Best Tips for Increasing Huge Blog Traffic Consistently

In order to make a blog flourish, we need fresh content that engages. We also need traffic. The prevailing idea is that if you build it, they will come, but the actual truth is harsher than that. They don’t always come because there’s a chicken-and-the-egg component to all of this.

So let’s go straight to the nuts and bolts of this topic by exploring 20 top tips on how to generate more traffic faster from the start. While there are Huge reasons why people choose to blog but whatever the reason might be, the following tips are surely going to help everyone.

Best Tips for Increasing Huge Blog Traffic Consistently

1. Choosing the Niche

Choose the blogging platform you use with care. Do this by understanding your niche, recognizing the features that will fulfill their wants and then choosing a platform accordingly. You might also want to read Blogging types

2. Posting & Engage in Comments

Attract blog readers by posting, engaging comments on the blogs in your niche and try and be frequent.

3. Social Media Submission

Write and submit articles to active Social Media websites. Bloggers tend to be very protective of their work. To some, the idea of posting an article anywhere other than their own blog is horrifying. Nevertheless, this is a fantastic way to lure new readership. While you must also submit your website to best free search engine Websites

4. No Duplicate Content

Do not, however, post duplicate content. Instead, use a blog post to redirect current readers to the new article. Also, you can (and should) post an in-depth follow-up on your blog, which should earn you external links.

5. Mobile Device

Have a mobile broadband solution and a device, such as a Smartphone, tablet or laptop, on hand at all times. Engaging content is not enough. A successful blog needs to provide insight when it matters.

6. Get Engage with Audience

Speak with a natural voice. Do not strive for a formal tone. There is a reason surfers gravitate to blogs. Speaking to your audience directly creates the kind of tone most likely to go viral.

7. External Links

Link out to external articles. If you have a source, always link them. Consistent behavior in this regard will earn you the external links that are so vital to consistent traffic volume. You might also be interested in best Effective Link Building techniques for Bloggers.

8. Accurate Titles

Every post title you write should serve two purposes. Firstly, for the reader and the RSS feeds, the title should be short and to the point. Less is more. Secondly, for the search engine, the title should accentuate its keyword(s).

9. Engaging with Communities

Immerse yourself in online communities. The blog author you and the surfer you should be one in the same. If you constantly sell yourself online in a positive way, your blog will reap the benefits.

10. Social Bookmarking

Tag all content, and do so with purpose. Use services like Technorati, and Flickr. Submit your best content to services such as Digg, Reddit and StumbleUpon.

11. Traffic from Bookmarking services

Promote bookmarking to your readers, but don’t be pushy. Reader bookmarks with services like,, Google Bookmarks and StumbleUpon can make a big traffic difference. You might also want to why People effectively use Stumbleupon to reach at top

12. Guest Blogging Concept

Invite guest bloggers. Blog authors love the attention and love to help fellow bloggers. You might also be interested in Using Guest Blogging to Increase Blog Traffic

13. Don’t Monetize too Early

Don’t advertise initially. Surfers hate ads. They’ll put up with it later when they’ve become loyal. For now, don’t give them any reason to become frustrated.

14. Genuine Interaction

Interact with your commentators, and remove spam. Approach every comment, even harsh criticism, with a positive spirit. This pays off in a big way long-term.

15. RSS Services

Don’t wait to focus on your RSS feed. Syndicate it with your first post, preferably through a service like FeedBurner.

16. Monitor Analysis

Monitor Analytics, even early on. Note what type of content is achieving the best traffic, and then create more of that type of content.

17. Wait for the Best Day

For great content that can wait, strategize around your high-traffic days. If you have an amazing article and Friday is your best day, wait until Friday morning to post it.

18. Be Consistent Always

Consistency is crucial, especially early on. Write, write and write some more. Try to write at least three substantial articles each week.

19. Blog Directories

Submit your blog to directories and similar resources. You simply cannot have too much of this kind of exposure.

20. Multimedia Content

New blog authors tend to focus on text because this is what ranks with the search engines. However, images, video, music and so forth tend to go viral better.

We hope that these tips would helped you in achieving your blogging goals and aims with consistent efforts.

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  1. Aman says:

    Very nice tricks. You have covered up all the aspects of Blogging in just one post. That’s Amazing. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Social Bookmarking Drives an awesome amount traffic especially Stumbleupon, Twitter, Reddit, Facebook. and if we have duplicate content and definitely it will kill the blog some or other day.

  3. Rahul Root says:

    Blogging is one of the easiest ways to get in front of their audience. Increase Blog Traffic for my experience with that. Not only will you get in front of an established readership

  4. Mika Castro says:

    Very useful tips not to miss! Increasing traffic is a great help for bloggers to reach their PR target in Google.

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