Allow visitors to contact you with Contact Form 7 Plugin

Contact form is very important for blogger in my opinion. Contact form allows our blog readers to email us if their have something to ask us directly in private way without we need to reveal our email address. It may deliver a great idea for our next post or deliver good guest post to us.

And do not forget that Advertisers also can contact us trough our contact form. It is surely a big loss if advertisers can not contact use because our blog do not have contact form.

To overcome these issues, wordpress has a superb Plugin called Contact Form 7, easy to customize and install.

Allow visitors to contact you with Contact Form 7 Plugin

Some of its Tight Security Features are

  • It has very tight security, stops spammer tricks.
  • Akismet spam protection support.
  • Spam checks E-mail address input from common spammer tactics…
  • Prevents spammer forcing to:, cc:, bcc:, newlines, and other E-mail injection attempts to spam the world.
  • Makes sure the contact form was posted from your blog domain name only.
  • Filters all form inputs from HTML and other nasties.
  • E-mail message footer shows blog username(if logged on), Date/Time timestamp, IP address, and user agent (browser version) of user who contacted you.
What you need to do after install the Plugin
  • After adding the Plugin, Go to “Contact” Tab .
  • Do some settings that is required.
  • Click “Save” button.
  • Go to “Pages” tab and click it.
  • Click “Add New” button.
  • Fill “Contact Us” as title.
  • Use HTML method in post form.
  • Paste the below code to make the contact form visible.

Your Name (required)

Your Email (required)


Your Message

  • Click “Publish” button.

Having contact form is a must for blog. It is a big mistake if we do not have contact form in our blog. Blogger can get many thing trough contact form such as post idea, guest post, or great deal without reveal email address to public.

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