Take part into contest from the Kia Rio Scavenger Hunt

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Take part into contest from the Kia Rio Scavenger Hunt

Today we are bringing you an excellent post for an emerging brand which is called new Kia Rio. While the most and best part of this brand is that they have already sent two pairs of best friends on the Zip along with Dash to Los Angeles geocache who were part of the challenge held in 2012 for Kia Rio 5-door.

However, the best part of all is that all teams are using some of the best features from the Car which will make them to go ahead to the L.A. in search for Christina Milian. Obviously, they have already wokred hard on the car to make it perfect in terms of all features including latest Bluetooth application system to an innovative USB input jack, while these duos are more than just Christina herself.

Once you get a chance to drive the all new Kia Rio, then you will probably notice that it is one of the best cars which lots of features from Bluetooth, USB jack, navigation and the rear camera display into its table from 2012 onwards. Also you might not know, but they have also added the USB jack which seems to be a perfect place to Plug in your Phone and get started to listen to all the new Jersey Jets Fan podcasts. Along with they also have a special feature called rear camera display which makes so comfortable for the driver to part the car safely, thus making it to more easier and safer to park.

We have also shared an awesome video of LA geocache challenge below, which includes some of the best and famous challenges being uncovered including at Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round, Amoeba Records, Rodeo Drive, Pink's Hot Dogs, to its final destination – The Roosevelt Hotel!

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/4MtnMAMEviY" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

So here comes our verdict on the Kia Rio geochache challenge which was one of the most exciting and toughest one. Its a pretty simple one infact the cars are also one of the best to drive and get fun all around. They will also provide you with free food from Pink's Hot Dog's, which is one of the famous food. If you are planning to take part in the contest then you can go ahead and take part since it is fit for anyone in this world. So just just participate into the contest with this sweet technology which they have added in their cars called UVO Technology and the official website Rio Explorer Page

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