TinyMCE Advanced – Excellent WordPress Visual Editor Plugin

the other day i wrote about Anyfont Plugin which provides an awesome font look to your wordpress site. today there is something very larger than Anyfont Plugin. Its called TinyMCE. TinyMCE is a nice WordPress  plugin that allows you to add a lot of design choices to your actual blog post and will be used as a minimum on your blog.
TinyMCE Advanced though, is the next model up (still free) and it adds another 15 design features to your blog posts.

If ever you have had to switch from the WordPress Visual Editor, to either Frontpage or Dreamweaver, simply because the WordPress editor did not have the functionality that you required, then read on, this article will definitely make life easier for you budding editors.

TinyMCE Advanced - Excellent WordPress Visual Editor Plugin

Imports all CSS classes from the main theme stylesheet and add them to a drop-down list.

It has imported some of the features for this plugin:

  • Support for making and editing tables.
  • In-line css styles.
  • Advanced link and image dialogs that offer a lot of options.
  • Search and Replace while editing.
  • Support for XHTML specific tags and for (div based) layers.

This plugin can really save you a lot of time too if you post regularly, as there are a lot of shortcuts to be utilized from within here. The best way to learn any new tool IMHO is to just get in and use it.

Linking, imaging, and embedding video are now a lot easier to insert into your posts, and there are tools within that will help with SEO tactics as well.

What do have to say about this Plugin ? Have you ever heard of it or used it? Do share your views here.

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  1. Roezer says:

    There are too many features on the Visual editor that I never use this is a great plugin to manage them thanks.

  2. Anish K.S says:

    Cool one. will try this one

  3. cool plugin..I have only used the default editor of WordPress..i will try this one..thanks for sharing

  4. VISHAL says:

    Great share man….

    Really useful for me

  5. this is one among the must try plug-ins

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