging software so people got used to using it. Luckily for all of us, the software and add-ons have always been improved.

  4. wpsupersweep says:

    Great post – just subscribed to your feed – thank you! The WPSuperSweep is a plugin I recommend for all wp blog owners, I’m using it on all my sites now.

  5. Santhanam says:

    WordPress doesn’t allow bloggers to integrate third party ads (hosted on wordpress.com). Blogger comes in handy there.

    Except for this, wordpress is the way to go

  6. wsolist says:

    I use wordpress for most of my project now. Is easier to work with and customize. Buy a wordpress theme club membership and you don’t need to be a designer to make a site look like pro.

  7. Sagar says:

    Nice and very important post

    WordPress is an content management system (CMS). Mostly used to manage blogs and websites. It is a very easy form of managing web pages. It is mostly helpful for people who are not good at coding. It helps us to try many thing on our webpages . The most important factor is it is easy to use , has many plugins, which helps us in adding many characteristics without complex coding.

    WordPress is a very easy content managing software mostly helpful for beginners.

    Than you for sharing.

  8. Frank Kelly says:

    Can’t agree more. Our site is currently built on wordpress, and from a CMS perspective it allows people in our organization to make updates who aren’t comfortable with code. Really, wordpress is the way to go.

  9. Jam says:

    I would agree that wordpress is the best blogging software. Only that it consumes too much resources so sometimes you dont have much choice but to upgrade your hosting. Especially if you know less about web development.

  10. Pramod Kumar says:

    Agree, WordPress is best platform for Blogging. It is easy to manage for beginners. If any person want to start a blog with WordPress then don’t need to spent much money because many themes and plugins available free.

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