keep visitors stay longer on Blog with Yet Another Related Post Plugin

Yesterday we were searching for some plugin that could show up related post on each and every single blog post. We’ve recently started using the WordPress plugin Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP).

This plugin is not just awesome, but it is much more than that.  As we have already mentioned that our kind of related post Plugin hasn’t been made yet and doesn’t contain features like adding related posts to your feed.  YARRP separates itself from the rest with their advanced features, including:

  • Improved algorithm for finding related posts that also takes into consideration categories and tags.
  • The ability to set a threshold on the relevancy of the posts that you want to show.
  • The ability to display the related posts in your RSS feed.
  • The automatic integration of the related links below your posts.

keep visitors stay longer on Blog with Yet Another Related Post Plugin
After all, getting traffic is hard enough at the best  of times, so when we do get it, we need to do everything we possibly can in order to keep the visitors on your pages for as long as possible!, I think links to related articles is definitely the best way to go.

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) gives you a list of posts and/or pages related to the current entry, introducing the reader to other relevant content on your site.

Make sure the “display related posts in feeds” option is turned on if you would like to show related posts in your RSS and Atom feeds. The “display related posts in feeds” option can be used regardless of whether you auto display them on your website (and vice versa).

we really are satisfied after adding this plugin. It works much better than most of the other related posts plugins we’ve used in the past. You can disallow by category and tag, limit by match threshold using matching scores and it can also add related posts to your RSS feed.

Have you used this Plugin ever? how much you rate this plugin ? what are your views on this plugin. Do comment on this article about your views. Subscribe to our Email Subscription for the latest news about this Blog.

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  1. Bilal Ahmad says:

    YARPP is a very useful plugin for all wordpress bloggers. It shows the most relevent posts that helps in increase page view.

  2. Acc to amit bahwani the famous blogger yarp sucks your CPU usage to higher extent!!

  3. Gojeg says:

    Yeah, related posts also reducing the bounce rate. 😀

  4. will says:

    Nice i love this plugin but i’m having trouble putting it in the right place someone help please

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