Top 7 best ways to speed up any WordPress Blog/website

Have you been wondering why all of a sudden that your internet has slowed down, especially affecting your blog loading speed? Probably, you might have made a wrong guess, the problem may not be actually with the internet connection, but is probably with the loading speed of your website.

This should naturally lead us to discuss on seven of the most effective and efficient tips in increasing your blog speed. Come on! Let us sneak in!

Top 7 best ways to speed up any WordPress Blog/website

Choose the right host!

Choose the web hosting service that WordPress recommends and some of them will include Bluehost, DreamHost, Media Temple and Laughing Squid. However, Facebook do not restrict themselves with these web hosting services alone that they do accept other services like HostGator, which fits some of their basic requirement lists like PHP 4.3 and MySQL 4.1.2.

Use caching

The use of caching will help you to reduce the time taken for loading your WordPress blog, by remembering the answers to many of the regular queries in the cache memory. WordPress recommends the use of W3 Total Cache plug in, which makes the whole process much easier and simple.

Optimize the database

This is one of the most important steps that you need to do to help in reducing the loading speed of the blog. When viewers view your blog posts, WordPress searches for the SQL database on your server to locate the article and renders the data as a page. The larger the database the longer the time will be that is being taken for loading your website. Do the following to optimize your website:
Log into the control panel of your web host domain, and locate to click on ‘PHPMyAdmin’.

Find the appropriate database that is reducing the speed of your blog post, and select all the tables by clicking the “check all” button at the bottom of the page and you will find yourself open to an option to optimize the table. After doing this, recheck your website and see the difference for yourself.
If you use WP-Optimize plug-in, the whole process gets easier and is only a click away.

Update WordPress

Upgrades will include performance upgrades and fixes for any bugs that have been slowing down the speed of your website.

Optimize pictures

Most of the time, bloggers do not worry about the size of the images that they upload and this could have drastic effect on the loading speed of your blog, and therefore, it is necessary that you optimize the images that you upload to a certain size without compromising on the quality of the blog.


Minimize the number of queries and requests

Whenever someone visits your blog they have to execute PHP queries, which will influence the loading time of the blog, and therefore it is good to use static HTML templates, especially in the headers for your blogs. This will aid in reducing the time taken for loading your blog or will increase your blog loading speed.

Remove unused plug-ins

The presence of unused plug-ins do take time to load your blog, and therefore, when you are revamping your blog everytime, try to remove the unused plug-ins and use plug-ins that can do more than one job and you will find that it is helping you to increase the loading speed of your blog.

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  1. Vivian says:

    Optimizing pictures and removing unused plugins surely improves blog loading speed, I tell you. Make sure though that images on your site are on just enough size and resolution to avoid poor visuals.

  2. Y8 says:

    and also using to many plugins can also slow a site better minimize the using of plugins use only what is needed.

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